Big D “My game is literally in the hands of 3 other individuals because I don’t have the track record of winning things.”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Kyland and Azah are on the block. By the way, the houseguests are talking it sounds like the veto competition is today. Kyland and DF have had a bit of a falling out. it’s consuming most of the conversations this morning. The gist of it is DF went to Kyland and asked about their final 3/2 and Kyland’s reply didn’t make DF feel good about it. Starting to sound like Kyland is the preferred target this week. BIGD is starting to spiral camera is spending a lot of time on him..

10:00 am Houseguests waking up. Everyone keeping to themselves.

11:05 am Chilling

11:15 am Pacing

11:21 am – 11:50 am X and Ky
X – everyone is just chillin
Ky – I’m still going over the days
X – I feel like if I keep going over them it’s f**ing with my head
Ky – I know ..
X – I’m done..
Ky – what more could I possibly know.. You know what I’ve been doing this past couple hours? Going over the pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Ky – what’s the name of the captain of the flying dutchman.. the dude. the tentacle dude..
X – Ohh .. was it Davey jones.
Ky says the first pirates of the Caribbean was a “film classic”
Ky – the first one was a true modern classic
Xavier says he wants to act in the next Indian jones “Add some diversification”
Ky brings up the Indiana Jones scene where Jones shot an Arabian swordsman.

Xavier talks about going to Applebees with his boys, having a couple of beers, and playing trivia.
Ky says there are no Applebees in LA.

Ky – what’s your daily schedule like?
X – I will wake up.. Usually, I try to eat a full breakfast I’ll go work out.. If I have a venue to work at that day those start … if it starts at noon then I’ll wake up early and work out. I need to be there about 11:30-11:45.. if the event doesn’t start until 3 or 4 I have more time I work out at 10..
They continue to talk abotu sports, routines, etc..

11:24 am – Noon Studying

12pm HOH room. Xavier is pacing back and forth studying the days / events of the season

12:15pm Living Room. Big D talking to the cameras about BB life.
Big D – This game is ups and downs. It is really hard because you have trust people and you have to pray that all the relationships you have made that got you here and you have to hope that they continue because someone like me who wishes they could be a comp beast hasn’t won anything. And my game is literally in the hands of three other individuals because I don’t have the track record of winning things when I am back up into the corner so I am trying to make it to that top three .. you know my goal was top five, now its top three. When you watch this show it is completely different from when you’re watching it. It looks easy. Time of your life. You will have fun but it is very stressful. Very emotional and you definitely go for a long ride that you were not expecting and the longer you’re here the more and more emotional and crazy it gets so there are times when you might not sleep well. There are times when your mind is racing and you don’t know what to do but you have to remember its a game. Nothing is personal even though you guys can get to know each other personal while you’re here .. and you have to be prepared for anything. Expect the unexpected. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Big D – being here so long it is crazy, emotionally crazy. Just trying to find your way to get to top three and what is also best for your game. You also have to take into consideration what is best for other peoples games too. Even though I wasn’t nominated on the block, it still comes down to a veto competition because whoever wins that veto will be the solo vote to decide who gets evicted and who makes it to top three… so it is nerve wracking. There is really not much I can do but try to play for the veto but when you have a losing streak like I do .. and you’re going against 3 tough competitors .. really my game is in their hands.

12:38pm The live feeds are blocked for the veto competition..

2:27pm Still blocked..

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Big D “My game is literally in the hands of 3 other individuals because I don’t have the track record of winning 
What game?


Yeah.. & he’s not even studying ? Could you remind me whoever wins the veto.. does that include the HOH? Do you think it would be wrong if Xavier breaks his deal to Kyland?

another name

All four play in veto.
If X wins, he can choose to keep noms the same, in which case Couch is the sole vote, or he can use the veto and THAT person becomes the sole vote.


Yes X better not break his deal with ky ,he better win veto now. He’s my fave now

Not Sorry


L. Bodi

No only 1person can win. And x payed it very smart as ky has turned on some. We will see. Cause I’m not sure ky would take down x if roles was reversed. Everyone for themselves now.


That’s how retarded he is, he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. Pretty sad if you ask me!

Another Dixie

“My game is literally in the hands of 3 other individuals because I don’t have the track record of winning things.”And whose fault is that? The idea of this game is to actually play it, not spend the time vegging out on the couch or bed.


Yep. You need to actually have a game for it to be in the hands of other people.

If Couch manages to get dragged to F2 by X, which is a distinct possibility, BB is going to have to mute the jury members and cut them out of the screen to avoid showing their eruption of laughter on national television during Couch’s speech.

another name

As Couch was talking to the camera,
I almost got the feeling that at any moment Sally Struther’s voice would come over the feeds telling us for just 30 cents a day, we could sponsor a reality tv wannabe celebutard.


Thanks. Now I have the “All in the Family Theme song” in my head (with the original actor’s and actress’s voices )

Mary J Altman

OMG that is hilarious ?????


can we call BigD Meathead?


1. Couch says the game looks easy when you watch it on TV. Well, yeah, I’ve watched him spend an entire summer laying down and flapping his jaw. That looks easy.

2. If Couch deserves to be in the F2, then I deserve to be the Queen of England and inherit the Crown jewels.

3. Yes, Ky, there are Applebees in L.A. I served many tables there working my way through college.


Since Xavier won the POV, I would really be surprised if he takes Kyland off the block. He will probably take Azah down and let her vote Kyland out so that she can get the blood on her hands. But it’s not going to matter in Kyland’s eyes because KY has taken X off the block before , even though X was never in danger of being evicted.

Christime Ahrens

I like X really well and KY is not well liked with other jury members. KY took x off block and way would he not take KY off block. Azah and big d don’t win comps andadt few r hard..


I used to like all of the men, but now I don’t like any of them because in my opinion they are all misogynistic. KY did not have to take X off the block because X wasn’t in danger of being evicted. DF and KY would not have voted X out


BIG D IS NOT A MAN, inside info


I understand that alot of men are misogynistic but women need to come together to stop men from putting one against another. Azah didn’t have to put Hannah on the block but she did it b/c she believed in all the lies X and KY have been feeding her. Stop allowing yourself to being brainwashed by men’s bsss…like women are inferior, incapable, can’t be in charge… (certain things may be true for some physical aspects of the body) but women are stronger then men overall… (Hillary could be President today if some of you didn’t believe in these nonsense). YES YOU GUYS CAN!


If by some fluke that Azah wins the final HOH and has to take Big D or Xavier, I sure hope that she will choose Big D so that she will win the game. Azah has such a huge crush on Xavier and he keeps rejecting her(I know, it’s a little sickening and pathetic), that she might just let her emotions get in the way take Xavier to the end and lose big time. This is all hypothetical and in the event that KY is evicted


It’s not about keep rejecting her, you can’t force yourself to like some1 you don’t have feelings for just to please them. That’s part of the reasons relationships and marriages don’t last these days…don’t be with some1 just b/c it’s convenient. Azah needs to learn that she’s not really royalty and that she can’t always have everything she wants.

Elizabeth Romine

I have a question?
Years ago someone used the POV and got someone off the block.
Then the HOH put the person that used the POV on the block .the got voted out.once you use the POV you have lost the coverage is that right or did the rule change.