“Justin will gracefully go out fourth.. I don’t think he’s here to win he’s here to protect us”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 13-51-51-449

12:36pm Scott and Danielle
Danielle saying that her alliance thinks it’s best to keep Whitney but she’s not sure that’s best.
SCott points out that there’s people in this game that will really want Whitney left in the house (Justin)
Scott – she would be one of my top picks
They agree Whitney will win the game if she gets to the end.
Daneilel thanks him for being there to “Bounce ideas” off of.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 13-54-03-924

12:54pm Alex and Whitney
Alex tells Whitney she’ll save all the girls over Scot.
Whitney – Scott is likely to win this game
They agree Scott will have to be America’s nom to be up this week.
Alex says America’s nom being Whitney will be worst case scenario. Alex is sure it’ll be her and SHelby nominated today.
Alex – Shelby is going to be taken to the end because people think they will beat her.. Same with MOrgan.
Alex says if Jason is America’s nom he better win Veto or he’ll be evicted. If they have a chance to evict him they have to take it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 14-01-49-012

1:21pm Jason, Alex and SCott
Jason – do you have a preference who the nominee is
Alex – I feel it’s going to be me
Jason – I swear on my life..
Jason goes on to say they are safe from Backdooring as long as he’s safe if he’s America’s nominee.
Alex agrees.
Jason – You’re completely fine .. Who would you rather MOrgan or Whitney we know you aren’t going to take out Shelby
Alex – ahh gawd.. I think for end game they’re’s one person you send that can win the game and one person that doesn’t have a chance.
Jason – I know what you are saying ..
SCott – based on the have not rotation.
Jason says taking out “America’s Sweetheart” (Whitney) is the same as taking out “Justin’s sweetheart”
Alex says Whitney is playing more than Morgan. Scott points out that players that are so loved liked Jordan and Whitney don’t need to play the game to win Aemrcia’s vote.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 14-09-28-187

2:00pm Jason and Danielle
Jason saying that now is the time to get Whitney out. Justin is probably not goign to have a vote this week. Jaosn goes on to say Justin is sick in bed all day he’s not “Chiming” in on the nominee discussions.
Jason – If Whitney wins Veto Plug MOrgan into the equation

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 14-39-11-183

2:35pm HOH Kryssie and Danielle
Kryssie points out the cameras are never on them when they are in the HOH
Danielle says they don’t like them.
Danielle – Me and Jason were talking about Final 3, He said that he can’t take Justin to the final 3 he wants it to be the 3 of us because he wants.. if he doesn’t get the money he wants it to go to someone who really needs it.
Kryssie – that’s sweet…
Danielle – he would rather it go to me because i’m a mom or Kryssie because she has all this band stuff over Justin because..
Kryssie – he’s financially set anyways..
Daneille – I’m the least liked person out of us three
Kryssie – My main motivation is to make it to the end with you Fuc**rs cause I don’t think I can survive with those other people.
Kryssie – Justin will gracefully go out fourth.. as long as it’s you guys.. I don’t think he’s here to win he’s here to protect us
Danielle would like the money to go to Jason who’s a “True BB’er” or to Kryssie
Kryssie – Band stuff aside I’m broke, like the whole reason i’m here because i’m scared to death i’m not … like I know I’ll be able to retire but i’m scared to death that like when I run out of money and can’t work anymore i’m just going to have to take a long nap in my garage.
Kryssie – I don’t have a plan for my twilight years
Kryssie – I would liek to have a option for later on
Danielle says there was no way she could work with Neeley “She thought I was annoying”
Kryssie – she parroted us a lot.. I did like her..
Danielle liked her too says Neeley was always trying go compete with her on some level.
Justin comes in. They start talking about the announcements Big Brother has been giving them.. Kryssie burps a dozen times.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 17-17-51-106

4:20pm Backyard LNC
They’re talking about breaking Alex and Scott from the other group and using them.
Danielle says Morgan is feeling Iffy about Scott and Alex. DAneille thinks they can pull Morgan on their side to take out Scott and Alex.

Jason says Alex and Scott are really worried about Whitney long term.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 18-13-25-675

6:00pm Justin and Whitney
Justin tell her they are goign to try and get her out over Morgan
Whitney – am I going up
Justin – I don’t know
Justin – they are coming for you this week over Morgan
Justin – they think you’re a threat
Justin says Danielle is only doing what Alex and Scott want, ‘If one of our side goes up they are trying to keep them”

7:07pm Danielle nominated Shelby and Whitney

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 20-18-22-176

7:55pm Alex and Shelby
They are surprised by the nominations.
Alex – They want Whitney out
Whitney and Morgan join them, Whitney says she’s the target this week. Morgan points out if America’s nom is someone from the other side and they didn’t win Veto they’re going home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 20-19-47-190
8:20pm Yoga room Alex telling Whitney she’s in the best position.
Alex – Justin will save you Kryssie will save you..
They agree America’s nominations will be one of them.
Whitney – It Could be Kryssie.. I don’t know..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-30 20-23-44-609

8:23pm London Shelby and Scott
Scott would use the veto on her but is worried Alex would go up.
Scott tells her his final 3 is Alex and Shelby.
Shelby asks if he has the veto and doesn’t use it on her she hopes he doesn’t use it on Whitney.
Scott wants to have an alliance name for Alex Shelby and him

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Wonder why Kryssie thinks CBS does not show the HOH feeds when they are up there? Maybe because she does not notice the cameras moving? Well when you are just sitting or laying in one spot the camera never has to move……


She doesnt know there are cameras behind the mirrors


Are we all going to go thru another week of you all bitching about Kryssie? For Christ sake vote her out and move on. You are all acting like a dog with a bone. In case u haven t noticed there are other jerkoffs in the house as well…..damn!

Haters gonna hate

The crowd here is definitely anti-Kryssie, which I totally get. Two other sites that have online polls have Scott leading for America’s nominee though.


Krissy leading polls to be the nom on jokers and bigbrothernetwork and the lead is increasing for her to be nominated. More important to look at member votes rather than non member votes on jokers. By tomorrow she will end around in the 55% range and nominated.


Thank you!! It’s so annoying! Once Kryssie is gone I wonder who they are going to bitch about then?! Oh she burps and farts but guess what! So do I because I’m a human being and that’s what we do!!! Lol hypocrites


Regarding gameplay Krissy offers me nothing as a viewer. She sucks big time!

If we want to see better gameplay lets keep the players in that will offer that.

Scott is a super fan and has played a much better game, Krissy is a recruit there for the stipend and has been one of the worst players.

I refuse to reward mediocre players like Krissy. Scott, despite being hated by Dani, kept himself off the block with good play the last few days and is the only HOH to have had a successful HOH and sending home their target.

40 votes for Krissy as nom.


Scott will be gone next.


Has nothing to do with the burps and farts. Has everything to do with the name calling, the vile comments, the threats tht come out of her mouth. The constant excuse making after she was not getting her way with America’s votes.


The difference being………..
Some are just Jerkoffs
Some you want to Jerk you off
Some you want to Jerk off on

Kryssie is none of the above. she is just a jerk and everyone wants her off. She can take that scowl with her as she squeezes her shit stained ass out the door. I will give her one ounce of credit. when she announced to everyone that she was going to change her pad she did not pull a Max-Z and do it in front of them all. A touch more class indeed!


because all they do is sleep up there? Today they are all awake and happy, they think it’s all going their way, the moment it’s not, it will all start again. They all have an excuse for an excuse here.


The America’s vote is starting to ruin the game.


Vote Kryssie = America’s Nom


Justin fans – remember Krissy, Dani and Jason are wanting to go final 3 together – they are already talking about cutting Justin sooner than later as he is so liked by the public. I think Krissy leaving and Whitney staying is better for Justin. It will also mean Dani and Jason will need him more and wont target him as early.

Ball Smashers fans – unite to save Whitney, and lets vote Krissy(least likely to win veto) for the nom.

I am happy Alex and Morgan are off the block, good play from them and Scott to take the target off them.

There is a chance depending on veto draw it could be an all female veto comp, has this ever happened?

I want Krissy as 3rd nom, and sent home 3-0. Then we get the best players in f8 we could have hoped for.

Who's truth

Anything to get you all from non-stop bitching!!!!


Nope! Not when there are still HYPOCRIDIOTS in the house!!!!! Go Ballsmashers!!!!!!!


Really crucial veto draw. If Krissy is 3rd nom, the others who are not nominated are all decent comp threats and have won a comp – Jason, Justin, Scott, Morgan, Alex. The 2 noms Whitney and Shelby are the only 2 remaining not to have won a comp so far. Probably a halloween themed veto with the halloween party that night.


20 votes for Kryssie before midnight and another 20 after midnight

Froot Loop Dingus

Same here.. 40 votes for that troll Kryssie from me..


I dont respect Krissy as a gamer and I also dont appreciate how she has been so needlessly nasty, negative and gross. Nothing about her impresses me – game or personality wise. So she is the house guest I most want gone. The show will be better off without her.

Hal 9000

I wish she’d knock off the burping. She’s like Frank with the farting but she just burps like she’s going for a BB record of the houseguest who burps the most.


vote 20 vote for scott I do not want to do what alex want all the time that’s what im doing right now
I hope Jason wins pov in take down Shelby tomorrow just think about it


Simon, Dawg, is this the same person talking with different screen names? Just curious. 🙂


But if Scott goes up then that can save Whitney as well, especially if Justin or Kristy win the veto…. But I think this is a BS only site so it doesn’t matter as long as all of LNJ goes it doesn’t matter.

Y’all would suck if you had a chance to go in the house, you would play personal and not strategic….

Another thing this sister twist is not Fair to the other house guest because they will take each other to the final 3, they have a unfair advantage and it needs to be told


Most of the house would save Scott over Whitney. If you want to save Whitney vote Krissy as nom.

Summer, I want Krissy nominated for the reason that she is not good at the game and that on pure gameplay I feel Scott(who just impressively saved himself and avoiding the block) deserves to be there more than Krissy, who has shown to be dead last in terms of gameplay(and quit the veto). The fact that Krissy is also not a very nice person is simply an extra reason. So my votes for Krissy as 3rd nom are much more strategic than personal. I am always happy to see players that are long time fans progress in the game, especially when they are playing the game fairly well and giving their best effort.

On Some Roller Skates, Backtraband on my Sistic Broyal

THANK YOU! I agree with every point you have made. I have been saying for a while that the sister twist gives a unfair advantage to the rest of the house.

Putting Scott up to save Whitney from being kicked out of the house is something more people should be doing. I don’t even know what Danielle was thinking putting Whitney up instead of Morgan.

Most of the people on this site suck because they don’t want to keep the game interesting and they only want to support one side of the house. They also keep using the same excuses to explain their reasons for supporting only one side of the house.

“Kryssie is a bad gameplayer, let’s kick the bad game players out and keep the better game players in the game”
Sure let’s kick out the bad game players, but you realize she’s not the only “bad game player” in the game ATM? There’s other bad game players in the game currently, so why only focus on Kryssie?

“Kryssie has said bad comments about the other side” I agree she has but SO HAS THE OTHER SIDE!

“Kryssie is useless and serves no purpose to the game”
That’s more of a personal reason but you can make that same argument with other people in the house. Also, compared to Alex, Kryssie has won 1 HOH, she’s has the same number of alliances as Alex and she’s trying to play the same type of social game that Alex is playing. And there’s several other similarities in both of their games that both of them share. So if anything Kryssie has played a very similar game to Alex and hasn’t been as “useless” in the game as some people have been saying.


Vote Scott for nomination. It will make the game more interesting.


Alex has Scott wrapped around her finger…Alex and Scott have convinced/made deals with Jason and Danielle to keep them of the block and it worked = Alex one of the best woman players in BB history. Nice to see a woman controlling the tempo of the game for a change. If Alex wins BB, she actually deserves it versus Nicole that didn’t do anything but lay around with her showmance all season instead of playing the damn game.


So you think she’s one of the best female players in history because she got Jason and Danielle make a deal? Hahahaha You are really reaching. Y’all need to stop with the whole best female player nonsense. It’s too much. SMH

Uncle Teddy

No argument from me. Nicole sucks


Nicole is horrible. Just because she won 18 doesn’t make her one of the best female players. Most people (aside from Nicole fans) don’t regard her as one of the best simply be she won. Laying in bed all season, in a season FULL of huge targets, does not make one the best simply because you won. It makes her lucky more than anything.

There are many female players ahead of Nicole. Many that didn’t win for various reasons, but still regarded at top female players.


Okay but most want her out because personally they don’t like her, and Alex hasn’t done anything it was Scott that made Jason and Dani not pick her… Her sister is even playing her game instead of her own cause I wouldn’t have voted Neely who was on my side out. Like Dani said Morgan was stupid for getting rid of someone who would have worked with her….you know what!!!???? You might be right, she has everyone on her side willing to throw away there own game for her but I wouldn’t say she is the best woman to ever play BB


I read and watch whats going on and voted for Krissie to be America’s Nom. She quit during a comp! She had no idea who Ian or Steve were?! BB is a Game! Its not personal! To the LNJ. I just don’t understand how Jason can sit in the same place as he did on BB17, talk poop about everyone else, then wonder why nobody likes his side? That strategy obviously didn’t work then. Why on earth would you employ the same tactics??? The LNJ sits outside and complains about the girls, who they say are too dumb to be in there. The whole time they are playing the game and America sees this and are rewarding them for it. I do however feel that it was not a good move on Whitneys part to ask to be put up last week so that she doesnt get any blood on her hands. She left Morgan out to dry and looks like it could come back to haunt her. Oh and back to Jason. Just because your a lifelong fan of BB doesn’t mean you know how to play the game???? Same with Scott. Alex playing really hard this week. Hopefully not to hard. I hate that she will dump her sister at a moments notice. Game is game but blood is blood.


Dani fans, it appears her alliance has turned on her. Alex, Morgan, Shelby, Scott want to work with her, so it is probably in your best interests to nominate Krissy if you have not already voted because Scott is not targeting Dani. Also seems like some needless overplaying from Whitney making it too obvious she was in deep discussion with the other side and noticed by Alex and Shelby. She could have waited until after the veto comp.