Kyland “I have much more concern over what he does with the veto, than what you do.”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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7:52pm Kitchen – Big D and Kyland.
Ky – so now what is the move that happens now.. now it is that element of like.. like there is a concern right now like what do you do with the veto but honestly very little. I have much more concern over what he does with the veto, than what you do. Because … because from a game stance and from a family stance ..where he (Xavier) is at with his brother passing and his nephew and stuff its like nobody.. not even me is going to be mad at him if he is like hey right now .. I have a 80 – 90% chance of winning that final HOH… he does. If he brings me, it turns into 50/50. Why bring me? So that is terrifying to me! Because he has also played the game in a way that … well he hasn’t shown his cards but that was kind of the role for him. So that makes sense but as far as the six he showed zero sort of .. he hasn’t had the opportunity because I won the vetos… both of them. I have virtually no concerns about you not taking me… like I believe you. I believe you are like me and you will make the hard decision because even though you asked about it and thought about it and stuff because think about it .. we get doubts and everything but whether or not Kyland takes me to two like I told him I would get him to three and I will do that. And I believe that you would do that. Big D – yes! Kyland – so whereas like Xavier… he isn’t someone who we formed anything with so it isn’t.. so right now he has full range. That is scary because he has a high probability of beating me in this next veto. Probably the highest! Big D – I get that. Ky – so I think that is where my head is at and so I can’t even … it is like to have extra conversations about three and two with you is like.. like that is heavy on my mind right now. Big D – MMMmmhmmm. Ky – and the worst thing too is like everyone .. like I have told every single person that is in the jury house like hey I want to go to the end to the game with the people that have done the most to get there. Big D – yeah I know. Ky – Like who have shown that. Every single person knows that. He has not said that to a single person in that house. So he cuts me at four, like no one is going to look at it bad. If I, like if it was reversed and I was HOH right now, I would be locked in to bring both of you to four because everyone in the house knows that. I would be like hey, I have to bring the people that I think did the most for us to get to six. And so every single person in the jury would be like WOW Kyland was lying this whole time. And same thing for you, you were like hey anyone can get it. Everyone knows for you anyone and for him they have no idea. So anyone in that house will not look badly on either of you guys for making any decision. That is what I meant by I am locked so that is why I am terrified for him to win.

8:30pm – 9pm Living room. Big D and Kyland move to the couches. Big D talks about how he just wants to get this going.. there is only so much game that we can talk. Big D reminisces about the season. Xavier and Azah come down from the HOH room from watching a CSI show. They bring down their left over pizza and wings. Big D – I wish I didn’t eat! Big Brother blocks the feeds again…

9:06pm – 9:37pm Big D, Kyland, Azah and Xavier talk about how nasty the floor is and how they realized early you can’t walk around bare foot or their feet are super dirty.

Big D puts on the bucket hat and says that he looks like Paddington Bear.

They tell Azah that she has a permanent stank face… (lol) Azah – some times I’m just deep in thought. I wear my emotions on my face so when I am listening.. its listening face. When I am listening to someone and I am taking it in I am processing.. that is processing. That is just my processing face. It literally has no emotion because I am just processing everything. Ky – yes. I am processing now.

10pm – 10:25pm Kitchen Table – Xavier and Big D playing cards. The others join and the final four play cards together.

10:43pm – 11:05pm Bedroom – Azah and Xavier.
Azah – Well first, I apologize that if I come off as rude to you. That is definitely not my intention. Xavier – I know its not. Azah – I usually try to make a very concerted effort to not come across as rude or dismissive or mean ..especially to people that I care about so if that is how I have come across to you then that is definitely not my intention and my bad! Xavier – I wouldn’t say any of those things. I don’t know for some reason whenever I say anything to you .. you get very defensive. Umm.. I am not quite sure why. I never mean to say anything that would make you feel some way.. do anything to disrespect you or try to say anything that would disrespect you or intentionally try to hurt your feelings. I like to joke around and its all in good fun and if you’ve felt offended by any joke I’ve said then I apologize. The thing that I’ve noticed is if other people say the same thing you’re fine but if I say it you’re immediately defensive and I don’t know why that is with me. Its something I’ve noticed for a few weeks now. I guess I will try to be more careful of what I say to you. Azah – I don’t want you to do that and I didn’t notice that I was that way so you telling me that I am that way I am like okay lets think. Maybe I think that I am joking with you and we have that back and forth. Xavier – no we can joke back and forth and its not that. Xavier brings up a couple instances that happened recently. Azah – I was pretending to be angry as a joke because I thought you thought it was funny. I don’t want you to feel like you feel like you obligated to check on me or see if I am okay. Xavier – Anytime I’ve asked you it was genuine and sincere. I am a genuinely caring person. I will just be more mindful. Azah – I don’t ever want you to change yourself or think like that.

11:30pm HOH room – Xavier pacing and talking to the cameras
Xavier – Like Big D, what the hell are you doing man!? He needs to just stop talking. Just stop talking!! He is making this so much more difficult. Now you’re telling Kyland, Hey get X to use the veto. What?! So now you want me to pull Ky off!? When you know I have already had a discussion with you about me and what to say and I’ve told both of them that. And now all of a sudden you’re flip flopping? Why because you don’t want to get any dirt on your hands?! Come on dawg?! Come on now! Just stop talking! Just stop talking! I literally said don’t say anything prior to the veto and then he freaking continues to speak and its causing me so much grief! I am like BRO!?!

11:40pm – 12am Havenot room. Kyland studying the days / events of the season. Ky – Why did I save Xavier with that veto? I didn’t trust Derek to keep him. I know Derek would keep me. I didn’t trust Derek to keep him. Ky goes back to studying.

Midnight Zzzzz

1:15 am Azah up drinking tea

1:22 am zzzzzz

4:52 am zzzzzzz
9:25 am zzzzzz
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another name

Whoever is handling the social media for the furniture depot has prepared a response for the game moves that show why the Couch should win.

  • he ran out of cigarettes week three.
  • he came in second in like three comps
  • he did well on the balance beam
  • he cleaned the house multiple times
  • he didn’t pop off at anyone.

So… running out of darts is a game move. oh. Not winning comps should be rewarded…. he cleaned the house he is living in, get the checkbook. And he didn’t scream in people’s faces, grab a pen.
Yeah. That person is right. Call Grod, tell the jurors to go home…. just give the money to him, he’s contributed so much to the game of big brother. We can’t even hope to have another season… he’s broken the mold. No game will ever top running out of cigarettes on week three as a primary reason to win big brother. Sorry guys, gonna have to cancel the show, perfection has been attained.


Can someone make a t-shirt for Couch that says “I Vote to Evict” and give it to him on finale night?


BaHahahaha I like that one


LOL — or how about a T with him asleep on his big blue couch with “I’m the mastermind of BB23”


LMAO. The Law of Attraction states that things with similar energy levels are drawn to each other. So, it makes sense that any friend of Couch in real life would be as lazy, entitled, and utterly delusional.


P.S. – If housecleaning won the game, Sam from BB20 would be an all-star.

another name

Right? Cooked everyone’s meals, made their beds, put out the fire the one time someone else cooked…. did the laundry of half the houseguests…. and made weiner hooch in the backyard all at the same time.


Or Shelley – she would even bleach the showers lol and even she knew enough to use the house cleaning as a method to keep track of who was talking to who & to eaves drop.


Maybe his friends are recliners ?


….you forgot illiterate.


Apparently he didn’t clean the house very good. Maybe he doesn’t know what a mop is? A floor so dirty that you don’t dare walk on it without shoes on? Gross.

No fave yet

This is painful.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Azah or Big D? I can’t decide who’s the biggest F***ing DUMBA$$ !!!!!!!


That would be Ky! Good for him, because if anyone was ever due, or ripe for a betrayal it would be Ky. Karma Ky


Yep. We used to think that Victoria was a worthless free-rider. We had no idea what was possible.


Hard one to figure out! Seriously, I don’t think you can find dumber than BIG D. in all honesty, there is absolutely NO REASON, zero nada for BIG D to be part of the show. I hope CBS don’t ever make this mistake again! As for Azah I think she’s more Naive and b/c she’s so thirsty for X she’s not thinking straight and he’s not returning the favor. She is a little bit stupid too lol She screwed Hannah’ s game by putting her up for eviction…I actually thought she had a plan ( well I believe alot of people didn’t think Hannah was her target either). It turns out this was her plan the whole time!!! So U think taking X or Ky to final two will get you $750, 000 WTF!!!!?


So U think taking X or Ky to final two will get you $750, 000″

Yeah, the problem with Azah is that she isn’t playing for $750,000. She isn’t even playing to get to F2. She’s playing for third or fourth. More notably, she’s playing for X. She thinks it’s The Dating Game, and X will have to pair-up with the last standing female. Meanwhile, X is still pining away for Alyssa.


I guess you’re right, but you would think that she would give the other female a chance since she doesn’t have any herself. Because if Hannah were to stay and win the final HOH she would definitely have an argument for the jury

Another Dixie

CBS put that waste of oxygen in the show because of his father but D wisely never shared that information, that I know of. It really doesn’t matter anyway, probably 3/4 of them have no Ide who Joe Frazier was so would not be impressed. Had he shared it, he probably would have been sent home early, seen as a possible physical threat or that he didn’t need the money. He does mention that his mother is paying his bills for him so I suspect Joe’s money may be gone.


Joe died broke


I have actually prided myself in knowing how and why the final 4 made it to final 4 in previous BB seasons. But Azah and BigD have proven to me that I have lost that ability.

I was truly offended that BigD said “I deserve to be Final 2” … and I don’t offend essily.


Ya maybe someone should take him to get even more humiliated with a BIG FAT ZERO VOTE! FAT F***ink DILUSIONAL

Houka Inumuta

Kyland is awesome. I hope he comes back for all stars!!!


OMG X! What did you do?! You’re gonna lose 3/4 million dollars b/c you didn’t share chicken wings and pizza with BIG D! U messed up X…I think BIG D is going to cut Azah to get back @ ya Lol


Didn’t Big D tell on Xavier to Kyland?


I hate listening to Ky. His talking in circles is crazy.

another name

Sympathy level for X’s current predicament: zero.

So he’s finally learning why others have had such a hard time with the furniture.
That’s just it. He always had someone else to be Goodwill and take the awful couch off his hands before this week. He’d come in, give a peptalk or marching orders, walk out, and leave someone else to be Couch’s emotional support animal.
No sympathy because he refused to acknowledge the facts: a big mouth paranoid asshat with maximum delusions of grandeur has been prostrating through the game of big brother for weeks… and X chose to put that couch on his back.
Have fun carrying it.
As far as X being miffed that the Couch is trying to get out of having dirty hands… where the bloody hell has he been for the past 10 weeks?

Dear X,
I know you’re used to getting what you want just because you want it this season (and so does everyone in the d/r), but… getting mad that Couch doesn’t want to get dirty hands when you are trying to get him to make the move so YOU don’t get dirty hands? From those photos floating around of you flashing your junk in the house… maybe it’s time to use the set of balls you’ve grown. I mean… are you expecting to get Ky’s vote because you made the couch vote him out? Suck it up buttercup. Do it or don’t… But OWN it for once in this game.


I think he should stick to his Gentlemen agreement with Kyland

another name

I don’t.
Hear me out.
Have ANY of them exhibited that their word has any value?
Nope. That’s been the game this season. Promise superfluous final deals you have no intention of honoring and stab them in the back.
There is a REASON every cookout member was TRYING to have THEIR plus one be the last plus one. So if that plus one lucked into the HOH at 7, they could take the shot the cookout member was afraid to take themselves. They ALL said it on feeds at one time or another.
This season, nobody’s word means a hill of beans.
Therefore, why should this one?
It’s really too late for any of them to pull the loyalty card, when everyone in jury has a rubber check signed by either Ky or X.
To honor that agreement is actually insulting, because it once again is denial of game ownership.
X’s deal with Ky is of no higher value than X’s deal with Couch, or X’s deal with Azah.
In order to win, the easiest and most expedient method is to eliminate the biggest threat before they eliminate you.
With how everyone in the cookout played the game, that agreement is worthless.
Since I don’t believe ANY of Ky’s cam talks as ANYTHING more than him trying to run a pr spin con on the feed watchers? I don’t believe he would actually take X to the end either. It’s more of his spin crap.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I watched Thursdays episode and a you tube session with Jason Guy and Rachel Reilly. It was nice to see the excitement they have for the cookout. Biggest alliance ever on BB to get to end together. I’m excited to see the outcome. The current jurors don’t appear bitter like previous seasons either maybe SB, but a good hidden secret alliance on a mission.


Don’t be fooled. They may not be able to voice it, but I think a lot of them hold hurt and resentment from being used. I know that I would.

Another Dixie

I am so happy that finally we will have a POC win but I fear that the way it was done will forever change the way this game is played. This snuck up on those who were not in the CO, not suspecting that they were working together for racial reasons. From now on, on the first night they are going to automatically assess the number of people like themselves & join together to get the other group out. It will be even more racially divided and motivated than ever before. Who knows, it may even be the beginning of the end of BB.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Petty item #1: Even though they probably have the whitest teeth on the planet, I can’t stand Ky’s or X’s smile


Well that would be Petty item #2. Your username is #1. But both are funny. When posting #3?

Lorrene Kohnhorst

I had feeds on all evening until they had lights out. Was not smart as I got as nervous as all of them. First Derek who everyone is taking was all paranoid, then Ky so worried about who is going to win the veto and talking to the camera, and Xavier pacing back-and-forth and back-and-forth worried about Derek opening in his mouth too much. I think I needed a Xanax after all that! I’m so worried for Ky I don’t want him hurt.


DF and Azah could be final two. Revenge of the Floaters.


It’s possible. Couch would never bring Azah because she’s a female, X is planning to bring Couch, and Ky is planning to bring X or Couch. But…

Scenario: X cuts Ky at F4. Somehow the world is turned upside down and Azah manages to win the Part 2 HOH at F3. Azah brings Couch to F2. The jury refuses to vote for a winner for the first time in BB history. Couch reminds them of all of the work that he’s put in this season, his strategy, his sacrifice, his comp performance, and his mental prowess. The jury bursts into fits of laughter, votes Azah for the win, and Couch spends the next month complaining to anyone who will interview him that the females all voted for the female.


I like the Final Four. The only other HG that I wish was still in the BB House is Travis; he seemed to be an authentic person, and in fact people who talked to him on his flight back to Honolulu said he was.

It will be interesting if the Final 3 is X, DF and Azah. 

Wish they would have the veto comp soon.

Taste of Meds

Um…all the women in the house go from cute to cuter with makeup. Nothing new! Lol


Is Ky back under 24-hour supervision as he’s camped-out again in the have-not room? I make jokes about him, but in all seriousness, I’m actually concerned for his wellness as a human being.


Could someone tell me if Big D tell Kyland about Xavier’s plan?

another name

He doesn’t seem to have directly “told” him last i listened.
He has insinuated.
Instead of saying ‘X wants me to cut you man’,
he’s saying ‘if X wins the veto, are you sure you know what he’d do?’
At least from what I’ve heard.


I don’t think so — but when Ky said I’m not sure he takes me he said “I can see that”