Kevin – “I’m putting Ika and Demetres on the block today, they won’t survive this week they just won’t”

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Ika and Demetres in their red room (lotsa retelling events from the season)
They talk about Karen and how big of a mistake it was to put Karen on the block instead of Jackie. Demetres says that was his only regret in the game.
Demetres says if he wins the Veto and Dillon is the replacement the vote will be split and Kevin will decide.
Ika – can we get Karen’s vote
Demetres – MIGHT.. probably not I wouldn’t bank on it
Demetres – there’s a little bit of incentive for Kevin to keep you over Dillon .. Dillon is harder to beat in that final 3 HOH
Demetres – he will want to keep who he thinks is the weakest player..
Ika – I don’t know if he’ll do it

Morning Chat with Dillon and Kevin.
Kevin says the plan is to get Demetres out. so that the final 4 HOH it will be Karen Dillon against Ika.
Kevin – that’s awesome for you guys you can beat her
Dillon – definitely
Kevin adds if it’s Dillon and Karen against Demetres it will be tough for them to win.
Dillon – whole lot harder.. yup..
Kevin – if he doesn’t win that POV we can send him home.. if he does win the POV we can send Ika home
Kevin – I’m putting Ika and Demetres on the block today, they won’t survive this week they just won’t.. there’s no flip
Kevin – If Ika wins POV that’s fine.. Put up Karen you have the vote to save her

Kevin keeps stressing if Demetres makes it to final 4 he has 2 chances for safety, “we have to get him out”
Dillon – kids a beast

10:12am Kevin and Karen
Karen says she tried not to lie this game. they talk about how heartbreaking it was to see William go on the triple.
Karen – I had to save Dillon
Karen says there was no love lost with Dre or Jackie.
Kevin agrees. Neither of them liked Dre.
Kevin says Bruno didn’t like Dre as a person
Karen says Bruno didn’t like most people in the house.
Karen – Bruno didn’t like me until Neda left.
Kevin – beside me you were his closest friend
Karen – after Neda left

They talk about how insane Jackie’s game was. They would tell her something and 5 minutes later she’s in another room telling what was said.
Karen talks about how Dre was crying twice yesterday to try and flip the house.
They bring up the HOH competition that Kevin just won. Apparently Kevin was the clear winner.
Kevin – as a gamer and a fan of the show I wanted jackie to leave so badly
Kevin adds that every conversation he had with Jackie had “No meat”
Karen doesn’t want to have anything to do with Jackie for the rest of her life. (that’s a little harsh)

Karen – The life of the Kevin and Karen show.. They (production/fans) want it to live
Dillon joins them..
Kevin says they have to win the Veto.
Karen – Power of vetoes are hard I ripped my knee to the muscle

Karen talks about how she saw William crawl out of the wall so she knew he had some special power.
Dillon says the thing that will haunt William the most is he was allied with Dre the whole time and she was playing him
Kevin – I’m so happy Dre is not here it feels so good.. She didn’t like me the whole year and I didn’t like her

11:46am Ika and Demetres
Ika talking about how much they loved Karen. They blame everything on Dre.

Ika and Demetres in the Bathroom

Demetres Ika and Dillon in the Bathroom

Karen tells Kevin nobody will want to take him to final 2 because he’ll win the 100 thousand.

4:22pm Ika, Demetres, Karen and Dillon

Ika trying to talk them into keeping Demetres if he’s left on the block this week because he’s their only chance to take out Kevin.

8:54pm Dillon and Demetres

Dillon says Demetres would beat him in final 2
Demetres – I probably would..
Demetres- I don’t think karen needs it
Dillon – karen doesn’t need it
Demetres – sitting with you final 2 would be pretty sick
Demetres says if Ika is gone he would take her.
Demetres counts the votes, Neda, Karen, Kevin, Bruno.. corrects that he would have Kevin. “I would beat you”
Dillon agrees.
Dillon says Demetres has had the best competitive performance in Big brother history
Demetres – yeah
Demetres – Kevin will beat all of us
They agree that Demetres would beat Ika in final 2.
Dillon and Demetres keep talking about Karen not needing the money “she’s got dough”
Dillon – I love karen don’t get me wrong but I need 20K more than she needs 20K
Demetres goes on about how sick it would be the 2 biggest targets in the house are final 2.

Demetres – If Ika wins POV tomorrow… he would put Karen up.. it would be tough
Dillon – to vote Karen out
Demetres – it would be you and him .. he didn’t play that good of a game. (Kevin)
(Sound like Demetres is thinking Kevin plays in the final 4 HOH)
Demetres says Kevin is taking Karen to the final 2 because Kevin thinks it will be “Cute”

Kevin Nominated Demetres and Ika

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Lebron James

Fuck this!! Why is Kevin back on top goddamnit this game is too much but I still love It!!! Kevin is the one who needs to go somehow they have to get rid of him cuz ika & Dimitrie are the best duo ever & they have to win One Vet & One Newby who played the best most loyal most solid game and they deserved to win they are the most hated because they are the best !!!!! I hope Dimitri when’s the power of veto take some self off the block and manages to control the votes so Ika will win nobody likes Kevin that piece of shit somehow crushed that comp and won ughhhhhh


Best duo ever?? Most Loyal??? Like when she was in the 6 alliance and split it up? When she told Kev, Bruno & Sindy she still wants to work with them but then got Sindy up and voted out the week after? Or putting Bruno & Kev up the next week? I don’t hate Ika or Dem, they’ve played a pretty good game. But get your head out of their ass, nobody is loyal at this point in the game. I wasn’t a fan of either Kevin or Ika in their seasons but both have proved they deserve to be in there. Kevin was supposed to go when Bruno left. The fact that 5 players will have been sent to the jury house since he has been the target is kind of amazing.


I think they may have meant loyal to each other, not to everyone in the house.


Why was Demetres not allowed to play in the triple-eviction POV when he was the HOH ??? Every other time the HOH plays in the POV to defend his nominations.
What kind of rigging is this that they allowed Kevin to play in that POV against players he was clearly going to beat.

Guy From Canada

Same rules as the previous triple. Brit sat out on that one too when she was hoh.


Demetres said he didn’t know that and was surprised when they didn’t let him play. He assumed he could play POV for sure.

I think if he knew, he would have let Dillon win the HOH. Then he would be able to compete in the POV to defend the nominations.

And also to be able to play in the next HOH.

It's not rigging, think about it

Because it’s only six people in veto comp. Since the HoH was able to nom 3 players, He shouldn’t be allowed to play because no matter who wins veto, the HoH will always still have 2 players on the block that were initially nominated


I agree. Everybody there is wanting Kevin out.

I wonder why Demetres didn’t let Dillon win the Triple HOH Comp when they were the last two standing. Then Demetres would have played in the Triple POV, and had a good chance of beating Kevin, and Kevin would have gone. Then Demetres would have played in the following HOH against Ika, Karen and probably William.

I wonder if it was just that the thought didn’t occur to Demetres to through it to Dillon at that time, or if it was because he just didn’t trust Dillon that much. But I think Dillon cares more about this honesty image with Canada and would have still put up the same people Dre/William/Kevin.

Things would have turned out very differently if Demetres threw it to Dillon instead of winning it himself.


ika, and dem need to throw the veto comp to karen so she can take one of them off, and dillon goes up, and karen and or whoever she saved can vote dillon out!

final 5 strategy from BBUS 5


That’s a really good idea. What are the chances that they would be able to do that — only if it was a elimination type challenge and they were the last three standing. Most likely they wouldn’t have the opportunity — esp as we know Kevin is going to play as hard as he can for that.

Otherwise, and if Kevin/Dillon don’t win, I think they might be able to convince Kevin to put Dillon up instead of Karen.


Actually if that’s the case, what if Karen don’t use the veto?

Won’t she want to help dillion?




Ika or Demetres couldn’t make it to the final 4 together, it would just never happen. The fact that they made it this far is insane. As much as I give Demetres huge props for all his wins, and I’d love to see him go far… between Ika and Demetres, I’d rather Ika stay. He’s probably going to win the POV, though, so Ika will likely be sent packing.


Is it really insane? This year there was so many duos and the vets were all afraid of each other. Last vote to keep IKA was a benefit to everyone except Demetrius. He needed to dump Ika and build relationships with Dillon and Karen, or Kevin and William. Not dumping her was his downfall and he might be the one going home this week. Ika and Demetrius really should have split and conquered.


Why would Karen keep Dillon over Ika?


Yesterday, I would have thought she would keep Dillon . But this is the beauty of Ika’s social game. By today, it appears that Karen is so close to Ika that she now would keep Ika over Dillon. They have been attached to the hip. Ika knows what she is doing.


Could never? Jillian and Emmit/ John and Neda say hello.


I wonder what the twist will be this week to save Ika (ha)…it’s been a good season, I have no issues with this final 5 at all πŸ™‚


Ika sucks ass. Karen’s her best buddy now. Loud mouth Hoe ugh.


Don’t hate the player hate the game.


Or hate both


your second sentence proves your first sentence wrong.


Demeteres has to win the POV, he’s the most deserving to win this game. I hate to see Dillon or Karen win. Kevin I’ve never liked. I usually hate it when production riggs the game in a players favour but I wouldn’t mind it if they did it now for the Greek.


Why would you ever want Big Brother to help him? The least favourite part of Big Brother is when production helps someone along. I want to see who plays the game the best, and makes it to the end based on their own moves in the house.

You yell that it’s rigged when your least favourite is doing well, but then when your favourite isn’t doing well you want them to rig it.



“i hate when production rigs the game in a players favor but i wouldn’t mind if they did it for the Greek” So you don’t hate it when they rig it? you must have loved season 3. You’re right BBcan5 handed Will the POV knowing next week Kev would be on the block. Dre must have had an earpiece from production encouraging her to lose the HOH. That veto comp they do every double/triple eviction was designed for Kevin. Haven’t seen the Hoh comp yet but that HAD to be rigged!


I agree.


Up until a few days ago, Dre was sitting pretty thinking she controlled the house via Dillon and William and Kevin through William. Also thinking she had Ika and Demetres in her back pocket. I almost feel bad for her…almost. Shows her for going against the queen who even Neda couldn’t beat with her 3 meat shields while Ika only had 1.


I wouldn’t say Dre controlled the house but she was definitely the most safe. She really didn’t need to do anything. But like Neda she had to “prove herself”. The fact that Dillon was willing to change his vote everytime she had a brain fart shows how much he trusted her. She just did it one time too many. Anywho I’m sure production has been up all night trying to figure out how to make Ika win a competition. They have clearly built the entire show around her. For every bad scene where she drags a houseguest there is a good scene where she talks about her sons or her life outside. I really don’t mind if she wins or Dem or even Kevin whom I am neither here nor there with him. In my eyes they are the only three that are putting in the work.


And it only makes sense for ‘the snake’ to turn on Ika and Demetres this week knowing that Demetres wasn’t able to play in this HOH. I hate Kevin and to think I was cheering on that turd last night. Ugh! What a complete waste of time that was.


Ummm. They turned on him first when they put him up with William and Dre. He will just be returning the favour.

Guy From Canada

they needed to explain we will vote to keep you and use the pov if needed. Karen and Dillion saved ika from the block where Kevin put them. They said nothing to him on the commercial break clips and they needed to. Bad game play on demikas end.


are you joking? Dem nominated Kevin and Bruno


What were they going to do? He was clearly allied with the people on the block. He should have understood that he needed to be put on the block if only as a pawn, especially as he just put them both on the block and not the two people who just voted to save Ika. Either way, he would have turned on them. If they left him off the block, he would have saved William with the POV instead of himself, and both Karen and Dillon would be on the block next to Dre.


I’m thinking Demetres will be fine (yay!!!). He’s essentially the only one who can win consistently and, therefore, will get the Veto. The only ones he has to worry about are Kevin and Dillon. Karen and Ika won’t be able to win anything.

Here’s what I’m hoping happens: Demetres wins and Ika goes home. Then the two people that deserve to win are Kevin and Demetres. And I hope Demetres wins.

What the evil part of me hopes for: Demetres wins the veto, Dillon goes up, Dillon goes home. Then Demetres wins HOH, sends Kevin home, wins HOH again and drops Ika, taking Karen to the finale and easily winning it. I want to see the look on Ika’s face. It will be well-deserved.

Look. I KNOW that the two people who deserve to win are Demetres and Ika. But I just can’t justify her getting the money. Yes, getting to the end means you have to play dirty, but she didn’t play dirty. She went further. She was incredibly cruel. And that sort of behaviour shouldn’t be awarded. Her getting pissed at Demetres for not considering using the Veto on her was the last straw for me.


That’s not what happened on feeds. Ika didn’t want Demetres to use it on her. This fact was reiterated many times on feeds. Look, the DR is highly scripted. From what I understand of the reality of the show, is that what they are prompted or told to say in DR sessions and what is shown on TV-show edits are highly produced and more often than not inaccurate to the real truth.
Ika didn’t want Demetres to use it on her any more than Kevin made that ‘great call’ in the control room to not use the POV thus avoiding the Bruno-backdoor (William’s HOH).

Ika is actually a very emotional big-hearted person on feeds. She plays with her heart and looks at the game in terms of relationships. She actually wanted to self-sabotage so that Demetres would stay over her. And she’s cried many many times that she is letting Demetres down as a partner. She’s apologized many times to Demetres for pulling his game down. I don’t think you are getting the truth of her personality.


Kevin winning this Hoh is everything his targets have always been demika he’s determined to crush them !! One of them will win Pov and I hope it’s Dimitrie & I hope he crushed the whole game until the end !!!!! you know he will give ika at least 5k lol it’s sad but one of them is leaving it’s inevitable & if they both stay it will be freaking unbelievable & epicc!!!!!


Honestly Kevin is making the stupidest mistake to date if he takes out Demetres or Ika. He needs to target Karen and heres the logic. If Ika Demetres or Kevin want to make it to final 2 they can’t have Karen in the game. Lets say Ika leaves this week. Next week whoever sits on the block next to karen will get voted out and then who ever wins the final HOH will take Karen to final 2. So the best way to increase your odds of getting to final 2, is take out the biggest floater in the game.

If Karen goes this week. Then next week lets say Demetres get HOH and Kevin gets veto, he can then take a swing at Ika, vote her out. Then in a final 3 of Dillon Demetres and Kevin, Whoever wins the final HOH won’t have any easy choice at who to take to final 2, but atleast you can plead a good case, which you can’t do if Karen is in the final 3. And you can’t plead a case to the veto winner in final 4 because its just so easy to carry Karen to the end.

So seriously Kevin and Ika get your thinking caps on and realise taking out Karen is the only way you may make it to final 2 without having to win every competition!!! This is the moment to take out Karen, if they don’t they will be sitting the Jury in 5th for Ika and either 4th or 3rd place for kevin!


Taking out Karen would be an awful move.

Karen leaves this week. It does absolutely nothing for his BB resume except make him look weak. Next week it’s Demetri, Ika, Kevin, and Dillon playing in the POV, his chances of winning are incredibly small. Whoever wins the POV will take out Kevin no questions asked, and Demetri has been winning EVERYTHING. It’s 3 playing against 1, with one of the three playing against him being the guy who wins everything. Kevin’s gone next week almost for sure.

Demetres leaves this week (that’s who he wants to go). Next week it’s Kevin, Ika, Dillon, and Karen playing in the POV, his chances are FAR greater to win the POV as everyone left sucks at competitions. Not only that, it’s no longer necessarily 3 against 1 anymore as Dillon and Karen may vote to evict Ika to have that on their BB resume, and if Ika wins the POV she knows there’s ZERO chance Dillon or Karen would take her to final two at the end, and that her only hope would be Kevin wanting two vets in the finale because they deserve it more, so there’s at least a chance she would keep Kevin if she were to win. Therefore, Demetres going means Kevin has a greater chance at not being gone next week and has built a better resume to win the game if he makes it to final 2. He could even take out Dillon with the POV if he were to win it and go against Ika and Karen in the final HOH and have a HUGE chance to win, take Karen to final two, and win the whole game.

Ika leaves this week which is not his first choice. He’s built a better resume for himself if we’re to make to final two. Ika leaving leaves Dillon, Kevin, Karen, and Demetres playing in next week’s veto, if Dillon or Karen win, again, theres a possibility they will get rid of Demetres over himself if one of them were to win POV to not only have that on their BB resume, but higher their chances of winning the final HOH by getting out the comp beast.


But I don’t think taking out taken is an awful move, I agree keeping her in the game increases your chances to win a competition! But if Ika goes this week, Dem gets F4 HOH and Dillon wins veto, then kevin gets evicted! If its kevin and Ika on the block with Dillon holding the veto, then Dillon evicts Ika because he can’t go into final 3 with a duo! But if its Kevin vs Karen, he’s obviously keeping Karen.

So Karen in my opinion is the biggest threat to everyones game! They can obviously win against her but unless they win their way to the final, no one else will bring each other to the final 2 with Karen still in the game!

And I also agree Dillon is a goat, but with Ika and demetres going around saying no one can beat dillon in final 2, so maybe his couple of “wins” and not pissing off the jury can win him the game! So he is a threat as well


I agree 100%

Guy From Canada

Dillion is just as big a goat as Karen. They would bring him to the end as well. In all honesty, save ika and dem, she can’t win sh!t but only if Dem wins pov. Here is why.

Here is what most likely will happen if Dem survives, he will win the f4 hoh. He has proven that he is a machine mentally and physically. the f4 hoh, usually a puzzle or questions before/after Dem is most likely to win, that leaves Kev with pov only to get to f3. Dem has proven he can win that style of comp against dumb Dillion a krazy Karen and Kev knows this. But dem has broken his words now putting up Kev with the frenchies so this isn’t likely to happen. But again regardless, if dem wins pov, he is guaranteed to play hoh and pov against Kev for f3. I think that Dem would take anyone over Ika to f2 after his ride with Cindy, and Kev if he tried Dem would agree to a f2 if Ika is out this week. Let’s do a break down of jury votes currently of Dem verses Kevin.

Bruno obvious Kev
Cindy Kev
Neda Kev
Jackie….I’d say Kev over dem cause of Ika
Will Kev
Dre probably Kev she seems bitter towards Ika and therefore Dem

Then the possible entries
Dillion Dem over Kev….a close 50/50 but I see him liking the physical game over social
Karen she hates Kev and is bitter, Dem unless dem sends her home then possible Kev
Ika dem

A deal with Dem would almost guarantee a win for Kevin. No deal means if Dem wins pov, he will most likely win the game against a goat only but Kevin will win against anyone in f2.

Simon in your opinion does Dem act enough like a loyal dumbass (like Cody from bbusa16) to bring a stronger player to the end based on honour? Would this be a plausible deal if pov comes out with a Dem win?


I watch the live feeds – I’m 99.999999999% sure Demetres would take Ika to final two.

Some other guy

What show/live feeds are you watching? Demetres is not Joh Pardy, he’s a stand up guy and would never betray Ika regardless of Sindy’s comments. At the end of the day it’s inconsequential as I highly doubt they both will make it beyond this week. I don’t think anyone left is stupid enough to bring Kevin to the final two, he has too many friends in jury.

Guy From Canada

Sorry haven’t watched enough of the feeds this year, been watching some clips that Simon posts at work and that’s it. The impression I got from clips is that Dem is decent but not enough to know for sure if he is really that way from small clips. Thanks for the 411, so in an Ika, Dem Kevin, 0 chance of Dem pulling a J.P. thanks and looking forward to see how this week plays out πŸ™‚

BB Prediction

Demetre leaves this week. Dillon wins Final four HoH. He puts up Kevin and ika. Kevin wins POV. Karen goes up. Kevin is the only vote to evict ika. Sweet Sweet Poetic Justice!


Awful prediction. Dillon wins HOH? Dillon can’t win shit unless it’s handed to him. If they didn’t give it up to his only HOH win, he wouldn’t have won based on reaction times – he just talked himself to the win. Dillon is a goat. He can be convinced off a cliff.

BB Prediction

Dillon would only be competing against karen and ika, duh




If Dillon and Karen were to make it to final 2, who would win?
Thumbs up for Karen
Thumbs down for Dillion


hope tha ika and dem dont get hoh


met pov


I think Ika’s plan is to keep talking till Dem self-evicts. Man she can talk.


hope that ika dont get poc right simon


Why would Dillon want to take Demetres to the end? Demetres just told him he would win if they were both in the final. And, I heard Dillon say a long time ago that he does not need the money, & now he is saying he does need the money & that Karen is loaded with dough. Demetres telling Dillon that he would win in the end, should be a huge red flag for Dillon. Wow, just wow.


OMG. Ika needs a pill!!! When she lost it on Kevin it was pathetic. Seriously I’m worried for her. She is in need of psychological help. She flip from fun to crazy all the time.

Upside down Matrix

Ika just lost any hope of Karen, Dillon, and Kevin’s vote tonight, shes a terrible gameplayer


Couple of suspect things learned via talks today.

1. William WAS ASSIGNED GARBAGE DUTY which is why he got the secret POV (so he was selected to win that)
2. I’ve never seen a HOH winner not be allowed to compete in a POV but suddenly b/c it’s a triple eviction Demetres was not allowed to play.

Both items seem geared to help Kevin since William would only have used the POV on Dre or Kevin & Dem could have likely beat Kevin in that competition.

Most blatant manipulation of the game to date!


So you didn’t watch season 3 during the triple eviction because the HOH couldn’t play in the POV either. So your theory of it being just because Demeters would win is out the window.

Guy From Canada

Look up your point two. I’m pretty sure Brit never played in her veto in season 3 triple


Why do they keep saying Kevin will against anybody? The only solid votes are Bruno and William. Sindy and Neda maybe. That’s only 4. Still 1 vote missing. Now I am thinking even if Karen go to the final 2 with Kevin, she might win. (Jackie, Dre, Ika, Demetres, Dillon)


Dem is the ONLY one that deserves to win this year !!!!!! Its BS Kevin has his friends in jury (so just say Kevin didn’t win crap) if in F2 he would win because his friends are in jury ? Best player should win not because whos in jury. I HATE bitter jurys !! If Dems win Veto and stays and they get Kevin out Dem better win !!


Ikas kids will eat dem for dinner.


If Kevin won the POV, he should replace Ika with Karen to ensure Dem goes home. If Karen tries to self-evict to let Dem win, Dillon may realize he has to work with Kevin in final 4. Either way it is not bad.


he he he

Ika will be crowned Queen Almighty on Prom night
B…..s always win

then it will be Har Har Har