“like as being somebody like.. I’ve been in an alliance like.. like you don’t seem like .. like we’re like connected like that”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Kevin and Enzo
Nominations – Kevin & David
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, David, Tyler, Enzo, Nicole
POV Host: – Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto was not used. Noms stay the same.
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

11:34 am Cody and David
Cody – I’m using the veto today who should I put up GO fast you have 10 seconds.. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
David – Whoever is best for your game
Cody – Alright I’m not using it you stay on the block. You failed miserably there
David – I would have something biased for whats best for my game.
Cody – David, I’m just kidding ..

Noon – Feeds cut for Power of Veto Ceremony

1:00 pm Feeds return.. Cody does not use the power of veto. Nominations stay the same. Kevin is still expected to be the first of 3 people leaving on Thursday.

1:01 pm Christmas and Cody
Cody – I don’t think like think three weeks down the line
Christmas – it’s a little arrogant
Cody (might have missed some likes) – Like.. If I’m being honest like, like if you put me three weeks ago like and said like and like asked me like Dani wouldn’t be somebody like that I like am like all of a sudden like YO I don’t like your game.. like. you… aw.. like as being somebody like.. I’ve been in an alliance like.. like you don’t seem like .. You don’t seem like we’re like connected like that.. like granted like I have a personal relationship with everybody like on a personal level but like that is a very different thing for me than the game. I didn’t come into.. My first time personal sh1t always was affecting me.. this time it isn’t in tje slightest bit.
They continue Complaining about Dani. Cody continues to use his favorite word LIKE
Cody going on about 100% Kevin’s got to go this week.

1:40 pm Cody and Enzo
Enzo – I have to what the f*** YO.. He’s not going after Dave his two targets are Dani and Nicole.
Cody – At first I was like we’ll carry Dave as a floater easy nominee it’ll be your death sentence if you are sitting next to Dave you are going home it will also put us in the situation if someone wants to take a shot at one of our other relationships maybe it’ll save us because he’ll go.
Cody – Dude it happened to me on my season if we got to final 5 and then I was on the block next to Victoria which was the person that would go up next to whoever was going home. They were going to keep me because they had her.. Caleb wasn’t voting me out ..
Enzo – after this week we’re going to have the votes to keep ..
Cody – that’s why we have David up there if someone wants to be cute and be like you’re a pawn don’t worry then puts up next to David and tries to Rally the votes
Enzo – we got the vote.
Cody – I just want to make sure we are in the right position so no matter what people are targeting..
Enzo – YO this next week is going to be nuts YO
Cody – I don’t trust Dani and Tyler I just want them to shut up .. Why would I put up a Christmas to help out although I know In your head you want to get BLOOD all over the place. Why would I put up a Christmas and send her home when she is going after a Dani. She’ll go after maybe a Nicole. Dani will go after her I’m not pulling that person out of the pull you people go after each other after my HOH
Enzo says if Dani is on the block and he wins VETO he won’t use it on her “You’re going home”
Cody – why would I pull any of these players our of the pool when they are all going to cannibalize each other

Enzo – I just hope they don’t make a move on us that’s all I hope .. this was your HOH we could have made a move gotten somebody out big here and that’s it. whatever you want to do man.
Cody – Bro going for the big move is always like more like an ego thing
Enzo – Kevin was coming after you so getting rid of him is a good thing
Cody – he’s not a threat though.. KEVIN?
Enzo – I really want Nicole to win this HOH
Cody – she’ll go after Memphis and possibly Tyler
Enzo – it’s good for you and me to get Memphis the f*** outta here BRO. HE’s really smart and he’s really good at these comps YO.. I love the dude I really do. I didn’t like him on his season I thought he was an a$$hole .. I mean he’s still a little douche but I do like him. I do like him YO.. he doesn’t break my balls he’s straight up with me.
Enzo – he’s never said anything bad about me at all ..
Enzo suspects Memphis and Christmas had conversations about breaking up Cody and him.
Enzo goes on about being tired of the talking “I’m tired of Dani”
Enzo says every copy of minutes Christmas is coming in talking game. She cornered him in teh bathroom saying show she’s making a move next week she’s not going after Dave.
Cody – she’s over Dani
Enzo – She’s going after Dani good.

Enzo says if they get rid of Memphis and Tyler they have Christmas to themselves. “She’s tight with Tyler and Memphis”
Cody – I would rather go after her then we have both Tyler and Memphis.
Enzo – yeah I’m down with that
Cody says if it comes down to him and Tyler on the block Christmas will keep Tyler.

Enzo – Dani she’s funny as f** I love her but she’s not making it to the final 2 no way. She’s gotten too messy she’s all over the place I did want to work with her.. we were working with her
Cody points out how close he was with Dani earlier in the season.
Enzo – I wanted to go after Nicole because she’s a champion. I f***ing love Nicole the way she’s playing this game and the way she treats me. I just want her to start winning sh1t
Cody goes on about how Nicole will never go after them, Step over them. Adds that Dani might not come after them but will throw them under the bus.
They bring up Dani telling Tyler about the sly5 and Nicole about the slick6
Enzo says he’s dying on the house “I got an itchy a$$ I’m breaking out” blames it on the OTEV the “gunk” on the slide.
Enzo says they are good things coming week “YO”
Enzo – lets some sh1t fall into place let people go after each other.

2:20 pm Nothing Happening

3:00 pm Nothing happening

4:20 pm Nothing happening

5:12 pm Christmas Studying days alone.
(They use the HOH room because you can write on the upholstery of the furniture with your finger)

5:48 pm Christmas and Memphis
Memphis – if we got three people.. there’s going to be 8 F***ing people here those are good odds.
Christmas – three of us are going into the next HOH to play

Christmas whispers that Dani was telling her “can you believe we’re almost down to final six we’re the greatest alliance of all time, not one of us. not one of us leaves”
Christmas – except for one… (Dani)
Memphis – it’s so funny
Christmas – dude I’m surprised Cody didn’t .. I’m a little surprised. It’s because she’s not coming after him
Memphis – the longer you can keep it together. If he pulled that trigger and missed.
Christmas – I’m ready to play and win some stuff.

5:58 pm Dani and Memphis
Memphis talking about everyone keeping with the committee and how if they all stick to that it’ll be easier for them.
Dani points out the guy Tyler says was his BFF on his season. Tyler got him out during the double “Out of nowhere”
Memphis – that’s interesting
They agree the double is always the best time “There’s no repercussions”
Talking about wanting David out next week id it’s a normal week. Dani isn’t sure the other guys in the house will go after David.
Memphis – if you force their hands. If I have HOH you force their hands..
Memphis says David is not a good player “Give me an hour I’ll bend this dudes head over backwards you can really mind F*** him.. he will break under pressure ”
Dani – if he gets HOH its me and you up there

6:08 pm Nicole chilling while the guys play Pool.

6:30 pm Christmas and Enzo

Christmas – Dani’s won 2 things which I think the wall was thrown to her
Enzo – Yeah
Christmas – as soon as Nicole fell. I don’t think Cody wanted it
Enzo – once Cody saw her fall he fell right after.
Christmas – Nicole hasn’t won any.. nothing but the .. like the next bunch of comps are questions. She’s already got it in all her head.
Enzo – she knows to turn it on
Christmas – David I’m not worried about he doesn’t know what the f*** is going on
Enzo – if he wins you’re good
Christmas – he has the same targets we do. I think Tyler is good with us. Memphis is good with us
Enzo -that what I’m saying
Christmas – these next two I think we’ll be okay unless Dani..
Christmas doesn’t think Dani will win it she doesn’t want to take the first shot.
Enzo – I don’t care what order they all gotta go.. Kevin gotta go.. I’m tired..

6:54 pm Hosueguests roaming around cooking.. Feeds are cutting in and out. Nothing happening.

7:15pm – 8:25pm Big Brother gives the house guests wine and beer.
Kitchen – Nicole, Cody, Kevin, David.
The house guests are making more fries. (Hopefully David doesn’t try to burn the house down again.) Nicole talks about how she and Victor were out for dinner and he ordered a bottle of wine thinking it was the price per glass. When the bill came he was surprised but Nicole said its okay I can pay I just won Big Brother. Cody – well he won America’s Favorite. Nicole – well he spent that in two days. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Nicole tells Cody – I’ve been in the house longer than any other person. Cody – you passed Paul? Nicole nods yes. Cody – Oh you’ve got to go! I’m going to start telling people that. Nicole – no! Don’t! Big Brother cuts the feeds.

8:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:55pm Feeds come back for less than an minute and then are blocked again..

9:25pm Still blocked.

9:37pm The feeds return..

10:18pm Still blocked.

10:56pm The live feeds return to Nicole and Christmas talking about their vision and wearing glasses / contacts.

11:09pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again…

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Miss Impression



Reading the Cody Likes elevated my blood pressure. How do you do it Simon? There must be Kraken involved?… appreciate your work..Time to donate again . Lord knows you deserve it.


Please leave the likes out, it gives me anxiety when I read it 😀

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

I get a kick out of it because I hear their voices in my head as I read your notes. But they sound like morons.


Looking good Christmas! Well done Simon!

Miss Impression

When you say dime is that on a scale to a million?I don’t see the appeal.


More like Miss Jelly.

Miss Impression

36 24 36 sweety and all natural.


Post op?

Miss Impression

you don’t understand the words all and natural?


Baby got back. Dunno why I just started thinkin of Sir Mix-A-Lot lol. :p


She’s that “gutter trash hot”…not the “take home to meet Mom and marry hot.” :p

The Beef

I don’t like the tats, but her body is gorgeous! And she’s got a really cute face too! I don’t like the car ramming bit, nor the ganging up on Cody thing she did on her first season, but as far as just her looks go, if you remove the tattoos, she is definitely one good looking babe!


Agreed. I think I just see her as “gutter trash” because I know what she’s done outside the house…and how she was on the other season. But if I didn’t know that…and remove a few tats…she is beautiful. :p

Kats Alien Bitch

Even Kat is jealous.


Is a dime a cheap 10?


You are correct sir! She’s a real bitch but she’s fit as fook!! Tats aside she’d be a great fitness model.

Tyler on Top

Tyler had better go on a run because all the guys are scared of him and they should be.


Yo Enzo! If it itches, they have some ointment for that. I would avoid the pool. Medic?

Lady E

He needs to use the bidet LOL


I wonder if Cody would be willing to rub the lotion on Enzo’s ass?

The Beef

The boys got a bad case of “Enzo ass”! Don’t know what that is exactly, but whatever it is, he appears to have it!


Like, I have to pee sitting down. Like, if I didn’t like I’d get pee everywhere from like my micro peepee.

expecting nothing



What does Cody do when hes out, does he go in the stall to pee? Does he know how to use a urinal?


I would love if somebody would put up Cody , and say take a seat and try not to wet yourself.

Game fan

5 people from the final 8 were never nominated!! Probably never happened in history of big brother


Simon The link you posted went to a Chat you and Ken had before Ian and Devonne left. I couldn’t find a recent one:-( Enjoyed it tho


Hey Simon, like I think you deserve like some kind of like literary award for like having to decifer like these really stupid like conversations.

Team Janelle

It’s just as lame as the rest of the season. I don’t understand how a show can go so downhill.

Barney Rubble

Dr. Will looked like he had been drinking……..embalming fluid.

The Beef

Dr. Willkenstein?


Me too. 🙁 Like…why even call it a “neighbor twist”? So stupid.


I actually thought it was going to be the guy dressed up as grandma, yelling from the balcony all night. You know the game where the houseguest stay up all night to remember words/phrases for a comp.


This cast is a misery to watch… I would call them boring… but they aren’t that exciting.


Whew… the devil works hard, but Derrick Levasseur works harder.


whats funny with a triple eviction is that the next person that wins hoh could be the third person to be evicted


Very true! I wish that they, TPTB, would change the format of the show so that instead of the houseguests getting to choose who gets voted out, WE, the public get to call in and vote. That’s how it was on BBUK and the surprises kept coming…plus the show generated a heap of money from the call-in voters. The fact that the fans chose who got evicted made the houseguests really have to be on their toes and all of the pre-gaming we’ve seen on this show wouldn’t have worked.
I really miss BBUK and have always enjoyed it way more than BBUS.


I agree, BBUK is sooo much better. I wish we could vote instead of the houseguests!

Dixie Rekt

BBOTT is a perfect example of why America shouldn’t vote.


i was just re watching some season 1 episodes a couple days ago and thinking to myself that they had people voting each other out at the time with survivor, so i was wondering what it wouldve been like had they stuck to the original format.

i really miss BBUK too, as well as BBAU, ive seen every season of BBUK and CBBUK including the Teen BBUK (where they actually voted each other out) The Ultimate BBUK (all stars), and Celebrity Hijack. Ive seen all but one season of BBAU.

i love the original format , especially the diary room sessions, i wouldn’t mind if BBUS went back to the original format as long as they let the HG’s continue to strategize and talk about nominations, because if they didnt allow them to conspire about nominations then the live feeds would be much more boring.

Game fan

When the audience votes , that’s a totally another game and the strategy is to act to the camera.
No thanks. I love this format ..
If they wanna change something it can be Eviction every 3 days like survivor . We won’t have like this boring hoh for a all week. Also.. secret vetoes.. diamond vetoes.
Powers that’s a good twist but why was it only for 3 weeks? And what about a power to eliminate votes / one vote ..give as more exciting things to look for.. but no.. do not give america to vote.. maybe as a one time twist for 1 eviction to vote for hoh not evictee


Hopefully Cody and Dani go. I can deal with the rest of them.


How much crap can Cody and Enzo shovel? Please BB gods et them be both gone on Thursday.

Game fan

Chances are the world would be covid19 free before we can ger read of enzo and cody..

Expect the Unexpected

Im really enjoy the point that Christmas thinks she is running the game and it’s going to go exactly as she wants it too.. I hope her ass goes packing on the triple!!


I hope the same!

The Beef

You don’t really want that cute Christmas ass to go packing do you? Not after that lovely pink bikini shot Simon gave us in the update above! That ass is just too cute to send packing so soon! Especially when Dani is wearing those granny bloomers around the pool!

I know I know! I’m a misogynist sexist pig and deserve to burn in Hell for recognizing the woman has a nice ass. It’s all just in good fun, plus I’m not claiming to have dated Nakomis or anything, so sue me! lol


Such disgusting toxic masculinity, lol. 😮

Game fan

Yeah and she believes she can control david cause she had like one game talk with him ever. Same with enzo


Exactly. I can’t take Xmas talking to David like he’s her child Loyal. So annoying.


I forget. When are the houseguests usually told that there will be a double eviction? That night or beforehand. I find it hard to believe that they will be able to do three live evictions on the same night


Julie informs them during the live episode.


It’s two hours. Typical double evictions are done in one hour, so two hours is more than enough time. They’ll start the show with maybe 5 minutes of recap and then Julie will notify them more than one person is going home, go straight to voting, hoh, veto, then voting again. When they think it’s over, Julie will go ‘Hooooouseguestssss…. we’re not. Quite. Done.’ And then inform them it’s the first ever (US) triple and do the whole thing over again in the next 45 minutes.

Should be fun to see the reactions. Now, that’s assuming Grod doesn’t tip them off ahead which lets be real, they totally know.


We’ll see who can act as I’m sure someone will get tipped off in the DR by questions like: what if it’s a triple eviction Thursday, Cody?

Cody: Like that would be wild, like Derrick didn’t like tell me what to do like if that like happens. Is it a like a two evictions on Thursday?

Producer: No, Cody…triple means three.

Cody: So like more than two? Like what did Derrick say about that?


You’re missing about 20 likes in Cody’s commentary ?


It’s the reader’s digest version. They may have had to bring Derrick in with crayons and puppets to get the plan through his head.


lol when I read Cody commentary now all I can hear is Shaggy from scooby doo

Like woah.


Lmao. That better not come outta any of their mouths…there’s never been a triple, so it shouldn’t even be a thought.

Brenda Bonogfski

Tyler mentioned it being a triple today so as usual production has given them a heads up ?


Just heard he said something about being not 1 step, not 2…but 3 steps ahead. Dangit…I really wanted them floored…not “fake floored.”




They may do the triple on Thursday similar to the triple evictions on BBCan. They send the first HG out. Then do the HOH comp and the HOH has to put up 3 people. Then they do the Veto….I believe on BBCan the HOH did not get to play in the Veto….then they vote for one of the three on the block to stay and 2 to go home. Thus making it a triple eviction.
Either way it will be exciting…..


Thursday episode is two hours. They got time.


Don’t they already know? Enzo said “so a triple huh?” After the feeds were down for that day.


It’s entirely possible as the producers probably understand the mental capacity of these people and don’t want them babbling like idiots, standing around like a deer in the headlights and messing up Derrick’s plans on live TV.


DR told them, part of the script. Sorry to say, BB is starting to be another “Bush People” reality show. If anyone doesn’t know about the “Bush Family” check it out on internet and see how manipulated the show was and how fake it was.
This maybe the last Season I will be in any way interested in watching or reading about this Sad Sack show. Sorry diehard fans. BB has hit bottom.


I can`t stand the way Enzo talks down on other people. He will die single.


Anyone notice how much older he looks? Looks like a 60 year old. My husband mentioned it and I started noticing it also.

Ma Ma Yo!

Agreed, the “ likes “ and “yo”s can be excessive but Cody and Enzo are the only entertaining people in the house!!! Without them what do we have? Can not bear another Memphis/David conversation. Dani’s voice is now like nails on a chalk board for me. Christmas – Armchair inspirational platitudes and on and on with fitness, nutrition- we get it!! Tyler, Nicole, Kevin- whinny and boring. Have I forgotten anybody? If so it’s because this season is soooo forgettable.

Brenda Bonogfski

What exactly is entertaining about Cody ?is it his constant snot snorting or perhaps his entitled attitude or maybe not being able to complete a sentence without using the word like 70 times . The guys an arrogant POS in my opinion


you lost me at cody and enzo are “entertaining people”

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Enzo has grown on me (even though he’s VERY immature & speaks like a 15 year old kid). “Yo like Memphis is like a douche, but like he’s OUR douche yo.”


Enzo is OK. But the way Cody spoke to David about why he should use the veto (you got 10 seconds, que countdown) was uncalled for and classless. This is when I realized Cody is as big of a dick as Memphis.


David didn’t bow down either! He is wayyyy smarter than they give him credit for! David is a very intelligent young man

Annette Galiazzi

Why are the house guest out side and we can’t see them we see them when they come in the house. WHY

Ma Ma Yo!

They have been inside for hours cooking dinner and the feeds keep getting blocked! WHAT IS GOING ON!!


That food didn’t sign a release.


LIKE, who cares, Cody.
Once they find out it’s a triple eviction, they will all gun for it. Ugh.

The Beef

That depends on what they know. If it’s a triple with only ONE HOH, and two people get evicted on that HOH, then I agree with you that they will gun for it! If they think it’s only a double, and don’t know there’s another HOH to follow in the second hour, they may not gun for the first one, allowing others to “take the first shot” at others in their alliance. I suspect Memphis and Enzo may throw, allowing Christmas, Tyler, Dani and David to fight it out for HOH (Nicole always throws). Then when they find out there is yet another HOH, I suspect they will all gun for that one, depending on what happened in the first one.


My gosh this is boring, it’s like we are already at the final three where everything is so slow going


Here is my prayer that the OLD Dani returns! Stop the gossiping. Use your head and not your lips. Win this triple eviction HOH and put up Christmas, Tyler and Enzo, therefore ensuring that Christmas and Tyler GET-TO-STEPPIN. That would be, as the old Dani would say, a S-H-O-C-K-E-R! She used to always do so well under pressure. This is her worst season, she is playing a very scared game and that is not the Dani that everyone liked to watch. It would throw a huge wrench in the game, especially for Memphis, Cody and Enzo.. Memphis losing his final two with Christmas (who I think he truly wants to sit next too because he is guaranteed the win), both Cody and Enzo losing Tyler to take out Dani and he could also win comps to keep them safe + they are over Dani’s shenanigans and wanted her gone before those two. Tyler and Christmas both being gone, two huge competition threats and also each other’s final two. Let’s be honest, we all want Christmas gone and would love for her to be thrown off this high horse that she has put herself on. David would be wide open without Tyler or Christmas feeding him shit and this might give Dani a good chance to pull him in. Sadly, I think David would actually have Kevin, Davonne and Chritmass, maybe even Tyler’s vote in the end. Dani would have Nicole, Cody, Enzo, Memphis, and Ian. I would also get a lot of pleasure from seeing DAY’s reaction to being greeted by Christmas and Tyler in the Jury house!!!!!!!!!

The Beef

And who protects her when Memphis or Cody win the next HOH and put her up against David? Enzo, Cody/Memphis and Nicole vote her out and send her to jury for putting Enzo on the block, Memphis for sending Christmas out and general shenanigans and Cody/Nicole just because they are tired of dealing with her lies and backstabbing.

You can make a big move like that, but you better be sure you have people with you before you do. Right now Dani really doesn’t have a lot of support in the house. She needs to lay low and keep her mouth shut for a while and hope she can skate. She’s ruffled too many feathers with her “seed planting” and has lost faith with even her closest allies.


There is always veto. The house dynamics change all the time. And apparently so does Cody’s mind. I think the core four would more than likely at that point try to get the rest of them out. She could pitch it to Enzo that he is a pawn. Ya we all know he’ll be mad and use it as a tit for tat.
It wouldn’t be the first season where the second half was dedicated to getting the same person out every week, and every week they failed. That person, Rachel Riley, went on to win her season. She secured her safety by winning HOH and Veto. Dani once was a beast, if the all- star OG Dani decides to play, we might be in for a good show. Chances are slim however.

The Beef

Can’t argue with anything you’ve said here. Of course this would require them to actually start TRYING in ALL of the competitions and winning when they had to, like Rachel had to do, which would be a GREAT thing to see! That’s also why they play the game, to see how it actually plays out. When people are nominated and take themselves off the block, it definitely makes for better game play or maybe I should say more exciting or suspenseful game play, where the HOH’s plans suddenly go up in smoke and he/she has to scramble to come up with a new plan that doesn’t totally screw him/herself over.

I think most of us would agree – the game is finally about to start. It’s about time.

Game fan

Would love that so much

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Who b#tching about Christmas and Dani talking game … while talking game with Cody (Yo). Seriously, how can grown men have such low level verbal skills??!


According to Enzo, women cant talk or play the game. Has anyone ever seen Enzo say a thing about a male? I havent.

Game fan

I can’t understand what cody was trying to say to Christmas ?

Lady E

Has Nicole really been in the house that long (seasons combined)? I thought it was Janelle. I could be wrong.


Nicole holds the record now


Wow, did they watch Tylers Season.

Brett was in an alliance with Tyler he wasn’t Tylers best friend. Brett was a douche… sort of a male Dani and Nicole. The entire group decided that the doubles was the time to cut Brett loose.

Tyler went to the final three with two of his best friends… Kaycee and JC… Angela his showmance made the final 4. What is she talking about?


Exactly…and wasn’t his choice between Brett or another alliance member??

another name

It was time to cut Brett loose because Brett went to Tyler and wanted to evict Kaycee and Angela, and take Sam to the final three. Tyler had a final 2 with Kaycee and was in a showmance with Angela.


I’m sorry but Brett was NOT a male Dani. He was funny…a littttttle douchy, but not mean-spirited and nasty.

The Beef

Isn’t that just Dani being Dani though? If she can’t come up with something to poison the well against somebody she wants evicted, she’ll gladly just embellish or make something up out of thin air to accomplish the task. Tyler is one of her two biggest targets, so she’ll say anything she can to try and get Memphis on board to vote him out! She’s been doing it the whole season against not only her adversaries, but also her own alliance members in speaking about them to other alliance members. It’s her game, and the problem is she’s been caught doing it too many times already this season, and now nobody trusts anything she says. She could say the sky is blue and people would look at her funny as if they weren’t sure to believe her or not. They may nod their heads in agreement, but most will then look up to double check and see, because she’s lied to them so often.

That’s why I think she is in prime position to be voted out Thursday night. I could be wrong of course, and nobody really trusts anyone inside that house, but almost everybody has a complete LACK of trust in Dani, which makes her a prime target in my mind.


I really feel like there is a bigger picture here and this is more a Dan vs Derrick battle and these guys are just their puppets. I don’t think for one second that Memphis came up with the plan of having 2 – 3 person alliances and naming them both the “wise guys”, that has Dan written all over it. And Cody laying low and not taking any big shots is definitely Derrick and the names Core 4 and Connect 4 only make sense of coming from a detective type mind, not from the dumbest mind in the house.


well the good news is they have to start showing cards and getting blood on their hands. I hope Cody and Dani Leave in the triple and Nicole next week I can’t stand them..


If Tyler makes it through the double, he needs to get Dani out. If he can make a run I think he’ll be at the end.

Backseat Driver

I would take any of these people to win as long as it isn’t Nicole……she has done ZERO except cry, wander around the house and force us to look at her freakin’ nose.


Anyone missing from the feeds yet after the feeds were down?


For crying out loud!!! These f^&^%ers got a hint from Dr.Will and they’re guessing it could be 3 leaving this week! WHY TF would they give them a hint?! A double would’ve been shocking, but a TRIPLE was to be pandemonium and pure enjoyment for the BB FANS! Now they’ll be ready for it, instead of scrambling like crazy. So disappointed in Alison & Crew.


You heard them talking about this on the feeds?


BTW I don’t know if you ‘guys’ are posting your boot order for Thursday but i’m hoping its 1. Kevin 2. Arbor Day 3.Memphis