Kyland “So 100% both of you will vote out Britini, right?!” Xavier “Yes, 100% 100%!”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Kyland & Alyssa (Two Vetos)
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Kyland plans to take Claire off and put up Britini. Alyssa plans to not use her veto. As of right now, Britini is the target to go this week..
*** AT the veto ceremony KYLAND will have to decide to use his veto first, then Alyssa will decide to use hers or not. Tiff “Alyssa won the real veto”

8:35pm HOH room. Xavier and Kyland.
Xavier and Ky talk about the veto competition. Xavier asks if there was a deal beforehand to throw it to her (Alyssa). Kyland – there was not a deal for me to throw it to her. Alyssa said that she .. I told her if you want to know I can tell you but I think that if you do know it is harder because then everyone will ask you and its a lot easier if you say you didn’t know. Right before she said we can reconnect and talk. So 100% both of you will vote out Britini right?! Xavier – yes. Ky – over Big D because Big D is staying up. Xavier – 100% 100%! Big D and Azah will vote to keep her. Ky – Azah can vote for Britini. It will be 7 – 1. Xavier – oh yeah Big D can’t vote. So yeah it would be 7 – 1 because everyone else would vote to evict Britini. And truthfully this week can be calm because I don’t think either of them will campaign against each other. Ky – yeah that’s what Big D said. Xavier – its a nice week. Let make it calm, we haven’t had that in awhile. Ky – so next week, I feel strongly that Sarah Beth should be next week and I genuinely have no issue with it. I am concerned about Baby D (Derek X) to being the most likely to play that game and win the coin flip thing. Xavier agrees. That is a concern of mine too. The shot at him might have to be low key next week. But it sucks to take out another big competitor because then our targets get bigger. Kyland – yeah. Xavier – I am concerned he got 100 and then if he gets another 100 and another 100 he can do the coin toss. Ky – even if he gets another 100 and then a 50. Xavier – I don’t necessarily want to take a shot at him this soon but with these powers in play it makes it like it might have to. If he uses that power.. Ky – anything can happen. The thing is next week if Derek X goes up .. he will have enough money to play roulette. Xavier – with him it would almost have to be a backdoor. Ky – it would have to. Xavier – if I were to win HOH it would have to be Claire and I don’t know who next to her. Ky – it would have to be Tiffany. Xavier – yeah, I could do that.

8:50pm Bedroom. Azah, Big D and Alyssa.
Alyssa – I will be completely honest with you, I don’t have any idea what I am doing yet. Big D – okay, alright, okay! Alyssa – I was hoping talking with Ky would give me more sense but he is not telling me anything so I have no idea what I am doing yet. Azah – technically .. this veto is interesting .. you just need to go through in your head .. house guests if he decided to use his and who could go up and what you would do. Big D – because he goes first. Azah – yes, so list everyone from first to last.. have those scenarios in your head. Big D – I will say this .. he is a guy and he is not going to risk putting up Xavier, Derek X .. because he needs them here. I think he is going to try and possibly use the veto on Claire and then put someone else up. Xavier joins them and asks Alyssa if she wanted to do their talk show thing.

8:57pm Havenot room. Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa tells Xavier about her talk with Ky about how he will not tell her who he is putting up but that it won’t be Xavier or SB. He will tell me tomorrow night if it is being used and Monday morning who would be going up. Xavier – I think that’s best you don’t know. Alyssa – what should I do with this (veto) to help us for next week? Xavier – if he (Ky) has a plan to backdoor somebody let him backdoor that person and then not use it. Alyssa – no, no yeah I am sorry when I have conversations with people. Xavier – Probably have a conversation with Claire. I don’t feel bad about Tiff and Claire so I don’t know how much work we would have to do with them. Alyssa – I don’t feel bad but I don’t feel safe. They don’t speak game to me since Christian left. Xavier – I think what you should do is hey I know Christian left but I am still here, I am still playing the game.. if you do want to talk game with me, don’t hesitate to.

9:15pm – 9:40pm HOH room – Sarah and Kyland.
Kyland – do you know who Claire bet on? Do you know why? Sarah – if I was a nominee I would bet on the HOH too. Kyland – she bet on me. In the scenarios of where the bets were placed and we were working together so it would make sense to spread our bets to anyone that is not us but why would she bet on me? Sarah – after she saw that Big D picked Brit she might have thought that Azah would throw it.. which she did end up doing. Maybe she didn’t think that far.. Kyland – Claire is not dumb. Sarah – listen, I almost picked the wrong person. Ky – basically what I am saying is that was a well thought out decision by Claire and I am curious to see if you can figure it why. I know, I already asked her about it. Two part puzzle.. why and then why would I not want to win? Sarah – I don’t know. It could have been that she didn’t trust you to take her off with the veto. Kyland – that one. And the reason.. Sarah – and the reason you wanted Alyssa to win was so that you could show her (Claire) that she can trust you. Ky – see you could figure it out. I want you to remember that you are smart and that you understand the strategy of the game. I want that because I want us to win but also .. I want us to .. I think that reminding you that one of the earliest decision you made was right. It would be good to confirm you wanting to work with me. Sarah – if I sat beside you today in the final two you would win and everyone would think that I just used you to get to the end. Ky – and that’s a good reason not to take me to final two. Sarah – that’s why I was upset today. I don’t want to be the kind of person that would take Big D to the end. But right now I feel like I am playing a really weak game. My game has not been impressive but I also have to think that it is still early but also it is not something that I can will.. even if I really want it. Derek joins them.

HOH room – Derek X, Kyland and Sarah.
Derek – I have been talking to people downstairs and people came straight up to me .. like Britini came up and asked why did Kyland throw that? Kyland – it doesn’t matter! Derek – okay.. Kyland – so first off I am not telling anyone that I did that .. what do I even say?! Do I tell people that I did that? I don’t know what to say. Sarah – just don’t address it. No one is going to ask you. Ky – no everyone is going to ask me. Sarah – you think people will ask you!? .. that is bold! Derek – I came in here and that is the first thing I asked. Sarah – but you’re working with him. Ky – I think you can guess why.. Derek – I don’t know if it is sus.. like everyone knows that Claire was betting on you. Ky – Like I don’t think everyone knows why Claire was betting on me. Derek – because you had the highest odds of winning and she was hedging on that. Ky explains why Claire bet on him because she wasn’t sure if he would take her off. Ky – so I wanted to prove to her that I would take her off. Derek – it is a catch 22.. by you winning you also would have proved it to her. Ky – no by me winning she would automatically get off. Now she doesn’t automatically get off. I have to take her off. Derek – you actively made sure that she did not have the veto. Ky – the whole reason was to create a situation where I didn’t have to but then I do it. Derek – I see what you’re saying. Sarah – I would still be mad about it. Ky – I felt good about it but now you guys are making me second guess it. I felt that as soon as she was up there was a trust issue… now I can prove it. Derek – Brit is probably going to go home this week. Ky – did I tell you that part? Derek – there is literally no one left on that wall unless we’re sending Claire home.

9:50pm Alyssa and Xavier. Alyssa “Its like a shrine to Christian.”

10:02pm – 10:15pm HOH room – Derek X, Sarah and Kyland.
They discuss what alliance name they could call themselves. Derek throws out some card / poker references. They decide on “The Flop”
Sarah – I don’t want either of you to be in the diary room saying.. I am going to flip on “The Flop”. They laugh.

10:30pm HOH Derek X, Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah – worst case scenario, say she (Alyssa) takes Britini down who do you put up? Kyland laughs – I mean probably one of you two more than likely. No just kidding. Derek – oh sh*t we already flipped! Kyland – I am going to guess Azah.. Errr No OH! If she took down Britini I would put up Xavier. Sarah – oh!? Kyland – There is no reason to use it if the people are up that she doesn’t care about. Sarah – would you really? Kyland – yeah in that scenario I would be like F**k it! Sarah – WHOA that would be crazy! Kyland – but what would be her reason to want to keep Britini here.. like I really need Britini here?! Sarah – no you’re right. I don’t think its crazy for her to work with the Jokers but if she knows what the risk is. Kyland – No yeah and I am fine with that. I would have to think about it a bit more but..

10:46pm Bathroom. Sarah, Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiffany – Claire what is going on .. I have not seen Ky since the veto. Hannah – is anyone up there right now? Sarah – Big D. Hannah – okay, I’ll go after Big D. Tiffany – what is up? I don’t want to lose Claire… Are we losing Claire? Sarah shakes her head no. Tiff – are we losing Derek? Sarah shakes her head no. Tiff – are we losing someone else. Sarah nods. Tiff – am I going on the block? Sarah laughs and says no. I would just talk to him. Tiff – okay that makes me feel better.

Big D is crushing on the donkey..

11pm – 12am Living room. The other house guests are sitting around chatting about random things..

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Britini going to jury would be a really good week

Game fan

Oh yeah. I feel sorry for the next jury to get stuck with her .

Linkin Park

Why is Brittni a target all the sudden?

I thought Claire was this weeks target. What changed?


KY wants to flush Britni’s $100 BB bucks.

Game fan

Britini won money ? from the fans and also lied about that . Ky did wanted her on the block from the beginning but was afraid she was going to get a power and use it .


this is the season of house targets, they pick a target and the house votes – 6 weeks in a row – isnt it fun? – such “amazing” “gameplay” lol


I will say the house target thing for this season is a bit different from previous seasons. Previously, people just did what they were told, this year, I think the players are at least willing to change things up if they can get the numbers. That hasn’t worked out and instead of drawing a line in the sand, they fall back to a near unanimous vote to mask how committed or uncommitted they are to a HoH.

another name

Basic standings of “understandings” alliances, fake alliances, pairs, and plans.

bb23 WEEK six.jpg

Love that ky made a final 2 with Tyler, but Tyler will throw him over and go with Angela lol ?


Sweet, wounded baby bird can do anything he wants.

Heather SD

I love your dedication in making this guide! (Tyler, lol!)


You have a chance to back door someone and you going for Brittini. I dont get why Brit when you could get out a bigger target. Atleast DX will be safe for one more week. I also cant wait for someone to take a shot at Tiff. She started out as one of my favourites but quickly dropped down to bottom of my list.


Does anyone else fall asleep to the live feeds? I put it on my iPad and then when I’m in sound sleep I think someone’s in my house because I hear whispering, anyone else do that?