Luke Expelled Feeds down

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Reilly
Nominees: Corey, Felicia, Kirsten, Jared
POV Players: Cirie is host, Reilly, Bowie, Kirsten, Felicia, Hisam
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used
Havenots: Luke, Jared, Corey, Hisam,

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Luke is gone. Last night on the feeds at 1am Luke used the N word to Jared, Hisam and Corey mid sentence. No idea if the eviction will be cancelled tomorrow or not. We may get another week of Kirsten in a bikini which is a win. Lots of opinions about this going on. Lets try and keep the comments angled towards who in the house this benefits and how Luke being expelled will impact the power blocks moving into next week. I’m going to speculate the feeds will be down until tomorrow.

1:01 am Wednesday August 9th Luke, Jared, Hisam and Corey
Feeds were cut when they come back luke is telling a story.
Luke- we were in the cheese room n***… err dude..
Jared – yo.. you’re off the f***In legs..
Corey – you go to bed.
HIsam and Corey leave.
Luke – I was going to call him a narwhale
Jared goes back to chatting about talking with a microphone to your mouth.

Luke about Hisam “he got more made about that than you”
Jared – yeah.. I don’t give a f*** bro..
Jared – I should have made you feel uncomfortable real quick like YO BRO WHAT DID YOU SAY?
Luke – shit Jesus Christ
Jared – I don’t give a f*** they don’t don’t know how to handle it. Which is so funny for me. In situations that should be uncomfortable for a black man white people get more uncomfortable. I use to always tell my girl that.. I dated a white girl. and I was like yo I hope when I say this it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.
Luke says hisam probably ran downstairs and was like “You can’t believe what Luke just said”
Jared – literally
Luke – I’m in trouble now.. well I’ve been in worse trouble

They start talking about how Luke was being targeted by Reilly.

Current time August 8 4:00 pm
Feeds on pound puppies

Statement from production

8:11pm Still blocked..

9:57pm Still blocked..

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I neither agree nor disagree with productions decision to remove Luke from the game as I didn’t like him anyway, but I hate how the fans always get screwed out of a couple of days of feeds every time there is a mid week expulsion or self eviction. Now I do think that if production hadn’t expelled Luke over this, that could have easily been a reason to make him another unanimous house target next week to right this wrong, while tensions continued to rise among the two sides of the house and we could get another repeat of this week. I hope the eviction tomorrow plays out. The situation with Paloma last year was different because she was actually one of the people in danger of going home already because of the back stage twist. Luke wouldn’t have caused the eviction to have a different outcome.


Was Luke really entertaining Cirie/Hisam’s side? If so, yeah they lost a number. If Kirsten stays, I am almost certain America or Matt will recruit her to Reilly/Jag’s side of the house, because Kirsten is weary of Cirie, Jared and Felicia (for good reason).

Rene’ M

I hope you are correct. I would love to see Kirsten stay and Felicia go!!


He was going hard after Reilly. Right before getting expelled he talking mad shit on her and that side, Including Matt.


With cirie and Jared being nice to her the last few days, I see them scooping her up to the brown sugar babes alliance.



Although Cirie & Kirsten had a bit of a row over the former feeling the latter was disrespectful to her the one thing that side has going for them is they’ve regularly checked in with her to see how she’s doing.

Meme is closest to her & is with that group as well.

IMHO Jared is starting to either crush on her or feels bad he contributed to her becoming the target. After he found safety (removed from the block). He had time for reflection bc the DR asked him to comment on things he said about her & when he was explaining it to Izzy he said “his lies” which also could be a contributing factor (GUILT).



While Kirsten has talked to members of Family Style for the most part they’ve been condescending to her either by outright saying she’s leaving or as Reilly did – telling her not to worry about how social media discusses her (talk about someone being delusional – if Reilly wasn’t already under fire that comment alone made her a target).

Kirsten said it herself – hold your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Upstairs did try to pin things on downstairs painting her as the target. Reilly told her Cirie was the one who started it (it wasn’t but that’s semantics) while downstairs were the group who despite wanting to keep Felicia kept telling her to fight to stay.

The combination of those factors will keep her tied to the downstairs crew & Reilly will be her direct target (probably via a back door). If she were to win my guess is she’d follow what Meme thinks is best. They all want Jag/Blue as initial noms but I don’t know her relationship with Blue so she might shift it to Jag/Cameron (with no one shedding any tears).

un autre nom

The reason I think she’s closer to America right now is America wasn’t just saying don’t give up, Kirsten and America were discussing how to campaign and bouncing ideas off of each other.
The reason with Matt? They’ve been hanging out a lot more one on one than anyone else has with Kirsten.
These things matter when someone thinks they are going home: who didn’t just walk the walk or ghost.
A convo between Meme and Kirsten a couple of days ago was pretty cringe imo, and gave me the feels that Kirsten would not be so obviously tied with Meme. It made me feel Meme was being too blunt and writing Kirsten off.


I had thought that Jared/Kirsten would be thing. It was Felicia that threw Kirsten under the bus to Reilly after hearing it from Cirie who heard it from Jared. In any case, Kirsten was under the bus b/c of those 3 in some way. Personally I hope she stays.


Yeah, it sucks they went ahead with the eviction bc I was hoping to see the house dynamics if no one was evicted.

Feels odd that she’s only blaming Cirie bc everyone threw her UTB Jared just started the ball rolling. I get the two of them (CJ) doing it to ensure he was safe & Fefe bc she was also OTB but there were plenty of others digging her grave.

I’m still a little shocked Reilly wouldn’t even entertain saving her tbh.

un autre nom

Reilly thinks she’s got a side mutual protection pact with Cirie, Felicia and Jared. She totally thinks it’s real. That’s why she gives Jared info.
That’s why the Cirie backdoor and Jared saying she wasn’t going to save him, so he doesn’t have to honor his word stood out. They are making up excuses to sneak out of keeping their word and perhaps looking like villains in the process. Semantics of trying to bounce cheques without owning it.


BB Production has rules and anyone who breaks the rule for using banned words will be removed from the game which I agree with. The question I have is what happens to Kirsten who used the same word earlier in the game?


When black people use the word, it’s not intended to cause harm or be discrimatory. Let’s not gaslight. Luke knew better!


These are BB Production rules not what happens outside in the real world.

Omega BB

you clearly are not around black people, that word is the last thing many black men hear while being shot


It’s a show people, a BB Production show that has rules, we are not talking about the real world. Wake up or be woke.. LOL


Double standards?


Maybe Luke Carry’s the card let’s not be judgmental it was not meant in a degrading or derogatory manner.


It doesn’t matter the tone or reasoning (by BB’s ZERO TOLERANCE policy); Luke didn’t say it in a derogatory manner, he was shooting it with the homies. To give Kirsten a pass and not Luke for saying the same word is unfair, and I say this as a black woman. A slur is still a slur, and frankly the last group of folks who should want to say or “reclaim” a word with that a particular history are the black community.


oh hi kyle

William Robertson

-er is a slur. -a is a comma.

Rene’ M

Exactly!! It should be same rules for all!!


I am white and how he used it was not in a derogatory manner but some people won’t understand that. I grew up in an all black neighborhood annd 99% of my friends are black and the exact way he used it is something that is ingrained in the way I speak to my close friends that are black. It is like saying what’s up man or what’s up dude. I guess due to cancel culture there are no free passes. I would have been kicked out before getting through the doors.




Read up about racism and educate yourself. That word is used in a derogatory way to hurt black people. It’s not the same as dude. When black people use it, they don’t need your permission or need to explain why it’s ok to use it.

Team Taylor

Honestly, Luke was still a wildcard so I don’t know who benefits from his expulsion. Prior to this incident, I wanted either him or Cory out first. I just didn’t expect him to go out like this.

Since they’re still 16 HGs, I think Kirsten will still be evicted tomorrow. If not, she’s got a rare second chance to clean up her game and get integrated with a solid group.

un autre nom

last season when Paloma left day 8 the eviction was cancelled, saving Taylor.
If they follow that precedent, then Kirsten ‘should’ be staying.
As far as people she’s bonded with? America and Matt most, but chatted with Luke 2x and Jared 2 or 3 times.


No one went home when Paloma left last year. This should be no different.

Biff Tannen

Fingers crossed this means we get another week of Kristen and her bikini.


If eviction is canceled I definitely think the game changes in the younger sides favor if eviction still happens I don’t think game changes much as Luke was already on the outs of both alliances. Though like you said I think Luke would be more help for Ciries side then other if he stayed

Paul Sucks

Hoping Kirsten stays and miraculously wins HoH just to shake the house up.


It would be hilarious watching all 15 people who have basically s*** on her from the start have to go beg, plead and try to strategize with her to keep themselves and their allies off the block.

un autre nom

Episode 2. The oh how times have changed episode.
Quick notes.

Not liking title shots…something irks me. bad dancing with sound effect additions.
Felicia knew she was pawn, why is that a secret in edit.
Pawn talk after the noms was before noms….
Luke didn’t know Cory was a nom.

d/r has hoarse voices all around.

Scary bedroom formation… with bad mix of timey wimey crap.
Jag/Reilly final 2. 3 with Blue not shown.
so grimace knowing what we know.

Reminder: most of the comic room members were on their 3rd final four deal by now.
Any talk of reaction and forced alignment by circumstance is bs. they were just trying to figure out who is 7 and 8 in their group. When Handful formed, comic room wanted Blue and Jag as 7 and 8.

Cory fanboying. knock her out talk… now she’s untouchable
Jag sikh talk to Hisam and Bowie. who is targeting each other now?
byebyebitches form. from parts of multiple final 4s.

Handful recruitment is stupidly broadcasting you’re recruits…Coty and America cool… Jared, why not mom? runs to mom. mom not included because mom was making another final 4 in the comic room, and you can’t get Cirie alone without stalkerdaughter or micpack killer. tell me that’s not right. the house knew day 2 package deal. Remember when Jared was going to every pair / trio he saw and saying you should work with Cirie and Felicia? Then Cirie, Felicia and Izzy? He promoted group think package deal status.

Kirsten cam talk about veto. did she stop looking in the mirrors once? Only through camera switch tricks…..eep.

Reilly picks Hisam. Kirsten picks Blue. Felicia picks Cameron.
Hisam learns of 8 alliance timing wrong. They cut Cirie’s i’m the target paranoia that she had 3 or 4 people frothing at the mouth over.
stacking and bungee with water spray.
at 34 of 35 Cam spills.
Riley was close at 30ish lost stack.
everyone losing stacks at about 25-30
Hisam wins veto.
HE called Cirie his queen.
Hisam and Kirsten talk. D/R acts like he might use it.
Hisam not using veto.

10 tons of bullshit to this edit.
should have played with Cirie…. but you have to take her entourage too. WHAT IF THEY WANTED CIRIE NOT IZZY OR FELICIA… RIIIIIIIGHT.


Sorry for expressing my personal comments previously. It won’t happen again.
Threw some $$$$ donation your way. Keep up the good work!


Thank you Dilemmadee! We appreciate it the donation. 🙂


it’s so bizarre to me how casting is consistently so bad at weeding out racists.


The thing is I’m not sure he’s racist….it was too comfortable and he knew Jared was there. He might have a pass back home with his black friends….or he’s a flat out racist it could. Go either way


it could maybe be a regional thing that it’s more acceptable where he’s from but it really isn’t in la where the show is filmed and where casting is based and thus something casting should be able to sus out and cross his name off the casting list pretty quick, and yet every season shit like this seems to come up (aaryn and cray-tlin being notable examples that spring to mind immediately for me), sometimes in reverse where cast members are so paranoid they’ll be discovered as racist that they throw their games away so taylor can win like last season or the first thing they ask after winning the game is if they were perceived as racist like michie did.


I doubt they he has any close black friends, Or at least the ones that actually use the n word. Looks like he said and says it amongst his white friends thinking of cool because he listens to rap music. Luke does not hang out with the type of black people that use the nword. There are a lot of us that don’t use it at all!


Growing up in Philadelphia with mostly black friends I used it with friends and they didn’t mind at all but we used it ending in GA the fact he used it ending in ER makes me think it’s not something he uses with black friends. Either way though that was when I was a kid/teen now that I’m a 30 year old man who isn’t black I know to never use that word and Luke should too.

un autre nom

As feeds have been down for over 10 hours, I’ve reflected.

What does Luke leaving do to the power structure?
He was weaponized by Hisam and Izzy, but the alliance didn’t want him as a member, just a sniper that hated their enemies, would vote with them, and be a constant target.
Personal relationships? Jared wanted a bro to hang with that would take the heat for him.
Otherwise…nope. He was a secondary target that had renom potential for the youngers, which could have helped the olders stay intact.
What does Kirsten do if she stays?
She was close to Meme, but Meme pretty much developed the attitude that this isn’t love island, go home. She knows Cirie and Izzy sold her out. She liked Hasim… but he was just blowing smoke up her ass.
She’s talked to Jared, but seems far more attached to Matt. America was her cheerleader and didn’t want her to go. She spent about 2 hours bonding with the younger house guests last night. Seems to me America and Matt would be the most obvious choices.
Anything else and I’m looking sideye at d/r gremlins.
How does it affect the game stay and go?
stay. possible ally for many of the younger side. Possibly takes heat off of others because they’ll fear she has a grudge for selling her out? Wants to showmance BAD…So Grod may have use of her.
go. no change to storyline…at all.

Things of note:
Why didn’t Izzy exist in episode 2? She had 2 manic meltdowns in 4 days. Prodo was likely worried she’d need to be Paloma’d, so left her out just in case.
Will Jared and Hasim’s new found sympathy still exist if Kirsten stays? I mean both were putting on a good show when she was leaving after they took part in painting the target on her… so do they continue the kindness, or resent her continued existence? Put up or shut up, gentlemen. we’re watching and judging. We know Cirie is tired of her. She said so.

The moron that barely spoke for 3 days couldn’t last a week without dropping slurs, being a sexist slut shamer, and making suspicious gray area are they or aren’t they homophobe nicknames… He-man (muscular sounds like his name or backwards insult on sexuality like calling a bald man curly) and hot dog man (because of have not bed or because he likes d) and always behind Hisam’s back. Tone of voice when he said them was more insult than joke with immediate sorry and laughter…the same as with n-drop sorryhahahaa I meant dude. Pattern recognition has me still saying gray area… but more transparent ice gray than opaque umbra gray. leaves me thinking was there ANYone he wasn’t going to condescendingly insult?



Well as it appears, it depends on WHO
articulates it, taking into account their
“racial composition”..

IF a “White” says it, it’s being used as
a NOUN. Theoretically offensive to

IF a “Black’ says it, it’s going to be
considered as an adjective. Theoretically
non-offensive to Blacks.


It seems as if it’s ALL PART OF THE “SCRIPT”
here as BB has a history of manipulating outcomes.

Maybe Luke was offered some quick cash
to say it (and be ejected from the game for
saying it) in order to give a “second chance”
to BOTH of the nominees. Keep both of them
around a bit longer.




That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. And if you consider it an adjective when black people say it, then I don’t think you know what an adjective is.

And hindsight being what it is, Luke was kicked and Kirsten still went home. You have an overactive imagination.
Not everything is as deep or dark as you think it is.


The risk you take when on reality TV, can ruin your life for a long time


I’m glad Luke is gone. What an idiot – didn’t know Cory was on the block and a white person saying the “N” word on National Television. Should NOT have even been in his mind much less come out of his mouth. He also gave off creepy vibes, so bye bye Luke.

Do you find it funny that the TV show version has not been showing Kirsten’s OTT approach and it seems like they’re downplaying IZZY’s rabid squirrel moves?
What do you think that’s about?


OTT? What does that mean?

The Beef

Over The Top is what I think she meant.


Yes, over the top. Sorry, acronyms can be annoying. Though interestingly, the broadcast version of Big Brother didn’t show Kirsten going around from group to group with frantic energy. It was just referred to. Just like how IZZY got the kind edit because her CRAZY eyed behavior was definitely not shown.

Also funny but not shown? Miss Felicia losing or damaging her microphones & her funny requests for items. Like better tea bags. SMH (shake my head)


The big problem is Jared who is black and was there during the entire conversation was not offended and was all smiles. Rather than call him out he shares how he doesn’t really care which shows he is selfish and ignorant. And that type of complicit behavior is what make racism persistent over and over. Wish Big brother would have applied the same decision during big brother 15 when aaryn gries were making racist comments towards asians and black people.


If they don’t expel Kirsten for the same offense then nobody should watch this show anymore. You can’t have double standards. If there is a rule, and you break it, then it should apply to everyone.


Simon/Dawg if you are going to allow people to post their racist rants but not the responses on your site you should probably impose your own zero tolerance policy so we can focus on the fun and entertainment of the game.


What’s everyone hoping to see on tonight’s episode?

Also, not really the place probably, sorry, but any Challenge fans in here excited for The Challenge USA 2 after BB tonight?




Haha, sorry I do not understand this.


I have watched the Challenge since it started. I love it !!!
Currently streaming the U.K. and Australia episodes!
Is Bananas ever gonna quit? Haha…


Haha, IDK but I like that the old guard like Bananas, Wes, CT & them keep going. I read Season 40 might be the last big go for a lot of them.

I watched a couple of episodes in College when I had roomates, I had never seen that or the Real World before. I saw Real World Cancun (the one w/ CJ & Jonna, and Vegas, with Leroy. Then the Challenges around then Rivals (season 21) and probably the one after? That was back live, in like 2011-13 or something.

Fast forward, and I started watch The Challenge at Season 1 online like a year ago, I’ve currently made it to Season 21 Rivals, the one I originally saw. I also watched The Challenge USA last year on CBS, Ride or Dies (Season 38) on MTV and The World Championships. So now I’m fully invested. Eventually will close the gap and have seen them all, or at least that’s the goal.

Who are some of your favorite players?

Guy From Canada

Yeah I’m not very excited for the USA challenege coming up, but the redemption theme (rooting for Horacio as a newbie) I’m excited for.

All the BB players and survivor players that have transitioned over have been the worst in recent seasons. Paulie, messy fessy (or Fashal now), Josh, not pleasant to watch.

The survivor players don’t understand the concept of longevity on the challenge, and once you are a snake in a season you are always deemed a snake (Sarah and Danny are prime examples of that).