“I had to make a tough decision, Meg and James are fun we do stupid sh1t”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 18-27-51-231_jpg

6:27pm Meg and James
Meg saying she’s missing the city
James – you know what they call New York
Meg – what
James- the city that never sleeps
Meg – It’s true
James- I wish they would let you turn the lights off during the day
Goblins doze off..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 18-31-48-094_jpg

6:29pm Liz and Austin
Austin going over his conversation with Jmac “And he believes it”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 18-41-01-093_jpg

6:39pm Vanessa and Liz
Vanessa thanks her for helping her stay off the block
Liz- I always talk sense to my people
Liz – what it came down to we’ve had your back and you have our back
Vanessa goes on about how loyal she is.
Liz says Steve was arguing why it should be her over him
Vanessa- I could have been like him I could have played dirty but I didn’t
Vanessa says she’s going to fight hard to win the POV so Austin doesn’t get any more blood on his hands.
Austin joins them..
Vanessa – we gotta stay in power next week and tilt the scales in our favour
Liz – hopefully Becky comes back
Vanessa says if Becky comes back she’ll go right back out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 18-56-28-171_jpg

6:48pm Liz and Austin
liz says at first she wasn’t excited he won HOH “It was bittersweet” but now she’s happy
Austin asks why she was cheering on the side lines
Liz – I wanted the room

Austin says Meg and James winning the POV will be best.
Austin – If Johnnymac wins the veto he’s still on our side.. we’re in a really good spot .. we’re going to have to crack an egg.

Liz says steve not being OK with being used as a pawn means he’s “Selfish” and “Immature”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 19-23-05-162_jpg

7:11pm Austin and Liz HOH
Talking to the cameras “I’m not a bad guy I just play one on TV”
Austin – “The point is I had to make a tough decision and choose.. I want to roll with Meg and James right now I like them We have fun, this house gets to ya..”
“Meg and James are fun we do stupid sh1t”
Austin explains Steve Steve is at odds with Meg and James so they bring Jmac in with Steve now they are allied with Jmac/Steve/Meg and james. This position is fine as long as they don’t have to make a power decision unfortunately he won HOH.
Liz curls up beside him. Start running her fingers through his hairy chest.
They start talking about Vanessa being the biggest target in the game keeping her around is good for them.
Austin – she could still be backdoored this week I don’t want to do that though”

They ask camera if they should trust Johnnymac because right now they don’t.

Austin asks the camera why does johnny mac yell in the Diary room so much “Why does he spend so much time in the Diary room he does nothing”
liz – in the house he’s so lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

They wonder why Steve, Shelli and Clay all went to bat for Johnnymac.
Austin goes on to explain his reasoning for not putting Vanessa up.
Liz – Don’t get Vanessa mad because when she’s mad she’s scary
They both say they don’t want the nominations to change they want Johnnymac to go.

Austin ends the talk that Johnnymac and Steve both think they are pawns but Steve is the real pawn.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 19-31-14-054_jpg

Steve joins them (Liz is sleeping)
Austin – Vanessa is 100% back on board.. it put her where I need her.. I need her good
Steve asks if Meg and james are left in the game and Becky comes back won’t that be a bigger risk.

Austin says the hope is the goblins would target Vanessa.
Steve tells him he doesn’t want to talk game.
they talk about how old they were for Big Brother 6, Austin says he was in college. Steve was in 6th grade, Liz was in 7th grade.

Austin says he talked to Jmac and they hugged he thinks he’s good with it all.
Steve – 70 to 80 percent of the hugs in this house include me
Steve – sounds like you really trust Vanessa… she worked some magic on you
Austin says they laid it all on the table , “As long as she’s here.. she’s the Audrey target right in front of me”
Steve asks who goes up James and vanessa
Austin – it’s 50/50
Steve – no it’s not
Austin – Why
Steve – just listen to you

Steve says the Jury house is probably trashing Vanessa right now
Vanessa – then why get rid of her before they come back
Steve says Vanessa did a brilliant job on Austin to convince him to keep her around.

Austin tells him the integrity of the secret they are working together is important and because Austin put him up it’s going to help that.

Steve – you went with the easy decision today
Austin – i went with the Austin not the judas
Austin claims come Monday morning if he has the top hat on he’ll make a tough decision
7:55pm Steve points out that Austin was wearing the top hat today.

Austin asks if this is the longest as showmance has made it
Steve says Jeff made it 5th on season 11

Steve – do I have Vanessa’s vote this week
Austin – yes 100% not after what I did for her
Steve – than I have nothing to worry about
Austin says if Jmac wins veto he’ll put someone up to make sure Steve stays
Austin – if there’s a chance you go I would not have put you up.

Austin tells he’s going to need his help protecting the twins from all the guys there’s going to be a lot of guys after them.

Austin talks about going to a Big Brother party after season 15, Says Jeremy was not cool but Judd was.
Austin adds that Andy and Amanda were not invited to Rachel’s party\.
Steve saying he really likes Jace
Austin – why
Steve – I really liked him

Steve says Jason was a bully to him ‘He was so mad the kid with no social skills made it further’
Austin – he was the one making personal attacks
Austin is shocked Clay and SHelli are gone “They thought they were sitting pretty.. locked and loaded”

Austin says the one good thing that happened for him was Jace because it kept him out of the loop for the first 2 weeks when everyone else was making

Steve counts the recruits..
Says there was 7 people applied and 10 recruited.
Austin wonder why even bother going through the casting process..
(Applied = Da, Austin, Steve, James, Jason, Audrey Vanessa)

Austin is glad he was on this season over last season. (He was supposed to be on last season but didn’t follow through due to relationship issues)
They start talking about how they got into Big Brother. Steve never had many friends “I didn’t have a social life until College”
Austin says he never had a social life he was home schooled, “I didn’t start dating girls until I was 19, 20″
They both spent there summers watching feeds.

[envira-gallery id=”129829”]

8:40pm Meg is sleeping

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What the living f#%@

Austin wants johnny out? Oh my god. I actually thought this season was gonna get good. Big bigger biggest fish to fry. What. The. Fuck.


Good get him out he’s useless and would throw his chance to get back in. Then van next week so she has no chance to come back in. The twins had this won weeks a go.


Also Meg, as she too is useless.


Meg knows she cant win comps it was never part of her game.

Only Joy This Season: Vanessa Can't Win

OK so Vanessa the psycho distraction allowed the Austwits to float coast this long. Our only reward is watching Vanessa spiral into loserville with no chance of coming back. There’s no way she is going to Final 4 since Austins single strategy is blaming everything on Vanessa and keeping her there to take everyone’s punches. She brought it on herself, she created him, gave him his Twins, made him a sympathetic figure by faking a backdoor and various fights, then letting him coast until Production helped them win at the lamest comps, matching emogis and a race built for a squatter with monkey arms? Now Steve’s blaming casting of recruits who thought they were on the Bachelor.

And for all you other students of the game, applying again for BB18, note to self: do not play loner idiot dead fish throwing comps and looking for friends on day 64. Steve, mommy should have taught you better. The season of couples failed too, Clelli, Jeff/ Jackie, Jason/Meg, Steve/JMac-cuz couples don’t work, too fractured, weak voting, trouble linking with bigger alliances. Now triplets or quads much better. 8 person cluster fux, not so much. Final 2s with everyone, pointless. And bring your wallet, bribes work.


Yep. I heard there was a controversy with the latest Austin HOH win regarding JMAC. He shouldn’t have lost. Anyone know? Also Austin gloating that he made JMAC do 10 sets of squats b4 comp caused JMAC’s leg to cramp..what a creep! And the comps seem geared to who Production wants to win…remember last year when beastmode wouldn’t compete with Frankie…long lag…Production changed the comp in favor of Fakie (their favorite via his sis.) Comps have been so lame. Vanessa created a monster by getting the twins in the game with repulsive Austin.


I don’t think production wanted Jmac to be a fan favorite. I think they want him out. They keep hinting to people stuff about Jmac and Steve. Those two don’t have a final 2 they are just promising final 5 so its not even true. They are messing with the game. I hate that. Throw in a Pandora box fine but trying to get people targeted so they can sway the outcome is not ok.


Hey all, did you know that AUSTIN WAS THE HOST FOR CBS “AFTER BUZZ” in 2013 FOR BIG BROTHER! Wow…talk about favoritism. Check it out …
Published on Sep 6, 2013
AFTERBUZZ TV — Big Brother edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of CBS’s Big Brother. In this show, special guest host Austin Matelson breaks down episodes Episodes 29-31. It’s Big Brother’s “Episodes 29-31” podcast!


I can’t believe that this late in the game the Austwins have gone on the block ONE TIME combined.

Why these people aren’t targeting them I don’t know…


They might think the twins will never be handed the prize money because they had a huge advantage. But you’re right it still matters because they are a large voting block which obviously gives them a lot of power.


Tell me please, when should they have been a target?
Week 8? No Liz was HOH
Week 7? So shelli should have stayed? No..
Steve made the biggest mistake, that he truly regrets, the DE w/Jackie
Week 6? No Clellie needed to go! Good Job James!!!
Week 5? No, Van was backing the twins
Week 4? No, Shelli was backing the twins
Week 3? No, Van was backing the twins
Week 2? No, only day figured out the twins by then
Week 1? I dont fucking know, you get my point!
Everybody knows they are a threat, but are not dumb to blab it around when they are in power, and are looking for a target. The Austwins went from being at the bottom of their alliance to the top.


so are you sayn the teins could have voted before week 5?


Am I saying that the twins couldnt have been voted out before week 5? Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. Van and Shelli rotated 4 HOH’s in a row, and they supported the twins. Annoyingly enough.


Steve killed everyones game the most by putting up Jackie it handed all the power to the twins.

thank you

Yes, people just love saying the goblins are stupid or so-and-so is stupid but people have to remember everyone was protecting the twins to have a bigger target (except for the goblins). How long has Steve been saying James as a target? From the very beginning. Steve’s been protecting Vanessa also wanting to get rid of James when clearly there’s a very strong threesome.

I didn’t see James get manipulated in his 2 HOHs. He wanted Jace and got Jace out. He put up Shelli and Clay and Clay got out.

I’m definitely hoping for a Vanessa and James to win HOH next (Meg too but… yea) because that would be interesting. I don’t want to see Steve win to put up, guess who? James and Meg!


Steve did Vanessa’s bidding. Again, she got in his ear and said Jackie wanted him out when she was HOH…in reality, Jackie was gunning for Austin. B4 Jackie left, Steve told her V said you were gunning for me. Vanessa, AGAIN, has whispered the noms in every HOH ear and gotten who SHE wanted out. Note to Production. is there a reason you keep blaring, “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION” to the houseguests…I hope you’re not swaying their opinions on who to nominate or eliminate. Would be very bad form.


Steve pretty much called Austin out on his shit. Stve and Johnny Mac have made plenty of poor decisions but at least Steve put together Austin with Van and the Goblins.

Hopefully J MAC pulls out a fucking veto and stops throwing shit and they get James out. I don’t want James out at all but Austin is too big a pussy to nominate Vanessa. Then get Becky or Shelli back, then either one of them plus Steve and JMAC.

Not sure it happens but fuck Austin homie is a big bitch that nobody would mind leaving.


Liz would mind if Austin left but she would get over it pretty quick. She isn’t all that into him but him and the twins being together has kept them off of the block….because everyone is too scared to target any of them for whatever reason…same reason they don’t target Vanessa. Bunch of damn pusses.


Between choosing JMAC or James leaving this week, i rather have James stay. James has proven to have strong social skills. JMac on the other hand has proven time and time that he has not have a strategic and social bone in his body. He had the right idea prior to the HOH but is a wuss in actually executing it. He should’ve at least tried to win the HOH. Even if he stays this week he will continue to make the same mistake and will not try to win the next one. He was Clay and Shelli’s puppet the first time around and now he became the Austwins puppet. The funny thing is, even his puppet masters are tired of him and want to see him gone and with him sitting side by side with Steve, he will continue to be blinded and think that they want to get rid of Vanessa.


Or it could be Steve vs. JMac… and I have a feeling Van will be up to her old tricks, to try flip the script to get out Steve.
Steve better tread carefully, he seems to call it as he sees it, and hes very observant. It seems like he likes to make people feel better; even though he is on the block. I am liking him more and more, every post.


As much as I like Jmac, you are absolutely on point. He overplayed his strategy. However, he has just watched 3 alliance members walk out the door on blindsides. I don’t think he is stupid enough to throw a veto…especially sitting next to Steve. And when Vanessa does not go up, hopefully he is pissed enough to use the twins and Austin as alternates on the block to get her out. I really feel it has to be a twin next to her though. Liz would vote out Austin in a heartbeat.

well umm..

Jmac has never won HOH so we dont know really what he would do. He may have thrown this HOH because he
really would have been taken out next week and the goblins have never approached him or wanted him Megs doing. He may have thought that Austin would have gone after Van like he said because Austin was telling everyone eles too EVERYONE. It is in Jamacs best interest to act nice, he said it last week now its about strategy. Well we want really know until if or when he gets HOH. James only had one real HOH that did anything but he knew he had the votes andhe knew they were targeting him. I wish he would have went along in his allliance and gotten out Van .He screwed Jackie and Becky when he did that sorry but he did. James also now feels really tight with the twins and Austin he has said many times now that they have a Bromance. He also has listen to Megblah who is keeping him from alligning with Jmac. They could be a 3 agaist the Austwins but shes a moron. She cares about her game only and is only using James.


I love how Steve is pretty much calling Austin a wuss without exactly saying it.


I get annoyed when Austin talks about all the people he knows who have been on BB or work with them. Who does he know that got him into these parties. This Hoh comp was made for him he even said it. fishy fishy Production is Austin a family member or friend ? Are you guys launching his career at the expense of loosing many fans.


His ex Girlfriends dad got him on the show. According to her sister on twitter.


Sounds about right no wonder people dont help each other as much anymore its becaues of scum like austin.


Just think he would of done it for them both to be happy and now it has made his daughters life a joke. I would want to kill austin if I was him.


Great point Anne. Last year Frankie’s sister was on launching her song which was connected to CBS company. He was Production’s fav. Remember when he got ejected, there was only a CBS audience, NO OUTSIDE PEOPLE SO HE WOULDN’T GET BOOED after his crude remarks and behavior. Now Austin, who the hell does he know? He was cast last season and couldn’t come and gets on this season? Is it that easy or does he have friends in the right places. Starting to get fishy again…please stop the persuasion in the Diary room. The people you are favoring Production (the twins since it’s your big TWIST this season) are mean and sneaky and Austin, well, he’s a arrogant, fame seeking, love sick, well you get the picture. And you entertain Vanessa’s briberies…really Production, she should be thrown off the show. Where’s the fairness?


If Steve is selfish and immature what does that make Vanessa? She’s acts like that every week.


Yaaaaa LIZZZZZZ toooooo


Vanessa didn’t say that, Liz did.

Geez Louise

Come on big brother… give me something!! anything?!? And I’m not talking about an inflatable shark or cinnamon rolls. More like Pandoras box or a paranoid freak out…. I just want to expect the unexpected again! Please?


Twists are fun but I also enjoy watching the game play out naturally like it is so far.


I agree to an extent about what you are saying; however I disagree that it has played out naturally thus far. I think DR was peppering things to Da and Audrey which made their game more paranoid. When they decided to call JMAC to the DR 15 times calling attention to the air time he was getting that put a huge target on his head all of them commented on it and the Austwins ,Vanessa and Meg seemed the most annoyed. They were jealous as they want the air time ex. Liz saying she was happy they won HOH again they get more air time. I also thing they peppered him with Qa that made him paranoid, he started coming out of the Dr room upset but he wasn’t like that when he went in. That Hoh contest made for Austin. The Twins twist. So the game has not played out naturally in my opinion.

Murphy's Law

Big Brother is obviously “selling out” to the 18-24 yr old demographic over the loyal fan base since season 1. I do understand tv production evolving to increase viewers to some extent….but change SOME of the damn comps for God’s sake!! Introduce totally new games where they can’t predict them…except ZINGBOT, a favorite that CAN affect players’ minds & further strategies.

B-bad owl

That’s the problem. They are trying to cater to the WRONG demographic. Almost all tv and radio shows want that 18-24 demo. Why?? They have no money. 30-60 should be the demographic they are trying to get, because those are the people with the money. I will never understand why these “genius” executives can’t figure this out.

What the living f#%@

I wanna say, just for shits and giggles….whomever comes back from this buyback jury game needs to align with NOT Austin and twins. If not evicted, get Steve, jmac, Vanessa(depending who the buyback is) to team with meg and James and just pick that GODDAMN 3 person vote bloc out of the house. What is happening is these THREE are running roughshod now. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!


Austin has no career, not in wrestling anyway. He sued Vincent McMahon and WWE. He was in one of their training camps and washed out. Sued them, basically saying they were mean to him. His wrestling career is graveyard dead. At least he is consistent, he was gutless outside the house and gutless in.


Earlier this year Austins fought a women in a las vegas freak show. His only match of the year

Min O'Pause

Bet the woman had the bigger balls.


Audrey had bigger balls than Austin and she knows where hers are at when she needs them…too bad she was bat crap crazy.

It’s sad, I’d trade Audrey for most of the current players and I couldn’t stand her.

Uh huh...

Don’t know why, but I seem to have lost a bit of interest in this season ever since they voted to send Shelli to jury over Vanessa.

The Austwins are a bit of a bore, as is them continuing to keep Vanessa around because she’s the “biggest target” in the house. If they keep that up soon enough she’ll split them apart as soon as she has the need and opportunity to do so.

Hopefully Becky or Jackie gets back into the house and makes the season a bit more worthwhile again. I’ll still follow it anyhow, but but just haven’t been nearly as much since that Shelli/Vanessa decision was made.


I’m done. I tried watching BBAD, i,cabt take it. I’m done until next week and if another one of these assholes wins HOH I’m officially signing off was an OG BB fan since the very 181st season. It’s like watching the Real World not Big Brother. Listening to,Donald Trump is brings less blood out of my ears or where ever than these Muppets. P.S. I dispise Trump too. BRING BACK EVEL Dick!!##!#


The thing that makes me cringe most about BB After Dark is seeing Austin and the Twins in the kitchen all happy like they think they are about to roll out 2 hours of entertainment for us.


Weird that I feel the same way. Not that I was a Shelli fan, but after Liz worn HOH, I just felt deflated and lost interest only checking in here on occasion. It’s sad cause up till that point I felt it was an exciting season.


I think the problem is there is only one or two people really thinking about the game. James, Meg, Austin, the twins, and John basically play in the HoH and then wait to see how “The House” goes. They are playing the game a week at a time. I hate to say it but for right now, the show is a lot like the entire last season was. Although I think if anyone other than a twin wins next week, it’ll perk back up. Vanessa has to start thinking about removing the twins and Austin because she knows she can’t go to the final 4 with them. Steve may finally feel betrayed by his alliance and do something.

Chill this Town

good news is that Steve will definitely talk to MAC about this, that a veto needs to be won. he knows he needs MAC ATTACK in the game.

so lameeeeeeeeeeeeeee. yet by far the most entertaining HG in the DR. and can we seriously not sound proof a room? and can we not hire someone to make sure everyone gets equal DR time? they have talked about it for weeks

and they trusted and went to bat for MAC because he is loyal, unlike James. so I hope you get sent home by James if MAC goes, because he won’t stick to any deals…


Pandoras’s box or diamond veto….
Please something make this “game” if it can even be called that anymore since Vanessa gets to buy and bribe her way up. I’m done. This has turned into something else like the Bachelor.


Yeah, Shelli was an angel…………LOL


What has john or meg really done. Sure they’re likable… They just don’t have any game.


Johnny Mac won 3 vetoes?


Who is Steve to act all superior? He wants others to do his dirty work too. Austin is torn between his alliance with Vanessa and his hurt about her secret attempts at backdooring him. Vanessa has hinted on several occasions that she is willing to go after austin. If she does go after him… I hope she does not win the game. I will root for anyone other than vanessa.she speaks about loyalty… Let her prove it. By the way … Steve really irks me sometimes. He’s too in love with his so called intellect. Steve has said some stupid stuff in there as well as all of the cast at one time or another.


My God. Steve, of all people, not letting Austin off the hook with this “I’m making tough decisions” bullshit. Brilliant. I don’t know if it’s the haircut or if you’ve had your fill of people placating you and others with nice and sweet game talk, but Good on ya, Steve, you sometimes creepy bastard. I didn’t know you had it in you.
Steve was noticing something different with Austin last week, saying something’s changed with him, so hopefully he keeps his eye on that because I’m telling you, if Steve is the one to end up making the big boy decision before anyone else in the house I’ll finally have something to cheer about.

What’s becoming incredibly irritating this season is the need to talk to everyone before putting them on the block or using a POV or voting them out. “I can’t blindside them, I need to tell them because it wouldnt be fair,” or “I need to talk to them and ask them if they’re ok being pawns.” No. Why do you NEED to do this? It’s been increasingly consistent. And all of the apologizing and explanations. It’s a game you all signed up for, knowing what it was all about so stop it already. And keeping people because they’re fun and do dumb shit? Honestly Austin, enjoy the time you’ve got left in the house with Liz, because when this is all over and Liz and Meg are taking home the money and Liz forgets you exist, all you’ll have are the memories.

If anyone deserves an explanation or an apology, it’s all the people that have been watching y’all.

Misty Beethoven

Amen! In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, you just said a mouthful, sistah.


‘Liz says steve not being OK with being used as a pawn means he’s “Selfish” and “Immature”‘
Its not like she’s OK to be on the block so WHAT THE FUK DOES THAT MAKE HER?!?!


The winner of big brother?


Steve started thinking about what Becky said. Becky would give vanessa the vote if van was in final two. Steve wanted austin to do HIS dirty work. That’s why he was sticking so closely to JMac all of a sudden. He thought he was being sneaky.


Exactly! That’s why Steve really wants his f2 with jmac now. In fact Austin and Vanessa talked about that yesterday because steve told Vanessa one thing about jmac then told Austin the opposite.


Austin is seriously jealous on Johnny Mac or something. He talks about his funny speech did not sit well with him, how yelling in in the DR was sketchy, gets angry he gets called into the diary room more often than others, says production wants to keep him etc etc. Obviously Johnny Mac isn’t that great of a game player but Austin’s reasoning seems a bit personal. Deep down he knows everyone likes him more than him. (Maybe I’m looking to deep into it) And LOL @ saying he was gonna make this an entertaining week for the fans and hopes WWE is watching. He has no balls, going for the safe option.


I think you have the right idea, Austin is looking for this game to develop himself a job or next gig. If Jmac is getting too much TV time or attention, it defeats his purpose. Austin’s going to be disappointed to learn that he’s not a fan favorite. I think part of his reasons for keeping Vanessa relate to her bribery offers outside the show.


Austin is the biggest D-Bag in the house. Since day one he claimed he was only on the show for fame. I realize many before him have had that sentiment in mind. There is nothing fun, entertaining, enjoyable,or likeable about Austin. His Judas persona is an epic fail,his creepy factor is a turn off,& the fact that he honestly believes people enjoy/ like him is hilarious! This idea of him & Liz being the best showmance is delusional! Reality check Austin: nobody cares!




Steve can kiss my ass!


Only problem is he would like it.


I keep seeing complaints about BB16 being the worst.
Are these people watching this season???
It’s freaking amateur hour in BB17, all this talk about ‘blood on my hands’.
What a bunch of wusses.
Austin says to the camera he’s not a bad guy, just playing one on tv.
Yeah right, if by ‘bad’ you mean lame as fuk.


BB16 was the worst season ever period, at least this season can get better if the Gremlins in HOH and make a big move, with BB16 there was no hope of getting better.


jmac top of the poll confuses me i just don’t get it.. id like to see a poll of all time bb best players i doubt any of them would even closely resemble jmac the guy is a horrible player.. top 5 hands down dr will, boogie, evel dick, janelle, dan. you know players that kick ass and actually play the game.. who do you like?

this season sucks!

If Vanessa manages to get to Final 4, SHE SHOULD WIN BB. Even if the juries hate her, they will see how she played the game and will vote for her to win. I just hope the twins does not win because they haven’t really done anything bec they have Austin as a shield! I still want Steve to win because he is playing a good game and he is more social now and everyone in the house listens and loves him. Meg is useless. James is dumb. I hope Jackie or Shelli comes back next week. Jackie will target the twins, an Shelli will target Van.

This sucks

So your saying one can bribe their way to finals? Oh that’s classic. Idiot.


Don’t get why people are so upset that JMac might go this week. He’s offered very little on the feeds. I like him but there’s just no game there.


Hey Austin, pussies need not apply. Sorry not sorry.

Brad H

This season will be revived if one of the goblins wins HOH next week and makes a big move. Hopefully Jackie comes back because she definitely isn’t scared to “get blood on her hands”. Someone PLEASE target Austin’s Angels.


I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Meg without her red lipstick!


god yall. don’t you get Austin made the right choice?
first Vanessa is way more loyal to them than James/Meg.
also, Vanessa might be able to come back into the game.
and most of all – there is no doubt that once Vanessa is gone the house will want to divide the Austwins monster. with Vanessa in the house there’s a bigger target than them and that’s most important

B-bad owl

Exactly Ori, exactly. As long as he keeps James and Meg safe, and as long as he has the twins and Vanessa on his side, he is golden. The only thing against him at this point is who will take out Julia for him before final 4? Oh wait, is that Vanessa over there? Hmmmm, will it be possible for her to win HoH 2 evictions down the road when it’s a mental comp? Could she be the one to take out Julia when the game gets to the point that having the twins together in the house only hurts her? And then James targets Vanessa the next HoH? Making Austin and Liz the true power in the house?
I see the genius in keeping Vanessa for 2 more evictions very clearly.


All Austin wants to do is grope whiner#1 and have fun?? Can’t wait until James is HOH and puts 2 of these 3 idiots on the block!

CBS scks

apparently Casting got these houseguests straight from the hosiptal after they had been neutered and spayed or maybe bob parker did it. no one wants to make any moves never mind big ones. its a joke vanessa is god awful in comps got caught in lies by every person in the house. and she is still “the most dangerous player.” …my ass this cast would think a goldfish is dangerous. the only 2 people who have even attempted a move that didnt put me to sleep was james and becky. cause being a prison guard-army man and being hit by a train they actually know what
what fear and courage look like. fire the entire castting department and bring in ED and Franky to just spend the day screaming at this fools until they self evict and grow some balls

Chill this Town

I still think JMAC is trying to play Dr Will’s game he just doesn’t have all of it, and as Will has said in the past you can try to replicate someone’s game but if you do you need all of it. MAC is lacking, he was trying to put a target on Vanessa last week so someone else would do it. I thought he wanted that HOH, nope.

he throws comps, he gives speeches about how little he cares about being in the game, even going as far as to put himself into a “non entity” role and propping up the person on the block as someone to keep. He doesn’t panic on the block, and he uses emotions when absolutely desperate.

difference is MAC wants a group, needs a group. has never really had a solid alliance. there is no chill town from Will’s first season, no real “Boogie”(Steve could be his Boogie if they both make it through the week)…and he just doesn’t read people as well as Will. but the way he handled Vanessa was pretty brilliant. he has played the “dumb” game perfectly. a soundproof DR and equal DR time and maybe he is completely under the radar, who knows.

I hope we get a Pandora’s or something to save JMAC or he wins POV. I honestly struggle to find a reason to watch Vanessa, the Twins and Austin take out the rest of the Goblins. I need MAC and Steve to make it through this week or the game becomes scary predictable.

Chill this Town

I know people like James, but he made his one move and has proven in his 1 on 1’s with meg that he wasn’t going to target who he should have. we would see MAC or Steve out the darn door.

the best thing for this game, the only way to save it is if one of the Goblins goes home this week.(or Vanessa). because Vanessa and Austin/Twins will run to the final 4. if somehow we can keep Steve and MAC around another week, and BECKY returns….those 3 will form a solid block, swoop up the remaining Goblin and could attack the numbers(twins) as Becky suggested.

IMO, MAC must win this POV if a power is not put in the game. Steve can make it work if they throw up a target big enough(it has to be James). I personally think we will get more of a “fight” from Becky returning with knowledge from the other jurors and joining back with her solid partner MAC and a guy she now respects in Steve….the Goblins will sit there until the twins take them out.


I’m going to blame the cat hat its making him as stupid as he looks with it on.


Lillystark, I agree with your point of view. To all, why is Big Brother After Dark not broadcast by Showtime any longer? Were the ratings terrible? Although the language was very graphic, at least we got to watch the houseguests at their best/worst. They didn’t hold back and worry about the cameras catching them in questionable scenarios. These houseguests are so “vanilla” during BBAD…and almost always very boring to watch. Your thoughts?


The PC and SJW have made BB boring.


I hope Steve wins next hoh and tells Austin and liz, sorry I have to put you both as “pawns” lol. I would love it!


CBS needs to either send Big Brother to TV heaven or re-work how the show is produced. It has gotten stale, predictable and overrun with house guests who are looking for reality fame.


I wouldn’t hold my breath for next season. I think the production team are over the show.


In saying that I do hope I’m wrong.

Steve Back In Suck Up Mode

Gag. Steve had the balls to confront Vanessa about her lies, daresults to refuse to be the pawn again and pays the ultimate price. Bounced from Freaks Geeks and SOS right onto the block. His buddy Austin says sorry dude you know we’ve really only met you a week ago. And now King of All Throwers, Floater Extrordinaire, Mommy’s Boy regresses back to toddler age, apologizes to Vanessa, thanks Vanessa, hugs Vanessa, terms Vanessa his social behavior problems, shares meds, tells foul jokes and volunteers to get evicted.

The Twits can’t believe he’s had the disloyalty to use swear words when he got nominated- He’s adult Steve I want little boy Steve he’s an actor he’s got to go. They fix his hair, they pelt rack other with chocolates, chase and tickle until Steve has to change his diaper and go night night. Mommy Vanessa burps him smugly. Austin says he’s put everyone back in there place, Steve & JMAC drooling, Vanessa crowing proudly after her winning her cock fight, and Liz on her back while she squeals “your so hard”. All is well in Judasland…How does Steve feel after watching BB his whole life to have screwed up his game so badly? Just happy he met OTEV, and getting Zingbots autograph?


It would be interesting if Becky got back in the house and teamed with Vanessa to take out Austin and the twins.
It would catch everyone off guard including most of the viewers.

However the way it is going the twins and Austin are going to go final 4 with Meg.

Julia might wake up at that point and get rid of Austin


Actually I think Julia is already working on that. Since night before last she has been filling Vanessa in on a lot of things Austin has been saying about her.

She was literally going from the hoh room down to Vanessa and telling her things Austin was saying. It will be interesting to see what Vanessa does if she wins hoh next week.


I hate the grossmance as much as the next guy. I recognize that Liz’s strategy was to flirt with the guys and eventually be in a fauxmance after her sister entered the game in order to make it further. I recognize that Austin hunted for a showmance from his first night. would it be Jackie or Liz or Julia was the circular logic in his head for two weeks. All so he could play the ‘i don’t care about the game i’m just a fool in love’ under the radar card. Their pawing disgusts me, but strategically i’m more disgusted by the house for allowing it to happen.
The fact that how much fun another houseguest is to have around weighs into the thought process of choosing nominees makes me think Austin is waaaaaay to comfortable in the game. If I were him, I’d be thinking ‘okay Jmac and James whip my ass in competitions regularly and both are people i’ve only been paired with for two weeks because everyone they actually liked enough to align with is gone from the game’. The fact that he doesn’t realize this is my reason for wanting to see him taken out.
It’s not that i want to see James or Jmac leave the game, it’s the fact that it is the most logical choice in the world to take out the people that regularly win comps. If the guy that has only won a luck comp and a comp that was completely in his favor doesn’t realize that to get to the end you have to eliminate people better at comps to get the power when you have the chance… I’m completely mystified. Why is this thought process so difficult?
Considering who is left in the game, and who could come back, it is foolhardy not to take out Jmac or James. If you’re Austin in the worse case scenario, whichever gets taken out revolving doors back in, and since Vanessa is considered to be the grand manipulator, pull a Steve and blame her for misting you into taking them out of the game. Everyone in the house would buy that. Everyone in jury would buy that.
I’m tired of his drawn out flippety floppety shiny object is that a squirrell thought process completely done just to get him more air time.
I’m tired of his grossmance completely done just to get him more air time.
I’m tired of him. period.
Part of me hopes he doesn’t figure out that it is best for his game to target Jmac or James this week. Just so next week when the power shifts and a juror rejoins, he can be eliminated for giving up the numbers.
I give him credit for not actually being a target right now, but i still dislike Austin. A lot.


Production recruiting playersis why the game has gone to shit. They are picking good looking 20-30 year olds who don’t know anything about the game. They only know they are making pretty good money to do nothing but lay around, do what production tells them and enjoy their summer. It’s too bad because if producers chose applicants familiar with the concept and varied the ages of the players this game could go on for many more years. Production appears to be “leaking” info to the players that hurts others game plans as well as telling them what the next comp is going to be. It was meant to be a social experiment but has become soft porn with a bunch of empty headed, entitled, spoiled brats. I know it has already been picked up through next summer but I suspect that will be the end unless producers back out and let real players play.

This sucks

You think Austin, Steve, JMac and James are good looking? Oh holy Hell…that’s bad.


You have a point. Lol


“Liz says production is hinting to her that Jmac and Steve are in a final 2.”

Nice, production. Real nice. As if JMac didn’t have it hard enough in there as it is.
Why don’t you rather tell them about the Steve-Vanessa F2? It’s been way more legit than the Steve-JMac one on Steve’s end.
JMac gets used and dumped allover the place, he doesn’t get anything out of their “so called alliance” (Steve wasn’t even willing to be JMac’s HG choice when he was nominated), and still BB even uses it to increase the target on his back. I don’t get it. Did Vanessa offer production a car and a poker stake as well? :/


You took the words right out of my finger. I agree with you 100%. Its like production painted a target on jmac’s back right when Vanessa needed most. I used to think when the players were in the diary room that’s when we got to see what they’re really like. I couldn’t believe it that time when they asked Liz what took her so long in DR and she said she kept messing up her lines and had to do them over. What the hell? Makes me start to wonder about everything that goes down. Does production already have their winner picked? I know last year before the vote they had some Guy talking about how they should vote and I thought that was a little strange. Its like they didn’t want people to mess up their plan by making a personal vote and not going with the majority. Just saying.


Steve is getting too cocky this week! Little by little people are catching on to him. Surprised Dumb dumb and the twits haven’t figured it out yet that Steve and Vanessa are working together especially after the reasoning why he didn’t want to be on the block this Week. Put 2+2 together you idiots its not hard with the amount of game you talk. Best case scenario is James wins Veto takes JMAC down they all finally clue in and send either Steve or Vanessa home!

Season Hiatus

Ok i think i should just stop watching the feeds and the show all together because i’m tired of waiting for the backstabbing to begin. I’m going to stop watching starting tomorrow and i won’t watch until the finale episode on September 23rd and let the final 3 be a complete surprise to me and it will be more fun and the time go by faster that way. And hoping the next time i watch it will be a combination of James, Jackie (if she returns), and Meg are in the final 3 for some miracle. See ya until then!


If Jmac were to win veto, how long would it be before Steve spilled the double eviction night plotting between James, Becky, Meg, and Jmac that he was invited into? The gist of that plot was to play nice until they get power and then to get out Vanessa or a twin to weaken them. Vanessa and the twins already suspect that James would want to do another big move. If Steve were to win veto and wanted to save Jmac, same scenario.
As far as the production fairies… they’ve already revealed a lot. they flat out told the freaks and geeks their alliance wasn’t aired for weeks because of the name. They already hinted that Clay and Shelli weren’t trustworthy. They already hinted that Vanessa was the big bad of the season. Why does the guy that wanted hoh so bad that he didn’t try deserve better?
Actually, Jmac’s Vanessa hate on is about as rational as Steve’s Becky loathing. Came out of nowhere in the same week before the Jmac, James, Clay Vanessa argument. And seems just about as real.

Sick of th BS

Another boring week in the BB house. I hope James wins next week and wipes out Austin or Liz.


It’s a shame you all take a scripted TV show so serious. You watch every season and every season you bitch and complain that this will be your last. CBS and it’s producers and writers must be doing a pretty good job because you all are obsessed and not going anywhere! Though you think threatening not watching will change something. Nope they have you right where they want you and will have u there next season as well. And then you will be saying BB17 was so much better than BB18. “I’m never going to watch again” 🙂


I’m thinking/hoping anyone who comes back at this point is going to work with Van not against her. Becky figured out the Austwits and was very clear Liz would be her target if she came back. She knows Van is basically on her own even if Van hasn’t totally figured it out yet. I’m sure she will share this with both Shelli and Jackie and hopefully they are all smart enough to know this game is not PERSONAL- You don’t have to like the person your working with as long as it gets you to the end! No one has a shot unless the Austwits are broken up.


This cast doesn’t seem to get that they aren’t playing TBall. Big Brother is not about being fair everyone gets a turn or needing to justify why you made a game move. James and Becky are the only two who even tried to make big moves in the game. All this garbage about honesty integrity and being loyal is all BS. If sharing your prizes are against the rules then so should bribes be as well. I just want a season where no cares what everyone thinks, they do what’s best for their game no apologies. Is that to much to ask?


Don’t know if Austin had any bollocks before entering BB house but if he did, they are now brown bread or Liz has ‘alf inched them. This idiot prefers to spend his time snogging Liz and looking for his May West camera angle. Does he not realise that Loch Ness Monster is playing him for a Toby Jug and taking the piss with him every chance she gets? Julia and Lizard are two very mean girls and when the show ends, Austin will get kicked to the kerb like yesterday’s trash.


Steve really was pretty annoyed with his alliance because they put him up! The only way this game can get interesting again if Vanessa leaves next week. Steve joins up with the goblins and the person that comes back from Jury (anyone but Jacquie) and makes a final deal 2 deal with Shelly or Johnny Mac and join up with the Goblins to take out the Austwins. Shelly has her problems with James but should realize by now the Austwins are the threat of the house. If they are worried that Austwins are 3 jury votes if the rest of the house went after them then it wouldn’t matter they would all have the blood on their hands.

Oh Jmac...

Okay. Picture yourself a twin, for a moment. You have 2 other people (Van and Aus) who will vote to keep you. So why get rid of One of your alliance members this week, knowing that they could come back and team up against you? They are playing it safe. I feel bad for Jmac but he’s been throwing comps this whole season. He pronably could have been HOH and pulled off a big move. Everybody is mad at Austwins but they should be mad at everybody else in the house who didn’t separate them sooner. I was rooting for Jmac but he has become sooo weak.