“I’m still for the ghost peppers, I’m a number with you guys this is the hot crew”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: Ro, Tera, Vic
The Power of Veto Players are: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan used the Veto Vic went up.
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother spoilers – Vic is nominated her campaign is strong.

12:30 pm Vic, Jed
We come into this conversation
V – I could have been more up front with the things I was saying. I just figured that was part of the role of playing both sides and being with you guys
Vic – I was never coming for you guys I was prepared to play this game with you guys till the end and that is on everything.. Honestly, I swear to god this is so sad I was so serious about the ghost peppers and that is why I said it to you guys every single day.
Jed – we were serious too then we started hearing all this sh1t
vic – that is what happens in this game
Jed – I know but it’s not coming from people we don’t not trust at all. It’s coming from people we actually trust.
Jed brings up Breydon telling them “What does he have to lose”
Vic – I was just trying to get his pitch why did he want to be here more than Austin.. I didn’t even have a f**ing vote.
Vic – you guys were not big targets for me, especially after this week. I thought we were on a good page. I would never put you guys up I swear to god. If I would I would have put you up last week especially up against Breydon it would have been easy for me. I could have fooled more people by doing it that way I thought that was a good loyal thing.
Vic – I don’t have it in me to do that type of backstabbing. I don’t have alliances with any of these people
Jed – we know it wouldn’t have made any sense it was a one-week move. You burn one of us and the next week you go home (Or you don’t burn them and you go home anyways)
Vic – yeah like what the heck exactly.. I’m so happy to be on the right side of the house. this is what I wanted to find people that are cool and like me. that know what’s up and lets go. never was I coming for you guys
Jed – we love you and we have from the beginning and we have been working with you closely it’s literally just our.. our only reservations are the sh1t people are telling us when it comes to what you are saying and us not knowing exactly where your head at from moves you’ve made in the past.
Jed – that is where our fear comes..
Vic – All I wanted was an alliance to be loyal to from day one
Vic – I feel like I have that now I and was just friggin stabbed in the back.. thinking I’m killing it playing the house getting information bringing it back like.. God..

Vic says if she stays this week she’ll be going for Rohan
Vic says she’s not denying what was said.
Jed – did you ever say I’m going to throw Beth’s bag off the balcony?
Vic – what the F*** no. Whoever said that is F***Ing lying

Vic tells them that the other side of the house is going after the “Trios” they don’t think Vic is working with them. Vic says having four is perfect as long as only one of them is on the block they have the three votes.
Vic – I was always going to be loyal to the ghost peppers till the end.. when you won HOH I was happy. that was not one ounce of fakeness.
Vic says it’s still early in his game and she still wants to fight with them.
Vic says if there are lies going around she’s ready to call them out.
Beth and Jed say they plan on it.
Vic – In doing that it will come out that I am working with you guys so..
Jed – it’s not the conversations it’s more the talk about who started the conversations..
Jed says people in the house are saying that Vic started the conversations against the trio.
Vic – conversations were absolutely had.. but I always came back and told you guys
Vic – I have engaged in those conversations. All of them are coming for you guys.
They ask if Vic had an inkling she’s going up.
Vic – if I did have a inkling it was because of bananas to be straight up
Jed – really, Bananas?
Vic – yup, They asked me a question.. and I was like why the f*** would you ask me that
Production – please stop talking about production
Jed laughs
Beth – thanks guys
Vic – yeah literally I was like OK so Beth’s coming for me? I swear to god
Jed – that’s insane
Vic – yeah
(So production told Vic)

Vic goes on about how she was just trying to make sure the other side didn’t know they were working together.
Jed – we just wish you would come back about saying those things.. even Ty asked you yesterday if you’ve said our names as a smokescreen and you said not.
Vic – I said Big targets. When I say Big Targets I assume people think you guys
Beth – thanks for chatting and being calm
Vic – I’m still for the ghost peppers

Vic – I never meant the things I said to people I was just trying to get intel
Jed – you can’t get to the end with them
Vic agrees not after what they did.
Jed – it wasn’t us that formulate this plan
Beth – you know I wanted Ro out
Jed says it was multiple people suggesting they take out Vic. Before that Tina was the planned replacement nomination
Vic – I’m not mad I see where I went wrong in this game.. I’m a number with you guys this is the hot crew
Vic says she never meant what she said to the other people she thought it was a plan

Vic – I am loyal to this alliance I am sad I dropped the ball..
Jed – It’s Ok.. I’m sorry you got blindsided no one deserves that. It took that type of shake-up for us to have this conversation
Jed – there’s potential you stay and we can continue to run through this house.
Jed is happy she’s not blowing up and going crazy
Vic says she’s just sad
Ty – trust me we’re sad too

They hug it out..
Vic crying “This is what I want. I wanted this from day one. I’m really sad you think I am doing this to you guys.. ”

Vic leaves.

Beth is laughing .. “F** i knew she would be good”
Jed – you think that is all a joke?
Beth – there has to be a sit-down and Tera has to be targeted
Ty – what is you take away from that
Beth – I believe her I f**Ing believe her
TY – the problem is I gave her multiple opportunities.. Real ones I know what you are doing..
Keifer joins them
Beth – I’ve never believed someone more in my life ..
K – what happened ..

Beth goes over the conversations with Vic
Ty says they are not focusing on the reason why they want Vic out.
Ty – she’s not there because of what she said..

Beth says the reason Vic was so calm was she knew she was caught. She knew she took it too far.

They talk about taking out Tina, Tera this week is a waste of a HOH. If they can’t take Ro out they have to take Vic out. They agree if Vic wins HOH next week they are going on the block.

Ro joins them. ‘how did it go?”
beth – very mature.. I think it’s because she got caught

2:16 pm Vic tells Kiefer he’s not as close to the trio as he thinks
Kiefer agrees.
Vic says Beth is ruthless.
Kiefer – It’s not over yet Tera could say some crazy shit

Kiefer tells her she’s better for his game adds that he’s also close to tina and Tera. If he finds a power he’ll love to shake the house up.

Kiefer brings up working on Ro and Breydon for Votes.
Vic – I doubt Breydon.. which is f***ed because Rohan was pitching me him Breydon thing..

2:35 pm Production has locked the fridge and left them bananas to eat.

6:00 pm Breydon and Vic
Vic says she might have to avoid Tina and Tera, “I’m not going to roll over and die
Breydon – you shouldn’t I would never expect that of you.
Vic goes on about how she had no idea she was going up she was giving Tina and Tera pep talks because they were worried.
Vic – I don’t know what I was thinking
Breydon – you are just a kind person
Vic – TnT they really did me dirty
Breydon – that’s weird that they almost asked for advice
Breydon – I think it came down to you and Tina
Vic – I can’t believe I got picked over Tina.. there’s two
Breydon – you are such a competitor whether you see it or not.
Vic says the comps coming up she’ll “Sh1t the bed’ she hasn’t been keeping track of the days or any of the mental stuff, “I don’t even know what day it is”
Vic – I haven’t worked out once since I’ve been in here

Vic – you want me here right?
Breydon – obviously I want you here. I just like.. to be honest. I just like.. I just feel done dirty from last week
Vic – really?
Breydon – yeah
Vic – I didn’t do you dirty
Breydon – yes and no at the same time
Vic – you think so?
Breydon – yeah
Vic – you were not my target
Vic says he only went up to take a vote from Austin. Says she cried about putting him up.
Vic – I thought it was the right move.

10:11 pm Vic and Jed, Ty
Vic still wanting to stay in the ghost peppers. She goes on and on saying she “F**ED up” and wants back in with them.

11:00 pm Breydon, Kiefer, Beth, Jed and Ty
Breydon – I don’t know what getting Tera right now does for anyone’s game.
Talking about there being a house meeting tomorrow
Kiefer- why is there s house meeting tomorrow
Jed – people need to get called out
Beth – We need to air some dirty laundry
Keifer – who needs to get called out
Beth – Tera.
Beth – you aren’t into that?
Kiefer – what am I going to do to cancel the house meeting.
Beth – well no I’m just wondering. do you not like that?
Kiefer – obviously no. I’m against any house meeting
Beth – ohh I’m down for them
Jed – why are you against them?
Kiefer – I just don’t like them I don’t like being a part of them I find them awkward.
Jed – why
Kiefer – I feel like I’m in a house meeting right now, I don’t give a sh1t whatever you guys want to do I’m game. I don’t want to fight too hard for Tera to make you guys think I’m on Tera’s side I don’t care.
Jed – we’ve been looking at both options

Kiefer says he doesn’t like how this is unfolding “why can’t you understand I don’t like house meetings”
Beth – ohh we’re not saying that.. maybe it’s not an organized meeting
Keifer – it ain’t me
Beth – not everyone has to be in the room..
Kiefer – I’ll attend I might even put pants on
Beth – grab popcorn

Kiefer tells them Vic being in the house is better for his game “I don’t see her putting me up”
They agree.
Jed – either one might put you up (to Breydon)
Breydon – of course

Ty – I think in the end obviously Vic’s going to go home
Jed – you think so?
Ty – we’re going to play it out.. as much as we’re going to go back and forth we’re not going to keep her. We put her on the block
Jed – yeah, you can’t take someone like that off the block.
Breydon – that’s my only thing .. why enrage her

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another name

“I was just trying to get information”
is code for:
“I was just trying to set up a war between both sides and sit safely in the centre.”

Now that Vic has exposed production ruined the blindside… Can production throw her a Secret Power without the feed base screaming RIGGED? I’d doubt it. The control room is probably calling the Storyline editors and saying “she just outed us… if we give her a power we’re toast.”


see above—- hence the “bananas only to eat” lol

Guy From Canada

I turned on the feeds and missed the banana conversation so now the store room makes sense, ha ha.

East coaster

Holy Frick they better get rid of Vic. Gimme a break already. It is a total waste to get Tera out this week. They can take her out any time. I dont like the trio but they’re stupid to leave Vic in. She’s won a lot of comps, and she is really good at lying. They would be fools to keep her now that they out her on the block. And honestly production. Gtfo. Can’t you just let the cards fall where they will. Everyone knows they pull shit but this is ridiculous. Kiefer and Vic gotta go, then Beth then jed. Or that’s the order I’d like to see lol well maybe jed first and then Beth. Just to see what Beth would do without jed. Jed without Beth would just bromance out with ty.

another name

Hey Vic,
outing the bananas gave you a heads up…
they’ll show you bananas.

Told you Prodogremlins are petty af.
Chained fridge doors.

Then again… Kief just talked about how THEY wouldn’t let Beth pull a move like this if it was feedcut.
They’ve slipped a lot in talking about production in the past week.
Let’s remember, Ro and Vic were given unnamed punishment for refusing to get out of bed yesterday.
They’ve been pushing Prodo’s buttons for a few days.



Remember BBUK 2011 where one guy went into the DR and spent the entire shopping budget on bananas? The store room was filled with bananas.

another name

Rough adjustment to the House Dynamic chart.
Kiefer’s position in the game has declined. His Kiefing has been noted by all sides.
Breydon’s game at the moment has risen. Whether he maintains is the question.
Ty is starting to branch out so that he doesn’t take the hit when somebody takes a swing at the triangle.
Vic still has a couple of plays, the biggest being Tera’s inability to stfu.


bbcan9 WEEK SIXC.jpg

OMG – did you see Ro and Tina with her out in the backyard. It took everything for Ro not to tell her to STFU. He was calm and reveling in Vic going on the block — ditto for Tina who was happy to avoid the block and seeing a light toward game end & Tera just kept yammering – should I say this? should I say that? They’re mad at Vic b/c she was a double agent so should I tell them.

Ro was like getting tenser and tenser & then he said to her (in as firm & calm way as possible: NO – you DON’T say shit — what are you going to do say I’m targeting you? Just tell them you’ll put me up – it’s all good. I’m telling them I’ll put up Keif & one of you – so don’t change your story. & DON’T be seeking out the boys or going into rooms alone with them, just be cool — STAY CALM – Beth isn’t putting her on the block to keep her & we have the 3 votes just with me, Tina & Brey so RELAX

Talk about a buzz kill- here they are in a week where things are finally going their way with the numbers leaning in their favor. I think if I was Tina I would’ve said – LOOK this is what was always going to happen – but they wanted you to stay freaked out so Vic wouldn’t get a whiff — Now SHE IS on the block so calm the F down – b/c if you don’t & keep spiraling they’re going to start talking about keeping the calmer person who they can rely on being calm under pressure. My god- can you imagine if she was the frigging target.

It’s just too much. It always gets me too how people like her are so quick to judge others — she was all over people not pitching to her on the block that she frigging treated like lepers. And she’s saying this shit to Ro & Brey who WERE in jeopardy of leaving. She REALLY needs to take a chill pill.

AND as I type this I pull up feeds & THERE is Tera talking to Ty about the game. OMG just shoot me now. She has NOT stopped talking – she needs to STOP RIGHT NOW!

I swear she hasn’t shut up in 10 mins – non stop – Tina needs to babysit her ass or she’s going to end up ruining this obvious Vic vote out.

East coaster

I totally agree !!! Tera STFU. Ty just asked her who she would put up and she was like ohhhhh maybe Ro and Jed. See what jed would do, see how he’d handle it. I think he’d want to be on the block against Ro to prove he could beat him. Ummmmmm no you complete and total idiot. Jed is definitely not going to want to go on the block and there you are like a big dummy telling his BFF that you’d do it !!! Does she not think that Ty will go running to Beth and Jed with this info. What is wrong with her ??? Tina stop playing pool with Vic and get in there and stop that moron. Gaaaaaaaawd do not ruin this Tera uggghhhhhhh.


Wonder if the bananas ONLY is a punishment b/c of Vic telling Beth/Jed “bananas told me” (ie: production).

another name

They’ve been talking about production all over the house, and ignoring no napping or suffer the consequences calls for days. It’s a culmination.

another name

As Vic campaigns to Brey…
anyone see this as mouseless cat and mouse?
She’s saying Brey was never the target when she put him up last week.
She’s saying she would have used the veto if she’d won.
She’s pulling heartstrings about getting dirty looks.
She’s saying TNT did her dirty.

Brey is of course I want you here,oh yeah, oh yeah, mmhmmm, oh really. He’s gathering rolodex notes.

Chances he tells the trio she tried to say she would have used Veto, so who would she have renomed for the big Canadian moment she wanted? Statistically high.
As much as the trio are convincing themselves this is for LT… that’s how much Brey is wanting Vic gone for last week in my estimation. He’s secretly been manipulating this week for that outcome.

So, what are the chances Tina tells Brey that Vic was pushing for Tina to campaign putting Breydon on the block and evicting him? He’d have to directly ask, beause Tina volunteers nothing.

Maybe I’m reading things wrong. I just don’t see Breydon trusting Vic again. Ever.


YUP — Vic is the fiddle & Breydon is the bow playing her!

And we have to admit he’s playing her perfectly-being honest, but understanding, Empathetic & compassionate leaving windows open but WE KNOW it’s all being done with the same fakeness with which she feels she did him & Austin.

I’m impressed!


Tera is the f*cking dumbest player ever — talking to Ty – NON STOP MOTOR MOUTH – says she’ll target Ro. But of course she can’t STFU – & says well would it be straight up or a back door – & then she stupidly implies maybe Jed has to go up to ensure he plays in POV to make sure they get out Ro – OMFG – she’s going to ruin this.

AND she pitched a F4 with her/Ty/Tina & Keifer (that’s going to hurt Keifer too btw b/c all that does is make it look like Keif’s plan is to break up the trio).

Why can’t she just stfu — just say I’m indebted & will target Ro & talk to you before noms if I ever win so the right pawn goes up with him. THAT’s it. STFU TERA!

another name

What she’s actually done:
cemented in Ty’s head that Kiefer has been playing both sides against the middle for weeks.
However, He’s also aware that Kiefer and Vic are close (Vic wanted to bring Kiefer into the ghost peppers), and until today Kiefer was pushing them away from nominating Vic with a vengeance.
She’s going to talk her ass into jeopardy. That was always obvious. Right now it’s how many games does she sink in the process.

She wouldn’t be pushing that four if Kiefer hadn’t been pushing that four two days ago. She thinks she’s being smart, and doesn’t know Kief has kiefed too much.


Agreed –

ALL she had to say is Ro is my target & you aren’t my pawn (that’s not even a lie – b/c he’s one of her targets)

She made so many mistakes in that conversation there are too many to count. I mean learn from what Ty said – when she asked him if he would nominate her – he said I don’t see that happening. Soooooooooo say back to him yeah Ro is my target & I’m the same as you.

If Ty keeps pushing as hes wont to do (push for answers but never give any back) All she had to say is I don’t want to put people’s names out there but prob Ro & Brey or someone considered less of a threat that would never go home against Ro. Then STFU.

instead, Ty has learned

  • she MUST have F3 with Tina/Keif b/c she queried having F4 with them & Ty
  • THAT ^^^ means what Ro was saying bears more weight (Keif is set up everywhere & sharing intel)
  • she would put up Jed
  • she STILL wouldn’t commit to not putting him up
  • clearly, if she wants F4 with Ty then Jed/Beth are also on her radar after Ro

The ONLY good thing was she didn’t say Brey or Ro in any positive light – Ro was her target & she just left Brey out of the convo completely so at least she didn’t add any extra targets on them. But man- WHY did Tina let her go talk so soon or be left alone. They (Ro/Tina) needed to tell her precisely what to say & how to navigate interogations.

The stupidest part is she actually thought that convo went well (insert head slap emoji)


Vic talks to Breydon – who lays it on the line “I just felt like you did me dirty” – She is playing the woe is me card & how Austin was “so mean to me” saying she told Austin she felt isolated & that Austin then was even colder (LIES – that are DUMB lies b/c Brey/Aus told each other everything.) Yes, they did partially pull back from game talk b/c they learned Vic couldn’t be trusted especially after her LT HOH & she blamed Austin for everything & she went after Beth & told her everything Brey shared with her (naming him).

They felt she was someone they were aligned with but didn’t want to talk ANY game with her b/c they’d been burnt. But this bullshit she’s floating about Austin giving her dirty looks & ostracizing her on purpose is straight-up BS. (Breydon knows it & Vic KNOWS he knows it although he’s playing along). If anything Vic was the one who pulled away to make it seem to the guys like Aus had done her dirty taking out LT. It played into Vic’s goal of playing the middle. Vic put a bigger target on Austin’s back by talking sh*t about her. And the jealousy was a real thing.

One noteworthy part of the conversation was when Breydon said – “we just never thought it was you (invisible HOH) b/c we were NEVER coming after you EVER” – If BB had lightbulb’s & cartoon bubbles at that very moment it would’ve been Vic saying to herself I F*CKED up – b/c if she had taken out one of Jed/Ty last week then even if Beth won this week she would likely not have been the target. And that was Austin’s style of comp so she likely would’ve won. Then Keif & whichever of the 2 guys was still there would’ve been OTB.

Vic was whining – like why didn’t anyone come to talk to me? (like why didn’t Brey tell her he was upset she did him dirty I presume). Brey is so smooth & adept b/c he works in — well yeah -I get that but we (Aus/Brey) had no idea you were upset with us & it was odd there was no eye to eye conversation about it or why we were going up. He’s subtly letting her know EVEN if he bought her lies that she told Austin – she still never told him & then blindsided them. Her excuse for that is “she wanted to have something special with Canada”.

She’s also using the hypocritical TNT did me dirty — which is understandable – what else is she going to say – she has to blame someone.

Feeds Gold

f u production for warning vic she was getting backdoored

f u vic for not losing your sh!t and playing nicey nicey with jeds crew

no blindside, zero house meetings, no shouting

how dare you all ruin my entertainment

another name

I wanted popcorn.
they gave me bananas.

And they cut feeds every time Breydon puts one in his mouth thinking it has sexual connotations.
I mean, it’s a contest. They show Vic trying. Breydon’s turn and they cut feeds.
It’s starting to look like their own prejudice is showing (like everyone isn’t already aware of the parent company’s views). Long line of Breydon getting feed cuts for anything that isn’t comedic gbf gif face foil for a female house guest’s sex talk. He just isn’t supposed to talk about or act on his own sexuality apparently.
Why it’s a big deal? I dunno… first three house guests evicted in the storyline are lgbt. Could very well be coincidence or result of game play errors (they each made them so I’m clinging to that as the reason because I don’t want it to be the other reason). But now they’re actively censoring the lgbt member of the house that expresses opinions. That just gets my eyebrow raised with a critical one eye closed look at the screen. I don’t think it’s the object, but it’s sure starting to look like the optic. It’s starting to very much look like there is a double standard for what is and what is not considered inappropriate sexual content.


They would’ve cut feeds anyway

another name

A friend was DMing me, telling me what was going on with the episode until I turned it on. Here’s the content of the messages that caught me up.

After HOH Vic quickly said she wouldn’t put her boys on slop. Brey volunteered, and Ro, TNT were assigned.
The oddballs are pissed they didn’t pull a win, the sunsetters are celebrating.
HOH Room Reveal. Don’t care.
Family Videos Segment. FILLER

Now I’ve finally turned on the tv.
We know that the boys are pushing for the Ro eviction.
We get inclusion of Breydon subtly pushing the envelope for a Vic backdoor. First game move they’ve shown Brey make. It’s week six.
So, Beth takes Ro to Wendy’s.
They lay out the plot from the boys perspective, and the best perspective for Beth’s game
Beth talks about the Vic move with Jed. Jed of course wants to bring in Ty. Look, it’s Jed flipping to Ty’s side from being all or it when he’s with Beth. HEY BETH WAKE UP MOMENT, YOUR OPINION ISNT’ RESPECTED.
Jed is of course back pedalling. He’s Zach too sooning. Ty and Jed creating their priority pyramid… Beth isn’t on the pyramid.
Beth alone talk. Paras moment crap. She’s sure she is making finals but can’t make finals with Jed and Ty next to her. She creates her own priority pyramid. End production sponsored look inside Beth’s head moment. Oh you thought that was spontaneous? Yeah, so was Kaela and Derek date… where you could hear production instructing him on what to do and say during their bathtub romantic time. No really. You could actually hear the instructions. For a spontaneous romantic date.

Beth and Ro are checking in, prepare for the speech moment.

Beth d/r there’s a bigger plan in motion, she just needs everyone to play their part.
Tera numbers game. not my target.
Rohan you are targeting me so you are on the block.
I respect you both enough to let you fight for your place in Veto blahblahblah.
Ro d/r i’m used to it. hope i’m not the target. think Beth liked my powerpoint presentation.
Tera d/r i need to thrive. I want veto. gloves are off. gimme a dart and I’m good to go. DART ME…… NOW!

Sorry i forgot there was an episode tonight…. Long weekend confusion.


Sooooooooooo, I know family/friends letter is combed for no hints included BUT.. did you catch Beth’s sister (very smartly inserted) “enjoy your SPICY chicken”. So yes — it’s mean to imply her Wendy’s date but if that’s my sister I’m immediately believing she’s warning me about Vic!

another name

of course. It’s nowhere near the coded messages Evel Dick got from his son, but it’s a message for sure.

another name

Vic is laying it on thick to the trio when feeds return. It smells of desperation and bad acting to me, but the two guys always fall for her schtick.
She’s blaming everything she’s said and done on other people.
She’s crying and practically begging and making promises.

She’s trying very hard to supplant all of Breydon’s work to get in with the trio here, because she knows that Breydon has already come clean to them and gained their trust.

She’s feeding their paranoia about a Ro Army.

She’s feeding their worry about being a target, that she’d protect them.

This could work for her. The trio loves feeling powerful, and groveling reinforces that feeling of being in control and empowered. It’s more of that ‘owes us’ menatlity they’ve been spouting since week two.
She’s thrown everyone but Kief under the bus. Kief is a saint apparently.

Will Beth buy this? Jed and Ty will. They want to.
They want to believe they’ve outplayed everyone and are the absolute chessmasters of the season.
It’s Monday night. Imagine the Wednesday Waffles.

another name

How they’re buying it is beyond me though.
Then again, I did have Tera being first juror on my list.
The moment she said she’d say or do anything to stay this week I’d question everything she said in the campaign. But that’s just me.

Does this smell to you of how to get that house meeting for the edit a little too much though?

another name

Look at Kief folding like a garden chair. I’ll do whatever you want me to do is his go to stance (even while he’s wondering how Breydon became part of the corps).
Look at Breydon being the funniest person in the room to soften Jed’s hot streak while turning them back to getting Vic out without being too pushy.
Guess we’re seeing who has social game at the moment.
If Breydon pulls this off, no matter how uneasy Ty and Jed are feeling, he deserves absolute credit for this week.


another name

HotheadJed and Bed Beth and Beyond have vented about Kief. Jed wanted to call him out but thought he’d cry. Beth would have called him out but not in front of Breydon (is Breydon too delicate a flower, or does Beth want Breydon to think SHE is a delicate flower? fuqifiknow).
They think Vic was telling some truth, but that she was lying about Breydon (he is doing REALLY well putting in work this week) Vic told almost complete lies. When coming clean she used 1% soap and 99% bullshit. But they always buy Vic’s schtick because she plays to their vanity as being the powerful cool kids.

They want to believe Kief is still solid.
They bought Breydon’s point of look at her reasons for targeting Austin, a dirty look, and you put her on the block, think that’s gonna be water under the bridge?
Jed thinks now that they’ve nomed her, it’s an irreparable situation, she’s gotta go.
Beth has Jed back on the TNT owe us train. He was doing so well in his righteous fury earlier.
Beth’s best point: Vic isn’t in their F4 plan. Look how difficult it is already to get her out, so she HAS to go. (Beth KNOWS Vic would still nail her to a nom chair, and Vic would).

I’m not a fan of House Meetings. Kiefer CERTAINLY shouldn’t want a house meeting.
Tera would just get pissy and say vote me out ur all a bunch of assholes, no muffins for you.

Kiefer knows he loses Tina (his safety net) if he votes out Tera. Kiefer is counting on a final three with Tina and Ty, thinking both would take him over each other.

Even the Vic calls Tera out in front of others plan… what, do they want the trio to be the only audience so nobody can corroborate what Tera says? What happens to the OWES THEM thing then?

So Kiefer is schmoozing Vic to make sure that she doesn’t out him to the house meeting.
Vic is schmoozing Kief with anti Ro talk for his vote. (the whole house is after Ro Kief believes, so this effort may be irrelevant, Tina has even more dirt on Kief than Vic does).
Ty is thinking Brey is their F4 now, screw Kief. Ty is mutable on this F4 thing, it changes a lot.
Beth wants to tell Brey that Ro wanted him voted out last week (Brey knows how close the flip was to being real, Austin told him, and the wedge idea is stupid, because yesterday she wanted Brey and Ro to be her backup alliance).
After spending a week trying to find VIc’s study guide, they are now questioning if Vic knows her days, and if they kept her they’d have to take her to F4.
Kief joins saying there’s no way to keep Vic, he wasn’t comfortable talking in front of Breydon. Thinks that Vic is an irreparable relationship, and it will be even harder to get her out later.

At this moment, I think the evict Vic is still the goal.
With Vic shit talking Beth right now in normal voice to TNT and Ro while she plans to put them on blast tomorrow? hmmm. Vic’s biggest lie is easiest to expose. She told the trio Kiefer was her target, not LaToya. Ummmm. THE WHOLE HOUSE KNOWS KIEF WAS SUPPOSED TO PLAY SAD TO KEEP THE SUNSETTERS CALM. That’s a secret that’s been in the atmosphere since Kief boasted to every voter in the Oddballs that week.

Kiefer is doing his damnedest to sabotage Breydon now. Beth thinks Brey was a floater attached to Austin, and not that Breydon had an alliance with Ro and Kyle. They say it’s important to tell Brey Ro wanted him gone last week bad. The guys are now suspicious of Breydon, but Beth is still defending him. KIEFER DOESN’T WANT TO BE REPLACED BY BREYDON IS THE MESSAGE HERE. Counterpoint: Beth already told Brey about the concerns he was in too close with Ro. Days ago.
Brey has joined. Ty complains about one evening on slop / Ty wanted Ro on slop the whole game.

another name

Vic is suspecting Kiefer is flipping back to the trio, and might evict Tera if the trio asks him to. Ro already told TNT Kiefer will always do as the trio says, he’s their lapdog.
She has noticed he’s putting in lots of time with Vic, and the trio tonight.
So nobody trusts Kiefer at this point. Yeesh.

another name

that was TINA not Vic. ooops.
now it makes sense.