Keifer “He’s worried about me getting blood on my hands and I’m the butcher.”

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : ??????
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

12am HOH bathroom. Keifer, Beth, Ty and Jed.
Beth is giving Ty a pedicure. Keifer – To be honest I was kind of happy to see Ro win that sh*t. Jed – it was literally the best case scenario for what we wanted to do so that we didn’t have to be the ones to do it. Ty – he deserved it. Keifer and Jed – yeah. Ty – on an empty stomach.. he worked that hard. Keifer – and if he wins again. Ty – no, no he doesn’t deserve that. Keifer – no I didn’t mean that .. I meant if you win it and he’s on it (slop) again. Ty – oh 100%! There is no doubt in my mind. Jed – he is close to snapping .. if he is on it again. holy sh*t! Ty – I just want everybody to just mentally break now! A lot of people are getting there .. and its making me really happy. Jed – this guy is turning into a savage! Ty – I’ve been a savage. Keifer – don’t say I inspired you because you inspired me. Ty – I am low key a savage! As long as we stay in power, everyone has to put him (Ro) on slop again. Even Beth. Beth nods – I would. Ty – if Beth is standing next to me after she wins, I am pointing her finger towards him. Beth – shut the f**k up! Jed – so who would it even be next week then? Ty – on slop? Jed – yeah, Breydon, Austin.. Ty – Breydon, Aus, ..he (keifer) claims to volunteer but if he does I won’t even look at him. Jed – we want to have drinks with you. Ty – so it would be Brey, Austin, Tera and Ro. Keifer – Tera might lose her mind! Ty – I don’t care! I will just hug her after.. Momma T! I’m sorry. Keifer – she is already ready to crack on slop. Beth – Tina is handling it well. Keifer – I would volunteer over Tera .. I just don’t want to see that. I’m volunteering .. you can’t stop me. Ty – I can stop you.

Keifer – I am surprised that Ro hasn’t even come to talk to me yet. Ty – about what? Keifer – anything! I hope the noms are tomorrow so I can get it over with. I really don’t want to talk to anybody else. All I would do is create more lies. Ty – Ro isn’t worried about anyone else right now. He’s glad he took himself off. I wonder if they’re going to turn on each other. Keifer – once I seen Kyle falter I was like I don’t care who wins. Ty – he looked horrible. Jed – that was a poor effort. Beth comments on how he hasn’t been good in any of the comps but one. Ty – something is fishy about him. Beth – oh yeah from the start its been. Jed – in the comps? Ty – bad at everything .. mastermind though. Keifer – practicing his days like crazy though. Beth – he was trying really hard to get other people to do his dirty work. Keifer – he said names to me and I said I can’t do anything with these hypotheticals. Ty – did you give him the who and the why? Keifer – yes. Ty – and he gave you names? Keifer – yeah. Ty – I love it. Keifer – Tera and Vic. Mainly Vic but he was like I think I would stay if Tera went up. Ty – turning on his people. Classic! Jed – I don’t understand in what world he would stay against Tera. Keifer – he said I would piss everyone off I put up Austin and Breydon. He was like it just doesn’t make sense. I honestly don’t give a f**k! He is worried about me getting blood on my hands and I’m the butcher. God damn! Jed – yes sir! Ty laughs.

Ty – I can’t wait for the campaigns. Keifer – I think Austin will campaign, I don’t think Kyle will. You think they will campaign against each other? Austin and Kyle? Beth – yes! Ty – oh yes! Keifer – he is just going to be so passive aggressive to me. Like yesterday we were just walking by and he purposely walked in my path.. so I just stood there and he had to go around. I was like what are we going to bump shoulders like we’re in middle school? Ty – who? Keifer – Kyle. Ty – he is still doing all that? Jed – intimidation. Keifer – trying to intimidate me. I ain’t the one. Jed – he is the most unintimidating person I’ve ever met. keifer – I’ve been punched in the face so many times I ain’t afraid to get it done again. Especially in the big brother house .. like what chu gonna do!? Ty – NOTHIN! Ain’t going to help you inside of here. Ain’t going to help you outside of here! Keifer – I was going to say Kyle .. I told you I didn’t want to see you go on my HOH but apparently a lot of other people do. Austin please take your seat next to Kyle. Ty – I love it. Beth – I think its good. Jed – I love it. Beth – he is going home so who cares. Ty – at first I was like this game isn’t for me .. and then now I’m like I love it. Bring it on, I don’t care! I didn’t know I’d find people like you.

2:20am Kyle looking for diamond POVs and coup d’├ętats. Kyle – I have no clue what this room’s about. I’m bored .. holy sh*t! I’m not even tired!

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another name

Alliance wide HOHITIS pandemic hotspot. That’s my take.
I’m sorta hoping for a fall, because it would be a realllllllllly long hard fall.
I’m interested in seeing how Ty or Jed handle slop for one day. No really. Jed already pulled threats on anyone making him a have not. (I’m biased with Jed, he’s my nope guy).
The chest pumping by Kief, who spent hours hiding in his room after noms, and kept saying everyone had to protect him is a far cry from his ‘whatchu gonna do” crap. I mean… dude. You can’t exactly stomp a cockofthewalk tough guy when you’ve spent the last week snivelling about mean mugging. To me, I’ve always said to myself that was confrontation not bb bword. But in his retells of the past two days… he was this close to snapping and going off on them. Sure you were. Suuuuure. That would only happen if he was standing behind three or four other people, and still he’d run away at the first clapback. That entire incident that has become a focal point in the storyline department? I’m with Breydon. That felt like a set up, and Ky and Ro stupidly took the bait.

I mean, the Oddballs were never going to be a cohesive unit as a 7 that came together as the last chance alliance. Mostly because… well, they had a chaos gremlin at the helm, and a secret disgruntled member of the other side on their team. Chaos gremlin chaosed, causing four to sideye the deal. Meanwhile the disgruntled ex was already planning to head back to the middle. And who ended up in the best positions of the seven this week? The chaos mite and the middle chaser. The three in the house that have been the most consistent passive and active floaters have successfully laid low and floated.
Meanwhile, IF the power swings back… how long before Kiefer is abandoned by the sunsetters as a sacrificial lamb again? Ten seconds. Less even.

Tbh, Kyle had the right idea searching around the house an hour after bedtime. But, we’re being trolled. It was a bit of a set up. Come on. He can search for days. He hasn’t gotten a good enough edit that he’s going to find ANYTHING. He’s barely got an edit at all except for the pantry thing. He has a total of 6 d/r appearances from premiere until now. The average houseguest right now has in the 20’s. This is how you can tell what the skew is this season. The sunsetters dwarf most of the others in d/r. Even screamy d/r Beth…. who am I kidding, she was the early voice of the d/r and had more than a third of an episode dedicated to her existence in week two… when she had nothing to do with the storyline.

Yeah, the only sunsetter I actually like is Ty. But only when he’s not with the other sunsetters and pulling the same egotrip. He spent the day checking in with each houseguest and affirming relationships. The others? Not that.

another name

NEXT PERSON in that alliance that says, “THAT WAS FOR LT,” or any derivation of that statement is completely canceled and on my nope list.
Come On. Overplaying dictator that refused to campaign goes home. waaah. she isn’t dead.


yay Rohan
hopefully its bye bye Kyle


I truly don’t understand the logic of those 4 (Beth, Tycon, Jedson and Kiefer). Kyle is a negligible player at this point. He hasn’t won anything, hasn’t looked like he would and isn’t the brightest. Austin on the other hand has performed well in comps, and is part of a legitimate duo. Voting Kyle out over Autsin is almost as dumb as it would have been for the other side to vote Kiefer out over Latoya last week.

another name

I’m thinking that’s why Austin will be evicted. The oddballs will convince themselves to take out the stronger (their game tactically), even from their own.
Jed? She won’t flirt back and let him grope her in her sleep.
Beth? Now Breydon is mine.
Tina and Tera want to be protected / have a shield. Kyle and Ro.
Ro. Saving Kyle. All we need to know.


You need 4 to tie this week so Tina, Tera, Vic and Ro would have to be the 4 and either convince Kiefer to eliminate Austin (which I can’t see) or flip one of the triomance since Breydon is never voting Austin out. I feel like they play too short sighted to do it, but there’s a long time till Thursday! We’ll see what comes up in the house.

another name

I listed five that would happily vote out Austin by Tuesday night if I’m reading the story correctly. defeats the tie.

another name

(grain of salt, piecing together 10 offhand comments to form a working theory)
1) Right after eviction, Ty/Jed/Beth confronted Vic. Vic called out the Beth stuff. Beth denied. Ty and Jed believed Beth, so Vic sold out everything as bad intel from the oddballs.
2) Ty/Jed confront KyRo and Au/Brey (explains feed leak of Brey and Jed with Jed saying even if it was fake). The four sell out Vic. There are few details of the week that they don’t expose. They don’t expose the 7 alliance. They don’t expose when the decision was made to target LaToya. They say Vic was the mastermind behind everything.
Vic is sucking up to Beth about all of the lies she was told and how sorry she is (reminder, Beth said every single thing that Vic said Beth had said, and said them to multiple people).
Vic then cries to Tina and Tera that she is being sold out and backstabbed by the others.

From what I’ve got out of Destiny bedroom conversations Eviction night up to last night, this feels right.
It could be chicken and the egg though.
The only fly in the ointment is DID Vic get confronted first, or had Brey already hinted.
(Kief gave permission for Ty and Beth to vote him out statement). Did Vic get confronted first, or was there a Breydon and Austin confrontation before they went to Vic?


Kiefer is a two faced snake who is protecting the very people who voted to send him home I am sure his people back home have some juicy stories about how two faced he really is.


Austin also made a deal with snake Kiefer to let him win hoh, now it may come back to bite her in the ass.