Keifer “On day 53 the house guests had the most unexciting pizza party of the season!”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH Breydon and JED
POwer of Veto Winner: Jed
Power of Veto Ceremony: Jed uses the veto on BETH
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

11:15pm Kitchen. Keifer, Ty, Tera, Jed, Breydon. Keifer – On day 53 the house guests had the most unexciting pizza party of the season! Tera – every other time we’ve gone wild! Keifer – that was a nice little treat though. Tera – it was. It was! Ty – what is wrong with us. Ty and Jed move into the expedia room to study the days / events of the season.

Ty – say Tera stayed and noms remained the same last week. Do you think Tera would have went home or Tina? Jed – I don’t know .. what do you think we would have done? Ty – I think we might have come to the same conclusion. Jed – because at the end of the day Tina is just as close with Keifer. Tera is more of a sh*t disturber.. so its like which one .. you know!? Ty – so say Tera was here with Keif. What would have been her move? Jed – I actually don’t know. It would have been one of us and probably Breydon? Ty – maybe yeah. Jed – it would have had to have been. She’s not putting up Keif. Jed – that is one thing .. I know that Tera is so sketched about next week because she can’t play.. so I know she is cutting .. she is cutting deals with people. Ty – the weird thing is, she’s not asking me for one.. which I thought was strange. Jed – I know. I feel like she hasn’t asked either of us for one. It makes me worried because Keif is in there a lot. Breydon has been in there a lot. Like what are they saying ..what are they doing? Ty – she was like you know I could have put you up at any time .. and I was like yeah, I respect you for that Tera. She was just like well I hope you know but she is not like yo keep me safe next week. Jed – exactly. Ty – she is like its all good. WHY is it all good?! Jed – have you talked to Keifer? Ty – he just said that I’m good for his game… he thinks but he hasn’t said anything else. Jed – he told me he would put Tera. Ty – did he? Jed – yeah. Even if Keifer won HOH .. it doesn’t matter ..its still us. Jed – I know. They continue to play out scenarios. NO one should beat us.. I just have to make sure my days are on point. We can do it .. we just have to stay solid. Ty – we’re almost there. Beth joins them. Beth – I do feel like her wins are flukes. I don’t think she was playing weak in the beginning.

10:00am Wednesday
It’s waffle Wednesday the houseguests are just getting up. There will be no updates from us until this evening.

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another name

preamble: Jed is currently on feeds both playing on Ty’s sympathy while stroking his own ego. It’s the second or third or fourth go round with Beth and Jed and Ty. There’s some we don’t need Kiefer talk, some chest thumping about yelling at Tera when Jed stays.

Beth dreamed up a perplexing master plan… that nobody thought was mastermind.
Beth was so mad she got put on the block. She stole a bus and drove over everyone.
Preview. a ticket to safety town… maybe that’s the bus Beth stole?

Tera D/R is very happy
Jed D/R Tera’s life goal to get Jed, he’ll do anything to save himself.
Ty D/R gotta think of myself.
Beth D/R how dare Tera lie to me while I was lying to her.
Beth says Tera lost her only ally. She and Jed giggle about that. Jed is going the subtle route in his threats.
Ty is congratulating Tera. Ty D/R Tera and I are building a relationship. Tera tells Ty the the trust tree has been extended.
Ty cleans a bathroom. Good thing he’s covered in homemade hazmat gear… here comes Beth.
Ty D/R the friendship is done.
Beth brings up the showmancing and flirting with Ty.
Ty, “I can’t wait to send her home.”
Tera D/R. Tera knows Beth is annoyed. Tera doesn’t really want Beth to go.
Jed is the target.
Beth can’t stand Tera.
The new four meet. They are hoping for poetic justice. TBH so were feeders. Sideye.

Jed called to Veto.
Step one grab the bags.
Step two move the baggage cart.
Step three map puzzle.
Why did he need a direction sheet (as per Beth) if his brother and words on the screen were announcing the steps to the comp to him? Just a question.
Beth does Veto then Breydon then Kief. Let’s remember: Jed went first. Brey went 5-6 hours later.
Wait.. Brey got a D/R? 2? He’s gonna think he’s Tina soon. I’m not sure if Brey has gotten D/R while on the block before. He’s usually pretty much unimportant to storyline when he’s a nominee.
Memorizing the expedia map seems to have been important. Too bad the hg’s that memorized that map two days after the room was revealed couldn’t play. They had that thing memorized.
Ty called to Veto.
Step One grab the bags.
Step Two move the baggage cart.
Step three map puzzle.
Ty starts with the expedia part. Ty gets in a rhythm.
Sorry, approximated the times given.. i got distracted.
5th 39 minutes Brey
4th 31 minutes Beth
3rd 29? minutes? Kief
Winner 21 minutes. Jedson.

Ty and Tera discuss how to get Beth out.
Kiefer D/R. suck up to Jed.
Jed, what’s the best way to put Brey up? We’ll target Beth… but vote out Brey of course.
Kiefer checks in with Tera.
Jed and Beth have to be split up talk, with don’t want to get Ty mad, is Brey solid questions.
for Have nots that barely had not. Ty wins.
The plan to get Jed to use veto on Beth. The overnight plan pitched to Tera.
This will never work the rational mind says….
Tera says it’s so crazy it might work. Beth pissy. Tera asks if Beth could get Jed to use veto on her. The pitch… did Beth buy it? Beth is going to float the idea to Jed.
Jed, use the veto on me, and Breydon goes home.
Tera joins. The boys don’t trust Beth, if she’s on he block with Breydon, Beth goes home. If she’s on the block with Ty, Beth goes home. BUT if it’s you and Breydon, Jed, you stay and Breydon goes.
Jed doens’t believe Ty would ever vote out Beth if Jed told him not to. About that… Ty’s been thinking Beth gotta go for weeks, despite the edit saying it’s new.
Anyone got a trust tree? Jed thinks it’s an alpha move.
Ty has to convince Jed. We convinced Tera too well, Beth says. Oops.
Kiefer joins. Kiefer D/R this is my plan. So, this is our biggest risk ever… She might lie to us and put up Ty no matter what… How do we get out of this pickle.
Tera is going to have to double down. Jed wants to hear swears.
Tera laughing D/R… is he actually going to do it?
JED THINKS USING THE VETO ON SOMEONE ELSE WHILE ON THE BLOCK HIMSELF IS A GOAT MOVE????? (ed. Sorry if i’m a hg on BB and my own mother does that I vote her out just for lacking a sense of self preservation. Survival of the Fittest, so let Darwin sort it out.)

Beth why should I save you?
Jed, trust your gut and play smart.
Jed has decided to use the power of Veto on Beth. He said he’d make moves never made before. He’s going the loyal route. He doesn’t like being on the block with her. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE DUMBEST MOVE.
Tera puts Breydon on the block even though he’s wonderful. WAIT, THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE DUMBEST MOVE.
We’ve got an entire house attempting to out dumb each other, it’s so confusing. STILL.
Brey D/R thinks they’d be idiots not to take out Jed. He could get bitten here.
Tera D/R thinks if they don’t take out Jed, they’re idiots. She could get bitten here.
Beth D/R thinks Tera is an idiot for putting Breydon on the block. She’s screechy cackles.

East coaster

I love that you call Beth screechy cackles hahahaha

another name

The biggest mistake the shunningmooners made this week?
They wanted a private loveshack suite in destiny.
They gave Breydon, a social player, Ty, already sketched about his place in the game, and Kiefer, a known shit disturber, nights of bonding time.
For WHY you may ask? All so they could have a room to themselves to play throw the cocktail weenie down the subway tunnel.
MEANWHILE, Tonight’s bedtime story in defender? To the Moon, Bethel… to the moon.
It’s a tale of 1001 reasons why everyone hates Beth.
If they played the fake double tonight? Beth would need that HOH or veto… or they’d each grab a wrist or ankle and toss her out the door without a vote. Well, probably through the door if it was tonight.
I guess the snakey Breydon tossed out your loofah thing didn’t make as big a difference as Dinky and the Drain thought. Narf.

Then again, I think Jed’s family probably has that hate covered after listening to Beth today.

  • She has been faking it with Jed for 53 days
  • Ty was always her first choice
  • cussing at Jed when he leaves a room after just making out with him…. and then going to “sleep” with him when he returns.

Grimace face… yeah.. Beth ain’t getting an invite on that trip Jed won by taking the ‘rule’ paper with him into the veto. (sounds like Jed had a cheat sheet…shocking abso-fuqing-lutely NOBODY) The fam ain’t letting Beth be the plus one unless it’s a sea voyage and she promises to wear an anchor… or it’s sky diving, and she still has to promise to wear an anchor.
The game move against him is going to be far less damaging to Doucheboy’s ego than hearing everything Beth has said about him this season. Grimace face 2.
Do I pity him? Nope. He’s on my nopelist. There’s no pity on the nopelist.

So. Why am I still only about 55% on Jed being the first evicted?
Because Kiefer Kiefs. Ty is sentimental. Tera is not micromanaging the voters correctly to keep the plan in line. That’s about it. That’s enough to make me think oh crap, somebody is going to hinky vote because of some brilliant plan… with three voters… and it’s going to cause the likely 2-1 to flip to be the 1-2. I mean, Brey had to tell Kief and Ty a backdoor plan to get out Beth at final 5 is stupid. They thought it would be cool. That’s the kind of brilliant plan I’m talking.


LOL, your too much but keep it up!


Why is it always 55% plus your prediction shave been wrong regularly, Kyle, Vic

another name

For Kiefer it was 95 staying as of the Tuesday shenanigans switched to 90 the day of because of what was going on in conversations right before feeds cut.
With Austin it was 55 to 70, then dropped to 40 for about an hour, then up again to 90.
I don’t make 100 % predictions because nothing in reality entertainment is 100% certain.
45/55 is my middle of the road but leaning in one direction stance. It means odds favor eviction, but there are enough considerations to weigh that the vote could easily flip.
If I’m wrong I’m wrong, I think I wrote that with my first prediction of the season. I’m entertaining myself. I can be wrong every time without a care in the world.
I’m not a storyline editor… I don’t know what their reality entertainment end goal is.
Until feed blocks and D/R calls my extrapolations make sense. As soon as the feed block and D/R calls start up, I’m just as confused as everyone else.

I was 100% wrong week one. Nobody in the pool of people I watched or chatted with while the first episode was being aired had Julie pegged as first eviction.
Actually, the first couple of weeks I was Waaaay off on what they would do and what order evictions would happen in. I LOVED that. It meant they weren’t climbing back into the same old same old storyline. Then they started going for the same old same old storyline with less twists and more feed cuts causing odd behavior flips that make no sense.

another name

I was behind on my global endorsed articles about this week. Couldn’t sleep, so decided to check what the official story is.
So here is Monday and Tuesday’s articles main points:
Tera is putting a risky plan in motion after Jed pulls a Marcellas.
Tychon says he is in with the plan.
They question how long before Beth turns on Jed. Article doesn’t say it was only a couple of hours. They skip that.
It then goes through the talk with Jed where Tera tells Jed she’s going to tell Breydon she had to cut a deal with the trio for her safety.
Then it goes to the conversation before veto ceremony where Tera asks Breydon if he’s good with being the pawn.
Beth informs Jed that Ty is thinking of turning on them.
It’s the entire HOH reveal today where they talk about how Ty isn’t loyal, has been carried, doesn’t have a resume to win against anyone.
What they skip: Beth’s plotting until she finds out she can’t call the big move her big move, so instead running to Jed to inform. They don’t show that Jed got a tip off to campaign.
They don’t show that Beth was in for the cut before her D/R visit that led to the reveal.

So, They put out two articles in two days. That hasn’t happened in a while.
The Beth and Jed dirty laundry clean up? OH that’s been going on for a while.
The article framing has cast Ty as the possible villain. That is unexpected, but shouldn’t be, it almost fits the episodic narrative. Beth as the virtuous one.. well that’s a stretch.
Jed, the season intimidator, as the loyal victim… another stretch. Those are choices…..
Okay. Time to try to sleep again.

another name

We’re back to the whole ‘it would be dark because they swore on…’ crap.
Gonna say it again, using a metaphor:
If someone in a position of power has their heel to your neck, and is threatening to end your life, you can make any damn promise, and do everything in your power to survive. That doesn’t mean you have to keep your word if you escape.
While in a position of power, the trio got oaths on family from people they put on the block.
Those oaths were coerced promises made by someone that wanted to survive in the game.
If someone says ‘you’re going home, we’re voting you out’, I’m thinking that oaths made in order to escape being voted out are not valid.
It’s big brother. You can bounce cheques.
I mean, Jed told how many people that were evicted that they were safe between nom ceremony and Wednesday… every week? Those promises don’t matter I guess.
Because he was in the power position, and didn’t have to keep his word, they’d be gone anyway.
He’s said the words ‘we should strong arm them’ how many times? He’s now self victiming that Tera strong armed him about the veto. He’s been talking about using the veto on someone else for weeks, and calling it a big move.

Still searching for their studyboard. LaToya’s studyboard that she shared with Kiefer that Jed took and changed.