“It’s just disgusting, he took me off the block and I’m voting him out”

Head of Household: Tera
Nominations: BETH Breydon and JED
POwer of Veto Winner: Jed
Power of Veto Ceremony: Jed uses the veto on BETH
Have nots : Beth, Ty, Jed

6:20 pm HOH Tera, Keifer and Breydon
Tera – at this point I believe he has no one to be mad at other than himself. He fell for it I’m sorry. He should have taken himself off
Breydon – You had to veto no one else had it you should have used it on yourself
Tera says they have no on to blame but themselves.
Kiefer- you don’t know Jed

They talk about Beth’s only play is to pin people against other people.

Kiefer – I think I’m going to let Jed know before the tik toks
Breydon – no
They talk about how paranoid Beth has gotten.
The talk about how the trio is going through buckets of slop
Tera says she gives zero f***ks they’ve all had rough patches in the house.

Tera – this is the first time in 56 days you don’t feel secure.. I don’t care.
Kiefer says Beth, Jed, and Ty all said bye to him on week 3.
Tera – they were treating you like a sacrificial lamb.. they treated you like sh1t
Kiefer – when you watch back you’ll understand..
Tera – when you watch back you’ll see how shitty they treated you even Latoya
Kiefer – they were so mad about LT going,.. I was like I stayed ok guys..
Tera – they still say that was their saddest day
Kiefer – then they tried to f**ing backdoor me
Tera – you got out Kyle, you got out Ro
Kiefer – and I convinced them to get rid of Vic
Tera reminds him all those three people were not coming for him
Tera – I don’t know why they are so surprised that you MAYBE might not keep Jed.. are you on F*** crack?

6:30 pm Ty and Beth
Ty – on one hand, it’s the biggest move ever done. none of us win next to him
Ty – he’s not taking me over you
Beth – I have no clue he might take Kiefer. He’s the most loyal person in this f***ing house
Ty – I’ll have a hard time voting him out makes me sick
Beth says it disgusts her “He’s getting the inkling”
Ty says at this point of the game they have to win out. “I have you no matter what”
Beth – you are my number one
Ty – Same
Ty – I don’t know how we win the game if he’s here.. if he’s here we’ll make it to the final 3.
Beth – if he’s here like Keifer says it’ll be a little bit more of a fight
Ty – if you had to vote today what would you do
Beth – I can’t answer that question.. I’m right in the middle I don’t want to give Tera the satisfaction.. she’s way above Keifer she’s the biggest target in this house
Ty – she doesn’t get the move unless she sits in final 2.. the move only matters if you are there to claim it.
Ty goes on about how this is their move they vote all Tera did was nominated him and let them decide.
Beth – I will just be so mad if we got Jed out and one of us followed him the next week
Ty – I know, we have to bet on ourselves one way or another.

Beth – what would you do right now
Ty – I would keep him..
Beth – why
Ty – Purley emotional

Ty – if we’re talking about a purely game point standpoint he’s gotta go. We didn’t put him in this position.
Ty – did you come here to be a humanitarian or did you come here to win
Beth says Jed will be more pissed off at kiefer than them. BRings up Keifer swearing on his family
Beth – it’s just disgusting he took me off the block and I’m voting him out

Beth – who do you put up next week if Jed’s gone and you win
Ty – Tera
Beth – BReydon, Keifer, or me?
Ty – not you. Maybe Tera and BReydon. I don’t know if I would put up Kief. I think I can beat Keifer in anything physical. I’ve been known to challenge Keifer on his memory
Beth says she doesn’t think Keifer is as good at competitions as he says “He talks a big game”
Ty – I’m not really scared of anybody Tera’s my target. Just have to make sure I win ..

Beth keeps saying “THis is disgusting”
Ty – we knew it would come to this
Beth – not Final 6. On a personal level, this whole game we’ve been saying none of us will get taken out by Tera.
Beth – He knows.. I know he knows..
Ty – what
Beth – that the talks are being had.. I know he knows

Ty – Breydon is dangerous to let’s not forget
Ty – anybody that wins will want to take him
Beth – we’ve all got sh1t now.. (Lines on the resume = sh1t)
Beth – Breydon has been sitting, he’s voted with the pack
Ty – he could have a good argument everybody in the jury likes him
Beth – I hope it’s not a popularity contest
Beth mentions how the jury must hate her, Vic, Tina
Ty – and if Tera is in there it’s not looking good for you

Beth says it’s hard to hang out with Jed right now ‘I can tell he’s stressed as f**”
Beth brings up Jed asking why people aren’t hanging out with him why is everyone hanging out with Breydon.

Ty – we can rid to the end
Beth – I know we can it would be an awesome feeling. There is still the chance if you win and say Beth this is the time we cut him.. Or if I win look at Ty say we cut him.
Ty says it will get tough to cut Jed later on.
Beth – this is the worst of the worst

Ty – are you going to be ok?
Beth – if he goes? ohh yeah
Beth – I’ve been faking it for 53 days I can keep doing it.. it’s been me and you babe since the start
Beth – I hope you know I would bring you over him.. I hope you believe me
Ty – for some reason I do. I hope you believe me to the same. It just makes sense
Beth – I don’t need to have this showmance sitting in the final 2 bull sh1ty. You know what me and Jed have is because I actually like the guy I’m not using him as a strategy to take me to final 2.

Beth – Kiefer is saying we’re either making Jed look like the biggest idiot to Canada or making us three look like the biggest idiots to Canada
Ty – I see where he’s coming from

Ty brings up at this point of the game they’re on their own to win competitions. Mentions how he has no idea what Keifer will do if he wins HOH.
Beth can’t believe Jed did this for them
Ty – he loves us
Beth – he loves us both.. he’s the real deal
Ty – he didn’t want to lose us both
Beth – no matter what happens Ty I’m not just voting him out without him knowing. We sit down. We tell Jed.. OK.. IF..
Ty – that’s fair
Beth – you agree?
Ty – mmmhmmmm
BEth – Kief said we should sleep on it. Just know that Jed is panicking
Ty – I can see it in his face and his body

Ty – Wednesday’s episode is going to be crazy. 100 thousand dollar move
Beth – why does he have to be such a good dude..

Beth says if she votes Jed out she’s embarrassing him in front of the entire country.
Beth says Jed is an emotional player he keeps telling her he didn’t come here for the money he doesn’t need the 100 thousand he came here to build relationships and an alliance.
BEth and Ty agree they would NEVER have taken someone else off the block.
Beth – we were so solid with him
TY – there’s a difference between us and him. He’s somewhere different we can’t compare
Beth – now we’re voting him out it’s so gross it’s so dirty. do we even deserve the money after that? or do we deserve it more.
Beth says if “the sauce” will make it to final 3 she would “bet her life” on it.
Beth says Kiefer wants the vote to be unaimous
Beth – it’s not fair for two people to vote out Jed and one person to vote out BReydion and get that jury vote.. IT’s not fair we all do it
Ty – I agree
Beth – this ain’t the time for rogue votes
Ty – it’s not
Beth – this will be the most emotional move I’ve ever made. This will be the most emotional thing I’ve ever done

Beth and Jed
Beth – what do you need from me?
Jed – Ummm, you’ve done so much for me
Jed says tomorrow he’ll talk to Ty. “try to play on the emotional side I guess”
Beth – how are you going to tell him you are good for him?
Jed – just show him like.. me giving my loyalty to the squad.. if I win you’re not going up. I made this move so you wouldn’t go up. I was worried about you going home.. I don’t know what Breydon has going on he’s probably got something with Tera with Keifer.
Jed – Keifer said he’s putting up Tera and Ty you are outnumbered.
Beth – he’s struggling though that is what that chat was about..
Jed – as long as you say no you don’t feel good about it.
Jed says its slike what happened with Kiefer they were all gung ho about it but later were ‘Bro this doesn’t feel right”
Jed – I’m hoping the same thing happens
Beth – if you stay all bets are off. It’s very clear this isn’t a final 4
Jed – I know, it’s me and you.
Jed says he’s getting sketched out by Ty.
Beth – I can’t have just two more nights with you
Jed – I know

7:40 pm Jed and Ty
Jed – I might get a little emotional here I’m not going to lie .. um I’m worried about Kief so like.. Do you think they will do that sh1t..
Ty – you did it for us I know that. At the end of the day yeah I’m only one vote. I need one of them I believe they will.
Ty – Beth? you used the veto on her
Jed- It’s just embarrassing man..
Ty – you used the veto on her to save yus there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I get your paranoia you know how this game is

Jed – I did that for us and for me to go home like that I will never let it down.. I will get roasted for that it’s so stupid.
Ty – you did it.. that was our plan all week to only have one of us on the block.. now we have 3 sunsetters voting
Jed – I know
Ty – at the end of the day you made the move for us now it’s our turn to return the favor.
Jed – I knew I had to win out.. I will look so f**ed if I went home
Ty – I just talked to Beth

Ty says some people are playing on Beth’s insecurities about how this game plays out for her. “people are in her head about it”

9:08 pm Snuggle time

11:20 pm Feeds were off for an hour while they had a pizza party.
Jed and Ty studying days.

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Yes I agree

It is a genius move and a dirty move.


It is. Hopefully he won’t win his way back in. If he does they are all screwed including Beth.


it’s called a Trap Door instead of a Back Door. Greatest move in BB History and it all went down sunday, amazing feeds and gameplay by Tera, Kiefer, Ty and Breydon. i just hope the “twist” doesnt ruin it.

another name

Feeds cut a while back for Beth’s pitch to Kiefer.
Feeds cut now for Jed’s tears and pitch to Ty.

You’d almost think Breydon was with them talking, breathing, eating or existing to have this much feed cutting of game talk.


I can’t help but wonder how much of production is involved in ty’s flip. Like, this twist was given to save Jed, so I doubt they want it wasted on….Breydon and Tera. Production will do everything they can to make sure Jed goes this week now, and come back.

another name

I still don’t 100 buy that Jed goes. Sorry. It’s Tuesday.
If Brey goes, it’s a lay up so the fake double evictee returns.
If Jed goes, its a battle with a betrayer before re-entering the house with a phoenix from the ashes story. They’ll play that soundtrack clip that sounds like a bad eminem rip.


Lmao i was so shocked tera did this but I would actually love for that to happen and if they turn on jed and vote him out…. I can than see this all being “productions doing” they probably threw them some cash, we don’t know. It’s all at the discretion of production right? And set up a comp for him to come back and ohhhh the awkwardness of that lmfaooo. how great of tv it would make compared to the same power trio having power every week or never turning on each other? Ppl hate production interference and I agree to an extent but do you guys remember season 1 I believe? With Emmett and Jillian? If you haven’t watch that and see what happens without rigging. It was a complete bore show because you knew they won every hoh and veto and it was too predictable and not even worth watching near the end. Either way I think this is all set up for tv

another name

Feeds cut later when Beth tells Ty that Jed offered to split the winnings.
Oh no.
I want to hear this.
It’s completely against the supposed rules isn’t it?
Sort of like using production as a strategy mixed with bribery, right?

Add that to the talk of Jed taking a few liberties in the puzzle veto comp?

East coaster

Did you notice that when Beth said that to ty…she says oh ya jed totally said if he won he’d split the money fifty/fiffffffff….( realized she was talking to ty ) I mean split it 3 ways. Like between all of us. Hahaha sure Beth. I buy jed told her he would split 50/50. Which means ty, you aren’t final 2 there. Just more proof for ya ty to vote him out.

I love your analysis of the game another name. You got it down. I know prodo will mess with everything but I’m gonna just dream for a bit that jed will go this week and NOT make it back in. I know I know. It’s a dream world…but for now I can dream it lol


What liberties did Jed take on puzzle? pray tell

As for Ty offering to split winnings- – I could see it happening BUT I could also see her making it up.

another name

I thought I put it in there. or somewhere… maybe i didn’t and just thought about it? sips coffee because the dark mother will make things make sense in a few seconds…..
okay. I think it was Beth who said Jed took the sheet from production in with him that explained the comp, and used it for reference to complete the puzzle faster. The rest of them were not given sheet, we didn’t see the sheet, so I don’t know what was exactly on the sheet. Was it an example sheet they all got to see before the comp, that Jed took in? Was it a rule sheet for the comp so that Jed knew what had to be done, while the rest of them had to go from memory much later?
I guess we’ll have to wait until tonight to see what that means exactly, but here are the odds and ends we’ve gleaned:
Didn’t the times seem weird. Jed goes at 9. There’s a half hour story on hold floating around. There’s a Jed broke a puzzle story in there. There’s a Jed had all those penalties story in there. Breydon goes at either 1am or 2am… and thinks he did it in under 20 minutes. He’s shocked when he comes in last at 39 minutes.
It was JED that offered to split. Beth was informing Ty.


Purely from a game perspective I don’t understand how getting rid of Jed is better for Beth and Ty. They could have have 3 vs 1 (1 being Keifer) in the upcoming fake DE HOH. Am I missing something? They can’t beat Jed in the end but they have a harder path to f3 if they cut him. For entertainment purposes, voting him out and him winning the battle back would be good tv.

another name

In order to get to Final 3 you have to survive Final 4.
The trio were originally getting rid of Kiefer last week because they feared his game events knowledge surpassed theirs. They decided the final 4 HOH is usually Trivia (they base this on season 7, the only season they all seem to know well). So, if Kiefer wins that HOH?
That means the odds of making it to final three have decreased by a third.
General consensus in the house (Ty and Kief included) is Jed takes Beth and Beth gets carried, or takes Jed.
Their evidence that Jed will make game sacrifices for Beth? He threw the HOH to her in week 6. They KNOW this. He just used the veto on her instead of himself, after the two of them tried to get Ty to volunteer as a pawn this week.
So, If you are Ty? Why take someone that has done better in comps to the final four if you believe he will not take you to final three over his showmance? Better to take people that would be weaker in the physical mental combined final 4 veto. His odds don’t decrease by taking out the stronger physical player, if he believes that stronger player cuts him at 4 in order to sacrifice him for Beth.
IOW: he has a greater chance of beating Beth or Tera or Breydon or Kiefer in a physical POV (again, he’s going by season 7) at Final four. It’s a risk of course, but less of a risk than beating Jed.


Yeah I think this is 100% all production.. plus too many feeds being cut is just the reassurance that it is. I’m sure production pitches this to them, maybe threw them all some cash $$ and kept them out of the loop on the battle back. I remember the season with Emmett and Jillian and it was so predictable and a complete bore show. They know this makes x10 more drama and drama brings the views. It’s gonna be terra or brayden probably voted out next and a comp set up for jed physically or true/false with him knowing the answers watch lol if he doesn’t win the battle back I can still see it being production just because it’s still a shocking moment to see a guy save his girl with the veto only for her to vote him out lol regardless I want Beth out for her cockiness, terra out for all her woah is me and passive aggressive bs and keif needs to be humbled with his constant yapping of the mouth about how everything was his move (like Beth) but then again he’s someone who could use the money and I think would be extremely grateful so meh maybe he should win. I think brayden has done great with keeping a smile on his face and always letting other ppl think they are smarter than him, lol he’s actually good at it. I really don’t care who wins


I like your take.


From a game standpoint, how can any of them think it is good for their game to keep Jed? If he remains in the house after the fake double, there won’t be many chances to get him out. From here on in, he will always play veto, unless he is HOH. If he is final four HOH, he guarantees himself in final 3 HOH competition of which he wins endurance and should also do well in memory/puzzle/movement comp. He probably wins the final HOH and selects who comes with him. No one will have an argument against his wins, against himself sacrificing himself to save his trio (and final four), can preach loyal to the soil, and that the person sitting next to him in final two is only there because he brought them. I also don’t think that there will be any jury members holding a grudge against him. He has to go this week, or odds are that everyone at best is finishing second.

I guess Tera doesn’t want to win the game, she needs him to go for a successful HOH. Putting up a sure vote in your favour, I don’t think she understands the numbers and the process. Too much time in la-la land with Tina to realize and understand the game.

another name

This week, the have nots had to eat slop On Thursday night until Sat during the veto (90% certain someone said something about food delivery during the overnight feed block). Then they got Chinese Delivery Sunday night. They ate slop yesterday. They got a pizza party tonight.
So we had Ro and Tera and Brey on slop for weeks. We had Austin having stomach problems for a week after being on slop, then being on slop again.
We have the entitled ones getting the have not treatment for about…. what was it? 2 and a half days?
Either be fair to all, or screw everyone. Another fine production aiding in the entitled attitude of the babies moment for you.

At this point Jed and Beth are saying someone threw away their study board, and it was likely Brey and Brey threw away or gave D/R a loofah or some crap, then saying that there’s enough reason to vote him out, he’s a snake.


oops- just see Another Name’s post (re slop & TPTB feeding the trio)