“I was a professional f*** gambler I feel very strongly it’s her (Becky)” -Vanessa

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 20-23-09-674_jpg

8:24pm Vanessa and Liz
Telling her not to slip up make deals and keep her head in the game.
Liz saying she wants to target Jackie she knows If JAckie had won the HOH she would have put liz up.
Liz says austin doesn’t want jackie nominated
Vanessa thinks Austin is too easily manipulated by girls. liz agrees.
Austin comes in says it got back to Jeff that Vanessa was thinking Audrey was America’s player and wanted to get her out.
Vanessa – I never said that (I’m 90% sure you did)
Audrey joins them says the energy in the house has changed now that Jeff is gone.
Audrey says the other side of the house is more pissed that Shelli won because they think That Shelli is going to save her, ‘It’s so mean”
Vanessa – it’s perfect.. let them think you are still the number one target it’s a smoke thing a beautiful smoke screen
Audrey – keep creating musicals (Please no)
Vanessa – yes.. (thanks 😉 )
They comment how the other side makes it so obvious how pissed they are.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 20-32-12-900_jpg

8:31pm JOHNNYMAC and Clay
Clay wonder who the votes were asks him if he thinks it was Steve and Becky
Jmac says he’s tight with them and they never told him
Clay says Becky and Steve both promised Vanessa they are voting out Jeff

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 20-39-11-868_jpg

8:39pm Bathroom

Vanessa – I have a very good liar compass
Audrey says steve will give them a tell , ‘i’ve seen him crack under pressure with Da”
Austin says jeff told him he had 3 votes. Becky, johnnyMAC and jackie. Jeff thought he had a chance to get a fourth vote wouldn’t tell him who. Jeff corned Austin right before the vote and told him he and Liz were the swing votes “That was his last ditch efforts”
Audrey mentions She’s seen Becky with steve in the Storage room spending a lot of time together
Austin can’t believe Becky lied about it
Austin says he was worried about the vote ‘Especially when he tried that last minute flip.. he was right he had four
Audrey – Jeff was working hard on Meg last night
Liz – it made my decision easier.
Steve comes in
Vanessa Asks him who he thinks voted for Jeff
Steve doesn’t know
Vanessa is surprised ask him if he has any theories or guesses
Steve has no clue “It doesn’t make sense there wasn’t enough people to win it over”
Austin – no one wants to be on the short of a 7-3 week three
Steve says they’ve had a strange vote every week and now they have a second one, “One person been doing it and one person is new”
Liz says he has no deals she could put up anybody.
Austin’s says James threw the HOH and when he got out he said “:YES”
Vanessa says James made so many deals he didn’t want to win HOH.
Vanessa says everyone but JohnnyMAc and Jackie looked her in the eye and gave her their word they are voting out Jeff (90%)
Austin – WOW
Steve keeps saying that it doesn’t make sense because the person that voted would have known they weren’t in the majority
Vanesa know some vote is America’s player the other one she knows who they are.
Steve asks what was this person hoping to gain
Austin and vanessa says it was just loyalty

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 21-06-28-235_jpg

9:02pm Bathroom Audrey and Vanessa
Vanessa is certain it’s Becky.
Audrey – I want to know why everyone thinks it’s me I think because I’m transgender America is going to vote for me because of caitlyn Jenner and I feel like that’s really ftucked up
Audrey asks her why everyone think she’s America’s player
Vanessa says she’s the person everyone in the house blames. She adds that Audrey doesn’t have to worry this week she’s safe.
Audrey – Do you think she’ll stay in power .. cause I don’t know who Shelli will target
Vanessa – not you in a million years
Audrey wonders if Shelli will want to keep power and get more blood on her hands.
Audrey – I’m going to be a have not with Becky, jackie and John so you Can watch them like a hawk
Vanessa says she trusts her instincts and Becky is lying to her ..
Vanessa thinks Becky had a loyalty to Jeff that went back far.
Audrey asks her if she’s going to make becky come clean
Vanessa will try begins up how Becky lied to her face about the vote. (I’m 90% sure she didn’t lie to you)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 21-20-26-508_jpg

9:17pm Bathroom Audrey and Clay
Audrey thinks the vote is Steve says he’s super sketch and is always in the storage room
She mentions how Vanessa is certain it wasn’t him.
Audrey points out that Vanessa hink it wasn’t steve because he campaigning ed to get jeff out of the hose
Audrey will put her life on it that Steve voted out JAmes.
Audrey says she’s been right this entire game, “james was sabotaging me” (Week 1)
Clay says he needs facts
Audrey – that is a fact he admitted it. I’ve been right more than I’ve been wrong
Audrey says Clay is working both sides that is why he’s saying sheli should be dethroned.
Clay says he thinks it’s Becky or steve he doubts it Meg or Jason.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 21-39-50-814_jpg

9:28pm Have Nots Clay and Vanessa
Vanessa says they cannot control the vote anymore they have to put two targets up.
Vanesa – I’m 100% it was Becky I have evidence
Becky told her she was telling Jeff she’s voting for him but she told Vanessa she’s not.
Becky was also trying to convince Vanessa to convince James to not campaign, “She won’t look me in the eye now.. I was a professional f*** gambler I feel very strongly it’s her”
Clay says Audrey is America’s Player the way she deflects it makes him too suspicious, ”always always deflects it
Vanessa is certain Audrey is America’s player. She thinks she could convince Liz to backdoor her but for now they might want to keep Audrey around.
Clay says Shelli won’t backdoor Audrey
Clay- We need to get rid of Meg, Jason and James.
Vanessa – I think we can work with her for a little awhile she’s america’s player she doesn’t have control of her vote
Vanessa says that Liz can put up Meg and Jackie she has no connection with them.
Clay and Vanessa agree they don’t trust Jackie
Vanessa says she’s (Jackie) Scorpio she the vindictive type
They Agree Audrey is a number for them. (even though they believe they can’t control her vote.. LOL)
Vanessa says that Julia comes into the game tomorrow Liz is panicking because Julia is going to miss out on all the conversations.
Vanessa – best case scenario Liz stays in power she’ll backdoor somebody
Clay says there’s bigger threats than Steve right now.
Clay says the insiders still think they are with them. (insiders = Meg, Jason and James)
Clay wants the main target to be Jason.

Clay tells her that Audrey thinks she’s lying about Steve. (Vanessa changed her story about Steve telling her about his vote)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 21-54-12-858_jpg
(Somebody Slipped Vanessa some crack)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-16 22-01-36-222_jpg

10:01pm Steve, Austin and Vanessa Talking about the 2 unknown votes.

Austin call is a huge error on someone’s part.
Steve says it’s very usually to have 2 people voting against the majority s usually it’s been just one.

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and Becky is going to get put up for Liz’s vote.


I hope not. I’m pulling for him or JohnnyMac but Steve’s social game has to step it up. I think he will slide through the next few weeks but he needs to pick one or two strong people and stick with them after that


I think Steve will get away with it unless he slips-up himself.


Really, Simon? I’m starting to think he’s a strategic genius with all the paranoia it has caused. It looks like Becky and Audrey are the ones taking the blame. I can’t tell if Liz did it to cause this stir, or if she is just a dumbass and thought she was saying the name of the person she wanted to stay instead of evict and doesn’t even realize she is the 4th vote for Jeff. She really could be that dumb.


That’s what I thought too, the goodbye message from the twins made it look like they voted him out, but Liz actually voted to keep him. Maybe it was a Topaz moment. Austin is going to need a case of kleenex if he finds out the hinky vote was Liz.


i’m 90% sure Julia is going to flip the fk out when she finds out Liz voted to keep Jeff. It might be the only time we know why she did it, but she flipped when she found out that there were 2 votes, not just one. 1 she can pin on audrey or becky or steve, but 2 there is no way she now has to try to find 2 people to blame.

Julia specifically said in the twin switch moment telling Liz that ‘we are voting out Jeff’. Like Liz, get with the alliance, you don’t backstab your alliance, and you aren’t clever enough to pull of a rumour starter like this. I bet steve is freaking out now as well. it won’t take much, that is 2 votes that are inexplicable. the only ones around James are accounted for as having saved him, anything else this flip vote is going to backfire on one of them

Oh, right, forgot that Vanessa is playing right into both of their hands with how absolutely 90% sure she is she knows, not only knows, she actually has proof (pretty sure she doesn’t have proof, since she is wrong about both. the only one who is right is Audrey, and like the boy who cried wolf one too many times, no one is going to believe her)


Sadly yes…but on the bright side I am 90% enjoying your thoughts on the houseguests lol


Rooting for Liz to make it far. Vanessa was look g good for a while but girl is a little nuts.

Not a creepy Austin can!!

A little crazy???? Vanessa is full blown physco (I’m 90% sure about that). She needs to leave the adderall alone. I didn’t really care for Jeffs game but how awesome would it have been for him to stay. Vanessa would have blown another head gasket.


Vanessa. Just shut up.


Looking at Vanessa’s eyes … she looks so F’ed up on brain drugs
Vanessa needs to get off the pharmaceuticals and smoke a fatty
Hey BB/CBS theres a cannabis club a few blocks down the road
It does wonders for ADD which is what she has said she has


Ring, Ring, Ring

Can I speak to Vanessa! Sure

Vanessa, YOU are NOT HOH!!!
Go downstairs and lay in your bed! Get some rest.


i haven’t watch the episode
But is it true Steve Johnny Jackie and Liz voted for Jeff to stay?
I don’t get y Liz would vote that way


You could tell Steve was mad that Julie didn’t ask him questions – he probably thought he was gonna be a fan favorite lol!!!


I haven’t watched the episode
But is it true that Steve Johnny Jackie and Liz voted for Jeff to stay?


Yes. I have no idea why Steve did it. Liz did it because she thought she could control Jeff through flirting better than she could control Austin.


So tired of the 6th sense. Psycho Vanessa cant get over the fact that people lied to her, but hello you’ve lied too and this is big brother. People are going to lie, get over it!!! Austin is creepy as all hell. Shelli and Clay are annoying and attached at the hip. I have no clue where Liz’s head is at after that vote. I am hoping she wants to shake things up, but I think she is just kinda clueless as to how to play the game and didn’t realize the implications of what she was doing. I really need a takeover to flip things around ASAP. Although most of the people outside of the alliance don’t seem to realize they are on the outside and in danger. I hope this week they finally figure it out *fingers crossed*.


Well there first flipping clue is Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, Liz and Audrey are who STAY in HOH room. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO McFly!

Bob sucks

Vanessa is psycho

Twistin' for the win

It was Liz. Vanessa and Clay need to get a grip…they are not the HoHs. Vanessa is really working my last nerve. I wish they’d put her ass up as a pawn and tell her to take one “for the team”. She is super annoying.


Omg!! Somebody please give me the story on liz voting out james!!! Is this a sign that shes gonna be a player?!!? I CANNOT wait to see austins reaction if he ever finds out lmao!!! PLEASE production, let austin and vanessa find out!


Production probably set this up. I bet they told Liz to vote out James and keep it to herself to stir up drama for ratings. I can’t wait to laugh when Austin finds out Liz was the 4th vote.


Liz has said many times that she did not like James at all.
Then she was slithering around in bed with the slimball Jeff
Gee … shocker ppl


I wonder if Julia knows that Liz voted to evict James. In the goodbye message, which is taped before the live vote, Julia says “Sorry we had to evict you”, then Liz says “You were blowing up our game, loved flirting with you, see you in Florida.” Between then and the live vote Liz changed the vote to evict James. I think this may of been because she was upset with Austin being so overprotective.


Yes, I agree. It was an emotional response with no strategic thinking behind it. Liz is immature and cannot be trusted to act like an adult.


After nominations today they will switch places. What will Julia think? Will Shelli ask Liz/Julia’s people to lose so she and Clay can have the HOH room again?

another name

imo liz played the Audrey vote move. she was trying to create a target in the house. she was more successful than Audrey at playing the Audrey move.
she knows the twin twist is public knowledge. jeff told her. not knowing she would win hoh, she created a paranoid witch hunt situation so that she would not be a target for at least another week.
She’s been watching vanessa and Austin go batshit for a week. she watched the rest of the house practically swear a blood oath to evict jeff. wind them up and watch them spin.
on the flip side, if Jackie won and went full blown fire and brimstone vengeance happy liz could secretly reveal she defied Austin and voted for jeff. an olive branch for a week of safety.
it’s the first actual strategic move she’s made in the game that didn’t involve flirting.
Or production twisted her arm like they tried to do with shelli. your choice.


I think Liz might have voted for james to leave hoping to have Vanessa think Clay did it based on his 90% comment. Liz is loyal only to herself and Julia. Good strategy to put a crack in the trust between Vanessa and Shelli and Clay.


Yes, IF that’s what she was doing. I personally think it was an emotional response to Austin’s behaviour.

Captain Crunch

Vanessa still thinks people owe her something even tho she’s not hoh. People can vote for whoever they want it’s their game, now she’s gonna go around blaming people cause they didn’t look her in the eye? I wouldn’t look her in the eye either it’s creepy with the dark makeup.


I am really disappointed that Vanessa is this neurotic/insane…who could’ve guessed. Is she like this at home? It’s like you cannot be anything but a yes man to her.
I don’t really get how she accomplished so much with such a tiresome personality who can’t admit when she’s wrong.

I am super happy Jeff is gone though, I hated his personality.
I hope Becky saves herself. I guess production got to Steve and Liz. Julia hates Jeff so I think they made the decision then production intervened.
I hope Becky and Jmac team up, they could be wild at challenges together.


I wonder who’s going to be the target now, there’s no a clear one. Definitely not Audrey. LOL


Of course Clay is pushing for Jason b/c we all know EVERYONE Is there to play HIS game. ARGH I just can’t


Simon, who is your short dog to win the whole season at this point?? I predicted Vanessa week 1 because I thought she was going to be a Danielle Reyes type, but now with her going apeshit, I don’t know. Damn good season nonetheless. Great job with the site


Shit I thought I was gonna be a ride or die Vanessa fan, but she’s killing me…
Also some of my drink slipped out of my mouth with that Vanessa got slipped crack picture


LOL vanessa was a favorite in our polls until her HOH reign. how the mighty have fallen. i wish she would just go away…


So quick poll, since week one is Audrey staying the result of A-damn good game or B- fear of being the HOH to evict the first openly transgender in BB history?

another name

imo Audrey staying has nothing to do with the transgender situation. Also, it has nothing to do with Audrey playing a good game.
Audrey is a shield.
As long as the paranoid power pack think the other side of the house is fixated on Audrey, she will stay. If Audrey ever successfully fixes her image and buries the hatchet with that side of the house, her alliance will borrow said hatchet and bury it in her back sending her out the door.
At least, that’s where I think Audrey stands in the current power structure.
added bonus for steve: the more Audrey pushes that steve is the rogue voter, the less anyone will believe it. They believe Audrey physically incapable of telling the truth.


What is Vanessa doing here?! I hope Clay has the intelligence to bring this info to Shelli and let her know that Vanessa is a complete loose cannon. She’s so irrational in her gameplay right now, it’s ridiculous! Clay and Shelli need to cut Vanessa and Austin loose on the double before they end up shooting themselves in the foot. I think Clay is too dumb to pick up on this stuff though… Shelli has more brains than people are giving her credit. Liz played that vote perfectly! I’m happy to see her use some strategy. Time will only tell if she pulls through with a sensical nomination (Jason and James would be best for her game). I’d love to watch Liz backdoor Austin muahahaha.


I can appreciate that Vanessa has won a lot of money at playing poker is smart. But that doesn’t mean someone is all knowing like some swarmi priestess . It’s Big Brother is poker. Even if you don’t play poker you can still have a good read of people depending on your street smarts and/or experiences. And if you learn the basics in manipulating language and watch people’s body language, and listen to what they don’t say and say you can get the same results.also get a good read on people. But even with that it’s not possible to know exactly what someone is up to unless you have people reporting to you in addition to your own observation skills etc. So I’ve yet to be thoroughly impressed by her. But I am enjoying the cast overall better than last year.


Steve just voted that way so he could stir things a bit and feel important to himself. Plus now he can walk around and says thinks like “it just isn’t logical what would this person think they are gaining voting that way” It will entertain him to try and keep it secret it was him. Let him play. Blah..it isn’t a big deal.

Austin get away from Liz for one second. God this dude is stage seven clinger for real. Haha.


So disappointed in Vanessa. If I were her I’d sit back, cause I know I am safe and watch people. Austin is a creep!! I like shelli but hate that she is with clay (hope she is like neda) I so wanted a power shift!!!


Vanessa = Devin


Austin = Caleb


I wouldn’t go that far! Caleb was on a planet all his own! Amber wanted nothing to do with him and told him that. Liz leads Austin on….Caleb probably still has ambers name in his hat!


Wonder how the HGs will feel when they see Audrey sitting final 2 for the win? Sorry to the Audrey haters but her game has been on point since that week 1 blow up.


Vanessa goes to sleep…haha. I do the same when I am trying to figure something out. U often wake up with clear mind and the answer.

Stay tuned….woooo hooo! This is good. Liz lmmfao. She didn’t think of this vote on her own. Def a diary room push on this one to give a little house stir for a few days.


The only hope for this annoying alliance to NOT steamroll the rest of the cast this season is if liz secretly rallies the other hgs together for 2 weeks and the twin makes it in the game. Btw what kind of self proclaimed nerd doesnt count the dancers right off the bat. Comeon Steve really??


Ha…awesome! I don’t know why Liz voted that way but I’m sure glad she did! After this many seasons and reading every post on OBB (Thanks again Simon & Dawg…you’ve got the patience of Saints!) I didn’t think I could be surprised. If that was planned good on ya! If it was your idea…even better! I have to admit I did wonder for a second if she pulled a Topaz (BBCAN Season 1). Let’s face it…she doesn’t seem all that bright. That could be an act…but I don’t think so. That DR edit led up to her voting that way…but through her behaviour and conversations I didn’t see that coming. I can understand if she’s had enough of Ausin’s Calebesque crap. That guy is not right in the noggin. He might be okay if it wasn’t for that and the Judas weirdness. Way too much. I’m not a believer in flirting as a game strategy…though showmances have produced winners. I guess commitment is the key lol!

Anyhow…could be an interesting week. Giddy up!


Austin stf up!!! It’s not yours and Vanessa’s HOH anymore! So annoying hearing him already trying to run Liz and saying they need to talk to Vanessa first to see what she thinks. Poor Becky fixing to pay the price for Liz’s vote. Jackie, Jason and Steve probably going up as well. Yeah and Vanessa you need a new compass cause yours is broke as hell!!!

Sky Daddy

If they nominate Austin/Audrey vs. Becky/James that would be a fun watch!

Whos Becky?



And they’ve all convinced themselves that Becky flipped her vote. Idiots.


Yep Liz wanted Jeff to say cause she just told Austin, Clay and Shelli that who ever the vote came from
must have wanted Jeff to stay and thought that Jeff probably had the votes to stay

brotalk to human dictionary

I’d like to believe that she’s saying that as the perfect way to deflect suspicion and raise the paranoia level to a nice friendly torch burning mob level.
Otherwise, she should keep her mouth shut with 2 evictions before Julia enters the game.


Vanessa has absolutely lost her shit. She clames to she’s a professional poker play and can tell when people are lying, yet…she somehow believes Steve(I love him but he’s a shitty liar) over Becky who pledged her loyalty to get Jeff out…twice. Vanessa…please take several seats and all your medication. please and thank you

GeekSquad McGee

I feel that Liz’ vote wasn’t strategic whatsoever, but was a passive aggressive form of rebellion against the strict control that she’s been under. Vanessa and Austin have been telling her who to talk to, how to act, getting mad at her for drinking or having a smoke.. and it’s way too much. They’re treating her like a princess locked in a tower, and her vote was the only way that she can could lash out against their control and get away with it. It was just about her being in control for once. I doubt she expected this much to come from it, but then the psychosis of Vanessa never fails to amaze.


The Nessa hate rises.. LOL!
No room back on the bandwagon later. Vanessa still in a good place in house. If Liz is good..let’s see her take Nessa out. Liz isn’t a player. Liz’s game is just agree with what everyone is saying in every conversation..and she also repeats what people say. There is nothing there with her. No brain. And the extending every word in her whiney voice is beyond annoying. Ha.


This is make or break week. The only hope for the other side of the house is if Audrey goes home this week and they must win HOH next week and take out Liz before Julia comes into the house. Otherwise Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin and the twins will steamroll to the end. Blame the BOB for destroying a great season with a decent cast.

GeekSquad McGee

It’s shitty how it’s shaping up, but the S6 have won the last two HOH’s fair and square. All the outsiders can only blame themselves for such a poor showing in tonight’s HOH comp.


Agreed. It’s like getting mad at people who win the lottery when you never purchased a ticket. They need to stop sitting around and being a lemmings and WIN. Giggling and cuddling only goes so far. Wins put you in a position to control your own destiny.

another name

I can’t help but feel that it should probably be james that’s butt hurt over the vote. but I guess the paranoidpack have that covered. shaking my head a bit that they haven’t enlisted or coerced james into trying to find out who betrayed HIM… because really, HE was the one in danger of leaving. But okay, lets play a game of spin the whacko.
Vanessa’s going to do the in depth supect interviews. She doesn’t need the bright lights, she’ll just let her eyes get reeeeeallllly big.
Austin will do the waterboarding. But he’ll only ask if anyone is interested in Liz.
Audrey’s going to be the have not mole, that no one else in the room talks game to or around.
This investigation could last until week 8…


All this speculation is getting out of hand.
They dont tell audrey things
Then proceed to not trust her when she asks things they already knew but she just found out.
For protectors you sure are mean.


I think it’s funny cause I thought with the two extra votes that they would think Shelli and Clay because of Clay saying the whole 90% thing. For all they know Clay agreed and then went and convinced Shelli it was better to keep Jeff for their game. They even suspected all this past week that they might be playing other sides. Also thought it was funny that Shelli told them that she thinks Audrey may have set it up that way by getting Steve to vote and then making it look like it was them. I saw Vanessa’s wheels start turning when Shelli said that. So now I’m wondering how many days it’ll be before Vanessa suspects that it might have very well been them ( Shelli and Clay) if it hasn’t crossed her mind. I hope she does personally and they all start to turn on each other. With that being said I just wonder if Steve can keep his secret to himself and as for Liz, every time the camera hit her while they were talking about it she looked guilty as hell!


Vanessa: You need to listen to the song “Poker Face,” because you don’t have a good one right now. You are tipping your hand and showing your cards. Now everyone thinks you are on crack, because of your psycho dictator power trip. Are you trying to get yourself evicted? Chill out.


“Well I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and I think its Becky.”


I was pretty concerned that Johnny Mac was voting against the house, but it seems like being honest about it with Vanessa worked out in his favor… a least people aren’t seeing him as sketchy like Steve or Becky.

And kudos to Liz for making a really smart move. No one is going to suspect it’s her who voted for James, and even if they did, they wouldn’t accuse her this week because she’s HoH. And by next week this won’t even be a thing.


Ugh, I cannot stand Vanessa, Austin, Liz/Julia, Mr. and Mrs. Confederate aka Clayhole and Smelli! They think they’re so friggin cool and riding on high. Vanessa still think she’s in power and look like a crazed crackhead with her close ups, Austin is acting more stalkerish than Caleb (newsflash Austin…straighten the hair, shave or trim the beard, and act human; and maybe…just maybe the women would find you attractive; oh and for the record, Hulk Hogan called, he wanted to tell you to stop acting like his Mini Me), Liz/Julia…you’re not that attractive and Liz…stop acting like a slut, Clayhole can just fall in the toilet and accidentally flush himself, and still waiting for Smelli Shelli’s veneers to slide out of her mouth!

I am super disappointed with Meg, JohnnyMac, Jason, Jackie, and Becky for not winning HOH. Jason kept saying that he or Meg is gonna win the next HOH and looked what happened…they didn’t. Also I really thought Jackie and Becky had a chance to win, but they screwed up their answers, I was hoping that maybe JohnnyMac would win and he’d probably flip the script and join the other side of the house to take out the Real Nerd Herd (Vanessa, Austin, Liz/Julia, Audrey, Steve, and Mr. and Mrs. Confederate). I have a feeling that they’re gonna backdoor poor Jason…but if he’s picked for the Veto Comp, he better focus on winning that; and not gossiping and smoking so much. God, I wish I was on this season!!!!!!