Keifer “I really think that is the plan and its going to rock the house.”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: (Ro, Tera)
The Power of Veto Players are: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – From what I can gather Vic still going up. For the most part feeds have been off a lot.

10:55pm Games room. Keifer and Tina.
Keifer – I am glad the POV (ceremony) wasn’t today! Tina – why? Keifer – this place would have been a nightmare if it was. Tina – you still think that’s the plan (to put up Vic)? Keifer – I still do, yeah. I think its making it easier to be the plan the longer away the POV ceremony is. Tina – oh really!? Why? Keifer – because it will be less nights of awkwardness and ruthlessness. Tina – good point. Keifer – you know what I mean. Tina – I’ll be sold on it once its done. Keifer – me too. I’m pretty sure its going down though. I would be very surprised if it didn’t. I really think that is the plan and its going to rock the house. But there is only one person that isn’t going to see it coming. And if she’s not in jury .. its probably good news for all of us. You know what I mean? Tina – hopefully so! We’ll see. How do you see Beth riding through the game? Do you think the three of them (Jed, Ty and Beth) are going to ride it to the end? Keifer – they might. They have the best shot at getting there. And I don’t know if Rohan takes a shot at them anymore. Tina – oh really?! Keifer – do you think he does? Tina – why wouldn’t he for his game? Keifer – I think Rohan would put me up and maybe Jed or Ty. Tina – he could possibly see you as a number. Keifer – I could only hope .. but I doubt it. I really think I would be his target. Tina – I haven’t had many game conversations with him lately.. so I can’t say for sure. Keifer – you should try to see what he is thinking. If you can still? Or maybe he is just going to ride out .. until he runs out of vetos .. you know what I mean?! Tera joins them. Tera – did people catch my f**k up outside? Keifer – what did you do? Tera – I forgot that I was on the block for like 10 minutes when we were talking about the punishments.. and I was like stop! I don’t want to be on slop next week. Keifer – no I didn’t notice. Tina – no. Tera – I feel like Vic noticed it. Like I literally just forgot about my sh*tty situation. Keifer – I honetly didn’t even notice. And probably because in my mind you’re not going home. Tera – yeah but I have to act like I am. Keifer – well you’re doing a good job at it.

HOH room. Beth, Jed, Ty and Vic.
Vic talks about how someone boobie trapped the watermelon juice. She talk about how there is a hole in it and she shook it and it went everywhere. Jed – if you want to sewer someone (HOH) make it a tie vote so that they have to choose who goes and who stays.

12:45am Bedroom. Tera, Tina and Vic.
Vic joins them and tells them about the watermelon juice. Vic – yeah I was just talking to the boys (Jed and Ty) and they’re so curious as to where Rohan’s head is at. Like they just have no idea what is happening with Roh. They’re like what is his plan?! I was like .. like I f**king know!! Tera – what do you mean .. he said he was going to use the veto on himself. Vic – They’re still waiting to hear a campaign from you guys. Its like scary at the same time.. I am like Yo are they backdooring me? Like I can’t tell if they’re being genuine with me or if I am getting backdoored.

9:50 am Monday morning Tera is working on Beth to make sure Vic goes up..

10:11 am Vic making a big breakfast for everyone…

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Guy From Canada

Superfan Vic, you would know cooking for the house NEVER saves you. You would know this as a super fan. However, you are not. You watch the show, but don’t understand the show. Yes, you watched every season, but do not understand the game dynamics. There is 30 seasons between USA and Canada to research. how to win is based on knowing yourself and how to apply technique from those who came before you and getting to know the houseguests to know how to maneuver the game play.

another name

The Flatulent Toad now thinks Beth cheated in the HOH comp…
so in one week he’s accused three people of cheating in comps.
Do you really want to know why he’s saying this?
He’s hoping people on feeds will get mad.
He’s hoping fans get a jury vote, and vote for him because everyone cheats but him.
I mean… the comps that get cut to hell on edits.. oh yeah. huge big time probability there’s some sketchy crap. The ones we see in full live on the episodes… not so much unless they were given cheat sheets by d/r.
Reaity: Kief was trying to screw multiple people over when studying with them, he gave them all incorrect information. That’s why so many people went out in the how many sunglasses question. Kiefer wanted to throw, but he wanted to take out others at the same time. Kiefer misinformed Ty and TIna. Tina misinformed Ro. All of them went out with Kiefer when he threw. Breydon and Austin had clocked that Kiefer was lying about answers, they talked about it, but i guess didn’t tell anyone. Jed had reeducated Beth (who didn’t know what happened on multiple months but had the pictures down).
Toadboy is really scared Vic is going to out ALL his shit and call a house meeting. He’s outing little bits of his own dirt to Ty and Jed about his final 2 with Vic, etc. but NOWHERE NEAR the amount of dirt VIC actually has on him. He’s sweating tadpoles.

Toadboy: I resent your shittalk making me defend screechy cackles. Maybe you want to ask yourself why your boy Jed threw the HOH. “how many blank calendar days were there in the calendar” Jed answers 63. there were 81 blank calendar days just in january, feb, and march added together (from the descriptions provided by Austin, Brey and Ty). He THREW it.

Tera has gone to campaign to Beth. It’s not overly bad. She’s playing on Beth’s vanity, and playing on Beth’s insecurity at the same time.
Meanwhile in the seasons biggest Sus moment of social game moves, Vic is making everyone breakfast. Twenty tons of sideye. Anyone else watching Vic make breakfast just figuring Vic knows 100% she’s going on the block, so she’s making Beth a last meal before she tries to kill her? Yeah, her vocal tone today is that tone servers use to the bastard they know doesn’t tip because he loudly announced to the entire dining room that if you wanted to make more money you should have gotten a better job because he doesn’t tip before taking his order, and complains about his meal making them do at least 5 more table runs and spot checks to him than necessary. She’s using singsong i wish you were dead and i’m willing to kill you tone today.

What Beth’s HOH is doing for her: Ro and Brey want to take her to the end (they can beat her) Tina and Tera want to girlpower with her (they can beat her) and Jed and Ty are Jed and Ty with her (Jed realizes he can beat her, Ty would if Jed were not there). They all realize Beth is the least respected person in the house. By Thursday there will be a shift there, and Beth will become a target to many.

I think it actually is important to note this, because it’s getting lost in the drama: Breydon deserves a LOT of credit for how he has been lowkey manipulating the threesome to target Vic (out of vengeance for last week). He hasn’t been too much, he’s just been low key planting brain worms since Thursday night. To me this is social game, not shouting from the rooftops who should be targeted or just being likeable, but using social acumen in order to get others to do your bidding without getting noticed or targeted as a mastermind. He’s been smart enough to inform at least one person that he’s doing this. This means that person can verify this to the jury. Without Breydon informing on Vic, and being the one they are weighing everyone else’s stories against… we have a boring week. He’s been the velvet glove.

Rohan and Tera are intentionally wearing matching colour coordinated blockbuddy outfits today. LOL. Hurry VIc, change your clothes.

another name

On Tonight’s episode of cooking with Vic: dessert for the HOH.

minny pie.jpg
Beth is Nicole

Omg! Classic

another name

Vic confirms that the D/R tipped her off that she was going on the block.
Rohan used the veto.
Vic is the replacement nom.
She’s talking 90mph trying to show why she is valuable to the Ghost Peppers.
Jed says Ro and Breydon and Tina and Tera all threw Vic under the bus.
Vic says ohhh, i just started convos by saying I’d target you to get information….. um.
Kiefer confirms finally that Vic did actually throw out Jed and Beth’s names, after denying it for days. sketchy.
Vic is trying hard to get the two ghost pepper votes, and plans to go after Tera hard in her campaign.


Veto happened. Vic is pissed. Feeds keep cutting


Vic CONFIRMED to Jed & Beth she KNEW she was going up b/c the D/R TOLD HER!

another name

It’s always nice to have a 12 hour warning of a blindside and advanced campaigning notes, isn’t it?


right wtf was that?

How long do you think it’ll be until Vic stops & realizes DAMN – I shouldn’t have taken out Austin?

She’s all over Keifer saying she needs his help. Keif is telling her maybe they can get Ro & Breydon to vote for her to stay. Meanwhile – his moves have been pretty telling that he wants her gone based on him sealing her fate by confirming she said Jed/Beth & was going to throw Beth’s purse. I mean Vic — HELLO — you’ve been trashing Beth for WEEKS & have said their names repeatedly.

It’s the classic hypocrisy of the hamsters – where they can lie, do someone dirty and not be loyal but how dare anyone else plays the game or use similar tactics.

Hard to feel bad for Vic as she complains about Breydon telling what she said about Beth/Jed – UMMM you were in a F3 with him, just put him OTB, on slop & up against his BFF and he was NEVER coming for you. Why wouldn’t he tell on her? Btw, agree with you 100% on how adeptly Breydon navigated making Vic the backdoor target this week. He didn’t harp on it he planted a few seeds and kept watering them & would pull back if he felt they were wavering – then revisit it later. It was MASTERFUL!

And to be mad at Ty is equally funny b/c she did Austin/Brey uber dirty.

All I know is I’ll be ticked if she ALSO gets given a special power after she already was gifted the invisible HOH. Mind you -IF — she did & targeted the trio I might not be as upset lol.


Vic was calm and so good in her pitch to stay it literally was better (and more) than every single pitch that has occurred to this point in the match.

She had Beth & Jed not only believing her but backtracking in their thinking to maybe keep her. Ty was the one who wasn’t as on board – (I think b/c he’s now mad that she pinned him as the invisible HOH even this week).

The SHOCKER is her F2 partner Keifer is the one who BURIED her by confirming Vic did say Beth & Jed and that she was going to throw Beth’s purse. For sure Keif has sensed the shift of his position with the guys this week & recognizes (as Another Name noted) that Vic could bury his ass b/c she knows soooooooooooooo much of his double-dipping & things he’s said.

WAIT– as the week progresses at some point she’s going to spill about Keif to the trio.

For now, they remain focused on taking out Vic. Ty & Jed could potentially be swayed BUT unless she gets Keif she’s SOL.

The thing that ticks me off is Production gave her the head’s up last night so she had all night to figure out what to do (she even told Jed/Beth that they told her — smacks my head – ARGH).

Anyway – still could be drama we’ll see.