Julia “I’ll get up and scare the f**k out of James, he’ll never expect it! His a$$ is grass!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 04-12-52-423
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1am James says goodnight sweetheart! Steve says goodnight James! James says shut up Steve, not talking to you. Meg says do it again! James says I’m talking to Meg! Good night sweetheart! Steve says goodnight honey! Meg says goodnight pumpkin pie! James says you ruin our hammock date and then you ruin our nightly goodnight. James says at home we pranks better. Back home we get the big brass hooks and after a night of drinking we put them in the floor so when the person gets up to take a piss the come through the door and trip. Steve says that could hurt someone. James says in the morning they wake up and they’re drawn on all over. They’ve got all kinds of sh*t all over them, syrup, etc. Steve says you screw with them while they’re blacked out. Have you ever been screwed with, that way? James says they try to but they know whatever they do to me, I’ll do it 10 times worse. Like if they mark on me, I’ll paint them! I’ve been saran wrapped to chairs and I’ll saran wrapped them back. Put mouse traps on alarm clocks and set the alarm to go off early in the morning. Steve says that’s awful! James says they started getting smart so we would take mouse traps to light switches and unscrew the lights. This one is really foul. We put a dead rat in this guys cereal and when he poured it, it came out. They’ve saran wrapped my truck before so that I was late for work. They’ve crisco’d the floor before. James says these are just tame ones. Steve says yeah, no tea bagging. James says no. Another one we would have one guy with an air horn, another with a bucket of water, and another with flour. We would wake the person up with the horn, hit them with the water and then the flour. Steve says that would ruin someones bed. James says yeah but is hilarious.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 04-16-45-847

1am – 1:40am In the comic room – Julia is scared from James just hiding in her closet and scaring her. Julia says tomorrow Vanessa you have to help me scare him because that was f’d up! Vanessa whispers something about covering their faces and scaring James while he is sleeping. Julia says I hate scaring someone while they’re sleeping but.. Vanessa says we have to go below the belt. Julia says he is going down he can’t keep getting away with this. Julia asks what do you think about this.. tomorrow right when the music goes off I’ll get up and go hide behind the trash cans in the storage room. I’ll be able to tell which ankle is his. Vanessa says that’s good! Julia says then I’ll get up and just scare the f**k out of him.. he’ll never expect it! Vanessa says and when you do that I could lay in his bed and scare him when he comes back. Vanessa says I think you reaching out and grabbing his ankles would be even scarier. Vanessa says if you’re going to do that then saran wrap your face. That would be even scarier. Vanessa says another one could be where you hide inside the bed and reach out and grab him when he goes to sleep. Julia says yeah. Julia goes to grab the saran from the kitchen to put it in the storage room. She then tests out the hiding spot behind the garbage cans. Julia comes back to bed and says his a$$ is grass! Vanessa says don’t forget to put a hole in your mouth to breathe. Julia says oh thanks for telling me that. I would have f**king killed myself. I’m going to get him so bad tomorrow I can feel it. Vanessa says maybe we take the coffee machine and set it to go off in the middle of the night. We put tape over button and honey all over it so when he tries to turn it off he gets his hands covered in honey. Then we hide under the bed and scare him. Julia says oh my god I love it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 03-57-59-363

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1:25am – 2am HOH room –Liz says its prefect to take out Johnny Mac now. Austin says the problem is if Johnny Mac wins the veto. Liz says I know you’re worried about Johnny Mac winning veto but I got it last week boo. I’m worried about him (Steve). Austin says yeah but even if he comes down we could just put up a pawn and send Mac home. If its the other way around we are royally f**ked! They notice Steve on the spy tv. Liz says he is getting so confident which is fine but be needs to check himself. Austin talks about his letter and how it sounded like it was written a couple weeks into the season. Liz says that’s a scary thought what your parents think of me and what mine think of you. Austin says they will adore you. Austin says Steve has a high probability to win tomorrow but I would rather he be playing for himself than for Johnny Mac. Liz asks what if he wins it and takes Johnny Mac off. Austin laughs and says that would be the dumbest move in history. Steve stays on the block. If Steve comes off we can negotiate anything because we have the votes and can get Johnny Mac out. We can put someone else up like Meg. If Vanessa wins next HOH she would put up the returnee and Steve. Liz says yeah let her do something for you. Austin says or I could still backdoor her (Vanessa). Liz says I wish he (Steve) would have been more cooperative. Austin says but I’m the one in power. Liz says sorry, not sorry.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 04-31-00-119

1:45am – 1:50am Bedroom – James is up talking to Meg. Steve gets up out of bed and takes his things into the havenot room. James gets up to tell him they will shut up. Steve says he just needs to get sleep for tomorrow. James tells him he’ll be quiet and stop talking. Steve brings his things back to bed.

2:05am Julia goes to the washroom. James gets up and hides in her bed. Julia comes back and knows he’s in there. She says James, James! Ahhh.. I hate this. She open the door to get more light. James comes out from under the covers and goes back to bed. Julia tells Vanessa oh its on tomorrow!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 05-04-36-526


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Season Hiatus

Ok i think i should just stop watching the feeds and the show all together because i’m tired of waiting for the backstabbing to begin. I’m going to stop watching starting tomorrow and i won’t watch until the finale episode on September 23rd and let the final 3 be a complete surprise to me and it will be more fun and the time go by faster that way. And hoping the next time i watch it will be a combination of James, Jackie (if she returns), and Meg are in the final 3 for some miracle. See ya until then!


That’s really a good plan, the question is, when do you think f3 will aire?

Ok why do I love James pranks so much, it reminds me of the Most Dumbest on TruTv. I like James since week 1.. I need him for AF $25K… He actually won 2 HOH and kept his target the same, no one was able to change his mind, whether that target left or not.

James Fiddles while Rome Burns

James pranks are his way of trying to ingratiate the powers, as a floater, he’s actually helping Austwits dominate and destroy his alliance. The pranks are long forced and his arrested development way of placating the evil witche’s who whimsically plot everyone’s demise.

He’s playing violin while the Titanic sinks instead of leading a revolt. He refuses to talk game and can’t wait to get back to his prison job because BB is a medieval torture chamber. His last resort, gaming DR for the booby prize, when he could have had so much more. He stabs his teammates in the back & hands them off to the executioner hoping it wins him some personal brownie points. He humiliates Meg if it pleases the King & Queen so long as his head isn’t in jeopardy.

Would James be such a willing victim if the Twins weren’t young blonds? He loves being court Jester throwing comps to them if they’ll look at him, touch him, let him jump on them. He’s hamstrung by his love of women who toy with him and pat him on the head while they lead him to the guillotine. James could have had it all, instead he cowardly gave up, going along with the invasion, playing THEIR game now, while we turn the channel. Thanks James.

A Fan

James is trying to win America’s favorite houseguest.


welcome to the club. i still read the feeds, but i stopped watching since last week.

Cat His: We're All Children

Liz Julia & Vanessa ate cut from the same hater cloth, viciously critical and overly controlling of the houseguests, punishing every independent thought, act or conversation as treason. Vanessa’s bullying derives from paranoia, mania and egotism, Liz from mean girl tantrums. Vanessa evicts people for talking to other houseguests, Liz/Julia for looking strange, sounding strange or not playing their juvenile jokes.

They’ve taken their King Queen royal family to the Henry VIII level, with Vanessa Liz Julia manufacturing A Reason to chop heads-Steve is swearing, he didn’t thank us for being put on the block, JMAC yells, and we’re the only ones who get to yell, Van is stepping out of line. James court Jester routine is forced and they all better act ridiculous chase slap and talk in cat hisses to avoid the elephant in the room- the Austwits are steamrolling their game.

This is a Monarchy there are no negotiations, no deals, just Vanessa paying Cars Stakes & Winnings to avoid the axe. Liz pronounces proudly, we all get along because we act like children. GREAT-the children from horror movies that killed all the adults and force the rest to follow orders or die on the block.

It’s not a bad strategy, just too many wiling victims, scratch that, volunteers -mindless idiots who accept their fate is doomed & whisper they can’t wait to get back to their real job, because all hope is lost of winning prizes here. Becky with her infected toe forced to dye her executioner’s hair on eviction day, as if she had a prayer of being let back into the palace.

So King Austink and Queen Lizard smile happily crowing they’re the longest reigning couple in BB history. Yeah, the worst season in history, where a never-was wrestler and crazy burnt out poker chick battle for air time. No one’s watching your chocolate pelting, bowling, jackass porno anymore. And the losers that won’t start a revolution deserve their fate. And the Royal Retards can keep shouting profanities at Production, they deserve it. Instead of letting them cheat, just cut them a check already & CBS can put on reruns, any reruns are better & cheaper than this.


I have another theory why Jmac threw the HoH. He didnt want to sleep in those sheets YUK


Remember 2 weeks ago we were saying this was one of the best seasons ever. I miss those times. : (

I just hope someone from the other side can win and put up the Austwins so we can call this season great again, i’m still going to hopeful that it happens soon. : )


I wish someone from the other side was smart enough to make that move, but they have proven that they aren’t. James made a big move by putting up Shelli and Clay, but hasn’t done much of anything since then except be manipulated. Meg is absolutely worthless. Augh…and Austin and Liz have totally let their HOH get to their heads. THEY would not be okay with being a pawn this late in the game, but Steve should be totally fine with it. The fact that they flip flop so easily just proves how fucking dumb they are. JMAC was their guy last week, and now he’s lame and not trustworthy. Steve is untrustworthy because he didn’t want to go up. Then by that logic, neither is Vanessa. I am not a fan of Vanessa, but I’d rather have her win the game than Austin or Liz at this point. This season had so much promise, and now it’s a big SNOOZEFEST!

Big sexy 40

Ahhh Julia . Julia looks exactly like my lizard . Like exactly . Today is what day 66, 67? Nobody has even once thought or mentioned putting her on the block . Just going to play hide and seek and give the Florida party girl 500k… Nothing to see here. Praying somebody wakes up in that house and takes charge. We are Guna be sitting at end of show with Julia and meg wondering what the F jus happened. Yeeks

Like...I'm Jackie

It sounds like Austin is waiting for Liz or Julia to give him permission to take Vanessa out. We hear jmac..jmac..oh there is Vanessa. Just do it already! Shit! Be a man!

meg's always laughing

Johnny Mac’s gotta win the veto. Austin and the twins are dumb turds for letting Vanessa get another free pass.

Puppet Master

Production will 100% make sure JMac wins veto. Comp will probably be Balance the Planets. it requires a wide wing span to keep planets from touching the ground while adding a planet to the other side of the bar. Nearly impossible for any of the girls or James to win – their arms aren’t long enough. Austin, Jmac and Steve are the only ones that could win.

well umm..

I disagree I think they want him out. He is not who they want to win. They are hinting things about him to make him a target and I feel like on feed he lokks better than on their TVcuts or less silly. He and James are both funny and need to team up or sould have

not so fast

If production does its because they owe him. They have beening planting things with Austwin and Meg. They would owe; him although I do not agree with any of that

The Story About JMac

JMAC has been spending so much time in DR because he wants to self-evict Production is trying to get him to stay. He’s being coached to be a funny chatacter on camera & get out of his funk when they heard him screaming in DR. He’s been targeted & taunted by mean girls Vanessa Liz Julia Jason from the beginning. CBS spent a ton of cash on the specially designed Have Not room just for him and his Producer’s pay will get cut if he walks out early. He’s been ready to tap out, self evict, because he’s not willing to play these rigged comps & staged fights he hasn’t a chance of winning while Vanessa pays bribes. He’s a recruit who’d make more money working than playing middle school with professional con artists and wannabe actors. Everyone wants to root for him because he’s the most normal easy going, and everyone else is unlikable. Kinda like we vote in Presidential Elections.

What screws up the game is Production staff get cash for recruiting cast that pass auditions, and stay in the house the longest. A dentist appealed to them as a real professional, not a fake professional like Austink & VaMessa. JMac got along with Becky best because she was most normal real manager. The rest are bottle girls bloggers CBS actors basement dwellers and jail guard, aka not living in the real world. No one expects to win money, they just want exposure, acting gigs and a year off in LA cuz they haven’t been out of Mom’s house yet. Even James thinks jail is more fun, he can’t wait to get out and get back to his job, while the rest plan a year off in Hollyweird.

This stinks!

I’d say we need a twist but I don’t think the remaining players could make the game interesting regardless. They need to cast people who are more cutthroat to prevent the show from devolving into summer camp. I mean, I’ll keep watching but the second half of this season has been incredibly boring so far and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel since I dislike them all equally.

Just me

I knew Austin wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger on Vanessa. Don’t even know what senario to hope for, just sick of Austwins altogether. I guess we just hope the buy back gets to stay longer than a week and shakes thing up. Thanks Simon and Dawg! Appreciate the updates.

Smart Guy

Yeah, let Vanessa do something for you Austin, like getting Jeff out and keeping the twins safe and taking out Jason who was going to try to push for Liz to be evicted before both twins were allowed in the game together. Oh, I know what she can do for you, she can let you put a target on your back, the twins backs, and put her in a tight spot as HOH, and then instead of getting rid of you for brokering a deal with the other side of the house to get rid of Julia so you could get some ass in jury, she can leave you in the game and let her, Shelli, and Clay take the fall for playing the people who aren’t in your alliance. That’s the least she could do. Wait…she already did that for you, Austin. Never mind.

Vanessa Birthed The Royal Family Nows She's Just the Executioner

Don’t feel sorry for Vanessa. She engineered the Killer Triplets. She made sure the Twins got in ignoring Austin Liz love affair & bond of twin-love. Van is such a good reader of people? Her ego got in the way? Overconfidence from book smarts she thought she would be their leader? She was too distracted creating too much drama & many alliances at once? She’s the numbers, stats, finance person, she didn’t see herself at the bottom of anything that involved Austwits?

If she weren’t so paranoid, making deals then stabbing partners in the back she’d have a Plan B when Austwits got out of hand. She burned more bridges than she built and her I am the Master and everyone else is a Student routine, with her psycho crying fit tantrums manufacturing accusing threatening bullying tactics did her in. Don’t blame Austin for playing the player. and he hasn’t cried once.

Vanessa’s getting what she deserves. Her next degree should be psychology or Winning Friends and Influencing People. She shouldn’t have to resort to paying off bribes to Austwits to stay in the game. They’re not taking her to Final 4.


Next season they should put all guys. Haha I would love to see the faces of all the guys in the first group when the second group comes in and there is no women. The faces of the second group will be surprised too. You know there will be a fist fight. Then have one with all women, you know how vicious they can be. Then have one with all nerds trying to outsmart each other. That would change things up. Sorry, just trying to make the time go by faster.:-)


It would be great if they cast 8 Christian nuts & 8 muslim nuts & let them have weapons.

BB ever

Christians won’t do the killing , neither the revenge.


Right…..because Christians have NEVER killed anyone over religion……….


Julia should be evicted for not knowing she wouldn’t be able to breathe if she wrapped her face in Saran Wrap

This sucks

Lmao….I was thinking the same thing. Thank you Dawg and Simon for finding the best comments to transcribe! You are the best at bloging what could be the most boring HOH ever. You guys the only reason i hang in there 🙂

Jake K.

A lot of people tend to draw on the similarities between Big Brother and Survivor. But there is one big difference between the two. Survivor is a numbers game. Big Brother is not. Numbers will help you in Big Brother for sure, but power flops. In Survivor, one alliance can chisel at the other one by one. But Big Brother is more difficult in that you must balance offense and defense. In Big Brother, too much defense may keep you locked in that strategy and that’s what happened to JMac. Yet, Austwins need to understand that this is not survivor. Their solid three could be brought to 2 if they aren’t in power. Too much offense is going to keep them labeled as offensive players. The second that any other player wins HoH now, they will be put on the block because their flexibility as a player is diminished. This is why people win the game of Big Brother…flexibility. The more flexibility you have, the more people want to work with you, the less you are seen as a threat because your offense and defense are spread equally (almost hiding part of your game), and it allows emotions to not play a part of your game. Austwins may be in a good position now, but they overplayed their offense. They are no longer hidden, and their flexibility as players for others to want to work with them…is gone. I love JMac, and he certainly may have overplayed defense (also affecting his flexibility…why no one wants to work with him), but even if he stays or goes, the fate of the Austwins is RIGHT around the corner!


Good analysis. In BB holding power is a double-edged sword and it’s why you see so many different strategies regarding when to win comps or when to throw them. I think it makes the game more interesting.

Ironically, the week of Becky’s HoH was the one week that Johnny Mac SHOULD have volunteered to go up on the block and throw the veto. If Becky or Shelli could have won that comic book POV, they would have ensured Vanessa’s exit and the game would be totally different right now.


i still think becky was foolish not to put up the twins, but i mostly agree with your analysis. at the very least she should have absolutely not used shelli as a pawn.

the good thing is her exit interview with julie seems to acknowledge her mistake (unlike jackie and shelli who have drunk the blame vanessa kool-aid), so i’m rooting for becky to return.

to the original poster, numbers are still pretty important in bb as they allow you to control the vote (if not who’s on the block). the brigade was excellent at using this strategy by uniting a group likely to win comps and then pairing each member (except enzo) with someone expendable and keeping that partner isolated so the alliance was unlikely to have two members go on the block together.


You should play the game ;). trust me i would know #bb14

I survived last seasons BB

How quickly things go bad when the last two weeks You’ve had a pair of Morons as HOH’s


I am sick of this stupid play it safe BS! The entire house has an alliance!!!! Start taking people out! I want meg or James to win and take out Austin or Liz. Sorry not sorry! Austin and Liz will only be a showmance. You’re not that good Austin.

Min O'Pause

THANK YOU!!! I am madder than Dean Martin with an empty martini glass on the shallow egotistical hedonistic people that are cast on this show. The people with any depth are like the red shirts on Star Trek. Soon to be goners! Why not cater to us Baby Boomers? We have more disposable income to spend on the shit that’s advertised in the commercials!

Roll tide

Common sense: letting Julia come in hurt everyone’s game but Austin in the end. I have to close my eyes so I won’t gag when : Austin kisses Liz! Vanessa gives her “word” again ! The twins whine and draw out the last word in every sentence as if it has a hundred vowels! The HG play bowling AGAIN ! Ps. They make me hungry at night cause all they ever do is EAT!


What is their deal with Steve? They are weak, so they get nasty? Like, he just sent home Jackie, and saved your asses! Sure, he made a bad move and told them he was working w/jmac, but jmac was willing to work with them.
But, but the goblins are more fun? They were trying to attack your side from the start! And Van was the only one to even consider nominating austin. Steve is 1000x more loyal, and he has proved it. Van has went to bat for them, sure, but she is far from loyal. Those 3 are ungrateful, no matter how annoying and crazy Shelli and Van are, they brought the twins into this…
Steve fucked everything up with that Double eviction. Hindsight is 20/20, but now, with the words he has spoken to Austin, Steve sees very clear. They are the most unloyal people I have ever seen. I cant wait to watch Austins Angels self destruct.


Any combination of liz meg julia final 2 is worse than natalie vs jordan bb11. Looks like we are headed there


Ohhh common now. Her alliance has been in power 7 out of the 10 Hoh’s… And week 1 shouldn’t even count. so 7 out of 9.. Nobody has mentioned her, because there has always been bigger fish to fry on the other sided hoh.
Would you recommend the other side of the house be blabbing about putting the twins up on the block, while Austin is trying to find any reason to put someone up? Her name will be mentioned now… Even by her own alliance.. Van and Steve dont feel the love so much anymore. The Austwins need to hold power, or they are fucked.


Liz and Austin need to be in the block, I could not believe when they were laying up in the bed watching Steve on the spy TV, Liz had the nerve to say, Steve is getting to confident.

He needs to check himself, she needs to look in the mirror. Both her and Austin think they are so damn great, and I am sick of Austin asking if any other showmance made it this far in the game, wait until he gets out the house and finds out how Liz and Julia said his hair stinks.

Austin needs to stop saying if JMac or Steve wins the POV, he can just put Vanessa up, we all know he does not have the guts to do that. Austin is a BIG WIMP ! And he makes himself look like a fool every time he says, I can just back door Vanessa, he is so dumb, he did not even realize that Steve was calling him out last night in the HOH. Steve told him he made the easy choice by putting him on the block, he said that he made Vanessa happy, he also asked him was he ok that Vanessa lied to him about knowing James threw the BOB when he was on the block with Liz. Austin with his wimpy ass said that they worked that out, now he is ok because she told him the truth.

I am so tired of looking at Austin and Liz kissing, and just like someone else posted earlier on this site, it’s really weird how Austin always has to hold liz’s face when he kisses her, so she can’t get away. This fool thinks America is loves him and Liz, I am so tired of these fools.

This sucks

Omg…this is so boooooooooring. Now Austin is Liz’s Boo. I just vomited. The feeds are boring. The show is boring. Meg reminds me of an Ostrich or a Giraffe. I know, I know she’s has RA but she has absolutely ZERO game. Production has got to do something to bring back BB fans. I have always had a favorite player or players but this season…..wah wah wahhhhh.

Team JMac

The final three will be meg,Julia and Liz if somebody doesn’t make a big move. The only ones to make big moves are if James, Johnny Mac or whoever comes back in makes a move. johnny has to win POV for it to get interesting this week. This time last week Becky was safe and now Becky is out the door so let’s see if any light bulb turns on in Austins head his week. I’m sick of seeing him and Liz. Someone break them up!!!!!

Crass Wacks

If this nomination does not wake Steve up about his true position in the Twins group then nothing will.

the potential group of Goblins + Returnee + Steve would rule the house if any one of them win next POV. That should worry Austin a lot more than JMac’s loud DR sessions. If you get rid of Vanessa this week, you have a solid 4 (maybe 5) going forward. Now you’re locking yourself to a solid 3 with a maybe and a nut job. Bad move.


Steve needs to go Mutiny on the Bounty with the Austwins. If Vanessa is voted out next week, Steve needs to make a final 2 deal with jury member who comes in, unless it’s Jacquie. Go to Meg and James and convince them that nobody is going to win this game unless these three are taken out. If they don’t they are playing for 4th, 5th or 6th place( which anybody outside of this game can see). If they don’t make a move they are going to feel like idiots when the interviews come after the show. Why didn’t anybody go after the twins and Austin?


I hope JMac is not evicted, and Becky comes back. Then JMac stops throwing comps, and starts winning, JMac, Becky, James, Steve and Meg work together and target Austwins and Vanessa.

Becky wins HOH, puts Liz & Austin on the. Block, Send Liz out first, this will ruin Austin and he will be ready to go to jury because he can’t function without Liz.

Next JMac wins HOH, he puts Vanessa and Austin on the block. Send Vanessa out.

Next James wins HOH, he puts up Julia and Austin, they send Julia out. Austin will go crazy and his game will be off and he will be lost because he is upset they don’t send him to Jury to be with Liz.

Becky wins HOH again, she puts Austin and Steve up, they tell him they are going to send Steve to Jury to mess with Austins head, tell Austin you know Liz prefers needs, this will drive him crazy.

They don’t really vote Steve out, because Austin has totally given up, they send Austin to jury, because he will be crying and begging them to evict him, he is so sad without Liz. Austin is such a wimp, when he gets to Jury, Liz will want nothing to do with him, he’s served his purpose, he did not win the 500k, she does not want use him anymore.

Now the game begins, JMac, Becky, James, Steve and Meg can battle it out, may the best person win.


THAT would be awesome sauce. Make it happen!!


To all the villages that are missing your idiots…I found them! They are sitting in a house over in CA…..


I realized recently that I no longer like BB. A few years ago I was glued to my TV & computer the whole 3 months. I have been watching since BB2. Now, it’s all so predictable. The competitions are all recycled from the years before & usually in about the same order. They know when & what to study. It’s just not fun.
I blame it all on production. They need a new producer with new ideas & one who wants to provide the audience with something exciting to watch. What do we get now during BBAD? Stupid pranks, dumb games, eating, & really nasty remarks about other players. If I wanted to see that, I’d just stop in at our local middle school as that seems to be their mentality.
Where is Pandora’s box? Can you imagine what would happen if Liz or Austin had been given the opportunity to do or get something spectacular? They’d have to make a decision on their own without asking each other or , God forbid, Vanessa. Give us Pandora’s Box!
I can’t say that I actually like any of the contestants this year. I sort of liked Johnny for awhile but now he just creeps me out. I think production has been unfair to him, calling him in more often than the others making them suspicious. I truly believe that they plan to have Vanessa win & she has known it since the beginning. Probably all the others do too. Course, I don’t have proof.
So, I’ll check this site occasionally to see what happens in the competitions ( I don’t like waiting for the broadcasts) & let try to forget about James & his stupid, immature pranks, Austin & Liz’s “icky” actions (HICKIES!!!!! Yech) & everyone’s hope of finding fame through this debacle.


I agree with some of what you say but I’d rather this silliness and pranks than watching Amanda and her boy toy suck face for six weeks.


Johnny Mac was a big talker last week: let me be the one to take out Vanessa. And then he throws the HOH competition. I have no words. Because of that he will probably leave this week. Such a disappointment this man. Big words no action. I remeber him saying his strategy was to not make any deals himself but let people come to him with deals. Well that worked out well. Now people come to him with fake alliances and he believes them, just like he believed he was with Clay and Shelli. Him winning fan favorite would be an insult.


The only way Vanessa is going up on the block is if JohnnyMac wins the Golden Power of Veto and puts her there himself!


Diamond Power of Veto. They are all Golden. Nobody will do shit until a twist happens. Until then….snoring. THIS WEEK SUCKS! Austin and Liz fooling around. Oh how nasty. 2 weeks in a row…STOP THE INSANITY!

Valley Girl....She's a Valley Girl

Does anyone else see Austin as Frank Zappa and the twins as his inspiration for writing Valley Girl? So incredibly annoying the way they speak.


They both sound like they need their tonsils & adenoids removed. So nasal. Either that or they think its “cool”, very Valley Girl sounding.

Vanessa prearranged bet w/Vegas peers

Has anyone entertained thought that V might have arranged mega bet before going into house? Like if she makes final 4 perhaps a mega win from gambling buddies and if she does not make it to a certain point, then she pays up a mega loss….


Can we get Pandora’s box this week?? Lock Austin up for 24 hours and force him to listen to Frankie Grande!


Austin wins a comp that was made for him, and he thinks He is so great! {Johnny Mac thought they were going to throw it to him, so he did not run as fast as he could} Heck, James almost beat him. Then Liz, “well I won the veto comp”. Once more Johnny Mac was throwing the comp, {Obviously Johnny Mac never saw BB before, you don’t throw the comps} and he will probably be going to the JH for this stupid move. {I can see him throwing the veto comp}
I would love to have a season, where the people actually watched BB, and know how to play, No actors just regular people.. No BOB, not a lot of interference from the fairies, just let them play, the way they did in the earlier seasons.

Johnny is gone.

I am going to laugh so hard when Johnmy leaves and all th butthurt Johnny fans spew hate and blame Vanessa for it. When in reality Johnny was just a do nothing horrible player who no one liked but you few butthurt fans of his who will whine and say “oh I’m butthurt and not going to watch anymore because Johnny the pathetic lame douche nozzle is gone”

Oh and by the way Johnny won’t get back in and guess what the person that does(Becky or Shelli) is going to team up with Vanessa. So yeah you better stop watching now…Johnny Douche Nozzle fans.

Bb anonymous

Bring back the twists big brother!!! Let Austin have a waste of an HOH and let James or Jmac have all the power and dethrone him !!!! (Like Brenda be Canada win the 2 povs and switched Adhleys

Bb anonymous

oops sorry some typos in my text I meant like Britney with her double veto changed Ashley’s noms

BB tv

Change up the format..this is getting soo old i’d like to see a diamond veto, or a hidden immunity idol like survivor, or a competition where you wouldn’t go on the block something new!! heck they can’t even soundproof their DR..the competitions are getting so repetitive …yada yada yada… and what is with the big brother contestants..why do they have to recruit them??? aren’t there enough people that applied??

BB Takeover

Where did I go?!

(Oh, and if you happen to see Pandora…)