“If I were to win and take one of them down .. that is HUGE. It would be sick”

Head of Household: Kiefer
Nominations: Kyle and Ro
The Power of Veto Players are : Beth, Austin, Jed, Kyle, Ro
POwer of Veto Winner : Rohan
Power of Veto Ceremony : ??????
Have nots: Ro, Tina, Tera, Victoria

10:00 am Jed and Beth

They talk about cutting a deal with KyRo if they win the Veto. Or offering a deal to throw it to them.
Jed – I’ll take you down if you don’t target me
Beth – yeah
Jed – that would be perfect
Beth – what a week or two?
Jed – yeah
Beth – does the competition happen real quick after players are chosen?
Jed – umm.. a couple of hours last time..
Beth – I don’t know what to do with Austin she’s so hit or miss
Jed – I know
Beth – she was with Tera all of a sudden today. I think it needs to get to her sooner than later that Tera threw her name out
Beth – that sh1t needs to crumble that sh1t is getting really strong this week.
Beth – We needs BReydon by himself.
Beth says Ty or Jed need to tell Austin, Tera threw her name out as a target
Beth – I need to go as if I have no idea that you talked and confirm it

Jed – it will get back to Tera
Beth – she told Kiefer that (Tera told)
They toy around with the idea of getting Austin out.
Jed – either way, one of them from that side is going on.
Beth – if I were to win and take one of them down .. that is HUGE. It would be sick
Jed – it wouldn’t be the worst situation .. If we did it would be bad.. me and Ty.
Jed – our only play is to throw it to them.
Beth says if she wins next week she’ll put up Tera and one of the boys (KyRo boys)

Noon Jef and KyRo Getting ready for POV
Talking about Kiefer not letting go of the pantry incident.

1:05 pm Tina, Tera and Kiefer
Kiefer saying they need to keep Ro and pull him in. Points out that Kyle has Breydon and Austin. Ro doesn’t
Tima – smart thinking that’s right.

1:00 pm Beth and Kyle
Beth – We never talk game.. I look around I see duos. Everyone is in pairs. I’m a wild car.
Kyle – where do Jed and Ty stand to they believe what Vic said?
K – about the vote
Beth – about,… she’s telling me she wasn’t the one that started it
K – Vic? yeah she told us it was you
Beth – I owned up for that in front of everybody.
K – I just walked away from that convo..
Beth says Vic had no idea how to handle it because “beth shut it down’
Beth – it would be sweet if you and I and Ro had something. Some sort of mutual (4some?)
K – have you talked to Kiefer at all
Beth – not really.
Beth says with the POV she would be happy if Kyle or Ro won it. “So you guys can have some sort of fighting chance”

1:17 pm Ro and Kyle
Kyle – this may not be it for SHOWTIME yet
Ro – why
Kyle – they don’t want to win
Ro – none of them, This is too good to be true
Kyle – are they saying that so we aren’t as focused what’s going on?
Ro doesn’t know it’s either they don’t want them to try hard or this is a backdoor for Victoria.
Ro – what else would this be?
Ro – I almost think if these guys tell the truth to us I don’t want Austin to win
Kyle doesn’t think Austin wants to win it
Ro – we risk Jed and Beth are lying to us..
Ro can’t understand why they would lie to them
Kyle says Austin won’t use it because she’s scared Breydon would go up
Kyle thinks perhaps Spicey V is the backdoor target.
Ro thinks Rina and Tera are in the HOH pitching Vic.

1:20 pm Breydon and Austin
Talking about getting closer to Jed, Beth, and Ty. Adding if the noms stay the same they want Ro out.

2:40 pm Kyle, Breydon, and Austin
Austin – apparenlty Tera’s targets are me and Beth
Kyle – Tera?
Breydon – yeah that’s what she told Kiefer
Kyle says Tera is saying that because Beth is pitching her name. “She’s throwing Beth under the bus”
Kyle says Beth is saying Tina and Tera are pitching for Beth to go up.
They don’t believe it.
Austin – you think Beth is making that part up about Tera coming after me?
Kyle – or someone else is.
Kyle – did I tell you what Keifer said to Ro? Every single person has pitched me to go up against Ro.

2:50 pm Austin and Breydon Comparing notes
Austin says “they” want to have fun in the jury house so this will keep them safe.
They talk about Vic being in a weird mood.
Breydon says he talked to Ro and the boys told Ro Kiefer wants to Backdoor Vic.
Austin – Kyle was telling me that apparently Jed and Beth told him they don’t want him and Ro to go this week so they are throwing it to him. I think this was kyle’s way of telling me to throw it.
Austin – I feel like I trust Kyle
Breydon – same
Austin – everyone is saying sh1t .
Breydoin – right that’s why I don’t know.. And I don’t know if the ball thing triggered them.
Austin – the bingo balls
Brey – that we knew and didn’t tell them
Austin – no it ended up being funny.. I wouldn’t be triggered
Breydon – Beth and Jed to we tell them about it?
Austin – no we keep that sacred. that’s why the bar cod anything I find I only tell you

Austin – I feel like we’re fine
Breydon – I think we’re fine to

6:06 pm feeds down.
9:22 pm feeds down yo

10:48 pm Kiefer, Tina, Tera
Kiefer is planning on putting up a pawn like Austin.
Kiefer – you want me to put a huge target up against a huge target?
Tera – how can we put us in a position to go far?
Keifer – we stick together and we never quit
Tera – I won’t quit.
Kiefer – we know Vic is not afraid to take a BIG shot. Everybody is throwing Vic under the bus right now and Vic knows it
Tera – the fact they turned so fast on Vic sketches me out.. they didn’t even let the blood dry
Kiefer – I told you that’s the side I didn’t want to be on.
Tera can’t believe the other side isn’t pitching the guys. The other week that was what they talked about.
Kiefer – that’s not the case.. Tera.. things change..
Tina – if you took a stab at one of the big guys
Tera – would it burn the bridge of the other guy
Tina – the only people that will be pissed is the guy left and Beth.. would that benefit your game?
Kiefer- mhmmm.
Tina – I’m just throwing out ideas.. look at your resume
Tera says Ty and Jed are too strong together but on the flip Kyle Kyle is sketched.

Kiefer – I’m not going to put Vic up.
Kiefer – all I need is your two, Vic and Breydon.. we’re fine the rest is added bonus.
(If Keifer puts up Austin)

11:18 pm Tina and Tera
Tina says Kyle is way too close with Austin
Tera – if he puts up Austin we have to get tight with Breydon and Austin
Tera – We have to have conversations with Ty and Jed. As much as we hate it we have to have conversations with Beth

11:25 pm Kyle, Tina and Tera
Kyle – tomorrow I’m going to have to have you guys go to bat for me to get up Vic.. If you don’t mind. Saves us four
tina – who knows what he’s going to do
Kyle – he didn’t give you anything?
Tera – not a thing.. I think Ro was his target.
Kyle – you’re going to have to say Vic’s game if you want me to stay
Ter – but if everyone is saying it.. it just feels grimy to say it to be honest.
Kyle – at the end of the day it’s me or her.. it’s us four..

11:45 pm about 20 minutes of Smooshing with Jed, Ty, Kief, and Beth went on. Vic has worked her way closer to this group. They’re not targeting her and she’s telling them all sorts of great things like she’ll throw the to Jed etc…
After they all leave..

Vic – holy sh1t that is crazy I am so good at this game. I literally just sent their biggest ally home..
Vic – take notes people that’s how you play the middle of the house..
Vic – I’m going to win this game.. spicey V ..

11:53 pm Sunsetters enjoying the good times.

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another name

I still think this holds (for the moment)… it’s not much of a change from my predicted chart.
The biggest problem is actually the Pre-90 alliance, for one reason only: They put too much trust in Kiefer. They always have.
If they were not so trusting of Kiefer, they could set the others straight on all of the crap they are hearing (because they know what’s what with the dynamics of the other side).

bbcan9 WEEK FOURb.jpg
another name

Not sure if the proposed watch each other’s back / work together deal that Ty set up between the trio and Austin / Breydon is real yet.

Man, Ro’s slop brain is getting ridiculous. He’s thinking Ty and Jed would go after Kief and the three “floater women”. Kief? yeah, he’s slop brained completely.

What are the chances Vic is exaggerating her slop symptoms for the pass? Knowing that Rohan has been a have since 15 pounds ago.


Keifer played up the pantry incident to the degree it’s earned him some sort of credibility with T & T who saw it as bullying.

However, – I’m not so sure they don’t also want him in the mix as he’d be easier to battle than Ty/Jed, KyRo, or Aus/Brey at the end. I’m also not sure this isn’t part of the TPTB plot line b/c Austin sees right through both Keifer & Vic — as per her comment to Kyle – I tell them (Keif/Vic) the least b/c they can’t be trusted.

It’s also plausible that T&T are keen to keep them around b/c they have dirt on both so if all 4 moved forward say to F6 or F7 they’d be able to throw Keifer or Vic UTB if it got down to them with a power couple.

At times Keifer reminds me of Cliff Hogg from US BB 21 — not completely but the whole desire to be in with the athletic men & pull in the women on the side. Plus he has the same tendency of puffing up his chest like everything is his idea & simultaneously telling lies or sharing intel that is either incorrect or damages his own allies.

Vic is the worst at doing that — as much as I LOVED her lit HOH – she would be the last person you could work with b/c she never protects her own allies. Whether sharing truths (what Beth said to Brey) or lies (taking out LaToya was all her idea) she simply isn’t someone you can share any information with. Why work with someone who is equally damaging to your game as the enemy?

I’ll be disappointed if Austin becomes the backdoor plan b/c I like her & the duo with Brey the most of the four.

In the event what Another Name suggests happens – Ty/Jed pulls down one of KyRo I wonder how that move would look to T&T and if they’d purposely keep Austin or bend to the will of the Sunsetters.

I’m keen to see how the POV plays out & then how T&T vote:

If it’s KyRo still on the block they’ll vote out Kyle which still was cause issues with Aus/Brey if T&T would vote how Sunsetters want.

However, if Ro comes down I’m not as certain T&T won’t keep Austin – b/c

Keifer told them already who he wanted gone — if he shifts they’ll know Ty/Jed are running Keif’s HOH
Reinforce T/T/A/B foursome (plus whoever stays of KRo)
If Austin goes up for SURE she tells Tera what Keifer said about wanting to target Austin.
That latter point is vital it proves to Tera (and Tina) Keifer isn’t that tight with them especially if he’ll spout something like that. I’m not even sure Tera said it but it’s a moot point either way it’s not cool he’s sharing that type of intel.

In the event, Austin does get backdoored (BOO) Breydon will be dramatically affected since he has no true affinity to anyone but Austin & secondarily with Kyle.

I’d love to see how T&T, Vic (and even Beth) explain their vote to Breydon if they didn’t save her. The only reason it would be worth witnessing would be for Brey’s post-eviction fallout — He’s probably too smart to blow things up but if he felt really backstabbed I could see a situation where he blew up the fact Victoria’s plan was to take out LaToya from the start & one of Ty/Jed if not. That EVERYONE knew that was the case including Keifer who was acting all of last week.

Again — prob won’t happen b/c it wouldn’t curry him any favor in the house. Not that it would matter b/c KyRoBrey would probably become the new trio.

It’s a long week — a lot can change. I hope they let the hamsters run the game & not the plot b/c it’s been better than most seasons already.

Side note to Another Name – – I agree the Sunsetters are very much the Nerd Herd 2.0 —my only issue is I can’t agree with Vic being Janey (Janelle would NEVER bury Kaysar or Howie or an ally), but I get why you would pick her b/c she did go guns blazing in that HOH lol.

another name

hey ttotamz
welcome back!
my comparison is based on sunsetters being nerdherd without a command structure, and oddballs being sovereigns without the loyalty, so that bypasses the aversion to burying an ally aspect of janelle. Vic is the player that likes the chaos in the game, and psych warfare aspect of causing chaos, much like Janelle in 6. The parallels aren’t exact carbon copies, they allow a variable, but have a reminiscent vibe.

the plot of the guys wanting both KyRo to stay and jed maybe using the veto is from before Ty and Austin and Brey agreed to a five watching each others back deal with Beth an Jed.
It was based on the brocode to jury agreement, and would have them throw veto to Kyle or Rohan preferably. It’s a little fluid, depending on Jed’s unchecked impulses.
The presumption I am pushing most here is Jed’s impulse tactics are less checked than when LaToya was present and leading. Kiefer is not the priority he wants to be in the grand scheme of the alliance. I don’t know why he thought he’d slip into a LaToya’s proxy role… but that seemed to be his angle. We can tell this because Kief tried to hold LaToya’s cheatsheet as a power tool (thinking only he knew the location and how she set it up), but Jed knew where it was, and changed the structure more to his liking.

In terms of the storyline projection with Austin or Breydon being endangered, I was pretty sure that was coming when feeds shut down on Thursday. I thought their ability to fall under the radar was going to end, and they’d have to do some scrambling.
The Vic slip of naming Beth early… to me it was a forecast that Vic would crack, or that the boys would corner Breydon again, and he’d crack, and somehow Austin would look like the instigator.
With Beth getting the edit she is getting, it just feels like storyline would have whoever is coming for Beth most have a change in fortune. They didn’t show Beth suggesting LaToya as the target, but showed her being a loyal sunsetter. Beth had LaToya targeted no less than 10 times in conversations week two and three (with Au, Au and Brey, Ty x 3, Au and V, V again, Brey again, Au and Brey again). None of it has really been shown, I don’t think.


Edit: re — (Vic lies) that taking out LaToya was all Austin’s idea).


i can’t stand keifer
he’s giving me the fat lesbian from last season vibes smh


Well, given that scene earlier in the season with almost all of them “identifying” as something else and all clapping like seals at SeaWorld, it wouldn’t surprise me that Keifman might be identifying or even transitioning into something “else”.

What a freak show this year. It’s cool, nevermind; look out next year for BBCAN to give trophies to all participants and a year’s supply of Wendy’s in addition to a pat on the head and maybe a little bit of social distancing coddling in a safe space…Bring on BBUS please, this is just silly up North. Look for at least 50% POC for BBUS, but it still won’t matter as they won’t win as usual.

Guy From Canada

He is a little eeyore, I’ll give you that for sure but has he mentioned quitting yet? I’m not on the feeds as much as i would like but I don’t think I’ve heard that yet

another name

he passively mentioned it once in his first sadscack routine.
he said he wasn’t cut out for this, and he should just go home. Then went to volunteer to Vic for the block, was told to act mopey (mopier) and she’d make sure he was staying.

another name

The sunsetters are planning to make Austin feel unsafe the whole time she’s on the block?
Okay… they’re going to antagonize the person they are keeping? That doesn’t make much sense.
Vic’s move is what one would expect of Vic. She is sharking them. Her loyalty is to her. It’s bb. So, the sunsetters still don’t trust her long term. I’m sure since she’s only staying close to them while they are in power, she has to be aware of that, but for this week she’s safe.
Q: did Austin actually offer a f3 to Kiefer? I thought she said she wanted the three of them to get deep by watching each other’s backs. But Kief gonna Kief.
Q: does Kiefer actually believe Austin and Breydon will be thankful that she’s not his target but she’s going on the block after their HOH deal? Really?

I’m still thinking Kyle will actually stay. By Tuesday, Jed will decide bros before girls that said no.