Danielle “They thought Monte was bad? I’m about to cuss this b***h out! Don’t f**k with me!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-08-03-157

10pm Kitchen – Kryssie and Danielle are talking. Danielle – he (Shane) doesn’t want me to know he’s stressed. I just feel like I can’t even catch a break. You’re the only person that can understand because you’re in a similar position that I’m in every single week. It feels like an eternity that your life is always on the line. I just can’t catch a break. Whether I’m on the block all week long or coming close to winning the veto but just shy and then having a punishment. Then finally being done my punishment and now I’m a havenot. I’m not on the block, he’s going to be on the block. Danielle starts crying.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-09-47-672

Kryssie – I know its insanely hard. We just have to bust a$$ in the veto and win both of them because if we win both of them we have the numbers, then nothing will happen to either of you. Danielle – I’m not even worried about me at this point, I’m worried about him. I want him to stay and me go. Kryssie – no you don’t. Danielle – I know I do. I love the game. And of course I’m going to stay. If he goes, of course I’m going to play. My games going to be the same. You just get attached to people. When I came in here I said I would get in a showmance and use them as long as it benefited me. And as soon as it started to hurt my game I would let them go because I’m here to play the game, not meet someone. It just sucks because he’s trying so hard to not show that he’s nervous. I don’t want anyone from our side to go. Its going to be just as hard to sit and see someone from our side go. I don’t want him to see me upset because I want him to worry about his game and not me. I’m just mentally exhausted. They’re in there laughing .. they don’t know how it feels. They’re safe every week and don’t have to worry about anything every week. Kryssie – we have to make sure when we’re in power, we’re as graceful as we can be because they need to see what kind of people they really are. And they won’t, they won’t until 5 years from now when they watch this all back and are like wow I acted like a f**king a$$hole. We’re teaching future life lessons here. Kryssie burps. – I’m not going to go down without a fight. Justin comes into the room and asks what’s wrong. He hugs Danielle. Danielle – they’re being b***hy little snobs. They don’t know how it feels. Justin – I’m sorry. That’s crazy. All this sh*t is psychological. Just pray a little. Just try and stay positive. Don’t let them see you cry. You got to be a soldier.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-22-11-577

Morgan – that veto through me threw a loop because I was pretty dead set on what he thought he was going to do. Kryssie – I almost quit today because of that laundry sh*t today (someone went through her dirty laundry looking for the hidden crackle).. because if I find out who did it there is going to be a problem. Kryssie – I honestly think he (Scott) has a personal problem with me.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-32-30-405

10:25am – 12am Bedroom – Morgan tells Shelby, Alex and Whitney about her conversation with Kryssie. She said she just doesn’t get it and says she hasn’t done anything to anybody and I’m up every week. I don’t think she gets that she’s not the target. Shelby laughs – did she forget that she was the one leading the charge against Scott.. like a week ago .. did she forget that!? Morgan – She was like Scott just has a personal vendetta against me. Alex – shes said numerous times that he’s a disgrace to this game. Whitney – this season, pawns don’t go home. Morgan – she thinks he’s (Scott) pissed at her because she gave him game advice. Shelby – why would she give Scott game advice, he’s the biggest superfan ever. Morgan – she also said she wanted to quit today because of the laundry thing today. They laugh. Morgan – I was like you’re taking this game way too seriously! If someone picked up your period panties would you want to quit? Shelby – I would think its a joke. Scott joins them. Shelby laughs that Kryssie thinks he is mad at her because she gave you game advice. Scott laughs. Morgan – its time for her to chill with the whole personally agenda sh*t. She thinks she the target week after week. Scott – she’s gotten zero votes. Justin joins them. They chat about random things. Justin – you (Alex) and Shelby are the most hated by them. Alex – just wait until the next person is HOH and they’ll be the next hated person. Whitney I’ve never been hated by so many people. Shelby goes to hide Shane’s blanket because she thinks Havenot blankets were hidden. Big Brother tells her to stop that.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-35-50-418

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-52-49-840

12:15am Backyard – Jason comes out saying that Shelby got in trouble for trying to hide Shane’s blanket. She thought you hid the blankets. I told thme you’re not hiding them, you’re washing them. Jason says that Shelby was asking why Danielle didn’t want their blankets. Danielle – 1 Shelby is a grown a$$ woman. 2 if she would have asked me to wash her blankets, maybe I would have put them in there. And 3 if she has a question about the blankets she can come ask me about it. She’s a grown a$$ woman and she can ask me herself. Jason – Shelby is just putting on a show. Scott – call a house meeting. Jason – NO, no house meeting has ever gone well. Scott – just to establish some ground rules of what can be hidden. Danielle – why would I wash blankets that I’m not going to use. Jason – Shelby is just making something out of nothing. Danielle – this is why I don’t have female friends. They thought Monte was bad!? I’m about to cuss this b***h out! I’m hungry, I’m gassy. Don’t f**k with me tonight. Jason – she’s just putting on a shot. Let her put on a show for her friends. Kryssie – I really hope she (Shelby) says the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrap party and gets knocked the f**k out. It’s not going to be me, I don’t need to spend the night in jail. I just like to see people put in their place. Danielle – She is just acting like this because her side is in power. She’s a d**k hopper. Jason – they’re switching everyone’s beds. Danielle – whatever we’ll make out in which ever bed we’re in. Jason – just make loud moaning noises.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-16 03-52-20-248

1:10pm Kryssie – My problem is someone rummaged through my personal things and I didn’t even get so much as an apology. If we’re going to act like adults here. Danielle – they’re not adults. Kryssie – Someone owes me a f**king apology. Jason – no one’s going to give you an apology. Kryssie – I can’t want until all these b***hes go back and watch this and realize I didn’t touch any of their sh*t. Jason says well we won today. We reclaimed the coke and the chocolate.

1:30am – 3:40am Backyard – Danielle, Jason, Kryssie and Shane stay up talking about random things like stealing gnomes, spiders, movies, etc. Shane and Danielle head to bed. Kryssie – Danielle is so emotional. She is making me nervous I’m worried they’re going to flip the script from Shane to Danielle. Obviously it doesn’t really matter. All we need to do is make sure we win the veto. Jason – we just need to make sure we have a good veto draw and America’s nom isn’t one of us. Then just win the veto and take one of them down and vote out America’s nom.

3:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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OMG, get over it already… Krissy and Danielle are the ones being petty….


They think they are bad ass. Violent threats among themselves when they are are pretentious wannabes. Figments of their own imaginations. Meh.

Amy in Tx

So let’s make Chrissy or Danielle Americas Nom to evict. And let’s give them some insight into how the American public feels about their actions. Maybe it will spark some change that is positive. They see all the flaws in others and even expound on those flaws yet seen none in themselves.


I can’t wait to see Krusti in a physical or endurance comp. LMAO


I really hope Kyrssie and Danielle get voted out soon. They act all innocent and like they have done nothing wrong. I think if anything they should watch the show back and see what assholes they have been. The other side may have been in power but they have not been safe. They lost two people because of Jason’s fan base.

Danielle took the good blankets off of the other have not beds. Maybe instead of seeing if she and Shane fit in the same bed she should have discussed with the other two have nots the blanket situation. Kyrssie was there laughing when Jason and Shane went through the other sides drawers looking for the Krackles. Plus she was laughing when they rubbed their armpits on the pillows, tried on Morgan’s shoes and stretched out her sweater. So it’s fine as long as it is not done to you?

I think the two of them are in a rude awakening when they get out and realize America does not love them like they think they do.


Just love the Kryssie comments about watching the show back in 5 years. What life lessons does she think the LNC are teaching? They have all said some pretty mean and nasty stuff about the plastics. The LNC are the ones making the game personal and seek to keep the house divided. Justin has the nerve to talk and laugh with the plastics and he is becoming dog meat to Kryssie. Thinking Kryssie does not realize that they are teaching hoe not to act to your fellow humans.


I was getting in here to say the exact same thing!!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Danielle is starting to crack.

The Ball Smashers and their Virgin King vs Jason and his minions

Hopefully Danielle 3rd nom and/or veto goes well for Scott and the girls, time for Jason crew to finally lose a number.


Outside: rude, pathetic, makes violent threats, mean-spirited, gross…and why is it “OK” to call a group of caucasians Crackers?!?! Isn’t that racist???


Just wondering the incident where Jason and Shane wipe Shelby’s pillow all over their underarms and Danielle, Krissy and Neely laugh, is this a BB first in terms of such a deliberate act of befouling an item someone is using, where they will be placing their face during several hours of sleep each night? I am surprised this is allowed. Would production alert Shelby or possibly warn the 2 guys if they had deliberately put any other bodily fluid on it? Why is sweat not regarded a major enough bodily fluid to be regarded as crossing the line of what is acceptable in terms of messing with house guests things? A girl on celebrity BB UK was warned for spitting in someones food that she prepared that someone ate.

Also some more bizarre Jason crew behavior and comments – Jason saying he pissed in someones drink without them knowing at a party and 3 people unknowingly drank it. Danielle not taking proper care of her dog and allowing it to die and saying she was going to spend her child support money for a Bahamas trip. Damn that is messed up. Krissy passive aggressively hinting at wanting to knock one of the girls out at the wrap party.

Justin, jump ship from those 5 while you can dude.


Jason vote favoritism update…

Jason and his allies have now been helped by all 9 public votes

1. Voted into house over Jozea
2. CB 3rd nom, who Jason was against
3. CB is America’s eviction vote, who Jason voted against
4. Krissy gets care package so she would save Jason
5. Monte, Scott, Morgan have nots, all not aligned with Jason
6. Monte 3rd nom, who Jason was against
7. Monte is America’s eviction vote, who Jason voted against
8. Scott gets the least important care package, meaning the eligible 5 of Jason crew can get last 5 care packages
9. Alex, Shelby, Danielle have nots, majority of these 3 are not aligned with Jason, and allows the other 3 not currently aligned with Jason to be eligible for have nots the next week – Scott, Morgan, Whitney


I don’t see much to like about him…don’t get it!

Anonymous 2

I haven’t watched a lot of the live feeds because I don’t care for Jason. I didn’t care for him in his season because he was bitchy and mean spirited. He appears to be the same this time-maybe worse. I don’t care for this “vet” added “twist” from BB18 and now OTT. As many have said- the vets have the advantage. Wish BB would stop doing it. I have enjoyed the sisters this time – unlike the twins. At least those types of unexpected twists don’t cause unfair advantages, IMO. The secret “ex’s” was fun. Either do all new or all vets-like All Stars. No more mixes please.
One more quick note which I’ve said before-PLEASE stop adding politics to these posts/comments. It’s not the time or place. Most people have been considerate and mature enough to stop it. A few of you still continue. I’m talking to you-Hillary lies-or something like that. Please STOP and stick to Big Brother. Thank you.


Danielle, Krusty & Jason’s twitter fans are the worst thing to happen to BB since season 16. It’s almost like you cannot enjoy this season because Jason’s mob mentality fans are sucking the life and fun out of it. Pretty tragic




Thanks for the clarification that Kryssie was in the room while the others were going through Morgan’s things and messing with Shelby’s pillow–not protesting their acts and I’m sure enjoying it, I just saw the very end of the 1st incident (Neely is almost as bad and the girls need to quit giving her the benefit of the doubt)


I used to be a fan of Jason, but I want him GONE this season. He is just gross and his petty alliance is horrible. They remind me of The Friendship alliance in season 6, I think even those guys were more likable than the LNC.


I really like Alex and i like that she’s a gamer and the fact that she might keep getting screwed over by these awful Jason twitter fans with these twists is truly a heartbreaking.sight because we need for people like Alex on this show.

If BB screws her over i feel they should let Alex try out for Survivor because i feel like she would fair better with the savvy players on that show and it’s just pure gameplay with no constant rigging on there and she seems psychically fit enough to do it, so i wouldn’t mind seeing her do that show instead because i think she’d do really well on that.

Vote out LNC

I’ll never understand how people can be so meanspirited and vile and completely un-self-aware. The LNC is a disgusting example of how to not to behave and I hope they’re taken down a couple of notches and hopefully Justin re-aligns.


I wondered if Shame and Damnel tried to screw in have not with Alex and Shelby. They did it with Jason and Krusti.


They did……..and chatted about the cameras getting a better view.


Dawg/Simon….if I order through the links on page, do you benefit? (Fragrance.net)


Only when Shopping at Amazon through one of our referral links. All our other ads are by view or click


Got it 🙂

Franks Farts Are Juicy

Danielle calls Shelby a “d!ck hopper”. what has she been doing? Ok I guess she’s been riding and not hopping. I guess her and krissy think that no one should laugh and have fun at all when they are in power. We all know who has the real power which is the DA fans who keep putting up and voting out the 3rd nom. We wanted a say and look at what’s happening. Winning an HOH means nothing in this version. I’m sure that POS Jason and his fans will make sure he wins. Maybe then he can upgrade his basement.


Go home Danielle and Kryssie. GO HOME. They are vindictive, mean people.

Kryssie and Danielle were so incredibly mean and rude to Scott…how conveniently they forgot.


Some people’s kids!


Tonight is the night we can nominate Danielle and prove to LNC is not as loved as they believe they are. They have done and said some really cruel, childless, and immature things. In no way have the ball smashers done anything compared to LNC. Let’s work together to get Danielle and Kryssie out of this house.


I meant childish


If Danielle doesn’t go up as America’s nominee and if one of Alex, Morgan, Shelby, and Whitney go up instead, i’m seriously done watching.


Me too…..
Bringing back a vet also annoys me. So now Jason has a bunch of followers that actually have a say in the game and that’s is clearly an unfair advantage. He stinks at this game. Sits there all day in the smoking section making nasty comments. So sorry I voted him back in the house.

Misty Beethoven

Alex and Morgan definitely need to stay, but Shelby? Um, no…she can go. Now.


I was really enjoying this season at first and liked the personalities cast. And I was all for rooting for some of life’s underdogs… but I just can’t anymore with the LNC. I’m finding the constant
b!tching and pettiness so exhausting. ALL they seem to talk about (and boy can they talk, especially Danielle!) is their hatred of the Plastics/Scott. I think I need a break from these people for a couple of days.


that nasty bitch is mad because when the looked in her dirty laundry they saw her shit stained underwear. she is one nasty burping and I am sure wet farting machine. Talking about getting railed on camera made me puke. Jason and her are two peas in a pod with him talking about pissing in someone’s drink or beer at a party. How can people like such filth?


Really I think she was incredibly embarrassed by them seeing her dirty clothes. She does not bath much and is kind of gross about her habits. I felt sorry for her. She still needs to do her laundry and shower more.
Pretty lazy.


With the way Jason’s head has swelled I’m surprised he can fit through a door.


What the hell is kryssie’s problem? She’s sounding more and more like a witch as each day goes by.
As for Danielle- she needs to do some deep soul searching. She’s plain nasty.


This season is unwatchable with Jason’s gang of nasty mean spirited deplorables. Just imagine if Kryssie, Jason or Dani win HOH next week. As far as I am concerned this BBOTT is GAME OVER!! Jason’s twitter fans have runined the game.

Anonymous stfu!

Enough said.


General consensus for America’s nomination to be Danielle? Just want to vote strategically against the LNC…


I am surprised that the ghetto crowd turned on their own so quick.


So Shame wants to threaten Scott. Figures, pick on the tiny guy Shame. What a small small boy toy he is.

The BallSmashers
Froot Loop Dingus

The good thing with the double Veto is even if one of the plastics is America’s nominee, there is a good chance of coming off with a Veto. And even though there is no replacement for America;s nominee, if one of the pawns comes off, Shane or Daniel goes up with Kryssie or Neely, so its a decent shot someone from the LNC crew goes home.

That said, Danielle is getting my America’s nominee vote.


Can’t. Stand. Danielle!!!!


Simon, everytime I try to vote and press enter the loading button just keeps going and doesn’t tell me results. Is this just me or is this happening to everyone?