Kyland “Are you still good to not take shots?” Azah “Mmhmm.”

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7:05pm Living Room – Tiffany, Big D, Xavier
Tiffany – Dang Claire! Big D – I wonder what Alyssa is doing? Hot! Tiff – I will say this, girl ain’t say nothing to me after she won the veto. She ain’t have one conversation game related to me since veto. I was like COOL! Big D – but she was hot! I felt it! Claire made it clear! Claire said I am going to jury and f**king up jury! Claire showed her true New Your colours. I knew it was always there! I f**king knew it! I f**king knew it! Talking about when I go to jury.. I am like Damn! Not threatening us when you didn’t even get to jury yet! Not threaten all of us at the last second. Tiff – Claire was like I don’t want no hugs! I don’t want no goodbyes. Big D – I will hug you guys on finale night. Even if I go to jury, I ain’t hugging you. She took it personal. I said don’t take it personal! Its a game! I say it in all my goodbye messages. Do not take it personal!! Nothing was promised to us except a bed, food,… Big Brother switches the feeds. Tiff – find time to talk.. you ain’t say sh*t to me since Saturday! Big D – She went straight New York and I loved it!!

7:20pm Kitchen – Azah, KY, Tiff, Xavier and Hannah are talking about the Cookout and how the other evicted house guest and how some of them suspected there was a secret alliance. Tiff reveals that she was the other rogue vote week one. Ky goes nuts – IT WAS TIFF, IT WAS TIFF!!! SHE IS NUMBER TWO! I AM SO MAD! DAMN!! Tiff – I was going to wait till finale to tell y’all. Hannah – not one person suspected you! Ky – well done!

7:35pm Bedroom. Hannah and Tiffany.
Tiffany pretends that Hannah wins the next HOH and puts the key on her and says Congratulations on winning HOH! Hannah – we just need to keep passing it back and forth. (Winning HOHs) Hannah – X and I did what we had to do. We really.. everyone pulled through! Tiff – you did a great job. Hannah – this is crazy we have 20 days left in this house. Tiff – not all of us do. Hopefully you and I do. Tiff – Big D already won $7500. Hannah – he can do a lot with that money .. and the rest of us can do a lot with the money that we shall receive if he goes home this week. There is no point in backdooring anyone at this point in the game ..everyone is competing in the veto at this point.

7:45pm – 8pm Kitchen – Azah and KY
Ky – are still good … are you still good to not take shots? Azah – Mmmmhmmm. Ky – thank you! I appreciate that. I am as well. I feel good. I think its wild to think that there is a competition tonight.

8:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..

9:20pm Still blocked..

9:52pm Nothing yet.

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I’ll be happy with a Ky, x, or tiff finals win. HOH tonight I’m hoping for X, df or tiff win. Sucks now the game gets good we have just 5 days to enjoy it


So are they insinuating that the only way for a person of color to win is for production to put in place so sad I’ve been watching since beginning this is true racism


I agree X said that was the goal get out all the white people such racism I hope he gets his ass kicked out, I really like Tiffany right from the beginning I hope she wins it all


Why not Hannah?


If you mean HOH — it’s b/c she won DE HOH so she couldn’t play. If “for the BB title” then ignore this b/c I don’t know why lol 😉


Fairpoint Simon- so short to have them finally go against each other.
It was a mistake not to vote out Xavier and it was a mistake not to target Kyland evict him tonight. If they would’ve done that only Derek F would’ve been left in the house as a man!
Hannah and Tiffany had bad back to back HOH’s. What did Hannah and Tiffany have in common with there HOHs today?

They both got rid of a final two deal in Claire and Alyssa. Not good moves at all by Hannah and Tiffany as HOH’s. It wasn’t smart for them to take out women with their HOH’s especially women that wanted to take them to the end! Now they are both the main target for all 3 men left in the house, because they can beat Azah.
These last two HOHs will come back to haunt and bite Hannah and Tiffany !

Tasha Angelle

Well then it wouldn’t have been the final six like they agreed to that’s why.


It will absolutely come back to haunt Tiffany cuz she could have gotten out x or kyand


I agree claire called it by saying he’s going to win it all if they don’t get him out now I’m really surprised that Tiff put her up there and not big D then for sure X would of gone home


Wow, Tiffany does not sound like the same person tonight.

Leave Them Behind Joe

Because she no longer has any power. Tiffany is a fake person and this Woketopia edition of Big Brother is terrible.


You are right. Tiffany has always had a bad aura around her. Now she gets exactly what she deserves. The show is over. Why? Because it will be the same thing every year. White players won’t be allowed to band together because they will be called racist while black players will be applauded for it. CBS said all future seasons will have 50% black players, even if they are actors and dont know the game. Although they only represent 15% of the country. This will play out the same every season. Truly sad ending to a show I watched every season.


Surprise surprise that everything works out to CBS’ agenda in the end. Congratulations on a season of more racism than all the previous 22 combined.


Maybe they should have chosen 6 that could have really benefited from there plan instead they chose an attorney, account executive, director of sales, phlebotomist, safety specialist and a grad student seriously


Or just, you know, not condone the existence of a group where their entire modus operandi is based on racist ideologies.


“we should not confuse the occasional mistreatment experienced by whites at the hands of people of color with the systematic and institutionalized mistreatment experienced by people of color at the hands of whites” – Ricky Sherover-Marcuse


Reverse racism is a myth because it attempts to ignore the power/privilege dynamic between the individuals/groups involved; the myth of reverse racism assumes that racism occurs on a so-called level playing field, when in actuality, it does not.

The Beef

You’re right. There’s no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism, and it doesn’t matter what color the skin is of the person or persons doing it.

Kid Rock

It’s Thee American Way!!!

Cookout made it about race

Truly is spot on! In future seasons Julie has no ground to stand on, or for that matter be taken serious at all with her criticism. If there was an alliance of another race especially one that was white openly targeting certain people of a another race because they’re not white. Julie would be coming out saying how wrong it is.
Where is Julie now, she has double down on what they’ve done making decisions on race. The cookout has set up it for this game to be a race war. It’s very sad to see because it doesn’t fix the problem it only ignites it. The women of the cookout will regret that they didn’t keep more women.

Russian doll

Isn’t it past your bedtime at the little troll farm? It’s getting a bit repetitive.



hernanday oleary

Ha ha ah ha, I see you are new to big brother and have not watched the last 20+ seasons that basically consisted of white contestants purging out all the black contestants. Guess, it just shows we are all the same.


That’s ridiculous. No one PURGED black contestants or any contestants based purely on race. The saddest point was watching Claire somehow apologize and accept her eviction because of her SKIN COLOR!!!


Black contestants have won this game, so have other minorities. Get your facts straight before you speak in ignorance. One of my favorite winners early on was a black female.


Big Brother is suppose to be an individual game. Yet six black people will decide, between themselves, which one of them will win $750,000. The six didn’t need to play or worry if they ended up on the block. Because they rigged the game to their advantage. This strategy, if we can call it that, has changed the game. And it won’t recover. It never should have been allowed to be about politics. About black vs white. I guess all good things come to an end.


So what will BB Celebrity look like after this season?


I’m done watching this show I’ve watched it since day 1 season one and hope everyone else is too BB Canada this past season a black person said I’m sending you home because you’re white and I want a black person to win . Then this season was the same thing it’s racist period if there was 6 white people openly saying we are cutting black people the show would be canceled they could have just done it without the racist comments.

Buh Bye

Buh Bye …


For some people, reverse racism is an unfeigned issue in society. They believe racism can be flipped around and made subject to the people who do not have to worry about their skin color making them susceptible to discrimination.

Essentially, they hold the belief that the roles can somehow be reversed and the oppressor can become the oppressed. It is important, however, to acknowledge that this isn’t true — racism doesn’t work like that.

Yes, racism does involve someone feeling superior to another race, but that is just the tip of the enormous iceberg that follows the complexity of racism.

It starts by recognizing the definition of racism from an institutional perspective: Racism is a historically rooted system of power hierarchies based on race — upheld by institutions, society, and culture — established to benefit White people and oppress BIPOC.


I’m white and live in an all black city. I suffer racism every day. We can’t all have silver spoons in our mouth. You probably grew up in a big house, had all of your college professors teach you to hate yourself, and live in an all white neighborhood. Spare me your ignorance.


You’re the ignorant one! Everything that person said is true! Grow up!

Game fan

Ty voted tara out cause
1. Brey was working with him more closely
2. She was harder to beat at the final
Not cause she is white . He was just celebrating the fact a black winner is gonna be crowded.
He worked with a white girl (beth) almost the entire Season


Good! Goodbye!

hernanday oleary

Big brother was never played by individuals but alliances. 15 seasons without a single Black male juror. They’d be fools to not stick together given the track record of the show across 20+ seasons. How many times have all white cast made final 6… o but you had no issue with that. Of course.


I was so hoping race relations were getting better but this season shows sadly that is not the case. Got a feeling Survivor might be the same after seeing the cast pictures. Hope I am wrong.

Golden Gate Granny

Hooray! We’re done watching good people be heartbroken and betrayed simply due to the color of their skin. Game on TRUE racists. May your end be worse than Jackson Miche experienced.


I still get super butthurt for the way they railroaded Jackson on finale night. Like he had ZERO idea what they were even accusing him of.


‘WOW Kyland won HOH —- so now if he puts up Tiff & Hannah watch the fireworks!

Damn it. Sorry Simon & Dawg – you’re in the thick of edits now.

Ky already told Big D he is the one person he can tell him that he’s probably not going OTB & Big D is like two people (Tiff/Azah) haven’t touched the block yet. Less than an hour ago Big D was going off about Ky & how he would put him up as replacement & told X he wants him out after Tiff. But now that Ky is HOH Big D is reinforcing their F2. YUCK.

Ky also tells him he feels good about Azah. So that means Tiff & Hannah are likely going on the block & if one comes down odds are Azah is the renom since he won’t put up Big D (unless TPTB push it I guess) & one of my ladies is leaving. Well that sucks ass.

Now I need Tiff to win BB Comics to stay alive. ARGH — not what I was hoping for. Sounds like Big D came second (now that’s a BIG shock!)


I hope the legendary Dr. Will declines to grace this garbage cast with his presence this year. I’d like to not associate his greatness with this kind of negativity.


Dayvonne is pushing hard to be the moderator. And will prob be picked. We all know what that round table will be.


Dayvonne is one of the worst BB characters. Of course they’ll pick her.

another name

Gonna put something out there.
Something that I thought about when I thought Tiff would leave in the double before realizing the triple turned into 2 doubles was EXACTLY to get the moment of celebration (and even then I was never totally convinced because of the way things were playing in the house).
So. You’re a member of the cookout.
Who do you send to poison the jury by making them the first cookout member turfed?
Come on. That’s the bitterest juror we’re going to see by far.
Who would you think damn, can’t send them, I’ll never get a vote.
Wonder if the HOH winner at 6 is thinking about that?
I wouldn’t want to send ANY of the big three first.
If you send Ky…. he’ll jibberjabber until people give in.
If you send X… the jurors will assume the same bow to X they did in the house.
If you send Tiff…. unholy hellfire will rain in the jury house and you have an entire bitter jury.
Just a thought. The HOH winner should be thinking about it too. If they had too much influence in the house, that’s the juror I don’t want to have 2 weeks to mold the narrative. They don’t know it’s another double.


You nailed it. I can envision Tiff in that sly, sarcastic way she uses to joke with X/Ky when she’s really reprimanding them saying… know X I got completely fooled by your nice guy shtick, I never would’ve pegged you for someone that doesn’t respect independent thought especially from women. I had no idea Claire staying 30 minutes longer than Ally meant that much to you – I’m sure it wasn’t bc you never intended on cutting her — I’m sure there won’t be any DR’s to that effect right?

But yes, I learned my lesson, so much so that I let poor Ally walk around spouting her genius move to dupe me into putting up Claire, well Zing Bot did warn us. I’m sure your demand to not show either of them the respect of the truth was the right choice and they won’t be upset at all.

Ky I’m most looking forward to seeing “your little rat spy” to compare notes.I assume she also got your special late night bedroom service correct? I mean that’s part of your strategy isn’t it – just before you thrust the knife in our backs you service us to make us feel like you really do care?

Yes, I’ll be so happy to set the record straight to the jurors, well Ky you’ll be there in two weeks so you can give your side of the events then. Mind you by that point I’ll have everyone up to speed. Oh & hey Big D – can you give me that list of your mastermind actions, I’ve been racking my brain & struggling to recall them & since this group were my preferred allies that I tossed aside to work with you all I’m equally eager to learn how you shaped this season b/c I clearly was in the dark.

But wait, Ky why don’t you tell me since you only want to go to the end with the best players who did the most in the game. I mean imagine how disappointed my family is that I was the weakest player in the house that you didn’t respect enough to keep or honor your word to. But hey, I did get those bedroom services after all – so who needs $75k or $750k when I was lucky enough to get the Kyland special?

No, it’s all good boys, I’ll take care of the jury. Just make sure you come correct on Finale night b/c I’ve got ALL the receipts.


Hahahaha! That was GREAT!


Ummmmmmmmmmm — BLEAK, very bleak. Tiff is the target so Ky’s been up in her bed for extra curriculars all week & now she’s his target so he can take X to F2 & lose 8-1 or 9-0 by the time Tiff is done with SB in jury.

Tiff/Hannah fans don’t have much hope here b/c even if Azah won POV Ky would put up Big D as the replacement in that scenario & there’s no way Azah would keep Hannah over Big D. ARGH

Things we maybe should expect…

Ky suddenly doing Ky-speak to Tiff & Hannah with neither putting up with it & calling him out.

Tiff going OFF on Ky calling him out & blowing up his game b/c she’ll know if she goes up she’s his target there’s no way around it.

And the end of the “extra curricular” Ky/Tiff bed time.

Oh well, she knew it (and her fans did too) — that staying true to the Cookout was probably going to end badly — I’ll stay hopeful but this sucks ass!

F*CK Kyland and I said that sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ky really is playing this game for X — is this just production? I don’t get why Tiff who is the ONLY one in the house that truly wanted to take him to F3 is his target. What an absolute MORON — the ONE person & by extension her person (Tiff & Hannah) were the two people he could rely on to not target him & he’s putting them both on the block. AND he’ll NEVER make F2 unless he wins out b/c X will cut him next (unless Tiff is the one who stays).

He did say “I’d love to do something crazy but I’m not going to, like put up Tiff and X and be like battle it out. No. I know what I need to do. I cant imagine what could be revealed that would change my mind. I have to decide how much I can rely on X and Azah keeping me safe.”

Well bring it on Tiff (and Hannah) — time to bury how the other three told you today they wanted Ky up & out if not Ally. What an idiot. Tiff especially is going to be rocked by this – what the hell was he doing in her bed this week if he intended to take her out first?

I hope she BURIES him!

Earlier I said he was bad socially (UNDERSTATEMENT of the year) but was a good player. This isn’t about a mission this is actual best move for your game to get you to the end & THIS is the worst possible move he could make so NO he’s NOT a good player – he’s a f*cking idiot!


My Two Cents: The term “racist” is being used way too casually. The correct use here is “racial discrimination.” They are discriminating against others based on skin tone. That is not the same as “racism.”

I have said this numerous times but the “22 other seasons” people try to say were about white people winning weren’t. It was never a goal for a white person to win and a black person to lose. MOST of the alliances of those who won were based on attraction and you cannot convince me otherwise. The comps are structured for “alphas” and even the strategic ones can be somewhat physical. Physically advanced players have a chance to win both mental and physical where the others only have a 50% chance of winning. The game is designed to give certain people unfair advantages. And people either want to align with those people or want to be accepted by them so they don’t go against them.

The problem here is poor casting for other seasons. A house full of conventionally attractive white people with a handful of “misfits” in one way or another. And it will be interesting to see how they avoid race wars in seasons to come. Because let’s face it…since they encouraged this…you can’t get mad when it continues in other ways.