Justin “If I’m HOH, I’m putting up Monte & Shelby. Then I’m coming for the rest of the plastics.”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-03 23-38-27-628

9:05pm Hammock – Danielle and Shane. Danielle – I am just done talking game with people. Shane agrees and says there are only two people I trust. You and Monte. You’re close with Jason and we’re good with Justin. Danielle – we were by the hot tub and Shelby said I want to win HOH to see if Jason will stop calling me hooker. I was like weren’t you just all being super nice to him about him winning the veto? She is super fake. I can see that. I was kinda iffy about Neeley because I got a weird vibe from her and then after I got nominated and she came to talk to me .. I was like okay. Shane – I don’t talk to her much but I feel like if you’re good with her, I’m good with her. Danielle – I’m good with one side of the house and feel like I don’t really connect that well with the other side. Shane – I’ll do my best to save you. We’ll just play it day by day. Shane tells Danielle – I’m very uneasy about the three girls. Danielle – Me too! Shane – Morgan and Alex. Danielle – so hard to read. Shane – I’m good with them but later on if I get HOH I’m going to stir up those two. You’ve got to cut one of them off. Danielle – and honestly we would have the votes to do that. Even Neeley was like we have to bread this up. That’s three votes. (Alex, Morgan, Whitney) Shane – I would take out Alex or Whitney. I think Monte like Morgan. Danielle – I feel like we should go Shelby, Alex. Alex knows the game. Shane – what if we did put up Alex and Whitney and then America put up Morgan. Danielle – I don’t see America doing that. I think they like Morgan. I get that we’re a target but we’re only two people. They’re 3 people. Shane – if we can knock one of the heads off that snake. Danielle – and that would be a bigger game move than people think. Those 3 will vote together. They won’t stray from the pack. I don’t think we should get out Neeley because she will have our back. Danielle – I think of all people you should be worried about Cornbread. He wants to be Monte’s right hand man so badly. I think you should keep any eye on him. He might try to throw you under the bus later. Shane – I know Jason doesn’t like Cornbread. Shane – if I could I would vote Cornbread out this week. Monte wouldn’t want that this week though. Danielle – we could get Kryssie up and get Cornbread out if we wanted. No one would even know we orchestrated it. No it would be a tie and Monte would have to break it. That would be a sh*tty position. No lets not do that. The house wants Shelby out.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-03 23-32-32-085

9:30pm Kitchen – Alex, Cornbread, Morgan, Scott and Monte are talking. Cornbread complains about how Shelby reacted to him. Monte tells him not to worry about it. This place is designed to bring out the worst in people. Alex – that’s why they have a psychiatrist here. Cornbread – I’m sorry guys, its already a pressure cooker and then you have to deal with this. Cornbread – I was sitting out there and she said like a stupid joke. Everyone found it pretty funny and I was laughing. She said it was a dumb joke! I said it was pretty funny .. we must be rubbing off on you and she was like F**K YOU! F**K YOU! Are you trying to say I ain’t funny?!!! And I was like WHOA!!! Alex – she’s like that with everyone. Monte – I wouldn’t read too much into it. Cornbread – I don’t like people talking to me like that. Alex – Maybe just have a heart to heart. Cornbread – no it will go to far.

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9:35pm – 10pm Danielle talks to Shelby – It’s you or me that’s getting backdoored. I know other people are getting sh*t. And by sh*t I mean information. And I’m not getting eye contact with people. Whatever I’ve had a good time here. It’s kind of embarrassing if I’m the first to go. It just sucks with the veto thing like not even having a chance to save yourself. And if you’re a veto nom and you go home this week .. like you didn’t even do a competition. Its stressful, I wish they would just do it already. Shelby – you wouldn’t want to go through life not doing this. Kryssie – this isn’t even Big Brother. Shelby – it is. Kryssie – If I had known about having to be up 10am – 10pm I wouldn’t have done this.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-03 23-50-36-243

10:15pm Backyard – Alex and Scott. Alex – Justin follows people if you notice that. He’s very underestimated. He’s playing a great game so far. Scott agrees. Alex – that group scares me. We just have to cut the head off the snake. I don’t know if its true but I heard Jason wants to target me and Whitney. Scott – that’s no good for me obviously. Alex – I don’t feel like we’re the big threats. Its just telling of what’s to come. The thing with the three girls, they would always vote with us no matter what. Scott agrees. Alex – Kryssie really isn’t handling this that well. Whitney joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-04 00-38-20-651

11:10pm HOH room – Monte and Neeley are talking. Monte – getting rid of Shelby I don’t think anyone would be pissed at me. Neeley laughs. Monte – The veto ceremoney should be tomorrow some time. You should know that you should feel safe. Obviously I’m not going to take Shane’s girl (Danielle) of the first week. That would be a low blow. Monte – several people have been saying Kryssie and Shelby. Jason seems pretty chill. Saying I get it, I’m a vet. Hopefully Danielle will understand she was just a pawn. Whoever I put up Danielle isn’t going home. I like Cornbread and want him to stay in the game.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-04 00-18-58-635

11:25pm Bathroom – Scott and Justin. Scott – Jason getting off was half a miracle. Justin – I was so thankful but if Monte put me up. Scott – he’s not going to. I think he will put up Shelby or Kryssie. Justin – if I become HOH, ya dig?! I’m putting up Monte! Monte & Shelby. I want to see what he’s about. I want to get him out of the game as soon as possible and then I’m coming for the rest of the plastics. Scott – I want to get plenty of sleep tomorrow so that we’re rested for the HOH competition on Wednesday …so we can go ape busters on that sh*t, you know what I mean?! Justin – to be real with you I don’t even want to become HOH this soon in the game. I’ve got to see what it is because its not like he can become HOH. I might just throw this b***h.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-04 00-31-30-318

12:05am – 1:15am HOH room – Morgan and Monte. Morgan asks what did Neeley tell you? Monte – she wants me to put up Shelby. Or that’s what she would do. She thinks she is wishy washy. Morgan – Shelby is going to 100% vote how we want, whereas Kryssie is NOT going to. Shelby is a vote which ever way we go. Kryssie is not. Monte – that’s why I am pretty sure I’m going with her (putting up Kryssie as the replacement nominee). It’s crucial someone in our group wins HOH. There’s an 80% chance I go up next week if we don’t even by America just because Jason is a superfan and people like him. Part of me wants to put up Justin but I don’t think he would get the votes. Cornbread would go out over him. Kryssie going this week doesn’t get blood on my hands. Cornbread was saying she wants to go home. It pisses me off because I just saved her the other day. Morgan – I worry about Danielle. Monte – I do too. I’m like Shane what are you doing. Morgan – she is going to put up one of the girls. Morgan – we need to keep Shelby because she is predictable. Morgan – if we can keep Scott loyal to us we are in a good spot. Monte – if its the final 4 and its me, you, Whitney and Alex. I would be so happy. Morgan – me too. Lets make it happen.

12:30am – 1:15am Bedroom – Whitney and Shelby are talking. Shelby – Neeley is probably staying up all night trying to scheme. She’s always in bed by now. Morgan said she got such a good night’s rest (in the HOH room last night). I wonder if Morgan is going to tell him (Monte) about the di*k sucking comment. Whitney asks about what?! Shelby – Kryssie said she (Morgan) is up there sucking his (Monte’s) d*ck! Whitney – who did she say that to? Shelby – me. When you’re in this position you don’t go around saying that. Whitney – I did not know that was said. That’s hilarious. Shelby – if we don’t win HOH one of us is going up. Alex joins them. Shelby asks how many votes does the other side have? Two, three!? Alex – as long as Monte sticks with us, we’re good.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-04 00-57-45-405

1:35pm – 1:40am HOH room – Shane, Monte and Morgan are hanging out in the HOH room. Monte tells Shane – Neeley wants Shelby up but I’m not doing that. I’m putting up Kryssie. Monte – Cornbread isn’t doing so hot. Shane – I’m glad you said that because he wants me out so he can be close to you. I’m getting that vibe. Morgan – I get that. Monte – he broke down to us and said he cussed out production … like some crazy off the wall stuff. Big Brother switches the feeds and then switches them back.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-04 01-30-55-653

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They are getting squirrelly now. So early in the game. Their eating habits are hard to watch.


Why isn’t anybody(Scott) telling Monte that Justin wants him out? I get it that everyone loves Justin, but that guy is gonna be hard to beat. If I were in there I’d want him gone! On the other hand, I do like watching him on the feeds. However, this would be the perfect time to get him out. I think Monte’s worried about the votes but he’d have;
Shane(make him)
Scott(he’s gonna do what the majority is going)
That’s plenty. Even Neeley and Jason would vote him out if they knew everybody else was. It would be so easy. And that’s a big target gone. Nobody’s worried about Kryssie. LMAO!

sunny dee

i have found some scenes via youtube, it is quite interesting to watch them live feed the nomination and the veto players picked, and so on.

but kind of super boring, to watch behind the scenes stuff to be honest. i think when they cut the feeds for the regular tv show, they go over and over what to say, and questions or whatever, and instructions, so it comes off smooth on the actual show, but when it is just live and productions voice comes over and people are just sitting around waiting and chattering, while they wait for someone to come and do it, i am not sure this is entirely going to work even for super duper fans. maybe but not 100% sure