Austin tells Liz, might be best to Evict Shelli “f*ck both of them.. go with the easy way out.”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 17-38-54-895_jpg

5:28pm Backyard Austin, Twins, Steve, Becky, Meg, Jmac, james
Austin telling them stories about “kwee wee” a gay bum that they had to deal with when he was a bouncer. The guy liked Austin.
Austin says he only had to hit someone once while being a bouncer most of the time you can yell at them and they stop.

Austin mentions a time when someone got killed outside the bar he worked. This guys got attacked there was 12 guys on this guy. His bouncer friend “harrison” jumped in to safe the guy but sadly he got curbed stomped and the paramedics took him away.
Julia – Harrison couldn’t save them
Austin – he’s not a super hero
Big Brother comes on tells them to enjoy their time in the Big Brother House.. “These are the good ol days”
Everyone starts freaking out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 17-48-52-819_jpg

5:45pm Austin and James
James bringing up the things Shelli and Clay were telling him about Austin. They tolds him Julia isn’t fond of Austin and Austin flip flops and moves towards power.
James adds they were trying to tell him Liz is fine if Austin goes home.
Austin – that’s bullshit
Austin stresses they have to stick together to survive double eviction week. “You can’t play” (Next hoh)
James – the first HOH
James brings up Shelli and Clay telling him about Judas and how the Judas character was voting it’s own way.
Austin says the Judas Character is his wrestling thing..
James says he feels god about his decision to leave the Nominations the same
Austin feels good about that too.. Especially after they threw him under the bus all last night

Austin thanks james for not putting him up he knows a lot of people were telling JAmes to do that.
They agree Clay is really acting his age, Austin points out if he was in the house at 23 he would be a mess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 18-05-34-002_jpg

6:02pm Hanging out outside
Austin, james, Vanessa, Becky, Meg, the twins
Chatting about Austin’s acrobats

6:06pm Liz and Julia Hot tub

[envira-gallery id=”125960″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 18-57-33-643_jpg

6:49pm Austin and liz Hammock chat
Austin brings up James saying Clay and Shelli are saying that Julia hates him and LIz doesn’t care if he stays or goes.
Austin also found out from James, clay was saying Austin and the twins were planning on nominating James if they won HOH this week.
Austin says Clay and Shelli are dead to him he’s good with James and the twins are good with James he made sure james knew that.
Liz is pissed that Shelli and Clay sold them out.
Liz – Shelli is dead to me that’s disgusting.. what a f****g b1tch
Austin – They made a huge play last hour to get me out.. They’re dead to me
Austin says it might be best for them to just take out Shelli “We don’t want anything shady.. as far as they’re concerned they both f****g lied to me (Shelli and Clay)
Austin – “fuck both of them” If it’s going to cause a huge ruffle of feathers.. Vote Shelli out, I don’t want to do it Jeopardizing going into double eviction.. go with the easy way out..”

Liz – f***g idiots I want to pop both of them in the f***g face
Austin says Clay is being a baby
Liz – being a little b1tch.. ohh things aren’t going your way so sorry.. first time in your life.
Austin isn’t going to talk to Clay, he’s going to have to come to him.

Liz calls Shelli a dirty f*** player “You’re 33 year old what are you doing you are acting like a toddler with a guy that’s 10 years younger.. you’ve known each other for a month.

Jmac comes by says he’s been sad..
They tell him to be happy he’s not backdoored. Austin says shelli was throwing him under the bus hard. Shelli later came to him and apologized for it said she would clear it up because she didn’t want to lose Austin’s vote.

Austin – could have been me (On the block)
Austin – what more can I say one of them has to go
Jmac – so that is what happened last night
Austin – yup
Austin says they were trying to manipulate them to think Liz and Julia didn’t care if he went.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 18-58-12-653_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 19-26-33-548_jpg

7:25pm Hammock Julia, Jmac and Austin taking about dental school

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 19-36-07-767_jpg

7:33pm Jmac and Julia
Jmac says he found out moment before Jason was going up.
She tells him production kept her in the dark last week about Liz winning the “BOB” all she knew is she was either going home or staying.. (Big Help)
Jmac – the house is going to vote Shelli out
Jmac – ya

Julia asks him to give her a racap about the week Jeff went
Jamc explains – Wrrrrarh Wrrrrarh”
Jmac- he threw everyone under the bus but me and you
Julia says she would rather Shelli stays in the game but she’ll honor what James wants. Jmac is planning on voting out Shelli.

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liztin needs to go

Liz and Austin’s conversation made me think they are being super hypocritical considering they are in a showmance AND throwing people under the bus is normal (didn’t you guys do it to clelli in the beginning of the week). Liz also calls shelli disgusting for going for a guy 10 years younger than her, but at least she isn’t faking it and playing him.
I’d rather sleep in a basement than have a personality like Liz
#teamjulia #teamjohnnymac

Cecil the lion's cousin, Phoebe

F3….Vanessa, Steve, One of the twins


Vanessa/Steve maybe Meg or Becky. But a twin is a good choice.


Vanessa Steve JMac

Harold the Antelope

Meg will be in the Final 2 NO ONE will vote her out, she cant win anything.


Still rooting for Liz, she is in a very good spot in the house. She has two votes automatically cast in favor for her and there i have yet to see a woman who openly flaunts her sexuality to gain her favors in the house. Parvati is the only reality show contestant that I have seen who has done that and she is considered one of the greatest survivor players ever. As a gameplayer i favor her more than Julia but personality wise Julia beats Liz hands down.

This week has been great, Vanessa has lost a lot of power and her mist, the underdogs caught her game now and gained a lot of trust from austin and the twins. Vanessa will be so surprised if the house voted Shelli out and she’s left hanging, a follow up HOH win from Jackie this week and they might seal her game. I can imagine Clay/Shelli on the block sitting next to Vanessa with Meg, JMac, Becky and James voting to evict Vanessa against Steve, twins, and austin to save her.


Liz is a bitch. No wonder no one likes her. She has an ugly personality. OH and her voice sounds so fuckin annoying.


Is Becky in isolation?

Wowie Mandel

She went next door for a double beef lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun


She should be…the rat.

Better Than Last Year

LMAO! Good one!


Production keeps her in the storage room in a cabinet, only bringing her out to listen in to conversations and then immediately run to Shellie and tell her everything people are saying about her.

And then back into the storage room cabinet to recharge her batteries.


No Becky is just floating. No one pays attention to you when you float.

Meg is Hot

Becky left to see if the train was coming.


Yesss please send shelli home this week and I hope Jackie wins HoH next week and nominates clay and venessa or Austin and Liz because Austen is a sick creep. And Liz is denying she likes him but the bitch does ugh. And venessa thinks she’s the shit with her ugly ass.

Rational Mind

I’ve said that for awhile now. Liz can lie and say she doesn’t like Austin but her actions tell another story. You don’t stroke someone’s arm or rub their head or ask them to rub your tummy if you don’t like them. She can say she’s playing him to get farther in the game but I think Vanessa knows the truth.


I think you’re way into this show… i think you should go outside for a walk or something.

Canadian Bacon

Next week Double …HOH …Steve…Noms…Jackie,Meg …POV…James wins, Takes down Jackie…Steve puts up Beckie…Meg goes home. HOH#2…Jackie…Noms…Vanessa, Shelli…POV…Vanessa wins…Takes herself down …Jackie puts up Austin…Austin goes home. Trust me. I’m a protein source.


Just went I thought shelli was staying jame says the right thing to Austin.


Amen! Gotta love the bipolar Big Brother house!


Austin and the twins are a joke. Vanessa messed up going into an alliance with these idiots. Not backdooring Austin was the biggest mistake.


At 6:06 PM we found out that Julia and Liz’s last name is Hottub. Thanx, Simon or Dawg.


Can’t stand liztin, Julia is fine … for now. liztin talking about how it’s gross for shelli who is 33 to like clay which is 10 years younger. but if you look at the showmance of liztin, it’s 2x gross. you have an ugly beast with this young girl.
should have backdoored Austin 2 weeks ago, and yall wouldn’t have been in this situation


Totally agree. Evicting Jason instead of Austin totally drew lines in the sand and saved him and this Liz. They are annoying me way more than shelli and clay are.


GET RID OF SHELLI you big dipshits!!!!! Has anyone mentioned James as their target next week, btw? I’ve just seen Jackie and Steves names mentioned. I’m so sick of looking at/listening to Shellis pathetic ass, please, please, please get rid of her!!!!!


Ahh we see a glimmer of hope that Shelli MIGHT be going home. Maybe Vanessa can screw herself and be the only one voting clay out. Haha one can dream can’t she?

Min O'Pause

So just what the hell is going to happen on Thursday? My head is spinnin’ faster than a one eyed man in a peep show.


the best thing about this season is: no one knows.

no one is following the HOHs decrees, HOHs don’t seem to be making decrees, which is kind of great. people seem to be voting how they want to vote, which is great, because the nominations are set up to be options. this week, we only know one of them is going home. James did the right thing, you do not break up the noms if you want the couple broken up. no matter what he did as an alternative to that, he can’t guarantee that shelli is the one voted out, he can’t guarantee that now either. but if his main thing is split up the pair, he is 1000% successful.

for those talking about showmances, pairs, couples then saying ‘austin and liz’, seriously? i don’t really think anyone in the house, except austin, actually sees them as a real couple. just saying, they aren’t winning comps, they aren’t running anything, and they aren’t actually a couple in anyone’s mind except austin’s delusions.

however, i am getting a kick out of simon and dawg referring to them in pics etc as ‘austin and his twins’. I really love that the twins are in and playing the game this way.

did anyone else notice while on the wall, most of his time up there austin is leaning out in order to gaze upon liz. like, dude, you need to focus, she’s still going to be in the house she’s only a few feet away.


If James thinks Austin or Steve will protect him next week, he might as well save himself the trouble and head out the door Thursday right along with Clay or Shelli.


Starting to really dislike liztin. Hope Van, Steve, Jmac , Becky and whoever is left of Clelli team up with James, Meg and Jackie to give them the boot.


You mean Dark Moon? That unfortunately won’t work out.


lol good one.


And here goes production……../ After the POV ceremony now it’s back to Shelli going! Who saw that coming? hehehe We might know 4 sure Wednesday late night. Better drama she stays. Unless Vanessa gets pissed at Shelli going and Austwins end up on the outside without Nessa. That would be good BB and good TV. Just want to see it stay spicy the rest of the season.
I’m hoping for an instant eviction next week. They’ll need 2 doubles so 1 is an instant usually. Also lets hope no ones getting a second chance. Season’s been decent now that BOB is gone. The game is so much better like this with one HOH. This is why I love BB.

Just realized I never picked a dark horse this season. Looks like Vanessa has the inside track. She can lead Steve any where she wants. At this point she has controlled 6th sense. Her relationships with the other side are minimal. She has votes in jury if she is F2. Maybe only Johnnie Mac might beat her but I’m not sure on that.

Cecil the lion's cousin, Phoebe

Don’t shoot me , but I like Vanessa for the win.


Everyone is already figured out that Van is running the house. She won’t get to the end.

B-bad owl

In the last post, Austin, the twins, and Vanessa repeatedly tell Steve that people see him as a floater.
Connect the dots Steve. The reason they are saying that is because your alliance with them is only real for you. Not them. They see you as expendable.
I wouldn’t think that would be hard to piece together at this point. But I guess he might not want to face that reality.


It’s hard to piece together when you’re a terrible player


I’m sorry, but I found Liz and Austin’s convo hilarious lol


darn wedge

Rational Mind

Where are the people from last season that would tell stuff to the houseguests? That was funny!


I really don’t know what Austin and the Twins are thinking about when it comes to keeping Shellie. She has already proven that she does not handle it well when she is on the block, if they keep her, it is just a matter of time before she turns on them with Vanessa, Steve, JMac, and possibly Meg & James.

Vanessa is really pissing me off, she had the nerve to say we don’t have to vote how James asks, we can do our own thing and keep Shellie, my how fast we forget how she harassed everyone to vote how she demanded when she was HOH.

Liz should know that James is not lying when James told Austin Liz & Julia don’t care if Austin is voted out, that is something that she did say.

Steve should be concerned that Liz, Julia and Vanessa keep saying he is their floater. That is showing him as a super fan, he is looked at by their group as a floater, they only need him now because he is a vote. They look at him as someone who is disposable, they will dump him when they no longer need his vote, Steve needs to team up with James, Jackie, JMac, Meg and hopefully Becky the invisible player. Turn the tables and get rid of Vanessa, Shellie, Austin and then Liz. I’m still on the fence with Julia.

I hope and pray that Jackie wins HOH this week, and if Shellie stays, I’d love to see Vanessa and Shellie tear each other down, and then I’d like to see just how loyal Vanessa thinks Shellie is then …????????????


All this flip flopping has my head spinning! One hour it’s Clay going and the next is Shelle, repeat…

Butters Mom

I said it before…. those twins are not good people… I dont know why everyone was trying so hard to keep them safe til they both came in the house. Something Vanessa will soon regret I bet.


I think one of the biggest reasons the house just wanted the twins to come in is they thought if they vote them out before they came in to play the game separately they were afraid an evicted house guest would get the opertunity to come back in the game which no one wanted to see happen.


Vanessa thinks that keeping shelli andgoing against what jJames wants is a good idea. But I see this back firing on them and giving James Jackie and meg even more against them yet again. They said they wantedthe 3 to ttarget a floater if one become hoh this week. Yet by going against what James wants is just going to make them hate the 5 more yet again. Just let James have his way this week.


James is like a lame duck president. He’s done everything he can and soon his term is up and he can’t play next week. He is only safe if Jackie or Meg win it. They see very little risk in going against him now.


How horrible would it be if Austin and the twins were F3? Oh Noooooooooooooooo!


The joy of jury. No more messages like Liz to Jason. Time to start thinking about votes. Funny how little this actually happens these days. if Van F2 she cashes the cheque. other combos F2 are all over the place. The house dynamic should be kinder though the season really hasn’t been that nasty.

F4(guess doh) : Vanessa, Steve, Meg, Twin(if Shelli stays she has an F4 shot but I think she’ll go now)
Double Jackie or James 1st. Then 2nd is an instant with the backdoor target saved. Pawn goes to jury sorry Johnnie Mac(hate this myself)


Austin: “Shelli has no reason to lie right now, that wouldn’t help her.”

Twins: “…”


Earth to The Dungeon Master ( Austin) ; You are the BUFFON!


OMG, this is so hilarious! This season is such a snake pit, but yes throw Shelli out of the house.


Austin is going to feel like such a fool when he reads and watches BB17 on his DVR, he will see just how much Liz has been using him. He will also see how he cannot give her a minute of free space, he is always touching her, following her everywhere she goes, he is so annoying.

Liz is a Bitch for playing with his feelings, what goes around, comes around. She needs to stop leading him on, making him think she really likes him, and yes Shellie told James the truth when she said you don’t care if Austin is evicted.


im sorry i understand that some guys are emotional, BUT JMAC IS BEING A LITTLE BITCH. “WAHHHAHAHA, WAHH WAH, CLAY IS GOING HOME *starts bawling for the next 3 days*” seriously does john have some sort of mental disorder? like wtf?! he barely knows these people for a month, he’s a man for gods sakes! stop with the over the top constant tears.


Is JMac married? Has a girlfriend?

Chill this Town

he just used how “sad” he was to get information from Austin, then used it to get information from Julia.

I think people are taking how he is acting as = to how he is feeling

J-Mac’s game is as close to the vest as it gets. I really don’t believe he tells Becky everything. I think he definitely plans to use her as his #2 when a couple more targets get out…but I don’t think for a second he is as naïve as he is playing. did you watch the family segment? they were legitimately surprised at how dumb he is acting in there. this “I am John, mumble, mumble, mumble” seems like a legitimate strategy. I kind of expect him to eloquently break his game down before taking the check.

and yeah, its wishful thinking, but what else am I supposed to do, hope Meg figures out she isn’t still on Farscape? cmon.


Going against the grain and saying I’m still a Vanessa supporter – manic HOH power trips and all. For that reason, I need Shelli to stay, and then I want to see Vanessa turn on her and get her out as soon as she’s gotten rid of Meg and Becky.
Vanessa, Steve and James would be a crazy grouping but would love to see that happen. Wish I could find a way to fit JMac into the scenario, but the only one he talks to of those 3 is Steve. Then again, without Becky and Clay, not sure where he would go…damn I wish he’d step up his game and show us a little more.


Please vote her out…. and get vanessa or clay out next week….


In Big Brother the people who were at bottom can rise to the top. The people who were at the top can fall to the bottom.

Shelli Sucks

Shelli needs to go this week or I’m done watching Big Brother this season.


okay bye!

Yo Yo Yo

Is Becky still in the house??? Instead of “where’s Waldo,” it’s “where’s Becky?”
I would like to see her game play….She seems like a nice person and she’d be someone to root for.
Beyond snitching to Shelli, she hasn’t done much.


LOL clay is talking to vanessa about integrity and true words, and how james lied to him. did clay forget jason and all the lies they got caught admitting to doing? i truly believe shelli and clay are narcissists.

Yo Yo Yo

You are so right about Shelli. But I think Clay is just plain old clueless.


It seems like Becky does not like Steve for some reason. What’s that about.

Foreal tho

OK maybe I’m crazy here, but everyone was complaining that the 6th sense was running the show and it was getting boring. But now everyone wants James, Jackie, or Meg to keep winning which will in turn make it boring again. So, I’m all for different winners to really shake things up. I would also love some twists, you know the ones that were promised every week!

Ash J Williams

“Jamc explains – Wrrrrarh Wrrrrarh” <<———–Died when I read that. I can hear it lols.

I think they can get Clay to vote how ever they want if they keep him (and I like him better). Shelli is a dink and I would like to see her walk out before jury. I agree it was a mistake to not get rid of Austin.

Chill this Town

I think its funny how fast people are turning on J-Mac

you do realize its totally possible he is using how “sad” he is to get more information he couldn’t get otherwise. its a great way to feel out someone else’s true feelings. they let their guard down in catering to your feelings, and leave themselves exposed.

one can hope right? because if he was actually so upset he cried….not willing to accept that he is a Donny 2.0.


Sick of Van influencing other players. Does she have Majical powers or is Austin a flip flopping moron. Just vote out the stronger of the two and move on to next week.

Cherry Bomb

I have liked Johnny since day one! It was his *Ed Norton aka Art Carney* laugh. He seems like a nice guy.
I also think its pretty funny how people are saying “Clay is a recruit and Shelli blah blah” Who gives a shit about that. I recall saying that about Jason and thinking it would have been nice if him as a big fan made it into the jury house. People seemed to have a fit about it…So too bad if hes a recruit I would still rather see him then Shelli. Funny how all of a sudden every one wants to keep her of all people.


i am so excited for the Shelli and Clay saga to be over…I wish idiot Austin or Liz would go too! I used to like Liz but lately she’s become b*tchy and Austin really why would Shelli just make up that Liz is talking bad about you in what way does that help her game wake up she’s just not that into you bro double whammy Austin has lost his gf in real life over her also!


After reading comment after comment for this season, This is Big Brother, not Sesame Street, where everyone is a friend. I feel many people forget the actual premise of the show. With that being said, on to my actual point here…….Initially i was actually proud of the sixth sense alliance for making moves and sticking together while the others in the house weren’t trying to have any strategy at all. I feel the main reason why the house is the way it is this year is because somehow from the beginning these players thought they always needed a good explainable reason for nominations. I’ve NEVER seen this in previous seasons. Most recent example would be with James telling Clelli to give him a reason to put up someone else. This has happened every week. It’s almost like somehow the bb game has completely changed from the way we all believed it should be.
I was at one point even routing for shelly (I know, my bad) and was because of strategy. But once I saw her and clay spending hours and hours trying to figure out a way to patronize James to save their game, I lost all respect for both of them as players. I don’t feel that any TRUE BB player “only” wants to make it to jury. They have forgotten why they came into the game in the first place. It’s so disappointing to see this happen when there are others who are really seeing this as a game and playing for the LOVE of BB. I believe that many in the house this year aren’t playing for the right reason and some of them don’t even know why they are even on the show. It doesn’t matter who wants are needs the money, what matters, is who wants to WIN. UNFORTUNATELY, the only person I actually see wanting to Win, is the person who doesn’t even really need the money. Vanessa and James understand this is a game.
I just hope that we can all remember that when we are quick to criticize some of the decisions and lies going on in the game. Because that’s what Big Brother is, it’s a game. Most of the house doesn’t even want to play. Hope things change now that things are switching up, finally.


I think James said give me a reason to put someone else up to get more information not to actually have a reason to put them up.