Hannah – “It’ll be great if we take out BIGD first”

HOH: Tiffany
Secret HOH : Claire
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony: Hannah used the power of veto on Xavier. SB and Kyland remain on the block.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Sb going to be evicted very little is going on in the house. Gaming out the potential of a battle back and the boot order over the next 2 weeks rounds out the majority of game conversations.

10:30 am Wake up call

1:00 pm Chit chat about shows like “Loki” and “Too hot to handle”

2:24 pm Sb, Alyssa, Tiff, KY, Claire (Chit chat)
Chit chat.. Laughing about Brent thinking he was going to stay.
Hananh – his one on ones took less than 15 minutes he would just look at us and go (See image)
Tiff – he would go up to the room and was like.. so what are we going to call it..
“Call what”
Tiff – he was like we gotta name it.. what was it mafia?
Ky – the mafia..
They go through the motions for the mafia where they are smoking a cigar (looks like a joint)
Ky says brent would start the conversation with “I can offer you my protection”
Ky – in his most Italian voice
hannah – with zero comp wins
Tiff – I was loyal to Frenchie I can be loyal to you
SB – he wasn’t loyal to Frenchie he threw him under the bus week two
Hananh – he was loyal for 2.2 days
Claire – Frenchie had no idea what he was doing in this game. I stand by what I said

2:34 pm Claire to the camera
Claire – I would like X to leave next week If Alyssa leaves that’s okay. I do want one of X or Alyssa to go
Claire says her conversation with Hannah was good yesterday got her thinking about X and BIGD potentially.
CLaire – Could hannah be playing me? potentially. I really don’t think hannah wants to take X out but she knows it’s a shot that needs to be taken.
Claire – Hannah is really smart I don’t think she’s playing me but she could be
Claire mentions that X might put her up as a pawn against Ky.
Claire – I’m worried that Azah and BIGD could be feeding each other information. They spend a lot of time talking and they do just have each other.

3:30 pm Xavier and ky are working out. Alyssa and DF watching
DF – you are using your cores cause those abs are popping.


3:34 pm Alyssa and Tiffany whispering about Sarah Beth while smacking on food hard to hear the complete conversation.
Alyssa – Shelly lives in Orlando
Alyssa says last night Sb and Kyland were whispering “She went into the coral room my eyes were open she saw and turned right around..
Tiff – where was he (ky)
Alyssa – didn’t see him
They talk about wanting to read the letter SB got when she won HOH.
Alyss a- I want to read it so bad
Tiffany – me too
Alyssa – it’s in the closest right there
Alyssa – there’s no way it was sexual.
Tiffany agrees. SB joins them Chi chat.. Hannah joins them says her parents are 60’s.

Tiffany – I got a hangover.. I’m just high on life..
Chit chat…

3:57 pm Tiff and Hannah (Hannah continually speculates about the battle backs)
They talk about if they all had Covid they should just complete the season with them “Coughing and hacking”
Hannah says if she wins the next HOH she’ll do Alyssa. Even if Claire wins she’s not coming after her, Tiff, or Azah.
Tiff – the guys must know their odds are better if they keep Alyssa over Claire but our odds are better to keep Claire over Alyssa
Hannah – my only fear is that battle back
Tiff – we still don’t know
Hannah – the last thing I want to do is send out Alyssa and DX comes back and they end up taking two of us out before final 6
Hannah – if Brit comes back I don’t see her targeting Claire It will be Ky
Hannah – Sb is the only person that could come back and target Claire
Hannah – if Claire or Sb come back I see them both going after Alyssa and Vice versus.. which means Alyssa would be our shield, Weapon, and buffer.

Tiff – then maybe we should keep her
Hannah – if the 6 of us can’t beat her for that HOH then she deserves to stay
Tiff – I think so, Yeah
feeds cut.. when we’re back more endless speculating who to put up next to Alyssa, X or Ky.
Tiff – Claire will wonder why Ky is going home
Tiff asks her how she feels about sending someone to the jury via a blindside
hannah – SB?
Tiff – Alyssa, SB isn’t going to feel blindsided. she’ll figure out she doesn’t have the votes to stay. When she starts to figure out it’ll be a split vote..
Hannah doesn’t think they should blindside Sb. Hannah says Alyssa likes straight-up gameplay so she will respect you telling her straight up she’s going home. If you blindside Alyssa she’ll be bitter.

They continue to discuss every permutation of battle back, order of people leaving, blah blah…
Tiff says she can’t win this next HOH.
They now talk about throwing the HOH to Ky so he can put up Claire.
Hannah says Ky is unpredictable she doesn’t want him to win that final 7 HOH “I believe he’s committed to the cookout if Ky is that last HOH and Lyssa comes down anyone is fair game”
Tiff – ok it needs to be this HOH ..
Hannah – remember the final 4 HOH is always a memory one

Hannah – it’ll be great if we take out BIGD first
Tiff – he got his MOney
Hannah – exactly that’s all he came for
Hannah – what will be ideal if one of us wins we take out BIGD if X wins that next HOH he takes out Ky. He’s then illegible to play in the final HOH. It would be you, me, and Azah in that final HOH.
Tiff – we need to do that
Hannah – the first part of that HOH (final hoh) I will throw it to you. You can win endurance.. I win the second part then it’s me and you in the final

5:45 pm Claire, Hannah and Tiff
They will tell Sweet Sarah Beth that the votes just aren’t there before the Vote on Thursday.
Claire saying that X will be way harder to get out than Alyssa.

6:30 pm a
on one feed you have DF out of breathe while he makes dinner. on the other feed, you have SB saying this.
Sarah Beth to Ky – YOu have your retainer in?
Sarah Beth – it’s so cute..
Alyssa – what’s cute
Ky’s – retainer
Alyssa – his retainer’s cute?
SB – Mmhmmm

6:31 pm Feeds cut..

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another name

Just because the house lives in foregone conclusion land….
Alyssa for HOH and let it be slip and slide with an immunity option like in season 14 won by Claire.
But just for fun.


At this point, I’m fully expecting the CO to throw the slip-n-slide to DF. It will be like BB19 when Xmas won Ready, Set, Go with a broken foot. (Claire & Alyssa will go for the little bucket that wins safety, but X or Ky will beat them to it).


I’m sorry. Most ppl find DF highly annoying & I’m gonna get slammed for this, but I think he has his truly hilarious moments that ppl just kinda don’t get. Ok, let slams begin. I guess I don’t take any of this really seriously. Just here for the laughs & goodness knows there have been plenty . Again, don’t expect many to agree, but between these crazy folks “predicting how I’m gonna win this or that” (huh?) like this is a given” & Simon/Dawgs great takes, must admit I’ve been pretty entertained. As I’ve said before, beats the heck out of ppl trying to sell themselves/products on their internet sites, trying to get ppl to pay for their elaborate weddings (yeah, Fruit Loop Dingus—-talkin’ about you), ppls main goal being self-promotion (the twins) & all the other non-gameplay that started ages ago. Don’t even mind a bit about Cookout—-at least they’re playing. Ok, call me stupid, dumb, naive. I’ve enjoyed this shift back to gameplay, regardless of the outcome. The only thing is, Simon/Dawg (yeah, I’ll blame them!! Lol!) have me doing this Kraken before posts. GREAT SITE. Lotta under/unestimated work goes into it. Thanks guys!!


Thank you! We appreciate it!

Jaymie lee

I dont think there has been any game play. Its all about having the correct colour of skin this year. Voting out white people because they are nit black or have ‘culture’. But thats right it cant be racist bc its Blacks doing it. No game play only race wars thanks to my beloved Bbcan for starting it all last year. The final 2 standing up saying i only want blacks in the finals. No one batted an eye. But if a White did that the show would go off the air.


That’s because it has been WHITE people voting everyone out for the last two decades! Damn, some of you will NEVER get it. That’s cool, cause we don’t gaf. Y’all been running things forever. Note that someone else gets a chance, it’s a problem


White people have never voted or formed an alliance because of skin color??? I dare you to name a season or players who have done that. I will wait.

Ida Clark

The whites have done it forever

Jaymie lee

Name 1 White allaince started for the ‘culture’ and vite dout all the blacks one by onr. You cant. Because its not allowed. Yet its ok and Not Racist when blacks do it. Everone is supposed to pretend its not racist. So Whites are racist no arguments, but the Blacks vote out on skin colour and im told oh no they arent racist!! There doing it but get a free pass because the have tje preapproved skin colour for bb23. Lets be honest if all the chinese or indians ganged up everyone would be bitching about it being racist and not fair. But the blacks do it and eh somehow its not racist. Funny how they get a free pass


I used to feel that way sometimes, but I have kind of made a connection over time that it’s not quite right. The important piece is that you have to recognize is that black players (read: black communities) have been oppressed for decades. For a group of Big Brother players to organize a little payback is more a case of serving the same medicine than being “reverse racist” or anything like that. If you find the shoe on the other foot uncomfortable, that should give you wisdom not resentment. Big picture is what it’s all about.

Jaymie lee

Not thanks. So you agree Whites=racist automatically Blacks=not racist nothing to see here. 2 sets of rules depending on what skincolour you walk into the house with. Or as ive been told in the comments Whites=racist all the time and forever Blacks=nope not racist nothing to see here. Thanks for clearing it up.

another name

IF i’m claire…. I’m bitter AF once i reach jury that the two others i JUST MADE a final 3 with have decided I have to be evicted next.
There’s game, there’s pulling the wool, then there’s rubbing salt in the wound to be total assholes and intentionally make someone look like even MORE of a fool.
But what do I know?
New final 3: the Con Artists. Claire, Tiff, Hannah.


She can drown her sorrows with Baby D who had a F3 with Ky & SB (and that case might be worse b/c she put him up b/c Ky pushed for it).

another name

The only difference: Ky and SB didn’t know at the time they made the F3 that Dx was the next target to leave. It was during Ky’s HOH. SB was still the target of the cookout then. Tiff and Hannah had JUST agreed Claire goes next right before making he final 3.


I guess that’s kind of their point. It happened to POC players for years and they felt bitter AF too. It sucks, for sure. Nobody wants to be the sacrificial player for a greater cause. Esp. when there is so much real money on the line. It kind of just is what it is I suppose.

Jaymie lee

How about no one ‘owes’ all Black alliance nothing. How about just play the game. Dont come in thinking you are owed anything play the game like its always been played dont be a victim expecting a trophy for having the correct skin colour.

The Beef

So sick of hearing this shit. Now we have POC that were made “final 3’s” during the middle stages of the game (I thought all POC were always voted out first?) and screwed over by white people who were getting ready to vote them out because of their race. Is there ANYTHING somebody can point out that happens as wrong, and in this case clearly pretty stupid, that somebody else will not immediately respond to and self righteously exclaim “That’s been happening to POC players for 20 years now!”? I’d ask you to point out exactly which POC this happened to, but since I know you’re just talking out of your ass and have no idea who that person may or may not be, I won’t waste my time.

Besides, another name wasn’t even being critical of the CO, or saying anything about race or prejudice. He was just saying how STUPID it was of them to make a final 3 with somebody they intend to evict, most likely next week, and how bitter that may make her when she finds out they are part of the alliance that evicted her! Do you not see how disingenuous they are going to look to Claire when she learns all of this information? Can you not see how doing that is rubbing salt into her wound? I mean come on!

another name

Danielle. screwed by production season 3. Organizer of the preseason anti season 6 alliance on all star1, so a member and leader of the big alliance.
Marcellas. Evicted at final 5 while in possession of the veto.. that he didn’t use… on the block. Lots of homophobic remarks in feeds.
Amanda. first ex evicted in the exes season.
Marvin. member of the alphamale alliance until it got blown up, switched sides. Helped come up with the six finger plan now called the back door. Targeted his second alliance when he won HOH. Targeted by his first alliance when they won HOH.
Kaysar. complete and utter racist behavior by the friendship alliance followed up by bonehead move of throwing the pressure cooker on his return.
Beau. Double eviction week. Screwed by his alliance because he wasn’t in their final 3… he was the 4th. Gender not race was the issue.
Jameka. taken out at final 4. Dick voted to save Danielle, his daughter.

Were POC under represented in these seasons? OH hell ya.
Did Production throw a curve ball in season 3? OH hell ya.
Except for the case of Kaysar, blatant racism by houseguests was not a factor.
When the cookout were listing the players that got screwed, and included Marcellas, Marvin, Beau (Kaysar was not included in the list)…. they were victims of under representation possibly, but not victims of bias by houseguests due to race. They gambled and lost by their own game play.

As far as it’s been happening to POC for years…. does that mean that it’s less shitty now? If that means it’s less shitty now, there’s a problem.

Jaymie lee

No one has backed up their argument yet or named an all White alliance based on their ‘culture’ and voted out on skin colour. Not a 1. The argument is dead if this years Cookout is somehow not racist then what every year you can only play Big Brother if youre not White. Give me a break. Never mind if youre chinese or indian. There not the preapproved skin colour either. Not Racist Not Racist. Nothing to see here. Lets all oretend its Solely evicting all the White people for not having Black skin and yet that is not racist. Because the Blacks are doing it

The Beef

Very nicely laid out another name. Your knowledge of BB history is impressive and spot on! If POC want to blame production for under representation in the game, they may have a point, but they should make THAT accusation, and not the constant false accusations made about white alliances targeting black players every season since day one, and now this new one about people making alliances with them and turning around and targeting them! That argument can at least be made with facts and numbers, while the only thing to support the false accusations is smoke and mirrors,

Loyal Fan

Every season there are personal betrayals that seem to hurt more than normal game play. This year is no different. SB will feel that this week, and Claire next week, or the following week. I guess it’s easy to forget that it’s a game being played with strangers, in which lying and backstabbing are integral parts.

Hopeful for a Good Season



The editors must be very slow cause too much time between decision and action. Let them pull the bandaid already!


Can you reply to yourself?! Maybe the boredom is that These people have nothing in common.there’s no energy in their off hour discussions. Everything seems forced (cause we know it’s fake?) even discussions in the cookout. Once it’s just them—let the games begin! Winning will be the connection. It could get interesting.


I agree it seems many of them don’t even like one another.

another name

Kyren is so absolutely adamant that there is no way there can be a triple…
He’s going to be screaming for Grod and threatening to file a lawsuit. Maybe X can represent him.

another name

Hannah was checked by the covid test med personnel. Wrist is badly bruised and swollen (not sprained as said in house earlier). If it is not fine by Thursday, she can choose to sit out of the HOH comp.


I’m done with Derrick F’s “E-votes”


Agree?. Enough of this infantile “E-vote” nonsense, it’s tiresome. Makes him look foolish (which is not a good look on anyone).