“The 4th horseman rides alone.. Mic drop.. “

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 11-39-42-788

11:40am Kitchen Danielle, Justin and Shane

Talking about Shelby. Saying she came into the house looking for a showmance. Justin says the only guy in the house is Scott. Danielle says Shelby acts like a 16 year old. Shane calls her a Alien.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 13-20-56-401
1:20pm Backyard Danielle, Kryssie and Neeley
Talking about how much older and wiser they are than the girls.
Neeley complaining about the girls complaining about being on slop.
Neeley says she would almost welcome going on slop so she would stop drinking all the chocolate milk.
Justin joins them.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 12-13-37-239

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 13-31-54-065

1:37pm Shelby, Morgan and Alex Kitchen
Shelby saying that last night the other side was trying to get Scott to put her up. SCott was like she was one of the 6 people that didn’t want me up last week.
Shelby mentions how Kryssie is doing better “Like in the last hour”
Morgan agrees
Alexx points out how Kryssie wasn’t good this morning.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 13-44-37-003
SCott joins them.. Says come Tuesday if Danielle starts calling him out he’ll tell her she should start winning competitions she’s the only person that hasn’t won and played in every one.
Scott scurries back to the HOH tells them he’s campingin gout they’re for awhile. They Are all welcome to come. Adds that he’ll go out for a Cigarette.
Alex says she’ll be up later to study lines..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 13-46-46-769
Shelby and Alex start talking about hearing Shane and Danielle “Make out”
Shelby shows us how she’s going to cover her easrs up with a Pillow

1:51pm Scott chit chatting with the LNC..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 14-45-09-351
2:30pm HOH Scott and Alex
They talk about getting a 4 or 5 person alliance together and including Jason. SCott wants to make a short term deal with Neeley, Justin and Jason. Once that side wants to cut Shelby that’s when they flip. Scott talking To Jason this morning Jason isn’t coming after Shelby. Alex thinks Neeley and Kryssie are done with Danielle. If they can get rid of Shane that side breaks apart.

Scott confirms if Shane is safe this week for some reason Danielle is his target.

Scott goes over highlights of his nomination speech
Scott – Neeley you are one of the players in this house I respect the most. you have every aspect of this game down..
Alec – good we need her so butter her up
Scott – Kryssie I’m not going to laugh… Kryssie we’re both mental giants in this house.. we both have different approaches in this game..

Scott says he’ll bring up Shane forming a all guys alliance in the London room and days later Shane is turning his back on Cornbread.
“Shane on moving day the first night in the London room you formed an all guys alliance between myself, Corn, and Monte. That’s the reason you drank the blue potion on day 2 you told Monte before his nominations he could use Danielle as a pawn against Jason .. ”
Scott – Which is true
Scott – umm… ahh shit.. .. blue potion story.. umm oh ya.. I followed you on the corn vote you were the player I thought I could trust the most in this house unfortunatly last week it was pretty clear to me you turned your back on me when things didn’t go well. You turned your back on Monte”

Scott- 10 minutes before Eviction you told me you didn’t have to keep your word anymore cause you got what you needed outta the week so clearly your the type of player that comes in here to make deals and break deals..
That makes you the most crafty player in the house and you need to go
Alex – that’s beautiful

SCott – if the first eviction will be the 4 horsemen I’m going to make sure I’m the last one standing .. the 4th horseman rides alone.. Mic drop..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 17-36-54-679

5:16pm Shane and Jason
Shane thinks there’s something up with Whitney…
Jason – I had have my eye on her.. she likes to win

Shane says Danielle is an amazing girl the showmance is worth it.
Shane asks him if he’s like Clay and Shelli. Jason says no they acted like they were playing a game.
Shane says Shelli had “Amazing Teeth”
Shane – I liked Meg on your season
Shane – didn’t she have big t1ts…
Jason – well fed breasts

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 17-43-14-567

5:42pm A birthday cake for Whitney

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 17-43-34-881

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 18-33-56-331

6:34pm Scott and Morgan…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 19-16-46-786

7:02pm Safety Ceremony..

Morgan Safe
Shane Safe
Danielle Safe
Shelby Safe
Kryssie and Neeley Nominated for Eviction
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 19-16-51-661

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 19-20-55-367

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 21-15-04-222

8:20pm Justin and Jason
Talking about Shane and Danielle being the perfect meat shield. Jason stresses as long as “America’s Person” doesn’t come up and is “one of those girls”.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-16 21-16-36-908

9:16pm Chit chat

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Why is everyone voting for Danielle? Is she not the backdoor plan anyway?


Scott’s backdoor is actually Shane, but Danielle would be ok as well. Danielle needs to nominated cause she’s a really mean, childish, self centered, nasty individual.


Scott ,and the plastics are assuming that America will nominate one of them. Can’t wait to see the looks on the LNC faces if this poll holds true again. Danielle,of course, will claim that somehow, someway, the plastics turned America on her with their “lies”. She is too arrogant to realize that everyone, including LNC, are just tired of her.

The Ball Smashers and their Virgin King vs Jason and his minions

Danielle is the most likely 3rd nominee from Jason’s crew. If she is not 3rd nominee it is likely one of the Ball Smashers are on the block. So all my votes go to Danielle. 2 Ball Smashers picked to play in the veto draw would be perfect making it 3 on 3 in the veto comp with 2 vetos in play.


#1 reason is she needs to know that she and the LNC is NOT loved by America

lol what?

so give her a 100% chance to compete in a double veto comp. Morons


The most important thing this week for Scott was that one of Jason’s crew loses a number. Getting out one of the showmance is his goal, but its a luxury and best case scenario and not as important as making sure anyone from Jasons crew leaves. Better and safer to have Danielle on the block as 3rd nom and playing veto rather than one of the Ball Smashers as America’s 3rd nom on the block who couldn’t be replaced if saved.

The only way Scott could lose a number with Danielle as 3rd nom would be a scenario where Jason and Justin both are picked and each win a veto then take off Krissy and Neely, meaning 4 of Jason crew are safe, Danielle stays as 3rd nom, Shane goes up, but then Scott is forced to nom one of his own side, giving Jason the 4 votes plus America he needs to vote Scotts team member out 5-3. I don’t think Shane would risk not saving Danielle if he won veto, as he is gambling that America votes with him for a 5-3 result rather than against and a 4-4 result with Scott as tiebreaker, but that would for sure mean his side loses a number if he saved her as she would not need to be replaced meaning the only 2 noms would be Jason crew members.


Actually I really like Neely and Jason isn’t so bad, and I like Justin. People on this particular comment board spend so much time bashing that side of the house. Some are blatant hypocrites. Calling some of the houseguest names, because they are “mean”. The fact is some people on here are just as mean with their comments. Hypocrisy at its finest. Some seem a little obsessed with certain houseguest or “sides”. Same comments from the same commenters over and over, every single update, sometimes posting more than once on each update, the same comments about the same houseguest. Both sides have said mean things, yet only certain houseguest are continually called out for it, day in and day out. It’s like a broken record! We get it! Danielle is a worthless whore. Kryssie is a cry baby. That side is trash, we need to make sure they know they’re trash! We get it, really we do.

This comment section is 1000x’s better during the regular season of big brother. (No offense Simon and dawg, you’re still doing an excellent job as usual)

Sick of the haters

People are stupid on here this site used to be cool.


Obviously people are going to campaign and strategize for and against certain people in this version, much more than a regular season, with 4 different fan votes each week. There is actually voting on at least some part of every day of the week, in some way almost making fans collectively the 14th player. This site is far more reasonable with comments compared to twitter and other sites.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The poll looks like bad news for Danielle.

Natalie's tw@t

Danelle is an immature little brat. And Krissy is a fat slob with the mouth of a tucker.


What’s the link to the Twitter thread?

Froot Loop Dingus

For some reason the voting on CBS.com shows Justin as HOH instead of Scott.


Ok, I really need someone to explain how the plastics coming outside to be with the LNJ is poor sportsmanship? The LNJ would have been screaming poor sportsmanship if the plastics would have stayed inside for the ceremony. Friggin rediculous people.


You couldn’t party with jason ‘ cause who knows what disgusting thing he’d try to do to you behind your back.
Pissing in drinks. ??? What the heck is that all about? Fun? I don’t get it.


Yay people from the Shelby side of the house are safe! Shelby is my pick to win! She could say or do anything and she would still have my vote! Shelby is a major strategist! Let’s go Shelby!


Why are you using my name? Grow up you idiot!


Neeley is turning into a mean girl like the rest of the misfits. Was really hoping that wouldn’t happen. Americas nominee is Dani!


I think daneille will be America nom
Jason an Shelby wins pov
Jason take of kristey
shelbey keep it the same
scoot put up shane
in shane or Danielle goes home this week that how I wish it goes


The last care package is at final 5, the week after the double eviction. I heard the last America’s 3rd nomination is at final 7, the week of the double eviction(final 7 becomes final 5). I am thinking the last have not vote will also be final 7. With the final 7 week the double eviction and no final 6 double eviction veto comp, as the care package at that point will give someone the final 6 veto during the double. So final 6(no veto comp), final 5 and final 4 will just be 2 noms, but at final 5, someone will automatically be safe and into the final 4 due to the care package. I don’t think America’s eviction vote continues beyond final 7, because the final 6 stage during the double eviction won’t have time to have an America’s eviction vote, then I don’t see final 5 and final 4 and final 3 having an America’s eviction vote either. America then is the only vote at final 2.

It will be interesting to see what happens at final 5 because there could be an HOH, an off the block veto winner and an off the block care package holder that automatically gives all 3 a final 4 spot, but what if veto is used to take someone off the block, then the only other person that could go up is the safe care package holder. Would that mean then if the safe care package holder as a renom against the other nom that the eviction vote is meaningless due to the fact the care package holder is safe as has a for sure spot in final 4, so there is only 1 nom eligible for eviction? Or would the final 5 care package holder not play in the final 5 HOH or veto, making the final 5 stage basically the same format as a final 4(with the 5th safe person exempt from the week), with the care package holder sitting out both the final 5 HOH and veto? If that was the case the final 5 care package holder would not be able to win a veto to save someone close to them. Anyone know how final 5 hoh and veto will work in terms of how the final 5 care package holder being given a final 4 spot will impact the weeks 2 comps, veto ceremony and eviction vote?