Liz “I will offer you if one of them (Steve or JMac) comes down, I will go up as a pawn”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 03-17-24-532

12:15am Bedroom – Austin tells Liz we should be good, but you never know with her. Austin says if the Julia stuff comes up, we have no idea but if it did happen Vanessa she was probably just trying to make me not a target because she was afraid I was going to be the big target. Liz says we have no idea she was probably making it up. Austin says she would have told you if she was going to.. Liz says yeah, I don’t even fathom that. It has nothing to do with you, it has to do with me. Liz starts talking about the HOH competition. She says she dropped a lot. I dropped one right at the end too. Austin says he got bored after 2 and wanted to stop. Liz tells him he was good at it. Vanessa joins them. Vanessa comments on how her HOH will be 2 days shorter than normal. Austin asks if its port wine time? Liz says I hear them in the havenot room. There better not be a reset button again. As a viewer would you want them to do a reset button? Austin says I guess it would depend if I was on the block or not. Liz says I’ve taken out two of her enemies, what the hell has Johnny Mac done for her? Austin says I know. Liz says he (Johnny Mac) squeals about everything. Austin says all I can tell her is next week there are 4 people and she is guaranteed final 4 with us if we’re still in the game. If Steve and Johnny Mac are still in the game she isn’t guaranteed anything. Liz says I feel like she wants me out because I’m her biggest competition and she probably wants you all to herself for final 4. Austin says but it would be better for her if we’re both there in the final 4. Austin heads up to the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 03-22-09-625

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12:47am HOH room – Austin heads up to the HOH to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa says I don’t want to go against you in this game.. even though it is asinine even having this conversation. Its stupid. Austin says I don’t think it is though, when I look at final 4 like honestly Steve and Johnny Mac in a final 4 … I’m here with Steve, Johnny Mac and you. Lets say I win HOH, you’ve got to beat them in that veto. Right!? Vanessa says if you’re here yeah. Austin says if Liz wins HOH, you’ve got to beat them in that veto. If its me, Liz and one of them… neither me nor you have to win that veto. We’re in final 3 because if Steve of Johnny Mac win we would probably cut Liz out of that equation. And Liz and I are always going to take you over one of them. Vanessa says but I am sure they would promise me they would take me. Austin says of course. Like you said they’re not incentivized. Vanessa says that’s the reason why this doesn’t work is if Johnny Mac wins the veto. If he wins the veto it f**ks sh!t up for me. Austin says we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Vanessa says I would love to be in final 2 with you but you know I would love to be in final 3, 4 with you. I have had your back in this game and so has Liz. If Liz brings up the people she has sent home for me she is right. She sent home Becky the week she was gunning for me and James the week he was gunning for me. And I forgot to mention how thankful I am for that. More than anyone else she did me some favours. It was good for her game too but I benefited from it a great deal. Austin says she asked me what to do too in all of that. Vanessa says yeah you should take credit where credit is due. I don’t want to go against her even though I don’t have the same deal with her as I have with you. Austin says if we are in the final 2 and something like this happens I will stand up in front of the jury and take blame that is thrown at you, I will take the same blame. I will try my hardest that he (Johnny Mac) doesn’t win veto. Vanessa says because more than anyone, I believe you and I deserve to be in finals. Austin says I believe it too, this has been our game. Vanessa says we’ve played this game so hard and made more moves than anyone else …against people who aren’t even playing really. You’re a huge big brother fan and I’m a huge game fan.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 03-30-42-539

Vanessa says what I need is you guys vote the way I want this week. Austin says I will. Vanessa says I believe you because you have incentives. You know that rush of paranoia that happens if you flip that vote on me right before I win that veto. And I will guarantee you I will win it. Austin says it won’t happen. NO flip. Austin and Judas give you our word. Vanessa says Johnny mac needs to go up on the block, if he wins veto I will cross that bridge later. If Steve wins the veto you guys could pick who goes up I could care less. You know I’m not going to quit my plan half way through. He is the best person to go because with my comp record he is my biggest threat getting to final 3. Everyone is going to take him over me. Austin agrees. Vanessa says the first thing is the vote, the second thing is in the veto …if you win it you don’t use it. The third thing is next week win that HOH please. Austin says I will try to. If everything goes to plan it doesn’t matter for us its Liz that’s in danger. Vanessa says its Liz versus Steve. The HOH I want you to try for but the veto its actually best if you don’t win it because it puts you in an awkward spot and its bad for your game. Austin says I would take Steve out though. Vanessa says but what you don’t understand is that I know you think a final 3 with Liz is the best for you .. its actually for your game not. Austin says right, because if she goes to the finals with me .. she has more votes. Vanessa says its a fact you’re going to lose to her. I would have to single handedly have to flip that whole jury. I would try but she’s a big f**king favourite. With Me and Steve, Steve is always taking you over me. Austin asks you think? Vanessa says I have 6 comp wins .. you have 3! Same reason he would take you over Liz. You’re in a great spot. Austin says so I should just bow out for my game. Vanessa says bowing out is your smartest play. You’re going to make the final 3 no matter what happens but if you win you’re going to have to take Liz and that is lower odds of you actually winning. If you’re against Steve I am voting for you. I will guarantee you win if you’re up against Steve. Vanessa says I would go to finals with you and if I win 50K I would be happy with that. We both give each other our word we would take each other over Steve in finals and if I end up there with you and Liz .. then you throw round 1. (Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH) Austin agrees. Vanessa says so that it at least makes it f**king fair and I still have to win the finals. I can trust that deal because even if Steve or John offered me that deal I wouldn’t trust them. Vanessa says my instict is that you’re close with Steve but why would you target him. Austin says him being close to me is more what he thinks. I generally wanted him out a number of weeks. Its convenient with me to be close with him right now when he is winning HOH. I am not as close as he might think I am. I’ve never fully trusted him because he’s been so awkward.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 03-43-25-987

Vanessa says Steve has to go up because he could win and take down Johnny. I can’t risk it. I will tell him no matter what he won’t go home this week. Johnny is the only other person standing in my way of the first part HOH. He won’t know that you’re dropping out in that one. If you drop out in the first round and I win the second part against Liz then I get to decide and take you. That way you don’t have to decide. Austin tells Vanessa the strategy they could use to win part 3 because some people try to throw it but win it. He says we could just keep both picking A until the tie breaker and then I could write down 0. Vanessa says I am a happy camper winning 50 grand! Like are you kidding me I’ll take 50 Grand! I would be blown away if I won that. Austin says it would be zero either way if you don’t watch me in the casino. Vanessa says no I would teach you a few things in poker. Vanessa says she wants to sleep on it because she could change her mind by the morning. Austin says I’ll give you my word right now. Austin says Austin and Judas formally want to let you know that we swear on my love for Liz and my family name and everything I hold dear that what you’ve asked of me in here will be honoured. Vanessa gets up and shakes his hand on that. Austin talks about how Johnny Mac has slept through this game. Vanessa says the only thing she is worried about is Liz not agreeing to drop during the first part of the HOH. Austin says I can tell her that he doing this for us and agreeing to take a couple this is something we need to do for you. Vanessa says I am not going to tell Liz I will take her because I won’t. I’m taking you. In the future I would owe her like maybe she wants to start a business and needs a backer or wants a loan. I could do that for her. I know you and her have careers in the public eye you with wrestling and her with wanting to model.. so I know you two wouldn’t scum bag me. Austin leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 04-38-16-606

1:20am – 1:35pm HOH room – Liz comes up to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa tells Liz she better be in good shape tomorrow to win this veto because I need you to keep noms the same. So here is the deal what got me nervous when I saw Johnny Mac’s family do that rockstar sh!t. Everyone wants me to think the easy target is Liz and Austin because they’re a couple and always going to take each other but I’m a damn fool if I don’t look at rockstars like a couple too (Steve and Johnny Mac). At least with you guys I’ve been working with you two for 70 days. Liz says with Steve he made me swear on my family to keep him and then he put me and Julia up the next week. I want him out of here more than anything. I want to be the one to send him out. Vanessa says If you win veto next week you could be the one to send him out. That’s my ideal scenario. I can’t win against Johnny mac because everyone is going to want to take him. Getting rid of Johnny Mac is good for both of us. We have to not have Johnny mac in final 4. Liz says and Johnny Mac almost won this HOH if you would have dropped it. Vanessa says the only thing I need from you is .. the vote I need you to vote how I want. I actually believe as much as you want revenge for your sister ..its better next week (to take out Steve). Vanessa says I’ve actually always had your best interest at heart. And I know you have too.. thank you for getting rid of Becky and James. Vanessa says so the vote thing is simple .. if it comes down to Johnny Mac and Steve just please vote the way I ask you which at this point will be to vote out Johnny Mac. Liz says I will offer you if one of them does come down, I will go up as a pawn. Because it would be Austin and whoever came down and then you’re the deciding vote. Vanessa says I am not sending you home. You have nothing to worry about this week. Vanessa says there’s 3 parts to the deal .. Part 1 vote the way I ask. Part 2 If you win the final 4 veto and you get to pick who comes with you, I come with you to final 3. Liz says and part 3 throw the first part (Part 1 of the 3 part HOH). Vanessa says that’s it. Liz says that’s not too much to ask. If Austin goes home for some reason I have no one but you. Vanessa says I know its a lot to ask but you two will always take each other .. so to throw me that bone of the first part at least makes it fair. Liz says you have my word. Liz says I have the luxury prize and if I get to take a second person I will take you. I promised whoever won HOH I would take them. Liz says that veto is mine! Vanessa says please win.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 04-05-50-895

1:40am Austin and Liz comment on how their conversations went well with Vanessa. Austin says we just need to win the veto to put the fear in her nominations. Austin says its only 12 more days after tomorrow. We’re so close to being done with this sh*t. Liz tells Austin that she is going to take Vanessa on the luxury trip. Austin asks why she isn’t taking him. She says he never took her on anything.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 05-09-32-401

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1:40am – 2:35am HOH room – Steve comes up to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa says to have Liztin on one side and the Rockstars on the other side is a scary f**king thing for me. That lit a fire under my a$$ to win HOH. I know the obvious play is to go for Austin and Liz because they’re a couple but on this side I would be foolish to think you would ever take me over Johnny. You would take him. He hasn’t won HOH and I’ve won 4. Incentive wise it doesn’t make sense. Steve says you think I would have a better chance at beating Johnny Mac than you? Vanessa says yes. What is standing in my way to getting to the finals. People are more likely to take Johnny mac because he hasn’t won anything. Its my smartest play to go for Johnny Mac. If I leave you off the block what are you going to do, you would use it on him. However if he wins veto, that changes everything and I cannot have you go for the same reason why I need Johnny to go. If he wins I don’t know what the f**k I will do but I can tell you, you won’t go. Fight for the veto and win it. He is the target. Steve asks if Johnny and I are on the block at eviction what happens. Vanessa says I already have Liztin’s word they will vote out Johnny Mac. Austin understands that his best chance at winning is you, me and him in final 3 .. and not with Liz. She has her sister in jury, she’s won more and she has friends in jury. Austin will give you his word he will throw the veto next week. Steve asks you’re afraid Johnny is going to be Victoria? Vanessa says right… he is effectively with all these strong players left in the game. Steve says hes won things just not HOH. Vanessa says he’s never won anything to make any decisions. Steve says they (liztin) schmoozed you well. Vanessa says no, I decided that myself. You must think I am highly manipulatable if you think that which I’m not. Steve says I don’t see what you’re saying he’s loved in jury and you’re not. Vanessa says there is that but I can’t beat him in the first part of the 3 part HOH. Steve says if you make this move .. then we HAVE to win veto next week. Its puttting a lot of pressure on me next week. Vanessa says but we have Austin throwing the veto. And you can never bring that up to Liz, she can’t know that. Steve says yeah I need her vote this week. Vanessa says I got their word on both their families. Steve asks why was she so pissed when I asked for that? Vanessa says because they offered it to me, I didn’t ask. Steve says you don’t trust my word so you want to incentivize me to take you to finals. Vanessa says I do trust you just not when you’re incentives line up with with the other way. Steve asks why does Austin want a final 3 with you, me and him? Vanessa says because he can’t beat Liz and his options are limited at this point. Steve asks what if Liz wins HOH next week. Then we have to beat Austin in the veto next week. Vanessa says he still isn’t going to try. Steve asks even if Liz is still HOH? Vanessa says oh right because he is going to think we have to take her. Steve says Austin is going to fight his a$$ of if Liz is HOH. If we don’t win veto.. In that scenario we’re f**ked! Would you rather have Liz or Johnny Mac in final 3. Vanessa says Liz will throw the veto, especially after I talk to her. Steve says she won’t they’re already talking about marriage .. she won’t throw it. Liz wants to go to finals with Austin. Steve tells Vanessa I am not with Johnny as much as I am with you. I am not picking Johnny over you. Vanessa says I would love to believe you but I am going with the less risky option. Steve says I just don’t like that we’re losing the numbers advantage. Vanessa says I don’t believe we have an alliance with Johnny mac.

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I’m sure production did not tell her that there will be an eviction Tuesday, I’m also sure Austin would sell his soul for a 12 pack of Schlitz beer

Buckle Up

Good one squabble! He is the opposite of one of my favorite movie quotes: “I’m not cheap, but I can haved.” From the movie Romancing The Stone, He and Liz will never honor these ridiculous demands. If they do then they are more batsh*t crazy than Vanessa.

Buckle Up

The quote is “I may be cheap but I can be Had”. Not Haved. Typed too fast.


Vanessa insults everybody’s intelligence by “teaching” them on what to do for “their” game. Hopefully the remaining HGs are not all “Victorias”.

Amanda queefs slop

I hope JMac wins and punches Vanessa in the tit.

Canadian Kevin

I swear Austin is attached to Vanessa’s hip.
And Liz’s mouth.

Can we please have a post that doesn’t have Austin all over it?

This guy is everywhere – whining, and crying and pleading. This is supposed to help his Wrestling career? I hope he plans on wearing a diaper int he ring.

I hope JMac wins – if only because he’s been straight up, and not begging like a dog to be given a treat.


I am SO over JMac and how he talks to Julie. Have some respect! I do not think he’s funny at all! With his stupid and fake RWHWHHRHHRHHrhrhrhhahahhhahahrrahhrhawwrhaehrahr!

Min O'Pause

JMac isn’t as fake as the twits ” Hiiiiii Jooooolieeee!” with their perky fake smile and heads tilted to once side. All the rest of the time they’re whiny and crying and drawing out every last word ad nauseum like a pair of demented Valley Girls.


Van has done mentioned that she has been told her HOH would end on Tuesday. That in itself should tell them that their will be an eviction Tuesday. But i forgot, this cast has no common sense…

BB Drafter

Dumbass move targeting JMac and leaving the showmance in the game.


Just when you start to think Vanessa is a smart player she does something stupid to prove you wrong.

BB Drafter

She started off this week being dumb by winning the HOH. This is one she should have thrown. You let Jmac win and split up the showmance. You get no blood on your hands and you get to play in the next HOH. Complete dumbass move by Vanessa all around.


I agree she should of let John win. She has to realize these ridiculous deals don’t mean sh-t. You cannot bargain buy or deal your way to F2.

What about this then?

Vanessa puts up John and Steve, winning the loyalty of Austin and Liz.

The rewind button that production has told her about happens, she throws the re-HOH to Johnny who puts up Austin and Liz to break them up.

Vanessa has it both ways, again.

Stop doing that, Production!

I hope you’re wrong. Production needs to let the game run its natural course and stop messing with it and trying to influence who wins!


Guess Vanessa forgot when Austin won Veto last week he said Judas is now playing the game Austin is GONE!
He’s going to screw over Vanessa. and I think Steve will be voted out because he sent Julia out & Liz is after him this will blow up in Vanessa face.


Hello!!! Van is beating the crap outa these turds, they are blind, except maybe JMac knows or see the light!

Pinocchio Obama

The veto comp winner has all the power this week.

coach 4.0

No. The final 4 veto.winner has all the power. Hoh breaks the tie this week. Even if Steve or JM comes down and Liz goes up Vanessa gets to decide which one goes home. The veto only keeps u safe and gives u one out of a possible 3 votes. Vanessa controls this HOH 100%


She doesn’t control who win the POV though


I guess she’s thinking that whoevers left will have to after the couple, and keep her safe? But that doesn’t make sense because next week is all about the veto. I guess she thinks Liz and Austin will honour these ridiculous deals- which are actually quite insulting. I guess she really wants the Austwins vote.
I’m sure she’s going to change her mind, has she ever stuck with the samew target for a full week?


She is f*cked either way. Jmac and Steve never had any intentions of taking Vanessa. At least with Austin/Liz they are dumb enough to actually follow through with final 3 part of the deal. Also both Aus/Liz will always want Steve out.

It actually is her best play, to keep Steve and force him to take Van to final 3 by eliminating Jmac. Steve is the most untrustworthy person in the house. He needs incentive to take her. You saw his DR’s, he had no intentions of taking her.

coach 4.0

Yes because Vanessa always keeps her word. Everyone in the house is “untrustworthy ” @ final 5. People will go with whatever they think gets them further. Whatever deal lines up with that is the one they’ ll go with. The other deals just end up being contingency plans.


I disagree jmac and Steve are just as much of a couple that won’t take her to the finals and Austin and Liz have proven their trust to her all season while the other two not so much




Vanessa has to put up Austin and Liz. Alliances have to be broken up, everybody should be playing for themselves.


“Incentives… ambivalent… target… incentives… deal… instinct… ambivalent… incentives… conflicting… paranoid… incentives…” – Vanessa


Van keeps mentioning incentives!!! She has been warned about offering $, cars etc. to others for incentives to play her way. Now she asking them, by saying incentives??? She will save the person ( which Austin just did) who says he will invest money in her poker or business deals.. She will save the person who agrees to give her half of what they win.. Incentives = bribes to keep you safe in her HOH.. What a cheat!!!!


don’t forget, integrity!

Buckle Up

OMG! Where to begin. Vanessa (AKA the Godfather) interrogating everyone. Based on their reactions Johnny Mac should get favorite player. His response to crazy “I hate you all. Whatevs bitch (implied). See ya after the comps”. I finally get the Jmac Love. Unlike James he did not blink when looking into the dead eyes of crazy. He is a rockstar.


Absolutely LOVED that convo between JMac and Vanessa. The lowest key possible F**K you! And she says she loves his style…which makes me a bit concerned because if SHE loves his style, then she likely thinks Jury will love his style. I think Van secretly wants JMac to win Veto so Austin goes up and out. If Steve and JMac stay on the block, my best hope is that Steve goes, but it’s unlikely. One thing for certain – JMac absolutely has to win the next HOH or he’s done.


Is Jmac’s thinking patience is a virtue, but could be a death wish.
I think Vanessa will win but i do hope JMac steals it from her.


Jmac knows the emperor has no clothes at this point. It’s great to be HOH for safety for a week there’s not much else there. It’s about Veto and votes.


For all the brilliant manipulating and maneuvering Vanessa did she really didn’t think ahead when it came to this point. She left herself in the game as the 3rd wheel for two different showmances/teams. This is exactly why Julia should have gone yesterday. She could have slid right in there with Austin and Liz and at least tried to get both of them to take her to the end. While it might not have worked it was a better option than (eeew gross thought) getting in between Austin and Liz.

I always thought if I played a game like this or Survivor that if at all possible I would want to be in a series of expanding alliances that never involved me being the odd man out. Have a final 2, 3, 5, 9, etc (involving the same people) and always position you and your closest ally as the top in order to keep the numbers and make sure the rest don’t take you out and don’t know there are other sub alliances within the alliance.


oops! I meant Vanessa could have slipped in there with Austin and Julia (not Austin and Liz).


Why does Vanessa need to dig and dig for reasons to put people up. Just put them up you have to its part of the game ni honestly couldn’t even read all the stuff because it’s just her rambling. Taking out jmac is the dumbest decision she has made all season. Liz and Austin won’t throw shit to her in final three

JMac's Laugh

And she was the one last week telling Julia “do you really think they were gonna throw it to you?”

Dodo heads

So she thinks putting up Johnny and Steve because they won’t take her to the final two but Liz and Austin would! Not the best move heres a incentive for you….. Umm Liz and Austin will be the final two thanks to your great thinking


Liz told Vanessa that she will bring her on the trip (luxury award thing) away from the House lol…Austin is going to flip! How does Vanessa brainwash these people? WOW!


They will definitely honor their F1,2,3 deal with her if they make it. Firstly, because they are stupid, and afraid of her, and secondly, because their egos won’t allow them to go with The Boy!! I’m calling it now! Austin will win this game!!


“Liz says I feel like she wants me out because I’m her biggest competition and she probably wants you all to herself for final 4.” ~Liz has an ego. Holy cow. I want to slap her… Why do you think Van is thanking you for Becky and James… She is thanking you for playing HER game.
“Austin says she(Liz) asked me what to do too in all of that (Liz HOH). Vanessa says yeah you should take credit where credit is due. ~ This probably sent Austin to jury this week. Austin telling her, he controls Liz more… Ya, nope.
“Vanessa says that’s it. Liz says that’s not too much to ask. If Austin goes home for some reason I have no one but you.” ~Reiterating Austin going home.
“Steve says I don’t see what you’re saying he’s loved in jury and you’re not.” ~ I think he is target #1, he has called her out, 1 too many times. Austin is target #2

Jmac is the only safe one. Just a smoke screen.


That was my thought. Jmac was actually the only one who was straight with her. I think she wanted to see Austin react to Jmac saying Van would have been his target.
We will see, but she knows a poker face when she sees it.


NOT NOW STEVE! …..GO STEVE! …..GET OUT STEVE..WE ARE TALKING STEVE….LOL…how many times as he heard this throughout the summer…?

JMac's Laugh

Hey Austin! Of course Vanessa is garanteed final 4! She’s the HOH and there are 5 of you right now! He’s so brilliant.


Really…. not targeting the showmance STILL. But i thought vanessa was such a brilliant game player????


She’s so smart she paid them off.
Bet Frankie wish’s he thought of that.

End this season already!

Please end this season, so I don’t have to see that disgusting troll Vanessa on TV anymore!


Vanessa has been out OUTRIGHT bully and manipulator, whereas Austin has been there all along by her side, doing things in an opposite way. Think about it! Austin has done a great job convincing Van that his lie or game move or Judas/Jason snitching whatevers, meant nothing. Or that he was really, really sorry. He talked himself off of her back-dooring him, won HOH when he needed to, and he removed himself from the block last week. The dude has been the quiet (albeit nasty and hairy) version of Vanessa without having to bully or cry to people and has ZERO enemies in the jury. I still can’t believe I have become an Austin supporter, but in my head, it is better than HER. It doesn’t even matter if Jiz and Austin honor their word about the Final 1/2/3 HOH – that is, if they make it there. They are assuming Steve will not win…– Because I, MYSELF RAN THE NUMBERS and if Austin is in the finals, he has a good chance of winning the 2 out of 3 of final HOH winning this whole thing. Vanessa should not take either one of them… but, I am glad she is! But, this girl could be fooling us, knowing Steve will win next HOH and take a strike at Jiz… or Austin… AAAAAARHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Just when I think I am done… BB sucks me back in…


Alas, an assessment I agree with about F5 positioning. If you watch the live feeds I think you would give Austin more credit than most fans will acknowledge. After Vanessa won HOH she was set on putting up Austin/Liz but Austin came to her hard and frequent to get her to not even nominate Liztin. Vanessa does not tolerate being manipulated or bullied so for Austin to have her completely shift the script with noms – that is masterful game play! He had at least 3 one-on-one compassionate convos with Vanessa last night and used rationale/language that V respects. Since noms will happen this AM that gives even better odds for keeping target on Steve/J-Mac.

I give kudos to J-Mac for his honesty with her. He seems fearless and if he stays – I think he will win..

Just uuumm...ok then

Vanessa Ummmmmmm……..You wont win this game if you don’t put up Austin and Liz. You just wont. I HOPE YOU DONT!!!


Well what do you believe? 7 questions Steve’s the target which I praised multiple times in the last week as superior BB strategy to win the game. Or last nights plan take out J Mac to get Steve all alone with Mommy dearest. If the skankmance is real leaving them in the game is so dangerous. She has them promising their 1st born plus a free walk to the finals. Surely to GOD they won’t honour that crap fest?( I think they will)
The beauty of this is she can/will likely change her bat shit crazy mind on her target before the eviction. One thing I do believe is Steve will not take her out F4. He’d evict Liztin breaking up the pair. If Austin throws anything from here on he deserve to lose. It would be funny if Steve won 7 questions and took Liz over Vanessa.
Johnnie Mac though likable is such a disappointment. The BOB wins are throw away he just simply isn’t a decent player. Trusting Vanessa did get him this far but no farther. Win the POV or go to jury……unless Van changes targets to Steve at some point.

PS…… Last nights comp was geared to Vanessa clearly. I said this a couple times over the season, AG has been pushing Vanessa for the win all season. The reason’s have been written here by several no need to repeat them all.


Ok, so i skipped reading most of this Vanessa rambling..ugh… it looks like she’s going to target JMac.. what a huge mistake. I really thought she of all people would have the balls to put up Austin/Liz when the time came and that time is NOW; they are not taking her to the finals.. final 3 at best. After all this crazy psycho woman has done this season she is screwing herself over big time!


This move is maximizing her chances of getting to final 3. Steve/Jmac were never taking her either.

Steve is a snake. Getting rid of Jmac forces him to work with her.


Vanessa man she is all over the board….is she seriously think Austin will take her over Liz no way and no how. This mistake is going to cost her $500,000 dollars. She evicts Johnny Mac and Austin or Liz win HoH they are taking out her! Also is she goes through with this plan it’s going to be Steve, Austin, and Liz in final 3. No way is any of those 3 taking her. Game over Vanessa. She should put Austin and Liz on the block and if one wins take one off and put up Steve. However, no one ever knows what Vanessa’s thinking. Is she thinking to backdoor Austin or Liz if one wins veto I’m thinking she might want Liz out.


Both Liz & Austin have said they just want TV time and fame they never wanted to win.
Thats why they made the plan with Van because she’s Rich and famous and promised to spilt the winnings and help them after the show.
So I could see them throwing it to her they do seem that dumb to me.
I just hope Van was lying to them and doesn’t give them shit after the show lol It wouldn’t surprise me.

Chill this Town

I wish they gave her a Pandora’s with a “punishment”.

Before one could defend her game. but from evicting Julia, to not throwing the easiest to throw HOH you can ask for to a guy right behind you about to win, to now taking out MAC…its all bad decision making, and I am beginning to wonder if she is so full of her game that she doesn’t think it matters who she sits next to.

leaving liz and Austin in the game is terrible

Sad Sad Sad

Most Boring Season EVER!! I feel like nothing happens every week and no one on the show even cares about the game except Vanessa and even she is boring and annoying. No twists that stayed this season. No true fight to win. Please revive my favorite show next season CBS, I’m so dissapointed.


Just out of curiosity I would like to know a BB season you felt was riveting to watch. People seem to say same thing every year but keep coming back. I feel this season has at least created entertainment/games to pass the time.

Jake K.

So if JMac is the target now, we can assume by Tuesday he will be last on Vanessa’s radar. God her constant wishy-wash is gonna come to bite her in the ass finale night


Bad move Vanessa not throwing HOH to Jmac. Then Venassa asking for those ridiculously outrageous demands if Liztin, if she thinks they’all honor thatvthan she’s not as smart as we thought, she’s just dealing with the dumbest cast since season 15. I think somehow Liz ends up winning.


OMG Venessa, I wish YOU are the Next one to be evicted if you are targeting JMac !!!


Vanessa changes her mind A lot. Will not surprise me if production influences her to target Liztin by tomorrow.

Another Anonymous

It is painful watching everyone grovel at Vandemort’s feet. At least Johnny Mac has some true integrity by point blank stating that he hates everyone. AusWimp, with all his Judas bluster, is just a ridiculous wuss.


So, the lesbian won the endurance fingering the eggs competition…


Austin should ask for some tips.

Jake K.

At this point we can be mad about alliances all we want. Best case scenario is only John or Steve go up not together – the other wins veto sending yet another Austwin home. If they both go up, one has to win veto. And if one does we are in for an interesting week because then Vanessa is forced to break a tie live. That is a tough thing to swallow for whoever she votes out and she will most likely lose their jury vote. Nessa better be super careful about her nominations because competitions at this point in the game really begin to hinder the HOHs power and chances for jury votes. I have ALWAYS said to my friends and family who also watch, if I were to ever play the game I would NEVER be final 5 HOH – the veto has so much power, many times you are forced to break a tie, and you are rendered helpless at the final 4 since you can’t play for HOH. Trust me, I LOATHE Vanessa, but I appreciated her gameplay. If you are a fan of the show, love her or hate her, she has done great up until this point. Now, her game is kinda left in the hands of the remaining players. If there was ever an HOH for her to throw it would have been this one…she was safe all the way around. She completely shot herself in the foot her and may have really hurt her chances at winning the 500K.


At this stage of the game PoV’s are more important than HoH’s. Vanessa’s best move in all honesty is to put up Liz vs Steve. Tell Austin this is to insure that both of them are safe if Austin wins the PoV and tells Johnny Mac and Steve the same thing it would force her to use Austin as a replacement. She just has t throw the PoV. If Steve or Liz won the PoV she could then pick a side at that moment. Splitting things up benefits her much more.
She is screwed no matter what she doe because she made deals with ALL of them. She really should have backdoored Austin when she backdoored, blindsided Jason. They should have kept Meg over James and Liz should have gone last week. She should have teamed up with Shelli, Jackie and Becky with Johnny Mac… she would have been in a much better place. The twins and Austin have just been a 500 lb weight around her neck… with Steve dragging her down more.


If vanessa puts up Steve and jmac. Noms stay the same. They vote out Steve against their deal to vote out jmac. Liztin wins hoh. Vanessa don’t win pov and liztin and jmac go to final three. The blow up vanessa would have would be priceless.


Is Vanessa writing all this down? She like that Guy in the movie step father. He has so many lies with different families that he starts to lose it and says “wait a minute, who am I again?” Looks like she’ll be going down that rabbit hole soon if she doesn’t slow down on all those deals she’s making. She already said she might change her mind by morning. I wonder what she would do if while she was on that trip with Liz the guys hit a reset button? Someone mentioned the reset was on September 10 last year. Maybe it will be September 11th this year. Wishful thinking on my part.

Objectively speaking...

In order for Vanessa to increase her chances of making Final 2, she has to increase her chances of making it to Final 3 (even if that means leaving Liztin in the game this week). If she leaves both Steve and JMac in the game and breaks up Liztin, I think both Steve and JMac would want Vanessa out next week. If she keeps Liztin, there are less chances she goes next week as whoever stays between Steve/JMac will want one of Liztin out and Liztin will want whoever stays between Steve/JMac out (well, that’s the theory anyway).

Obviously, you could argue that she has a good chance at the final 4 veto which is usually the “connect the houseguests” one and hence a good shot at making Final 3 on her own (regardless of who she targets this week). But, Steve is probably her biggest competition in that veto – and if Steve wins and JMac is still in the game (but not HOH), I think Steve votes to save JMac at Final 4 over Vanessa. However, if JMac is out, then Steve would vote out one of Liztin or keep noms the same and have Vanessa vote one of them out (if Steve is also HOH).

I think given what will likely be the Final 4 veto comp, Vanessa’s best bet is to try to get JMac out this week – whether we like the move or not, it’s her best shot at Final 3.

And, I believe Vanessa has to win Final 3 HOH as I don’t believe anyone else would take her to F2. If it was Steve/Austin/Vanessa, I think both Steve and Austin would take each other over Vanessa. If it was Steve/Liz/Vanessa, I think that could be her best shot as I think Liz would take Vanessa over Steve, but Steve would probably take Liz, I think. And, of course, Austin/Liz/Vanessa final 3, no-brainer, Austin and Liz would take each other.


Vanessa is a cheater. A business loan for “incentive” to Liz if she throws a competition. And it is not the first time. I don’t want to watch someone who buys competitions and wins.
Life is too precious to reward people who CHEAT.
Big brother should yank her.

P.S. Didn’t anyone else notice how Vanessa went from someone who had “studied” game theory to declaring herself an “expert” a day latter when defending herself for giving bad game advice to Julia. 12 people have won the nobel prize for contributions to game theory since 1970. To have read a book and entered snipets in a writing program is not to be an expert.
And along those same lines, I’ll bet she did more harm that good (pissing off doctors with no change in treatment or prognosis) when she became a cancer “expert” during her ex-husband’s illness.


Yeah it sucks she has been doing all season and BB has warned her but she keeps doing it.
She should be kicked from the game any other season she would’ve been gone weeks a go.
The saddest thing is most people don’t watch anything other than the main show and they give her the best edit ever. So people love her and think she one of the greatest players when she’s a cheating lunatic.
It has really made this year a total joke.
BB grow some balls and punish the ones who are playing up..

Min O'Pause

Regarding Asstin and Gizzard’s argument and his statement “I ruined my life for you!” Is that a Siegfried and Roydian slip?!


Sorry if this is a repeat question, but does anyone know that JMac actually does rock it out?
Not sure if he shared that with anyone or just that he was a dentist.


Yes he does. The family clip stuffed him up tho because they said he’s doing great and when they did the air guitar it made Van think he was with the rock stars to the end.
The clip to Van was also a message she said no matter what happens I will always love you. I would take that as people hate you outside if I was Van.
BB should of never done the family clips


Kayla you are so right it’s going to blow up in her face because she can’t play HOH next week LOL BOOOM!


Vanessa is just going to gamble the money away which is sad when other players like Day James & Jason really needed the money sad season


Yeah but Jmac has 250k in student loans to pay off so i’m hoping he wins veto and goes on to win the whole game.