Ky – “I’m scared right now with the level of hostility between Azah and Tiffany” **Updated**

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brent knows he’s the target but for some reason thinks he has the votes to stay. If the nominations stay Brent will be evicted. If veto gets used Whitney will be the replacement. In the event it’s Whitney/Brit it’s more of a toss-up who goes. If it’s Brent/Whitney Brent gets evicted. The only people that would use the veto are the two nominees on themselves.

8:18 am Xavier and Kyland
Ky – I’m scared right now with the level of hostility between Azah and Tiffany.. like Hooww
X – agreed. the only reason why there is hostility is because Tiffany said something to Brit before the wildcard competition that she probably shouldn’t have
KY – I’m hearing it both ways
X – What Brit said either way there was some understanding that Britini and Tiffany were going to go for DerekX
X – right not there might be some tension between, Azah, BIGD, and Tiffany and that needs to be squashed
Ky – BIGD at least he said At least I”m playing my roll I’m supposed to be mad.
Ky – the whole point of the groups we are making is to get all of us further

X – If everything goes as planned this week and Whitney sticks around I don’t want her coming guns blazing after anyone on our team. Right now I haven’t given her a reason
X – if she wins she should be taking a shot at the other teams and hopefully, it’s not a member of the cookout
X – her reaction VS Britini’s would be two different levels. You have to not only play the game but understand who you are playing the game with. That is why Brent went up as the “pawn”
Xavier says he was putting Brent ‘in a box’ making him think he is the pawn. Even if he doesn’t believe it he will be working behind the scenes which will give X a reason to take him out. If he doesn’t do anything about it everything runs smoothly.
X – He told Alyssa if he puts me up we’re going to war.. If you are going to war you better make sure you have an army first.
Ky laughs – He really thinks he does
X – I’ve told everyone. Everyone in this house is on the same page. He’s going to get fully blindsided on eviction night. If he wants to be pissed at me.. Dude that’s the game.
Ky says Brent told his whole team “I am the target”

Kyland says if Whitney was on the block she would have acted like Frenchie and Scrambled “we don’t want a house where people are scrambling”
X – it was the lesser of two evils.
Xavier says if he gets houseguest choice he’s picking Christian.
Xavier says after the veto players are picked he’ll have a meeting with everyone. Once Brent is knocked out of the veto they can all throw it to him. He’ll keep the noms the same and take all the heat.

8:34 am Brent and DerekF
Df – have you talked to everyone else so you have the votes in case?
Brent – this is Big Brother. Anything can happen. If the rest of Slaughterhouse doesn’t agree what X did I should be fine.

DF – you should be if I’m correct you will have Whitney.. (counts on his fingers)
Brent – 6 votes I would have 7 votes..
Brent – it would be 7-4 or 6-5
Brent – you, Alyssa, Christian, Whitney, Ky
Brent – I would get DerekX, Hannah
Brent – I wouldn’t get X, Azah
DF – you won’t get Claire and Tiffany
DF – he said in his speech he wanted you to go for the veto
Brent – what does that matter he could have picked two girls
DF – maybe he’s backdooring somebody he doesn’t want
Brent – It’s a shot at me dude.. Azah and BRit are going to be up your a$$. All I can over is protection long term.

8:38 am Chrisitan, Alyssa and DX
Alyssa – He (Brent) really has no idea.
DX – I need a F***ING daytime Emmy
Alyssa – he said you guys had his back because he’s the leader of your group
DX says Whitney is “evil” she said “I want to get picked to play so I can win and look him in the face”
Whitney joins them. They go on about Brent being clueless right now.
DX – he has so much pride..

8:43 am Azah and DF
DF – I’m thinking about the game. How am I going to get far in this game.. how am I going to.. I’m I goign to get to the point where I feel like I need to manipulate or am I going to sit there and let the game go as a ghost. If I don’t do certain moves somebody is going to do it to you or me.
Azah – at this point our team has been a punching bag.. I don’t feel bad for whatever I do.
Azah – Even though we have……
DF – mmmhmmmm
Azah – People are working with People still which is fine.. but they ain’t keeping it 100 with me.. that’s my thing
DF – here’s my thing if Britini comes down he’s going to put up Whitney I told him to his face.
Azah – I might be off but Kyland , Tiffany, DerekX, maybe Hannah .. there’s something there.. and Whitney
DF – if that’s the case we’ll find out
Azah – when they take away Britini the first two on the block are me and you
DF – I don’t agree with that
Azah – yeah
DF – that’s not the case
Azah – they would rather put a pawn up on our side than put two people on the block on a team that has none of our alliance in it.
DF – Ky is close to DerekX
Azah – why is he letting DerekX keep his shield and letting us out in the open like this. he puts a lot of stock (in this theorized group) and Tiffany does too it’s good I know that now.
DF – My plan is. I’m looking at four girls, Whitney, Alyssa, Claire, and nessi (? Sarah Beth?) that’s the four right there.. Brent is going home.
DF – I’m going to see why to put them on the block or a reason not to

Britini joins them.
DF – when we win HOH we do whatver the f** we want..
Brit – ohh honey I got more to do whatever the hell I want..
Brit – I’m going to say this right .. I want to speak it into existence.. if the three of you get picked to play this veto I’m going to die

Feeds cut..

8:57 am Brent, Christian and Alyssa
Brent – I’m chilling. Like I said I’ll be TOTALLY fine not winning that Veto (Yikes)
Alyssa – cause your regardless ou have the numbers
Brent – YUP and I just want to know that number
Alyssa – makes sense. Did Derek say if he won it he would take you off?
Brent – Yes, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep me except X’s
Alyss a- ok good
Christian – I thought he was smart..
Brent- I said that to him during our one on ones.. Dude I thought you were smarter than this.
Brent – he said is this something I have to worry about now. I said What do you think
Brent says he’s targeting Xavier and Azah if he wins the HOH.

9:00 am Feeds cut for Veto player picks.

9:50 am Feeds return
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian

9:53 am X and Whitney
Whitney is asking what he would prefer her to win it and not use it or use it on Brit.
Xavier asks if she’s comfortable not using it “he’s on your team”
Whitney won’t use it.
Xavier says if they’re in a scenario where Brent has fallen off already then throw it to Xavier and Christian.

9:57 am Xavier and Brit
Brit – he’s gotta lose.
Xavier – GUN FOR IT with everything you got.
Brit – I’m nervous I’m not going to lie.. I’m nervous because he knows
Xavier won’t promise her he’ll use the veto on her he wants to see how it all goes. Adds that if Brent wins veto he’ll be putting up a replacement that is a bigger target than Brit.

10:03 am Brent and Xavier
X – what on your mind how do you feel about the players being picked..
Brent – I’ll use it on me, Whitney will use it on me, You are keeping it the same, Christian is keeping it the same, Big D is taking BReit down, Brit is taking herself down.. IT is what it is.
Brent – that’s the game I hold nothing against you.
Brent – I’m faltered I’ve been the number one target since day one for every guy in the house. I haven’t won a competition but I’m the biggest threat. For my Ego and pride I appreciate it.
Brent – there’s no way in hell that I’m the pawn in this situation and I would like you just to admit it I just want you to say man to man that I’m not the pawn. I would just like you to say man to man that I’m not the pawn.
Xavier – when I made my nominations you were I was looking at you to compete alongside me now I don’t see why that has to change..
They talk about Azah and how she’s pissed at Brent. Xavier brings up how upset she was in the HOH yesterday when she got up and left.
Brent – Does she know Frenchie threw them all under the bus?
Xavier – everybody knows
Brent – I don’t think she did.. she made it a point to say in front of me that she’s been aggravated and distant because of the lying and deceit \
Brent – me I was just like.. So why are you guys hanging out with Frenchie then?
Brent – then she looked at me
XAvier – he was on her team
Brent – but he was the one lying and doing all that stuff. You would think with one vote to keep him the whole house was wrong?
XAvier – Right..
Brent – I don’t like Hypocrites

They hug it out..

10:08 am DX and Ky lifting..
DX – I’m just happy my name wasn’t drawn. .when they said Derek I thought NO I can’t do this.
They’re excited with the exception of britini none of the veto picks have played before.

10:30 am Brent and Alyssa
Brent brings up Xavier telling him “man to man” when he was first nominated he was just the pawn. that’s what I was telling you it’s all f**ing lying
Alyss a- oh he’s saying at first you were now you are not
Brent – yes
Alyssa – why is he telling you that and doesn’t even tell his team that
Brent – I forced him
Brent – I really need your vote.. just know you are protected by me and my team..

10:43 am DF and Xavier
DerekF is complaining about ‘having to get my hands dirty” if he wins HOH next week or the one after.
DF – I’ll have to make some BIG Moves and people … it’s really gonna shake some sh1t up.
Xavier about Azah – She’s gotta stop throwing so much HEAT at Brent cause he’s noticing that.
DF – she’s feeling that it’s her teammate and she’s allowed to be upset it’s her teammate
X – he’s under the impression it’s being directed towards him

Df says Azah thinks if Brit goes home then they are the next two people on the block.
DF – when we start getting close to numbers we might have to reassess (Azah’s spot?)
Xavier -oKay agreed.. I get what you are saying

10:50 am Brit and DF
Brit – you know if I win HOH X is playing in the wildcard. He better be shaking in his damn boots. If he does win safety and he saves himself I’ll look right at him and say I can’t come for you but I need to weaken you because you had no sympathy for how I felt last week so unfortunately your teams getting hit..
DF – If you want to make a big move I would up Christian, X or Alyssa.
Brit – my first option is X and Christian that’s my first option
DF – yup
Brit – they both get to play in the veto I don’t give a damn

11:07 am Azah and DF
Azah says the queens and the aces are working together
Azah – Kyland doesn’t want too many kings getting into Jury
Azah says the true test will be to see who puts up Christian and Whitney

11:14 am Hannah and Brent
Brent – I think he might put up DerekX if Britini comes down. That’s what I think .. he’s not going to put up Azah who has no allies.
Hannah – if that’s the case are you still comfortable having the votes to stay?
can’t hear his reply
Hannah – so Brit can’t win or DerekF
Brent thinks he can persuade DerekF to not use it.
Hannah – I wouldn’t count on it.
Brent – he doesn’t want to save Britini
Hannah – Are you sure?
Brent – he doesn’t like all the guys going home.
Hannah – I didn’t think he would target DerekX if Brit comes down.
Hannah – I would like it if DerekF doesn’t win it. I feel like if DerekF does win he would become drunk with power and make all these empty promises.
Brent- yeah .. DerekF and Azah have no one once BRit is gone.. That’s not true Azah has Xavier.

11:24 am Azah and DF

Azah – I don’t like this new school though.. Fake fake fakeness
Azah – Back in season 6 YO I don’t like you, Season 7 I don’t like you season 6 You’re going home
they laugh
DF – we’ll get to that point
Azah – this game is going to be this.. long speeches.. shady quiet, go with the house
DF – I don’t think anyone is going with the house
Azah – why is everyone saying it.. we’re going with the house
DF – who
Azah – Kyland last week
DF – what did I do last week
Df – you know you are going to get your wish when I get on the block you’ll get your season 7 season 8 I will curse everybody the f** out.. you’ll get what you want I’ll say everybody are a bunch of F**ign cowards and a bunch of F***Ing b1tches.. I’m not playing
Feeds cut..
DF – with Tiffany.. I’m playing nice with miss TIFFY TIFFY when I need to throw that shot against Tiffany I’ll be the first one to go.. Got you first.
DF – This is a game we can be emotional, huggy, huggy .. cool.. this is a game
(I’m 100% for Azah and DF going Rogue glue clown style if they win HOH)

11:38 am Kyland And Tiffany
Trying to figure out a name for their final 2.
Tiffany – I have come up with 17 things what have you come up with Kyland
Kylan d- I told you, you’re more creative..
KIllers, Brokers, Players, The commission ..

11:45 am Xavier is continues with the meetings. Unlike Kyland there’s no upper time limit so there’s lots of ramblings and circle talk.

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I thought Brent was smart, I couldn’t be more wrong. He should have gone instead of Travis first week. Travis was fun, Brent is just clueless and a bit delusional like his old friend Frenchie.


Yeah, I agree. I really liked Travis and hoped he would’ve done well in the house. Who knows?
Maybe there’s gonna be a Battle Back and we will see him again. I hope so!

Julie Chen

He was spotted on a plane back to Hawaii right after eviction.


In Survivor Season 9, there was an all-girls alliance that imploded around Week 11. There was only one remaining guy and a bunch of girls. But the girls turned on each other because they felt that the guy deserved to be there more than some of the freeloading girls. So, the one guy left with a group of women made it to the end and won the season.

I predict that the same will happen for BB23. The cookout alliance is loyal to each other now, but several weeks down the road, some of them are going to say, “Why are we keeping BigD? He doesn’t do anything. Derek X (or SB) deserves to stay more than him,” and the alliance implosion will begin.

Just a prediction. I’ve been wrong before (a lot, actually). But alliances tend to implode when one member freeloads off the work of the others. I do think a member of the Cookout will win BB23, but the alliance will fall apart once all of the members are guaranteed jury.


I’m thinking some of those non-cookout people will be used to prune some of the cookout in an effort to advance someone’s game. The question will be will they do it too soon and end up getting exposed leaving an opening for someone outside the alliance to slip into the finale seat. There’s still a lot of game going on most days and it’s quite refreshing.

Terri M

I think some cookout members are already thinking about the end game. People like X, Tiffany and KY say cookout to the end, but know they will lose some along the way. It is what it is… I think they want to protect each other, but at the end of the day they will do what is best for themselves (as it should be)


I was pondering the same thought especially with the current house dynamic.

Big D may be lazy but he is smart & recognizes shields — hence his CONSTANT push for F3/F2s with X/Ky. He’s also keenly aware who the power/strategic players are (Tiff/DX/Hannah).

Azah plays with emotion. One of the few game reads Brent is accurate about is her hypocrisy. Frenchie or Big D aren’t held to account, X can play up being upset/tears & is let off the hook (she even implied the noms weren’t his). But Tiff who was honest (but blunt) bears all the animosity. Can we remember that Azah/Big D BOTH could’ve played in the WC but didn’t – him b/c he wants to play/win next week & her b/c she isn’t thinking beyond a few minutes ahead. I like her sass/humor but why is it she has no problem delivering the vitriol and sarcasm when with the Jokers but then is passive aggressive when Tiff (or Ky) try to clear the air? .

Neither is likely to win HOH unless it’s by luck & I doubt they’d go after Tiff (or Ky/X) this soon but I do think BD will target Tiff before they reach F6 which will enrage Ky/X. Not to mention offer up a showdown worthy of having the buttered popcorn on standby for.

I think what the Cookout needs to be wary of is the two dark horses who could easily swoop in to win & would still offer POC winners just not from the original 5 (Hannah & DX).


When an alliance member becomes a liability, they have to go. I haven’t been watching feeds but just from reading here, it seems like BigD has been throwing some of the Cookout under the bus. IDK, maybe he’s just playing along with whom ever he is talking to for cover. Azah is pretty emotional and I would be worried about her blowing up the alliance. Frenchie came close to being their Cappy. I just threw up in my mouth thinking about Cappy!

The thing about alliances in general, you don’t have the time to get to know people before you jump in. If you wait too long, you stand alone. If someone asks you and you decline, you become their target because they won’t trust you…”If you’re not with me you’re against me!” It’s practically impossible to not be in more than one alliance when you can’t say no to anyone. Then everyone gets pi$$ed and uses it against you. It’s the game!

Sir Kirby Williams

Even Big D is thinking about Azah being the first of the Cookout to get served. Tiff, Ky, X are super players and will be strong together and get far. I see them cutting one of BigD or Azah (whichever gets on their nerves first) and carry the other for an easy final two.

j w

This alliance will not explode for obvious reasons!

Sir Kirby Williams

Is Britini not playing Veto?

Chef Joe’s Story Time

As a fan of the show since it’s inception, this season was produced for a specific reason. I hate to say that because it’s actually a good cast but anyone with a functioning brain can see that there will be a forced winner to make for a feel good story that major news outlets probably already have written. A winner should be voted on based on game skills, wins, alliances, relationships, etc.


100% agreed. I realize that the BB Twitter narrative is that POC were evicted in prior seasons due to racism, but I would argue that game play had a lot to do with it. Da’Vonne was not a good player. Her reads were always off. Bayleigh was not a good player. Her reads were terrible (wounded baby bird, sweet baby, anyone?)

This season, we have several players who are skillfully reading the house and strategically playing the game. Many of these players, who happen to be POC, are succeeding because they are good at the game.

(Now I’m gonna duck as the flames come hurling toward me and probably regret that I ever dipped my toe into this topic).

Sir Kirby Williams

I love what you said. People keep playing the race/inequality cards when it really comes down to gameplay. Day and Bay wanted kept David for only one reason and it wasn’t one that helped third game and only later regretted it as they realized they didn’t make a game move. It would almost be like seeing Aaron Donald (LA Rams) not want to sack Lamar Jackson (Ravens) because of a social agenda.
Play the game first, then promote after.

Zachary Chenault

Hard to read ppl when you have no real allies in the house. You can say it’s their fault but in reality they was put into a position to fail.

This will go down as a top 3 season of all time. Yes a member of the cookout will probably win or Derek X/SB. But throats will be cut and when they are it’s gonna be phenomenal. The Cookout are literally getting rid of all the alpha males in the house. Great gameplay so far.


Bayleigh had no allies? Rockstar asked everyone to vote her out, so that Bayleigh could stay in the game. Haleigh held a house meeting to out herself as the hacker, so that she would be blamed and not Bayleigh. I call those people allies.

BB has not represented demographics well in past seasons and I’m thrilled to see a diverse cast. That doesn’t mean I’m going to give a blanket pass to every former HG who is a POC and say that they played flawlessly because that isn’t the case.

Sir Kirby Williams

We are now living in the days where all the kids who were accustomed to getting gold medals just for showing up are now adults “competing” in the adult world.
I’m not sure how it is in the States, but in parts of Canada (maybe all) it is very difficult for students to fail a class and even late submissions of assignments are not penalized.
Then again, BB is classified as a TV show and not as a game show. Therefore, they can do what they want, provide scripted scenarios, production cana manipulate whatever they want, all in purpose entertainment and whatever agenda they want to push. If we don’t like it, we have the choice to watch something else (which I did for seasons 15, 18, 19, and 21…managed to get through 22). So far, there is a large number of HGs that I wouldn’t mind winning, so we’ll see how it plays out. I’m also not sure how much of a difference the political and social agendas will make because of who went far in BB; it only has an affect on those of us who watch. Plus, looking at twitter, so many “fans” are out of their minds with how far they take things.


Oh man, I so bad want to see Whitney win and pull Brent off x)


No, Whitney is not going to pull Brent off. I want Brent to win for the drama and fireworks lol. Besides if he does win the veto X will nominate Whitney that’s the biggest blindside.


Britini (to Azah/Big D) I have every right next week to put X and Ky on the block. Right now that’s not my biggest threat. My biggest target is to weaken X by putting Christian and Alyssa up.

Big D: If you are saying Ky and his team want to work with us, cool. Really are we going to work with them? No.

Big D: If you really want to take a big move. I would put up Christian & Xavier or Ally & X.
Brit: My first option is Xavier and Christian. I don’t really care.

And THIS ^^^^ is why the Cookout needs to get rid of Big D as soon as jury starts.



Christian’s body odor

Brent is a douche for sure, but for drama, I’d love to bring out the popcorn if he won veto


Too bad Frenchie blew up his own game He outplayed himself. Other Houseguest’s first impression were they like him and felt they could trust him.