Adel to Sabrina “I’m not looking for Romeo and Juliet Story BUD..”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 18-06-38-196

9:23pm Heather – “So obviously something is happening with nominations”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 18-35-01-822

9:33pm HOH Jon and Adel

Talking about how f***d Sabrina is thinking she saw IKA. Adel – “They (Production) play to her hallucinations”

Jon says Neda did nothing for her baby it’s such “Horse Sh1t”

Adel thinks it’s too late in the game for Big Brother to do something too drastic with the twists.
Adel proposes that he’ll bring Heather and Neda up into the HOH and he’ll tell them he was the pawn last time one of them needs to be the pawn this time. Adel will tell Heather that now is her time to be the pawn so they can get out Sabrina.
Adel will make sure he talks to Neda well before so she doesn’t think they are up to something.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 19-03-03-844

Heather is packing up the cup cakes. Feeds go to hush hush

10:06pm HOH Adel, Jon and Neda

Adel says he’s going to get Heather and the rest of them together and tell them all he went up as the pawn once as the sloppy seconds it’s time for someone else to.

Neda tells them to not bring anything up to Heather its best that heather just finds out she’s nominated and bam right after has to play in the POV. Neda doesn’t want Heather to have time to think about it.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 19-18-59-604

10:21pm HOH Lockdown

Adel breaks into song
“You thought you could sing broadway”
“I don’t know what to do but eat ice cream and go poo” (Watch the 33 second youtube to see just his performance)


10:30pm Adel finds a baby head in the pool. The house guests collect in the backyard and pass the baby head around. (See video)


10:45pm Living room

Passing around the baby head playing baby head hot potato. Adel asks them – “What do you think about Aliens.. Do you believe in Aliens.. you guys watch District 9? I can’t wait until District 10”

Neda says Allison using the veto on Sabrina was what ruined her game. Sabrina says the original plan was for them to keep Arlie but in the end they voted him out.

11:16pm Bedroom Sabrina and Neda

Neda tells Sabrina the plan is to take out Heather. Sabrina asks if Heather wins Veto who goes home her or Adel. Neda says it hasn’t been discussed.

11:42pm Living room everyone but Neda

Jon says Kenny was the leader of the gremlins.
Sabrina – “You’re joking right.. I never ever had a conversation with him as gremlins.. how is he the leader.. no he was never the leader”
Adel asks Heather who the leader of the gremlins was. Heather says Kenny.
Sabrina _ “I am the ULTIMATE decision.. I hold Power in the jury house”
Neda joins them, they ask her who was the leader of the gremlins after Kenny left. Neda says Allison. Everyone laughing. Sabrina says She was the leader of the gremlins.

11:58pm Bedroom Sabrina and Adel

Sabrina says Adel is so weird.
Adel laughs says he cannot wait to see the story they built around the two of them.
Sabrina says their story would be a lot better if he stopped being mean to her.
Adel ”I’m not looking for Romeo and Juliet Story BUD..”
Sabrina laughs says she’s not looking for that either wants a normal relationship in the house, “You’re mean”

Adel – “You’re mean… you’re a bully”
Sabrain – “I’m a bully OK .. thorn in my side.. “
Adel – “Thorn in my a$$”
Sabrina – “I don’t understand why you don’t want to be friends… no answer OK.”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 21-05-54-949

12:11AM They find the baby head in Sabrina’s bed..


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It breaks my heart that they are going to get rid of Heather. Hope she wins POV and if she leaves then Neda just fucked her game. Sabrina knows she has two pets in jury (Allison & Rachelle) which is why she says she holds the ultimate decision. I cant stand her and I cannot believe they are keeping her instead of Heather. Maybe Neda is planning to win the veto and use it on Heather, I wish. Too bad Adel is too damn stupid to realise that he needs Heather and Jon and Neda will drop him next week.


Jeda has severely underestimated Adel’s mental and social game. It does not make sense for them to get rid of Heather before getting rid of Sabrina and Adel. Furthermore, Adel agreeing so quickly to get rid of Heather is proof Adel wants to take Sabrina to F2 and he will put game above his dislike for Sabrina. The best person for Adel to take to F2 is the one person who he knows will absolutely not vote for him which is Sabrina! and the best person for Sabrina to take to F2 is the one person she knows will not vote for her which is Adel! Also both think they can beat the other in F2! In addition, Adel HOH nomination speech should be more than enough proof not to take this guy any further! He can give a great speech and he did not let ANY MEMBERS of his alliance know that he was going to give a speech like that!


They should put baby heads in sabs bed with glowing eyes and creepy laugh:) she will self evict in a heartbeat lol


Lately I used to root for heather but recently afte watching some clips from her past when andrew was HOH and she was literally sucking up to him and kenny ( she was laying in between those douch and Ika had her ass sticking up there ) flirting with them and today heather she stocked up to andrew .


I think if anyone but Jon or Neda win veto, Heather might be able to get herself out of this situation. If she takes herself off, perfect. If Sabrina wins, Adel goes up and Neda will probably at least try to get Jon to be okay with evicting Adel. Sabrina already hates him. Adel winning would be a toss-up, but maybe he’ll have some revelation that Jon and Neda aren’t really looking out for him and make a surprise move.


ayesha dont feel to bad… she made it to f5…… i like heather i just think jon and neda got spooked when she did well and almost beat jon.. dont worry she has a good chance at pov ,,,


I just hope that they’re not such cowards to not tell her if she’s going home. If she doesn’t win POV, man up after the ceremony. Because if she doesn’t find out until she gets evicted, there’s a good chance she’s gonna be all emotional during her interview with Arissa, and nobody wants to see that. But it does seem like none of them will have the guts to tell her.


Does Neda prefer Heather over Adel. It seems that she does. If so, then suggesting to not tell Heather prior to nominations that she is a pawn is a smart move by Neda. Not giving Heather to much time to worry means she will be rested for the POV comp. Heather gets nominated, gets pissed and goes balls to the walls to win.
If Heather wins and pulls herself off that keeps the door open for another competitor to challenge Jon during F4 HOH.


This is a smart move by Neda. Not giving Heather false securities about her position as a pawn will make her fight harder for POV.


when neda was talking with sabrina, neda said she was going to tell heather……


this could be heathers last happy day…. when heather does not win pov , neda said she was going to tell heather she was going to jury…..


I could never be friends with Neda.


I doubt she’d be as cold in real life…I can relate to her because I would want to have a similar mind set in the house; I feel like most houseguests get wrapped up in emotions and forget why they’re there a lot of the time. It’s good to be cold for the game, she can make it up to everyone if she wins 100k

Nana Jo

I think Heather knows already, and not because she’s sneaky. She is a very intuitive, astute girl. She should just come out and ask Jon and Neda directly if she is the real target, and do so in a way which implies that Adel let something slip. She should also emphasize to Neda that Adel has said he will definitely take Jon to final 2 and not her, and then reiterate her promise to go to final 2 with Neda alone. I think she should also tell Adel that she is sure if she is evicted next, then he will be the next target because it makes far more sense for both Jon and Neda to take Sabs to final 3 to boost their chances of a win. She should tell him that if they can ditch her without a qualm after all her loyalty, they won’t think twice about doing it to him, too. If she’s still up on the block, then she needs to say all those things just before they vote, too.

Please, please God let Heather win PoV!


So tell me what else is Sabrina supposed to do…roll over an die?…if I was in the house I would be saying and doing anything to stay in the house…3 jury votes is a lot of power to have and everyone left in the house as well as us feeders know the ability that Sabs has to sway people in making their decision. If she can manage to convince them to keep her all the way to the end I think she deserves to win. Her game was great until Canada got their say and her alliance fell threw the cracks…mind you that was some great BBCAN2 footage…and she has managed to defect the target off herself even though the majority say they want her gone…I think her craziness is part of her strategy and if she can get to final 2 the only HG I think she would have a problem beating is Adel…because only those 2 can really use and support an argument as to their loyalty.


hougeguests getting scared by screams, lights and baby doll heads is funny, especially when jon was in his baby doll outfit.


Lovin It, Sabrina for the win.


Maybe the baby thing and the scary scream has something to do with that Rosemary’s baby miniseries that just started?


floaters don’t think the way you do

big bro31

Sure hope Heather wins POV and if not then Adel so he could remove Heather from the block and Jon will have no choice to put Neda up and hopefully she will be the next jury member followed by Jon


Heather and Sabrina up on the block and Adel wins veto and takes Heather off then Jon puts up Neda that would be sweet


Deli/Heather split!

Just thinking how tough the decision is IF Sabby comes off the block. Again Sabs winning POV seems remote but it’s tough on Jon if it happens. Sabby has to vote to evict Adel. So Neda needs to vote Heather then Jon breaks the tie. That’s a lot of unnecessary blood considering just vote Adel out 2-0 instead. I think Neda can work Jon to go along with it if the scenario played out.


Already covered at length on the threads. Simply put do Adel and Heather agree and vote out Neda 2-0 nothing else to say……….. NO


Here I’ll say that Joneda are no more married to Adel than Heather. Heather is up because Jon is HOH. If Neda won Adel would be beside Sabby. Heather wins POV and Adel goes to jury 2-0. Heather will want Sabs out 1st but she’ll be like Adel and say OK time to break that F4 deal. 😛 Just for thought Neda could win POV then a very small chance she’d use it on Heather. To bad Neda hates Heather! 😛

Heather has a small hope if she doesn’t win POV but I think an Adel POV win he won’t use the veto and Heather stays up.

In order F4 likelihood

Jon Neda Sabby Adel………… Heather Only 1 scenario where I don’t see it being Heather or Adel to jury this week. An Adel POV win and he uses it on Heather. Then Sabby would likely go home and not Neda!


I said it once before.. and will say this once again .. I don’t like the game Jon and Neda are playing .. trying to take the likes of Sabrina to the end .. I don’t like that kind of game play .. I loved it when Ian took Dan to finally two. He said he wanted to beat the best … As much as I disliked all the nasty things Sabrina said and did I WILL give her my vote. Cross my fingers and hope its a tie before they tally Canada`s vote .. and I do hope Canada votes for Sabrina ..WHY .. if anything it will say take the like of her to the end and you are gonna get I know its a game BUT I just don’t like that kind of game play .. my opinion … 🙂


I agree! I think it’s so weak! I know if sabs ends up in the final I’d vote for her too. I really hate the last couple wks. I wouldnt make it in bb.

Nana Jo

I haven’t decided 100%, but right now I am leaning towards giving Sabs my vote if any of them, other than Heather, drag her to final two. I wouldn’t feel this way if Jon/Neda had followed through with the final four Sloppy alliance, but by keeping Sabrina over Heather, they have lost my respect.


I want Heather to stay. Not ready to see the end of the Sloppy Seconds final 4 alliance. It’s time to get Sabrina off my TV set. I cannot watch her anymore!


Anyone have dreams at night about
Being in the big brother house OR have sudden.
Cravings to eat slop cookies with maple
Syrup? LOL ….


This show is very nice cuz we are trying to think of the best scenario 🙂
I would love to see Heather winning cuz for me shes got a nice personnality but Neda winning wont be a problem shes the one using the others to bring her at the end… Good game.

It will be cool to see Sabrina, Heather and Adel working together to get out Jon & Nada.
Could Big brother show them some videos of the talking like this they would wake up

My thinking of eviction
This week : Heather
Next: Adel
Next: John
Final2 : Sabrina & Neda =>Sabrina winning


heather is pissed this morning… jon and neda just told her she is going up….. she knows for sure they want her out….


go heather win that veo…………


I am soooooooooo mind-boggled as to how many peeps here have changed their tune on Sabs this past week! Have you all been misted or something? She has been mean-spirited from the get-go and the only game she has played is with that nasty muscle in her mouth. That psyco needs a Hannibal Lector mask/muzzle!

Have you all forgotten what she’s done and what she’s all about? Sabs doesnt deserve any win even if she makes it to the end. The only thing she has is the running of her mouth – I don’t call that gameplay at all – I call that VERBAL DIARRHEA!

Sabs deserves the “walk of shame” – NOT the “walk to fame” as the narcissist whacko strives for. She will never get my vote!

Dirty Harry Reid



Lol Adels musical!


sabrina and heather are on the block…. im hoping heather wins pov just to fuck up jon and neda….


Sabrina all the way! Love it.