Liz “JMac asked to not be a havenot if he was going up” Austin “No! Are you f**king kidding me!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 10-54-37-691
9:45am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

10:55am – 11:10am HOH room Austin is called to the diary room. Liz wakes up to start getting ready for the day. She tells the camera that she does not know who to put up today .. well that’s not true. I just hate being the bad guy. Well not really I have to put someone up as HOH. I just hope this decision doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt. Liz joins Johnny Mac in the kitchen. She finds tons of ants in the sink and freaks out. John asks Liz is there anything more you wanted to ask me? Do you know what you’re doing? (For her nominations) Liz says she still had to talk to a couple more people. Johnny tells her if I go up, can I not be a havenot? I’ll be a havenot for the rest of the time I’m here, if I’m here. Liz says thats a great plea bargain. Johnny heads back to bed. Austin joins Liz in the kitchen. Liz tells him about her conversation John. She says he asked to not be a havenot if he was going to be nominated. Austin says no! Are you f**king kidding me! Liz says Audrey had to do it.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 11-44-31-696
In the bathroom – Vanessa tells Steve that Johnny Mac said he didn’t want to be a havenot if he was going up. Will you be one with me? Steve says he will. I’ll do it. Steve asks he told you that? Vanesssa says Liz.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 11-40-28-180

11:45am – 12pm HOH room – Liz tells Julia and Austin that John asked her if she needed any other information from her. I said no, I needed to talk to a couple more people. Julia asks are you going to tell him. Liz says he asked to not be a a havenot if he goes up. Austin says he has to, its his time!! Who are you going to make a havenot then? Julia says you don’t owe that guy anything. Austin says we need to talk to Becky then James and Meg and then Becky again. Austin says I want to ask Becky who they were going to target last week. Liz says she will probably say Steve. Austin says fine. Liz says then we’ll tell Steve. Austin says then we’ll talk to James and tell him we found out he was told to throw the BOB. We’ll tell him we just want everything out in the open for Brass Tacks and that we’re more mad at Vanessa. We need to tell both Johnny and Becky that they’re the pawns. We will tell Becky she is secretly staying. That Johnny Mac could be in trouble or there could be another target in mind. Liz says I’m just afraid of her staying and coming after me. Julia says she will go after Vanessa first. Austin says Johnny Mac could do the same thing, he’s been good. We need to tell James that we don’t want any secrets and that we’re on to Becky and Vanessa. Austin and Liz agree they would rather have Shelli come back from jury especially if JMac is gone. She would align with us then. Liz asks am I total bitch for putting Jmac up and putting him on slop? Austin says no because we will tell him he is safe and that he’ll be in there with Vanessa and we want them to get close. Vanessa joins time. Julia tells her about Jmac not wanting to be a havenot. What the f**k is wrong with this kid! Vanessa says there’s not many people left and Steve just got his HOH basket and if he was one he couldn’t eat it. Austin says he doesn’t know what is wrong with Jmac? Maybe be doesn’t want to be here. Liz says he said he wanted to be on a team! It not a team home boy its called an alliance! Vanessa asks why the f**k is he in the diary room all the time.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-14 11-49-11-658

12:07pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights for an HOH lockdown… its likely time for the havenots to be picked.


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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This week will be a snoozefest… Erasing Jackie out of the picture (hopefully temporarily) has crippled one side of the house. It’s now just a main alliance against a couple of outsiders now… And almost all of them are stupid. Unbearable.

Strike 2

Austin is trying to run things, this week has implosion written all over it.

Big Sister

Look up clueless in the dictionary, and there you see a picture of Liz…


Austin is trying to run things because he is jealous of Vanessa doing it… and its going to blow up. But yeah, it’s not going to work.

Mathew 27

Judas hangs himself. I believe the rope will be digging into why James was throwing BOB.

Like...I'm Jackie

Right! Vanessa will catch wind Austin trying to make moves without her consent and take that as another “betrayal” and BOOM Austin will be on the block next.


Austin deserves to go next..can’t wait for Vanessa to blow Austins game up. He’s to cocky for his own good. Thinks he’s running the show..Mr Big Shot ugh


part of me agrees… yet… Liz and Julia are twins if Austin and Vanessa act too much like they run the twins… they might flip like Goblins… so do not give up hope for a fun unpredictable week. at worst what really happens??? Becky or Johnny Mac go home…. at best Austin and his stinky hair may go packing or Vanessa and her green beanie. Lets watch and see.

Snooze & Soft Porn

Yuk! Vomiting in my mouth. Austin screwing Liz in the BranChel room. James jumping Meg begging for a kiss. James doing shout outs to all his favorite porn websites. Steve saying he doesn’t have sexual feelings for his sister – thanks for clarifying, it wouldn’t have crossed our minds but it must have for you. Yuk. Could any of these guys think with their other head?? They’d have a better chance of making it to the finals. Who’d have thought all the guys were more interested in hook ups instead of money!


Liz on the other hand hooks up FOR money! It is hard to keep a good ho down. (she calls herself a ho and acts like a ho so I think it is fair for us to view her as a ho:) )

Haven’t caught BBAD but heard elsewhere James was trying to “force” Meg to kiss him. It sounds like Steve has been peeking at his sister and is ashamed of the thoughts he has had.


what are you doing John?! stop being so pathetic and mopey. Put on your game face and work hard to stay in there!


Why would he start playing now? He latched on to Clay early and has slept the season away. Rat Johnny only got out of bed when BB or Shelli /Clay required it. The comp throwing rat thought he could start playing whenever he felt like it… Too little too late.

Career Counselor

So JohnnyMac is a target because he is shady…translation – he gets called to the DR more than all the other houseguests combined igniting a jealous rage in these empty souls who only came on the show to become famous.


Honestly I’m seeing this season going to Liz or Vanessa. Vanessa can talk herself out of a lot of shit, but Liz has guranteed 2 jury votes and right now the austwins(it’s basically Liz controlling austin) make up 1/3 of the house 33% and they they’re making it to 8 people and the worst part is they can rotate wins now and i really hope they don’t.


I don’t see how Vanessa can win this season. She has literally no loyalties left in the house after Austin+Liz turn on her. Julia may really like her, but Liz and Julia are TWINS.

I see her going the week after. I just don’t see her winning Jury even if she gets to the end. Next to Steve, maybe. It’s a very bitter jury this year no matter who wins.

is it just me

dan didn’t either yet he won
the way i see it vanessa being the house villain is good for her game right now because everyone hates her and might keep passing putting her up because she is the target everyone wants out so they will keep thinking as long as she is in the house they have a shield until it gets to the point where they will begin thinking that since everyone in jury hates her she might be good to bring to final 2


Liz probably has a better chance since her numbers are solid. and in this stage of the game, having 2 locked ppl is just so incredibly powerful. If the three of them still stays after next next week’s eviction, a miracle(twist) is needed to turn things around


I don’t know. Van’s game is very vulnerable. She has a lot of enemies. Another enemy could come back in the house. Even Austwins are starting to question her loyalty. To me Van is destined to be a late jury member. Meg is almost a lock for 2nd place $50k. Who will win, that is complete toss up.


At this point any returning Jury members is her enemy. She’s lost Shelli in the Jury House.
She was/is my early favourite but you’re completely right that she will be a non-returning Jury member (post 3/4 evicts).
OR, she will be the one to battle a returning jury member (by vote) to stay in the house. I can see that happening.

I found it difficult to stomach her Block Speech and I hope she does not do that again 🙁 No one wants to read your diary.

is it just me

i hear you big words and complete sentences hurt my brain too

Hey Asstwins...

Audrey did not have to be a havenot when she was going home. Even though she got a penalty vote, production made exceptions for her. She didn’t eat slop, and she was allowed to use the hot showers, and keep the lights off during the day.


my only hope for this week is Liz could think on her own instead of asking Austin for everything.

HOH's Before Bros

Umm, not gonna happen.. She has no mind of her own


Then at least let her be manipulated by Vanessa or her twin sisters.
Really need a twist now. What’s gonna be worst? we’re already in the negative. not zero, negative.


what a joke…the twins & He-man think there the good side…clueless people!


The twins are stupid to be listening so much to Austin! Julia would be smart to get her sister out from under his thumb….and the BD I’d Austin was because he wanted your sister out- HELLO why do you not remember that! Shelli and Vanessa were trying to get him out because he sold out your sister!!!!!

Min O'Pause

Perhaps Julia has gotten the hots for Judas?


Austin ….. Keep trying to get to the bottom of why Van had James throw the BOB cause I’m gunna LOL for real when Van HAPPILY tells you and the twins again – Then blows your game up.
Liz might have short term memory loss but Julia will be reminded how Austin needs/wants to get her out at some point if he ever has any hope of a final 2 with Liz. Austin’s an ass if he thinks Van won’t drill that point home with the twins – It’s just the wedge she will need to fracture Austwins. Plus now Van will be protecting James by explaining James also was looking out for the twins when Austin wasn’t. Now Van has James on her side BAHAHAHAHA – So Austin Keep talking …….

Johnny Mac Fan

I hate Austin with a passion. I hated him before and i hate him now. Now he wants to go after JMac, and convinces his twins its good for their game. Go after Becky, James, Meg, anyone else, leave Johnny Mac alone WTF.. and to think my least favourite houseguest is Vanessa. Also, his creepmance just disgusts me. Now im just hating on Austin.

missing ranceypants

I can’t stand Austin either. he’s only after Johnny because he’s jealous that Johnny is getting more camera time.


Yes, that is it! Sad that someone 31, over six feet tall can be jealous of all these guys. JMac gets called to DR because he’s actually funny. Judas sucks!!! My husband watches WWE and has no clue who Austin is. Lol the way he is, will not help him in WWE.
What will be funny is when Austin gets out and he sees that JMac topped the ratings and He was at the bottom…below Dawg!
Hate to say it, but I think I rather watch Christine rub Cody’s arm over Austin hanging all over Liz. I feel sorry for his GF who just happens to look like Jackie. Makes since why he liked her at the beginning. He’s so nasty to look at….shave the beard and cut the oily dirty hair.


Austin was never on the main WWE roster which is why your husband never saw him on TV. He was in their developmental system NXT a few years ago but that was it. I don’t think he ever appeared on TV for them at all though he might have been on some of the smaller shows that were only shown locally. I wonder if he even still wrestles as he said an injury kept him out of WWE but that could have been an excuse.

After his showing this summer I can’t imagine them wanting to hire him back even if he was healthy.


You are one of my favorites on here. Couldn’t of said it better myself!


James can turn this around if he tells them they forced him (Vanessa )to bust up Austin and Liz omg we need an intervention nobody can afford to let Vanessa get any further final 2 she wins hands down


Too risky. If it gets back to Vanessa and she has a fit, she could potentially manipulate Austwins her way for the short term and make James the #1 target. That’s the type of info you pull out when you trying to get out of a clear backdoor plan, or when you are locked into the block. Too soon.


Miss Vanessa,
You are so EVIL on so many levels that it makes me sick that your in this GAME!!!!!! YOU ARE A COW!!!!!! Vanessa, SCUM!!!!. You don’t even know how to play the game little girl, you make deals you can’t keep your a LIAR!!!!! and I don’t even think your that smart. You have your little puppets to do all the work for you then you just stand back and let the fights begin. YOUR A COWARD!!!!!!!


If you’re going to insult somebody on their intelligence at least make sure your grammar is correct…
It should be “I don’t even think *you’re* that smart”

is it just me

only stupid people get their minions to do the dirty work

by the way should you not be busy writing to CBS like you promissed to do? I am dying to find out their response. Just make sure to mention that you are very disgruntal and have a large arsenal of guns. I hear they take you more seriously when you say stuff like that.


Jmac is pretty mopey these days, but Jesus, when they are freaking out about him asking to not be a have not, they day it like he asked if he could at least murder their dog or something. Austin is pulling this Vanessa sh*t, talking over Liz and Julia, interjecting with all of his opinions and really losing his mind over Jmac. Austin needs to just ask Jmac what the hell he’s doing in the DR all the time and then move on from that because this is devolving more and more into middle school sh*t. They’ve had some sort of scenario happen where they felt betrayed by basically every person in that house so why spend all your down time yelling about Jmac? Honestly, put your big boy pants on, Austiiiiiiiiinuuuuhh, and rally the Twinions to get Vanessa the hell out of there. These HOH conversations are nauseating.


I’m 99% sure Austin said something earlier this season about how a have nots rotation is dumb. For being 30 years old, it’s pathetic how jealous he is of Johnny Mac and the amount of times he gets called into the diary room.

Sorry America hates judas and hates Austin even more. Maybe you should become less of a dick and a creep.

I survived last seasons BB

And in what will be the worst Nomination Speech ever…..

Liz… I nominated Youuuuuuuuu Johnny and Youuuuuu Becky for eviction…Because Vanesssssssssssa told Me tooooooooooooooooooo

Julia I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


OMG!!! LMAO!!!


Here’s my take… Becky, Jmac or James will be evicted. That’s a given. Those 3 along with meg need to concentrate this week on who to target next week. Take their time, study the house, talk things out. IF 1 of them wins HOH, just straight up put Vanessa up with a twin. Deals are broken all the time this season. Tell them they want Vanessa out. They would have 2 votes regardless to vote out Vanessa if noms stay the same. If not, take out a twin. Then hope that someone from their side wins the comp to get back into the house.(Jackie or let’s say Jmac) This week would be totally worthless to the other side IF this happens. Someone needs to take charge (James) and tell the side this. Don’t get down, become a leader and kick A$$. Still a lot of game to be played.


Everyone needs to take out someone from the 3 headed monster or they are all screwed!!!!!


completely agree this is what needs to happen. though i’m still totally rooting for vanessa to win it all despite her crazy and paranoia.


It’s nearly time for Vanessa to take Austin’s ass out. And I for one can’t wait. This shady fucker has been trying to plant seeds to take Vanessa out for a while now. After this week watch Vanessa take this disloyal fucker down. She knows exactly what he has been doing and what his plan is. She is so fucking fun to watch play.

Liz when it comes down to it will let Austin go. Julia is more aligned with Vanessa and if Steve is a dumbass and doesn’t ride Nessa to final two Julia could be the one. Liz also a candidate. Some point the twins will have to be split. I trust Julia way more than Liz..Liz has been ruined a bit by listening to much of Austins shady disloyal crap.

Becky…awww poor Becky. No worries Beck there are some clothes waiting to be folded at the mall.

Meg and James just sit and look stupid till we decide to ax you.

Johnny if you smart stop telling everyone what Nessa tells u. Ride her a bit and be loyal and you could also be a final two option for her fool.


Please Please I hope Vanessa finds out Mr Macho Man’s plan. I want to watch the fireworks and see him implode when he doesn’t have his needy slimy ego stroked by Liz..


vanessa needs to get out becky before she can target austin as becky’s impossible for vanessa to work with (as is jmac, but jmac is doing a better job hiding that), which is why she’s working to get becky out this week. if austwins were smart they should probably target james and meg because of this, but well, they’re not smart so next week could be very interesting, even if this one’s a snoozer.

Chill this Town

this is just not good…

I have been saying this for awhile and getting a lot of negative response on here…Liz/Julia/Austin are a problem. not just for the game, but for the viewers. they make very few games moves…and they are going to ride with Vanessa to the final 4 unless people like James wake back up.

I fear for J-MAC, and I think it sucks how he is being treated considering he’s been the most passive HG and all that Vanessa arguing BS was ALL on Vanessa for not letting it go.

Honestly this is the week you throw in a pandoras box, Liz is not very bright, make it lead to a punishment for her, and a power for the house. hopefully that power goes to MAC or Steve or even Becky, because they are all going to get picked off one by one. and the returning juror won’t even matter. if only they had voted out Meg instead of Jackie. Meg is so useless and its wearing off on James.


HG from this season have always been keeping an eye on the floaters, cause how Derrick won it last year. Jmac Steve, and Becky’s names are constantly being tossed up in conversations. You could even tell with the formation of Brass Tacks which just seems so ridiculous to even have it. 2 decent size alliances join forces to boot the floaters.
come to think of it, Jmac being passive but winning so many comps at the same time is really a bad combo. He’s literally an expandable threat. Steve was passive too but he’s throwing comps. Meg is a slightly better Victoria from last year, so everyone WANTS to keep her till final 2.


Each week the twins and Austin stay in the house they level up. They are currently 1\3 of the house! After this week they become 3\8. Becky and John are tripple threat comp beasts (good odds for physical, mental and endurance), they have to take a swing at them.


YES! Becky needs to put the Vanessa thing in the back burner and gun for the twins!

Min O'Pause

Dammit JMac get your head outta your ass and get a spine and let’s win this thing! I could kick your ass right now. Unless the mopey sad dragged down look is a strategy but I gotta tell you …..WTF?!

oh my

I happen to like Austin. He’s managed to get himself this far. I don’t understand all the hate. People make up all sorts of excuses for johns bad game play just because he is favored. Give me a break!


I think peoples two biggest issues with Austin is…
1) He is Liz’s Meat Shield. Fans never like the one getting played (exception: Brittney Haynes.. she is just funny, I wish she went not stand up.). When you see a player that is getting played in the house and see how clueless they are to it… you are not their fan. I personally hate what Liz is doing… but he is letting her do it. Plus all of the mistakes he has made based on his Liz obsession is terrible.

2) He is only loyal to Liz. He really lost me last week when he talked major crap about Vanessa I wish she just would have backdoored him like planned… it would have better for her game. That being said ungrateful to the person who sacrificed her game for your ungrateful ass. His ego took over and he got bent out of shape that Vanessa even considered to put him up… she didn’t but his male ego is bruised.

3) Austin’s biggest saving grace is that he is incredibly lucky the rest of the house are playing a way more stupid game. he isn’t that great of a player… he isn’t that entertaining but lets get real…. he also opens his yap too much and it screws up the game.

4) the shit talk with nothing to back it up. He isn’t a comp winner, he is a terrible strategist and he has been riding Vans coattails yes him and the twins talk an amazing amount of shit… so yes the shit talking makes him someone I really don’t care for.

I think these are the reasons why Austin is not dripping in fans. He is kind of weasel. Everybody calls Becky, Steve or JMac a Rat… but Austin is really the biggest Rat in the game.

GeekSquad McGee

Why should Austin be loyal to Vanessa? She goes psycho on him because he threw the POV. She only wanted him to win the POV so the blood could be on his hands and not hers.

She’s a domineering psycho. Austin is tired of her shit, and so are the twins. They have no reason to be loyal to her.

BB Drafter

Vanessa and Austwins are jealous of the attention JMac is getting. Bet in the back of their minds, they realize that JMac is a favorite and they are hated.

Just me...

JMac used to be one of my favorites. A little odd, but still entertaining. Now he’s getting on my nerves. All he does is mope around. He’s not being very social with anyone but Steve. I don’t get why he’s still so high in the polls. Sure hope he doesn’t win America’s Favorite. Ugh, he has the personality of a wet rock.

Ms Chiff

Johnny Mac turned out to be such a dud – for him to rate high on a poll would seem to suggest that the poll is measuring passivity/helplessness … it’s sure can’t be a measure of fighting spirit, or strategy :/

Too little too late ..


If Becky survives this eviction, she should go after Austin first because the twins will crumble without him.


Steve says: “We need to play dumb this week.” (Been doing a damn good job Steve!). Meg says: “Okay, we just need to have summer camp this week.” (Again – doing a fine job at summer camp). Becky says: “I would hate to Rat them out.” (Oh Becky, did you really say that?) Liz says: “Am I a total bitch for putting Jmac up & putting him on slop?” YES!!! You are a total bitch! Jmac looks so sad. Geez – can someone break-up the Austwins? Liz really needs to go. Right now – looking for a Jmac, Steve or Van for the win.


Vanessa talks way to much. She makes people sketched out. I wish she was gone. Production probably said people will like you more if you hook up with jmac and Steve. The so called underdogs. Make Austin the bad guy because he wants johnnymac out. Johnnymac is a grown ass man. Not a little boy. He’s a dentist with a thriving practice. I don’t feel bad for him. He should have made some game plays and learned how to adjust.


Everyone is a buffer to someone in this game.

another name

i’m reassessing my view of how the week is going to go.
i was convinced that austin and liz would target john and becky with james having an equal shot of being the tertiary target.
i forgot that last week austin and the twins ghost towned vanessa as soon as she was nominated. They actually said they should separate from her and they did. Until the goblins decided to keep her before vanessa started to campaign. and then yesterday austin got pissy with vanessa starting because she swore up and down that clay was holding the bowl in his left hand and spoon in his right in the video clip, and then escalating because austin was supposed to be studying with james jackie and meg to gain information, not to actually help them learn stuff and give his own group no information on what the goblins knew.
the evidence becky supplied to austin and the twins last night was only a revelation to austin and liz. julia knew before jackie nominated her all about the backdoor throw the botb plan the week that austin lied and became a target. julia agreed not to tell liz about the plan in case liz was more interested in austin than julia really thought. julia is being smart and playing dumb. Again, the big mistake week is going to be a problem for vanessa yet again.
i think there is a chance vanessa could be the replacement nominee. mostly because i believe austin is a moron that will believe that james and meg won’t turn on them (um austin was alligned with jace and had an alliance with james week one… look how that turned out). But at this point i believe they will wait until james or meg have the power and then vote with the house to get rid of vanessa. It’s more likely given liz’s fear of angry confrontation. right now, depending on the pov, i think there is still a chance that vanessa could be on the block due to austin’s insecurities, but it’s only a 10-20% chance as of today.

Maple Leaf

I usually try to find some good in everyone but the twins are a challenge. I can’t find a single quality I like about them. I can’t for the life of me see what Austin sees in Liz! The twins are so fake. They both need to go to jury.


Doesn’t having banging bikini bodies count? They may be annoying with the voices and Liz is the slutty one but I personally would not kick either one out of bed! Give them the benefit of the doubt and count every hole a good quality with bonus points for having their mouth stuffed to drown out their voices

June Bug

Who ever is going to be nominated should throw Steve under the bus. Let Vanessa know that Steve was kind of hinting that Vanessa manipulated him into his nomination that got Jacquie evicted. Vanessa will be upset that Steve put a target on her back.

Maybe he isn't as dumb as everyone thinks

i may be wrong, but I thought I read yesterday, just before feeds cut for last nights show, that Austin and Vanessa got into a little spat over him feeding wrong answers. Something about which hand clay was holding the bowl. Ironically, that was the question that took out JJM during the HOH last night, but Austin got it right. Did he purposely feed them the wrong answer to get them out earlier? He says he wants to work with them further, but it’s a new alliance. Maybe this was his plan to keep him and the twins from being their target, and assuring they didn’t win HOH! Not knowing for sure who JJM would target. I have to wonder if he plays up that “big dumb goon” persona to keep people from seeing just what is really going on. Of course he played the “I don’t care if I win as long as I get the girl”. That takes a huge target off of his back and betters his chances of people taking him to final 2, because they would try to use that against him to get the votes. I think he is being completely stupid in his obsession with Liz, and missing that she wasn’t really into him, but I think there are a lot of people who can say that they got played in a relationship, and were blinded by their attraction, to discover later that they were being used. I don’t have a favorite, but I think that whatever Austin has been doing has kept a huge target off of his back, when in the past the big, physical looking guy was targeted early on and booted out.


This is worst case scenario as far as getting Vanessa out. I had a good idea what would happen if anyone but Steve won HOH, but I had no idea what Steve would do. He took the safe route but he could have made a great game move and totally changed the house dynamics, he could have taken out Vanessa, James, Becky or Liz. I guess it’s true that he only pissed off James and Meg instead of the whole house, but it was a very anticlimatic DE. Seriously, I loved watching Jackie, she was smarter than the airhead twins and Meg, but she was only a threat to Vanessa in the game. Nobody else’s game was improved by sending Jackie out. It sucks for James, his only ally now is Meg, who is useless. He has to know that she has a better chance of making the end than he does. I was hoping that this week Austin and James would formalize a deal, but with Liz in HOH that isn’t going to happen. Austin needs to stick to Liz like glue this week because Vanessa is going to get in her ear and run everything. They say they don’t want to do Vanessa’s dirty work, but they will. She will push hard for Becky and hope James ends up going home without it being her fault. I am hoping that Austin sees that he can’t win the game with the twins, and he can’t take Vanessa out by himself. He needs James in the game. It wouldn’t have mattered if Shelli was still in the house, in fact it would have been worse for James and Meg. They would for sure be on the block if Shelli stayed and Liz won HOH. Shelli would be trying to run the twins game while also teaming up with Becky and JMac to take out the rest of the goblins. It’s personal with her. At least with Vanessa in the house they may have a chance this week.


Vanessa is overrated. She’s playing her game, others are playing theirs. She is willing to backstab her peeps to get where she wants. So why can’t they.

Becky is a total putoff!!!

Every time i see her on live feeds, i will either watch another camera, or simply do something else, and not watch live feeds altogether.

She’s so intolerable to watch due to her b!tchy words, her witchy expressions, and her domineering and demanding voice. Total turnoff!!!


What I don’t understand where all this hate from Liz towards Vanessa came from…? Vanessa has actually helped her and Julia’s game.

Is Liz bashing Vanessa to appease Austins ego?

“Everyone likes us more than stupid Vanessa” “Vanessa is annoying to talk to” “Vanessa sucks at social game” “I only talk to Vanessa because of Austin”

I don’t get it… well, other than the fact chics are catty.


Not because they are chicks… it’s because they are twins. Twins only control themselves. There are 4 sets of twins in my family, they all work for themselves because that is how they always have been. If Vanessa acts like she is the boss… they will turn on her, if one of the sisters relinquishes any power to Vanessa they will turn on her…. it’s just how all the twins in my family. Vanessa and Austin could end up on the block come Thursday, especially if NOBODY talks game to them directly and only talk to Vanessa or Austin. This could be more of an unpredictable week than any of us think. I think they are going to flip like a pair of Goblins. Lets see what happens.


Liz has never really liked Vanessa, going back to the Jeff vote. That alliance was sort of forced on her. Julia is the one that likes Vanessa.

Remember that Julia confided in Vanessa about the twin twist and that was the start of their alliance. Liz didn’t really have any say in it, since she was out of the house at the time.

So Liz doesn’t have the same loyalty to Vanessa, but I expect Julia would step up and defend Vanessa from getting backdoored this week if Liztin started going down that road.


Vanessa should have sent austin home when she had the chance. He basically screwed up her entire game and now he’s turning on her. He’s pretty much been useless to her at every turn.


I’m the only person in the world who likes Austin and its seriously making me question my sanity. I just don’t see him being a jerk and the latch onto Liz is all of her fault, she leads him on. I actually feel bad for him. The Judas thing though…that’s just stupid.


You know what, I kind of agree with you.

It’s hard to look past his ugly tatts, the stupid pony beard and the idiotic Judas gimmick, but if you can put all that aside he seems like a pretty decent guy.

He strikes me as a really insecure, nerdy guy who just happens to be gigantic.


Maybe one of few but not the only one. I do hate the Judas thing and thought he had dropped that but apparently not. Otherwise. What guy wouldn’t think she was into him. Completely on her. But I’ve always thought she did have some sort of feelings for him. Even if it was just a good friendship. He’s doing a great job tho adjusting his game and keeping himself and the twins off the block. He also knew he needed some distance from Vanessa when she was being targeted and why not. Vanessa got herself into trouble when she went back on taking him out but she shouldn’t have played so emotionally and went after her own alliance member to the entire house to begin with. There’s no reason in my mind that he should feel loyalty to her even tho she saved him, she’s the one who put them in that position to begin with.


Vanessa is smothering. Relax chick. You make people not want to trust you. Stop being so damn manic.


So confused. Why does Austin want Vanessa and JMac to get close in the havenot room AND why does Vanessa want to be a havenot with Steve and Jmac?


Because Vanessa, Steve & Johnny Mac are in an alliance.

Uh huh...

I don’t like Austin at all. And the fact he chose “Judas” as his alter ego/wrestling persona makes me dislike him all the more. But with the way things have unfolded I almost wouldn’t mind if he won, and upon doing so was just like, “Later Liz, later Julia, see ya Vanessa!” and just went and did whatever with the rest of his life.

As for JohnnyMac, I don’t get why he’s such a fan favorite. Well, okay, I do if you’re just thinking of him as if he’s some likable cartoon/muppet character or what not. I don’t dislike him, but I just never got on that train. When it comes to playing the game he hasn’t done much. If he somehow wins though I’d be on board with that (not that I have a say in it).

The twins? I don’t want to see either of them win. They’re a bore. The rest of the house, Austin aside (and Vanessa too, I suppose), should’ve just dumped Liz once they learned of the “Twin Twist.” Instead it was as if they all just thought it would be cool to get to meet her sister/twin and gave no thought at all as to how it would impact the game if two siblings were in the house – while knowing Austin included made for a rock solid trio.

Vanessa… ugh. If she pulls it off I guess I’ve got to congratulate her on manipulating everything and everyone in that house. But if it played out that way, then it only shows how piss poor the rest of the houseguests were at playing this game. It’s amazing how duped people are willing to be by her. It’s plain stupid.

With Becky… I don’t know if I would or wouldn’t like her outside the house. But going by gameplay, she got it right when she went after Vanessa. Then JJM flopped on her and just totally killed what would have been the best thing for everyone in the house and viewers/fans of the show. Without Vanessa’s presence it would’ve been like a “Part 2” of this season starting from that point on. That’s how much she influences everything.

James, Jackie, and Meg all deserve to get picked off for having been foolish enough to keep Vanessa over Shelli. Jackie already had it come about.

And Steve… if he makes it to the final two, just let him keep playing the game and go on talking to himself forever in that house. Whatever world he’s living in he’d keep playing the game all by his lonesome if you kept him in there.


JJM didn’t flop on Becky. Becky has been working against them for weeks, trying to play the middle. When James won HOH, she was still spilling information to Shelli and Clay until POV was played and she knew one of them would leave. That’s when she attached herself to JJM and started spilling cherry picked information to them. They never pledged any allegiance to her. Then when Becky wins HOH she tells them what the plan is and tells them this is how it’s going to go. She didn’t ask them, she didn’t listen to them about Shelli being more dangerous for them because Becky wanted to keep Shelli in the game. They didn’t flop on her because they never really promised her anything, they just said yeah, uhuh like you do when the HOH is throwing out noms and you aren’t one of those names. They did what was best for their own game, and it didn’t have to hurt Becky if she had been smart and just put up Vanessa and someone else she didn’t care about losing. She also didn’t have to be such a bitch to Vanessa, in case Vanessa stayed. How can they trust someone that demanded they harm their own games to benefit her own, especially when Becky has never really done anything but help pick off their side of the house. If they had kept Shelli, Becky would have been the one to flop onto the Shelli wagon and run down James. The only good thing Becky has done is get the house comparing notes about Vanessa, but it is kind of lame, because Becky is guilty of a lot of the things she accuses Vanessa of. Pot meet kettle…..

assssssssswipe Austin

What a real whack job..Jealous of just about every guy except James…He’s so jealous because johnymac gets called to the diary room 50 times more then him………Jmac is probably sorry he got into this game. Doesn’t Jmac make way more in his practice then he does on this just by just being on this show? At this point I just hope he can pull thru this week…, and then MAYBE come back,and win HOH put Assssssswipe on the block along with his hoe.I think then he would be everyone’s HERO.


What is wrong with these HG’s…
1st they vote the way the house votes…Really?!
2nd they take turns being have nots…..stupid!!!
I wish BB would go back to contests to see how is a have not and take away this it’s your turn in the rotation stupidity!
3rd they are so blind to Vanessa and/or afraid of her….why don’t they just hand her the win right now and go home!


I never get on bandwagons of people who do not play, and that is JMAC mostly. I see why fans like him, but as a player I have 0 respect, especially now. I think Van has played the hardest, regardless of her manicness, and if she wins, it will be well deserved. Austin is a disloyal and is trying to be a floater, and has done nothing, hedging his bets every other day, and is disloyal to Van and to an extent, his teammate Julia, and I hope Van catches on and gets him out. Steve, I can take him or leave him. The goblins are just a sad group. I would not take Meg to the end, she needs to go before final 2/3, because people in thiis game just might go with who they like vs. who played the best game. James seems cool and collected. If you only read this blog, instead of watching the feeds, you wouldn’t find Van or the twins as annoying as you would if you had to hear them all day. Those that continue to say :” oh, but his stragey of kicking back is a strategy too” do not appreciate Big Brothers big moves and the drama.