Kevin “If I win I’ll get 5G’s worth of $1 bills, lay it all out ..then roll in it with honey”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

(Godfrey will use the Veto to take himself off the block. Pilar is planning on putting Brittnee up as a replacement. Sindy is going to try and convince them to put Bobby up.)
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 08-05-30-085

11am – 11:40am Hot Tub – Pilar, Willow, Bruno, Godfrey, Bobby, Ashleigh and Brittnee are suntanning (sleeping). Big Brother tells them to please wake up. Willow “ZACH do you want me to squirt a bit in your mouth?!” Willow brings up again how she isn’t sure if she pee’d or orgasmed when she got the mystery card. Brittnee says oh yeah pee happens all the time. Willow brings up how Zach’s birthday is on Wednesday. Zach says it sucks how its such a busy day. Willow says but maybe at night we can wind down. Zach says I’ll dress up. Willow says yeah I will too, I’ll wear this ketchup bottle.

Up in the HOH – Sarah tells Sindy that Zach doesn’t think he (Bobby) has the secret veto so I guess don’t throw that out there. I mean if you already said it then what if he does. Sindy says what if I say to them I know I’m going home I at least want to help someone … its up to you.. I’m sure you know that’s what I think that Bobby has the secret veto. I know Bobby’s gunning for you… I know you’re working with him but I want you to be very very careful with him but I spent 24 hours with him in that vault. Sarah says you’re a genius. Sindy says I’ll just bring it back to sequester… a lot was said in sequester and Graig told me a lot of what Bobby had said. Sarah says say he is jealous of you and Ashleigh. Sindy says oh! Graig did say that.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 08-01-37-582


12pm – 12:30pm Kevin leaves the hot tub and in the backyard he gives “The Fortress” sign to Jordan’s backyard photo. He heads inside and talks with Pili. The kiss and then head up to the chairs outside the bathroom. Kevin says if he wins he will get 5G’s worth of $1 bills and lay it all out …then roll in it with honey. Kevin talks about how his respect and admiration for Godfrey has grown. Kevin and Pili talk about past comps and needing to study. Godfrey joins them. Kevin tells him how his respect for him has grown. Godfrey asks if he can talk to them in the HOH room.

Meanwhile out in the hot tub room – The house guests are “suntanning” aka sleeping.

12:35pm Godfrey says since I won the veto and it has changed the whole dynamic… Pili says I told you.. you were the pawn and I’m glad you won it. Godfrey asks if you were in my position what would you do with the veto? Pili says obviously I would use it on myself. Godfrey says the only reason it makes it hard for me to use it is that you make another enemy. Pili says oh my god I am going to hit you. You can’t not use it. Don’t, no! Don’t worry. Godfrey says even if they’re a pawn it kind of exposes where your alligence is. Pili says listen I don’t know who I am going to put up but I would tell them they are a pawn. I would put myself up if I could. Godfrey says its becoming a numbers game. Godfrey says I had 4 people who voted me out .. do I go with the people that voted me out or the people that were going with the house? Pili asks who do you trust? Godfrey says honestly… I trust no one! At this point we really need to pick who do we trust and who we don’t. Lets say things go to plan and Sindy gets voted out.. your side is hoping you win HOH and their side is hoping they win HOH. By making your nominations you are drawing the line. Keep that in mind. Its a dangerous line. Pili says I know who ever I put up the line is .. I mean I am marking it. A lot of people are in pairs … Zach & Ash, Sarah & Britt, Bobby & Bruno. Kevin says and me and Pili. Godfrey says the three of us can be a very powerful force. I want to stick with people that are going to be here and not go up on the block. No one at this point is considering you two as threats. I really didn’t want to win this veto. Pili asks why not? Godfrey says because it paints a target on my back, it forces you to pick another person and risks you getting put up next week. I can guarantee you that I will not nominate you if I win HOH next week. I am close with Bobby and Bruno and it has not come out that they want you up either.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 09-34-55-356

Keivn and Pili talk after Godfrey leaves. After Godfrey leaves Kevin tells her to just let it wash over your head. If we can use him in the short term we will. Kevin says when you nominate B (Brittnee) .. Pili says that I will just make her feel like she is safe. I’ll tell her she has your vote and Ash… Kevin says just tell her she has everyone’s vote. Pili says I’ll tell her she is not going home… I just hope she understands. This is her third time on the block. Kevin tells Pili that he doesn’t want her to think he is into what Godfrey is saying .. I just make him think I am. Pili tells Kevin he is so smart. Keivn tells Pilar when she tells Brittnee she just needs to do it like ripping off a bandaid.

1:20pm – 1:30pm In the storage room – Sarah tells Zach about how Bobby said he doesn’t talk game until Tuesday. Zach comments on how he throws comps. Sarah says he’s obviously doing nothing for anybody right!? You can’t work with people that are going to do nothing for you and feed you to the wolves like that.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 10-15-36-809

Bruno thinks Godfrey’s veto could be another Double Veto:

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 10-48-08-667
1:50pm In the bedroom – Pilar tells Ashleigh about how Godfrey wants to work with her. Ash tells her she can use that just like Zach and I have Bobby/Bruno. Ash says she is going to bring it up to Zach about how it could be fake (Bobby’s secret veto). Ash brings up how Sarah asked her if she is going to go up. I told her I didn’t know and she said she doesn’t want to know. Ash says the people that turned on Jordan will never turn on you. AKA Sarah. Pili runs through what she’ll tell Brittnee and says I can’t afford to put up Bobby or Bruno in fear that the votes would flip. Everyone wants Sindy out. I wouldn’t put you up if I thought you would go home. Sarah, Ash, Kev would never do that to you.


There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Smallest paper denomination in Canada is the fiver Kev. Oh lord these folks are geniuses! How anyone is buying this secret veto is a BB mystery. Just like the missing game play. Best for the show renom Bobby. Then you’ll see that veto! lol Best for me seeing Cindy go is Sarah or B. I like Sarah b/c either is fine with me.

Hardwood F2 for the win!

Moronita Pilar

Each time I listen to the conversations between Moronita and her pasty boyfriend (otherwise known as the biggest disappointment of BBCAN3), I am speechless, flabbergasted… She must be a medical phenomenon — a person who goes through life without brain.


She has mild autism in case you haven’t noticed that yet. I have no clue how she got in the big brother house. She is really a waste of space and might as well just be kevin’s stuffed toy in the house.


I understand she is a dissapointment game-wise, but she is still a human being and you both have taken it too far. Don’t joke about diseases that are serious and effect thousands of people. Have respect for people no matter how much or how little intelligence you think they have.


after zach / kevin gets voted out
i feel like the bruno, bobby, godfrey, sarah, brittnee “alliance” will split up and both sides will try to recruit ashleigh and pilar
if that is the case, i feel like bruno, bobby, godfrey have the edge

Pilar Who?

How did Pilar get casted? I seriously don’t understand the appeal at all and she adds zero entertainment value.


PLEASE tell me GODFREY isn’t considering NOT USING the pov.


I feel like if Kevin and Ashleigh were to be evicted, Pilar would just self evict. She literally is completely reliant on those two people and keeps absolutely no information to herself to use for her advantage. I understand Ash is in her alliance but come on, Godfrey was making valid points and she completely dismissed everything…… frustrating.


I hate the freaking Sara. I hate the way every week she is pushing for someone on the block. Last week she was against Zach, now she is flipping to work with Zach. Have she ever thought by voting out Bobby, who will help her to win physical comp over Zach? What is she thinking? She thinks she will win all the comps with Sindy and Britt. Even if she wins HOH and Zach keeps winning POV. How does she get him out? If Canada is HOH, I will put Zach and Sara up on the block.


I see what you mean… like when Zach made a deal with Naeha, Johnny, Britt and Sarah but had no intention of keeping it. Or the deal he made with the Chop Shop or the new deal with Bruno and Bobby. Or how about today when he told Ash she can’t ever use veto to save Pilar b/c he’ll leave (though it’s a valid point).

Or maybe you mean how Bruno is Godfrey’s boy but him and Bobby both jumped at the chance to evict him this week if necessary. Or Sindy who blew up the JP plan which was suppose to be for one of Bruno/Bobby. Or Britt who told Bobby that Zach wanted him out. And then Britt/Sarah voted as a block but now they are expendable

You are right only Sarah is throwing out people’s names and back stabbing, I’m glad you pointed that out.

The TRUTH is you play BB week to week with 3 goals in mind 1) stay off the block 2) don’t be the re-nom 3) move forward in the best position possible.

Loyalty is wonderful but unlike Cody and Derrick in BB US generally the only loyalty that exists is generally between a couple or a pair with one controlling the other aka: Zach controls Ash, Kevin controls Pilar and Bruno controls Bobby.

The only “free agents” in the house are Sarah, Godfrey, Britt and to a certain extent Willow. EACH of them has tried to prove loyalty at one time or another and EACH of them has been shafted by the person(s) they tried to work with. That leaves them no choice but to act how they are b/c they aren’t in a block alliance that protects each other.

All they really need to do is have one of them win the next HOH and they will see the house dynamics change again. B/c unbeknownst to them they’ll be getting out 2 players who’ll likely be 2 guys from Zach, Bruno, Kevin and Bobby. Once that occurs the remaining men become targets but more importantly Sarah, Britt, Godfrey, Willow will then hold the majority position in the house.

I’m almost hoping it’s Zach and Bobby who leave since then Kevin will actually have to play and the girls could work to get out (other than Godfrey) the remaining men in the house before attacking each other. This next HOH is going to define what happens the rest of the season. Either Zach/Bruno waltz to the money or we get a competitive game.


SHE’S AN IDIOT…What a monumental was of a week. I am so disappointed, the fact the Kevin is helping her shut down all these ideas makes me hate him even more.


Godfrey is so good in the conversation with Kev and Pili!!!!!

another name

in reading the updates for today so far, these are the impressions i’m getting:
godfrey was much better in his conversation with kevin and pilar than he was in his conversation with cindy. that’s redeeming. I thought he’d had some sort of brainfart for a minute. imo he was trying to misdirect her into digging her own grave to protect the replacement. but still sounded like a brainfart.
kevin’s ‘go so far under the radar’ strategy of listen to what everyone says and say/do nothing is actually a good strategy. he’s no longer an immediate target for anyone. people actually believe his sway over pilar is weaker than Ashleigh and Zach’s (when it’s at least equal). even the viewers think he’s stopped playing. he’s long gaming, not short gaming imo.
pilar is trying. she’s not doing well at grasping the concept of strategy but she’s making the attempt. she’s trying (in terms of both definitions: making the attempt, and wearing down viewer’s patience).
Zach and sarah have resumed their if you trust me i’ll trust you dance with each other. the music ended and they’re still dancing. it’s become irrelevant. I’ve lost interest in their dynamic with each other for today.
bobby and Bruno are not doing as well at riding the middle between the couples and the girls as I thought they would. Bruno is doing better than bobby, but that is to be expected. bobby lacks guile. he openly stated to the girls that he isn’t working with them, last week was a one time deal. why even say that? I don’t get it.
I still think cindy coming back into the game was the human equivalent of last season’s Canada’s hoh. a grenade launched into the house to create short term chaos and long term division. I don’t think putting her back in the game was meant to last long, unless she could socially maneuver it. sending in a live explosive usually means boom and all that’s left of the bomb is shrapnel and scorched earth.
chances of cindy staying: 0-10% imo. (sarcasm: if something more unpredictable were about to happen, the feeds would be down for 10 hours and afterdark would be cancelled for two days).


I find it hysterical that Kevin wants to roll around in $1 bills and not $100’s. Rank amateur.


I’m interested in the Sarah/Zach conversation. I hope Sarah can work her manipulation, and get Zach to make Pilar put up Bobby and have him voted out. I definitely want Zach gone, but if Sarah could manipulate him into helping her before he goes, all the better.

If Sarah, Britt, Godfrey, Willow, and Zach voted out Bobby, I don’t think any of the Diapers would suspect Zach.