“The live feeds will pause starting on Friday 9/11 at 9:45am PST and will resume at 11:30pm PST”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 08-24-27-985

8:15am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. WHen the feeds return – Only Steve and Johnny mac are up and in the kitchen. Steve comments to himself – I don’t know what to do. I really don’t. Austin and Liz wake up, change their batteries and head to the bathroom to start getting ready for the day. Austin says they’re up earlier than usual. Liz asks what do you think the luxury thing will be. Austin says if its some type of premiere then it will be Saturday or Sunday. Or it could be a new game show or something. It will probably be only 1 person going with you with only this many people left on the feeds. Steve agrees. Steve says he’s going to head back to bed because there’s nothing to do. Austin and Liz head into the kitchen. Austin says there are 12 days left. Liz asks does he (Johnny Mac) play music, like guitar in real life. Austin says he copies music and puts up videos onto youtube. Liz says so maybe that’s why his parents did that. Austin says its been Steve and his sign all season. Liz says you should eat! Hello!? This thing is going to be soon! Austin says not necessarily. It might not be till later. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back Austin comments on how it will be in an hour. (Nominations & Veto will be happening at some point today while the feeds are blocked.) Austin, Steve and Johnny Mac start talking about music. Johnny says I should have taken some gold coins (from last nights HOH comp). He says when Vanessa won he had an egg at the top of the rainbow and pulled it through getting egg all over his hand.

Austin asks what is the point in rushing the schedule .. unless an early eviction? Or for the luxury trip? Or something is being set up in the dental room? I assume its something today which means its probably not the biggest set up.
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9:10am – 9:35am Up in the HOH room Vanessa starts getting ready for the day.

9:45am HOH room – Vanessa starts practising her nomination speech –

“I can’t tell you how hard this decision was coming into this HOH I never thought in a million years I would consider going into final 4 with a known showmance but I started to think about the evidence I had before me and … its no secret that I’m in the final 5 with two strong duos… I’ve got the showmance on one side and the rockstars on the other. Steve and John although you may not have a romance between you …I feel that effectively I am dealing with the same thing because you’re always going to take each other to the finals over me. If not out of loyalty then simply out of incentives. Simply because that’s what incentives would dictate..”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-11 09-46-49-961

9:51am Big Brother blocks the live feeds…

LIVE FEED Announcement – “The live feeds will pause starting on Friday 9/11 at 9:45am PST and will resume at 11:30pm PST.”

** During the blackout the nominations and Veto competition will likely take place.

11:48pm No feeds for you

12:26am No feeds for you
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 00-55-46-744

From the feed leak

12:46am you think feeds? NO

1:20am Feeds not

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236 thoughts on ““The live feeds will pause starting on Friday 9/11 at 9:45am PST and will resume at 11:30pm PST”

    1. Vanessa is likely playing for jury votes by keeping austin and liz happy, but she’s sealing her own fate in the game.

      Who ever is remaining of the 3 WILL ALL TARGET vanessa. Jmac or Steve will be pissed at her for breaking their alliance and playing her and both liz and austin aren’t dumb enough to let her remain in the house over jmac or Steve known the game she’s played.

      Her best move is to go with Steve and Jmac but she’s counting jury votes before she even in the final 2. She legit needs to win the last hoh and next week’s veto.


      1. Did Julia ever have that quick talk with JMac before she was evicted about Vanessa making a final 2 with everyone in the house and they wanted her out? I thought I saw an entry where Austin and Liz mentioned it. If so why has JMac not said anything to Vanessa about it. That would certainly ramp up her paranoia and perhaps JMac could buy himself another week of safety.

        1. I too would like to know what all Julia told Jmac. I too heard Austin and Liz talking about it happening but they stated they were sure exactly what all she told him. And then we have Vanessa mentioning after the comp that she felt she had to go for the win because there was a lot of whispering going on right before the live show started. I wonder who all was doing that whispering, Julia and Jmac?

          1. I don’t have live feed but I read somewhere (not sure if it was this site or another one) that Liz and Austin asked Julia to talk to JMac. She kept saying she didn’t want to because she wasn’t that close to him. Liz kept begging her and she finally said she would. But she never did! More proof that each twin is a narcissist, which I find fascinating since twins are supposed to be like one person.

      2. DR helping Van again. Last night before Dr she was Austin and Liz then all of a sudden Jmac and Steve. Then James says something about the Austwins getting him out and lumping Van, jmac and Steve together when before he knew they were with Van now she is separate WTF. Whos been talking to James? I think DR has told her America cant stand Austwins and she wants to win us over too. A lot of people would be mad at the whole house and Cbs if she won against Jmac in finale 2 its about 50 50 with Steve but People really dislike Liz and Austin. If Austin lost against her people would not be as upset he is not popular at all. Liz ehhhh. Disappointed what happened to the good ole days oF BB I think they might be over

        1. Blah..blah..blah…stroke her ego. Here we go again. I’m so sick of this! This season has been all about keeping Vanessa happy and pacified. That’s just ridiculous and oh so boring!

          1. What are you talking about?!?!?!?! Vanessa rocked the house this season. Best BB house guest EVER! Go Vanessa, you got this girl!

        2. I just read an article that CBS wants Vanessa to win it all as it will help promote her new tv show called Poker Face. A cameraman of the show claims Van has been getting inside information during her diary room times.

          1. If BIG BROTHER is CHEATING by feeding information to Vanessa, I will never watch again!!!! I will be sure to spread the word to everyone who waste their money on live feeds as well.

          2. CBS Amazing Race rejected Vanessa, and she applied to BB 5 times since 2011. TAR losers Jeff Jackie total bust. Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports cameraman. source, but editing fit comps so rigged that Vanessa’s clothes change during the game, POV chips cheating, vibes, payoffs, hours in DR sending flowers to Mel, Adderall abuse for concentration, throwing comps, are blatant–she always comes out of DR with info about players and walks right up to confront them. Their code weird for Production gives is “fairies told us”…no one trusts this show. Players outed their recruiters handlers get bonuses the longer they stay in the house so they’ve got INCENTIVES to cheat, cover their players cheating and payoffs & bribes.

            FCC fines for abuse if BB is advertised as a game show. Moonves is embarrassed and saving face by promoting celebrity poker player backfired and outting rampant corruption from recruiting to casting to handlers to sequester to production. Heads should roll even Julie doesn’t look like she can stand hosting this scam. Bad look for her news journalist reputation.

        3. That’s Vanessa’s MO, whoever she’s talking to isn’t the target so she wants information about the other folks so she can have a reason to go after them. She then uses that information to drop a wedge between those groups and have them go after each other instead of her.

        4. I agree with you DR is helping Van. How did she know her HOH would be a short one? Julie Chen said, it would be a shock to the house that someone was leaving Tuesday. I don’t know why I continue to watch…gave up bbad. Just getting thru until finale. Ugh

      3. couple points….. she cannot play in the F4 HOH as she is HOH now. HOH and POV are both guaranteed F3 spots. POV decides whose evicted. Funny she really may have messed up winning HOH F5. All to get JM out it appears. Letting JM win he goes after Liztin and if he splits them she’d be sitting far better F4. I might be wrong but I think it’s reasonable to presume Austin and the twins sitting in jury all 3 are Vanessa votes for 500K. She only needs 5 yet she is keeping them around.
        Maybe she makes F2 and wins so the little things like winning this HOH do not matter. Sit beside Liz that’s 2 instant votes for Liz. Austin might have 4 votes in the jury already…….. she has to be thinking sit beside Steve doesn’t she? But does Steve take her if he wins 7 questions? Her games been tight all season it’s getting a little loose IMO. Or she just needs Liztin to honour the bat shit crazy deal they agreed to. (it might just happen too)

    1. It maximizes her chance at getting to final 3. Forces the remaining one to 100% work with her. Aus/Liz are dumb enough to take her to final 3.

      1. Austin has more control over Liz then Vanessa. By eliminating Julia, that strong bond will not take Vanessa who can beat them both. During the POV comp, it was very clear that Vanessa had control over Julia, which would have benefited her. That great move she did there, was undone with keeping Liz.

        By targeting Jmac and Steve, if Steve stays, Steve will be brought along if noms stay the same over Vanessa. Vanessa needs to win out now, which is not a good game position.

        1. Either situation, she has to win out. Austin/Liz have more of a chance to be swayed than Steve/Jmac. Steve is playing without any emotions.

        2. Actually, Vanessa’s positioned herself very well this week. It makes more sense for Austin and Liz to take her over Steve for final 3, since they expect him to be tough to beat in the final comps. And if Jmac ends up staying, they have plenty of reasons not to trust him. Plus Vanessa just told Austin that jmac hates them all but hates her the least. Vanessa will easily manipulate that point if any doubt arises. As much as they may want to cut Vanessa, I think liztin will feel that van gives them the best odds for final 2. Even more so for Austin, bc its logical that van would not want to take Liz to final 2 bc Liz would seem a stronger player than Austin by the jury. And Austin is the deciding member of the showmance when it comes to strategizing.

  1. Pretty sure the only person I have seen do the air guitar with JMac is Austin, not Steve. I swear these guys come up with the dumbest justifications to target someone.

    1. Steve and Jmac did the air guitar together last night. At the end of their quick convo when Jmac told Steve how he said to Van he would go after Steve.

    2. OMG!!! REALLY!?!? You’re joking right!?!? Air guitar!?!? Someone explain (or tell me where to go) to read up on JMac/Austin/Steve air guitar “thing”

      1. You Tube type in Air Tap John McGuire he’s fabulous. He talked about playing covers and that’s his little air guitar signature-Steve & Austin picked it up for fun, then Steve named their alliance Rock Stars to appeal to John who never wanted to be labeled in an alliance due to Vanessa’s witch hunts. Then Steve outed the alliance with Vanessa during one of her browbeat in expeditions looking for A REASON-you know her threats if you don’t give me information your going up. That’s why John hates Steve who set up the Rockstars then ratted for points. His parents mimic had nothing to do with the alliance, but Crazy Vanasty who sees messages in her beanie thought his parents were sending him a signal, bc paranoia.

        Vanasty did her usual slander move, playing Derrick detective, by telling Austin his secret buddy JMAC confessed Austin was putting up Van-but that never happened either. So 2 more manufactured REASONS during VaMessa’s inquisition. She screamed until Austin promised to take her to Final 2 not Liz.

          1. Thanks for those. I wasn’t expecting anything so polished – he’s really good. Loved the airtap stuff. Come on, Production, throw the kid a guitar for a bit!

  2. OMG, Van all of your brain cells have left your body. Stop playing your scare crow wisdom “IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN”, get out LIZ and AUSTIN. YOU have just lost the game girl

    1. Love how people call Van dumb because they are too dumb to understand her logic. Van knows there is not one person in that house that would take her to f2. That means she has to win F3 HOH (and get there). Her best shot of making it to the final part of the F3 HOH is to win the endurance portion. Who is Van’s only real threat in the endurance portion? JMAC.. that is why he has to go. Also Van knows she has to target one of the two duos. Her best bet is to target the duo who is a larger comp threat to her. Van has and can beat Austin and Liz in almost every competition, however the same cannot be said for Jmac and Steve. This is why she is targeting them over Liztin. It has nothing to do with what anyone else is promising her, she doesn’t believe a word ANY of them are saying. It all comes down to comp threats plain and simple.

  3. My version of hell would be a forced watching of Vanessa talking on a 24-hour loop. I’m truly fine with her winning; at least she played. It’s just awful that the feeds were so unwatchable this year because of her.

  4. I 100% am over this show. I hate the cast this year. What a group of idiots. Thanks Dawg & Simon for making this blog! Vanessa is a total psycho! Austikn

  5. Basic BB strategy….
    Break up the showmance.
    Sit beside the weakest player F2
    Presume even a true BB idiot can have a “light bulb” moment
    When you think your safe your in big trouble

    Seems on the surface Vanessa is going off the rails. Maybe the mist backfired and hit her in the face. She appears to think she is bullet proof. She has left herself open F4 unless you believe Liztin will honour all her crap. Shake my freaking head.
    Can she actually believe that Austin takes her over Liz? In fact if he ever started thinking for himself he’d be the wild card as a true BB fan. He just seems paralyzed. Steve is done as toast and gets as far as Nessa lets him. The man has serious mental/emotional issues to address outside the house.(sad really) J Mac threw to much and now cannot win when he tries and needs it.
    Vanessa won’t do the pair splits as noms. Steve/JM up POV loser goes to the jury. If neither wins check about Tuesday the target gets known then. :P eviction day.

    Next thing we know Johnnie Mac will be convinced to throw the POV. When the “F” are we going to get a season of BB that’s fun again? BB 14 in the states and both BB 1 and 2 had some good stuff. Coaches was flawed the minute they brought them back into the game but Brit was hilarious and Dan was evil and brought the mist.
    PS…. can production get more obvious on feeding the jury what to say. Last night Shelli saying she is rooting for Johnnie Mac. They barely spoke all season as I remember it. The BS couldn’t get much thicker.

    1. LOL do you even watch the live feeds?
      if shelli would’ve stayed over Vanessa that week, they had such a good friendship and connection that there would’ve been a shelli john Steve alliance
      IF THAT WOULDVE HAPPENED, it would’ve been
      austwins vs goblins vs Steve shelli john and Becky would be floating between goblins and ssj

      1. If only…I didn’t much like Clelli, but I did like Shelli. The game would have been much more interesting, fun and WAAAAY less crazy (in a good way) if Vanessa had been voted out. The Aus-twins would never have made it this far. Becky would have stayed longer, and we could have seen what developed with JMac. JMac would have had his “peeps” (Becky, Shelli, Steve). This is the main reason I don’t want James to win AFP. This one decision of his really messed up the rest of the show IMO.

      2. To answer your question I don’t have the feeds I live in Canada turd! You’ve been decidedly trash with my comments going back to BB Can 3. Sorry I said backdoor instead of blindside my bad. At least I knew you can’t play 2 HOH’s in a row noob.I know the freaking game and write without bias unlike your uneducated behind. I’m picking a fight with you douchebag. Use a name that’s singular you gutless douche. The people can judge your individual comments on your personal merit like I do gutless trash! Stan7777 what’s your board name instead of the generic anonymous?

    2. We all know that is the “Basic BB strategy” that has been played for most of the seasons but wouldn’t it be neat if someone actually won that didn’t play that way? Maybe it would change the ways future seasons are played so the last couple of weeks are so boring.

    1. I also liked John- at the start of the season. Now his quirkiness seems very forced and it has gotten tiresome. However, I’d like to see him place in the top 2, just so James can win favorite player.

      1. On the feeds he’s not a huge presence but when he is on he’s got some funny one liners etc. When he votes in the Diary room it looks very forced to me.

        I liked Jmac as a character on the show but I was never GAGA over him like so many fans seem to be. His social game was a bit lackluster. Everyone he was allied with was chopped out of the game and he wasn’t able to rebuild meaningful relationships with anyone else.

        Just wanted to add I enjoyed watching Jmac on the feeds glad he was cast.

        1. I think the reason JMac is popular with the viewers is because he probably lies the least…. people like his “integrity”. I think Vanessa sees this and looks to him when she wants to get down to the truth of the matter. I am from PA and live approx. 1 hour away from JMac. Thus, I have a better understanding of the values JMac was raised upon. I would not call him a floater in terms of how Andy Herren, winner of BB15. Andy didn’t win comps, and if I remember correctly, was never put on the block. He was just a sneaky snake. JMac has been on the block many times (including being a pawn for Vanessa more than once) won POV’s and has come back from being evicted! I may be wrong; but, I think he has played the longest after being evicted. National TV showed JMac throwing last week’s HOH to Steve because he was hoping for a more physical competition this week. It was “his game play” for he and Steve to stay in the game. Actually, when I saw him on the first episode being introduced, I thought, “What a dork! I wouldn’t let him touch my teeth!” But, as time went by, he grew on me. Also, Vanessa was my Fav to win based on the first episode. As time passed, I grew to dislike her.

          1. No offense but i totally disagree. Jmac was no way liked bc of loyalty. Its got to be his quirky goofy attitude in the diary room.

            1. No offense taken! You are entitled to have an opinion. :) I only become offended when people are outright rude or disparaging. I wouldn’t consider loyalty to be the same as outright lying, which we know is all part of playing BB. I think some are more offensive than others. e.g. I always felt Russell Hantz of Survivor was cheated out of winning Survivor, especially when the winner won by hanging on to Russell’s coat strings. Now, I have asked myself during this game, “what the difference is between Russell’s game play and Vanessa’s?” I do not have an answer, since they both played by lying to their cast mates and I would not describe either as being charismatic. :) I would be interested to hear from anyone who is familiar with Russell’s game vs. Vanessa’s game. Perhaps you could enlighten me!

              1. Russell Hantz & Vanessa are loathsome due to serious character flaws that result in their being mean spirited when it isn’t caled for, taking joy in others real pain caused by them, pathological lying when not needed, but for the sake of self promotion which undermines their judgement. That’s why the word evil kept coming up with both players and why Russells nephew his who he was so as not to be thought of as evil too, unworthy of trust or respect in a social game. Vanessa’s constant use of the Bible to lie, and rant lecture and justify her backstabbing cheating etc crosses the line to delusion mental illness. Sadistic bullying abusive behavior and misdirected rage transferred from psychological problems originating outside the game is something they had in common but have no place in game shows much less tv. Cruelty yuck.

          2. If he lied the least it’s only because he did the least. He’s a likable guy but he’s also one of the most inept players in big brother history.

            1. Well, there is a pretty big list of past inept players in BB’s History! :) Do you consider JMac to be more inept than Meg or Julia???? I only started watching in Season 12 and from that season alone I could say Enzo Palumbo was more inept that JMac. He didn’t win any competitions…. but, he was still likeable and went far.

          3. I would add to JMac’s popularity with fans as being his complete lack of trash talk, pretension, and overall douchery. He’s also a self-proclaimed ‘super-fan’. If he doesn’t win the 500K, he took a pay cut to play, so he clearly loves the game. I don’t read his DRs as forced; I think he’s shy of being on camera. He’s not in this for whatever fame BB brings. He seems a very genuine, well rounded person, and being himself rather than assuming a ‘character’. He stays cool and doesn’t fall for BS. He’s just plain likable, and especially so when compared to other HGs.

  6. I hope Jmac wins veto. If Vanessa thinks putting Steve and Jounny Mac up is best for her, she’s crazy. Austin and Liz aren’t going to throw any comps for her either. I wish austwins wouldn’t have “outed” her game like they were going to do with Julia on her way out. :(. Jmac for favorite. I don’t want Liz or Austin in the finals. Not that anyone cares but I will not watch finale because i can’t stand them.

    1. More bribes, more bullshit! I LOVE seeing Vanasty decide against all the fake “math” and “game theory probabilities” she trusts her “gut” and goes to the duo who demonstrates her fake “integrity”. Hahaha. AND TELLS Austin they can have the $500k she only wants $50k and will throw it. What a load of crap.

      JMAC so much smarter to shove her revolving door alliances and scam deals to sleep through her abusive attacks and tell her the truth, whatta concept VaMesa! She’s making the biggest mistake believing AusTwits are gonna give her the game, and not scumbag her. Why, she’s gonna loan Liz money to start a new business for playing her game for her and handing over $500k.

      JMAC isn’t gonna suck her skanky evil tw*t for $500k yuck! He challenges her to put him up, he’ll win it fair and square! How’s that for integrity? Go ahead VanEssay talk all you want about integrity while you keep the only people voting for you in Jury next to you, and cut more bribes. She can’t buy sh*t she’ll find out when they stab her in the back. And Liz takes Vaniac to luxury comp, because she said Austin never did anything for her. Hahaha.

  7. This show is just not entertainment anymore. Who wants to hear Vanasty try and wriggle through some make believe, thought up, twisted, convoluted plot against her BS? This chick has major issues. Although, what makes for poor entertainment is the other HG’s. There’s no way they’re THAT dumb, is there?? Maybe so, but there’s no way they would have let her get this far if they weren’t. I guess CBS wants it this way for some unknown reason… Or maybe they(CBS) were not prepared for a complete cast of idiots. Vanessa thinks, in her mind, she is really smart, can out talk, outwit, and outlast this crew of characters, but this is the ONLY crew I believe she could do this to. In fact, I don’t even think she’s that smart at all. Production has made it possible with DR sessions and “contract” agreements. It just sucks that they wouldn’t let it play out naturally. Heck, they didn’t even have enough “twists”, or the “unexpected” things they advertise. I’m not going to say I wont watch anymore, but I wouldn’t give this season a 1 out of a 5 star review, maybe a 1/2 star. That’s only because Simon and Dawg do such a good job!! Thank you guys! Dawg FTW! Simon FT 50K!! peace out

    1. Agreed…I thought the same thing last night! Make it a total crap shoot…guess what number I am thinking of kind of game! I just cannot believe nobody dragged Julia’s sorry butt, or Meg’s to final 2!!!

  8. Can anyone tell me if last year was the first time BB used the Reset Button? If so, what are the chances they could use it again this year, as the players would know what it is? Vanessa would go crazy and come out threatening/bullying houseguests if they push the button! Though, I really don’t believe Jmac would listen to her. I would love for it to happen and JMac win the HOH! Vanessa would be spitting wooden nickels! Does it make any sense for BB to “fix” the winner….knowing how much the Viewers hate Vanessa…. and Les Moonves concerned about viewership = less revenue? I would think it would be in CBS’s best interest to do a Reset Button to make the game more interesting.

    1. I like your theory, the one with the reset button, would make for MUCH better TV. There is something going on today though, dontcha think? Feeds being off for 14 hrs.? The season could be revitalized with a reset, maybe. There needs to be some “incentive” for that to happen though. I mean can someone pleeeeez come up with an incentivization for some incentivizing so that someone would be incentivized to push the reset button! C’mon, I have been loyal, honest, never went back on my word ever, and I am the nicest person! Really I am!

      1. I keep thinking that once Liz and Austin leave for their big day away, something major will occur in the house. Possibly a reset and Van will lose her HOH. Maybe Liz and Austin will be automatically evicted!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many possibilities to breathe life into this dying show.

        1. But sadly, none of those things will happen and we’ll finish out this season totally bored to tears. I just want some satisfaction that whether she wins or loses, Vanessa ultimately finds out that most of the viewers can’t stand her. THAT will pain her much more than losing the money.

    2. oh ya…it was final 5..lol they would have to redo the egg comp! now that jmac know vans intentions…he would win it this time and totally fu^$ her!

      1. Reset would never happen. Too predictable lol. Too bad so sad for all you Vanessa haters. Haters gonna hate while Vanessa laughs all the way to the bank with 500K. CHA CHING!

    3. Last year, the button was stuck in the have not room. The house guests weren’t told what it was for. Anyone presses the button during a certain time period, the secret rewind goes into play.

      THIS year, they should put the button in the HOH room. If Vanessa and only Vanessa presses the button, the “secret” comes into play. Can you imagine Vanessa trying to figure out whether to press the button or not? Oh the odds and incentives, woe is me. She’d offer to buy it a car. Ultimately, she would not press the button and it would turn out to be the “cancel the rewind” button this year.

      1. Not going to happen. Don’t hold your breath Vanessa haters. Only a twisted twist will get her evicted because she’s that good! Period! Love it! ;)

      2. Lets see the HN room is locked. We have a 14 hour blackout. What could possibly be happening? Likely nothing or Van wins the rewind Lol. It would be intriguing if Van was no longer HOH. It would hardly be fair mind you. She is just so easy to dislike combined with everything appearing to go her way all season it sure would be interesting to get her out.
        Johnnie win POV as I doubt there will be a big twist.

        Fun idea the reset though………………..

        I’m not staying up to see what happens either it will be there tomorrow. Been a sucker far to often.

  9. You know what bothers me it looks like Vanessa might win the whole thing
    And she doesn’t need the money. She said she’s won almost 5 million
    playing poker. Come on she hasn’t spent all that money. James came in
    to win money for his daughter, John’s in debt with student loans and I’m
    sure others need the money more than the millionaire poker player!!!!!

    1. This is Big Brother NOT Big Charity! Thankfully the prize does not go to the biggest troll still living in his mom’s basement (Jason), the biggest deadbeat dad (James) or the new homeless guy living on Venice Beach (Jace).
      You sound like Devon “Daughter” or Derrick “You’re taking food out of my daughter’s mouth”.
      I loved James I thought that he was funny and he was the only one who showed Audrey any compassion during her breakdown. But if he’s that worried about his daughter then he could get a 2nd job instead of partying or how about giving his party money to his daughter?
      In both Survivor and BB, I don’t think it matters if you’re the richest or poorest. The winner should be who played the best game.
      If you care so much about James’s daughter or Jmac’s loans than go start up a GoFundMe page for them. Do you care enough to donate your hard earned money? If not, please shut up about BB being turned into a charity case show. Or quit laying on the couch bitching about a tv show and go donate your free time to a charitable cause.

        1. If your response was to me, then than you. No need for drinks, I’d prefer to find someone to talk game with as opposed to bashing hg’s.
          I did live in TO, but I’m currently stuck in Texas, where we’ve endured 95+° since May and probably at least 2 more months until it drops to a comfy 75° . But I’ll be happy to brag in the middle of winter when you’re trying to bearv- 20° and I’m loving a nice 55-65°
          A nd if your comment wasn’t meant for me, then I’ll just have a smoke ;) and pretend.

      1. Jeez, double up on the Prozac dude, it’s not working. Everybody knows Vaniac had to come in a millionaire to afford all the bribes, pay offs, PR, Talent Agent, head shrinkers and opiates she’s popping to balance out the Adderall.

        Now which halfway house are you posting from so your charity minded folk can bring you a care dog to pet. Naw, second thought, you’d just kick it. Now scrape up your pennies and call your favorite gaycard player Messie to DJ your next probation hearing! Cuz she didn’t come for the prize- she wants your DJ biz & she don’t lie, she got InteGriTee! Go ‘head, spin some more hate GrandMasterFatass! Naw, we ain’t listenin to you either.

        1. Hey KungPao, wtf do you know about me or my life? I foster unwanted dogs , contribute my time to hospice centers, etc.
          The difference between me and crazies such as yourself is that I understand that BB is a GAME, not real life. The point of the game is to outwit, outsmart, lie and conive your way to the win.

          For the record, I have thought that every hg this season was pond scrum which makes judging them solely on gameplay easy. You should try to separate your personal feelings from gameplay before YOU end up institutionalized. And don’t worry, I would never subject my puppies or foster dogs to your insanity.
          Try some wine and xanax and maybe you would be capable of relaxing?
          Don’t forget it’s a tv show; get over it! Loser!

      2. Holy Smokes…is that you Mom?
        The idea that having money makes life easier is a fallacy…wealthy folks have problems too! Student loans are no joke, they haunt you! Forever! Nobody deserves the money, but the intention to catch up on child support is a great one! Paying off loans is excellent, paying off medical bills that you incurred unintentionally is worthy! Austin keeps mentioning his family. Everybody deserves it…

  10. Too all you ship jumpers out there saying you’ve had it with this season, I’m done, etc, etc, etc.!! See ya, don’t let the BB door hit you in the arse on your way out. It’s obvious you are not true BB fans. Anyone who has invested this much time in watching the show and reading and commenting on this website only to say they are done…gimme a break!! You are lying just as much as everyone in the BB house if you say you will not watch the last few episodes to see what plays out!! If you’ve been watching every season since season 1 like I have, I can’t wait to see what goes down next year!! That’s what true fans look forward to. I can say the same thing about Survivor too. The big difference is you don’t have 24 hr feeds to keep up with what is going down before hand. That does make Survivor even more worth the weekly wait to watch what goes down. Now, if all you so called bandwagon jumpers are still out there and read this post…have the guts to acknowledge that you are still here!! SMDH at all of you!!

  11. If Vanessa is such a ‘game theory’ expert she would have realized that winning HoH this week was perhaps her dumbest move of the season and will possibly cost her the game. She could have thrown it and snagged the lux comp, taken the HoH winner, and would still be eligible to play in both remaining HoH comps. Now she has to get blood on her hands by nominating half the house, wont be eligible for HoH next round, and has no allies left. Whoever she gets rid of’s partner will certainly cut a deal with the other “couple”. One of them is guaranteed to win HoH and virtually have to put her up. Unless Vanessa secures the veto she’s history. It’s a solid bet that she will be next to go after this round.

    1. No one cares if Jmac or Steve get cut. That’s why Vanessa should nominate that strongest duo. Why would she nominate Liztin if they can be a bigger target next week. Why pissed them off when someone else can nominate them. I know it’s risky but there are two s howmances to break up. Less blood on her hands and a potential three votes in jury.

    2. Pretty sure everyone plays in the HoH next week. I remember previous seasons where they had a 4 sided pyramid with stairs for the final 4 hoh.

    1. I agree. She was using “incentivize” for quite a while there. THAT was annoying, partly because she does not know the meaning of the word(s), but mostly because there were words coming out of her mouth at all

    2. just like what us it? …
      …… impearikle evidence ? lol
      impericle , imperi…..

      Empirical evidence…. is information acquired by observation or experimentation. This data is recorded and analyzed by scientists and is a central process as part of the scientific method.

      1. yeah, yeah, that’s it, she’s gathering scientific data.. I KNEW it.. It’s all science to Vanasty! .. that was a good one MrJWALL

  12. It’s amazing how JMac went from Veto king at the beginning of the game to them thinking he doesn’t win anything. So when he wins now their shock will be hilarious ! He knows he can’t throw anymore– now it’s got to be win John win everything !!!

  13. it really is uncomfortable as a viewer to see someone like Vanessa rise to power again and get those crooked wheels of her turning once more. Im scared for the other houseguests! Run for cover because the 4th tornado of the season is about to hit the BB House! #teamnobody

      1. Thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking it was AM not PM.
        Gosh what am I going to do until then???
        Oh well Z Nation season 2 starts tonight, that will help pass the time.

        1. Does anyone know exactly WHY th feeds are down for such a long time? Have they done this in past seasons? Just wondering what all my stoopid people could be doing in there?!

  14. If jmac doesnt save himself hopefully the remaining houseguests realize whoever takes out Vanessa and gets to the final 2 wins the game.

  15. I feel same way as commenters . The shit V pulls is gross. The crying kills me the most . She’s Guna win and I have finally excepted it . I know everyone wants to pull their hair out… Haha.. Frankly in any tv series, sport, cartoon, whatever, she is worst villain EVA… And I never let that shit get to me… The stupid fuckin hats, suspenders, droopy pants… Go fuck yourself dude .. The one factor set aside from all, is tying the record for hoh / veto with 6. That’s the clincher … That’s the one thing that has nothing to do with inept HG or her shitty personality . Makes it so much easier to accept . All the questionable shit goes out the window, she wins the comps dude. Trust me I fuckin hate it ! But maybe you can wrap ur head around it a bit easier thinkin that way .. Multiply that and 16 fucking dum dums, the math is there. Pray for miracle or watch survivor is all I can tell ya bro~

    1. You can’t really count HOHs and veto wins as real when BOB is in the house. In almost every case, the entire house predetermines who will win, who will throw, who will go home. BOB completely throws off any attempt at meaningful stats as no one is actually competing for anything.

    2. attwx.com
      Cool site I just found. BB stats and history. They list the winning-est house guests. They remove the results of any BOBs or reversed/replayed comps.

      9 – Janielle Pierzina BB7 – 4 HOH and 5 POV
      7 – Daniele Donato BB8 – 2 HOH and 5 POV
      6 – Cody Calafiore BB16 – 3 HOH and 3 POV
      6 – Frank Eudy BB14 – 3 HOH and 3 POV
      6 – Ian Terry BB14 – 4 HOH and 2 POV
      6 – Rachel Reilly BB13 – 4 HOH and 2 POV
      6 – Shane Meaney BB14 – 2 HOH and 4 POV

      Vanessa would have 2 HOH and 1 veto, no?

      BOB actually still skews the numbers as there are fewer ‘real’ competitions in the season for the house guests to win.

        1. If you read what they wrote about the stats….BOB head of household were NOT counted in the HOH wins! That is why Vanessa only had 2 HOH.

    3. We call bullshit. Vanasty was THROWN HOH & POV comps by players for fake alliances broken promises. PRODUCTION GAVE VaMessa comps like the Dizzyland comp when she cheated sitting down on the footrest with multiple feed blocks & warnings, while all returning players from Jury were simultaneously disqualified with no warning. Vaniac ADMITTED TAKING performance enhancing doses of Adderall to increase her concentration leading to her overdoses and manic spirals. (tweeker eats no food only chips dip and has exploding acne resembling meth addiction). Please stop saying she won when this season broke records for tailored rigged dummied down non physical comps that were thrown 80% of the time. Vainessa BRIBED PLAYERS TO LOSE with cars, splits, stakes, cash, trips, jobs, business loans INCENTIVES TO LET HER WIN. She THANKS PRODUCTION for designing non physical comps like emoji matching?? and photo recall?? saying the EGG comp was tailored for her and she thanked production since her only physical skill is poker chip fingering. And let’s not forget cheating on POV player draw, having her hand in fishbowls, scooping Crisco instead of liquid. She’s pathologically unable to follow rules, she’s unwilling to congratulate winners while demanding everyone kiSS her ring, blame her period or production mixing up her meds when she doesn’t win.

      She’s a record breaking cheater,and poor sport, own it, just don’t call it winning.

      1. I’m sure there are a few more things you could add to that list of Vanasty’s repertoire, but that about sums it up…good read

      1. True fans don’t like the rules being broken it makes the whole thing pointless.
        True fans like watching Smart healthy people play not crazy cripples who need meds for everything under the sun.
        True fans like a even playing field why put in one player who has a clear advantage over everyone?
        True fans like to see BB keep the houseguests in line and punish them if they mess up.
        I totally understand why true fans would stop watching.

          1. It has nothing to do with who people want to win the game. Its about how they win.
            If only most people knew what Van has done to win. CBS best edit ever

  16. I think Vanessa has played a good game but the reason I can’t stand her & don’t want to root for her is because she won’t own anything she does. If she went into the diary room & said to us I can’t believe these people are buying all this B.S. I’m selling I would respect her & would be totally rooting for her to win! She lies to us in the diary room about her integrity, honesty & what a good person she is. Thats why everyone hates her. Own that your lying your a$$ off to us & laugh at how gullible the other house guests are falling for your tears and b.s. time & time again & she would have way more respect & probably be considered as one of the greatest.

    1. I don’t know if I would go into the dr and blow my game up either? I think that you have a better shot with trusting another hg than you do with trusting the dr. The dr now blows up your game to other hg’s.
      At least she’s not pandering to the “feedsters” and bullshitting the way that Derrick did last year. I feel better telling myself that she’s not purposely lying to the viewers, she just doesn’t trust anyone including production.

  17. I actually really like the twins and am rooting for Liz. I know some people think they were being mean girls at times but I’m sorry, who wasn’t??? Everyone has talked shit about other houseguests at some point. (Hello?! Jason?! And he was still well liked by fans).
    I just think her bond with her sister was so sweet and I enjoy her personality.
    Everyone else is to some degree annoying af to me, especially Vanessa and Steve.
    Go Liz! <3

  18. Did anyone see a live audience when JuJu left? Did production just pipe in the applause so the house guests did not know how hated the twins were? Maybe, I missed it.

      1. Your dumb. Just because they are in the audience doesn’t necessarily mean they watch the feeds or read these great recaps. The cbs show hasn’t portrayed anyone as hateful, rightfully so. Love ’em, or hate ’em, everyone (IMO), in this season has had times when you wanted them out or wanted them to win. Can’t imagine how fun it would be to still have Audrey playing. Still think Vanessa was right trying to keep her.she just couldn’t control her.
        At the “END OF THE DAY” , I’ve loved this season. It’s the love to hate, train wreck situation that makes me a devoted fan. Look forward to many more seasons, whether they’re rigged, or not.
        Vote James for fan favorite, or Audrey(SHOCKER!!!!) The houseguests would freak out.

        1. I like a lot of what you said – particularly James winning AFP. But, sorry, just a little pet peeve of mine – you should say “you’re” – not “your”. It’s the English teacher coming out in me! LOL!!

          1. Sorry, V.
            I blame a lot of errors on this site on auto correct.
            Thanks for noticing. I live with a linguistic. I’m used to being corrected.

          1. Sorry MrJWall, liked your comment. Was referring to Meg is hot comment. Also sorry about that.
            Love reading the posts. And appreciate everyone’s opinion. I shouldn’t add to the name calling, there’s been plenty of that, especially towards the HG that kept us all entertained this season. It’s just a show, filmed in a parking lot.

    1. Ever since Christine got shit-canned, if CBS knows there will be big booing, the entire audience is made up of CBS employees. They did it for Frankie last year.

    2. after Christine, they won’t let that happen again(see Grande, Franke)

      but really, she came off well. and it didn’t surprise me, I liked Julia 10000000x more than Liz, but when Liz is there, Julia seems to change quite a bit. Her voice even changes.

      no one will be getting booed on Big Brother anymore. but really Julia wasn’t deserving of it. Still annoyed they hand picked Grande’s audience.

    3. Last year on another forum…. (someone who lived in California and went to the shows) … posted that after Aaryn from BB15 was booed so badly, CBS will fill their audience seats with CBS employees for disliked players.
      If that is true, I do not know.

  19. see, I hate those videos from home. I hate them even more now that they gave more reasons for HG to question MAC ATTACK. seriously Big Brother…from the DR with no sound proofing to the guitar thing, who is overseeing things this year? heck, lets throw in the lack of “you are not allowed to talk about production” and the likely job cut of the buzzer guy. BB Takeover disappearing after a totally strange “90’s week”. now we have the head honcho saying basically he wasn’t stoked with casting for this season.

    is it coming back next year? its kind of like they don’t care all that much anymore, which probably isn’t true, its probably cutbacks…

  20. I feel ya Dino….whoever told Vanessa she looks good in a beanie lied to her. I’d say she looks like Big Bird in the new bright yellow one, especially with the bug eyes and poochy lip face, but I don’t want to insult Big Bird! If she uses the word incentive or any form of the word again I think my ears are gonna start bleeding! I have to tip my hat to JohnnyMac for telling her to her face that he hates her, lmfao…at least he didn’t beg and grovel for safety and try to spin some ridiculous shit. Rock on dude!

      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t see the Big Bird resemblance until she got the bright yellow beanie…. I only see Squidward when she’s sporting the teal green. Regardless of the color, the beanie look is NOT working for her. You can tell that she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips when she checks herself out in the many mirrors in the BB house. Just watch the feeds or BBAD, she does it often.

  21. I was listening to last night’s Rob Has A Podcast and they mentioned how Vanessa was talking about putting up Austin because he lied to her, but all I’ve read in these updates is that she’s going for James and Johnny and staying true to her ORIGINAL alliance (one of them anyway) with Austin and Liz. Can someone tell me what they know about this? And if it’s written anywhere so I can read about it. I’m obsessed with these updates!

  22. If Jmac goes this week, then Austin and Liz for the win. They’re not favorites of mean by any stretch of the imagination, but the thought of Vanessa winning makes them so much more appealing. Like others have mentioned, I would probably respect Vanessa’s game if she owned it in the diary room. At least, Derrick was honest with viewers. Vanessa is completely delusional. And the constant victim bs is just too much to handle. I’d love to see her walk out the door before finale night.

  23. Nobody’s getting booed. Twins are jus young dumb immature numbskulls. Granted I hate em . And even if they deserve it, they won’t . It’s all cbs people. Imagine the maniacs in this forum there? Boo them for 5 min straight . All the bummers came thru, no twists, twins made day 85, Austin gropes Liz, nobody made a bold move, Vanessa won, show fuckin sux dude.

    1. Tickets still available to the Wrap Party no one wants to hang with these losers except paid CBS employees. We could show up and tell them what’s up face-to-face and start a Drake-style beer bottle brawl for killing summer. Give Skeve’s mommy psychiatrist phone numbers. And watch their faces when they see an empty room, and no contracts waiting.

  24. Jmac got win the veto come on. I hope austin goes home. Honestly vanessa win over anyone except jmac maybe. It seems no one is bitter of vanessa

  25. I think the feeds are blocked till 11pm cuz the Vanessa haters are crying like little bitches and CBS giving them a break so they don’t have to calll waaaaaaaambulance for them.

    1. She was tweeking going cold turkey from all her opiates, using BB docs as rehab for 2 months while threatening Production for more drugs, accusing them of poisoning while she did her manic spiral. Then requesting pay off contracts, dictating bribes on live feeds 24/7 like she’s executive producer throwing her fake law degree around and pretending because she cheats in Vegas & law school, she can drag BB through the muck she rolls around in for a living.

      Now she and Judass demand to get hired on Amazing Race, All Stars and Bold & Beautiful? ? Moonves cut feeds because he can’t stand to watch this most disappointing cast he divulged himself during CBS anniversary interviews. Boohoo Van lovers, deal with the fact no one was watching anyway, and CBS isn’t some amateurish houseguest these assholes can dictate to. Julie isn’t gonna touch your bitch on eviction night. And they gotta pay employees to be the audience to stop the booing. You give them a job if they’re so cool, but CBS is blocking feeds so you don’t see them rig it to get these tools out–the last thing Moonves is gonna do is give them the money and have to deal with their pitiful ratings or be the voice of BB. Notice how Vainessa & Judass don’t get promos or airtime? Get a clue.

    2. I figured that they blocked it because most of the house was going to be out at the luxury trip and if Liz, Austin, and Vanessa were gone no one would be interested in Steven and JMac putting around not doing anything.

  26. You know, to win you have to be manipulative, I get that. But Vanessa does it in such a disgusting way, by crying, saying I am not an evil person, swearing she is a good person, etc. It’s really disgusting and I believe in her own sick mind she believes what she is saying. Derrick and Dan at least had integrity, this chick is a tool.

    1. I predict the next television appearance for Vannasty will be on Dr. Phil who will call her on all her psycho drama bullshit and offer her rehab. Asstin will appear on “The Bachelor” and for the first time in it’s history no women will show up.

  27. The live feeds are down because they’re taping the nominations AND the POV which will be shown Sunday evening. There’s an eviction Tuesday AND another eviction Wednesday @ Julie Chen when she signed off last night.

  28. I don’t think putting JMac and Steve on the block is smart for Vanessa. She’s better going with one from each side to cover her butt next week when she can’t play. This could backfire on her. If one comes down and the votes are tied, she has to pick a side. Austin is not going to throw anything to Vanessa in the final 3. He will take Liz and laugh at Vanessa that she didn’t believevJMac this week.

  29. Omg….it just hit me that Austin looks exactly like the bearded bad guy from the original Superman movie! The dumb one that just grunted and Didn’t talk.

  30. I’m starting to think that production is only helping Vanessa because they want her to carry a showmance to the final two. As much as I hate lizten in theory it’s an interesting idea for a couple to be the last two. And that one of them was from the twin twist? Lord. The most obvious targets making it to the end? That just makes no sense.

  31. if I was Austin an liz I will save the person who venssa don’t want save then next week
    all three of us go after her I think vensssa got to win pov next week or she going home

  32. I havent watched the shows this week simply because i can’t stand the pukey icky austwin trio and ‘Nessums. I just have no desire to look at them and hear them speak with the same phony schtick and lame facial expressions. Gag

  33. Van has tuned her game to Derricks. She has also played like Amamda.(having a hand in all evicts)You know Dan w all the fake emotions and all that was his play. What if she is using her crazy emotions for her game play? You have to admit she’s saved her but out of the hot seat quite a few times. She mid game was a target & made up w JMac & has managed to avoid getting in trouble for stuff. Ex she got Julia to pick Austin over Jmac while all of them were seeing what she was doing. Lol lol after she smoothed it over w the twins throwing A under bus & then when A should be chewing her out she tells him she is hurt & pissed at him.. Say what?? Dude I’m telling you this is her way of going so far w 2 sides & keeping them back n forth w no one threatening her game. Pretty good game play. I sure hope Austin/Liz do not win. Jmac like him but no & Steve him or Van. ..
    Also if she gets to final 2 she will win no matter who is next to her. Jury will vote her because of all the game moves she’s played even if they’re mad at her. The end BB is game and all of them know a hg will win.

    1. Yep, Van will win doesn’t matter who she is sitting next to. Other may get a pity vote but so far ALL the jury members know Van has had her hand in all evictions and is a great manipulator. they don’t seem bitter so I believe they will vote on who played the hardest and best game to win.

  34. Asstin: “Pleeeeeeeeeeze save me Mistress! I’ll do anything. I’ll dump Gizzard. I’ll convince her to donate a kidney if you need it. I’ll wax your bikini line and pop your zits. I’m loyal to you Mistress LOYAL!
    Vannasty: “Lick my boots you peasant perverted finger boy. And make me breakfast. And wash my beanies. We’ll see what your incentives are. And make that 2 kidneys, a lung and a big piece of your liver. ”
    Asstin: “Yes oh great game theory genius lawyer and card shark. LOYAL!”

  35. no wonder austin could’nt get the eggs last night..ole’ boy is only human, thanks to liz his fingers were fatigued lol dude should be happy that venus fly trap did’nt devour his whole hand

  36. I wish they’d accidentally turn on the feeds like they did last year during the blackout day. I’m dying to know how the pov went.

  37. WTF BB!!! How many times are you gonna let Vanessa bribe players with money and now loans and cars??!!! I scream bull shit! Kick her cheating ass out of the BB House.

    1. They are putting together the show for Sunday night……nomination and POV comp. Tuesday and Wednesday are eviction nights.

  38. I haven’t been a fan of Vanessa all season. But last night while she was roasting Austin’s mealy roided shriveled balls i could almost get behind her. But find out today that she’s done a 180 and is not putting that grossmance on the block. Sooooooooo disappointed. It will be awesome when that deluded twit finally gets out of the house and finds out he’s reviled as the creepy fingerbanging douche that he is.

  39. I think a really good, cheesy horror movie could be made based on BB and this year’s cast. One by one houseguests disappear in the middle of the night, and since the house is locked down by a computer system, Production can’t get in to investigate and finally the last shot shows one lone figure sitting on a bed. He looks at the camera and says well, Coco, I guess we won.

    Anyone want to invest?? Anyone?

  40. Thanks you to Simon and Dawg for all their hard work. I made a donation last week and encourage the fans of this site to donate also. Let’s show our appreciation for these awesome updates : )

  41. I have been watching the whole season, never missing an episode thus far. I’d hate to stop watching now when it’s so close to the end. I’d feel like a quitter. BUT, I can’t really take it anymore. I dislike all of the remaining HGs and the predictability is agonizing. I just don’t want to continue to be subjected to the following exchange between LizTit and VanASSa: “Like, uh…Yeah, VanessUHHH. I mean, me and Austin like TOHHHtally have your bahhhck-uh”. “Well, I just want to be sure, you, know. Because, at the end of the day, I swear on Mel’s life. I have integrity. I’m not a bad person, and everyone has lied to me. I’m alone. I just can’t get blood on my hands”. Meanwhile, Gargantuan ASStin and his pony-beard goes around stroking Liztit, working out, grunting and obsessing about the supposed powers of “Judas”. All the while, JMac acts clueless, makes dumb jokes and does that honking, guttural self-giggle and says “yeah”, while nodding whenever VanASSa speaks to him. Then there’s Steve, muttering to himself, pacing, wringing his hands and pleading for guidance from his mommy through the camera. Every episode is the same. None of these four idiots deserves to win.

  42. Well, I like the people that are left. Hope Vanessa wins bc she’s strategized from day one and has been behind almost every move. I think Liz is a nice girl with a good heart. Austin’s ok. Steve’s fun to watch and I know this experience has and will help him so much with his social awkwardness. I hope Jmac wins fan favorite to help him with his $300,000 student loans. I think these people left in the house will be friends for life. I think they are good people.

  43. Wow, at first I thought the feeds would resume at 11:30pm EST but now I see it’s PST which is 2:30am for me…. Too late for me, anyone know who won the veto?

  44. Well big brother after dark on top TV is just showing reruns so obviously there’s no feeds I don’t understand why like what’s going on with the houseguest is everybody Okay someone have an accident did someone get kicked out what is going on I don’t understand they haven’t been on all day…..

    1. If that’s true, Vanessa is in trouble next week. Austin and Liz are going to vote out Steve for Julia. Vanessa on the block next week and will go home if she doesn’t win pov.

  45. If Johnny Mac wins Veto the entire game it turned over again as Vanessa has just told Steve she would save him…….

    Guess we all need to wait and see who won VETO….. As long as Vanessa is booted next week I can care less….

  46. I know this is a game and the best player should win, but it’s called Big Brother, which means it’s a show too.

    This is the first season I have watched from the beginning. I agree Vanessa is a smart cookie, and should probably win, but all the people I’ve enjoyed watching this season are nearly gone.

    When Jmac goes, my “incentive” to watch will go with him. Hope he at least gets AFP.

  47. Additionally…I actually liked Vanessa; but, if she is really going to target Jmac because his family did the air guitar, then she is super low in my opinion.
    Can you imagine if Mel said something that an HOH didn’t like and targeted her for it? She’d lose her ever lovin mind.

      1. Maybe there was a twist so huge they’ve been delayed because Vanessa’s head exploded pondering all the new incentives. I say just scoop stuff back into the ugly yellow beanie and c’mon already!

    1. Simon, Is this the first time in BB History that the Live Feeds have been blocked all day?? Don’t you think that if Liz, Austin, John, Steve, and Vanessa were all going to a concert that they would have talked about it on the Live Feeds? In the past, when 2 HGs have left the house, viewers were able to watch them get ready, leave, watch the HGs inside of the house talk about “what do you think they are doing at the football game?,” watch the 2 HGs return, watch the 2 HGs tell the other HGs about being on the outside. Why wouldn’t BB tell the HGs that they were all going “out,” and, why wouldn’t viewers be able to watch them getting ready to go “out?” The Live Feeds being blocked all day is strange, no???? What do you think is going on????? Thanks Simon & Dawg for ALL you HARD work!! You are both greatly appreciated by everyone here!

    2. Simon & Dawg, Is this the first time in BB History that the Live Feeds have been blocked all day?? Don’t you think that if Liz, Austin, John, Steve, and Vanessa were all going to a concert that they would have talked about it on the Live Feeds? The Live Feeds being blocked all day is strange, no???? What do you think is going on????? Thanks Simon & Dawg for ALL you HARD work!! You are both greatly appreciated by everyone here!!!

        1. It’s just a “pet peeve ” of mine and I’m not pointing the finger at you Utu. It wont be long until grammar is outdated anyway, just look and listen to our youth

          1. I know I’m not perfect and I agree with you most of the new generation are in a bad place the people that died for us to be here would be turning in their graves.

  48. well…I have a bad feeling based off of leaked photos/comments.

    that said, the fact we got JMAC’s DR’s until final 5 is pretty awesome. its all I wanted with Zach Rance(screw you grande). Honestly I wanted to see JMAC sit next to Vanessa just to see how the votes would have turned out, but…oh well.

    at this point I guess I am rooting for….gosh…I guess Steve’s balls to drop? I don’t know. Vanessa has earned it by playing these fools all summer and using her tactics to make them uncomfortable. doesn’t mean I want to watch her win, but it will be a lot better than having Liz win.

  49. There are so many grammar corrections this evening. Some are correcting others and claim to be English wizards or English teachers and have mistakes in their paragraphs as well. If you are correcting others and you put a period 2 spaces after the end of a sentence or no space between 2 words then that’s an error. Get over yourself and just let people be.

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