Danielle “I’m anxious to see who America’s nominee is” Jason “b***h its going to be me!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-29 23-14-48-717

9:30pm Whitney heads up to the HOH room to talk to Kryssie and Danielle. Jason joins them. Whitney tells Danielle – I just wanted to come up and talk to you before tomorrow. I’m sure you already have a plan on what you’re going to do. But I don’t know if you expect me to be the America’s nom. Danielle – no, I don’t expect it. Whitney – I don’t know if its going to influence your decision in anyway. I’m kind of freaking out about that. Jason – why would you think that. Whitney – because I was the last name. Do you know what you’re going to do? Danielle – I was waiting till after havenots and that didn’t give too much information. I don’t think you’ll be America’s nom. Its really up to Shelby and who’s votes she cancels out. Jason – oh for sure we’re not voting. Kryssie agrees. Danielle – its not really up to me who goes. I don’t have a target. I don’t have a game plan. As of right now I don’t think you’re a threat. I think America likes you a lot. Whitney – well we’ll see won’t we. Danielle – you’re probably the last person. I want to be the only HOH to have 2 noms at eviction. If America put you up and I won the veto, I would pull you down. My talk with Shelby was pointless. She said she was going to us it in her favour. So I was like I guess this talk is over. Danielle – I’m anxious to see who America’s nom is. Jason – b***h its going to be me. Whitney – I really don’t have anything to offer you. Whitney leaves.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-29 23-24-24-625

Bathroom – Morgan and Alex talk. Morgan tells Alex about her conversation with Danielle. She is open for us to work together and to bounce ideas off of. She was like I really respect how you got Neeley out. She said she was happy I did it so that she didn’t have to do it herself. Alex – she wanted to take Neeley out? Morgan – yes. I also told her that you have to think about who you want to take to the final 3. She said she wouldn’t take Justin. Everyone knows I wouldn’t beat him. She is going to want to target Justin. Alex – wow she told you a lot more than she told us. You should try and work with her if possible.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-30 05-41-16-075

10:35pm – 11:30pm Havenot room. Justin tells Whitney – I trust you more than anyone else on your side. I know you care for Alex and Scott but you can’t trust them because they will vote you out of here because they know they can’t win against you… especially with America voting. You see what I’m saying? Its the same thing on my side .. we like to think we have loyalty but you can’t trust nobody. I just want you to know that, I’ve got your back. I’ve talked to Scott .. Scott and Alex they’re sharing the same ideas. They’re their own alliance. They’re going to eliminate Morgan and you and then Shelby last. If you’re up on the block they’re going to vote you out of here because they’re be like they had no choice. My side loves you .. Kryssie, Jason and Danielle. But they see you as a threat at the end. There are only 3 care packages left. We have to eliminate Morgan and then if you make it through this week .. the next care package would probably go to you. I’m going to try and win HOH this week and I hope you get the care package. I don’t want you to go home. I don’t trust Morgan. In my favor the good thing is that Danielle is still in the house. If you’re on the block its the perfect opportunity for Morgan and Alex to vote you out and for them to be like we had no choice. I don’t want you to be blindsided by this. You’re been taking care of me and I appreciate it. Whitney – I’m just going to take everything you say and make some moves if I have to.. and just take it day by day. Justin – you can’t tell anyone what I tell you. My side won’t trust me if you do. Whitney – I won’t tell anyone. Justin – this is best for our game if we just keep this between us. Whitney – I won’t say anything.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-29 23-38-06-339

12:20am HOH room – Justin, Kryssie, Jason and Danielle. Jason points out the camera in the HOH bathroom stall. Justin – yeah I definitely j**ked off in there. It was less than 1 minute. I hadn’t came in so long. I just touched it and it came out. Kryssie – good for you. Justin – I definitely think it was your HOH Kryssie. I think it was the last day we had it. I can’t even recollect when I j**k off .. you know sh*ts bad. Justin – do you think they watch me j**k off? Jason – production yeah. It’s not like they’re going to air it though. Justin – I hope they did watch me c*m all over my stomach.. how great would that be.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-30 06-01-22-710

12:30am – 2:30am HOH room – Jason, Danielle, Justin and Kryssie. Jason – Alex is a smart girl. I ain’t mad at her because we need her this week. Danielle – whatever Alex does, Scott will do. Justin – she (Shelby) will eliminate us three. Jason – by nominate Morgan and Shelby we’re pretty much asking America to nominate one of us. Jason – they’re not going to get any better scenarios to take out one of their own. If they decide not to do it, its bad game play on their part because they’re going to have to deal with them chicks later. The conversation turns to talking about random things. Jason does his iguana impression.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-30 06-21-11-688

12:30am – 1:30am Scott tells the live feeders – I’m more nervous about what’s to come. I do not want Alex to leave this game. I had a very interesting conversation with Danielle today. I know I’m 100% safe this week. I’m not going anywhere. This game is a weird one. I am 55% confident Alex is safe but 55% isn’t a good percentage. Amazing care package. Thank you for giving it to Shelby. I couldn’t have picked a better person to give it to. Shelby will keep Alex safe unless its Shelby and Alex on the block.. which would break my heart. It would be number 1 and number 2 on the block. Then Shelby would block my vote and what I just watch Alex leave this game. I would be so lost in this game.. not that I know what to do half the time. If you (America) nominate someone from their side and we can get that person out this week, then its a game changer. The only thing that is giving me hope is that Jason did offer me a deal. That went something like if I can promise you that you and Alex won’t be nominated or like the original 2 nominees then I just need you to promise that if I am America’s nominee … Jason needs to know that we’re not going to vote him out. And of course I took that deal. How could I say no to a deal like that. You never say no to a deal that’s not bullsh*t. I made it clear to Jason that its only if Alex and I aren’t on the block. Shelby and Alex on the block is the worst case scenario. If America’s nom comes off the block then it will just be Shelby and Alex. Shelby would then cancel my vote. I f**ked up on the hammock today. Best case is America’s nom is one of them and we win the veto and keep them up there. I need to improve my relationship with Shelby and Morgan. I’ll wait until after noms and then I’ll work out with Morgan. I don’t want people to be like oh sh*t Scott can lift a 40 pound bar. (LOL) Scott heads to bed.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-30 06-25-09-004

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Some questions to y’all:

– What do you think about Alex and Morgan’s relationship?

I was watching the live feeds and it was somewhat intriguing all that talk about how they not talk to each other during Christmas. So weird. Small families generally are very tight.

– What do you think about Scott telling Alex that his is his # 1 priority? Putting her even before himself? WTH is that?


Wanna know who I think is the most horrible player this season…? America. I am soooo glad that this season is not airing on tv. Oh how quickly it has become so effin boring. Why is that? Because America gets to play God. I would hate to have to play this game and have to try to filter myself and ham it up for the cameras so that America can like me. And let’s be real, America is not gonna elect a black person as a winner, so Danielle and Justin might as well pack it up right now. (Alex is gonna win). Jason might as well pack it up too, because America is not gonna vote for a gay. (Only reason he was voting into the house is because he was going up against another gay) (Alex is gonna win). Our votes should not be impacted by what the cast says or does in the house. It’s just stupid. The show isn’t called Who’s The Biggest Saint In The House. And then I read some of these comments, and “America” says some of the most fu**ed up shit about these cast mates. So who are we to judge. Don’t get me wrong there are people that I hated in Big Brother, but I actually respected for their game play and was able to come to terms with their wins. For example, Rachel and Nicole. I HATED them, but when each won their seasons I thought it was well deserved. How were they able to win? Because America didn’t have a hand in the game. That’s how! And they even grew on me. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel play again. America needs to fuc*ing understand that not everyone is perfect. People should do or say what they want. I have not heard or saw anything in that house to warrant America to choose one side over the other. And don’t get me wrong, us as viewers have the right to choose whichever side we want. I’m not trying to sway anyone on any side of the house. It’s just so annoying hearing people wine and cry over what people say in the house. Trying to justify why they wanna kick someone out of the house that they personally don’t like. Can someone give me a reason that Neely was nominated and sent out of the house? Other than what’s likely to be the obvious reason. (Btw Alex will win). This game is shaping up to be a snooze fest. And this is the reason why most of you shouldn’t apply to play this game. You all have 0 strategy. You all take things too damn personally. You all look at everything at the surface. And I just wanna point out, that I do like Alex. Because she is playing a really great game. One that I wish she could play by herself without America carrying them on their shoulders. I can’t stand Scott. Only because I don’t like rats. But hey, that type of game play can go a long way and it could help him win, so more power to him I guess. I like Dani, she’s smart and physical. She is really self absorbed tho. Main reason I like her is because she’s hated so much, it’s making her the underdog. She’s gonna have to pull off a lot of wins to fight off America, but I would love to see her fight hard. This game should never come easy to anyone. And the best way at conquering life is when you have people rooting against you trying to pull you down. Whitney is a sweetheart, and although she’s with the plastics she hasn’t allowed anyone to poison her mind. i feel like she’s gonna come to play her own game and make a move when she needs to. I don’t mind Morgan too much, she’s sweet too. Yea, she’s breaking deals but that’s how you play the game. Justin is playing his own game and I love that. He’s one to look out for. Kryssie, Jason, and Shelby are just sitting around waiting for hand outs. America already gave Shelby hers. Congrats to her. Although she’s done nothing in this game. Oh well. Anyways, wake me when the season ends.


Omg FINALLY someone I agree with!


EDIT: Well, for the most part – I don’t hate anyone but I sure do not see what America sees in Shelby, Alex, Morgan, and Whitney.


Funny, when the LNC thought that America loved them and America put up 2 of the Plastics side the first two weeks. Monte and Alex were HOH so America must love them. Instead of embracing America, they got a little drunk with power. They expected America to do their bidding. They got extremely nasty when it came to talking about the “other side”. When America responded to the nastiness and put up Shane & Neeley, they still didn’t get it and turned their venom against America. Only when America gave the CP to Shelby, they finally got it. All are being so nice now. I do not think they truly get it. Think this is more desperation. Bet if Scott would go up instead of Kryssie, the nastiness will return in short order.


Totally agree with ya. They are trying to be nice now bc they realize they no longer have the majority. That and Jason is out of cigs so they probably won’t be on the couch together as much as they used to. Which is where most of the trash talking took place. I also think the majority of the trash talking stemmed from Jason. Now that Shane and Neeley are gone it really just leaves him with Justin, bc he doesn’t really care for Danielle and Kryssie, and Justin’s not a big $hit talker so he just has himself. I think that’s why he’s toned it down. If he’s given the opportunity he will take it.

Who would you evict?

1 Alex, Daniele, Jason, Whitney,
2 Justin, Scott, Shelby, Kryssie

Either way Morgan is spared.
Thumbs up for 1
Thumbs down for 2


These combinations make no sense.

And Morgan needs to be included in there.

Shelby GTFO!

Get the hell out of the HOH ROOM you witch!
How dare you continue to terrorize them with you’re presence!!!
“Let me see what I can do to ensure I’m safe this week. It’s not like I didn’t care about going back on all my deals with the other side and it’s not like I didn’t care who fell off by the wayside”.


Judging by the poll it looks like bad news for Kryssie.

Joe Schmo

Bye Kryssie!

Joe Schmo

Bye Kryssie


I’m for good TV so Scott for 3rd nom


If the boot order happens to be CB, Monte, Shane, Neely, Krissy, I think production would be thrilled with that outcome giving a very solid final 8. I like to see the most capable players reach the end and I think if Krissy leaves everyone would be more likely to mingle more and also pursue side alliances.


I just feel at this point putting Kryssie up is a waste. She is harmless, and should be put on back burner till they get some “players” out of the house. Just my opinion, but take out someone worth it at this point. Neeley was the same way. She wasn’t going to win anything, and could have been a vote for plastics down the road. She was ready to switch sides at the point she was evicted. Kryssie can’t get another package so she is not a threat. Yeah, everyone hates her, but get over it for a week or so.


The sooner Kryssie gets off my screen the better. I absolutely cannot stand looking at her scowl like face any longer. She is puts Debbie Downer to shame and is just a really negative person who’s true colors paint a bitter shade of unpleasant all around. Casting was great this season but one can’t help but think Kryssie as an epic fail. I cannot wait for her to go on the block this week and straight out that door. Her meltdowns should be somewhat entertaining but the truth is she’s just not entertaining at all.


I agree 100%. I think with Kyrssie gone the house will be so much better and may even hang around each other more.

Katie Girl

Make sure yall vote tonight and early tomorrow morning if yall want Kryssie nominated, because, on the jokers poll last night, Scott had 49% of the vote to be nominated and Kryssie had 43%.


Don’t worry about the Joker’s poll. Twitter has gone crazy infiltrating all of the major polls with the intent to drive Scott’s % up above that of Kryssie’s. The majority of them don”t even have CBS All Access accounts. Dawg: You guys should keep an eye on your poll. I am not sure if you can do anything to protect it’s integrity, but there are few polls left that can be trusted at this point. VOTE KRYSSIE


Exactly, everything will be OK. I expect Kryssie to get around 70% of the vote to be 3rd nominee.


The worst part of the feeds is Krissie. She is disgusting. Please, for the sake of good feeds we have to get Krissie out.


Kryssie is not only disgusting, but is also a crap player.


next America care pacages Justin or Jason
im voting alex America nom next she thinking she control the house in us america


I like Shelby more than alex morgan
i sill like Jason too game wise he need to step up in win hoh
in stop talking about suff that’s not game just focus
in i like danille at frist i was on the fence but men that girl can play the game i give credit where credit is

my final three wish list is Shelby ,Jason, danille


I swear Scott is like the worst parts of Clay and Steve combined.


“America” (jokers, reddit, twitter) has a serious dose of the HOH-itis. If things keep going the way they’ve been going, the F3 is gonna be a borefest, with only “America” to blame.