Esti “I think that we will win back to back, back to back, back to back to get them all out.”

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9:50pm Blood Veto room. Adam and Esti.
Adam – I just don’t want next week to be like whoever wins lets just go after Adam and Sam. Esti – no. That’s the thing that I was thinking. If its 5 of us, if any other of us wins .. like lets say the other people win. And they want to put one of us up.. as long as its another person from the other side .. we will have the vote. Sam joins them. We just have to convince them to put one of them up. We will have the votes for at least next 5 people that leave. Sam gets her to re-explain it. Kiki joins them. Esti – I think that we will win back to back, back to back, back to back to get them all out. Adam – Cory is worried as f**k about what we were talking about. People are trip’n that we don’t talk. Sam – everyone but you guys have come in my room. ..ever time someone comes in my room, I am like that showed me so much! Esti – yup, they’re worried. Every week who is the one campaigning for them to stay… I don’t want to keep fighting their fight. If they want you (Sam) out, don’t do it through me and don’t do it through Kiik. Like why would I keep them safe? They wouldn’t do that for me! Who wouldn’t want a veto?! Like why wouldn’t you fight for a veto!? I’m so mad! I’m so angry! I haven’t been this angry in so long. Kiki – if you’re not going to fight to be here.. then leave Dane joins them. Sam – I think back dooring is better for this type of move just because this conversation can happen now but things flip flop so much. I just know with the week Maki went how things changed second to second. I’d like to know that if we nailed something down that it wouldn’t be worried about all week. Dane – so what’s the backdoor option? Sam – well the only options would be Cory, Anthony or Damien. Or Kyra but I think we can all agree.. Dane – we need to flush that veto out. Sam – Kyra is a good person to have in your head.. she has a lot of incite into this game. Emotional and some times a little bit annoying. We have to keep in mind of that group ..if they were to stay who would have the best option of winning next week. And that would be Cory.. so the best option to back door would be Cory.

10:13pm – 11:43pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Havenot room. Mark, Dane and Anthony. Mark – damn, I even gave her the opportunity to change her mind and she didn’t.

Dane and Esti in the havenot room. Dane – don’t tell anyone this ..after I heard Sam was going to put up Mark and Kiki. I went back up there and I was like if you want me to vote Mark .. sure, If you want me to vote Kiki yeah sure. If I play in the veto sure I’ll use it or don’t use it. EThen she (Sam) was like who do you feel turned by? I was like I don’t feel turned by anyone. When you entered the house everyone bowed down to you… then as soon as Cory came into this house, who . I whated to be liketook over your game. Dane – I think Sam is lying to Anthony. Esti – yeah Sam is a little snake.

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another name

i think kiki has finally put together the whole roadmap of the brolliance. normally i’d be saying that’s bad juju for kiki because the veto is still not completed, and there’s lots of time for este to gum up the works by brainfarting in hopes of getting some of those tequila shots sam has been having in d/r for over a day (the only explanation for her thought process). kiki’s questions to dane in the have not room would appear to viewers, given that she has realized dane must have repeated things she has said, would indicate that she is not believing what he is saying.
i don’t think dane has realized this. i don’t think he realizes that asking kiki to throw the veto to him wasn’t a good idea.
este… well she hasn’t backstabbed the girls talks to dane… yet. of course she still trusts him, but she hasn’t betrayed any of the information yet.
i noted in renom talks, while este and sam said each of damien, cory and anthony’s name… kiki didn’t mention damien’s name to my recollection. is her secret nedajon talk to damien legit?
if kiki reveals to sam even 1/2 of the info from dane’s playdate with adam’s shovel to talk to the girls tonight… anthony is in trouble.
biggest red flags imo are: dane saying anthony is shady so take out cory; if mark is on the block with someone else keep mark.
flies in the ointment: in order to keep adam on side… adam cannot be allowed to listen to anyone else for days on end. because the last opinion adam hears becomes adam’s opinion. in order to keep dane on side… dane can’t be allowed talk to anyone else for days on end. because dane says too much about too much to too many people. telegram, telephone, teledane.
and again…. if you are mark, and two members of your alliance so far have told you to throw the veto, you should be seeing red flags there too.
and… if you’re sam and you are hearing all the guys only naming the other woman for renom, is there not even a little red flag? there should be.




Power of Veto Players are = Damien, KIki, Mark, Dane, Esti

another name

thanks. i got confused whether it was dane or adam.


Why has Damien not spilled the beans about the male alliance? Kiki and Esti trust him so he needs to confirm what Kyra is saying so they can start targeting the PB’s.


Sam and Esti are sinking their games in dick sand. Wake up girls!!


Are they really though? It’s kept them off the block thus far, showmances in bbcan have been known to go very far into the game … it’s lame to watch but it’s the reality of it all

another name

este. what do you do about a problem like este?
so far today she’s told kiki not to talk badly about dane.
she’s told dane and adam about kyra saying the boys want to backdoor cory.
she’s told cory that she’s the backdoor, but it’s not the boys.
she’s told anthony that cory is the back door. and that este would prefer mark leave. has she just not listened to the girls all agree that the boys tell each other what the girls say about them? does she think it doesn’t apply to her? is she so in need of male validation and approval that she can’t function without it?
now damien is the backdoor target.
watch it end up damien vs. kiki because of este.


este has got to be the dumbest player I have seen in a very long time. How none of them are actually catching on that there is a guys alliance is beyond me. no matter what someone tells este (including her buddy kiki) she runs right to dane. He has to go. I would put up Adam and Anthony, one comes down and dane goes up and out, if they were smart. enough girls, plus damien to do it but they are to dumb to figure this out. calling themselves ‘pretty boys’ is just wrong, it’s not fitting at all. Sam has a chance to do a big move but she is to far up adams ass, to do anything but play it safe. I look forward to her being sent out actually because of her bad game play.


Anyone know details about this blood veto? I read the comment on the last page that they had to decide as a group as to who to give it to? I feel like it was a smart move giving it to Kyra since they are the most transparent as who their target/allies but I definitely feel like there will be a curse with it. it’s a strange one this blood veto. Hoping to god there’s a flip but I would also be ok with Mark getting voted out.


So much for Sam making a big move!!!
Love how they all talk a good game and don’t have the courage to make the BIG move.
What a waste.

another name

most of the girls have been better members of the prettyboys than mark.


Whoa – what a crazy malestrom today in the BB house.

Kyra can’t just let sleeping dogs lie – she just had to get in there & tell sh*t to Anthony to try to gain more trust from him. BUT Anthony then went full on paranoia. Watching him talk to Dane was hilarious as he spun his own set of lies in real time. Seriously – go back & watch Anthony-Dane in the have not room b/c you can see it happening as it comes up with lies he’s telling.

Este isn’t helping her cause either- next to Anthony she may have been the most protected person in the house to start the week (which also explains why Anthony is suddenly targeting/after her). She is protected by Dane, had Kiki as her number one, was protected by Damian as well, and was the very last girl on the list for any of the men (other than Anthony) to want to target. She’s been screwing up a ton, however, and it’s catching up to her. 1) she NEVER told Kiki about the deal Dane/Adam/Sam/Este made to keep each other safe (but Dane & Sam both kind of hinted at that to Kiki this week). 2) whenever she is in conversation with HOH’s she DOES NOTHING to keep her people safe — in fact SHE is often the one suggested her own alliance as the noms or renoms.

Last night a rational chat between Sam/Kyra ended with them recognizing Cory could NOT be the renom & that a guy would have to be. Unfortunately, they landed on Damian (which again is stupid b/c if Kyra saw Adam/Dane/Mark/Anthony meeting this morning surely they should’ve figured out it has to be ANTHONY going up on the block, not Damian). Anyway, I digress…..

So with Anthony, Este and Dane all running around like chickens with their heads cut off all it’s done is served to make the house seem even more paranoid than normal and that’s not good for Kiki. It’s resulted in Sam (at this is what she’s currently saying) that she wants Adam to win POV & leave noms the same. That isn’t good for Kiki b/c Anthony, Adam, Dane, Damian & Cory will all likely vote out Kiki with only Kyra/Este voting to keep her. SURE it would show the house’s hands (PB alliance) but by that point Kiki would be gone so it wouldn’t matter.

I’m enjoying the drama — but let’s ratchet it up a notch please —- how about Kiki wins POV so Anthony has to go into full on meltdown mode where he throws his side ally (Cory) UTB, goes directly after Este (so Dane/Este) can get mad at him and/or he attacks Damian so he can then confirm he knows there is a FOUR person male alliance to Sam. Even better Mark recognizing he’s screwed outs the PB alliance & tries to get Sam to backdoor Dane. I doubt he’d leave but it sure would cause drama (READ: make our lives more fun).

another name

are you sure este would vote to save kiki? i’m not.


Just watched a bit more of the drama & there were some side events from today’s drama:

*Kyra told Sam she went to Anthony just to stir up sh*t — the TRUTH is probably closer to her wanting to put a target on Dane/Adam BUT ALSO wanting to build some trust with Anthony/Cory for herself.

*Initially, Anthony went a bit crazy – paranoid with this situation and went after Este. But, after conversations with Dane, Este and Sam he suddenly tells Cory that ADAM was the one who instigated this entire mess & wanted Cory backdoored. This occurred partially b/c Este/Dane were able to make him feel like Este has his back first and foremost so he dialed back on his Este attack. It also would make sense to Anthony b/c he’s been pushing for Sam/Este to go as Adam/Dane’s key side bits & targetting Cory would be the equivalent (AND this might also have been a little bomb Dane dropped to Anthony although I’m not sure – which would push Anthony in that direction). Dane also told Este things Anthony said so she is furious at Anthony.

*in the interim Mark has begun his sink Este/Kiki campaign (so a POV win by Kiki sure would work out great especially if she can go to Mark & tell him she knows what he said about her LMAO).

* Based on the conversations between Sam/Adam it seems like Sam doesn’t ‘t trust the new group of Kiki, Este & Dane since she is now saying she wants to keep noms the same. BUT === I think the reality, is Sam doesn’t want to tell Adam precisely what is going on b/c this entire run around (Anthony to her, Adam to her, Dane to Este, Este to her) showed her how intrinsically tied the guys are (specifically Adam, Dane & Anthony). THIS b/c it makes ZERO sense for Sam to just leave Kiki/Mark on the block since that would mean Kiki would leave and she isn’t coming after Sam.

Let’s see who wins POV & the spinoff drama from that. AGAIN- I’m pulling for a Kiki POV win b/c it has the potential for MOST DRAMA—- In that event the only options for Sam to renom are

*Cory (not ideal & she told her she was safe)
*Anthony (Sam doesn’t want to take this route b/c she is afraid of Anthony’s revenge)
*Damian (who was the key person discussed as the renom but Sam also told him he was safe). In this event, the votes would be super close too b/c Kiki/Este/Cory/Kyra would ALL want to keep Damian over Mark but Anthony/Dane/Adam would work hardcore to flip one of the other four to keep Mark.

And of course Sam’s likely preference would be to backdoor Dane (or Este) but she would be the main target if she flipped on the newly formed deal of the week & Adam would lose his mind.

So— for all your Mo Drama like-minded souls – let’s hope for a Kiki POV win. That will give us a full-on eruption from Mark, Anthony & Dane as the PB group finally turn on each other fully ( what we’ve seen so far is just scratching the surface). Personally, if Kiki wins POV & Sam guarantees Cory is safe, then I’d bank on:
* Mark spilling the PB secret
* Anthony/Dane attempting to get Cory or Damian nominated … which
* Would then allow Damian to tell Sam the 4 guys have an alliance but haven’t included him

AND can I please just have one player who can blow up all these side deals for everyone to see? Anthony is a master – but I’d like to see an equivalent power to him (could that be Cory?). Kiki sure hasn’t been happy most of the day with bits of news leaking out & her recognition she isn’t that safe. Let’s see her & Cory band together to form a strong duo maybe.


Adam wins veto


Adam won POV. Entering the competition Sam told Adam to win and keep nominations the same (will this directive change?)

Mark has already begun his trash Kiki/Este campaign with Damian (I’ve done so much to protect & help them HUH???????) & how those girls are evil, useless & can’t be allowed to get to the end together as a duo. The funny part here is Damian did see the spy cam which let him know Mark lies & can’t be trusted and he has a good relationship with the girls.

Sooooooooooooo based on what we know we should expect:

*Anthony, Dane & Adam to vote to keep Mark — right?
* Este, Kyra to vote to keep Kiki — right?

So where does Cory & Damian’s vote lie? (presumably, it would be to keep Kiki but we all know Anthony will work Cory to keep Mark over Kiki and Mark/Dane/Boys will work Damian to keep Mark over Kiki too). Anthony is already working Damian saying “would Kiki actually have my back or your back?” He’s testing Damian but also planting seeds.

How will the blood veto factor into all of this? Will Kyra be able to remove someone from the block? BOTH? And if she could who would she nominate? Presumably, she would want to put up Dane but who else? Adam? Anthony? keep it Mark?

Let’s watch the conversations tonight especially between Sam and the others (Kiki, Este, Kyra, Adam). If Sam allows Adam not to change the nominees (which IMHO is dumb b/c she should force him to take down Kiki just to stir up sh*t within the guy’s alliance). AND if Kiki stays on the block how would Anthony/Dane/Adam be able to vote to keep Mark without exposing PB?


So Anthony’s plan is if Mark doesn’t have the numbers he’ll make up a rumor & lie and say that Kiki said it —- not sure how well that will work b/c surely Sam/Kyra will see through that


Whoa Anthony has pushed things into overdrive. He’s talking so fast it’s hard to keep up. He’s telling Adam maybe they offer Sam to join the PBs to get her to buy in to taking out Kiki. He’s also throwing Kiki/Este UTB hardcore citing them as being the ones trying to get out Sam/Adam.

When he tells Adam that Mark needs to go in & talk to Sam to get her on his side Adam informs Anthony about how Mark already told her he had a plan to backdoor Adam (Anthony’s face on that revelation is PRICELESS).

Then Anthony goes to Dane & pushes his mandate to keep Mark – oust Kiki more misting to Dane about how Este/Kiki have each other not him BUT Cory would have his (Dane’s back) & how Anthony can TELL CORY how to vote & she will…. BUT will she?

Adam talks to Kyra & are selling Mark’s “good qualities” which only serves to solidify how close the guys are.

It’s kind of humorous watching this all go down.
*Adam PROMISED Kiki he would use the POV on her if he won & now he’s saying he won’t THAT has to be raising red flags.
* Dane asks Damian about his vote to which he says I already PROMISED Kiki (and b/c that’s me/Este/Cory & Kyra) that means she’s safe!!!!!!!!!!!! (LMFAO) So how will the PB’s spin this to keep Mark?
*If Dane doesn’t vote to keep Kiki & at least 3 others are it also will paint a huge target on him being fully unreliable.

AND the harder the PBs (read Anthony/Adam specifically b/c Dane can’t really do much) work against Kiki the worse it will look for them & the more it will define the PBs.

LOVE the drama — I’m just hoping the ladies don’t turn around & decide to vote out Kiki b/c Anthony mists them with something ridiculous.