Anthony – “This is about PB this is about a legacy”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – It’s a long shot that Sam will get the votes to stay. You can bet the farm

9:20am Mark, Anthony, and Dane
Talking about Adam’s campaigning, “Sam will always be a target instead of you, Sam is a better competitor than Este”
Anthony – he’s oblivious .. he doesn’t understand A) she put Mark on the block .. Hates Dane.. has been telling cory and everyone in the house Dane is a compulsive liar I want to get him out of the house
Anthony – She threw Adam’s name under the bus to Cory she said to keep me in the house and I promise I’ll go after Adam next week
Dane – and she said your name…
Dane – no way
Anthony – no chance
Dane about SAm – I can’t believe you said Adam’s name.. you f*ing B1tch. The only reason you are here is because of Adam.
Anthony – we should have never let her get this far
Dane agrees
Mark says, If we all make it to final five with Sam and Adam we’re screwed.

They contemplate who should go up next week. Anthony asks Mark who he would put up
Mark – Adam and Este
Mark – Adam you ain’t on my side bro and Este well you kinda f*ed me
Dane – I would be in a difficult position if I won .. I don’t know what I would do I would listen to the boy. I’m close to Damien, close to Este ..
Adam comes in “the conversation we had last night I’ve been running in my head”
Adam asks them who the best person for them to make it to final 5 is
Anthony – not Sam
Adam – no, Kyra
they all agree
Adam – Sam goes this week, Damien or Este wins me and Kyra are going up
Adam – I pull myself down, Kyra goes home…
mark says the second best person to bring is Este.
Adam – yes
Dane agrees
Adam says everyone is putting up Kyra next week and if they do they won’t have her for final 5.
Mark – I’m not putting up Kyra next week

Dane leaves.
Adam’s big idea is if Damien and Este win next week they will lose Kyra for their final 5. This is why they need to keep SAm so she stays the target of the house.
He’s also presenting them with idea that they have to make sure that going into the triple there’s no chance of 2 boys ending up on the block.
Anthony – Cory
Adam – that’s one
Mark – so you are saying if Sam wins the triple she will keep all of us safe .. bull crap
Anthony – if Sam wins the triple 3, not 2 are going up (Dane, Mark, and Anthony)
Adam – you don’t thin Este will
Anthony – no
Adam – three boys
Anthony – no
Mark – Este will put me up and you up.
Anthony says that they are playing big brother they started the PB alliance from day one. They all have been building relationships with people and know what’s going on in the house more than Adam because he’s been stuck with Sam. (well also winning HOH’s and POVs)
Anthony says he sees what Adam is saying about keeping Sam to ensure they have Kyra to final 5 but it doesn’t make sense.
Adam – if we go to final 5 with Cory it’ll get f*ed up
Anthony – no it’s not

Anthony now saying they need to keep Cory in the game to final 5.
Adam completely disagrees “bro what are you thinking”
Anthony – I’m thinking with my brain not my heart
Adam – you are thinking because if someone f*s up Cory is taking you
Anthony calls Adam out for wanting Sam inJury for a vote.
Anthony – This is about PB this is about a legacy
Adam says they talked about this last night. If Kyra comes to final 5 all of PB has an equal chance but if it’s Cory she will always put up Adam/Mark/Dane over Anthony so Anthony has the benefit.
Adam – none of us are attached to Kyra
Anthony stays steadfast that Cory would not put Adam up. Adam is certain she will “if she wins it’ll be me Dane and Este”
Anthony – Nope
Adam – you don’t control this woman man

10:40am Kyra and Sam
Kyra – people are scared if you win HOH but your campaign is the best it could be there’s a shot jit’s not over.

11:10am Kyra and Adam
Kyra says they both know Sam doesn’t have a good chance to stay. Kyra still thinks it was more of a chance than Chelsea had.
Kyra doesn’t want Adam and Sam to have any sour tastes in their mouth. (there was a tiff)
Adam – I’m going to grab her by the face when she’s walking up the stairs and kiss her..
Adam – I am going to fight hard for you to get to final 5

Kyra – I will fight for you to.. you are a hot head you are but it makes you predictable. I don’t trust you fully but I trust you more than I trust them.
Kyra – I see what numbers are left.. Adam I have your back
Adam says he would rather see Kyra go to final 5 over Este and “a few people”
Adam – you know who I am talking about

Kyra – we have to be very careful we are going to be the easy ones.
Kyra – you have to make sure to stay good with the boys and try and stay level headed.. You fought for Sam as best you could no it’s up to her.
Kyra – she’s got to do it on her own

2:40pm Adam, Sam and Kyra
Kyra – I don’t know how to fake it with these people anymore.. so work on Mark, be nice to Dane
Adam will talk to Dane again.
Sam – I wouldn’t talk to Anthony anymore
Adam – talked to him twice already didn’t get anywhere
Kyra- he’s giving me the cold shoulder to be honest.. do you think he’s playing me a little bit
Adam – Anthony?
Kyra – yeah
Adam sighs – isn’t he playing everybody
They think Anthony has a final 2 with Cory. Adam points out the two of them are together 24/7
Kyra asks if the guys know Cory and Anthony are close and she will take Anthony.
Adam thinks Dane knows it’s not smart to talk Cory to the end.
Kyra says Cory has a “big Crush” on Anothy
Sam – She’s so in love with him.. Sorry Mike your girl’s in love with Anthony.
Adam – don’t say that
Sam – it true
Kyra says she can love more than one person
Sam – I can feel bad for mike because I do
Kyra – she (Cory) is crazy about Anthony
Adam – it is sickening, to be honest
Kyra – he got pissed at me for being glued to Chelsea.
Sam – they (Cory and Anthony) do everything together if they are not together it is weird
Sam – oh my god Anthony is the worst
Kyra – I actually like Anthony I just don’t trust Cory

7:30pm Dane in the Archive room counting boxes.

Wednesday Morning @ Noon .. When the lights came on for the day the houseguests were still sleeping. Feeds have been off for the last 3 hours.

We’ve received a tweet that the Live feeds are experiencing technical difficulties. Chance are updates won’t be incoming until after the episode.

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another name

mark told adam there was a back door plan to get sam out all week (either dane told mark and anthony confirmed or vice versa).
adam went to dane (denies). adam went to cory (denies). dane goes to mark (denies). dane goes to cory (check in). mark goes to anthony (cover story). dane goes to anthony (check in). adam goes to anthony (denial).
anthony tells adam that sam threw him under the bus.
adam goes to sam (admits).
meanwhile… damien says hey what’s going on? to anthony. now damien is sketchy…. whu?
meanwhile… este is a non factor. goat i’m telling you. goat.
anthony and dane go to mark (denial again) tell mark to let it be now that sam and adam are fighting.
sloppy. sloppy. messy. sloppy.


After watching Adam/Dane’s chat last night the above conversation was inevitable. At least the guys are finally calling Anthony out on him wanting to bring Cory to F5. The one person that hurts the most is Dane b/c she wants him out so badly. Perhaps Dane is keeping back intel from her & will get Adam to share with her how it was Anthony who was playing her the hardest – we will see.

Adam is still pushing to keep Sam but simultaneously agreeing she has to leave. That concession, however, is also making sure the guys don’t buy into keeping Cory through to F5. We’ll have to watch to see how Anthony tries to spin this but with Adam calling him out on Cory how much do you want to bet his next move will be to start planting negative seeds about Adam to Kyra, Cory, Este & Damian?

Anthony does not like to be questioned in any manner so Adam calling him out won’t sit well with him. Can’t really blame Adam either. Dane let Kyra go without a fight or even trying to keep her so they can’t say anything to him about her although Anthony is also working hard to get out Este/Damian ahead of Cory/Kyra so he’s positioned better.

Up to this point, the naivety (ignorance) has made the game less compelling (not enough drama for my liking) but perhaps we’ll get some excitement as the PB alphas engage in the battle of who is running the show/alliance.


I can’t stand Dane

... .. ...



because he’s an arrogant pipsqueak jock with an over-rated opinion of himself – couldn’t stand him from the moment I saw him (and his insistence of going toothless does nothing to enhance him – what a goof)

Fraggle Rock bottom

He’s been quite entertaining to be honest and has played a pretty good game. Envy perhaps Brewster??


If a special power is to be found in the storage room papers, now would be the time for Sam to find it. If she could stay, by a BB miracle, I think the house would truly divide. But that would also mean Sam, Kyra, or Adam would have to win HOH.

Fraggle Rock bottom

I’m almost expecting a phantom production hand to pop out of the wall in the storage room while Sam is in there alone and say psssst, here’s a ultra secret POV you can use on yourself during the live eviction, don’t tell anyone.

another name

strictly obversation:
the exact reason Sam needs to go if the prettyboys want to get further can be seen if you look no further than the hoh comp this week.
Adam didn’t make drop out of the hoh making a deal for himself. He dropped out of the hoh making a deal for himself and Sam.
That priority: Putting Sam on that pedestal? THAT is why Sam has to leave.
IF Sam doesn’t leave, every boy knows being on the block with Sam means losing Adam’s vote.
It’s no surprise. Adam has been placated by the boys for so long that he believes he has the power of alpha in the alliance. He’s come to think he can have his cake and eat it too. I think he was 1/2 way to thinking that if he held his breath long enough, or punched enough boxes, or cried enough, the boys would be willing to help him and Sam get to the final 2.
I still say the correct way to get out of backdoorgate was to say Backdoor? no. we discussed who to use as pawn if a nominee won veto.
i’m beginning to think “the humble place” is just a nickname for the kitchen. no way it’s a state of mind. gotta be one of the rooms.
este’s campaign this week should pretty much be: look at sam adam and kyra in meltdown mode: if not now, when?
or she could keep giggling and giving back rubs.


Thought I’d share some thoughts I’m having about a certain hamster today….. so bear with me as I backtrack a little as to how I’ve arrived at these thoughts:

First, I feel fairly certain this cast hasn’t generated the typical fan love comparitively. Granted the makeup of the individuals was set in stone with the PBs and a series of duos. The females displayed the typical inability to work with each other and once Mamma K went out the door the hope of shedding that dynamic disappeared.

So what we were left with was a series of little sub-groupings:
* Duos: Sam/Adam, Anthony/Cory, Kiki/Este, Dane/Este, Kyra/Chelsea (& other duos within the small foursomes like Kiki/Damian, Dane/Adam, Sam/Kyra, etc). All of which had ties directly to the PBs in one form or another.

The character traits also separate the cast into very specific groupings:
*Comp beasts: Adam, Dane, Sam, (Kiki somewhat) & Cory
*Social players: Este, Mamma K, Dane, and Anthony (although he falls into a category all his own which for lack of a better term we’ll call the self anointed BB Godfather)
* Floaters: Damian, Kyra

Notably, I’m the type of fan who prefers a strategic player. Although I can buy into strong competitors, silly fun to watch hamsters or social masters I gravitate to the players who strategize. Perhaps it’s because my enjoyment of the game increases when I can go off on my own tangents to surmise what that player’s moves would be and align with their thinking. Which brings me to my point —-

The one player this season who I’ve found the most interesting to watch is Mark. Let’s call him the Strategist/Schemer. Through the first five weeks of play we got tidbits from him regarding future impending conflict but for the most part he kept to himself and unlike his housemates elected not to form a ride or die partnership or select one “go-to” ally where we knew “those conversations” showcased that person was his touchstone (someone who he was always 100 with). If anything – we the live feeders are that to him b/c it’s the most genuine and revealing he ever gets. Rather, even more so that Damian he elected to sit in the shadows, keep to himself for the most part & pop in for a game of pool, group hot tub or 2-minute joke fest. That was UNTIL JURY……

My fascination with Mark began during a non-game convo with Kiki where they talked for hours about life. (this was probably 2 or 3 weeks ago). From that point on I’ve isolated on his movements, interactions and convos (what he specifically says) and to whom. As per above, since jury, he has flipped a switch with today being his most active in the house.

* spearheaded the PB Final 5 convo (to spur on Dane/Adam) in his desired direction which was NOT to take Cory to F5
* planted initial seeds of Adam being less loyal to PBs & Dane being untrustworthy (via his spilling to Adam of the Sam backdoor being a pre-planned choice). Then denied he was the originator & accomplished small dividends which could grow later.
* upped his game talk individually with EACH of the “weaker” players (namely Este, Kyra & Damian). I could be wrong but I doubt any of those 3 would target Mark, or even use him as a pawn moving forward.
*And from the conversations I witnessed he successfully seemed to direct Dane/Adam to want out Cory, applauded Este’s choice to put up Adam/Kyra (although we know his preference would be Adam leaving) & seemingly began planting seeds for Kyra to target Dane/Adam (in the unlikely event she won HOH).

So – while I may be on an island here – in a season where there hasn’t been much strategic discussion aside from the PBs or Anthony (if you like the manipulator/dictator role) Mark is providing me with something to savor and buy into.

To wit, this season is perhaps the first I haven’t had a vested interest in someone. Generally, I have a person or alliance I pull for or a humorous individual that makes the feeds more entertaining. In the absence of those elements in BBCan7 & my disinterest in most of the player’s games (or truthfully dislike of Anthony’s style, & the mean girl shit) I’ve found someone I can potentially pull for (or at least someone who’ll potentially do the unexpected to align with the BB motto). Sure, he has moments where he can equally come across as smarmy, disingenuous or downright rat-like. But, at least from my perspective, he’s given me something to look forward to, someone to plot with and dare I admit – someone I think I can champion.

Thoughts on this? Anyone want to join the Mark train or am I alone on the island?


I’m on the Mark train 100%

Guy From Canada

Mark kind of reminds me of Alec from bbcan1 with the way he plays and looks…a less athletic, just as creepy but a strategic mind. The fact he is less athletic he can play up and maybe he isn’t viewed as much as a threat and people are receptive to his conversations. Interesting perspective let’s see who the triple plays put after f8 and see if he is in a good position.

another name

Where did the Mark of today come from?
Gee, if D/R asked Adam and Dane what they thought of Mark’s role in the alliance and the game yesterday, what are the chances they also said to Mark, “Hey Mark, do you ever worry that the rest of your alliance thinks your are a moron and a weakling that can’t carry his own mud in the alliance?” Why else did they ask Dane and Adam that?
Yeah. That would never happen. Leading questions and scripted D/R has never been a part of bbcan (sarcasm aneurysm imminent please, for your own safety, follow all blast radius protocols and assume crash positions).


I giggled at that observation (kudos for the humor). I think this Mark has always been lying in waiting. Like I said that convo with Kiki back a few weeks ago kind of hinted it was coming.

Since then he went on the block – & like most of the guys he doesn’t take well to direct hits & retains grudges. Case in point – the fact Adam did more for both Chelsea & constantly for Sam clearly pissed him off. Adam did nothing to stop Mark going up (or make him feel that wasn’t an option) & did absolutely ZILCH when Mark was on the block. I think that’s why Adam moved to the top of his boot list. It was Dane previously (b/c of his physical ability & overall game) but that changed b/c Mark views him as the narcissist he is.

I’m a little surprised he’s getting snowed by Anthony b/c he will be a problem for Mark. I don’t care how often Anthony loses a comp we all know he hasn’t even tried in 99.9% of them & that he’ll be far more capable in physical comps than he’s demonstrated. While he (Mark) wants to be Kevin Martin like – it’s actually Anthony who is more likely to be the guy who beasts in the closing weeks in comps IMHO.

Then again Mark has a ton of dirt via petty shade Ant has thrown out about Este, Kyra, Damian, etc so Mark can drop nuggets anytime given his great memory recall. Mark is highly intelligent & has a good sense of humor so (a) the hamsters often want to share with him to get his approval & (b) he knows how to feed into Anthony’s ego (and all the hamsters for that matter) which means he almost all the PBs vent to him (advantage – Mark).

What WAS surprising was how deftly he got away with the “backdoor plan outing” today without anyone even questioning that he did it. That to me demonstrated how accurately Mark reads everyone & how he is viewed. Not one of Dane/Ant or Cory questioned he could be lying. Mark saw an opportunity to make Ant/Dane trust, Adam, less & he jumped on it. Ditto for his instigation of wanting Cory gone (he has to weaken Ant after all).

As for the scripted DR sessions, we could surmise the powers that be also see the potential Mark could bring (drama wise) to the season & are building up his profile for what we can only hope is that inevitable backstab. Something else of note– the PBs could get angry at Mark if he turns on them but the truth is he could call them out by pointing to how each of them built up their side allies & how he went on the block first (at the hands of the supposedly controllable Sam).

It’s clear Mark isn’t an Adam fan & for as much as he wants Dane out, I do think that’s his preferred PB ally – it’s just he also recognizes Dane will be the hardest to beat in comps & who has most of the same allies Mark does. Plus of his PB buddies, it is Dane who has included him in the side groups (Este/Kiki/Dane/Mark) (similar set with Damian). Adam has NEVER included him nor has Anthony until recently & ONLY b/c he wants Mark to buy in on Cory going deep.

Anyway – like I said I’m on the Mark island – he’s giving this season life for me.


I’m all for it, I always said that Mark winning HOH could spark a ton of firework, but if he doesn’t win it pretty soon he will be left with nothing on his resumee. Right now, he probably lose against any of the PB’s.

Club H.O.H

Ugh I hope it’s not being rigged for Sam to stay!

another name

bbcan…. rig??? heavens to betsy.
i mean… sure they might change the parameters of a voting option 24 hours after people start voting (cough cough twist veto season 3 week 4). And sure… if you read the rules for voting you come to the conclusion that the show can void any votes for any reason before, during, or after voting how ever they see fit without notifying voters that their votes have been nullified (meaning the show can shape the vote in the direction they desire, or alter the outcome of votes after voting). and sure, in season six there was that odd pattern of an hoh being dead set on nominees or a target, only to be called to d/r for a half hour, and return having changed their minds completely without explanation. And yeah, okay, it does seem odd this season that d/r seems to call people after they have come to the conclusion that the pretty boys exist, and return from d/r with the perspective that it isn’t real… clock it. it’s happened five times…. but would big brother actually go so far as to save a member of their only showmance half way through the game??

another name

with feeds down due to “technical difficulites”
how technically difficult would it be for human resources to give them another talk about consent. how about misogyny?
maybe they’re all being fitted with shock collars below the belt so they can be given a little jolt every time they start saying something that’s going to get a canada is watching message.
perhaps they’re fixing the screens in the leons lounge and telling house guests that using the update glitches as strategy would be a violation of the rules.
perhaps mark anthony and kyra have become so slop brained that production had to utopia their asses.
maybe cory and anthony had their head’s swell up with egomania to such a degree that everyone else is hiding in the humble place storage room in fear of the imminent catastrophe of their heads exploding.
perhaps they’ve had to sit everyone down to tell them that although they’ve been saying ixnay on believing in the brolliance for a couple weeks, in order for the story line to progress to predetermined parameters, everyone has to believe it exists now, and they are currently doing reshoots of conversations. could take a while. de-stockholming takes time.

okay. i’m bored.
(NOTE: feeds came back when i pushed enter. who knew kvetching would help)

Goof troop

Can’t wait for the goof troop 3 stooges to get a taste of their own medicine. Fuck Dane, Fozzy and that arrogant prick Anthony. Btw it is absolutely laughable how Cory and Esty ACTUALLY think they are going far in this game with their bros LOL you are getting Britney’d you morons.


Worst big brother ever ,boring, those girls are so stupid ,p/b are total jerks especially Dane

another name

i’m not sure if anyone does. thing is, to me, villains of past seasons knew they were villains. these yahoos… delusional view of public perception.

another name

what if.
i don’t subscribe to the point i’m about to make. i’m being devil’s advocate for a minute.
what if este telling the boys she doesn’t believe in the boy’s alliance is strategy?
what if knowing the women in the game wouldn’t work together long term, este has decided being the clown to the boys will get her further.
what if making the other girls look shadier talking about a boy’s alliance while running their conspiracy back to the boys IS este’s strategy?

it’s not probable. but it is possible. as far as out of the box thoughts go.