“I’m thinking about staying true to scamper.. doing what Steve should have done last week”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 21-33-44-996

9:15pm Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says incentives 45.5 times in an attempt to “Speak her language” Austin starts throwing incentive around
Adds that Austin has incentives to throw the final HOH because Vanessa and Liz will both take him.
Vanessa – I do feel Steve is being a rat and I don’t have any loyalties with Johnny Mac
Vanessa – you gotta look at incentives and that looks good for you
Vanessa – if I keep you off the block you will have to vote the way I want you to.. It’s terrible to have Johnnymac in the game
Austin – if you want Johnnymac gone it’s going to happen. i have no loyalty to either of them I don’t care

Austin – If Steve won Veto in the final 4 he would take out Liz.. that’s his incentive he took out her twin

Vanessa says Steve and Johnnymac have incentives to take each other
Austin says him and Liz will agree to throw the first part of the HOH to canessa, they will compete in the second part and he’ll throw the last part to Vanessa.
Austin says he cannot win the final HOH.

Vanessa – If incentives are equal I’ll go with people I like.. I love the girls I do.. I treasure their friendship I really do.

Austin – just because we’re a physical couple doesn’t me Steve and Johnnymac aren’t a mental couple
Vanessa – you’re a genius I wouldn’t describe you as the physical couple

Vanessa says she can’t win the game if she brought a couple to final 3, people will think she’s stupid, “I would think i’m stupid.. Vanessa you’re a dumb ass”
Vanessa – i know how you felt in the bowling thing.. I get it.. I was going to be the replacement nomination.. the POV is always used final 5.

Austin says there’s incentives for him not to compete in the final 3 Johnnymac and Steve have incentives to compete.

Vanessa – you will win the second round and I’ll win the first round.. I’ll take you

Vanessa – OK, i’ll have to put some people on the block and test loyalties
Vanessa wants him to throw the veto this week and if he doesn’t “I will win that final 4 veto out of spite and take you out”
Vanessa says she will put up one from each pair. Liz and Johnnymac.
Austin – you want me to throw the veto to test my loyalty..
Vanessa – we have to hide it

Austin now suggesting he wins the Veto and not use it. This way it reduces the chances of Jmac winning it.
Austin – that can be a test to you not using the veto in that situation
Vanessa – what if Johnny Mac wins.. we would have to send Steve home.
Vanessa Says if jmac goes to final 4 with them he’ll take out Liz and take the two of them.

Vanessa says she’ll tell Steve and Jmac that liz is the target

Vanessa say if Austin doesn’t honour the deal it’s the biggest scumbag.
Vanessa- i’m probably cursed in finals but at least I get 50k
Austin – I’m taking the casino route
Vanessa says the only way to win is to take johnny mac
Vanessa points out her and austin have been doing everything in this game and nobody knows about it.

Austin – I don’t know if you want to risk both off the block.. because if one of them wins veto well there you go

Vanessa says incentive wise she should have let Johnnymac win the HOH. He would put Austin and Liz up.

Austin – put them up let’s take them out.. f*** it
Austin – you’re not in a bad spot.. if one of them goes everyone is incentivized to take you to final 3.
Vanessa is worried America won’t understand it they’ll think she’s stupid for not splitting up a showmance.

Vanessa – I’m, wondering what’s best for me if Johnny Mac wins the veto.. the only way I have control of that if I put Steve next to him
Austin – i’m only one vote.. not matter what I’m not against you

[envira-gallery id=”133084″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 22-05-22-297
Liz comes in. Vanessa says she’s trying really hard to make them work, “I don’t want to go against you guys I don’t… I blindly went for the HOH”

Vanessa – I’m thinking about staying true to scamper.. doing what Steve should have done last week
Vanessa says she hasn’t had many alliances all she had was her “People”

Vanessa says the deal for them to stay off the block will be.
1) If you win final 4 POV take Vanessa
3) final 3 throw the first part to her
Austin and Liz agree to the deal

Vanessa says Steve is usually really scampy before a HOH but he was calm. She got paranoid during the HOH kinda like Austin did last week in the POV.
Vanessa says she wants johnnymac to go this week.
Vanessa – I can guarantee you guys anything I really want this to work
They contemplate telling Jmac they’ve been in an alliance since the beginning.
Vanessa says she’s not stupid if she makes this move she’ll put Steve and Johnnymac up
Vanessa – I have a 33% chance if I go with them I have a 50% chance to win if I go with you
Vanessa- Steve will never take me he’s not stupid.. Jmac will take Steve.
Vanessa- points out Jmac’s parents doign the rockstar thing
Austin – Steve and Jmac are rockstars
Vanessa starts giving them boundaries around the house, “Don’t scamper, Talk loud” if they don’t she will get paranoid.
Vanessa – I’m letting you both stay in the game and fight for it.
Vanessa called into the diary room.. she tells them they have to look pissed.
Austin – hospice style

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 22-15-54-382

10:15pm Austin and Liz
Austin cannot believe that jmac told Vanessa Austin was goign to put Steve and her up.
Austin – I think we’ll be OK..
They’re worried about what Jmac will say “He’s such a rat”
Austin – he’s already lied to me

Liz – I want him to be taken out so bad
Austin – lets just work on not getting taken out ourselves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 22-33-14-338


Vanessa – Who wants to see my HOH room
Vanessa – “everything is getting moved up we have to be ready by 9:45 tomorrow morning”

(Confirmed Feeds are off tomorrow from 9:30am to 11:30pm) must be for Nominations and POV.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 22-40-04-083

10:40pm Vanessa HOH room includes a yellow beanie and a letter from a friend Trish.

[envira-gallery id=”133094″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 22-48-27-539

10:47pm HOH Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa – did you make Steve the deal.. if you went final 3 you would throw it to him
Austin – there’s been no talk at all
Vanessa – Integrity is a big thing I’ve always had your back..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 23-02-28-304

11:02pm Austin tells Liz every little thing is goign to make Vanessa paranoid. She shouldn’t be nice to Steve.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 23-30-54-865

11:31pm Steve scampering.. Austin and liz cuddling
11:56pm Steve continues to mutter to himself while pacing around, sounds like he’s practicing what he’ll say to Vanessa. Liz and Austin sleeping..

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Well Jmac finally showed his hand on the feeds. This whole time I actually thought he was 100% with Van, willing to throw Steve under the bus. Jmac telling Steve that he told Vanessa he would go after Steve, says it all.

Not going to be popular around here. Best move for Van is putting Steve and Jmac up. Steve needs to go, he is a snake in the grass. He does not want to go to final two with Vanessa.

The Big Bitch

so? im sure noone in the house would take her to final 2


At least she can work deals with Austin, especially sense I don’t see Liz getting to final 3. He is some what trustworthy to her. There is a chance with austin. With Steve there is no chance, zero. Steve is 100% doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone in that house. He will do anything and everything to win. Someone like that in the house is very dangerous.

But looks like her target might be Jmac. Either way, whichever one stays steve or jmac, They will be forced to work with her, because of the couple being left in the game.


Ahhh, so you dont think anything is fishy; Van wanting him to throw the veto, to “test his loyalty”? This says to me, if you get 2nd place, I have a reason to send you home.
Then with all these incentives being thrown around, she says “the only way to win is to take johnny mac.” This tells me, Jmac is the safest of the bunch.
She will figure out how to keep her integrity, and send Austin, Liz, or Steve home.

BBAD Hates Van Too

Jeez there was an audible thunderous groan over North America when Vanasty won HOH. All BBAD tweets and pools show massive Van fatigue, and dare we say it hate. LOVE IT when she loses every poll and they wish her hasty demise. Steve JMAC want to hang with the clearly safe and happy Liztin but they’re getting shut out. POV is coming quick tomorrow, and POP tv fans still root for John to win and go to F2. hahaha. Unfortunately his popularity will keep making him a target. So win tomorrow John let them get Steve out.


Go take a shower and get off the live feeds. The fact that you HATE someone you never met means you have problems. YouTube Vanessa playing poker. She is actually very nice and does a lot of charity games. What have you done for charity? And no, putting your stanky ass jeans in the donation bin doesn’t count. I’m actually happy you have so much disregard for her but yet she will never know that :). She will just win the money and be even happier with her life than she already is. She’s done more in her life than you can ever dream of. To think of it… You and Becky should go play checkers on the train tracks while Vanessa plays chess on the Big Brother house using everyone as pawns. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Get some sleep B!TCH


I noticed on the live show Shelli say she’s rooting for Steve & Jonny. So maybe the jury feels that way too.

If so the house might realize they are both popular and try hard to boot them in the next few weeks. I often find even if house guests appear quite dumb they usually have a good overall sense of who is popular with jury.


Quit all that BB hate talk! C’mon you love the show, you love the Dawg spoilers and just quit hating the game already.
Anyways, I have to say Vanessa has played the game very well, hands down! But wth! Handing over the money to her is a slap in the face when she is already a very well off poker player. Disappointment is an understatement. Honestly I would love to see a player win that could use the money and loves the game. That being said I’m pretty sure the twins we’re recruited and probably Austin as well. So that leaves Steve and Johnny Mac with Vanessa.
These 3 wanted to play and played. Maybe they didn’t win but they played.
I really don’t see a Victoria in site this year now that Julia is gone. They have all played very well.
Can we all just appreciate a true fan of the game and one that is truly deserving of the money win it?
Waiting on BB to let us vote next time! Jury be gone! ,


and u dont think vanessa is the biggest snake that house has ever seen!?


No not at all… That title is held by Derick. If Vanessa wasn’t in this house… You would all be watching Steve finger fuk his teddy bear, while Austin finger fuks Liz. And Jmac… Well doing nothing. Vanessa = entertainment.


Sure Derrick was terrible! He bullied people into doing what he wanted, cried and made everyone feel uncomfortable in the house and bribed anyone who would listen. Oh yeah and he talked to the fans in the DR like there wasn’t a camera in the house and we didn’t know what was going on. Get real! Van is a terrible player and person whose done all these things and Derrick played with class.


joke season like BB has become!


Vanessa, you make me sick. I really hope when you watch this show back you’re proud of all your ‘integrity.’ You are a walking contradiction.

It is pathetic to see Austin pleading with her ‘but I had your back, I was never going to go after you!’ Well, idiot, that’s why you’re out this week. Ugh!!!


The wrestling image that Austin is trying to create, and his wimpy pleading, I will do anything you say, to Vanessa, just don’t match up. So much for trying to advance your career Austin……just sayin……


How about begging to go on Bold & Beautiful hehe.


Austin’s alter ego Judas has been greatly dissaponting. If you intend to play ‘good guy, bad guy’, the audience has to see that docotomy.. otherwise, you are nothing but an imposter!

Smart Guy

She doesn’t have a bit of integrity or loyalty, that’s why the people that have been targeted when she’s been HOH 4 times have all been outside of her original alliance, Sixth Sense, and the Sixth Sense insurance alliance, Freaks and Geeks. If she targets JMac, that will be the 5th HOH where she has no integrity and loyalty and doesn’t target her alliance mates. Screw Vanessa for not doing like James and making a deal to not nominate one person or another and then end up nominating both of them. That’s the kind of integrity we need in Big Brother not the real kind. All Vanessa does is lie…like JMac, and Austin, and Steve, and LIz and every other Big Brother player.

Smart Guy

Make that 3 and 4 HOH’s, not 4 and 5. When she won the POV a couple of weeks ago Meg and James were trembling like she was HOH, and that threw me off.

Stop it all ready

Oh! You mean like that time she made the Dark Moon alliance with Jason and Company? I believe Vanessa’s exact words were “I am going to get a Dark Moon tattoo”….and then the next day she put up Jason.
She cannot admit that she lies and plays people. Everyone else in the house fully admits that they are saying what they need to in order to stay in the game. Meanwhile Vanessa is crying because she has NEVER LIED TO ANYONE, EVER.

Smart Guy

Yeah, the dark moon alliance she made when Jackie was supposed to get rid of Austin instead of her, but Jackie never became HOH. Yeah, that fake alliance that serves a secondary role to your real alliance.

When you already have an alliance, any fake alliance you make is fair game. The fact that the fake alliance was ditched in less than 24 hours shows loyalty to the original.


She’s won 4 hoh’s and 2 povs. Tied for the record.


Vanessa is actually very predictable. She looks for reasons to nominate anybody (already did with incentives here). She decides to put up Steve and Johnny mac to stay true to her alliance. Steve and Johnny Mac will tell her what she wants to hear. She goes back on her word and eliminates Austin or Liz. While doing this, she makes it clear she never went back on her word… The predictably unpredictable, loyally disloyal, honestly dishonest woman. She is a first in BB history.


Whichever one she goes back on her word to she will just use the excuse “it’s what the house wanted”


But she’s not doing anything they don’t allow her to get away with.
The season was ruined by Steve buying into her foolishness and the Austwins being too oblivious to see her as playing both sides and taking her out.


When Vanessa won I had second thoughts on cancelling my live feeds until L*ztin actually convinced this bitch to not put them on the block….Vanessa will be known as one of the dumbest players in BB History for taking an actual couple to final 3. Smh and some of you actually thought she was one of the best players.

Late Night BB Watcher

I actually think taking out Steve or JMac is a good move. Vanessa cannot play in the next HOH. If she is lucky, JMac or Steve (whichever is left in the game) will win the next HOH. Regardless which of them it is, he will have an incentive to put up Austin and Liz because it would not be in his best interest to go to the final four with Liz and Austin. And, if Austin or Liz win the next HOH, Vanessa can at least argue that she didn’t betray them when it really mattered (at final 5).

U mad or nah?

And if Vanessa is final 3 with Austin and Liz she will win the questions last comp of the game and whoever she chooses to take to final 2 she will beat.

Who is dumb now? Oh that’s right it’s you who said from week two that Vanessa is making dumb moves and is going to be gone soon.

Vanessa Rousso the greatest Big Brother player of all time. Haters will disagree because they are butthurt they were wrong…but down deep they know how incredible it is that she is still in that house.

You haters have several reasons you are butthurt and irate over Vanessa winning Big Brother. But ask yourselves if Johnny Nap who is still there because of Vanessa deserves it?Does Steve deserve it? Vanessa walked him through every step of this game and is the reason he is still there? Does Liz deserve it? Vanessa took her and Julia under her wing and is thr reason the twins got to play the game together. Does Austin deserve it? Vanessa is the reason he didnt go home weeks ago. Vanessa carried him step by step through this whole game.

Let the confetti fall on Vanessa’s head. She played the fuck out of this game and she killed it all summer. No one else can win. If anyone else did win it would make even the haters say “wtf Liz won?”

No worries haters. Vanessa got this.


Best comment of the season! You nailed it perfectly! Fuk that jealous Lady Bug b!tch. Haters will always hate on here. Vanessa carried all of them!

A you nucking futz?

I won’t deny Vanessa has played all of the other house guests like fools, but I’m not going to give her props for being the smartest kid with down syndrome. Best in big brother history you say.. That’s the biggest stretch ever. There are at least 10 better, and that’s being nice. Not to mention she hasn’t even won yet. Although I would be shocked if she didn’t.

No One

Are you Vanessa’s girlfriend?


Obviously you’re not seeing the bigger picture….


No way the feeds will be out 14 hours for noms and comp. 14 hours = an hour for each 9/11 anniversary tomorrow will be the 14th anniversary of 9/11

Why oh why?

Why doesn’t Austin confirm with jmac that he told that to Vanessa? Why is her word gospel?!? As much as I think Vanessa doesn’t deserve to win because she just a plain crazy bitch, all the others deserve to lose for being so gullible and stupid!


Jmac did tell that to Vanessa.

But in reality it is Jmac once again not remembering a conversation correctly. They both never said targets to each other. Why tell Vanessa they did, doesn’t make sense.

Jmac does some odd stuff sometimes.

Right on!

Hey, if this is “expect the un-expected, why not include some special powers? For example, the “super camera prize” where you get to watch the footage of any of your house mates plotting and scheming (Vanessa) . number two, let America have a jury vote. Number three just like Survivor, let the final two plead their case to the jury before you vote. Cross examine them and then vote. Just wishing, cheers


What about Sunday the 13th?


i dont think its on this sunday


LOL you missed this coming Sunday, Simon.


Haha. Oh man this chick is ridiculous. She got Austin to throw the final hoh, vote the way she wants and use the final four pov on her. Yeah if Austin and Liz honor that deal, they will hand her 500k. I still think her plan is to get Austin or Liz out.


That’s what she’s trying to do, break up the showmance on HER watch, thinking it will look good to jurors. My gawd woman, you have talked yourself into out-thinking yourself! I love it!! but cannot stand this raving lunatic….And to top it off, she gets ANOTHER FUCKING BEANIE!! In the end, production gets what production wants. I think they wanted to hand her the check but may be having second thoughts! The theme of the season “Second Thoughts”…or 3rd 4th 5th etc thoughts… It’ so hard to keep up with stoopid people, but i just love em


Vanessa prides herself on knowing whether people are lying to her or not but how did she not read the blatant lie that Austin and Liz told her when they agreed to her ridiculous conditions for honoring their wish to vote out Julia. If she slowed her roll enough to think about that, she would realize that there was no way they would actually honor that deal. No one would!! Perhaps with that info she would realize that they are not going to honour any deal she puts forward to save herself. Missing that lie could cost her.


She didn’t trust it. That is why she won HOH.


HAHA I knew it bye Jmac or Steve. The only reason she wants Austin and Liz with her is because she bribed them to let her win. She has had the deal with them for ages.
She has this in the bag what a fucking joke BB has become.
And no she’s not a good player she’s a disgrace to the game and herself.


Vanessa thinks she can “deal” her way to F2. With this HOH she thinks she can rope (threaten) people into shaky deals with everyone to guaranty her F2. FACT: People will say whatever. She should have built a better alliance. Liz and Austin will NEVER throw F3 comps to Van. She is unbelievably stupid to think that she is the only one who can find loopholes to get out of a deal. FAST FORWARD TO F3: Liztin to Van: “You told us week one that there were 3 dozen eggs in the fridge! There were only 2 dozen. You lied and therefore any deal we made is off. GTFO!!”

Buckle Up

Steve was right when he told Van that at some point in this game you just have to rely on luck. It will all come down to comps and who wins. Vanessa is going (pardon my French) Batsh*t CRAZY trying to come up with a logical/math related formula that will GUARANTEE her F2. It doesn’t exist!! This is the LAST time she will be in control of anything in this game and after this whoever is still standing will be a free agent. Sans production interference whoever is left should take her out.


Please stop with the “Vanessa is a great player” comments… She’s sooo overrated. However, BB desperately wants her to win this season as evidenced by the HOH comp tonight. I called her winning that right when I saw the comp. I really hope Austin & Liz trick her into thinking they’re with her only to put her on the block next week & vote her out. She’d cry about betrayal/lack of integrity & I would love every second of it. Austin sees right through her so let’s hope he saves this season & takes her emotional ass out next week. I hope Johnny Mac wins the veto this week & actually starts playing the damn game… I like him, but he’s overrated too.


I was hoping Austin would win cause there was a 50% chance he would man up and put her up. Other people are mad at him for cheating on his girlfriend (as if he cheated on them lol) but I really wouldn’t mind seeing him win. I would rather see anybody but Vanessa’s evil ass win.


No true friend would send her another beanie.
DANG that’s ugly

Buckle Up

@Ooby Can’ stop laughing 🙂 Great comment!

Van Sets Up Johnny

Johnny said you were putting me up. Another lie to split up Austin from Steve JMac, making them targets instead of allies. After scaring the shit out of them and heaping on the emotional warfare, she’s sides in I went put you up if you target JMAC and take me all the way. But I’m still very paranoid so I script every move. zzzzzzzz Watching Vanessa bad acting such a mind blowing difficult position you put me in when I won?? Steve says oh no…she thinks we’re a couple? I’m going to ignore you this week, we’ll fool her. JMACS patches player air guitar which she’s reading as Rockstar signal, nice job Skeve, giving out Rockstar name. No it was Austins shit. Oh well, production will work out all the details of Van’s win. And wrote checks for her pay offs. What was the Luxury comp? A trip to Van’s bank and car dealership, pay off time. Next the travel agent for plane tickets, yeah Van says, my gut and math days I better not reneg on the pre-nup.


Was that english?


lol my thoughts exactly…i kept thinking ok..the next line will make more sense lol…
its ok though…it just shows his frustration that we all share about Vanessa…


Reading this was worse than listening to one of Vanessa’s rants.


Got BBAD on, hoping to fall asleep, and that idiot Steve is jangling something, slurping, mumbling and scratching his ass. That kid needs evaluating, therapy, and a physical to check for hemmoroids or pinworms. Have to give the HGs credit for not throttling him!


lol I love this comment ^.^


The stupidity of these people is pathetic!! Vanessa is stupid if she thinks Austin is going to take her over Liz, or Liz is going to take her over Austin. { No matter how much badgering and promises}. I can see her now, wringing her hands to Julie “But, but, they, they both Promised”. If she gets voted out, they better be prepared for the biggest blow-up in BB history
What Vanessa does not want to face…….no one wants to take her to the finals. Why should they???? {She makes people feel uncomfortable} You can’t force someone to take you to the finals, “you have to promise” is getting old hat with her. She lies, but she thinks everyone else should tell the truth., the crying…”I am a good person”….”I have integrity”…….. I have headaches listening to this tripe!!
I have to laugh…….she is worried that America is going to think she is stupid leaving a couple in the game..{You think, we already think that you were idiots for bringing twins into the house in the first place} LOL, wait till she finds out what America really thinks of her,{wait till they all find out what we think} {Her Austin, and the twins can all share the same crying rag}, The tears those 4 will be shedding will make El Nino look like a nice shower.

Ladybug is insanely jealous of Vanessa

For those you that don’t know LadgBug has hated on Vanessa the whole summer. She is really going to be mad if Vanessa wins. For someone to spend three months typing nothing but hate about a woman on a reality show is just a tad creepy to me.

I hope Ladybug finds the help she needs. I mean that.

#Some of the people here are creepy as fuck.


What is really creepy is a woman spending the whole summer emotionally manipulating other people for an amount of money that she could easily make in a week.


Not everything is about money. Some people just enjoy the competition and thrill of a game, trying something new. Especially when shes studyied game theory, I can see why she wanted to play big brother.

Like her tactics or not, they’ve worked well so far. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she’s a really good competitor. Hate all you want but she is good.

Actually, actually...

Her poker winnings are posted on line. Her poker’s been in the toilet for a number of years. Her sponsors are all gone. I suspect a ton of her “winnings” had to go back to the people that staked her. Her budget for medication alone must be brutal. Why do you think she’s on BB yammering about blogs and book deals and trying to get the other house guests stake her if they win?


I have no doubt that Vanessa is being manipulative when she says those things. She is fully aware that the jury won’t vote for her if she comes off as wealthy.
Plus Austin is constantly talking about all the deals that will come out of being on BB. It’s a way for Vanessa to connect with him.


Be Honest Online BigBrother fans, is there any doubt, I mean any doubt that Vanessa will put up Austin and Liz….. She showed her card 3 weeks ago and since then I see nothing that changes it….


“OK, i’ll have to put some people on the block and test loyalties
Vanessa wants him to throw the veto this week and if he doesn’t “I will win that final 4 veto out of spite and take you out.”

What. The. Actual. F*ck. How absolutely sad it is that Vanessa has been doing this sh*t all summer and yet, even with all of their knowledge of her BS, she’s still there and in control. Her skills in blackmail are really running overtime, and I’d feel bad for these people if it wasn’t their utter stupidity that has allowed her to stay. I mean Jesus H f*ck, grow a set people, and stop with the begging and pleading and agreeing to throw comps to her, it’s not a good look! Put on your big kid pants, use your brains and tell her to f*ck off already! When she follows you around the house acting like a raging harpy, ignore her ranting and when she asks who you’d put up if you were HOH tell her to make the decisions on her own, seeing as how she’s basically been running the show the whole time anyway.
As irritating as it is when she’s on a good one, running around the house repeating the same things over and over, asking questions with the condescending tone of someone talking to a 5 year old, holding her shaking head with her hands while her eyeballs threaten to shoot out of their sockets like a cannonball, I’ll put up with it as long as she does this to Austin and Liz, nonstop for the next few days. They created a monster so that’s what they get.
But seriously, agreeing to throw multiple comps in the homestretch? Morons.


Omg jmac.win.the.veto.please that doesnt.look.good. he should got.rid. of.austin last.week.by winning the veto. Steve or jmac are.going to.regret.not.getting.of.julia when they had chance she was.with meg. Vanessa is.going to win this.game no matter who.she is with.


Vanessa loves her fucking incentives so much well I don’t get what’s the incentive in taking out Johnny Mac? Liz and Austin confirmed in the DR sessions that they’re ready to cut off Vanessa, does she really believe they would follow through will the laundry list of terms and conditions she gave them? They’re dumb but geez they’re not vegetables. She’s right to think she’ll look like an absolute idiot to keep a couple into F4, especially if they evict her. IMO her best shot in F2 may be with JMac so why target him this week. Really hoping she has an ulterior motive in place with Liztin.

Its that time again

Welcome to the time of the season in which the power is almost entirely with the veto holder.

If Vanessa doesn’t realize the fact is that she needs to eliminate one of the pair, she’s gone goofy.

Austin has not protected her Liz and Steve have. Count the HOHs. She needs to put Jmac up against Austin let them fight for veto.
The winning side takes out one of the other, she can still team with whomever is left from the side that loses someone. Is he gets stuck with Liz and Austin she has little chance to win the game.

Vanessa's playing sketchy.

Vanessa told Steve at 8:00 that Austin’s and Liz’s stories don’t match. She could be asking her umpteen questions just to catch him in her version of a lie. She’s going to put Austin up as back door yet.


Google Vanessa Ruoso+DJ and you will see vans house and how she got into music….she has a house full of expensive music equipment and practiced and showcased her music by having 200-300 people at parties at her house. Huge room with lighting like a club, funny thing is they show the crowd a couple of times but no one is dancing or reacting to the music. Probably most just came for the coke/meth…maybe she didn’t pass out the ecstacy till later so everyone was edgy. She comes off as an entitled snob who can buy herself a music career, go to Berkley on a whim, since it’s the best music school, coerce some DJ to teach her for free, and then pay for huge parties to create a persona from thin air. Ugh. So full of herself and such a phony…crush another aderall and brag about yourself…must be nice to have money to buy yourself talent, fame, friends…girlfriend? I know someone that is going to give kanye a challenge in 2020…hey they would make a good ticket…they could hold huge raves for rallies. Platform is legalize all stimulants and an all Kardashian cabinet. New women power suit is beanie cap and suspenders. Let Vanessa negotiate with Iran, they will stop developing nukes, supporting terrorists, shit they’ll start running “I love Israel” travel commercials, just please don’t make us meet with that crazy blonde, economics expert, pseudo-lawyer, poker player, crazy half-les DJ who keeps trying to make us listen to mix tapes between interrogations…


Sounds to me you might be on that meth you say she’s giving out


I actually have to turn the channel when Julia or Liz are eating.( I just did when Liz was nom nom nom) WTF no manners. The one with Julia eating that steak and making all that noise whilst doing it like Bill Murray did in *What About Bob* which is hilarious when he was eating…) but for some reason this got right under my skin with all the noise she was making. It was really uncouth.

Glad Vanessa won HOH and hope shit hits the fan…

Steve's butt problem

Steve should perhaps be checked for Trichinosis after eating that week’s worth of undercooked pork.

Min O'Pause

Watching Vannasty’s mind swirling and hearing her flight of ideas pour out of her Piehole I am reminded of Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Howard Hughes in “The Aviator.” Wouldn’t surprise me if she started peering in mason jars or sitting naked in the dark fantasizing about Jane Russell.


I’m very glad this next eviction is this coming Tuesday instead and another eviction on Wednesday. We need to speed things up here already!


A few observations:
Austin and Van talking: to prove his loyalty Austin suggests he wins the veto but doesn’t use it even if Liz on the block.
Van says she’d be satisfied with $50,000 against Austin. He say “I’m taking the casino route”. Meaning “let me win & I’ll give you the money you asked for to gamble with”
Van tells Austin “Don’t scamper – talk loud” otherwise she will get paranoid. Does she intend to sleep in bed with them to prevent them from whispering?
Does anyone believe any of the garbage coming out of these mouths? At least we only have to put up with this groveling for a couple days, not a full week.


I’m a single, desperate male. Even I wouldn’t want to marry that lunatic of Vanessa (if she wasn’t gay).


Does Vanessa not realize that the more she talks the more she contradicts herself? And I really don’t think she wants JohnnyMac out, she keeps saying she’s not close to him, she has no deals with him. I haven’t figured out yet why that would keep him safe but she has her reasons, I’m sure.

Ms Retta

Waiting for Vanessa to say. “I will keep you off of the block if you promise me to lose in the final HOH and then convince all of the jurors to vote for me. “. I know that many people respect her gameplay, but I just don’t want to see an entitled, completely insane, already wealthy, narcissistic, liar win the game. I believe we’ve had many good players prove you can win without being a snake. She talks about gay pride but was responsible for getting out both of the other LGBT players. AND WHILE TYPING THIS I THINK I JUST REALIZED HAT MAKES ME DISLIKE HER SO MUCH. I WOULD HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR HER IF SHE WOULD USE HER”INTGRITY

The Founding Fathers

Everyone has a right to their opinion on here. Just as you may think it’s stupid to hate a player you don’t know, it’s just as stupid to passionately love a player you don’t know and hate a poster that you don’t know. So let everyone have their say about whatever and STFU because these players are all just characters on a show and in a year we’ll all forget who the hell they are.

Ms Retta

Please producers stop putting professional liars and manipulators in the house. Two years in a row we’ve had people who were trained to professionally lie to and manipulate people. It’s giving them an unfair advantage. I would rather see true blue big brother fans who may make some stupid mistakes play the game on an even playing field. It’s unfair to the other house guests and to fans who tune in each year to watch. How can you credit someone who manipulated everyone this season when she does that for a profession? It’s like putting 16 regular people and a surgeon in an operating room and seeing which one does the best job. If the object of the game was to see if the others would realize what this professional was doing it would not be BB it would be The Mole. So just stop already.


i think Trish is Van’s sister..not friend. Dont really matter…another ugly beanie tho!
The new word of the week is: “incentives” i guess!
Why couldnt Jmac pull this HOH out?
It looks like he is going to take back over James #1 spot again…i just dont believe that Jmac deserves America’s Favourite..he just doesnt care if he stays or goes obviously!

Better Than Last Year, But Not By Much Anymore

Van realizes that, in order to increase/keep her odds at winning, she must take out one from each side. She can’t do that this eviction…..so…..everything depends on the POV winner. As always, she has to “incentivize” (good grief she’s ruined that word for me) the POV winner to do what she wants. Who is her easiest manipulation?

She puts up Steve & Jmac & tells them they’re safe if anyone but Austin/Liz wins the veto.
Austin/Liz wins POV…………..Jmac goes. (she can’t be in f2 with him)
Jmac/Steve wins POV………..Austin goes. (she won’t win an endurance over him)

On Wednesday………..Same deal with whoever wins POV. Jmac needs POV Tuesday AND Wednesday or he’s a goner.

Out of this crowd, she wants to go to final 3 with Liz & Steve. F2 with Steve.

Celebrity BS

This show seems very scripted from the beginning…Almost like there was an incentive to get Austin and Vanessa to the end (anyone at CBS invested in their careers?)…along with JMack for some reason. It is funny these are the people left….Remember Becky telling Shelli the camera’s zero’d in every time they mentioned Steve’s name? It just seems like this has been planned from the start.
Time for fans only show with regular people.

Incentive, Incentive, Incentive

Vanessa makes a deal with Austin and Liz:

1) If they are in final 3 together, they will both take her.
2) They must each cut off one digit from their right hand. They may choose which digit.
3) If she is in final 2 with either of them, they must shit on the stage on national TV and fling poop at the jury like the monkies they are.
4) Most ridiculous, they must tell her at least once a day that her yellow beenie does not make her look like a tool.

Austin and Liz consider. They decide this is a good deal.

Good lord this season.