Kyra “If I win HOH I am stirring sh*t up! Cory & Dane.”

8:30pm Hot Tub. Kyra and Sam. Kyra – and now people are even more so telling people what they want to hear because they want to get peoples votes if they’re in the final two, right? I also know that authenticity goes a long way. Maybe I shouldn’t have snapped at Esti and said oh you’re a good liar ..but I’m not going to get her vote either way. Sam – who cares. It doesn’t matter. If I’m in the jury house, don’t worry.. I will get everyone to vote for you. You know that. So I’ve been thinking about my speech .. I’m going to be nice. I’m not going to be nasty. Kyra – are you going to blow up anyone’s game? Sam – no… Dane love the attention, so I am not going to give it to him. But I am going to point out that Esti is riding his coat tails. Help me with my speech. Kyra – keep it like your campaign. People have wanted me out since day 1. I have been the name to talk about .. if you finally do it .. who do you think will be the next name? Do you want to risk it being your own? If you don’t .. do the smart thing and keep me here as a shield. Sam – I would like to say something to you and Adam for having my back every single day in this game. Will that make you look bad? Kyra – no, people know we have your back regardless. I just hope that Canada’s watching and thinking I’m a good player. Sam – I did want to talk about Adam and say that even if I do walk out this door I feel like I’ve already won. Something like that .. something mushy. Kyra – its been 38 days and there have been highs and lows .. and you have always been a high for me.

Kyra – If I win HOH I am stirring sh*t up! I want to tell you who I would put up but I can’t. I will. Obviously not Adam, don’t worry. Everyone else is fair game. Sam – Cory and Esti? Kyra shakes her head no. Put up two strong players so at least that way.. Sam – at least one of them goes. Kyra nods. Sam – Dane and Adam. That would be crazy. Kyra – Cory and Dadne. Sam laughs – that would be insane.

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I’m pulling for Damien to win the next HoH. Just for the mere fact he will go after the PB’s alliance and won’t be swayed into putting anyone else on the block but one of those 4. Let’s hope he can pull off a win. Even though the PB’s are a great alliance I still am not convinced until 2 are up on the block at once. Sure they have made it this far intact but when one is gone how well will they do an can they survive then??

another name

still picturing kyra/adam as damien noms. the only was i see the pb fracturing is if they fracture themselves, at which point two go up to ensure one goes home.

Just sayin'

Kyra, Canada is watching and no we do not think you are a good player.

another name

So the newest round of ‘there’s a boy alliance’ has sunk in deep enough that Kyra would nominate… cory and dane. Of course. if sam were gone and a renom needed let’s just put it out there now that the renom would be este.
here is where Kyra’s bpd ‘actually’ fits in to how Kyra plays the game. The perceived shadiness that Kyra attempts to blame on the condition: that’s a red herring. Kyra’s game though, is entirely linked to the part of bpd in some individuals where small slights are perceived as grandiose attacks. Kiera didn’t return affection, didn’t want to share a bed after week one: enemy. Chelsea wouldn’t kiss Kyra: manipulator. Cory looked Kyra in the eyes the whole time they talked, and didn’t believe Kyra when Kyra lied (part of the reason Sam is on the block): intimidator. Este is, in Kyra’s mind, flirting with all the boys, isn’t flirting with Kyra: i believe the words idiot and slut were used?
I still get the feeling from the edit of the episodes that the monkeys behind the curtains are attempting to ensure Kyra makes it further in the game. Calm the finger down button reaction for a second: i’m not saying production is trying to engineer a Kyra underdog win. I’m saying they are using the d/r questioning to subtly influence the perceptions of the people in the house in order to help Kyra make it a little further.
example of my hypothesis that production attempts to influence the perceptions of house guests: today adam and dane were asked in d/r what marks role, function, or game is: what does mark bring to the table. Mark isn’t hoh, or a nominee or power holder this week, and isn’t a swing vote in an odd number week… so what exactly is the impetus for this question? subtle manipulation. it’s now dane and adam’s head as a bigger question. Suddenly many want to take Kyra to the final five due to weakness and lack of physical ability. where did that come from? it wasn’t in many of their heads last week, or even four days ago. I’m suspicious.
Then again. I dislike Kyra very much. Perhaps i’m overly critical.

another name

i contend that, yes, Anthony is playing a good social manipulation game. I dislike his ego, but i will give him his due.
however: would that social game have been anywhere near as good if Adam and Dane had not won four of the first five hoh comps?
It’s far easier to cultivate a good social rapport that can be manipulated later, if there is no personal risk involved in the game. Being able to sit back and lay low because his butt was completely covered for four hoh’s out of five has allowed anthony to put himself in the positon where he now resides.
counter argument: then why hasn’t mark been able to amass the same social ties? Different playbook. Mark wanted to lay low under the radar and remain aloof in the game until the second third. Anthony wanted to come in, gather up social ties in the beginning, and pied piper them off a bridge.
Yes. Anthony is playing a very good pied piper game, but that would not have been the case were it not for Adam and Dane being the hoh so often in the first five weeks.


Kyra . .what a joke ! NO Canada does not think you are good player. For heavens sake you had the Blood Veto and the chance to make a big move and shake up the game . .and you did NOTHING ! Get out a big player ???? You got out Kiki, who basically did nothing but gossip with Esti !!!! You had the chance to start splitting up the boys alliance, and you did nothing. Do these people not watch this show !!! EVery single year the guys form an alliance ! so why are you sitting there, letting them vote out all the girls !!!!