Kyle “I wish I could go back and blow up on Beth instead. I would love to go to town on Beth!”

Head of Household: Victoria
Nominations: Kiefer and Latoya
The Power of Veto Players are : Latoya, Kiefer, Austin, Ty, Jed
POwer of Veto Winner : Jedson
Power of Veto Ceremony : Jed did not use the veto
Have nots: Kyle, Ro, Breydon, Austin, Jed

Big Brother Spoilers – As of 1:00 pm in the Big Brother house Latoya will be evicted. There will be a blow-up after the eviction between Vic and Beth. Actually, Vic might be battling a bunch of people.

12am Austin, Kyle, Breydon
Kyle – I don’t remember in the past a complete, complete blindside like this early. Austin – no. Kyle – maybe there has never been such a complete blindside. Austin – this is too much! Week one house flips. Week two house tries to flip. House meeting. Showmance love triangle. Pantry debacle. And then there is going to be a blindside. Breydon – its been three weeks! All in three weeks. Kyle – yeah I think you’re right.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. I wish I could go back and blow up on Beth instead. I would love to go to town on Beth! Breydon – and not in a good way. Austin laughs. Kyle – I thought she was coming in to try an kiss me yesterday.. when I jumped over the couch. Breydon – what?! Where was I? Austin – Ok, so it was after she had kissed everyone and ..what was the context? Kyle – I had to drop some beats so .. they asked me to come up with a rhyme for someone in the comp so I was like he gave her an eight .. she gave him a seven. You give me a try, I’ll show you an eleven. And then she started walking towards me and I literally jumped over the couch. Austin – he somersaulted over the couch.. I was like.. relax! Kyle – god things might get spicy here guys! Breydon – especially if Beth tries to confront her. Kyle – it might be a Victoria, Beth, Kyle, Ro…fiasco. And then just pray that we win HOH.

Bedroom. Keifer and Tera.
Tera – what do you think is worst case scenario? Keifer – Austin and Breydon from all of us. Tera – you think so? Keifer – well I don’t know how much game you’ve talked with them? Tera – not much.. not a ton. Like if I were to win I wouldn’t put them up. Keifer – I just don’t know if they’re ready to talk a big show with them. And I think we would be the easy people to put up. I think they would go for Jed and TY. Because Jed and Ty are coming for you. My worst case scenario.

11:16 am House getting up milling around the kitchen/Bathroom

11:22 am Latoya and Kief
Latoya – you still think you are going home?
Kiefer – yeah
Kiefer mentions the comment on the couch about she’s going to switch up beds with Beth was telling to him.
Latoya apologizes says she was just joking.

Kiefer – LT, it’s all good my plan is to chill today it’s all good.

Latoya heads upstairs talking to TY saying Keifer is pissed off at her now.
TY says Beth mentions she was being a bit insensitive
LT – I can’t trust anybody.. I could go home Ty.. The only votes I know I have for sure are you, Jed and Beth.

11:50 am Tina and Tera (backing out of the plan to put Jed and Ty up)
Tera – if we win we have to say Beth is too dangerous after everything that is going on.
Tina – she would be a easy one to put up who would you put up beside her
Tera – a pawn.
Tera says they can’t put Beth up against one of the boys.
Tina – who would you put up as a pawn?
Tera – It would have to be RO. We would just have to say to him, no matter what we have the numbers. We can’t let them know our four are working together. It’s the perfect cover. You know that is the play they will pull. THey would put one of them and one of us.
Tina – yeah you’re right
Tera – or it would be Austin/Breydoin
Tina – I think they are closer to Kyle and ro..
Feeds flip

Noon Vic and Tina
Talking about what they should do if they win HOH. Vic says it has to be 1 of the four on the other side that goes. Can’t be one of their own.
Vic – we need the numbers
Vic says she won’t have HOH so she’ll let them all decide
Vic – the boys will be scrambling they’ll try to build last-minute relationships with all of us
Vic – you guys need to talk to Kiefer right away
Tina – look who had your back, Who threw you under the bus this week.

12:25 pm Ty, Jed and Vic
Vic said the plan is still to evict Kiefer
The boys are saying it’s really sketched out there they don’t feel confident.

Vic – that girl Beth she was trying to get Latoya out.
Ty – even this week..
Jed – after the veto and sh1t
Vic says she suggested Ty get evicted if the veto was used. “it was a resume move to get rid of Latoya”
Vic says Beth told Breydon and Austin as well as her at separate times.
Jed – Jesus Christ
Ty – the resume move.. the same language.
Ty remembers Beth saying that to him before.
Vic – you know what she said to Breydon She said I was jealous he was the ball
Vic – you f**iNg b1tch..

Feeds cut.. When we’re back Vic is saying she’s blowing up Beth’s game after the eviction.

The boys leave. “thanks Vic we’ll figure it out”
(Vic started the plan to blame the flip on Beth early before the flip happened.)

12:35 pm Austin and Breydon
Breydon filling her in that Vic told the boys.

1:00 pm Vic and Tina
Vic filling Tina in on the boys knowing about Beth.
Tina – they came in with me and Tera asking about the vote.. we had to lie
Vic says she had to tell the boys otherwise they would have been going to every single person drilling them.
Tina – we just had to defuse the situation. we were like just worried about a secret power

1:10 pm Kyle and Tina
Talking about winning HOH and taking out one of the three, Jed, Ty, Beth.
Breydon, Austin, and Vic join them. Vic fills them in that Jed/Ty came to her and said they saw Tina and Tera talking and are now worried about a flip/
Vic – I told them the person they need to be worried about is BETH so they would go to her. So after the eviction, I’m f***ing laying it out.
Tina – we should try and not be alone
Vic leaves.
Breydon – I think Beth knows, she’s not talking to me
Breydon says Jed pulled him into the room saying that Vic said that Beth had mentioned a flip to get Latoya out
Kyle – Vic said that to Jed.. why would she say that?
Breydon – exactly
Tera comes in
They brings up Jed and Ty cornering them earlier today
Tina – I don’t like how they do that
Kyle – never an easy eviction day
Breydon – it’s already starting
Tina – we need to stay in pairs
Tera – I hate how they do that (Jed/Ty talk to them 2 on 1)
Kyle – do what corner you?
Tera – right before an eviction you come get in my face. You’ve had 3 days to speak to me.
Breydon – every time
Tina – not once have they come
Breydon – every time..
Tera – you guys have pitched absolutely nothing

2:00 pm Feeds down.

9:15 pm Feeds down

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another name

Week Three Veto Ceremony / Eviction Episode
rumor (twitter says there was a one second feed leak an hour or so ago. Brey and Jed OLG room. Jed says even if it was fake). Everyone put on your tinfoil hats… I’m not going to bother.
Arisa says (paraphrase) who actually goes home is still up in the air or still in play (undecided?). Hmm?
The twin towers? They called Jed and Ty the twin towers? Really?
Kiefer why should I save you: I cuddle.
LaToya why should I save you: bigger game. do what’s best.
Jedson I hope that promise about your real target was true Victoria.
So did they cut some stuff? Where was the Kiefer drag?
Jed tied hands. Vic happy. LaToya not ideal. Kief not nice. act sad.
Vic says wasn’t going to put Ty up.
Admission of the messiness.
Aw, the boys tell Kief be proud, your loyal… here’s ur rice a roni.
The clip released today about the Vic gotta go, Vic overhears.
Okay, the Lt: nope Vic: YES moment is messy messy GOLD.
Vic talks about the group talk and the drag / desire to get them all out.
LaToya won’t be kissing any ass (we call it campaigning… potato, potahhhto?).
Kief Pitch: I was asked by Vic to be mopey. To Brey and Austin.
Bingo mixed with Dares. Complete Dare, get a ball. Complete a line, win a pizza.
Random draw means We chose for you.
Backwards Alphabet. Jump in the Hot tub. montage.
Breydon chosen to become a Bingo ball for the week. So they know it’s a bingo ball and they still call it a grape? oh. Costume reveal
Beth / Tina vote talk. It’s really really odd with the music soundtrack. Like it’s some big intrigue. Beth and Tina having their fourth (?) conversation in three weeks would be odd I guess….
Tina’s only loyalty is Tera.
Tina outs the Sunsetters (didn’t name them) to Tera.
Arisa says the vote could go either way.
The Vote
Breydon’s punishment is over. after what.. 1 or 2 days?
Kiefer: calls out to the indigenous community, Houseguests keep me
LaToya: rollercoaster. grateful. happy to meet you all even Rohan. Vic has made her intentions clear.
Brey: LaToya Ty: Kief Kyle: LaToya Beth: Kief Austin: LaToya Jed: Kief Ro: LaToya Tina: LaToya Tera: LaToya.
LaToya has been evicted.
LaToya says to Arisa it wasn’t a blindside. Arisa questions not securing two more votes LaToya says she campaigned. I don’t know when.
Shuffle board. Crapshoot.
Tera:7. Kief:10 Kyle:8 Breydon:1 Jed:9 Beth:4 Austin:10 Tina:0 Ty:9 Ro:4
Tie Breaker
Kief:9 Austin:7
Kief is the HOH.
Even with what looked like a deal between Austin and Kief, I think Austin and Breydon are the targets he’s been pushing.

bbcan9 WEEK FOUR.jpg
another name

why haven’t feeds come back?
The HOHITIS is going to be soooooo bad that they are currently reinforcing the structure of the house, and telling the rest of the houseguests that there is no depose the hoh if they let power go to their head rule, so put down the torches.

another name

Mr. Nope has decided he wants to sleep in Austin’s bed tonight. She declined. He says he’s going to anyway. So, if she insists he doesn’t, does Jed get butthurt and decide she’s gotta go? (background information if we wake up to Jed saying before eviction tomorrow morning that Austin should go soon).
Jed/Ty and Beth will gun for HOH.
Their noms? The sunsetter playbook is to intimidate. The floater strategy was what I figured they’d come up with when they were saying Tera so much, and blaming the flip on her. Why change their basic game theory?
They will most likely always go after the lowest hanging fruit.

I know, Ty was asking about someone to go after Breydon and Austin (since he figured the vote would be unanimous, and they might need Tina and Tera as numbers for another week), they were looking to make a Kyle Ro deal that included LaToya. That, through process of elimination meant Austin Breydon. Does that still apply post blindside? If Tina votes against them, Ty is the most hurt by that in terms of righteousness.
As of their last conversation, Jed and Ty had decided the eviction order is Vic, Tina, Tera. (when they think that KyRo are saving LaToya.. who is going to offer them a deal to put them on the block… as a pawn). That’s her campaign to the people she said she hates while on the block: save me and I’ll put you on the block.

Kief was already pushing Austin Breydon to Tera, the day after pushing Tina and Tera to Austin. Neither is saying anything because they don’t want the flip to fail, in my opinion. Kiefer would actually be foolish to win HOH this week, since NOBODY is targeting him anymore… so he’ll gun for it. His actual motivation: Austin nom’d him. Breydon is getting fanvotes. If he goes after Kyle and Ro he can’t squeeze back in as the spy (look at his Kiefer Kiefing, he thinks he can).

With the thickness that the Oddballs layered on to Beth tonight, I suspect the storyline dept is pushing hard for a Beth HOH. HARD.

Goodbye messages will be cringe.

another name

Let’s face it.
LaToya’s game is the ‘dignified’ version of Vic’s game.
Austin is the dignified version of Beth.
If Jed and Rohan knew each other before the game started they’d be the most douche duo ever. like they don’t make a canoe big enough.
Kiefer is the lovechild of bb8carol and bb6 ryan.
Game wise? A Ty and Kyle duo would have been frightening.
Vic will be remembered, even if she leaves next week. Because she is one of the best castings they’ve ever done in terms of chaos factor.
The two alliances are the evil star trek doppleganger counterparts of each other.


” evil star trek doppleganger” 

another name

Now the eyebrows on Kylie make sense, right?
The only way we’ll know which alliance is actually from the mirror universe, is when they start wearing mustaches.


lol yes Mirror Universes, one of the best original Star Trek episodes.

another name

Eviction begins in 3 hours is the announcement over the loud speaker from control.
So 2:45 / 3 pm Eastern they begin the eviction. by the time feeds come back on, they’ll have been finished a normal HOH comp for about 3 hours (including d/r about the comp).

The morning oddities:
Destiny woke up Defenders with pots and pans this morning as planned.
Tina and Tera are hoping they are Ky and Ro’s preferred side pair within the alliance of oddballs, but want to get closer to Au/Brey as well (though they wouldn’t mind if one of them left). They want Kiefer to win HOH. Tera is more amped to win herself than Tina.
They plan to pull in Vic closer with the Pre-90’s.

Austin told Vic that LT, not Beth is the untouchable for Jed/Ty, as per last night’s bro summit with KyRo. This shocks Vic. She was sure they’d name Beth as their ultimate untouchable. Vic plans to say ‘you got what you wanted, Beth’ as LaToya is leaving.

Kiefer piles it on deep with the eeyore routine to LaToya, after hearing LaToya and Beth planning to switch beds tonight. “It’s obvious I’m going home…”
Since he reported it to Vic and said that “that one hurt”, I guess he’s an omni opportunity guilt shedder.
(aside: what happens when Ty Jed find out that Kiefer was IN on the whole plan to get rid of LaToya with Vic and the could you BE any more eeyore plan? You KNOW that doesn’t stay hidden more than 4 days).
So the sunsetters are imploding with their perceived insensitivity (that Kiefer is hoping to use to ride to the top of his alliance… bank on it, he’ll guilt em dry).

Vic has jumped the gun, and told Ty and Jed that Beth has been trying to get rid of LaToya all week. Jed and Ty came to Vic to say they thought TnT were trying to marshall votes against LaToya.

Victoria’s secret? She can’t keep one.


I get the feeling we’re gonna be seeing more than just a blindside tonight.
Bb knows everybody on the edge of their seats rn.

another name

So when feeds returned:
Kyle and Ro were with Kief saying they are the only 3 that don’t throw people under the bus. They act like they aren’t with anyone in the house.
Kief tells Vic she’s safe not going home on his watch, people are pushing for him to target her.
He named Austin, Kyle, Ro, and VIc as have nots…. for LaToya.

Anyone else see the writing on the wall?

Vic selling EVERYONE out in the oddballs.
tells Vic Breydon is safe this week because of his backstory and their connection.

It seems to me like ty jed beth think the brodeal still applies? they say the plan is ro kyle with a backdoor of austin. that the deal during the comp means nothing. They are pissed at Austin. She didn’t tell them of the flip and said it’s what they did to her so now they’re square. They DID NOT LIKE THAT.

Kief’s telling Tina and Tera Ro is the target, but he has a backdoor option. Ausitn is his whoops target, not his main target. Ro never apologized.
Tera, still pushing a Ty Jed Beth angle to Kief. yeah. that’ll work.
Meanwhile Kyle has figured out that Beth threw Austin under the bus because Beth wants Austin gone. Well you know Breydon didn’t, so process of elimination and you are correct, Kyle.


LOL oddballs ending happened faster than I thought.

another name

I gave it at least until veto.
so the plan is either: Ro goes
Ro and Kyle are up as strong competitors in order to win veto so he can break his austin deal and put her on the block.

and he still wants to play the middle with tina and tera.
i can’t even with figuring out how that works.

ORRR i could just be having one of my “i’m completely lost because I’ve tried to avoid rooms with Kief talking for a week’ moments. I think i’m losing his plot.

another name

I’m off on the have nots, those are the have nots LaToya wanted him to name. not the ones he actually named.
Damn, what is wrong with me tonight?
I’m Kiefing.
Real have nots I’m not positive but Tera, Tina, Rohan and Victoria sound likely.