Derek “Whitney is going to get you off?” Brent “Yeah, Yeah and she will get me off the block.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brent knows he’s the target but for some reason thinks he has the votes to stay. If the nominations stay Brent will be evicted. If veto gets used Whitney will be the replacement. In the event it’s Whitney/Brit it’s more of a toss-up who goes. If it’s Brent/Whitney Brent gets evicted. The only people that would use the veto are the two nominees on themselves.

12pm Bedroom – Brent and Britini
Britini and Brent talking about the all girls alliance rumor. Britini – did you ever hear my name associated with that? Brent – Frenchie’s kisses.. I found out about that. Everyone knows about that. Britini – did you hear my name associated with that? Brent – as far as everyone’s name, all the girls. Yes. Britini – did you hear my name associated with it in any other way besides being in it? Brent – as being the leader from Frenchie but that wasn’t proven. Britini – did you believe that at all. Brent – to be honest I didn’t know what to believe.. he was portraying me. Britini – do you know the truth? Brent – yeah, clearly. What?! It doesn’t matter. It all came from Frenchie’s mouth. Britini – you know I wasn’t there for the meeting right?! Brent – but how dumb can you be making an all girls alliance and then putting your name in the title? (Frenchie’s kisses) Britini – no, I know. I wasn’t there for either one of the meetings. I was in because Frenchie said he trusted me 1000%. I found out I was in it by someone else. Brent – I know. He told many different people, different things. Britini – I didn’t even know the name until this last Wednesday. Christian joins them. Christian – do you think he (Frenchie) planted some seeds. Brent – definitely. I mean he looked right and Ky and told him he wasn’t going to put him on the block and then did it anyway. He came to me and tried to get me to throw the wildcard comp. Brent leaves. Christian to Britini – in the future would you be less trusting of X? Britini – at this point I think he feel terrible.. Christian – he does feel bad. I know he does. Britini – if he uses the veto on me, we’re clean. If he makes this wrong right. This plan he (Brent) read right through it.

Christian – do we want to do what he wants. If I felt that you were going home and he told me not to use it, I would use it. Britini – I appreciate that. He said that last week it didn’t make sense to use it but this week it does. And to make it right with the inaccuracies in his speech because that I am not okay with. I said your (Xavier) speech made me look like an a$$hole. Christian – his speech did the purpose of what he intended it just sucks. Britini – at this point my feelings are expendable until I win.. and I am not okay with that.

Bathroom. Brent, Hannah, Alyssa, and Derek X.
Brent – do you think Christian would use the veto or no? Alyssa – I don’t know. Brent – I don’t think so either. Alyssa – it depends on X. I have no idea. Its a possibility. Brent – if I win it, I get off. If Whitney wins it, I get off. If X wins it, it stays the same. Derek – Whitney is going to get you off? Brent – Yeah, Yeah and she will get me off the block. Derek laughs – good stuff! Alyssa – I would just talk to Christian after. Brent – yeah, I think Christian would not use it. Alyssa – you never know. Derek and Alyssa leave. Brent to Hannah – how are you feeling about the whole situation. Hannah – you or Whitney need to win. Brent – the only way it is going to suck or blow up everything is if Britini wins.

12:50pm Bathroom. Hannah and Whitney.
Hannah – he (Brent) can’t win, he can’t win! If he does… we’re all f**ked! Whitney – are we? Hannah – not you and I and Derek X but if Claire gets put up that is one less number we have this week.. and then we have to keep being pleasant and nice. I am just tired of pretending. Its exhausting. Hannah – Whenever he (Brent) touches me to give me a massage I am like uugghhh. I am over it! I can’t do it anymore! Whitney – my lower back is killing me and I don’t know what to do about it. Hannah – ask him (Brent) for a massage. Whitney – Uhhgghhh.

1:35pm Bedroom. Britini, Whitney, Azah and Big D.

Whitney – if you win would you (Whitney) consider taking me off? Whitney – absolutely. I would just also want to know who he would up as the replacement. No matter what you’re safe. So I would just want to talk to X. Britini – I swear I need a 14 day contingency … Britini cannot touch the block for the next 14 god damn days! Give me two weeks. That’s the thing about pawns .. once you’re a pawn people use that as an excuse so that they don’t get any more blood on their hands. And it sucks. You know that I wouldn’t put you up. Britini – I know you wouldn’t. Whitney – I am ready to win and see my kids. Big D – I am hoping we win. We definitely need to win at this point. Whitney – the way he (Brent) talks about women, the way he talks to women. He just doesn’t watch his words. And if he is that lose with his lips two weeks in I can’t imagine how lose he will be with his lips a month in. Big D – yeah.

1:45pm Bathroom. Brent and Hannah.
Brent – what about me screams pawn. How many seasons have you watched? I am up here for a strategic game move week 3?!??? How, how? In what world does that work? Hannah – ah season 16 the used Beast Mode Cowboy. Brent – I’m ah trying to get her off the scent. Jesus! I am not really trying to pull up facts. Hannah – oh yeah. Brent – Britini is going home if she doesn’t win that veto. Brent – if I can get X to think that we’ll still work with him.. and then we can just betray him. Hannah – yeah. Brent – and then we’ll basically be able to have two alliances going after each other. The only thing that it will come down to is the votes.. We would have to pick who we want to be more loyal to…. Ky’s.. Hannah – yeah the mafia. So the ideal situation next week would be for the Queens to win.

2:35pm – 2:50pm Bedroom – Brent, Alyssa and Christian are hanging out chatting. Meanwhile the others are eating lunch and waiting around for the veto to start.

2:55pm Living room. Big D is drooling over Ky’s body to Xavier. Big D – I don’t like a guy bigger than me. I know I am big but I have muscles in certain places. I don’t like a rollie pollie. Like you can’t be 350 and not have any muscle. I appreciate how everyone is in shape.

The live feeds switch to the kitty pound for the Power Of Veto competition to start..

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Brent for Veto just for the LULZ


Hate having late vetos when I’m watching feeds on the east coast! I get its because of the heat but cmonnn let’s goooooo!!!! Tomorrow’s drama will (hopefully) be good either way :)

Paul Sucks

Brit for the block next week! 14 days of protection, how ridiculous a concept.


Why not just tell her she can just go lay down & they’ll wake her up with jury starts (face palm)


I know, right? She keeps asking for a contingency and saying that she’s done her “due diligence” being a pawn for two weeks. It’s Big Brother! People don’t take turns on the block like taking turns on the playground. She’s lucky that the entire HG population can’t stand Brent cuz otherwise, she’d be making herself the target.


Check her out post POV comp – it’s on high right now & Azah is needing to reel her back in b/c she’s threatening to go DEMAND he take her OTB plus APOLOGIZE for his speech. If she’s not careful she’ll shift the target onto herself.

And once again THIS is why I was saying Azah/Big D are NOT doing their part for the Cookout. They want the alliance, the protection & the easy path to final 6 but only if it occurs how they want it to. Sorry but take a hint from how Ky/Tiff handled the loss of Travis & if you want to dictate nominations then WIN HOH — and if you want a say in targets then get off your asses and discuss next steps with your alliance.


Wow Frenchie knew how to pick em, what a team!


I know I am big but I have muscles in certain places.” hahaha, what? someone gives him a mirror.

The Beef

I know, right? But the best statement was “I don’t like a rollie pollie.” What? If you look up the definition of a human rollie pollie you’ll see a picture of Smoking D right next to the word! The man is totally delusional, not only about his own body, but also about the game he’s playing inside that house. We do have to differentiate him from the other Derek, and HE chose “Big” D as the way to do that. I prefer “Smoking” D, since his dad was Smoking Joe Frazier, but “Horizontal” D, or HD for short is a better physical description of that man.


On the previous page the discussion was broached about whether the Cookout would stay intact or turn on each other. I think a few divisions are already occurring & most are thinking end game based on their actions/set up:

While Big D is transparent — he’s lazy but smart so logically he’s opportunistic & is already working overtime planting seeds to turn the Cookout members against each other. We’re seeing it play out this week versus Azah, Tiff & X. If the Cookout didn’t exist his daily rants currently reserved for DX or “we have to target a girl” would all be focused on Tiff.

As for him upping the Azah shade – it makes sense b/c Big D will view her as his main competition to be the F3/F2 goat. Hey the guy isn’t going to win comps, he’s not willing to be uber strategic and his social game includes spite, cruelty & threats – its not surprising this is the path he’s chosen.

Azah I think just isn’t capable of separating emotion but we’ll have to see if her anger turns to spite in future attacks. Hannah is stealth —timing her hits/attacks (see Brent this week). She’s keenly aware of where X & Ky sit & isn’t fooled by Big D (at all). She’s tight with Claire, Tiff, Whit, & DX and growing her bonds elsewhere. She’s playing the best under the radar game in the house (only Tiff has caught on how dangerous she is).

Ky & Tiff are strategic in their actions. For example – Tiff pointed out if they don’t get out one of Ally/Chris pre-jury X will have 3 locked votes (she doesn’t know SB would likely vote for Ky).

X is a bit strategy a bit opportunistic — he could’ve quashed the Azah/Tiff issue with a few words. It’s annoying b/c X knows if Brit had won WC he’s be F’d for noms with ONLY Brent/Whit as realistic options. Ky on the other hand wants this drama resolved.

The longer I consider the Tiff/Ky F2 the more I’m buying into it. Ky is close to SB -their bond grew initially b/c they share so much which Tiff will also do with him whereas X is more withholding/secretive. They both know leaving X in the game much past F6 is dangerous b/c he can win ANY type of challenge & again b/c of who he’ll have voting in jury.

I also think they’ll recognize keeping both Big D & Azah in the game is dangerous b/c then X/Hannah could elect to oust them in favor of the goats.

Again just MHO but let’s keep an eye on the Ky/Tiff duo bringing SB, Claire & DX with them deep into the game as it will give them both two options for F2. Also at some point you have to figure one of them is going to recognize Hannah/DX are becoming a duo & target one for eviction.


Tiffany and Kyland are both fantastic BB players. (Tiff is one of my all-time favorites). If they have to cut one of their alliance members to further their games, then they will do it. They can only carry DF so far.


I hope so – really enjoying them both and for the first time in a LONG TIME there are several hamsters I want to watch develop in the game (Hannah, DX, Claire, SB also rank high for me). I want to see how much Claire is holding back – (I have a feeling she might be another Kaycee that could turn it on to win several comps in a row). Azah is someone who cracks me up (she’s so funny) but I’m not fond of emotional game players.

I don’t mind Xavier but I need to see more – he’s a bit sneaky/manipulative — he played up the tears to Azah re: Brit being OTB & then sort of gave the hat tip to the camera about it when she left the room (which is fine – all is fair in BB). Tiff is blunt BUT when Travis, DX & Christian were all feeling low she was the one who went to make them feel better. Are they both using emotions as strategy? Probably, I just felt hers was more genuine.

The Beef

I agree with both of you guys about the good players and seeing how things develop between them. What I am unsure of is who might be willing to fire the first shot AGAINST their own Cookout alliance, and then face the possible wrath of the outside world for turning against “one of your own”? Like it or not, this is a real conundrum every one of them faces, and we saw it play out last year with some of the ugly names people were called for “not supporting one of your own kind” in the house. Now if Smoking D continues to stir the pot, throw his own alliance members UTB, and have their names in his mouth in “that” way, he may make it easier for one of them to throw him up on the block (have a very valid excuse for doing so). Otherwise, whoever fires that shot, will be in for a whole bunch of criticism from the SJW community for taking it, despite however good of a game move it may be. I’m not trying to fan any race war flames here – just stating what I think are obvious facts of the real world we’re living in, and why Cookout members may be very hesitant to take the first shot.


Was Big D’s father really, boxer Joe Frazier?

Sir Kirby Williams

Yeah, he’s the youngest of 5.

The Beef

5? He’s the youngest of 11 Sir Kirby, with 6 different women.


yay Christian won veto