Godfrey “It was literally like talking to a 5 year old. I had to slow down my voice.”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV April 24
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

(Godfrey will use the Veto to take himself off the block. Pilar is planning on putting Brittnee up as a replacement. Sindy is going to try and convince them to put Bobby up.)
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 11-16-47-204

2pm In the kitchen – Zach is cooking pizza’s. Bruno says I can’t believe its day 38 already. Out in the backyard – Godfrey and Sindy are talking about cruise ships. Bruno joins them. Sindy talks about working on a cruise ship and all the games she created. Godfrey tells Sindy I couldn’t even get her to tell me who she’s putting up. To be honest I am hoping the veto I am holding is a diamond veto. Sindy asks who would you put up? Godfrey says Zach. Sindy asks would you vote for me? Godfrey says yeah. I hope that’s the twist because there’s not other way she is putting up Ash. Sindy says she wouldn’t risk that. Godfrey says yeah she wouldn’t risk putting up Zach either. The vibe I got from her is that she doesn’t talk to those people too much. Sindy says we could work with Willow. Sindy says Bobby says he has a secret power of veto. Godfrey says he does yo! Sindy says if I was HOH I would put him up and let him use it. I don’t think he has it. Godfrey asks you don’t think so? Sindy says there’s no way he has it. Why would you tell everyone you have it. You would keep it a secret. Put him up and if he doesn’t have it then that’s his penalty for lying. That’s a huge lie. Sindy says that Zach and Ash are the two people that control. They have a chance to backdoor someone, why not take the chance. Godfrey says at the end of the day, everyone wants a smart decision. Find your chance and talk to them.

Godfrey talks to Brittnee by the pool. Brittnee says if you don’t have the cahones to make a big move then don’t win HOH. Godfrey says I go the vibe that she is done with the HOH and just wants it to be over. I am hoping I got through to her. Brittnee says as far as I am concerned its me, you and Sarah against the house. Godfrey says you and Sarah are the only ones I have confidence in if you win HOH that you would make a big move. Brittnee says she’s (Pili) a good girl but I have no faith in her. Godfrey says I tried to get through to her. Godfrey says If she is so sure Sindy is going home why would you not put up your friend Ash to prove you’re not being controlled. It was literally like talking to a five year old. I had to slow down my voice.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 11-22-38-787

2:35pm In the bathroom – Bobby and Bruno laugh about Bobby’s bum veto lie. Bobby says I hope they believe I still have it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 11-32-00-195

2:40pm – 3:25pm Out in the hot tub – Sarah and Brittnee talk about Godfrey wanting Pilar to put up Ashleigh. Brittnee says she’s not going to do that after what happened with Zach putting up his best friend. SIndy joins them. Sindy says I just don’t want either one of you to go up. Sarah says I think its 90% positive its one of us going up. But I’m not so sure talking to them will help. It’s unfortunate that this is a b@ckdoor opportunity and its too bad she’s afraid to. Brittnee says I like that part about being too afraid to do it. Sindy says its rare to get a b@ckdoor opportunity and both times it worked. It worked with me and it worked with Graig. Sarah says you haven’t told them about sequester either have you. Sindy says no. Sarah says ask them aren’t you curious about what happened in sequester. I will say it right in front of them. I have nothing to lose. Sarah says iceberg straight ahead for the SSB! This is our last attempt. Sindy heads inside and Sarah and Brittnee continue to talk. They comment on how disappointed they were in Jordan. Play your game for yourself not for someone else. Brittnee says we need a miracle at this point. Britt says Zach would be foolish not to put Bobby up there and I say Zach because lets be honest this isn’t Pili’s HOH. I don’t meant to take anything away from Pili but it’s true. Sarah says its Kevin, Ashleigh, and Zach’s HOH.

Sarah “They better watch out if they put me on the block because I will have a lot worse to say than I’m disappointed..” “Once she makes her decision and puts one of us up promise me you will throw Sindy under the bus!” Britt says oh I will!
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 11-54-59-120

In the bathroom – Pilar tells Brittnee that she is putting her up as the pawn. Brittnee asks you’re putting me?!!? I am not happy! Pilar says this is the easiest week to go up as a pawn. Pilar says Sarah won’t do that to you. KEvin, Ashleigh, Zach… everyone wants Sindy out. Brittnee says that doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve already been up as a pawn and I didn’t come here to be a pawn. Pilar says I don’t want to make you mad. The last thing I want is for you to go home. I know you’re upset. I know for a fact that everyone wants Sindy out. I honestly don’t want you to go. If I could go up as a pawn I would. Brittnee says I am not here to just look pretty. Pilar asks why would people want you out because I helped get JP out. I am not really mad at you because the is “the safest move”. Pilar says I can’t put either Zach, or Bobby or Bruno because then the house could flip. The house could easily flip with you up the house will not flip. Brittnee says that’s not for sure though. Pilar says I know nothing in this house is 100%. I do not want you to leave his house. Brittnee says if I do then I just lost out on 100k! Britt says if this is what’s best for your game then that’s fine but I’m not happy about it. You need to be thinking about your end game and who is going to get you there or who is going to take it from you. Pilar says okay I will give it more thought. Britt says as your friend I’m telling you, you need to think about your end game. Would they put you up as a pawn? I know I wouldn’t. I know how it feels.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 12-35-10-528

In the kitchen – Zach tells Godfrey if next weeks a Double (Eviction) .. you, me, Bobby and Bruno need to set something up. Godfrey says yeah we’ll talk. Zach says figure out a plan for the double. Godfrey says we need to now right before the eviction. Godfrey says I’m telling you bro the girls are going to send one of us home. Zach says that’s why we need to take one of them out. If we have a chat with Bobby and make a gentleman’s agreement then we can lock it up. Godfrey says Bobby’s got a secret veto. Zach asks does he? Godfrey says yeah he does. Bruno walks in and Godfrey says you, me Bobby and Zach need to have a talk about next week. Bruno says yeah I’m down with that. Zach says it would be bullsh*t for the coasters to sit back and watch us take each other out on a double eviction.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-25 12-53-09-286


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Bobby thinks he’s so clever, when in actuality he’s the biggest idiot in this house. He realizes he has 0% chance of winning this right? His biggest move in the game was getting Sindy out, then have her come right back in. I guess you could say he did vote JP out, but he did it for the wrong reasons. His thought-process was that by getting JP out Zack would have to be closer to the chop shop… Kevin and Pili are not gonna do anything to against the house so there is no way Pili would put up anyone other then B. If Sarah was smart the pitch she would make to Zack would be look you guys are obviously gonna want us out (by us I mean B, Sarah, Sindy) but once we’re gone whose left? It’ll be the couples, vs. Willow, Bruno, Bobby, and Godfrey (thats only if Bobby is actually smart and sees the couples alliances and doesn’t go after Godfrey for not being in the chop shop), and essentially it will be you/Kevin, who are both smart and fit, vs. Bruno (whose super smart), Bobby (whose super fit) and Godfrey (who’s smart and fit), it will be 2 vs. 3 because lets be real Asheligh/Pilar/Willow aint doing shiat. I feel like making that pitch would be smart, at least to get the seed of doubt back in Zacks head. He’s out for Sarah’s blood because she got JP out, but if he was thinking rationally I think he would see that taking B/Sarah would be better then Bruno/Bobby.

And as I said before, Kevin/Pilar make me nauseous. Their showmance is so fake like I can’t deal with someone being so in love with someone (Pilar for Kevin) and someone who is so uninterested that they literally pull their head back so fast from a kiss that it looks like they’re gonna get whiplash. I wanna like Kevin but he is so playing Pilar and it makes me sad because she legit has no idea. Like that whole Mayo thing was probably some weird thing Kevin did just to prove to himself how wrapped up this girl is with him. I hope by some miracle Sindy stays this week, and if Brit goes up she goes home (as much as I don’t want that to happen either) 🙁


I’d rather prefer to see Bobby going up and gone, but it likely won’t happen.


Ok then… so that answers the questions about Bobby’s secret vito, not that he played it well. Didn’t Adel play that fake card last season?
It would be funny if ‘the fake vito’ landed Bobby as the replacement nom and got himself evicted


Its VETO. Vito is Bruno’s cousin.


lol. Vito. too funny


Lol at Hann’s comment. I love the comments on this page. Great sense of humor, guys & gals.


Don VETO Corrleone? Lol


LMAO… noted. Sorry, had a Pili moment ; )


maybe I should of said: ya,ya,ya, I know I know I know right, ughhh I’m soooo confused, wait a minute k, I dunno


Still masquerading as me? *rolls eyes*


1. only a moron would believe that bobby has a secret veto. for one, if he had it he wouldnt be able to talk about it and if he did he’d lose it . The guy just really irritates me with how stupid he is. I’ve seen posts on here speculating that most of these people are recruits and i cant help but agree.

2. i dont get the love for bruno at all. he’s not this great player, he’s a moron. he wants sarah, sindy and britnee out for no other reason than they are women. he has sided with a group of people he is completely unsafe with. ashleigh even said last night that if she won hoh she would probably put one of him or bobby up.he wanted to get zach out but was to chicken shit to try when he was hoh. he’s aligning with the biggest buffoon to ever play the game. and he is only temporarily safe because those morons on the other side are going after the girls that dared to make a big move before they did, he’s not actually doing anything on his own.

3. britnee is right , if you dont have the guts to make a big move when the chance arises then you shouldnt have power, you shouldnt be there. its half way through the game, its time to make moves. pilar is just playing it safe. if she was in alliance that had faith in her then if she did decide to go after bruno or bobby she should feel safe that she can and they should be able to get on board and respect that

4. loving godfrey right now. he’s right. these people really do just have to slow down their voices when they talk to that airhead hoh.

i have a feeling this season will be over soon enough. i hope that triple nom hoh is soon and that one of godfrey, sarah or britnee win and get out 2 of those clowns from the other side.preferably zach and ashleigh but pilar or bruno would be good option b’s.


true… only a moron would believe Bobby has a secret vito. But take a head count of how many morons are in the house.


correction… VETO
Just for you Hann : D


Disagree on Bruno, I think he’s playing a good game, maybe the best game in the house right now.


Anonymous, I agree.

I think there are several reasons people don’t like Bruno – the non-use of the double veto issue (but they forget that he at least set a goal and followed it through to the end by getting Jonny out. They also like to forget that Jonny actually was a serious social and somewhat physical threat. What would the game look like now if he was still here?), his association with the Chop Shop (happenstance/circumstance), his loyalty to Bobby (pure stupidity), and his laid back, Everyman personality (he doesn’t shine, but nor does he stink – in other words its hard not to like him and it’s hard not to dislike him at the same time).

At the same time, he was one of the only people to be kind to and asscociate with Godfrey in the beginning when Godfrey had no one else and was borderline ostracized by the other HGs (good for Bruno’s game, but also an indication of his character), and he has treated each and every one of the HGs in kind (which we see is also good for his game – no one wants to be the one to put him up).

In terms of his fixation on Sarah, he simply sees her as a threat, and rightly so. He is not a mysoginist, as so many narrow-minded people claim. He clearly does not hate women, works with some in the chop shop, worked with others to vote out JP, and I guarantee will work with others in the future, in addition to being married to a woman. It really irks me when people knee-jerk to the misogyny label and try to associate Bruno with that level of hatred. It’s simply not true, and they are trying to capitalize on a loaded term to express and deflect their own feelings about him that stem from other reasons.

And all this to say . . . Bruno is not even my number 1


I am starting to feel bad for Pill. She seems to be a sweet person just not very on point intellectually. Can’t be mean about someone who really can’t keep up, but it is frustrating to listen to.


Then why the F*ck did she apply to big brother if she’s “not there” intelligently, more importantly what the f*ck was production thinking casting that air head. UGH.


Maybe she just wanted to have fun experiences in her life while she is young. You know, like everyone else.
Just sayin!


lol, britnee and sarah are so on point


Do you think Willow will be Sarah’s downfall? Or she actually trustworthy for Sarah? no longer tells Zach information that might hurt her.


Hello Godfrey you’re wrong Pillar doesnt’ have a mind of a 5 year old, she has a mind of a 4 year old with speech problems,,,


Haha, looks like Sindy made herself vulnerable by evicting JP. With Jp around I pretty sure he would of kept her safe and she would stuck a little while longer.



Willow: choose a side, because everyone thinks you are disposable

Britnee: get away from Sarah. she cannot win anything, and she has already given you up..

Sarah: is so annoying. What gives her the right to think she can go and ask Ash/Pilar what they want in this game? It’s none of her business, just stop talking! She throws everyone she works with under the bus. ALSO, STOP WHINING !!! I can’t take her; I really cannot listen to her

Sindy: calm down. If you would have stuck with JP, you probably wouldn’t be on the block this week. Why hate on the couples that are loyal to each other ???

Im so mad at this cast! Normally, I cheer for the underdogs, but this season, I HATE THEM ALL. I’m starting to cheer for Kevin/ Pilar or Zach/ Ash, because these are the only people in the house that are actually loyal to each other. I know everyone hates them, but at least they are not throwing each other under the bus. In addition, Sarah and Britnee cannot win a competition, esp. not Sarah. So Pilar and Ash are smarter with the guys, if they go with her, they will for sure go home


While I agree with most of your points, loyalty does not always get someone to the end, so being mad at people for not being loyal, and rooting for people for that exact reason is not really fair. It is like you expect that everyone has to be loyal to play the game, and that is simply not true.


Yes, how sweet. Pillar and Ashleigh being loyal to Kevin and Zach. That’s what we want to see. After all, we are watching the third season of Double Date. It is really endearing to see Pilar, the cute girl who is actually some hidden rocket scientist, you know the kind who thinks three hours equals two thousand eight hundred minutes predict that Sindy is dumb to win a challenge involving numbers.

Ashleigh is doing what an Ideal pretty girl in Big Brother should do. Respect her man, tell him everything and let him carry to the end.

Thanks for reminding us that Big Brother is a game in a house so they should all behave like one big happy family.


I REALLY hate it when people are still using the “it is too early to make a big move” card, when it is Week 6, and in the jury stage. Big moves are what the jury remembers, and helps make your case look really good if you are in the final 2, but these people are cowering, unbeknownst signing Ashleigh and Zach a paycheck. If you are not making moves at this point, than do not whine when a big move is used to get you out of the house. I think after this week, the season will conclude quickly enough.


The only person sindy could stay if pili puts up willow then she could give bruno and bobby agreement that she will go for zach but they are not think outside the box


Ughhhhh they should pitch Pilar to put up willow instead of B and then get her voted out. She’s doing NOTHING in this game and isn’t aligned with anyone. Then Bru/Sarah/B/Sindy and possibly Bobby can get out Zach and Ash. And also, someone needs to take out Pilar ASAP because if she makes it much further she’s going to have a good chance of making it to final too…and wouldn’t it be nice if Kevin was forced to stop making out and start playing the effing game again?!


i really want to like kevin, but he’s making it so hard for me to like him


Everyone is so scared of Sindy because “she’s so smart” but they won’t listen to her when she tells them the smart truth about their need to get rid of Bobby first. Sindy is upfront. They know where she’s coming from. But, Bobby is sketchy, unpredictable, stubborn, stupid, not easily worked with, and that makes him dangerous to everyone’s game. You can’t be sure where his head is at. Get rid of the wild card and then go after Sindy if you want. Common sense says if someone claims to have a veto, you don’t ignore them and give them a free ride. You call them out. If the veto is real, get it played fast so it’s not used on someone else later, messing up your HOH. If it’s a lie, then the penalty is that person goes home for being sketchy and dangerous. How is this not getting through their thick diapers?

What a joke

I guarantee that Pilar will make it to the final 2 this season. It’s a lock. Going to be a terrible finale.


While she’d be the perfect pick for any of them to take to F2, I’m sure production would come up with a twist specifically tailor made to get her out before that… Could you imagine her actually making a F2 speech? That would be… gulp.


I read this a few posts back but it’s easier just to post here 🙂
Just my own opinion/speculations…
But the houseguests seem to be rather pissed/jealous that Kevin is always in the diary room. Anyone else think this is production’s way of trying to kick his @ss into playing the game? Like there was soooooo much hype about Kevin the poker player, the first episodes were like Kevin is unstoppable and he’s a favourite to win it. Well that was week one. He only won the veto because he had to or he’d go home. Since then, he has done nothing but suck face with Pillar. I find it hilarious that the think he’s Canada’s player! I feel like he gets called in so much because production is trying to feed him lines/info to have some sort of DR sessions to show on the episode to hide the fact that he’s this season’s biggest disappointment! No game, just coasting in a showmance and aligning with people that have told him to his face they weren’t loyal and were playing him!!! It’s driving me nuts! He is so out to lunch! And even worse is the comments on here thinking he is just waiting to making his big move….News flash, his big move is aligning with Zach, the sinking ship!!! I can’t wait to see how production twists it this week. He is brutal to watch! I almost want him gone more than Zach, what’s worse?!?!?! Sorry everyone, rant over!


In the beginning I really liked him, but as time got on it got clear that he’s just a entitled brat, who thinks he can do anything he wants (him flirting with Pilar in the kitchen and throwing stuff on the floor) and who seriously lacks empathy (when JP told him to smooth it over with Johnny and he replied something along the lines of “Why, he’s going home anyways” ….).

On top of that he’s a terrible game player considering the amount of information he has. He basically knows about every significant alliance in the house (Diapers, Chop, Newport, Fortress), yet remains loyal to proven liars (JP, Zach) and even does them a favour by going after their target(s), therefore playing their game for them.

As I’ve said before, if he were smart he would put up either Bobby or Bruno who he knows have been wanting him out for weeks and force Zach to pick a side. He could easily sell that decision to Zach by guilt tripping him (when Zach refused to backdoor Bobby/Bruno last week) and saying this is the best decision for himself and therefore the diapers too. If or when it gets down to 8, 7 or 6 (with Diapers+Chop+God) it’s going to be Bobby/Bruno vs Kevin with Zach sitting pretty with that ugly smug look of his.

For him it really makes no sense to want SSB out who really only have one comp threat and seem to have no pull in the house whatsoever (other than Godfrey and maybe Willow, but he doesn’t need to know that 😉 and who could do his dirty work for him by getting out Zach (Sindy). After that he and Pilar could easily get them out, because they are both relatively good at comps.

Moronita Pilar

Whether it will be Sindy or B leaving the house, I would love to see either of them hitting Moronita in her empty head with something hard and solid.
The moronic creature from Mexico is simply unbearable to watch (and especially to listen to!)


Pilar is exactly what a manager is to CEO. Does all the work but not for herself but what CEO a.k.a. Kevin and Ashleigh wants out of her.


The boys want a gentleman’s agreement? Yeah because obviously that will last. Little do they know it’s a triple eviction week and the game is going to change big time.