“Everybody knows that flips can happen so .. you never know.”

Results from what we missed

Tera won the competition vs Jed and returned to the game.
Breydon won the Head of Household
Nominations are Beth and Tera
Have nots are Beth and Kiefer (Skip the dishes)
Power of Veto winner: Breydon did not use it

Big Brother Spoilers – Sounds like Beth is the target. It’s pretty slow on the feeds.

6:50 pm Lounging

7:00 pm Tera talking to cameras
Tera – I don’t care if they send me home.. it’s so hard to be around them
Tera – how can I study without people knowing I’m studying.. I can’t pull out my board..
Tera – I can’t stand these guys. They’re just sitting pretty being super annoying
Tera – Kiefer is the biggest follower I’ve met my entire life. He thinks I don’t see how selfish he is
Tera – your biggest mistake was putting me on the Block Jed.. ugh .. barf.. (what Keifer said)
Tera – he will take credit for taking Jed out even though he never would have the ball to do it himself
Tera – oh my god how am I going to stay in here. So fake.
Tera – oh my god I would love to get Kiefer in a final 3 situation. Can’t let him get that far he’ll cut me in a heartbeat
Tera – that would surprise me if they flipped the vote the crazy thing is it would be Kiefer that did it

Beth joins her.

Beth – I’m at peace. How about you?
Tera – umm… I don’t really know.
BEth – really? tell me the truth
Tera – umm I don’t know like. everybody knows that flips can happen so .. you never know.
Tera – I do almost feel like when you go I don’t even know what my game plan will be
Beth brings up talking to Kiefer and saying “Could you imagine if I had a secret veto and you were on the block tomorrow”
Kiefer said under his breath “Doesn’t matter because I would stay”
Tera – if you were staying and you won either the HOH or POV who would you send packing? say you won HOH and POV … we have nothing to lose by chit-chatting to each other
Beth would send Kiefer packing.
Beth says Ty and Breydon are a duo they’re taking each other.
Beth then mentions When they were drinking in the back TY said he would take Tera in the final 2 not Breydon
Beth – He didn’t mean to say it..
Tera – I don’t think that’s true
Beth – I would take out Keifer or Breydon, Ty is so hungry for the money.
Beth says Ty told her he’s taking Breydon to the end
Tera – I can see all of them taking each other over me
Beth – Kiefer takes you
Beth says once you take out Kiefer you “Win the game.. that’s your game-winning move and the boys will never ever take you”
Beth – you might have a better chance getting Kiefer to take you
Tera – I just don’t know if he will
Beth – I don’t know if he’s playing a boys game or not
Tera – I don’t know either
Beth – F***Ing win that Veto Tera
Tera – I almost feel like I want the HOH
Beth says she’ll help Tera study “I’m going I want you to win”
Beth – I know all my females, males and evens or odds
Tera – what do you mean females and males
Beth – the comps are going to be like a female won veto on one day.. sh1t like that

8:40 pm Beth and Breydon

Beth – yesterday I was so mad at Ty.. we fought.. I called him a floater..
Beth – remember what he said?
Breydon – have fun in jury Beth.. have fun.. then he walked around and said “if you guys don’t vote her out I’m f***Ed”
They laugh
Beth says she knows she’s getting evicted. She’s at ease with it. Yesterday she was upset but now she’s fine.
Beth tells him when he gets to final 2 make sure he brings up surviving three weeks on the block during the “craziest” weeks.
Beth warns him that Ty has a good speech planned

9:35 pm Tera and Breydon
Tera says that Beth yelled at Ty again.
Breydon – aww really about what?
Tera – I don’t know
Tera says they’ve been all weird today “I totally thought it was a joke.. ”

10:00 pm Ty and Beth
Ty – it breaks my heart to vote you out. It was you and I from the jump
Ty – I don’t know what Kief and Breydon are going to do
Beth says it’s fine
Ty – would you have wanted Keifer out if you won HOH?
Beth – YES biggest move of the game and he isn’t taking me ever.. ever.
TY – who do you want to win the game
Beth – Kiefer.. if not Kiefer you
Beth says it’s “awesome” Breydon told him about the four of them being left.. (Breydon, Ty, Tera, and Kiefer)
Beth warns him that the jury is cheering for Keifer to win.
Ty – If I have you and Jed I’m good
Beth – you have a jury that’s not playing on friendship.. we’re going to be rational players
Ty – that’s all I ask

10:50 pm Keifer and Ty
Keifer says he’s surprised Beth hasn’t eaten. Since she’s going to be evicted regardless.
Ty – I think she’s going to be slaty.. I don’t think she likes you and I are moving on and she’s not
Keifer – I haven’t talked game to her one on one for weeks.. probably since invisible
Ty – what does that say to you?
They talk about having another power outage and the cameras going down.
Kiefer says he’s going to eat if they go down so production doesn’t see him.
(You can hear the rain pounding outside.. I’ve never heard it this loud in the house)

Ty says he’s played a hell of a game he wouldn’t be left in if he hadn’t.
Kiefer lists off Breydon wins and Tera coming back says there are no floaters left.
Kiefer says in one week one of the strongest players became the weakest.. “It’s crazy”
Ty says Beth is 2 steps behind them now.

Ty is getting frustrated with Beth “she’s leaving this game starting fires. I’m not clear what she wants to happen. I asked her who do you want to win this game she says Kiefer”
Ty mentions Beth talking sh1t about him to Kiefer and Breydon. He’s worried It’s starting to stick with Breydon.

12:30am – 1am Bedroom. Tera, Beth, Breydon and Keifer. They’re chatting about jury. Beth – honestly guys a part of me is really excited to go there. As much as I want to die here and be drug out its going to be that moment we’ve all talked about .. You’ll have to catch me first! Breydon – you run into the pantry. Tera – what do you think they would do if you just started eating? Keif – be really mad. Breydon and Beth leave. Keifer to Tera – this is it.. maybe 8 days left. Tera – that is crazy! I am so more excited about this final four. Keifer – yes, me too. Golly, I hope they let Beth and me eat tomorrow. Tera – they gotta! Keifer – I would just love to have one more day were we sit down and eat you know?! Tera – yeah. Keifer – then it will be the last one.. Tera – the last one as a five. They chat about what their family must think of each of them. Breydon joins them.

1:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Wake me on Thursday and pass the Kraken .

New Kid

Ty’s a complete idiot. He clearly doesn’t understand jury management lol. At this point he’s already pissed off his 2 closest allies and everyone else in jury thinks he’s a floater. There’s no way he could possibly win this game and salvage any friendships afterwards either.

big brother fan

beth would vote for him if he takes keifer out.
i also cant see jed voting for tera or brey…
with jed around .. ty would of never even got to final 2


Jed did an interview where he said now that he has processed what happened he understands why Ty made the move. He said they’ll be friends for life and that he still plans to find a place with him (they plan on being roommates post-show).

As for Beth — depending on how much influence Jed’s Mom has over him that relationship doesn’t likely have lasting power. His Mom has been keeping a “receipts file” (her twitter discusses it) of the things Beth said/did toward Jed. Suffice to say, Jed’s Mom isn’t a Beth stan.

That said, many prior players get over it almost immediately after the season ends. A great example is Janelle and Beau (remember their huge fight in BB5? lol). They became besties afterward.

another name

There was a leak of a couple booths set up in the olg room.
Red buttons on top of blue booths.
Probably for an HOH comp? because there was a tie breaker chalk board in front of one of the booths.

Another booth comp.
Low production value for comps this season strikes again.


Does anyone know how to go back in the feeds once they’ve been paused for too long? I had some work to do and usually I can just backtrack but it’s not letting me do that. It goes back like 8 mins only & I’m not sure why.

Appreciate if anyone can advise.

Thank you 🙂


Thank you.

Any chance someone can cover the Brey – Beth convo (when she tells him Ty is playing him) & any follow-up convo that touches on it. Did Ty talk to Brey for example or are there more details on the Keif-Ty convo? Thanks in advance if it’s possible — if not all good thank you regardless 🙂

another name

As far as I know, Br and Ty haven’t had any conversation about it. However, cams were very Bethcentric, and for the first time in a LONG time, the night bed cams were on Beth and Tera, not on Brey and Ty and Kief having their usual nightly talks.
However, Ty told Kiefer that Beth might be getting into Brey’s head by telling Brey that Ty has been playing him for a sucker in their conversation (around 1045-11 pm est)
What I remember Beth saying (she isn’t doing this out of altruism or compassion, she’s doing this to get back at Ty and scorch earth for chaos, she admits in one of her Parascam moments after her last pick at the wound session with Breydon): Ty doesn’t actually have any ‘interest’ in Brey, and he’s just been playing him. She added that she could never something like that to Jed (lie detector exploded). In a subsequent talk she asks Brey why he seems down, is it missing family, having an off day… or is it that Ty has been making a fool of Breydon. Breydon admits he doesn’t want to look like an idiot to the public and wonders if he or Ty ( I think Ty in this context) will be viewed as a bad person. Beth adds in talk of how Ty said he was ‘putting in work’ on Breydon. Breydon repeats the phrase with a question mark. (first convo was some time between 1:50 and 2:30 pm est, there was at least 2 more little talks with the last convo I am aware of being before the 10pm expedia talk between Beth and Ty so maybe around 930 pm est… there may have been another jab at it around the time Ty and Kiefer were discussing what Beth was doing to get in Breydon’s head).
Keep in mind, what Beth thinks she is doing would have been better served before nominations… or weeks ago if it was coming from the place of caring and compassion that she claims. She thinks she is sewering Ty. The actual effect is Breydon is being compromised, and can’t play in the next HOH, with Ty now questioning his commitment to their final 2 because of what Beth has been saying.
Breydon and Kiefer have spoken today about Beth basically trying to turn everyone against each other and cause chaos before she goes. They fail to understand her motives, wondering is she actually trying to help Tera win by seeding chaos among the guys just to screw them for getting rid of her.


Thanks – I did see the Keif/Ty conversation & noted last night it was Tera/Beth bedtime (all the cams – instead of showing both).

Btw- how are you able to go back & view at specific times? Is there a trick to doing that?

I’m going to go watch After Dark & see if it shows up on there in the interim.

another name

I don’t go back that often. If i made a comment around the time something was going on, I go back and look at roughly what time I originally made a comment and subtract thinking time to come up with a rough estimate. The rest is just stupid memory for things unimportant.


If Beth is still here after Thursday, ? help us!


if Beth not out, i have no respect for BB.


What was the point of keeping Beth over Tera last week? That’s what bothers me. Tera is a far greater risk to them now than Beth with her single HOH is. I don’t trust these morons.

another name

It could be Every one of the best most evil players of Big Brother ever and Beth on the block, and my eardrums would still say for the love of god ditch the shrill harpie. My neighbor’s dog agrees.