“If this was the real world I would drag Shelby’s by her ugly a$$ f’ing hair.. Like b1tch I will kill you”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 14-10-03-066
HOH Pictures…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 16-20-36-346

1:16pm Jason, Kryssie and Danielle
Danielle – If this was the real world I would drag Shelby’s by her ugly a$$ f’ing hair.. I don’t f****g like her I can’t stand her a$$
Danielle brings up an encounter with Shleby where she was whispering to the other girls about Danielle.
Danielle – Like b1tch I will kill you .. No I won’t really .. I’m really not going to kill her I have a son to raise
Jason – just kidding just kidding.. disclaimer disclaimer

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 16-22-40-470
Jason complains about the nicotine patch being itchy
Danielle – well if you’ve never started smoking cigarettes you wouldn’t have this problem
Jason – shut up
Danielle – I’m going to whip booger on you

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 16-00-57-036

1:51pm Jason and Kryssie Backyard
Jason – You and Justin HAVE to win during the Double… Danielle has to win tomorrow
Jason says if Justin wins Veto he’ll moan about using it on Whitney.
Jason – then guess who’s’ getting backdoored.. You
Jason – it’s unlikely you’ll go but still
Jason – Whitney is a smart player Shelby gave me way more information than Whitney did.. And we saved Whitney.
Jason says this show how not smart of a player Shelby is and how smart of a player Whitney is
Jason warns that Whitney’s loyalty will always be with the other side.
Jason – these girls are so sensitive they have no sense of humour
Jason says she’s the safest out of them all for Double.
Jason – Alex has to go this week.. If she comes into power she’s for sure gunning for me
Jason is worried about America voting for Justin to win. Points out that Justin is playing both sides and sometimes America doesn’t like that.
Jason says Shelby is a better strategist than they thought, “Morgan doesn’t know what show she’s on.. Alex is playing so hard she doesn’t have fun or personality”
Jason says it’s a good thing they are nominating Danielle because it increases the chance to have someone on the other side as America’s noms. Adds that even if one of them do go up as America’s nom that means 1 extra player to compete in the POV that’s on their side.
Jason says Justin won’t be anywhere near his HOH if he wins it again.
Jason says Whitney is a lot better than they thought. Says she got a call back without even trying and is only 21.
Jason – I’m nervous for Tomorrow

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 16-01-02-249
Jason says he has to beat Shelby tomorrow in the POV so he is the tie breaker vote.

(It’s pretty darn slow Sundays)

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 16-31-33-376

4:11pm Alex, Shelby and Morgan
Alex – I need to talk to Whitney tonight make her trust her again
Shelby – she’s not goign to feel very good when I Maybe put her up
Shelby – I’m going to feel so bad if I put her up and she cries..
Morgan – she knows it’s coming
Shelby says Justin was trying to tell her Alex scheme against her.
They agree Justin is Jason’s puppet.
Shelby – he’s doing a bad job of repeating what Jason told him to say
Shelby – maybe it would be good for Jason to go in the double…. but no he’s already got a care package.. and Whitney will never use her care package to save Jason

They talk about this being the first season that someone (Danielle) had a early showmance with Shane. Shane got evicted and she started another showmance with Justin.
Whitney – there is no way this has ever happened before because you know what people have morals
They laugh.
Morgan says they didn’t get a lot of boys.
Shelby agrees.
Whitney – because we’re all married

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 16-38-38-664


Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 19-27-04-471

7:08pm Safety Ceremony .. Jason nominates Danielle and Shelby nominates Whitney

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-06 19-31-45-817

7:31pm Shelby and Whitney
Shelby says Justin told them he won’t vote you out over Danielle.
Shelby – Jason won’t even change the noms if he gets it.. (POV)
Whitney – who is America’s nom
Shelby – Alex or Morgan .. Justin will vote them out over you, Kryssie will vote them out over you
Whitney says Jason wants Danielle out they might vote Danielle out.

Shelby – there’s no situation you go home.. you’re fine
Whitney says last week she felt that Scott and Alex were turning around .
Shelby – Alex will not vote you out over Daneille I can promise you that
They both start crying..
Shelby says if she puts Alex and MOrgan up they will go home and then they won’t have the numbers during double eviction.

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Even More Hillary Lies

Thanks for the update Simon. I’m really looking forward to you posting about Jason’s eviction. Hopefully it is soon.

Jake K.

You can’t spell classy without Danielle….oh wait


Alex is boring and overrated. She will start playing harder if she was in jeopardy. It would be great to see her and Dani battle it out! Vote Alex for America’s nom pleasssssssse


Don’t get your hopes up too high. I believe it will be Kryssie who will be Americ’s Nom. LNC will be wondering what went wrong again.


Danielle is ghetto trash. Preach it Timmy!


With her fake ass blonde dyed dried out hairdo the ole nose pickin ghetto ho. Bitch come down my hood on the south side of Chicago me and the boyz will turn you out like the $2 ho you need to be. For real

Pot calling the kettle

You do know the south side of Chicago in the the ghetto right???? So you that means that ghetto ho referred to you too. I’m sure “your boys” treat you real nice for less then them $2 ????????????


that’s not nice. now you sound just like danielle with those low rent threats. she needs to build herself up as a strong black woman and not make herself as a stereotype of the “angry black woman”. there is no honor in being a “hood rat”.


Really Simon!!! You couldn’t post where they were calling her a whore and saying she was a bad mom and knowing that she could hear them…. They better be glad they have her on the show cause not to many would let them get away with it… Or why didn’t you post about how Dani said she was uncomfortable cause Justin was trying to grab her hand all night or touch her and she had to sleep at the edge of the bed and then she said she missed Shane!!!!
Its 3 sides Simon stop only giving out one part of the story


Well I watch several hours a day. I am not sure what you would call it Summer, but a mother of a young boy who has sex numerous times on live feeds wit a guy whom she met and has know for a matter of a couple of days is not a mother of the year candidate. What does she she say to her boy in a couple of years and he is in tears. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her that other kids showed him the clips of her having sex with Shane and made fun of him..Not the shining example that she should be. Yes, I have done some stupid things in my life. I am not a saint. At least I was not stupid enough to do those foolish things whe I knew live cameras were rolling and recording me.


don’t forget, she hugged justin just the other day and said ewww I feel your pen&s nrubbing against me and it feels good.


Summer.. you cannot be serious. Everything is on the live feeds and ppl cannot even vote unless they have them… Not to mention all the other sites that also post updates so it’s not like they are keeping anything under wraps. I’m sure it was not intentional.


Well she did have sex with a guy on camera after only knowing him 2 weeks. Now she has been flirting with Justin, and if she didn’t want to sleep with him she’s a grown woman just say NO.

Just a Thought

Leave Simon alone. He does a great job of giving a summary of the days events. I watch feeds and come here to catch up after work. I don’t except a word for word dictation of days events and conversations. i base my opinions off what i watch. So do most people here. Love you Simon

Who's truth

I love Simon too and support him with donation and amazon ordering but it does seem to have been one sided. Sorry Simon, calling it how I see it. The LNJ is cruder than the Plastics but the Plastics are just as mean spirited and they seem to not know how to have fun.


She fucked Shane after two weeks with cameras everwhere and wants to use her child support for a birthday the Bahamas. They’re right.


I’m voting Krissy for America’s NOM. She won’t win to be able take herself off of the block.

Uncle Teddy

And it will be one less vote
And an easier win for the veto
And because she’s awful and needs to be nominated every week until her ass goes home


General consensus Kryssie for America’s nomination?

That is who I plan to vote for here shortly 20 tonight and 20 tomorrow!

Bronte's Zen

Why does Danielle keep forgetting that she got fucked on the internet? She can never have a conversation about class, even if it’s related to her occupation.


I think Danielle’s pre-school teacher job might be in jeopardy after this….I know I wouldn’t let my child be in her class!!!!!!!


to me Jason im not a fan but I got to give it to him he wanted the nom just like that in that what happen
I wish Shelby whould of nom dan Jason im not a fan but game wise well played im voting krristy America nom
next week im giving Justin America carepackages

Hal 9000

Ok, whatever you just said.


i hope Jason survivor double cause i want him Shelby an danille final 3


Anyone voting for Kryssie as 3rd Nom does not understand this game and just wants her out for personal reasons. A vote for Kryssie is a waste. She is floating and being used let the players of this game keep using her. Alex for 3rd nom will create some excitement and guess what? Kryssie won’t go home anyway! Then all your votes were as i said a WASTE.


You forget this is a numbers game and Kryssie is a number for them, LNJ. Take her out of the voting equation no matter what.


Anyone that think this game is about burping, farting or crying and threatening of quitting when things doesn’t go the way she wants should not vote for her as AN. But seriously… is America really think this is a good player?


They don’t know Shelby is a student. But it’s better being a waitress than not working. I hate that people judges other ones job. Thumbs up for workers!!!!

Oh Brother

If you vote Alex for 3rd nom to create some excitement then you don’t understand this game.


Just voted 20 times for Kryssie. It’s beyond me that the LNC thinks that there is no way America will nominate Kryssie or Justin. I personally would vote for either one of them, but have better odds that Kryssie will be AN.


I hate that she feels so entitled and loooooooved! I’m sure she is a nice person but it’s not what she’s projecting right now.

Shoot em up!

Just look at the flowers Kryssie.


Sdbbfan save your breath on these people. They can,t think strategically when it comes to Kryssie. I have said exactly what u said, and like you, totally brushed off. This site are all BS supporters with just a few who see things in a game strategy. Voting her for AN is a waste as you have said.


1-I’m not picking on simon I just wonder why he was only posting the situation after that fact… Now I know
2 its plenty porn stars that are mothers that have sex with more then 1man on camera, hell men (they can be daddies too) do it to but we not calling them whores or slut shaming them.
3- this calling her a whore is coming from the same girl who said she goes to bars just to pick up rich men??? Yeah okay…
4- Simon I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions but I equally dislike some from both sides of the house and need to hear how the whole thing started. I dislike her (Dani) but half the stuff these people comment on is sometimes no better then the LNJ




YES YES YES !!!!!!!


As a proud student at university, I wait tables to pay my school. F! Lnj to not put Danielle in her place when she b!tche about Shelby doing nothing. We all have to pay bills and do what we can while getting our education. My 40 votes goes to her friend krissy for enjoying that.


Why would people nominate Alex over Kryssie? Kryssie was ready to go home on the first day, she QUIT during the veto….she deserves to be nominated. Come on people, if you have any respect for the game of Big Brother, you will nominate Kryssie!


Maybe it’s because some of us are tired of hearing what an amazing player she is and how hard she has had it. She has never been on the block. One of her comp wins was given to her and CBS confirmed that there was voting issues the week she got the CP. OH and she has her sistermance.
She constantly panders to the cameras and its almost as annoying as scott was. They all talk to the camera and all of them occasionally pander but that girl has gotten on her knees and begged multiple times. That’s just pathetic.


Why wouldn’t she ask America to help her? Talking to the cameras is smart and it’s strategy. It’s a game where America votes and thus far has had more power than they have. If you’re a smart player, you’d wanna talk to America. It’s common sense!!


I’m so sick of Shelby, Morgan, and Alex. They are nasty mean little bitches. All they do is talk crap about the others. The LNJ have every right to talk the crap they do about them because they see right through their fakeness. They act all nice and innocent but once someone leaves the room they talk crap about them. Whitney was smart to distance herself from them.


So did Danielle just all of a sudden start talking about Shelby? I feel like there had to be a reason but of course that doesn’t get posted. I love this site. Been coming here for years and I completely rely on y’all during Big Brother Canada but it seems kinda one sided lately.

Oh great

Looks like Jason’s followers have noticed this poll. 🙁 VOTE KRYSSIE!!! BURP!