“I can’t believe no one has caught on”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – KIKI getting evicted unless a twist prevents this. No Idea what the blood veto does.

11:48am Adam and Dane
Dane saying the whole house wants Sam gone.
Adam – why the whole f*ing house man .
Dane says they’ve done nit to themselves winning competitions and being in a showmance.
Dane – me and Anthony have been putting f*ing work in since the day it happened.. day f*ing three that you are not the target it’s SAm.. it sucks but at least you’re in this game.. Everyone bit on it..
Dane – you got PB she has no one else

Dane says just like they’ve discussed it’s going to be final 4 them and one week player so there’s no chance of non PB winning.
Adam – if Mark wins it’s not going to take any heat off me everyone will be put Sam and Adam up
Dane – it’ll be Sam and Kyra
Adam mentions that Sam thinks Dane won’t put her up and she’s not going to put him up.

Dane says Sam doesn’t know about the PB alliance and they are running out of numbers to put up
Dane – Damien, Kyra, Esti and sam… Esti is out from my picture
Adam – why not Cory
Dane – oh yes Cory ..
Adam – she’s just as much of a competitor than Sam is I don’t understand why people aren’t looking at it like that
Dane says Sam was saying his name as a target earlier
Adam highlights that WAY back
Dane – doesn’t matter Cory has never said my name.. Esti has never said my name Damien has never said my name the only two people left in this house that aren’t PB have said my name..
Adam – everyone is Saying my name including COry
Dane – win HOH and PB will have to deal with it

Dane – I can’t believe no one has caught on
Adam – it’s f**ED
DAne – after this there’s eight players that can play and it’s four of us .. 50% chance of winning
Adam – I hope it’s something fun
Dane – me too

Dane says if Sam touches the block and doesn’t win Veto she’ll be evicted
Adam – for sure
Dane – Kyra will skip the block once again because they are not threatening.. I guarantee if it’s a holding on challenge they are off first
Adam – probably
Dane – it’s getting old..

Adam says if Sam goes next week and he goes up against Kyra. PB will vote out Kyra, “How bad does that look”
DAne – yup
Adam – Sam stays and it’s me and Sam .. it’s not going to look bad if I stay
Adam stresses if he stays against a Cory, Esti or Sam people are going to be like What the f** and the following week if PB doesn’t win HOH two of them are going up. Veto used and another Pretty Boy as replacement
Dane – 100%
Adam – if someone else goes next week.. if Sam can be used at a later date,… I know you are worried about whatever but as long as Damien is in the game that can be one guy (target)
Adam – she feels good with you and Anthony 100%
Dane – I know I’m not saying Sam is my main target

Kyra signing a song they made up. Anthony says it doesn’t rhyme
Kyra – I’m not a singer I’m a person ..

12:49pm Esti saying is KIKI leaves she’s going to feel alone. Says she knows DAne has her back and Apparently Anthony does but she’s not sure about that. She isn’t considering the the Adam, Sam, Dane and KIKI “thing” is real. She’s sure if she goes up against Dane, Anthony, Kyra, Sam She’ll stay.

12:40pm Studying

5:48pm Adam and Sam
sam asks if Cory wins will they “touch the block”
Adam – I think so
Sam – Anthony?
Adam – Maybe
Sam – me and you and me and someone
Adam – me and you i dunno .. I’m just shooting shit
Adam says he’s putting that in his head so when they compete in the HOH its do or die for him.

Adam says if the HOH tomorrow is Endurance and he’s hanging up there with all the boys and they ask him to drop, “I’m not even going to answer them”
Sam – just ignore it
Sam – If Esti wins we’re going up
Sam – do you think Dane will put us up .. he’ll put me up not you
Dane – I would hope not

Kyra comes in .. (Groan… )

6:10pm Sam and KIKI
KIKI saying she can count on Esti. She’s hoping she can get three more votes. From all the conversations she’s having people are not telling her they will vote for her but they aren’t saying they will vote against.
Sam – I feel like you’re good I don’t think anyone is saying anything to Mark at all..
Sam offers her room for the night to campaign to everyone.
KIKI says she’s feeling better about Anthony voting to keep her than Cory. Adds that Cory still thinks it was her and esti that were pushing for Cory to be backdoored.
KIKi – I don’t talk much game with Cory
Sam – I don’t either it’s all just general
Sam says she walks in on mark talking with Dane. She thinks he asks a lot of questions about love and life
Sam – Mark wants advice to get a girl friend..
KIKI – aww Mark
KIKI is hoping to get along with esti’s vote. Kyra and Damien. She’s assuming Cory and Anthony will vote toegether
Sam – I wish I had a vote
KIKI hopes she gets Adam’s vote.

8:20pm Feeds have been down

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I’m at the point where I would like to see the PBs make it to the end. When the rest have it staring them in the face and they don’t do anything about they deserve to go. Maybe Kyra will do something with the BV. Which may change my mind. (Not to like or respect her). And not having the feeds their voices/actions can’t irritate me as much as they do the rest of you.
Who do you feedsters want to win at this point?

The Observer

There’s really no one to root for unfortunately. Damien and Cory are likable but are boring to watch. At this point, PB (well Dane, Anthony) deserve to win for all the work they are putting in.

blood money

sarah didn do much look wha happen righ?kyra for he win righ know

another name

kyra’s social game is nowhere near where sarah’s social game was in season 3. except for bruno’s ‘she’s a snake’ diatribe, everyone in the house agreed that sarah’s empathy and human connection to every house guest was her strength in the game.
as for the kyra’s blood veto being akin to sarah and the have not veto: common misconception. the events of season 3 were as follows (not the episode edit but feed timeline): sarah and britt are nominated. sarah wins the ball drop veto. then sarah and britt are in the have not room where britt receives the vetoprize the next day. sarah was already safe from eviction for winning veto on saturday of that week while britt got the havenot vetoprize on sunday. the vetoprize didn’t save sarah on monday at the veto ceremony, she used the normal veto that she had won to take herself off the block. the vetoprize saved britt, and godfrey the replacement nominee. so… the have not room veto that many credit as a gamesaver for sarah was actually a gamesaver for britt and godfrey.


I like Damian, just wish he’d play! Tell Kyra/Sam/Cory about the PB and get them to band together and get the PB out! Adam would probably swing their way as I don’t think he likes how Dane is always so insistent that Sam go.


Would like to Krya to use the blood veto and put 2 PB’s up in their place e


Who is it that you like in the house?

blood money

dane and adam aka dumb and dumbers because of blood veto geing plaed just like how brit saved sarah and kra win it

blood money

yey why didnt adam use the pov!dumbest move on his part especuially blood veto coming up!


blood money, we are talking Adam? Adam game is as about as sharp as spoon.


Feeds are at a wash, rinse, repeat level… (insert face plants & forehead slapping at your convenience)

Adam is super annoyed b/c PBs insisting on Sam & Adam go\ on block together, Anthony pulls out his best extra strength mist on why Cory shouldn’t go up — apparently Adam has a mist repellent b/c he’s not happy so he tells live feeders he’s not going to do what PBs want (throw HOH & go up on block).

As Adam rants to Sam about people who preach loyalty but don’t return it we briefly think HEY since Sam just caught all 4 PBs engaged in game talk she’ll put two and two together to realize Adam could ONLY be upset if it was him/her that they aren’t being loyal to. BUT nooooooooo she assumes he is talking about Kiki (ummmm the girl being evicted on Sam’s HOH & who won’t be in the house to win HOH?) Right — that’s Sam —- the lady who will be whining next week when barring a POV win is toast. But yeah Sam keep targeting the players who YOU could be saving to help you stay – go ahead b/c at this point we KNOW you have a female aversion and want to believe in your own rhetoric.

After a week of watching Sam/Kyra strut around with full on swag, patting themselves on the back for their brilliant game play and having to endure them going against promised safety & alliances electing instead to ridicule, mock, lie and flat out look for ways to humiliate said target I have to admit the only good news is we only have one more day of having to deal with this.


Does anyone think Mark looks a lot like Zach Rance from BBUS season 16? I think he’s his doppelganger lol


Few options for this coming week:
Most appealing IMHO would be Anthony winning HOH by mistake & being forced to:
1) get blood on his hands (and show how devious he really is)
2) all NON PB/Cory members of the house realizing Anthony’s mist is actually manure.
In this scenario, Anthony would be in tough since he’s made each feel they’re safe, wouldn’t go up & has told each stories about all the others to turn them against each other. Even better – he’s PUSHED PB for Sam/Adam noms as HAVING to be this week so if he won HOH he would have to do that (or at worst Sam/Kyra) either way his game would take major heat for doing that since one way or another his numerous lies would be exposed.

This option is the most appealing since we’d get Kyra/Sam “scanners head exploding” moment as they realize they were the masters of their own demise, plus I’d love to see how Anthony convince everyone his mist is truly as sweet as he’s been selling.

There is talk of throwing the HOH to Mark – we can’t get excited about this as Anthony will force Sam/Adam or Sam/Kyra noms so Mark couldn’t attack PBs. All it would do is blow up the PBs (& again wash, rinse repeat of Sam/Kyra losing their minds b/c they f*cked up).

Ranking player safety on a scale of 1 to 10- ie staying off block/remaining in the house (10 being the safest):
Adam: 4 (he’ll likely feel the block, but will be safe)
Anthony: 9.9 – barring a blindside move with the blood veto he’s about as safe as it gets
Cory: 8 (only person likely to put her up is Adam though she could be a re-nom)
Damian: 8 (If Cory won she might use him but only if blood veto gets used b/c mandate is Sadam/Kyra this week)
Dane: 7 (Kyra/Adam win HOH – or Kyra uses blood veto)
Este: 6 (most in danger after Sam, Kyra)
Kyra: 3 – likely to feel the block
Mark: 10 – safest in the house this week
Sam: 1 – most in danger

Sam only stays off the block if Adam or Kyra win HOH. The only variance could be if Damian were to win & decided to put up two of Anthony/Dane/Adam citing how they are in an alliance and then the PBs would scramble. Again, not sure this scenario would occur since Damian likely feels that move is one or two weeks away (READ: Triple eviction).

And, BB Can tease us with the whole Kyra Diary Room – but there is no use getting excited since that occurred days ago & Sam/Kyra repeatedly delighted in how to embarrass/humiliate Kiki since then. Most likely is Kyra will get to use it this week to save herself/Sam when they land on the block. Soooo – they could’ve changed the game but instead will get to stay (undeservingly) & then be targeted by whichever of Dane/Anthony & Mark remain after Kyra takes one of them out.

Can’t wait for “them” to be gone. I’m also annoyed by Sam’s fake promises, clear disdain for single females who challenge her position in the house & constant waffling but at least she wins comps.

Guy From Canada

Well just watched the Wednesday show to figure out what this blood veto does. Well they didn’t explain it, blurred out the card so you couldn’t read it, super annoyed and hoping Kyra goes home soon….. How much Kraken has Simon and Dawg ingested I wonder…..


Thank goodness this is the last night of Sam/Kyra bashing Kiki and laughing at her expense. Kyra is so f*cking condescending when she speaks to her if I were Kiki it would take everything in my power to not punch “them” in the face.

When any of the above duo make comments about Kiki not being trustworthy I’m sitting here rolling my eyes b/c THAT DUO has told more lies & made more promises (then gone back on them) than the entire house combined.

And the cruelty continues as they REFUSE to tell her she is being evicted b/c they want the power of humiliating her on live TV.

Hopefully, Dane or Damian finally tells her so when she stands up she can say,

Let me run you through my past week of lies & deception:

1) Last Thursday Sam approached me to create a pact no more females would leave or get nominated.
2) As for the Blood Veto – prior to us selecting the BV owner, an alliance with Sam & Adam was formed where she said it was too late to change her noms or she would & he PROMISED to take me down if he won POV. THAT is why I did NOT fight for the blood veto b/c I was demonstrating my loyalty to work with them. I knew I was going up BUT to show faith in them & the alliance & to make things easier for Sam I did that.
3)and maybe the most humorous is the person who knows best how it feels to be ostracized and who also knows how hard it is to be on the block & have lies told about themselves thoroughly enjoyed my angst and went out of their way to add to it. Kyra ran around spreading lies & rumors about me, was extremely condescending to me & to top it off would run upstairs so her & Sam could make fun of me & talk about how they hoped I was blindsided so they could laugh at me being humiliated & embarrassed in front of my family on national TV.

Clearly – I know I’ll be the one leaving tonight but at least you know who these people are – if they can break promises, tell lies & revel in others expenses when in power just imagine what they’re truly like with their backs against the wall. Thanks to those of you who know how to separate game from personal it was a pleasure playing with you. To Sam & Kyra – look up the word empathy you could use some.

Of course I’m being a pill here b/c Kiki doesn’t know they have been laughing at her or planned this all week or that they repeatedly called her stupid – but if I could parachute in a speech for her to say ^^^^ that would be it.

another name

okay. hi. checking in on updates from last few days (after an unexpected how the heck did a reality tv show induce a past trauma flashback anxiety surprise… but enough about my crazy) only to see the wed episode edit is as convoluted in timeline as i thought it must be.
actual question: on thursday or friday night, some of the women compared notes on the boy alliance front, right?? they seemed to come to agreement. the next day it was like it never happened. what? how was this explained? was this ever explained??? it was too early for april fools.
actual question #2: gut reaction to watching for a bit tonight: is it just me or has the sadsack schlumpy whiny mess that is kyra become babygap anthony jr? the pompous ego on the diminutive barrel chested waddling posterchild for no means no seems to be the biggest case of hohitis without actually winning hoh that i’ve ever encountered. is this the new humble?
actual question #3: did one of the petty boys actually suggest adam throw the hoh, so that adam can be nominated with sam? did they expect a positive response?
actual question #4: is this rumor? so adam says kiki fell through the floor by the pool table while playing with adam, climbs out of the hole (what???), is told by production to hide her foot so nobody can see the injury (for editing continuity purposes i would suppose)? and the house supposedly got some booze with their tacos during the episode blockage on the last night of campaigning? did this happen????
just me: if i had fallen through the floor i’d be in d/r saying change the storyline and keep me on the show and get me a couple more prizes or call me a lawyer and a doctor because i don’t think the house breaking under my feet is covered in the contract. you know… the christmas rule. voting from a hospital bed while drugged up on an open line after being out of the house for days and not hearing any campaigning…. yeah… that one.
observations: five people have said they are voting with the house in a seven person vote…. is math that hard? that’s a bonafide red flag. dane jokes with the boys about lamenting that tonight will be the last night of his (i’m guessing the meat is spam) daner sandwich. that is almost completely very true. so, after lights out sam and adam are discussing getting kyra to save kiki, and put este up on the block to evict her instead. joke: okay, so they told kiki not to call a lawyer. haha.
by morning this will be another case of it never happened, like the whole guys alliance note comparison that i still insist happened on feeds. didn’t it??