“Be careful who you cross. Things are about to get spicy, V take a seat”

Head of Household: Beth
Nominations: (Ro, Tera)
The Power of Veto Players are: Rohan, Tera, Tina, Tychon, Breydon
POwer of Veto Winner: Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony: ????
Have nots: ?????

Big Brother Spoilers – From what I can gather Vic still going up. For the most part feeds have been off a lot.

4:54 pm Tera and Tina
Tera saying if you make people feel like garbage they aren’t going to get Jury votes. She cites Paul during BB19 losing to Josh.

They’re talking through scenarios of what will Beth do. Tera says if Beth takes the shot at Vic she’s not looking at Beth as a target. They discuss putting Jed/Ty up.
Tera – we’ve already let him get too far.. He could potentially win this game.
Tera doesn’t see anyone taking a shot at him right now.
Tina – comes down to votes.
Tera – he could beat Ty in a physical competition and I think Ty is starting to realize that
Tina =- yeah
Tera – I honestly don’t know how to get him out
Tina – if Ty is realizing that maybe that’s a vote
Tera – people are worried about getting Ro out Good luck getting Jedson out.. good luck
Tera – I am so mad I lost that invisible HOH.. the game would have been totally different
Tina – would have been a turning point
Tera says that HOH would have been key to take out Jed, “I’m so mad at Vic for doing that”
Tera – I don’t know how Kief thinks he will beat him
Tina – I’ve noticed something Big with Keifer
Tera – I don’t know if Keif is playing to win or he just wants to see how far he can get.. he’s not winning against Jedson .. Even Ro ..

Tera thinks Jed is a slam dunk to win the game. She wonders how someone like that gets this far in the game and never wins anything yet controls the game.
Tina – Charm
Tera – not even Charm people don’t like him

Tera says Kief will f* them over every vote.
Tera – if they flip it and it’s me and Breydon he will vote me out.

Tina says Kiefer has a personal vendetta against Ro.
TnT agrees they trust each other the most than Kiefer.
Tera says if the other side is toying with them about taking Vic out she’s going to be pissed.. “Just get me the hell out of here.. how much torture can one person take for real is it worth it?”
Tera figures out its week 6.
Tera – six is my least favorite most unlucky number ever.. 7 is a good number. 6 has always been terrible
Tina – whys that?
Tera – my mom hates the devil so anything with 6’s you know the three 6’s in a row? so that has been ingrained as a child the 6’s.. (LOL whose mom doesn’t hate the devil)

Tera brings up going to Austin and trying to get Jed put up.
Tera – he’s playing a good game.. he’s playing the game I wanted to play.. he would be so good on that challenge show.
Tera – I only don’t like him in the house I like him as a person.
Tera brings up Vic is hiding by herself, the rest of the house other than them are in the hot tub area. She points out if Ro hadn’t won the veto he would be with them.
Tina – I just can’t deal with all of them all at once.
Tera – lets fold that laundry and go out for a dart.

6:31 pm Ty and Beth
Beth – you always keep Tina.. she’s just here.
Beth tells him Ro is “Rocking” with her and Brey.

Beth – tomorrow is ugly.. do you think I should ‘say say’ something or just say something small in the speech?
Beth – I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I’m gunna
Ty – I’m sure she’s dragging our names in all different ways
Beth – I have to say something.. you have to say something EPIC for this type of move
Ty – YES
Beth – in Big Brother.. or.. I was just gunna say something like. Some people like to play this game err.. some people like to play this game lying, Manipulating, and backstabbing. Umm.. What was I gunna say it was so cool?
Beth – err.. a big part of this.. Some people play this game lying, manipulating, backstabbing. if you are going to play that way “Be careful who you cross. Things are about to get spicy, V take a seat”
Ty – I like that..
Ty practices his goodbye message – you probably were the invisible HOH because we could saw right through you. You threaten to put me up, You came after my people not to mention you tried to pin the invisible HOH on me.
Ty – she’s playing us.. we hit her before she hit us. I didn’t think we needed to do it now but now we do
Beth – I’m so pumped I thought it was going to be today
Ty – So do I
Ty – it just sucks because she is a great character
Beth – she’s going to go through moments of F*** you and moments so so sad ..

Beth says There will be a lot of campaigning this week.
Beth – she’ll (Vic) go in on Keifer
Beth says they have Jed, Ty, and Brey’s vote
Ty – imagine if Austin was still here?
They agree Kief is going to get worked hard.

Jed joins them they joke about Jed and Ty being this week’s swing vote.

7:20 pm spicy V Chilling.

9:18 pm Feeds are weird today… not much happening.

10:10 pm Chilling

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What kind of convoluted millenial urban planners math is Ty using to deduce that if Austin were here, Vic would have the votes to stay???? What’s wrong with him??

another name

Tera is currently slop spinning. Who thought putting Tera on slop and the block and in on a plot was a good idea? Nice goin Beth.
Vic was nice to her and spoke to her for the first time since Thursday. For all of five minutes.
Now Tera feels bad that Vic will be blindsided.
Tera, guuuurrl. STFU. If you ruin this for the viewers, you’re an idiot.

It’s like she’s now bound and determined to talk herself right on to the jury over the next few days.
Considering my prediction for week 6-finale, that fits, but what if I want to be wrong?

I mean. two hours ago she had the house dynamic figured. She had everything figured out…
now. She’s snivelling.


I have a feeling that Tera could go to a funeral and within minutes have it all be about her. Constant reassurance, endless, constant. My god Tina is a saint for putting up with it this long. It might be good if Tera goes second in the double so we don’t have to listen to her week after week until she’s finally evicted.

another name

Oh, Tina is WELL aware of what she’s doing. She’s sitting next to the squeaky wheel because her invisibility is greater amplified by comparison. When anyone in the house looks at Tina and Tera as targets, It’s TERA…. oh yeah and tina i guess, but really it’s Tera.
I mean, from week one until week four, when people made target lists, Tina’s name never escaped anyone’s mouth.

another name

If I’m reading the only current game talk in the house over the past hour correctly:
Tera’s hyperparanoid sketchaphobia is starting to make Tina sketch out.
Tina is now asking Kiefer if maybe the trio is lying to Kiefer, and maybe Vic isn’t the target.
Kiefer is reassuring Tina that only one person is going to be blindsided tomorrow.

Go to bed Tera.
Btw… Vic has been absent a lot from feeds today. If production pulls a superpower out of her ass we know when she got it. Or she was just sleeping. You know. Like she does.
Rohan reports to Brey that Vic checked the ballpit today, but didn’t find anything. That wasn’t covered on feeds.
Brey reports that Vic asked if she should campaign to Beth, but Brey downplayed the need. Didn’t see that on feeds either.
Tera reports that Vic seemed ticked off after a D/R visit while sketching Tina tf out before this. Nope, that wasn’t a big feed D/R leak.

Too many people are sounding like they could blow up our tv gold blindside veto ceremony
I’m going to need everyone to take a benedryl and a nap, because they should all be allergic to ruining our popcorn moment.

HRH the flatulent Toad is telling Tina that Ty wants to go to the end with Tina and Kiefer, not the couple, and that Ty has already been laying groundwork to this end.
So where’s Kiefer getting this from? Ty hasn’t once said Ty Kief and Tina final three.
Kief has.
Ty’s just saying i’m not a pair with Jed, what made everyone think that (i dunno, the bobsytwinning and the pair cornering people in interrogations for 2 weeks wouldn’t lead anybody to that conclusion at… allllll. nope). And he’s saying it to everybody, as he flirtmances Breydon and comforts Tera while only wearing a towel.

Feeds Gold

will vic go full bad girls club mode?


she gonna get Beth’s mattress and throw it in the pool, oh damn no more pool. She could bag up all Beth’s clothes and throw em out the front door, oh damn door may be locked. Guess she could just beat the shit outta her


I somehow hope Vic stays or gets a super power, but I doubt it. It will be pretty boring without her

Guy From Canada

I hope Vic stays by game play. Relying on twists is not playing the game, benefiting from twists you don’t win is playing the game.

another name

I didn’t see anyone alert Vic today to the backdoor. As I noted previously, she’s been pretty much MIA all day. AT MIDNIGHT, Vic goes rabid squirrel game mode. Totally sideye on this as Prodogremlins.

Vic has already been working on Kiefer and Beth, so I’m late to the party.
So Vic has gotten Ty alone.
Ty says he thinks the plan is Tina goes on the block.
Vic says she’s team ghost pepper all the way.
Vic says she wants a F2 with Ty. Maybe they take Brey, but no, Brey would win if they let him get to the finals… Ty says how about Tera. Vic wants to pull Tera in for a final three talk tonight.
Vic says there is no way that Brey and Ro are secretly working together, because Brey is a really bad actor, but Ro could pull off the act easy. Does Brey actually have Vic snowed?
Vic says she’s gunning for Ro because Ro names the trio a lot. I think she said that Ro would take out Kiefer and Jed first, but not Ty. Why does Ty care about this Vic? It doesn’t help Ty catch Ro in a lie (apparently the new IT thing for Ty is gotta catch Ro in a lie).
Vic says she knows all of this information because she’s the mole (ed. that has never shared information once until tonight… odd that).
Vic says by now Breydon must know he’s on the outs and has no one. Vic says she has no alliance whatsover to Ro, but she believes Kief is in deep with Tera and Tina.
Ty has said he’d never do Vic dirty, he’s known that since day 2.

I’m questioning the impetus of this conversation. It’s not organic. It’s questionable in it’s timing. Has Vic decided Ty is the leader of the trio… or the weak link in the trio?
Given she has said she’s team ghost pepper all the way but also saying let’s make our final three outside of the ghost peppers is an odd choice. It’s a dichotomy I’d question. I don’t know if Ty would. It would red flag in my head that she’s trying too hard to say everything she thinks I want to hear, and she’s delivering dirt as this supposed “mole” that has never provided intel until the night before a veto ceremony. I’d be saying this is 20 gallons of bullshit in a 10 gallon barrel. But that’s just how I’d hear it.

Jed joins and Vic pushes that not only should Tina be the renom, but they should evict Tina this week. She again says this is big brother not big bestie. Tina is dangerous because nobody is after Tina. Somebody tell Tina. Please. I wanna hear some Newfie slang.
Vic tells the boys that if she goes up on the block they are going to be shaken because she will be hell in the house and she will not stop talking, and the boys will have to hide from her. (somebody in D/R has obviously been talking to VIc, as Tera had alluded to a couple of hours ago while whispering to Tina and sketching Tina out).
My brain says this is a production set up big time. Anyone that disagrees with me, fine. But Tera’s comment about Vic leaving D/R pissed off, asking Brey is she needs to campaign, now this? Yeah. this stinks to high heaven.

Vic says she’s never named names in terms of targets. (ed. about that…. ummmm). She’s named names in THIS conversation. ALLLLL the names.
Vic is offering to be the spy that gathers intel on Ro. She’d snitch on Tina or Tera too, but it’s not like what they say matters. She says Ro is trying to assemble an army to go after the trio… um. So if Ro doesn’t have Brey, as Vic says, that leaves Ro’s army consisting of Tera and Tina. ummm. Okay the only one i’m scared of on a battle field is nicotine deprived Tera, cus i bet she’s a biter.
They’re already planning to take out Ro next, so what value does Vic being a spy on Ro matter? He’s safe this week.

Vic leaves. Ty and Jed, without Beth, are discussing what should be done with this week.
They are debating who they trust more, Vic or Tera and Tina. Tera has sworn her loyalty to them if she stays and they believe Tera. They are reminded of not flipping the vote week 2 to evict Ro… and then Vic won HOH and did them dirty. They are coming slowly to the conclusion that Vic burned them with her HOH once already. They aren’t sure if they can take the chance again. They already failed to act last time Vic screwed them.
Beth has finally entered the conversation about what should be done with Beth’s HOH week. lol. it’s been 45 minutes or so of talking about who Beth should target… and Beth is just entering the convo now. Oh good, Vic is back. Vic says wouldn’t it be funny if nobody discussed the vote this week and we made it a 3-3 tie and made Beth make the tiebreaker vote. Yeah, Vic, sounds like a plan. (ed. eyeroll ouch). Vic wants a blind vote where nobody in the house discusses with anyone else in the house where to vote. I’d laugh if this didn’t sound pathetic. Did Vic just arrive in the house tonight?

Nails in her coffin would be Ty and Jed telling Tina that Vic named TINA as the target to be evicted. Tell Ro that Vic was spouting off stuff about building an army against the trio in a house with potential recruits to said army equalling… 2, maybe 3 tops? Do they do it? Do they pull that trigger when Tina would already vote out Vic over Tera? Might convince Kief more if they reveal Vic was saying he’s in deep with TNT and wanted Tina out.

Destiny Room Vic is saying she’s worried there’s no confirmation of renom from Beth so is there a backdoor in the works? Tina says she is pretty sure Beth will put her (Tina) up. Vic leaves again. SQUIRREL.
Tina says Ro is heading to HOH. TNT think that’s pretty good for them… oh right I forgot they trust Ro now. For some reason. Most of the houseguests are gathered in the Destiny room for late night wind down for the second night in a row.

ED. no really… who is in this Army Rohan is building that Vic talked about. There’s 9 people in the house. Ty and Jed and Beth think they have Brey, they sort of have Kief, and that Tera owes them for keeping her. Ro’s army is… Vic who is leaving… and Tina that is the other half of Tera so also owes them?? So Ro’s army is Ro given the house dynamic according to Ty and Jed’s perception of the house. mmkay.

D/R has been very busy I think. So far the houseguests are covering their bases well. But come on. I can practically see the Prodogremlin cue cards in front of Vic.

Okay. I’m going to admit this. I actually felt a little bad for Vic in her HOH talk. My brain thought of week Two and week Three Vic, the Vic I was enjoying. Then when I thought of week Four and week Five Vic, the Vic that was being entitled and pointlessly overplaying…. i didn’t feel as bad. I’m not 100 % sure of how I feel about Vic as a player now. I don’t totally want her evicted. I totally want to see her on the block and campaigning.


Tera has no game same with tina


Didn’t like spicy v at the beginning but I love her now but she going home