DF – I’m going to pick a MAN over my friends.. NO you never do that.

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Kyland and Azah are on the block. By the way, the houseguests are talking it sounds like the veto competition is today. Kyland and DF have had a bit of a falling out. it’s consuming most of the conversations this morning. The gist of it is DF went to Kyland and asked about their final 3/2 and Kyland’s reply didn’t make DF feel good about it. Starting to sound like Kyland is the preferred target this week. BIGD is starting to spiral camera is spending a lot of time on him..

9:40 am Xavier up Studying days.

10:23 am BIGD and Azah are now up
BIGD – once again Kyland can’t win.. Feeds cut. When we’re back DF is talking about having a really good “Face day”

10:40 am BIGD and Kyland
Ky – I’m just going through days
BIGD – That’s fine I just want to make sure you’re ok you know.. I still bad and what not.. you know
BIGD – It’s hard when the person you care about you hurt them and WHAT NOT ..
Ky – I want you to feel good
BIGD – I’ll be alright it just feels weird cause I have such big trust with you and WHAT NOT. You know I shouldn’t have never.. It’s a sucky feeling when you’re intentions weren’t supposed to come out I guess a threat.. it’s just like, me just trying to follow up .. In that moment I shouldn’t have done that.. that’s all
Ky – we’re all good.. I appreciate it sincerely and greatly

11:15 am Xavier and Kyland
Talking about how they haven’t done the face swap competition since season 17.
Xavier – my prediction today’s competition has something to do with days.

11:24 am BIGD and Azah
BIGD is talking about some issue he’s having with Kyland. The feed cuts and BIGD generally not making sense make understanding a challenge.

BIGD says he asks Kyland “What are you going to do when you get down to the three.
Azah – that should be easy for him to do
BIGD – he gave me a .. .like I feel like I really can’t answer that question because of… you know you’re catching me at a vulnerable time.. Like how is that fair. Like I’m on the block and I have to GUN for this veto and you’re having this conversation before we’ve had this veto comp.
BIGD – I was like this makes no sense you and I were just on the same page a week ago. Shouldn’t I be the one that feel vulnerable? You used the veto and I end up on the block.
Azah – if we’re honest the position Kyland is in is similar to me and I’m at peace with that. I know if we got there X has your back and Kyland has your back more than me
BIGD – NO.. GIRL i’m telling you.. You talk to him today and watch what I say is true.
Azah – that is a question he could have answered.. instead of beating around the bush I’m vulnerable
DF – it was a simple question.
DF – am I going to watch this back and be like DAMN I got rid of my best friend. and now I have to watch that. Over and over again. Or do I get rid of someone that is playing the game and willing to do whatever and don’t care about how I feel? Where I can get rid of someone that really cares about how I feel. I had to sit back and think about that multiple times.. I said F** that.. Azah is more Happy for me to win the game than her own self.
DF – I’m going to pick a MAN over my friends.. NO you never do that. So for me I was just trying to do what any other game player would do.. Hey he’s a deal man he plays the game.
DF – hey, I’m thinking about we made a deal I’m thinking about getting rid of my NUMBER 1 ally in order for you to advanced in this game.. What are you going to do when you get to three…
DF now impersonating Kyland ‘uh uh uh I’m very vulnerable that you would ask me that before we even play the veto and that just makes me feel like in a way.. uhh uhh uuhh how I was with Tiffany and uhh she was uhh… at the point of uhh.. she was asking me questions like that.. ”

DF – he talked to me in the storage. I said look you don’t owe me anything you can do whatever it is you want. When you win the veto I don’t expect you to take me with you and he’s like Laughing.. I was like why are you laughing.. He’s like it’s not smart for my game.
DF – I’m like it doesn’t matter you don’t have to feel like you have to take me. If you win Veto and take Azah. that’s fine like. I don’t expect you to take me you know. You’re going against your word but that fine. I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything.
DF – and that’s what I told him last night. If I win or X wins it’s one of those things.. I don’t owe you anything remember. I feel so bad. and WHAT NOT..
DF – the problem is.. it sucks because I wanted to listen to you and I should have not blown up my game and I blew up my game by asking that questions
Azah – when did you not listen to me?
DF – learning to not shut my mouth.. you said I was in a good position and now I’m not for doing that.. I’m at peace.. I tried.. If he wins My A$$ goes home.. So I did that to myself.
Azah – if he wins we’re separated.. 3 against 1 .. it’s always the underdog
DF – Kyland is the underdog.. he’s in that kitchen studying his a$$ off. If I had kept my mouth shut I would have been cool he would have taken me. Now he’s not going to take me. ON top of that. he has X.. do you [x] and Derek have a final 2 he’s like NO We don’t have a final 2. We just had something in the beginning where we wouldn’t target each other.
DF – I’m back on teh island blew my whole sh1t up on one conversations
Azah – we can pray this comp has nothing to do about days.. He’s studying days, right?
DF – he’s studying everything

DF – I told Ky me and X had an agreement but not a final 12 like you and I have an agreement.. Ky might see that as a threat.
Azah says Ky was doing his own damn thing he was the first one of the cookout that was supposed to go out.
DF – I blew up my game right before three. I asked a simple question with someone I was supposed to be working with
Azah says Kyland overthinks and analyzes everything you say
DF – I don’t think I did anything the f** wrong. He makes me think I did something wrong
Azah – it’s part paranoia part manipulation

Azah says making the vote unanimous to evict Tiffany was a game choice for her. She told Tiffany. “From a game perspective, it’s best for me to do given the relationships I have in the house. She said don’t worry about it it’s fine.. it’s okay.”

11:41 am DF, Azah and X
X comes in says hte brekfast is ready.
DF – I had a conversation with Azah.. I told her I’m not getting rid of her. I’m sticking to our final 3.
DF says he can only talk to her in here because he wants her to act like he’s sending her home. “The other is dead to me”
Xavier puts his finger to his lips to single DF should be quiet. X leaves.
They go back to talking about Kyland wanting to control everything.

DF – I have done everything Kyland wanted me to do. I’ve been there for him, Covered his tracks, Lied, manipulated, whatever to set him up.
DF – the thing for me is like I ask one simple question in reality if you have someone’s back and you are working with them then they would say OHH what the f** you think why you asking me that questions it’s stupid.

DF – like.. that was me trying to also just like.. my thing was I didn’t make up my mind I was voting you out because you asked me to no Alyssa/SB you. There was a possibility because I made a deal but I don’t know yet. I have to make sure that deal I made is solidified. So when I had a conversation with him it was like.. I’M VULNERABLE.
DF – like what the f** you mean..

11:48 am Xavier and DF.
X – why would you tell her that before the veto?
DF – She knows I had to
X – why would you tell her that before the veto..
DF – Listen the reason why I told her that is because I want her to go for it.
X – she’s going of rit no matter what.
DF – I need my conscious and because of how you checked me last night I did something wrong.
X – what happens if KY wins what do you think she will tell him?
DF – she’s not
X – if you are confident in that I am to
DF – she’s not Keep in mind Ky knows about our final 3.
DF brings up how Kyland said in the storage room that when he was in the same spot DF was he waited until after the veto to ask him about their agreement.
DF says he did nothing wrong
X isn’t happy with all the talk DF is doing pre veto.
X – in the future when we say stuff it has to stay here..
DF – is he still about the holy BB or no?
X – I believe YES. Right now you are overthinking and you are talking like we gotta.. I’m telling you. we said it last night talking too much game can backfire.
DF – I know
X – you are getting caught up in that we have to stay calm and see how this veto goes.
DF – I was in such a good position then him got me scrambled he got me all over the place.
X – breathe.. let’s see how the veto goes. You are not going home this week but talking too much game is how yo might end up going home and I don’t want that to happen.

12:22 pm

1:08 pm BIGD is possibly the most active all season

2:10 pm Study/sleeping

2:41 pm Trying to play cards and study days.
DF – he’s (Ky) is just hanging by himself
X – go up there and bring him down here.
DF – I’m trying to give him time
X – what do you mean give him time
DF – usually when he was by himself I would check up on him and make sure he’s ok
X – so do that
X – you got to remember that he could win veto..
DF – I know that.. I’m just trying to give him time
X – I think you have though

DF makes the epic journey upstairs to talk to Ky

Ky – how are you
DF – I’m okay.. I’m better.. feel a little weird.
DF – I want to give you space and not bother you and WHAT NOT
DF – the number one person I trust I like thought I hurt their feelings.. it sucks
Ky – I’m sorry you feel upset.. it’s okay
DF _ I feel like shit.. I feel like you trust me and now you don’t.. damn the number one person you trusted with your game like you just slapped them in the face you know
KY – I think that.. I think intention still matters I understand where you are coming from. I don’t feel.. I dunno I just don’t hold onto things that way..
DF – I get that.. I don’t want it to come off as selfish or if I’m trying to game you by making you feel some way. If the kid wins Veto and he decides to take me THANKS. If he doesn’t it’s fine. like I don’t want it to feel like it’s uhh .. uhh you have to do this .. you know.. that’s whay I didn’t want that’s what I was getting at.
Kyand stretches.. Says his sleep was deeper than he planned.
DF – it is what it is.. we’ll leave it alone. All our games are in each other’s hands.. until someone wins the golden power of veto and whatnot..
Ky – FACTS.. very true..
DF – my mindset was.. you know that’s why you know .. even though I’m keeping Azah calm and WHAT not I’m setting her up to know. Hey, there is the possibility you know.. if I receive the power of veto then I’m sending you home. My mindset has always been the holy BB is going to the final 3.

DF says a problem he’s had with his friends is he’ll give them ultimatums. “it’s been a problem in my friendships in the past years”
DF – I end up on my part ruining a friendship because of things like that
Ky – gotcha.. gotcha…
DF – instead of not looking at how this might come off or how this might say… excuse me Sound
Df – you know when you do that with someone you’ve trusted for so long it’s like F***K like what are you saying what are you doing.. it’s like me not thinking of your feelings when you always think of mine. That was selfish of me but I’m going to leave it alone cause we have a veto comp at some point today. I just want to see if you want to study. If you are where if you have anything you want to vent.
Ky – I just want to stay feeling good I’m sorry you’re not feeling good.. I want to think more in terms of the comp umm.. I would like to say I also.. I want to make some toast do you want to go downstairs to make some toast? (WTF)
Ky gets up

DF puts on his sunglasses.. “you want to make some toast get something to eat.. I’m trying to figure out my card game so I can possibly play some cards..
Ky – A card game by yourself?
DF – NO.. I’m getting spades and rummy mixed up.
They head downstairs..

3:37 pm DF to Kyland
DF – Ky area we still going to hang out with me afterwards?
Ky – YEAH. What do you mean?
DF – I don’t know if you were done with me completely
Ky – I don’t know why you would say that..

4:06 pm Azah spills protein all over the couch


BIGD shakes the protein

4:25 pm They’ve realized no Veto today.
DF – damn I thought it was today

4:36 pm
Azah is making food for everyone as the cookout guys talk about WHAT NOT

5:10pm Living room. Azah, Xavier and Big D are sitting around chatting about past events of the season.

Azah – he is going to take the person that he feels will like yeah will go on with the deal with him that will take him if he presents that option to them. So that still leaves the … between me and you to win that veto. Big D – and I am telling you now straight up ..he is going to pick you. I promise you. I promise you. Xavier – so he picks her and its me, her and him in the final .. who is she taking? Big D – you. Xavier – you think he don’t know that? Big D – no. Azah – unless he would offer me a deal. Big D – correct. Azah – and unless I don’t take that deal.. then he would take you. Big D – correct. That is what I am getting at. I can’t take no deal from him because of the fact that he …because he probably feels as though .. because me and X made an agreement in the beginning that we would .. we were going to you know… look out for each other. He can’t risk that. He needs to take someone that doesn’t have any deals. Xavier – I truly think its a toss up. Big D – okay.

5:50pm Azah is now back to cooking dinner.

6:20pm Havenot room. Kyland talking to himself about how they got to this point in the game. We all had to bring each other to the six .. and at six I had a choice. I had two choices.

6:40pm – 7pm Bedroom – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – X, I am losing it! I am deteriorating. I am falling a part! X – what do you mean you’re deteriorating? Big D – I see my game literally going… I’ve put in so much work! X – you’ve got to stop talking! Xavier – I think you got caught up this week talking way too much game. You’re saying things and doing things that you don’t have to do. And I don’t know why you’re doing it but you don’t have to. Big D – I just went upstairs and talked a little bit with Ky. I had it setup perfectly where both of those two were going to take me to the final two… and now I don’t know what the f**k she is going to do and what he is going to do. And now I feel like F**K! Xavier – That is why I’ve been trying to figure out why you’ve been doing so much god damn talking. Big D – I am so mad at myself. I put in so much work and now it comes down to.. do I have potential with you .. yes. But now I am f**ked! Xavier – Don’t say sh*t until after the veto. You were having conversations as if we had already had the veto .. I am like what are you doing? You’re smarter than this. Xavier – like I am truthfully waiting to see what happens with the veto. You just told her that you had spoken with me and you had spoken with him. How would that make her feel more comfortable? Big D – I know that.. because I had said that I was going to prepare Azah for a potential chance for me to vote her out. Xavier – you’re taking yourself into a hole and I don’t know why you’re doing it. Game talking .. you just need to take a break. Its not helping.

7:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:30pm Still blocked..

7:43pm The feeds return with Ky and Big D talking at the kitchen table.

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Just heard POV is a eating contest and Big D won .lol

Big Brother 23 Fan

Give them a slop eating contest and Derek F still couldn’t win!


The fact that he’s been on slop but I’ve never seen him eat it leaves me to believe that they were feeding him in the DR.

Houka Inumuta

I wish Kyland will win this POV


Houka, for the first time ever, I agree with you 100%. Production has already directed Couch and Azah to evict Ky (if they accidentally win veto), so that X has the easy win. I would LOVE to see Ky foil that plan. Unfortunately, the comp is not being broadcast live, so production can ensure that anyone other than Ky wins it.

Production’s Plan:

F4 evictee – Ky (maybe they can give him an honorable mention on X’s $750k check for handing X the win many times over).

F3 evictee – Azah (she’s happy to leave in third place; never mind the thousands upon thousands of people who would give their right arm to be in the house and play the game).

F2 evictee – Couch (he will think he is robbed of the title from the jury because his masterful handiwork was so behind-the-scenes that they couldn’t see it or understand it)

Winner – Xavier (and Alyssa still won’t go out with him)




X and Alyssa are just Friends. When X first came into the house He was interested in Her but she ended up with that dude with Curly hair ( forget his name) , who got voted out early…I think X is just good @ playing people for his own benefit that’s all.


Once again, I agree with you, especially concerning Couch. I hate that he will most likely be dragged to F2. I really hate that he gets such a good edit and what not. If he wins AFP, I will be pi$$ed!

X will most likely win. Early on, he was one of my top 3 picks with Tiff leading (of course!). I admit, Kyland was up there too but only for a short while. X’s temper tantrum over Tiff, planting the seeds to oust her before F6 because Tiff is “selfish” lost me. He just took it so far it became disrespectful. What an effing hypocrite. Truth is she was first to go in 6 because the men were afraid to sit next to her in F2. They know deep down inside, whether they want to admit it or not, they made F6 because of her. (Frack you Couch!)

Azah …… no words. Okay 2 words— wasted space.


As for AFP, At first I wanted DX but then I was so impressed with Claire that I was leaning towards her. Now, there’s Tiff. I know people think she was stupid to throw her game away for the CO cause but I admire her. She knew what she was doing and it wasn’t always easy for her. Tiff was definitely frustrated at times but knew how important the mission was for her people and put that before her own personal need. Tiff is anything but selfish. I don’t think she always got the best edit.

I know BB is a game and the goal is to win but there comes a time when one has to or needs to stand for the greater good. This was overdue. (Yes, I’m well aware TPTB have a heavy hand in manipulating the game. It’s been that way for years.)

You know what else is overdue? A season of strong, smart and athletic women who will stick together to oust the men.


100 percent – well said Cujo!

BB fan

Xavier and Kyland deserve to be in the final two. I understand that they’re not that likable at times I get it trust me. However, there’s no other way around it they both have played the best game this season.
Kyland completely owned Hannah and Tiffany this past week and made so many big moves winning two vetoes and solidifying a deal with Azah during his HOH to keep himself off the block and and as well keeping both of those guys safe last night when won the veto and used it to keep X safe.
This past week for Kyland was a hell of a week for that completely ruined Hannah and Tiffany’s games. With what he did this past week Kyland if he’s able to make it to the final two and win another competition he really has made some arguments on why he should win the game. There’s no question X and Ky deserve to be in the final 2 this season. Azah and DF deserve to be the next two evicted.


I have to agree. Nobody besides X and Ky is worthy of a vote but this entire season needs to end of disappear.


Could you answer who X is aligned with? I thought he had a deal with Kyland but now it seems he’s going to betray him for Big D? I hope he doesn’t bring Big D. He is so spoiled..

BB fan

If Xavier takes big D to final 2 over Ky.
I would vomit that would be so awful.
In all of big brother history DF has done nothing literally nothing to get this far and he’s just being dragged to the end because everybody can beat him because he’s so bad. Derek F is literally the male Victoria.


I agree & to top it off Big D has bigger boobs than me.. Bigger D shouldn’t go. He’s a spoiled big baby

Buh Bye

But the X logic he’ll spin is that he’s not ‘chosing’ BigD final 2, but rather the others made it happen with their votes. So, he had no hand in it.

Lorrene Kohnhorst

I really am rooting for Ky and Xavier for the final two, I love kys heart and the calmness of fellow Wisconsinite Xavier. Plus they are the two most deserving but I do like this final four


I don’t like X not honoring his deal with Kyland

another name

That’s the problem with most of the final 6 this season… they made so many final 4,3,2 deals that they were breaking their word no matter what move they made.
Why is X’s deal with Ky more sacrosanct than his deals with Couch or Azah?
For that matter, why was Ky’s deal with Couch and X more deserving of being honored than his deal with Hannah and Tiff? Because Tiff or Hannah would have cut him? Well, that logic seems to apply to X as well, so not an acceptable argument.
Each of them overextended to try to make sure they were covered on all sides.
There’s no actual room for pity in this, given they are all breaking their word now every time they put someone on the block or make a vote. That’s the price of treating final deals like short term arrangements. None of them have a word that has worth… so none of them deserve to have their deals honored.

The Beef

They were more loyal to the cause than they ever were to each other. For most of them, if they had a “ride or die”, it was their “pawns” and not a Cookout member, but loyalty to the cause made them cut those players. Now they’re left with people they don’t trust to try and get to the end with, and they all know they’ve all made deals of one kind or another with each other, so paranoia runs rampant amongst them, and chaos reigns supreme!

No doubt Ky and X deserve to get to the final 2 chairs, but part of me hopes Azah wins the Veto and boots Ky out the door. I know that’s not in productions game plan, but it would be a little poetic justice coming at her hands for his misogyny and smugness towards the other players. ;-)


BIG D could NOT win an eating contest either end of the story! It would just be a waste of food

Donald J Trump

He ate the competition….say it’s not so.


It was an eating while laying on a couch contest and what not!! TPTB clearly set up DF for the win.


It’s time for some new Challenges. HG’s come in knowing all of the Challenges and what order they will be played. CBS should invest in finding talent that can create something new

another name

Every time they try to invent changes and alter the flow of comps…
They get the why mess with tradition why change what we know, this comp isn’t as good as….
It’s one of those damned if you do things.


They didn’t do the slip-and-slide or the hide-and-go-veto challenges this year. And Couch claims they made no accommodations in the comps for him. GTFOH.


NO! YOU GTFOH!! I made a general statement about BB needing new comps and you rant about something totally unrelated to what I was talking about, idiot


My GTFOH comment was directed towards DF, not you. I should have made that more clear.


I am so sorry. I apologize. I thought you were talking to me.


No problem. I re-read my post and I can see how it could have come across that way. We’re all good. :-)


We are good.


Haha. Yeah. I could tell you missed misinterpreted her comment.




They did new challenges. The balance beam maze, all the high roller ones…that’s all I can think of right now. There was more they didn’t do like face morph, slip and slide, hide and go.


Right, but they still need more brand new Challenges


The Couch is so damn useless…

I hope Kyland wins Veto and votes his big lazy ass out!

Houka Inumuta

Prey to the BB gods. I predict that Kyland is leaving this week since a few mouths ago and I’m usually never wrong.

BB fan

You said this whole last week that Hannah was going to win HOH during the Double and send Xavier out the door lol

Houka Inumuta

I also said that Kyland is leaving this Thursday too

The Beef

AND you were wrong!


Houka is famous on here for getting all their predictions wrong…just ignore them lol

Donald J Trump

The look on Hannah’s face when Azah told her she was getting nominated and her pitiful begging was priceless….bye Felicia, I mean Hannah! LOL

Trump lost

Suprised with a username like that you would still be watching with only minorities left.


Bagdad Bob is that you?

The Beef


another name

Thoughts on Azah’s HOH.
So she wants to claim she played as honest a game as possible and was true to her word and values.
I still say that ANY time you have to promise safety in the future to an HOH before they’ve made nominations because they’ve told you that you are an option to nominate… those promises are invalid because they are made under duress.
So. Successfulness? For the storyline and for X it was a very successful HOH.
For Azah?
Let’s play a game.
Let’s play Scenarios.
Azah puts up the two men she is well aware are working together. She lied when she said they aren’t. This is a known. So. Azah noms the alphadogs of the season.
Hannah and Couch are staying put. Even with Ky winning the veto, one of Ky or X leaves? Or does Hannah still leave? Her position in the game doesn’t change regardless.
Best case for her, Azah has clear sailing to final 3. Why? Hannah is going after the men, the men are after Hannah. Bigger threat. Worst case for her: She’s on the block and being told she’s going if she doesn’t win veto… oh. so… NOW.

Reality of why this wasn’t done?
Storyline. X and Ky have been freely making demands and complaints to production in d/r since early in the game without ramification. That makes them the goldenones. They are the Grodboys. That’s why.
Does her reasoning / move work in terms of her story? NO.
Does her HOH work in terms of THE story? Yes.
Like many other moves this season, they make sense for the storyline that has been brewing since week one, but make no sense for what the particular individual has been saying since about week 3 or 4. This is the flaw in the storyline that hasn’t been working for me. I’m having to deny what I know from feeds to believe what houseguests do once they have the ability to do something.
This is where I’m saying that in terms of the story making sense, they’ve fallen short in order to make sure they get the mea culpa mission completion in the trilogy of 21-23 as a stand alone story arc.


Somewhere in America, Cliff and Nicole A. are thankful that they are no longer responsible for the worst F5 move in BB history (when they voted to evict Tommy and keep Holly). Azah’s F5 move is now the worst in BB history and I can’t imagine anyone ever taking that title away from her.

another name

Azah’s move failure goes back much further. The problem with staying in bed and expecting everyone to bring the game to you? You miss so much of the game that you aren’t really playing. Therefore, given power you act off what you’ve been told, not what you should know.
Once they started rapid succession earworming a target list that had all the women leaving in a big lump, Azah already knew she was on borrowed time as the useless layup.
Her move was stupid, but so in keeping with her character. Another woman needs to win houseguest that does absolutely EVERYTHING to screw other women over and kiss up to the men. It’s a really long line.
Truthfully, Cliff and Nica are still dumber.
Getting rid of the woman you never trusted and barely considered part of your alliance to please the men is smarter than keeping a showmance together. It just is.

Houka Inumuta

(((((((((((((((((((Violins and organs playing in the background.))))))))))))

(holding a box of tissues and crying)

I want to hold a memorial in honor of Kyland Scott Young who played a fantastic game. When I first read your Bio I knew you were special when you said that you would bring the Black Panther necklace I knew you were one to watch. I enjoying hearing you talk about Power Rangers and Superheroes. The costumes you dress up as were awesome and you will be solely missed when you get voted out at final 4. You were my favorite member of the cookout. The jury can’t tell that you are playing a great game but I can. I wish you were on another season with people that can respect you and be willing to give you the win.

Just know you leaving at 4th place is a big accomplishment. You are a hero to all the nerds that have been watching you. Superman, Batman, Wonder Women, Captain America, Spiderman, Black Panther, Iron Man, Aquaman, Black Widow, Ant-man, Hawkeye, Falcon, Winter Solider, The Flash, Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Deadpool, Fantastic 4 and Green Lantern all are proud of you and what you done for comic book fans everywhere. I know you probably don’t know Luffy, Goku or Naruto but I’m sure they will cheer for you too.

You won the most comps for far and stayed loyal to 5 other people and even tried to save Sarah Beth few times when your alliance wanted her out.

For your honor I’m not going to follow Big Brother until your out September 24. I’m going to post your top 10 moments on that day.

Keep on eating Popcorn and watching Oscar winning movies you deserve it for playing the best game in the house.


I have to admit Houka — I sort of missed seeing more posts from you this year. That ^^^ hit the spot :-)


Houka is ALWAYS more entertaining than the show. I still wish they’d have Houka as a contestant.

Miss Impression

Raven would never be proud of him!She would see through his duplicity and expose him for the villain he is.


That was great. Thanks.

moaning myrtle

With apologies to San Diego Gal, TT.. another name who have said this in a clever , more knowledgeable ( please read their posts for insightful game comments and thoughts) but yeah, ugg.. We all KNOW X will win, but his explanation on the Cookout on CBS Thursday night was trite and not insightful as Tiffany was IMO. He did n’t seem to know what to say because He wasn’t the author the this book called The Cookout, Tiffany was. My disgust is ( and yeah I knew it was coming) Azah and Big D making it this far Yes Azah is lovely person, stunning looking, young woman etc.. but I as another name said ” she has been a” humungous” disappointment – a waste of space for a person really wanting to play the game. She talked about wanting a woman to win but she played a large role in voting them out because she allowed the men to lead her- and she is happy about it. She is happy about being 4th or whatever they tell her. Just ugg. and Big D he gets such a good edit ( X) too I just can’t.. watch and listen to him with his his “I deserve to be in F3” Excuse me Big D what color is the sky in your world? Like others others I ‘m out. I could not stomach watching these 4. I looking forward to a good jury house conversation on finale night, that’s all that interest me and maybe Kyland coming to the realization he is no Cody which is why he is playing the game he is because he things he will be invited back and win- Ky KNOWS he stands know chance against X when they both sit in the final 2 but he has a movie playing in his head how this will play our for him. SB was it worth it after all? Why wasn’t Ky taken to task for his comments to Tiffany’s son when he does his camera talks .. Folks who post here: I will miss all of your comments thanks for keeping it real..


X knows what the Cookout means and why it needed to exist. He was BORN knowing. X is very calculated and he chooses his words wisely. He knows they are STILL playing the game and does not know what sound bytes will get back to the jury. Tiffany came up with the strategy of how to execute and get to their goal but the idea of the Cookout is something that was inbred in them from experience. Yes, I am disappointed in Azah for putting a nail in her coffin. Overall no matter who wins out of the remaining players, they will all still be proud. I am sure they will take care of each other after the show. It is also HILARIOUS that you are so angry that floaters have made it to the end. And? How is that a new phenomena??? I too cringe when I hear Big D overinflate his importance. He is not the first and won’t be the last. I also WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Another Name when he said Azah laid in bed all season and expected the game to be brought to her. She put herself in a position where she didn’t have a real clue about the house. She had to be told every week what to think and how to vote. This is also nothing new. I understand that you like others can’t stomach to watch the final shows or the last of the live feeds but I guarantee you will be keeping with who won and it will make history. I love this blog and I am sending my donation now ?


OMG you just gave me an epiphany Moaning Myrtle… Ky is playing this game like he’s a contestant on the Bachelorette — Stand out enough to get home towns, overnight date & even to F2 —- BUT not well enough to win — just enough to make an impression on the public so then he gets asked to come back but this time not as a supporting player but as the STAR of the next Bachelor. That way the show & plot will be tailored to him. He’ll gain fame, recognition & be even more known b/c it’s his second time in the public eye & best of all he gets to win the big prize.

I may be wrong though — I’m on a 36 hour non stop between here & NBA articles so I might just need sleep lol.


That always happens JC was carried to the final 3 because they know they can beat him whenever they want. If the deserving always stayed Christian would still be there.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Kyland is toast if he doesn’t win this veto……I’m sure he’ll be well received in jury haha…..they really can just take us out of our misery & end the season this coming week , listening to Couch snore and fart all w/e……yay

Houka Inumuta

He’s not winning Veto. All the data shows he’s leaving. I’m an professional when it comes to data and rate for the bb houseguest


sounds like Brent talk…lol


I wish another network would pickup this show. CBS is only interested in their agenda.

another name

Yeah…. another network tried.
Remember Utopia?

another name

oh… I ‘m so sorry that happened to you. I wouldn’t wish the glass house on anyone.


Omg. Utopia imploded almost immediately.


Did you noticed that some of these comps X or some other of the cookout new what comp was coming? Like the comic one , otev. Etc. wtf? I know there was more. Not sure.

another name

Usually Hannah would come out of D/R with an “insight” as to what comp was coming up.
However, during some of the feedblocks, they sometimes do technical run throughs for comps. Sort of like simplified version practice runs.


When all else fails,… hey you wanna make some toast! Lol


If X wins veto does he keep noms the same?


Yep, he keeps noms the same and directs Couch to evict Ky. No blood on his hands. Another HG does the dirty work for him once again.


I’m not sure he’ll trust Big D to do that now – I mean DF is afraid of X so maybe — but I wonder if he would have to pull down Azah in order to ensure Ky leaves & use that gesture to try to cement a F2 with her on the outside chance the sky falls & she wins Part II & Part III of the final HOH.


While I was getting my NBA stuff done I had Rob Has a Podcast recap show from last night on in the background. It’s worth catching for BB (and Tiff) stans especially.

During this broadcast Taran put into words what my brain fog wasn’t able to clearly communicate earlier this week about the Misogyny Brothers. The quartet on this episode recap pod are 3 men/1 woman and all 4 feel the CO men have operated in a misogynistic fashion & tried to dictate the narrative of Tiff as inconsequential.

Anyway this one segment of the pod (& specifically the comment by Taran) summed it up nicely:

Taran is discussing Tiff’s classy exit & expounding on why she is an analysts dream to cover. He says she played sort of like Eric Stein (no wonder I liked her — I loved him too). He says it doesn’t mean even without the CO she would’ve won the season or was the best player (though they are calling her that) but noted once she made the decision to honor the CO she was playing with her hands tied behind her back.

The others are pitching in on how they loved her strategic mind & that she played with no fear which then leads to this…

Kirstin: “The men of the CO have decided in their minds that the narrative of the season is that they created the CO that THEY are the ones that get credit for the history that was made this season. That Tiff & the other women in the alliance first weren’t doing enough & and then I guess were doing too much. And that doesn’t help the situation for Tiffany either, there wasn’t a whole lot she could do” (once they cemented their thoughts on that – & stuck to being angry at F8 HOH).

Pooya: Tips in saying essentially the men were looking for a reason to target her & then used the F8 HOH as the definitive reason why. He calls the entire situation ridiculous b/c it still accomplished what they wanted & them blowing up Tiff winning & going against them– “It’s fiction!”

Taran: Explains why the CO men were purposely downplaying how much Tiff affected in the game/refuse to acknowledge how good she was … “When the men of the CO say THEY are the most deserving & that’s why, NOT B/C SHE’S A BIG THREAT — that that’s why she’s less deserving than us, she has done less than us to get us here it AT BEST EXPOSES THEIR IGNORANCE of the game that they were a part of, and at worst — says much worse things about them!

Rob: tips in saying too many fans, analysts, media have witnessed the season (he means live feeds) or caught recap shows so they know & have the tea.

I mean Rob has a point as the evidence continues to mount. For example: the convo between Big D/X re target shift to Ky. Big D is trying to argue against it & not wanting to keep Azah – b/c what if she wins (he’s trying to carefully navigate saying he doesn’t want to sit beside a girl. X lays out how it’ll be easier for them to beat her in Part I & II of finale & DF tries to push X that he can beat Ky too (side note: DF is so used to being dragged through this game, part of every argument always comes back to the alphas winning or throwing him the comp). Anyway – it becomes clear DF has no clue how the Final HOH is played – he thought all of them played in both parts (I can’t – why is he in this house?).

It’s crazy to me that Big D was in almost as good of a situation as X & with this move (taking out Ky) would be in a GUARANTEED F2 spot – but he’s fighting it. I do wonder if this current tif (pun intended) between him & Ky is somewhat manufactured to create the drama so he has a reason to evict him (b/c X is hoping to win POV & then have Big D be the one who evicts him).

another name

Well, are we surprised, really?
The cookout men have been devaluing the women of the house at best, and thinking of them as NPC cuddle candy or bitches all season.
However, this isn’t the first season where the game roles of women have been categorized as such. If two players, one male and one female play exactly the same game, it is FAR more likely that the male will be lauded as a mastermind, and the woman as a manipulative bitch. There is a comfort level that a large portion of the viewership has not reached when it comes to male / female egalitarianism.
There’s a double standard. A very noticeable double standard.
The bb’s of this year (both can and us) have made that double standard very clear.


No, I’m not surprised.

Yesterday we got to see just how much Tiff WAS DOING & the holes in X’s game. The majority of this season Tiff was the one managing/influencing people. X/Big D aren’t willing to acknowledge that fact and yesterday showed the weakness in all their games.

While X lied in the weeds waiting for F6 working everyone in the CO – Tiff/Han were working on getting the 6 to F6. So X was able to start painting a target on Tiff (regardless of how ridiculous his reason was or that Ky ignored WHY X was pushing for that to happen).

We got confirmation yesterday that he did intend on bringing Ally deeper in the game when he tells Big D you’re my #1 but Ally was my #2. Read: she was his real #1 b/c then he’d have 5 CO votes. We already presumed this but that chat confirmed it. It also explains why he got so incensed at Tiff even when Claire left. WHY? B/c after a week+ of ranting about Tiff’s disloyalty/selfishness he painted himself in a corner unless Ally won F7 HOH.

Yesterday exposed them all, especially mastermind Big D who was blowing up his game left & right. He initially implied to Azah she was going (he’d have to cut her) then shifted back saying I’ve decided I’ll cut Ky. Hey mastermind – now Azah can go to Ky & tell him the trio (b/c X was in the room) discussed cutting you if any of us won & tell him Big D specifically said he was definitely cutting you!

DF didn’t stop there as he also confirmed he wasn’t sure that X wouldn’t cut him so now Ky will go into veto KNOWING he has to win & b/c of that chat Ky is now suggesting to X if he wins POV to take him off the block so he can evict Azah. Suffice to say X was wearing holes in the carpet pacing yesterday.

The irony is rich for X who is receiving his just dessert for claiming Tiff was too emotional, unpredictable, and disloyal b/c she’d NEVER do anything remotely close to what Big D did yesterday. X had everyone CATERING to his every whim and seldom had to be the one stirring the pot. All he needed to do was nail down Big D saying keep things chill if Azah or Ky ask you what you’ll do just say we’re solid – make them feel comfortable & we’ll deal with next steps after POV.

To that end, X also F’d up by not taking his own advice. By telling Big D he wanted to cut Ky BEFORE the POV was played & now if Ky wins POV it means Big D can tell him at F3 – remember how panicked I was last week? Well it’s b/c X told me he wanted to cut you & keep Azah!

It’s all so messy b/c these little nuances are the things Tiff did so well but X is showing he’s not the ‘gamer’ he’s proclaimed. Now he’ll have to question whether he can trust Big D to do what he wants & has no choice but to cut Ky (if he doesn’t win) b/c everything is out. The one positive for X is he can try to form a F2 w/Azah exposing Big D wanting her out (even at F5 if Hannah won). I mean we are dealing with Azah who doesn’t go back on her word but it could work since DF already blew that up before F5 HOH telling her he’d have to put her OTB & couldn’t guarantee he’d keep her if she was sitting beside either guy.

This is why I really wanted Big D & Azah cut at F6/F5 b/c what we’re getting is diminished game play instead of the 4 best players going at each other.


Very well said! Tiffany played a similar game as Derek the cop of season 15 (except she lost), but he was considered as one of the best BB players in history and she was viewed as an aggressive she-devil. The double standards in the BB fanbase are sickening.


Taran’s statement was SPOT ON about the CO guys taking all the credit because they actually believe that they are more deserving. I cannot think of a single time this entire season that any of the CO guys have said something positive about Tiffany. She was the strategist, yet they attempt to steal her glory while trashing her at the same time.

As for Couch not wanting to cut Ky, that one had me shaking my head as well. It did not surprise me one iota that X wants to cut Ky, despite Ky pledging his allegiance to X many times over. But Couch is so insanely fixated on the possibility that he would have to sit next to a female in F2 because of “all those girls” in the jury (as if the entire female gender is uniform in thought and opinion), that he’d rather keep the competitor over the lampshade. In the end, Couch is gonna do what X tells him and make his big move to evote Kyland, after X wins the veto and keeps noms the same, of course. Couch will get 2nd place and proclaim himself the new school Dr. Will. He’ll be expecting calls from BB24 to host comps and lead the jury roundtable. He’s in for a rude awakening.


I am rooting for Kyland to win the POV because DF is annoying me with his “I deserve to be in the Final 2”


Same here! Sadly, if Kyland wins veto, he’ll evict Azah and we will STILL have the Couch. But knowing that X is planning to take Couch to F2, I’m rooting for Ky to win this veto and win the Final 3 Part 2 HOH. Ky will bring X and lose to him in F2, but at least both Ky and X deserve to be in F2.


OMG – I hadn’t even thought of that. Can you imagine? The combination of Ky being blindsided combined with the hamsters trying not to laugh as Big D says live “I sadly evote Kyland.” (LMFAO).

Buh Bye

Yeah. How dare Tiffany win HOH and take out her +1 Claire as was the plan if one of the ‘men’ would’ve won. She’s the devil. SMH


I’ve been asking that same question…why was DF ever chosen to be in the house? I still stand by my original prediction that he will be the scripted winner.

another name

special aftermath and HOH episode has just started.
It’s the moved to Friday the 17th episode on the schedule.

Me… I’m going to go make a pizza. hmmm… maybe a pizza tika masala….


Which means the Reminiscing episode along with one of the parts of the 3 part final competition is next Friday. I had forgotten that the Emmys were Sunday. It makes no sense to me that Azah was being grumpy over X being taken off the block

another name

It’s because Ky did it.
Azah knew the men were working together, but X and Couch both swore to her they weren’t. It’s the played for a fool because she believed them part she’s grumpy about.
I’m surprised Ky didn’t push for a tie vote in order to completely rub it in Azah’s face.
I’m thinking he wanted to.


Oh yeah, he definitely wanted to… but X didn’t want that and X always gets what he wants. It’s pathetic how Azah and Ky are both trying to out-do each other in losing to X.


Ok, tonight’s episode is the one that would have happened Sunday. The edit using DR makes it seem as if Azah was fully lying to Hannah


I think Azah was lying to Hannah. Sadly, Azah never had any intention of working with Hannah. She never really accepted Hannah as part of the CO. Azah wanted to be the last female and go to F4 with the guys. She’s happy to leave at 4th. The only reason for her tears is because Ky used the veto and she was embarrassed on national television for not being fully in control of her HOH. She recovered from her trauma quickly and snuck up to X’s HOH room where she groveled for his attention.


At this point, I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not a Big D! The fact that he really thinks he deserves a seat at final 2 is beyond belief!


Wow X went right to every clue, then guess they were telling him he was being obvious so he changed the finger print


All the whining about the male CO and how th

another name

You think X loses next to either of the layabouts?
That’s… no.
Every interview. Every visit for episodes.
X is respected for his game, and the clear winner if he gets to final 2 against anybody.
And I don’t like him. So, that admission isn’t because of some fan crap.
Ky is no poor victim. Also don’t like him… so again, not fan crap.

Chess seems to be the analogy of the season. So, You have the chance to check and mate in two moves, or you can take out a pawn and wait, giving your opponent a chance. What do you do?
You put them in checkmate. Every. Time.


Kyland leaving the fridge open…FOOOREVER?!!!! Is this driving anyone else crazy? Or am I just that old? Lol

another name

if the cam stops on the open fridge door while he walks away (it has twice today), it’s not just you.


Does Ky know that X is trying to cut him?
Also, when did the nominations happen?

another name

Noms happened before cams returned after the taped double eviction. About an hour after cams returned Couch said he wasn’t on the block.
This likely means that the double occurred on Wednesday real time, With the new HOH comp either taking place late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning (Azah said she only got 4 hours sleep), with noms happening Thursday afternoon so that they could have everything edited and ready for the special Friday episode.

Donald J Trump

X should man up and go to final 2 with Ky and let the jury decide which is the “best” man to win. If X takes D or A he deserves to get played by the jury and lose…btw, he’s a lawyer and everyone is quite aware of their reputation

Game fan

He can go with a sure win . Why would he pass that. There is nothing manly in making a stupid move in a game for 75,000$

Game fan

Oh – ho , he would get ky’s vote.
And actually after seeing britini in jury – X is probably winning with unamusly.
Azah might vote big D but I’m not sure
Against ky – sb might vote for ky , that’s it.