“At this point I’m ready to push the envelope on this, it’s time we’re this close”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 20-06-54-568

8:06pm pool table Austin and Steve
Asuint tells him things have gotten better between him and Liz she just needed that day
Steve asks if there’s anything he can do
Austin – Just play pot ball at 9
Austin adds he’s going to try and say something nice during the veto tomorrow.

They start talking about the wrap party for Big Brother 15 Austin was part of it. Austin says rachel Reilly is the best she’s so nice and friendly.

Steve apologize for putting the twins up
Austin says he wants Vanessa and jmac to decide who the vote is he just wanted to be able to vote for liz, “because she’s my girlfriend.. the fan in me hates to see her give up after she’s played so well.. it’s like janelle walked out”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 20-25-10-432

8:26pm Liz and Austin in the kitchen
Liz asks Austin how to punch. He starts to show her
Liz – You’ve never been in a fight before how do you know
Austin – Sparring ..
Austin tell her if she bends her wrist like that she’ll break it.

Twins – last week of twinstin.. it’s that depressing
Austin – one week later the show is over.
They agree the reason they are still in the house is everyone else played way too hard forming too many alliances.

The twins ask Austin what their sister’s name is.
Asuint says he doesn’t know it’s on the tip of his tongue
Big brother comes over the Speakers “You got to be kidding me”
Julia says not an angel… .
Austin – Angela.

Vanessa now joins them.. They twins start telling them a time when they were 18 and “Clubbing” the club got raided by the police. (Remember drinking age in the US is 21… )
Austin how worked as a bouncer tells them if people come in with Fake ID the bouncers won’t get pressed too hard by the police.

Austin says the police try test to the bouncers by coming in to make sure they are checking ID’s. Austin explains as long as you ask for ID and the Age you will be fine.
Liz asks him about fake ID
Austin – you are not legally allowed to take it.. sometimes I say you want it back 20 bucks..

Vanessa asks the girls if they’ve ever been in a fight . the twins say never.
Liz says they went to a ghetto middle school and there was a fight every day.
Vanessa says she’s only seen fights from far away.

Austin says he’s seen hundreds of fights but nevers been in one himself. Adds that fights always seemed to disintegrate when he walked out.
Liz asks Austin if he really knows how to throw a punch because in wrestling it’s fake.
The twins start grilling Austin if he really knows how to fight and throw a punch
Austin argues that he wouldn’t throw a punch, “I would use my Foot or elbow first”
Big Brother – that’s what she said
Everyone “AHHHHHH they are f****g with us”

[envira-gallery id=”132490″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 23-33-52-545
11:43pm everyone in the backyard chit chat
Julia says the face morph was the first POV she played in
Johnnymac breaks out in laughter.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 21-09-06-712

9:07pm eating
Vanessa – so are all the Goblins in Jury
Austin – yup, and Shelli is now a goblin
Liz – we beat the goblins
Twins – We beat the goblin hordes

Julia – they were the goblins slash gremlins
Austin – they moved in a packed like gremlins
Vanessa – they were all short
Austin – they were all short
They agree once jason was on the block it became really apparent how close they all were.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 21-55-54-985

9:42pm Austin and Vanessa backyard
Austin saying worst case scenario is in the final three with Johnny Mac and Steve
Austin – they will take each other.. this is why I want to win this top 5 HOH so they don’t get to 4
Vanessa- who’s your preference to get out
Austin – Steve
Vanessa – you think steve I’m thinking Johnny Mac
Vanessa says johnny mac has a better chance to get to the end but Steve is more likely to win if he makes it.
Austin – you think the jury will give it to him, Meg and James will never vote for him
Vanessa- steve didn’t piss anybody off

Vanessa – what’s your best case scenario final 3
Austin – lets see.. Johnny Mac and Steve would be the worst case… You and Julia would be the best case.
Austin – Me and Julia and one of them really bad.. me and you and one of them better but still tricky.. .ideally me you and a twin
Austin – Ideally me you get to the finals in that top 3 HOH and I just lose..
Austin – that’s best case scenario
Vanessa – there’s even a possibility if we did that we tell julia we just made a deal we would take each other
Austin says the twins do not like Steve and Johnny Mac they want them gone.
Austin says Johnny Mac and steve are the worst final 2 the most boring, “Ugh”
They are talking about putting jmac and Steve up if they win HOH.
Vanessa – and you and I agree if one of them comes down Julia is the pawn
Austin – yeah I’ll make that deal fine, totally..
Austin – at this point I’m ready to push the envelope on this it’s time We’re this close, we’re there.. she will understand and she’ll be fine.. she’ll have your vote and I’ll break the tie.. and if she wins HOH even better.

[envira-gallery id=”132501″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-06 22-00-07-237
10:43pm pot ball is back

[envira-gallery id=”132505″]

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Brian W

Hilarious. All you James, Meg and James lovers were lusting for one day because Austin and Liz were fighting. Your type HATE basically everyone left except JMAC. You wanted a twin out, you wanted Austin out. But in your hearts, you now saw a chance for the EVIL one in your hearts to be kicked out in Vanessa. LOL. Just deal, your favorites got kicked out and Vanessa is almost GOD like in reparing relationships. INCREDIBLE!


Its almost like production is telling everyone what to do.
Oh wait they are.
If BB got in some real players she wouldn’t last 5 seconds.


WTF. I read all that and I’m still wondering what the eff you said?


He said everyone’s stupid and vans god


Why don’t you try breaking the Prozacs in half next time.


I read your post 2-3 times and I’m still confused as to your exact meaning….

Smart Guy

You’re obviously not talking about me. My favs for the season were Jason, Meg, James, and Vanessa. Jason, Meg, and James for the laughs and the million dollar smile, and Vanessa for the game play. Game play trumps fart jokes, though.


I HAD to upvote this comment purely due to the fact that I was TRULY baffled that I couldn’t understand anything you wrote whatsoever lmfao wtf did I just read????? Lmao

Best Game Player

I don’t like Vanessa at all. She seriously reminds me of a drug addict the way she gets all nervous, she breaks out like a machine, she runs her mouth from start to finish. She’s out of control and needs help. With THAT being said….Vanessa has played the best game in the house. People forget that this is a game and you do what you gotta do for 500,000 bucks. I don’t really like HOW she did it, but hey..it’s not my game to play. But she is by far playing the best game in the house, there is no question.

NI knight

Dude…it’s a t.v. show shot in a parking lot,not the ‘second comming/battle of good vs. evil’…calm the F down,go do something else…ANYTHING ELSE..for awhile,and realize it ends soon and nobody gives a crap a week after that.


Lol huh? I wasn’t even a “james, meg, and james” fan and I still disagree with this comment. I’m sorry but what are you on or what world do you live in? Relax.


Who let their kid get on their computer?

Crazy People Strike Fear

Vanessa needs to go for cheating bribing and rehab, not because we see evil in ourselves? America doesn’t like cheaters period. Get over yourself. You think Liz Austin getting together is God’s work even at 30 years of age he hasn’t been with another girl that many days in a row because he lives off his mommy? She’s starts the wars and chaos and you want us to give her a medal for cleaning up her own mess before she’s evicted? She’s been on the block for backstabbing more than anyone, not great game. She can’t keep her mouth shut confessing her crazy constantly. Crazy people who act crazy speak crazy get treated like the plague, she’s Rasputin plotting the demise of the so-called royal family who don’t plan on taking her to the end, she’ll get knifed by her fake alliance and deals that don’t mean anything–and play martyr if anyone still listens. The smart ones let Van do all the dirty work screeching drugging cheating and bribing and then take her out. No one is taking her to Final 2, no one is voting for her, America votes her most hated player, and no one will buy her book. If that makes her God to you, no wonder religion is dying, and ISIS beheads on TV in God’s name. Jesus God Buddha doesn’t run around screaming in not evil, only someone who acts evil does. Own it, she’s an evil dick without owning it. She’s the picture of Dorian Gray rotting on the outside what she is on the inside an unstable, egotistical, con artist, cheating, bribing slimey mess. In suspenders and a Bible. Cuz that’s okay for a failed shot at $500k. Drive her to rehab if you really care about her, and help her pay off her bribes. This isn’t a sport comp reality show, it’s a scripted liar show, where a slimey lawyer con artist was cast with fearful recruits who never saw the show before never lived a minute out of Mom’s house, and you call her God? No one’s drinking your Kool-Aid or bowing down. The dentist shooting poached lions from a nature preserve played God too. Pure evil.

Money is Your God

Money is Your God, and if you’re reading the Bible Vanessa preaches from when her education, personality and bribes fail her (which is often), it says she’ll go to hell for making money her God. And in the name of God too? Ugh. You and she are crazy. Read the Bible more unless that’s another scam that makes Vanasty a God in your eyes. God loves those porn movies your reunited love birds are shooting. And how horribly she talks about him behind his back, for the love of money.

Keep God out of your horrible analysis of how low people will stoop for money, and how God-like they are. Vanessa Bernie Madoff and Lance Armstrong are not Gods for ripping everyone off because they cheat building up fears to steal trust. You’re talking like the devil in the garden of eden now. But you wouldn’t know that, you haven’t been listening to Van preaching from her prop Bible.


Steve best game move is to put Vanessa up. Vanessa has final 2 with all of them and now that she’s back close with Austin, steve should know that he’s playing for 3rd. Steve should stick with jmac and split Austin and Vanessa. Vanessa is a bigger threat than Julia.


That is a death wish for Steve. Austin, Liz, Julia want Steve’s head on a platter. The twins can’t stop talking about someone needs to get Steve out.

It would be 3 against Jmac next hoh. Steve would be in a sh*t situation.

Plus I think Vanessa is most true to Steve, even though she is setup with deals everywhere.

One big problem

Your theory has a huge problem! The three headed beast Austwins! If Steve puts up Vanessa and she goes, that leaves Steve and Jmac against the threesome. Not only would that be stupid, it would be fatal for Steve and Jmac!


Nah. Not at this point. Vanessa might be the bigger threat in the game as a whole, but Steve has to get a twin out because he is now the biggest target to them.I just can’t believe they are contemplating leaving Liz in the game. That ends up being a wasted HOH


Yes, Vanessa is a huge threat to everyone in the game. The twins and Austin can absolutely control everything at this point though. If one of them won HoH, they decide who goes. They wouldn’t need anyone else. That’s why a twin has to go this week, really should have been targeted weeks ago but if they wait until later to take out a twin, they are all screwed.

Vanessa has to wait until after a twin goes.

Ashley Madison says

Brian W …Put down that crack cause CRACK IS WACK


My neck my back my ass my crack


As bad as Liztin is, it will never be worst than Brenchel. Imagine All-Stars with the 2? I think we’ll be in he’ll at that point.

You're a loser...

Plain and simple!!

FAST Eddie



Liz should ask her dirty snatch if Austin can throw a punch.

Teacher says:

Not my favorite player, but watching Steve tonight on BBAD he has matured so much, I hope his parents notice and let him spread his wings and fly!

Brad H

Clay & Shelli ruined this season… It would’ve been sooo much better if they stuck with Meg & James’ side of the house. I blame clelli for this horrible final 6.


It was Steve he’s stuffed it twice.

HOH's Before Bros

I disagree. I blame it all on Meg

BB leak

I was told by a source that americas favorite player is also rigged so its pointless to vote. That jmac is who will win it without a doubt because production and julie chen really like him. So I guess all the people who wanted james to win it are going to be pretty pissed come finale night. Soo many people are going to be suprised.


“All the people who wanted James to win…” who gives a fuck? Lots of people want different people to win. JMac has been a clear fan favourite since the first week. All you whiners go on and on every year about how the show is rigged, yet you keep on watching and acting surprised. When your favourites don’t win, you cry foul. Get the fuck over it. It’s a game / reality show. Just enjoy it.

Becky's boob

Think of this,if frankie won Americas favourite,then it would be quite obvious that this show is rigged


In the real world I would not want Jmac to work on my teeth , he does not act to bright. Vanessa’s pants are as ugly as her.

BB leak

I was told by a source that americas favorite player is also rigged so its pointless to vote. That jmac is who will win it without a doubt because production and julie chen really like him. So I guess all the people who wanted james to win it are going to be pretty pissed come finale night. Soo many people are going to be suprised. Sorry James : (

Cindy Withanesse

I just don’t understand the fascination and love for JMac. What has he done all season, other than acting like a tard? His shtick was funny the first few times; now its just boring and pathetic.

Teacher says:

Not my favorite player, but watching Steve grow up on big brother is amazing, hope his parents notice and let him spread his wings and fly! He has something to offer!



Steve says

My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

Mrs. Mac


Mrs. Mac

Steeeevvvvvuhhhhhh, they don’t brush their teeeeeth? That’s sooooo grooooooosssee!

"Dark-Rooted Diz" Says:

Oh, my Gawd…Alligators are like sooooo grooooss, Steve-uh! Does that guy Freud train alligators, too? Or just lions? I mean, alligators are, like reeeaally groooosss. Like all slimy, I bet. Ewwwwww-uh. And they’re super meeeeean-uh! I heard one bit that guy Freud’s face! Steve-uh? Steve-uh?! Are you, like, even listening to me? Steeeeeve-uh?


Steve: “Yes, I do love my mommy, but not in a Freud like way”…Julia: “Who’s Freud?”. Steve: “Sigmung Freud, you don’t know who that is?”.. Julia: “Aren’t they those guys in Vegas that do tricks with animals and stuff?”.. Then the look on Austinks’ face! Priceless.. His look was like “WTF! You twinkies ARE really that dumb” . and then he quietly says “Seigfreid and Roy”… I swear, before that comment I honestly think Austin thought the twins were a lot smarter than they really are, but then…it’s Austinky.. lol


Johnny Mac should win and take Austin or Vanessa out!! I’m convinced Vanessa will win this game against anyone!


Maybe, but if it’s Austin and Vanessa I think it could be close. Austin hasn’t bullied like Vanessa. I think James, Meg, Jackie, becky, twins would all vote Austin. I’m sure Vanessa knows this and will take Austin out the first chance she gets.

Vanessa for the win!!!

I agree with brian w, but also would like to add you pick james he goes out then u go down the list to any guy over a woman cuz why woman dont deserve to win big brother so you go with jmac or austin and if they go it will be steve. vanessa played the best game and if it was a guy doing all she has done then you would all be on board but because its a women now shes a drug addict, evil, vindictive, crazy, sociopath, liar. You call her every name in the book instead of noticing its a game called big brother and people actually lie to get further in the game to get to the end. Vanessa for the win and 500k why because she played the best game hands down!!! I guess the james fans are salty because vanessa has positioned herself to get right down to the end to win and james will be voting for her for the win.

A woman

As a woman I don’t want Van essay to ein. Yes she played a good strategic game in a way. But the crying and verbal attacks when called on her blog made her a bully. I know lying is also part of the game but most players don’t come off as unstable the minute their game is in trouble. I could care less her gender or sequel orientation. She just came off as a crazy hypocritical bitc& that goes around making herself the victim. I think that is why not a lot of people respect her game play it has nothing to do with her gender but she just not likeable.

here at home

are you brian w?


I totally agree. Van is by far one of the ALL TIME BEST STRATEGIC Players to ever enter the BB house. But she is a woman and an easy target for all the haters. But even they have to grudging agree she out witted, and out played all of the house guests at some point and lying is part of it. Name one All Star player that skipped to the end without lying and conniving. But they were men so they were strategic geniuses – Vanessa does it and she’s a crazy drug addict lying bitch – REALLY! That’s the game and she is damn good at it. She has been a target and has always turned it around – She is the female version of Dan. Even Steve and JMac can appreciate/recognize her talent. Knowing that still need to work with her. She has been loyal and her strategies have kept people in the house way longer then they would have been there without her – Even Johnny Mac owes his “extended Life” to her. You’ve got to give it to her. She has set herself up perfectly in the end and that wasn’t by chance it’s because she is a brilliant player – If she makes it to the end and doesn’t win – It’s a bitter jury who were ALL totally out played by her.


I don’t think Van OUT played anyone, I just think she’s the only one besides Steve , Jeff and Audrey who played the game since day 1. Vanessa has also had a LOT of help from production. I remember when Shelly and Clay were OTB and Shelli was headed up to the HOH to tell James all about Six Sense . Production called her into the DR and after that Shelli was all “We have to trust Vanessa and stick with her”. That’s why they switched tactics and threw Austin and Steve under the bus instead of Vanessa. I also found it strange when Vanessa suddenly paired up with Johnny Mac when for many weeks prior she distrusted him. Again, with production’s help “she decided” to take him to F6.
It bothers me when they keep saying ” people were playing too hard too early”. If Vanessa weren’t playing too hard or too early Steve, Austin and the twins would have been long gone. I don’t hate Van, I just would be more receptive to her strategy if she owned it. Instead she’s always talking about her word and her integrity which are non existent in this game. And , when she knows she ‘s safe she put on this alligator smile and talks every minute of the hour about every possible scenario until F2. I haven’t watched the feeds b/c the sound of her voice after a while is like nails on chalkboards.
The remaining houseguests are taking such pride in taking out the Goblins as if that wasn’t easy. Most of them were there for the experience and enjoyed their friendships. The vibe in the house w/ all of them gone is so awkward, tense and boring. Its clear the remaining Hg’s don’t like each other and cant wait for this whole experience to be over. Neither can I . I was ok with James and Meg going only b/c I thought the final six finally being forced to go after each other would be entertaining. We finally got some drama between Austin and the twins, then Van helped them smooth things over. After nominations Steve hid in the HOH, pacing, talking to himself and sleeping w/ a teddy bear. Not riveting entertainment by any means. All I can look forward to now is voting for James for AFP, he’s’ the only one after Jason and Audrey that made the feeds entertaining and seemed willing to shake things up.

Oh well....

Thanks BBFAN and soCall for your rational comments. Like it or not Vanessa has played the most strategic game. Unfortunately she loses us when she talks about her integrity. Also feeling like she needs to find reasons to put people on the block and playing the victim. All she needed to say that it was strategy and let that be that. Everybody that is still there are the people she wanted there in the end. Unfortunately for the goblins, they never had a clear strategy or formed an official alliance. I also think that winning the money may have been secondary to the whole BB experience. I really hope the conspiracy people are wrong and AFP is not rigged because I would like for James to win because I enjoyed watching his antics and adding some comedy to this season. Yeah his gameplay was not good but he made the others more fun to watch. IMO Jmac’s qwaky behavior was charming in the beginning but just got annoying as the season went on and he does owes his resurrection in the game to Vanessa.
Anyway anxiously awaiting to the outcome of this season. It’s ashamed but I’m slowly losing my enthusiasm for Big Brother. It used to look forward to it every summer.

Steve's momma says

You don’t have what they call “the social skills.” That’s why you never have any friends, ‘cept fo’ yo’ mama.

Steve's momma says to steve

You don’t have what they call “the social skills.” That’s why you never have any friends, ‘cept fo’ yo’ mama.

Steve's momma says to steve

You come into Mama’s bedroom, Mama will brush your hair.

Steve says

Mama say that happiness is from magic rays of sunshine that come down when you’re feeling blue.

Judas sucks!!!

Grow up! Whats with all the childish comments?

Real Man

BBAD tonight, Van is actually showing leg. Is this a first? Doesn’t look all that bad.


Look away before you turn to stone.


Next HOH winner:
Vanessa puts up Austin and JM – she really wants to go to final with Julia and can control Steve’s vote.
Austin puts up Steve and JM – Steve Target
JM puts up Austin and Julia – Austin Target
Julia puts up Steve and JM – JM Target
Steve puts up Julia and Austin – Austin Target
Nobody puts up Vanessa!!! She only goes up if someone wins the veto and takes themselves out.

Better Than Last Year

I honestly believe that JMac has had Vanessa’s number for a while.

If Austin doesn’t win HOH (let’s face it Julia can’t win anything)….he’s gone.

Whoever wins the POV after Austin leaves gets to pick the final two.


I gave a thumbs up for your “Let’s face it, Julia can’t win anything” remark. If she DOES win next HOH or Veto, then something is definitely up with production, let’s face it..lol


I think Vanessa would very much like to throw the next HOH so she can play in the final four HOH. The question is will she feel safe enough by Thursday to throw it?


I dont want to believe that. I really think JMac would put her up. I think Austin may as well. Dont be a Negative Nancy.


Steve’s best move is to get rid of Vanessa. Whether he sees it or not, is another thing. I know, everyone is like “that is the worst move”, it will be 2 against 3, ahh, it is 2 against 3 anyway, get out the snake.


Agreed. Worst move ever. You want an Aus-twin to win apparently. Oh wait, you don’t but you want to bitch about that when Steve gets evicted next week.


I’m picking Jace for AFP he was the best because we didn’t have to suffer watching him so much.


Why does it have to be about the sex of a person. If a guy was acting like vanessa was at times. People would have been on top of that like white on rice. Everyone in the house has been attacked on this site at one time or another. People are allowed to like/dislike whom they want.


I should have said gender. It does not matter to me.


No people aren’t allowed to like/dislike whom they want in the P.C la la land the most people live in today. Scummy people have learnt to take advantage of it.


Scummy= Non-straight or non-white. I broke your code, Kluxy.


I’m not sure what your point is? I’m not racists or a homophobe. Scummy people are from every race and place on earth same as good people.


In science gender doesn’t exist. Sex exist, but not gender. Gender is a social construction, not sex. That’s why calling so,some a transsexual is actually the correct terminology. Don’t listen to audrey who is a complete and utter moron and crappy person.


I bet Austin will win next HoH and he will put up Johnny Mac and Steve and as usual Vanessa will be in his ear to get whoever she wants out…Vanessa needs to be the next one out whoever wins because she’s the real threat!!


Vanessa is a threat. Unless the other person in the final 2 says they played it low key and allowed a control freak to have their way so that the jury would dislike the puppet master more. Play on the inherent bitterness of a lot of the jury. If they aren’t bitter, make them bitter by saying you sat back and let the tasmanian devil spin around pissing everyone off, and staying as close to her as you could to stay off her radar long enough to make it to the end. As long as she was in the game nobody seemed to notice what you were doing, so why get rid of her when every week she digs her own grave further.
Making that case could actually make Vanessa the best person to take to final 2. Not the biggest threat. Everyone in the game said they hated her or feared her. Use that. Taking the person that has over-played might be as useful as taking the person that has under-played, as long as you can twist the jury into believing using her over-play to your benefit is why you kept her.

FAST Eddie

The comps this year have been the lamest of any year. Everyone throwing it and meg who couldn’t even walk
I hope they have new comps next year with prizes and punishments not just veto or hoh.
And why didn’t they make them eat foul food this year that always is my fav.

At the end of the day

Agree. One year they had shave head, blueberry bath, slop rest of season, can’t play for veto etc. Dan had a brutal 24 hour solitary confinement. These HGs got off really easy this year.


I think they should have had a comp where it indicates to the house who is working with who. An eliminate challenge. It seems to me they have one where Vanessa won HOH and Jayson was pissed. A few more of these shows their alliances.


What does Liz see in Austin?


Fugly attracts fugly. They deserve each other.


Nothing !!! She will dump him once she is out of the house. She just wants to feel protected and popular.


Austin and Liz are having sex she’s riding him and the blankets came off and you see she has no pants on.
Her parents will be so proud .


Whorey. Not sorry.


Liz says Julia’s always gotten the short stick. I didn’t really know what that meant. If the wiki information is true i’m guessing she’s talking about Julia being the twin that had leukemia.
Makes no difference in the game, just gives background to the statement.
As much as Steve may be concerned or skeptical about Vanessa, it would be silly to leave a three vote group together. If he’s that concerned he should be telling Jmac to win hoh and get rid of Vanessa next. I’m not sure what Jmac would actually do. Given that he and Vanessa have the ‘keep Steve thinking we don’t trust each other’ in place (even though i don’t think they do actually trust each other, they each see the other as means to an end), it becomes difficult for either one to actually know when the other is conspiring against them and when the other one is actually continuing the ruse. He also appears to have the whole Austin deal going (i’m getting a fake vibe off of that, but we’ll see).
As far as the ridiculous Vanessa proposition of taking Austin to the final three: Is it preposterous? Austin would win the first physical challenge in that situation almost definitely. How would Austin do in the third challenge? His placing in mental comps has not been the best. It’s silly, but not so silly it’s stupid to think Austin would lose the third part of the challenge so he would be good to take to final three.
The next hoh would be the one i would traditionally expect more people to throw. Going down to four people in the game, you don’t want to be sitting out of the hoh competition a week later. Winning the down to 4 hoh means top 3 regardless. This explains John having the new relationship with Austin. In case Austin wins the next hoh, Austin can more likely target Steve or Vanessa in John’s mind. This is the same reason Austin isn’t burning bridges with Vanessa or John. This is the same reason Vanessa is trying to shore up ties with Austin and the twins. I would expect a two minute Vanessa John chat in the next few days: you good, i’m good, we still shit talking each other, cool. Doesn’t matter if its real or fake. They’ll still both go through the motions.


Steve is clueless. He should know he’s probably on the block next week no matter what….unless…he saved the twins! Cut a deal with Austin and the twins that they don’t put him up next week and then take out vanesssa. Everyone will be so happy and it guarantees Steve the win if he makes final two….sorry, just dreaming I know.


I would love it if Austin, Steve and Jmac get together and form somthing garnteeing not to take each other out,and take out Vanessa for the next HOH

Rachel's Fan

I was really hoping Austin would go, this week.

Bye Liz.

Have fun with all the girls you are jealous of in the jury house:-)


Why no one will nominate Vanessa? Oh my goodness….. she has brainwashed everyone. Last year Derrick did the samething. I wish big brother stop casting undercover cops and professional poker players in the game. The other cast members are bait for them. Unfair advantage because of their brainwashing training. Cast of follow blocks with one dominating trained professional manipulator is not fair. This is 2 years of it now.

Old man

I’m glad you see it too.
She is using NLP, which stands for ( linguistic programming) also anchoring techniques which allows her to have a sub-conscious response from the person without the person knowing by her doing a predefined move or word.

I’m with you she will win.

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

16 DAYS LEFT !!!


I almost hope Austin wins the HOH and brings them up one by one to see who they would put up on the block. Then he will get all the truth about Vanessa and her deals (because John and Steve don’t want to go on the block together). If this happens, with Austin having doubts about Vanessa, she conceivably would be put on the block, and unless she wins VETO, would go home. That would be neat to watch, because that would be the only excitement that is left in this game. She wouldn’t take it lying down and all hell could break lose with everyone spewing everything about everyone. It could get interesting when he finds out that she was instrumental in him going on the block.

Nothing Personal

There’d be tears, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Cindy Withanesse

Vanessa looks like a mosquito seconds before realizing it’s about to smash into a windshield.

here at home

IMO Vanessa would take Julia to the end. Vanessa wins, the twins get something and a woman wins 1st and 2nd place. Early in the game there was a conversation between Shelli, Audrey and Vanessa about wanting a girl to win this season.


Isn’t is funny that the same women that start the ‘a woman needs to win this season’ are the same women in showmances?
Shelli was always starting the girl-power talk. as long as the group was girls and Clay her shield (I think all of us girls need to look out for each other, and I know Clay’s in).
Liz is now talking about a girl needing to win while she’s mad at Austin.
Where was that drive when the women outnumbered the men? Twice. And each time, the women turned on each other instead of realizing they had the perfect opportunity to wipe the men out.
It’s only convenient now.

Really Austin

Austin thinks Liz is going to be America’s favourite?? And they think the house will be boring without them?? They are in for a big surprise when they’re finally out in the real world. No one likes you!!!!


Liz really is a whore. Last ditch effort to get him to give her the veto. Please send her home! WTH


If Vanessa wins HOH who does she put up? Steve and JMac. She’s going try and keep Julia bc that’s an automatic win. If one of them comes down Austin goes up. If not Steve goes home bc she has a better chance with JMac and Julia. What’s the difference? It’s still 2 vs 3 if Vanessa or Liz goes home. Send that crying fugly nasty a$$ home. Steve doesn’t realize that all he has is JMac next HOH. Austin is still a Ponytail Beard Douchebag


The Twins make me miss Frankie….. Just kidding, nothing can make me miss Frankie

At the end of the day

Although I don’t particularly like the remaining HGs, they each have a chance to win first place except for Julia. This is unlike last season and makes this one more interesting and cutthroat. I think everything hinges on this next HOH and veto. Austin wins, Jmac or Steve go out. Jmac wins, Austin or Van goes. Van may be the front runner, but I think the guys are now paying her lip service and aren’t buying the crap she is shoveling. Austin doesn’t trust her, Jmac always had her number similar to Donny seeing Derek’s game early and Steve ain’t buying that he’d win against her.


Liz is evicted and Austin says, “There’s something different about the house now. I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Nothing Personal

You should read the comments once in awhile. Yours has already been posted, multiple times.


There has been a lot of Vanessa hate and they claim one reason they don’t like her is because she cries at times. They call this “psychotic” Ok. First of all crying is a sign of strength not weakness. Those that don’t or are afraid to show emotion are miserable people. Two. The “crying” at times is game play. Very fair and within the rules of the game. Some will say “it’s vile to fake cry” well it’s a game to be the last standing. You do what you need to do. To me Vanessa is the best I’ve ever seen play this game. For her not to win this great season because of bitter jealous votes like Meg’s would be a travesty.

Thank god Meg is the only truly jealous bitter person that will be voting finale night. Even Jackie and Becky who hate Vanessa said they are in awe of her gameplay. Those of us who watch a lot of reality TV games know that normally jurys will vote the best player to win. That is the only acceptable outcome for this enjoyable season.

I’m kinda sad it’s almost over. We will look back on this season fondly. Even the haters will in time:-)


Who has said she psychotic because she cries? She is psychotic because of her actions. It is absolutely unbearable to watch and so predictable.

June Bug

Thursday was a quadruple eviction.Liz managed to evict James,the ratings, the audience and people who watch the live feeds all in one night!

I stopped reading

When Austin said Liz giving up was like janelle walking out. Lol. No comparison between those two. I wasn’t a janelle fan but she kicked a$$, took no sh!t from anyone and had a brain.


Vanessa have pretty much secured her place in the finals or at least top 3. None of the HG will target her next. Jmac will go for Austin and Julia, both Austin and Julia will go after Steve and Jmac.


Steve is a fool. He could have made the best move ever. Either he’s stupid or just plain chicken shit.