Big Brother Over the Top Nomination and Veto Results

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10:02am Monte calls everyone to pick Veto Players

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 14-45-15-241

Cornbread is the third nominee..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 14-45-37-172

The Veto players are Monte, Corn, Whitney, Jason, Danielle and Alex

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11:00am Monte, Danielle and Jason
Monte wishes them good luck with the veto
Talking about why America voted Cornbread.
Monte – I’m 98% sure I’ll be on the block next week.
Monte- That’s crazy that Cornbread got put up.
Jason- I’m not surprised. Half strategy and half personal
Jason says it felt like MOnte had Tunnel vision. He understands how putting him up doesn’t piss off the newbies.
Jason – I’m trying to help you help me.. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t teach him to drink
Monte – Let’s be honest here we’re both playing the game more than anyone else right now.. If you do stay a lot of these other people are going to start flaking out

Jason says he knows he has to win this veto.
Monte asks if the Danielle/Shane showmance is official
Jason – pretty much

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 14-58-44-297

11:30am Storage room Shelbey Alex and MOrgan
Morgan says Jason made a good point think of the demographics.. They don’t get the older southern man.

Alex says it’s because America wants Jason to win the veto they think Cornbread would be week in the vetoes.

Alex says don’t tell MOnte stuff, Shane’s with the other group and Monte is with Shane.
SHelbey says they should try and keep jason around he’ll work with them.
Morgan – Jason wanted to work with the boys
Alex – only because they won HOH he’ll change next week
Alex says if she wins the veto she’s taking Cornbread off the block “No one goes back up.. “
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 14-59-15-982

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-01-03-787

11:35am Monte and Shane HOH
Monte says him Cornbread and Scott are good. Says Whitney, MOrgan, Alex and Danielle can be a strong combo with them.
Monte is worried Danielle will target him, MOrgan or Whitney. Monte says he would rather have MOrgan and Whitney in the house over Alex at this stage of the game Morgan and Whitney talk to him more.
Scott comes up.. MOnte – there no alliances.. Officially yet..
Monte says Scott, Corn, Himself, Shane are good.
Morgan, Whitney and Alex won’t mess with Shane.

Monte says a 7 person alliance is not a good idea.
He promised MOrgan, Whitney and Alex we would not backstab them at any point in the game.
Monte says Kryssie and Neeley are not strong players they won’t be able to pick up enough steam to come after him.

MOnte says he likes Justin but he’s a threat.
Danielle comes in.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-17-14-842

12:15pm Alex and Shelby White room
Wondering if Monte will throw it to Cornbread.
Alex says Cornbread and Whitney both don’t seem slike competition threats.
Alex – I can’t remember if Jason is that strong in competitions..
Shelbey says she basically watched season 17 until Jason left then she stopped. Can’t remember if Jason one a competitions where everyone was trying..
Shelbey says the number 1 annoyances in the house is Danielle. She was happy when she was nominated.
Shelbey says the person in the best position is Shane. “Monte tells Shane everything”

Alex – Shane goes up to Monte’s room 3 or 4 times a day
Shelbey says everyone knows
Alex – I don’t trust him at all.. they think they are being so cleaver.. Scheming thinking they’re so sneaky
Alex says she likes Monte but he thinks he’s running the show right now.
Shelby brings up Monte saying “I’m the Alpha Male”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 14-51-11-158

1:00pm Veto Ceremony about to start

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-29-01-934
Veto Vault. They need to crack 4 digit code to get into the vault. The veto is inside the Vault.
Clues are throughout the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-30-44-158

Jason wins the Veto

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-38-21-512

2:00pm HOH Monte and Shane
Shane “Backdoor Kryssie we’re all good”
Monte – he (Jason) did say he’s not coming after me first..
Monte says Jason wants to keep the big targets in the game so he’s not the target.

Monte – Cornbread is freaking out
MOnte says it’s Kryssie or maybe Shelby.
Monte – what about Neeley
Shane – no no no Kryssie.. the girls like Shelby..
Shane says he thought they all said they don’t like Kryssie.
Monte – Neeley and Shelby will vote Cornbread.. Justin will vote Cornbread..
Monte says no body will vote Danielle the rest will vote out Kryssie.
Monte – Danielle may get Shelby’s vote to get out..
Monte- the person I put up needs to go home
Shane – I thought we all agreed on Kryssie before even Jason.
Monte – we did.. I know we did…
Shane – she’s been saying these past couple days she doesn’t want to be here and she misses her boyfriend.. that was the plan stick to it

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-42-42-437
2:26pm Monte tells Danielle she’s safe this week at most she’ll have 1 vote.
Monte says she was the PAwn, because she’s so close with Shane is why she went up because he knew she would be safe.
Danielle says she’s connected with Shane.
Monte says Justin, Neeley and Jason will vote out Cornbread.
Monte says him and Shane have each others back.
Danielle tells him she wouldn’t even put Monte up as a pawn because she can’t guarantee his safety
Monte says Jason was going to go this week if he didn’t win the veto and now “Somebody’s heart will be broken.. either Kryssie or Shelby”
Monte calls Shelby and Kryssie floaters.
Danielle – if Jason wins HOH he’s not coming after you he’s after SHelby.. he doesn’t like Shelby and he doesn’t like Cornbread
Danielle – it’s your best bet to put Kryssie up so Kryssie goes home..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-44-47-492

2:51pm HOH MOnte and Morgan
MOrgan saying Kryssie going up is the best bet.
Morgan says she’s worried about Jason
Monte – we gotta get him and Justin outta the house.. They are goign to target y’all because they get along with the other girls not y’all
Morgan says Shelby will go with them
Monte – she’s not going to last long..
MOrgan – Justin has me worried
MOnte – he won’t be pissed if you put him up .. I’ll vote him out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 15-55-02-695

3:07pm HOH
Scott – no perfect.. really f***g shitty..
Scott – Kryssie or SHlbey
Monte – the consensus is Kryssie.. cause Jason doesn’t like Shelby so if he wins she’s going up
Scott says he’s heard that Jason talked shit infront of Shelby
Scott – everyone is tired of Shelby’s sh1t
Monte – and Kryssie.. and Cornbread is getting himself in some hot water
Monte to Scott – whoever I put up tonight is going home..
They agree Kryssie going up is the logical choice.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 16-00-08-883

4:00pm Alex alone, “OK talk through my thoughts.. Shane is full of Shit Shane is full of shit.. Whitney is too trusting nobody here can be trusted except for my sister but she doesn’t know how to strategize.. I’m 100% targeted next week ”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 17-28-58-178
5:10PM Shelby and Scott London room
Shelby wants to talk to Justin again. Asks what Monte thinks of him. Scott says Justin is in no danger this week.
Scott – he’s such a likable guy… everyone is enamoured with him.. Kryssie said it best he’s not a person he’s an experience
Scott – I don’t think you are going on the block this week.. I really don’t

Shelby feels that whoever goes up as the renom will be the person going home.
Scott agrees.

SCott tells her the people she should work with are the girls
Shelby says those are the people she enjoys talking to.
Shelby says she notices Scott has been in the HOH a decent amount
Scott – I really like you Shelby.. You’re good for this week.. for you to do well in this game those 3 girls are umm.. consider working with long term.. (Alex, Whitney and Morgan)

Shelby says she has no idea what is going on with Neeley..

They agree Kryssie has to “Chill out”
Shelby mentions how Kryssie has been crying so much she’ll end up being America’s nominee.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 18-06-47-676
6:07pm Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby Tokyo room
Shelby saying they need to get the noms in place and make sure it’s none of them.
Morgan says Monte trusts her and would tell her if he’s playing something else. Morgan told him Shelby is “with us” she won’t vote against us.
Alex says MOnte told her Jason is straight up targeting them next week.
Shelby keeps stressing them they have to focus on not getting nominated.
Alex says something feels off to her.
Morgan – he’s dead set on Kryssie..
MOrgan – He’s starting to not trust Shane

Shelby – someone on Shane tonight..
Alex – someone needs to be on Shane to break up the game talk between Shane and Danielle.
MOrgan will work on Neeley. MOrgan wants to keep working MOnte to separate him from Shane.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-03 19-38-53-160

7:38pm Monte and Jason
Monte – it’s way too early to have anything personal.. if anything you and me are both targets..
Jason says he took it with respect but Monte also gave it with respect.
Jason – Everything reshuffles..
Monte – it’s going to get chaos with all these girls
Jason laughs ‘The girls make it chaos”

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Is this season even good

Hillary Lies Matter

So far so good.

Hillary's alien baby

Ya, BB18 was more OTT than this! at least here they can game.


So far so good. One, because of Jason being in the house but more so bc WE, America, but really live feeders get to play as well!!!

Misty Beethoven

Monte suffers from verbal diarrhea; he’s getting tiresome. Still not sure how I feel about this group – I think I still have a BB18 hangover.


His verbal diarrhea is the reason he is nervous about America nominating him next week. And I hope he does get nominated.


Scott wants to be this season’s scurrying rat, but doesn’t have the brain to do it. Alex may go far, if she makes her sister a shield. Cornpone and Monte will be America’s target for a while. Jason needs to work with Justin, Morgan and Alex to get Shane out. Shelby, Kryssie, Danielle, Neeley, and Whitney are Doomed Surplus.

Cindy Withanesse

Of course he won the fu**ing veto! Shocker!


Here we go!

Senior crabs

There is one person I can guarantee wont ever be ‘nominated’ by America.
And I’ll give you a hint… He’s gay.

Go Girls

Team Alex and Shelby!

Morgan and Alex fan club

Morgan, Alex and Shelby final 3


Shelby, Justin and Neely are my ideal Final 3, but it is only Week 1.
I like Shane but not sure how I feel about Danielle…..not overly excited about a potential Zakiyah 2.0, but if she can actually play the game….I could get onboard with her.
No read on the sisters, and Whitney is Brigade material.


interesting that the 3rd americas nom if they come off the block there is no renom, so backdoor plans have to factor that in…there is only a renom if one of the 2 original noms come off the block…so 3 noms of eviction night unless the 3rd nom comes off the block, meaning only 2 noms on eviction night…so this week on eviction night 3 noms and 10 votes(9 houseguests votes plus america having 1 vote)

america cant nom the same person 2 weeks in a row

im thinking there will be again 5 care packages with 1 max per houseguest between weeks 2 to 6

will be interesting to see if america can vote the same person(s) 2 weeks in a row as one of the 3 havenots

I still can't get over BB18 shock

.. seriously.

I didn’t even bother watching the final episode since I read *i’m on PST* that Nicole was the winner..

I watched live feeds for OTT a little on the first day.. I find it so boring, so I stopped watching. Also, the entire format is too much for my simple mind.

These days, I just read the cliff notes online for what’s going on at OTT.


Scott is one strange guy. He doesn’t want to say of his parents smoke cigarettes. “It’s a privacy issues”. Dude, it’s not like you were asked if your parents are drug dealers LMAO.

Leopold Stotch

Hey Dawg / Simon – did you see Meech (BB18) is selling some of her stuff on ebay (shocker!)? Not only that, but she grabbed pics from to use in her listings! Here’s a link to one of them (her teal hoodie):

Are you aware of any of her posts on obb?

Jake K.

She is really cool actually…she is super active on reddit and has been unreal with fans since getting out. She talks about her ebay stuff a bit on reddit if youre curious


So glad Jason is safe if production did interfere will I’m glad for once they did lol. I wish Jason would of teamed up with the Soroity Chicks I thought he wanted to be the gay glue that stuck the girls toghther lol guess that was bb17 only

sunny dee

i haven’t been keeping up, but i am glad jason won the veto. Just because this time around i feel like having the one vet is something these people should be capitalizing on, not putting on the block to go home right away. the only video i’ve seen is on youtube, them all entering the house. early days yet, but i think there will be more stuff on that i can watch and finally get a sense of how they are interacting.

the pics and gifs and recaps are awesome, i should have read straight thru from the beginning tho, i find without the visual of a tv show and after dark, i’m referring to the upper right corner to figure who is who. i appreciate alex talking to the camera, tho, and for that alone i’m liking her. I have no idea who are sisters, so definitely have to read back, i just invest so much time into the regular style season, and the recaps, i too have some burnout from bb18. i don’t think it would have hurt the OTT idea had they started mid October instead, but i guess they want it done before Xmas.


ok guys here me out I like danille in I will hate to see her go
but if the girls going to vote her out it will open the game in tell shane
an mote they not running the house
yes I want to give my eviction vote to cornbread but it be a waste he ant going nowhere
yes an no for kryssie but that will give monte his way
no for danille but I will do it cause it will show monte he not in charge of the game
that’s what I want us to all think about before we vote eviction vote like I said I like daneille but I don’t want monte or shane getting their way that’s why im votting for her eviction vote

Katie Girl

This whole BBOTT feels unstructured because it doesnt have the structure of the TV shows which gave us Nominations on Sunday night, veto on Wed night and Evictions on Thur. They should atleast have links on the feed page of Nominations, Veto Comp and Ceremony and Evictions. It just feels discombobulated.


There is a schedule. You can find it at The schedule lists the events for every day of the week.


I hope Jason wins hoh next week


Can’t stand FameWhore Jason!!!


I thought James was bad, stop bringing back these losers back into the house.

Franks fumes

Neil Young says………Southern man do what your good book says……Monte and CB are really thinly veiled intolerant types putting up and targeting anybody “different” come on its not the good old days anymore fellers (sarcasm)……by the way were not all that way (southerners):)