Kyland & Alyssa WON VETOs!! Ky “Claire is a little bit nervous so if I take her off she will feel good & Alyssa just won’t use it.”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Kyland & Alyssa (Two Vetos)
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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4:25pm – 6:22pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the OTEV veto competition.



Kyland plans to take Claire off and put up Britini. Alyssa plans to not use her veto. As of right now, Britini is the target to go this week..
*** AT the veto ceremony KYLAND will have to decide to use his veto first, then Alyssa will decide to use hers or not. Tiff “Alyssa won the real veto”

Storage room. Xavier and Alyssa

Xavier – girl you got a win! OTEV! OTEV! Alyssa – that was literally best case scenario! I don’t know if he threw it or not .. he asked me if I wanted it and I said go for it if you want. Xavier – who gives a f**k. You got a win! Take your win! And it was OTEV! Alyssa – I was so nervous because I didn’t know if I had the right one. Xavier – girl you were crushing it. Xavier – so now you have a veto so none of the kings are going up.

Bedroom – Azah and Big D.
Big D – I didn’t even say nothing. I didn’t even acknowledge her. She was whispering to Derek the answer. That’s why I don’t like that B***H! This whole season I have been calm but with her I can’t be calm no more! I do not like her. Azah – I know she is going to tell Ky. Big D – I’m not worried about that punka$$ b***H! I really cannot stand her.

Claire and Derek X.
Claire – I did not throw that. Derek X – you do not have to convince me …he threw that. I am trying to wrap my brain around it. I am going to ask him. Claire me too. Tiff joins them. Derek – why did Ky throw that to her? I am pissed! Claire – he didn’t try .. he went over and stood there. Tiff – you right .. on the last one ..all of a sudden you don’t know. He is a terrible liar. Claire – he doesn’t want me to come off .. that’s it period. Tiff – so you need to get to Alyssa. You need to talk to Alyssa! Claire – I do not trust Ky in this game! Derek – he is playing a good game .. for himself. I am pissed! Tiff – of course he is. And Azah should feel like a dumba$$ too. Derek – I hate this comp its so luck based. Cliare – did you see Ky went for my pile too .. I said get the f**k out of here! Derek – f**k this dude! Claire – he didn’t want me to be in the three. Tiff – so why do you want her to talk to Ky first instead of ALyssa? Derek – because right now.. Tiff – because if you get her to promise you that maybe she will feel like she can’t go back on it. You need to make her say. Claire – I don’t want to pin her down. Derek – right now we are assuming a lot about Ky and it is probably true BUT get it from him! Make him give you a reason. Make him lie to you. Claire leaves to go talk to Ky. Derek to Tiff – we have a full day tomorrow and tonight. Tiff – who bet on Azah? Sarah Beth? Sarah Beth was PISSED! Derek – oh my god I forgot about that. That is why Azah didn’t want to win. Tiff – Because Azah doesn’t care if Claire goes home. She is more concerned that Brit will be on the block. That is why she took her thing out and gave it to him. She should have just stayed in the game. I don’t know why Azah thought Brit could do better than her. I still think Claire is going to come off. If we are going to lose anybody I would rather lose Brit than Claire. Derek – oh of course! Tiff – if the veto is used hopefully Brit goes up because I don’t want to lose Claire… Because I don’t know where Ky’s head is at right now! Derek – of course, of course! TIff – but he goes first so it doesn’t matter .. Alyssa goes second. Alyssa won the real veto. If Ky uses his veto and puts up someone Alyssa doesn’t approve of she will just use hers to take them down. Derek – I want Ky to use his, I don’t trust Alyssa to use hers. Tiff – that would be ideal! But Ky doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. If he was going to use it he would have won it! We told Alyssa we would work with her.. so if Claire is on the block maybe she will use it on her. Derek – did she seem receptive of it? Tiff – she is the one that told me she would use it on Claire. Derek – okay. Tiff – that veto showed A LOT!!! I am just very cautious with Ky. He is playing a very good game. He definitely got a lot of information from everyone with the candy game. I just wish Claire had won it.

HOH room. Kyland and Xavier.
Xavier – I think that was best case scenario. Kyland – I want her to feel good and I want Claire to feel good because Claire is a little bit nervous so if I take her off she will feel good. And Alyssa is said that she just won’t use it. Xavier – yeah we’re good. So Britini! Kyland give the nod yes. Xavier – we have to separate those two from her. Ky – how bad did it look?! Xavier – it looked like you threw it. Ky – and that is why I am pissed. Xavier – its okay, just get clean.

6:30pm HOH bathroom. Claire and Kyland.
Ky – another reason .. I felt when you picked me and you have to be honest with me about this .. when you bet on me it was out of fear that if I won it, I wouldn’t use it on you? Claire – yes. Ky – okay, I want to make sure you know that you can trust me. Claire – okay. Ky – that is number one. Number two, building trust today.. no question I am using it on you. Claire – okay. Ky – zero question, this WILL be used on you! I know it sucks in terms of the game but you can I can promise you zero question! I can say it to whoever you want. Claire – just say it to me. Ky – I know you are scared until it happens but.. Claire – it is the paranoia. I trust you. I will be honest with you. Ky – that’s all we can do. You can play it however you want. You can play it upset or whatever that is up to you. I don’t know what makes sense .. we can talk about it.

Bedroom – Derek X, Claire and TIffany.
Claire – he said I threw it because I knew when you picked me you didn’t trust me .. he was like were you hedging your bets and I was like basically yeah. I just wasn’t sure what you were going to do. He was like this is to build trust and I want to show you that it will be used and you will come off the block. Derek – his will be used or it will be used? Claire – it will be used. Derek – f**king a$$!! Claire – he was like its all about trust … I know you will be paranoid until you have the necklace around you but we got to build trust. Hannah joins them.

6:41pm Storage room. Xavier and Britini
Britini – I am pissed! I could have saved us all today! Ky stepped in front of my face and gone up before me … I was like I am not getting up there. That was fun ..It was OTEV.. it just sucks! They have that whole damn squad on that side of the damn house and I don’t know how this vote works. In my head it goes 4 – 4 and then he breaks the tie… and I don’t think he breaks it for DF so I am pissed. I don’t think the vetos will get used. I know kyland won’t use it unless he is planning some master maniacal plan that we don’t know about. I don’t think there is a need to use it for either one of them. I am just pissed! Fricken pissed! Xavier hugs her.

7:25pm Bedroom. Big D, Derek X, Azah, Sarah.
Sarah to Big D – I am here if you want to talk … I just know that the toughest part was losing the veto. Not knowing what was going to happen. Big D – My thing is yeah I lost it but the thing is the person I am up against didn’t win it either. So that makes me feel like there is a possibility that like I have an argument against the person.. but you never know there could always be a backdoor and someone else comes up there .. right now it is kind of even.. Like me versus Claire is even. Because I am next to Claire I feel good but if I was up against anyone else I might feel like ohhh.. I might not be able to win this argument or fight or.. Azah – well we will see what happens .. we don’t know. They talk about the competition. Big D says that he almost broke the log. It was fun but it was definitely not easy. Alyssa being small she could just fly up there. She wasn’t even getting dirty. She was finding all hers in that pond. Derek – yeah there are definitely going to be some conspiracy theories on that one. Big D – if its my time, its my time .. I have no problem going to slip on liquor..

7:40pm Bathroom – Hannah and Xavier.
Xavier – ..two if he (Ky) knew the answer he is smart enough to throw it better. What was all that?! Hannah – I am telling you when he doesn’t give the rest of us credit he takes us for fools. He thinks his intelligence is so much higher than the rest of ours and when you are that over confident … it clouds your judgement and you start to miss things. So that is what makes me nervous about him. Xavier – but now he is pissing everyone off! Hannah – that is what I am saying. Xavier – like are you not picking up that it looked very obvious and and now one you kind of put my buddy in a tough spot because it looks like you threw it to her… and now I am wondering did you guys have a deal .. if they had a deal and I didn’t know about it .. but I know they didn’t because ALyssa would have told me. Hannah – are you sure? Xavier – no 100%! I literally asked her. Hannah – because I was upstairs in the HOH room and he was like I’ll throw it to you at the end. Xavier – beforehand he was like do you want it. Just work on your acting skills because that was painfully obvious to the ENTIRE house! And now no matter who wins especially people outside the six, people are going to wonder why his (Ky) a$$ is not up. Hannah – he would have to go up next to SB. SB has to go home. Xavier – everyone is the house is looking at him and wanting him to at least see the block because he can’t win.. he is like the house target right now. Hannah – do you think he knows it? Xavier – I don’t think so. If people want a reason to put him up.. go for it!

7:56pm – 8:22pm HOH room. Alyssa and Kyland
Alyssa – so what is the plan STAN!? Kyland – what would you be interested in being the plan? Alyssa – Honestly, I know that Sarah Beth is safe with you being HOH but as long as SB and X are good.. I am down to help you out to make your HOH as smooth as possible so as long as they’re not up there I am open to whatever you’re thinking. Other than them two.. with Christian leaving I don’t really have any ties with anyone. Because you do yours first (first veto) whatever you wanted and then I will just seal it in. You know what I mean? Ky – yeah, that is why I wanted this outcome. You can’t build trust without actions. This week I would be taking action and I am sure its not your idea action.. not something your against but not something you’re for. I am guessing you would have other preferences. Alyssa – honestly other than X and SB since Christian left .. no one has spoken game with me so if you’re not talking game with me .. I assume you’re against me. I know people will now. If its not SB or Xavier .. I am approving of it. At the end of the day you’re HOH so its what is best for your game. Are you wanting to keep it to yourself? Ky – I wonder if you even want to know beforehand so if someone asks you is harder to say no. Alyssa – so you think its beneficial I don’t know. I assume I don’t have to worry about SB or X? Ky – correct. Alyssa – okay. Ky – do I need to worry about SB? Alyssa – no.. and you guys are good in my books too. I am a bit of a loner so anyone I can align with to show actions with I am for. Ky – I don’t know if it builds more trust with you knowing but also if you know it gives you chance to do something with it.. I don’t think you would but theres the chance. Alyssa – I think we’re on the same page with who you are not putting up .. and that way if someone questions it I can say I don’t know what you’re doing. They agree that if anyone asks what Ky is doing she will tell them that Ky wants to keep his thoughts to himself and that we’ll talk on Monday.

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Paul Sucks

Cue the Brit tears!!! I hope this is her week.


I do believe it is, and she is going to sh!t a brick when she realizes that this is indeed her time.

another name

Agreed upon between Monday and Wednesday by ALL cookout members.
Ky and X throw the HOH. oops. Ky refuses to throw to Azah, Tiff screws up. Ky is HOH.
SB and Alyssa are the 2 targets, no matter what. oops. Ky refuses to nom SB, noticeably throws the veto to Alyssa.
Agreed up between all Detectives on Wednesday-Thursday by ALL detectives and Hannah.
Alyssa is the target. oops. He refuses to target Alyssa to each detective and Hannah.
We keep each other safe no matter what. oops. He noms Claire and considers backdooring Dx.

You know that gif of the dog in the fire sipping coffee saying “this is fine?”
That’s Ky.


Yeah – if TC is going to get blown up it won’t surprise me if it’s all b/c of this week.

Now the FUNNIEST part is we all know Ky had no intention of targeting Brit immediately after winning which was reinforced when she offered him two weeks of safety & to be his spy. All while Azah channeled the worst Buella version of Tiff b/c she was CONVINCED Ky was after her or Britini.

And now ———–bwahhhhhhhhhh she’ll actually believe this was the plan.


Also – do you have a take on why Big D absolutely REFUSES to tell Azah the truth? He just keeps pushing this narrative of not trusting Ky & that he may be the target — and unless I missed it he also didn’t do what Ky asked which was to say he was in on the plan for Ally to win it & was supposed to tell Azah prior but forgot to (sure Ky that’ll go over well).

My initial take on ‘the plan’ is he had the ulterior Jokers plan with Azah & Brit so he can’t tell her he never intended on doing that. I have a feeling Ky will say to her at some point so DF filled you in on that he forgot to give you plan prior huh (insert now Big D also looks suspect to Azah).

BUT — why he keeps up this nonsense about being the target I don’t get. Even if he has a F2 with Azah (likely) they are all still in the Cookout so why not just tell her Ky asked me if one of us could be a pawn & I didn’t want Brit or you going OTB so I said I would. If he said this prior he would cement Brit’s vote at game end if he made a F2 chair. By NOT telling her it makes him look like he was part of a big plan to take her out from the start. While it’s likely she’d still vote for him his disloyalty could cost him her vote.

another name

Couch and Az don’t have a formal final 2. He just figures she spends all day in bed… who else she gonna take?
The reason (and it’s ridic imo) that I feel Couch is not telling Az the plan? I think he’s trying to hide his final 3 with X/KY and final 2 with eiach one. He’s just too much of a buffoon to know that’s sketch as hell.
Because Ky was so Ky about how he talked to Az, if she catches wind that Ky is being straight up with Couch… she’s going to get paranoid and think he’s after her.
Depending on how they edit, they could reasonably patch together the noms without including that Couch was a volunteer. I’ve read they cut Brit’s volunteer out last week, and look how many bucks that got her? If they make Couch the surprise nom, that survives the block, look how many votes he’ll get for week two.


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t tell me that – I can’t. Here’s hoping the BB Gods step in & intervene so casual fans discover the couch needs to be reupholstered ideally in jury.


Anyone know what Big D said to Tiff? (that he’s worried she is going to tell Ky about?) re – his vent with Azah.

I keep trying to find the Big D from the first day (it’s pretty much been down hill for him in my eyes ever since) but this constant (not like once or twice you made me mad but CONSTANT) bad mouthing of a female is really low brow. He has no problem staying true to the cause but calling a female a punk *ss b*tch or whatever variation of b*tch he chooses each day is no problem — it’s disgusting and base.

I’m extremely annoyed he won the $100 b/c it wasn’t just us live feeders who saw it but the entire TV audience. Am I wrong to be upset about a man’s constant debasing of a female?

another name

He’s taking the stance that a gay man can call a woman a bitch without it being considered a debasement. He told Kyland that a straight man isn’t allowed to call a woman bitch, but a gay man is.
I don’t know if that’s how that works. blink. blink.


I think people intended to vote for Dx and put the wrong initial and that’s how Big D got it. This is why you don’t need stuff like that on seasons with multiple people with the same name


There was a strong contingent on BB facebook rallying votes for him plus social media had residents of Philly voting (and many stating after the fact they don’t respect his game but voted for him b/c he’s from Philly), plus his dad was a famous boxer.

But your point is strong- that would make sense given how loved Baby D is. (not to put it in the universe but if DX gets ousted next week we’d know for sure in week 3 b/c there would only be one Derek to vote for — but I’d rather not test your theory 😉


No, not at all. My husband and I had the same conversation.


Britini has ZERO clues she is going up – she’s so worried that Big D is the target. Even when Big D tells her – I won’t even campaign if he takes her (Claire) down & puts up Azah I couldn’t do it or if it was you — same thing.

Brit doesn’t even flinch – it’s so surprising to me that Ky’s allies don’t trust him as far as they can throw him but Brit has blind faith she’s safe.

You wait —- she’s going to BLOW this up & say Ky promised her safety (he didn’t – he accepted her two weeks of safety & told her he didn’t think she had to worry about his initial noms or something to that effect — with the Ky circle verbage wording).

Meanwhile, Ky is now trying to micromanage Alyssa to make sure she does precisely what he wants with her POV. He does the circle word dance to imply she doesn’t need to use the POV – implies he’ll save Claire without ever committing to it & when Ally tries to find the center arc of his circle to nail him down she ends up just agreeing that if Ky doesn’t put up SB or X she’s fine. Then he also tries to nail her down to vote how he wants. This man does not know how to be subtle or let people play anyone’s game but HIS. They leave it with him saying he’ll TELL her the morning of what he wants her do & if need be the name (of who to save). I mean — I can’t with Mr. Micromanager.


I don’t think Brit or Azah have any idea BigD don’t like women but his bad acting seems to be working. I hope BigD does some tiny campaigning. Monday crying Tuesday Crying Wednesday Crying Thursday crying until evening. Help us all.

ps X is lots better than Ky. Wonder who’ll get third $100 next Friday?


LOL – look at Sarah Beth trying to invent that Hannah & X are related or know each other just so she can spin a yarn to put a bigger target on them instead of her & Ky. Too funny. I mean I give her props b/c she has to know the way Ky handled this week only increased the spotlight on him — which also means on her.

another name

I’m sure I’m just tired.
Listening to the Ky and SB conversation.
It’s GOT to be that I’m just tired.
What it sounds like:
Listen to me talk about how smart I am, and how in control I am of everything in the game. You’re smart because your best decision you ever made was wanting to work with me.
You should final 2 with me. Say it. Saaaaay it. (she doesn’t say it).
Don’t worry….
I’m sure there’s an alternate universe where you could even win against me.
(half expecting him to pat her on the head and say good girl, now roll over… fetch).
Someone please tell me I’m just tired.
Tell me it didn’t sound like that to anyone else.

Meanwhile: Az is going to work figuring out how to get Ky to backdoor Dx instead of Brit.
Couch said in front of Alyssa and Azah that he bets Ky takes Claire off the block


No – you’re right I touched on it in a post last night too – he was so frigging arrogant & condescending in virtually every post OTEV conversation that I went right past annoyed to angry.

He treated several people (Big D, Claire, Alyssa) like they were his assistants and acting superior to many others (Hannah, SB, Claire and in a different second convo Big D, & Baby D). It was like he was trying to let them know they should be happy he was allowing them to play the game with him.

I really need to see a DX convo to get a read on how he took that last conversation b/c even though Baby D is agreeable he has his own (much more palatable & warranted) cocky side. One concern I have with DX is his seeming undeniable desire to be in a bromance with Ky (and that was initially something he wanted with Travis having Ky as their third). DX just can’t seem to quit Ky. I keep hoping & praying he manages to get through these next few weeks & is the one who breaks the Cookout and by break I mean puts up Ky/X OTB & he ends up shocked when Ky is the one they cut.

Typically big alliiances don’t remain intact losing at least one or two of their group but the issue with TC is they need two of them on the block to be broken up. And while there is conflict and dislike within the group – it’s actually the thing that’s helping them most.

I’m sure he’ll spend the rest of the week making 25 new alliances although I suspect after the POV ceremony on Monday there will be a bigger storm than either he or his couch foresaw.