Johnny Mac “If I pick Meg its funny!” Austin “Meg is a safe one that probably won’t win”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 10-40-04-469
9:45amAustin gets called to the diary room. In the bedroom – Meg comes back to bed from the bathroom. James asks where’s that big a$$ robot at! (ZingBot) At 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return – Steve comments that its crazy they’ve been woken up to DR’s on a Saturday. Steve says we’ll probably have the veto player selection soon.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 10-41-24-681

10:38am HOH room – Johnny Mac comes up and asks Austin – Who should I pick for veto (If he gets house guest choice). Austin says or does it matter, I don’t think it matters. Johnny asks if I pick Liz or Julia would people know? Johnny says If I pick Meg its funny. Austin says you could do that. Johnny says if I have no option I’ll go Julia or Liz. Austin says unless I have Liz already because that’s my house guest choice. Austin says we have to think strategy because I just put him up. Austin says I think Julia or Meg. Meg is a safe one that probably won’t wi. Johnny says she came close one time. Austin says If they do win it they will want to use it because they’ll be pressuring me to get that same target (Vanessa) out. I think you could pick her if you want. Let get it done! We’ll see what it is. Johnny says then you could just give it to me or Steve if you want. Then it doesn’t look like its all your fault, you know?! Austin says alright lets get it done. Johnny leaves. Liz says I feel bad. Austin tells Liz if he f**king wins it we have to be teammates. We just have to be cool. we’re just going to have to go with whoever wins. We aren’t trying to backstab anyone, we will just have to make a decision if someone wins it.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 10-43-16-492
10:45am – 11am In the bathroom – Johnny tells Meg he will pick her if he gets house guest choice. Meg says good, I really want to play in it. In the kitchen. Austin and Liz are making breakfast. Julia comments to Vanessa that she didn’t wake up to do it (scare James in the storage room). Vanessa says yeah I know me too, that’s why we suck!

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11am Bathroom – James says it would suck to be a woman .. they have to worry about getting a period, pregnancy, breast cancer, putting on their face every day. Meg says you have to worry about being an a$$hole. Johnny says no that just happens, there’s no stress with that. Julia comments that Zingbot needs to be mean, especially for James. James says he will have to come up with something good for Meg. Meg says she wants it to be something new, something different.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 11-04-14-377

11:30am In the kitchen the house guests are making / eating breakfast. James says it would suck if ZingBot doesn’t come this 8 but comes the next 8 (final 8 after a jury member comes back). Meg comments on how the zing for Cody and Christine last year – Cody you’ve made no enemies except for Christine’s husband! ZING! Liz says he’s going to get Austin good! Austin says I’m not worried, I’ve heard it all! Liz says Steve’s is going to be epic. Austin says Steve you’re a f**king piece of sh*t ZING! Steve you are a trombonist .. enough said ZING! Meg says its going to be great because its an outside view of us too. James wonders who will win America’s Favourite. Julia says usually its someone who makes it to jury.

11:35am – 11:50am HOH room – Liz says this is weird. Normally we would have picked veto players already. Austin says I know, come on already. Austin says if he wins its not the worst case. If he comes off I have to make a messy decision. Liz says the best would be Meg or James. Austin says yeah they know. They can look at the numbers and see they better not let it change. If it does Steve might have to go home. Austin says it will be bad for any jury member to come back. They’re going to be like look Austin and Liz are running the house. Liz says we are running the house.. get over it! Austin says that’s why it good to have Vanessa still in the house because its a chance they’ll go after her first.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 11-47-13-636

12pm Bedroom – James says I can’t remember when I take these. I take one before bed and another in the morning. Austin asks what are they for? James says for herpes. Austin says take 5! James says Doctor said these are for herpes. The conversation turns to talking about last season and the prizes they won.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 12-16-35-708
12:20pm – 12:40pm In the bathroom – Liz tells Vanessa and Julia if any of us win we need to keep the noms the same. Austin thinks we would use it on him. Vanessa says I would never use it on him after what he did. He’s got to understand no ones going to use it to minimize blood. Julia says Steve was saying f**k and sh*t. He’s been cursing. It was different side of him. Vanessa says I have no problem winning it and not using it. Julia says Steve was acting like a 5 year old. I’m glad Austin didn’t listen and did it. What you said about Steve not wanting to be up with Johnny Mac because he’s working with him it so true. Julia says who ever comes back from jury has to go. Vanessa says she thinks Steve will do whatever it takes to win and not even care about. What people do in front of you is a microcosm of what they do behind you. Liz says Steve is very self. He did not want to go on the block. That really bothered me. Julia asks do you think Johnny Mac knew about the freaks and geeks? Vanessa says yes, maybe not the name though. Vanessa says I get so annoyed at Steve .. he is so two faced. He talks all that sh*t and then come to hug me. Liz comments on how Steve said do you really think Vanessa can beat me on the days! I think he thinks that blonde is .. Vanessa says actually said that!? Little f**Ker! Julia says he is a little sh*t! A little f**ker!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 12-18-28-934

12:45pm – 1:30pm Bedroom – James and Austin are talking about camping (sex). James says lets just get in a circle and camp together. I have camped with more than one person. Austin asks one tent? James says yeah. Austin asks 2 camp fires? James says yeah. Austin says I hope you didn’t burn that hot dog! James says no, it was close. James says Meg likes to camp. 73 days is a long time for her not to camp. Meg says this is all dependant if you have a good friend to camp with. James says I think this is why I like Meg. Austin says because she’s an avid camper. James says yeah. She’s secretive about her camping. Meg says oh my god I’m sorry to my father. Austin says there’s nothing wrong with camping. James says its a healthy thing to do. Its a stress reliever. James asks Johnny if 70 days is a long time to not go camping. Johnny says not for me, is it for you? James says a week was long for me. Johnny says I haven’t gone camping for a year and a half before. James says wow!! Meg take Johnny camping. Take Steve too. Johnny says I will not go camping with Steve. Austin asks do you want to show Steve how to camp? Austin says all this camping makes me want to go pitch my tent. Johnny says its been a long time since I pitched a tent. Meg says Austin been the closest to pitching a tent. James says Meg doesn’t like to plan camping. Austin says Meg likes to say no to camping but likes it when it happens. Meg says oh my god I knew that was coming!! Liz joins them. Liz says we started camping. They all pause and start laughing. Liz says no the phrase. Austin says honey! Liz says Austin wishes he could camp with me. Austin says girls love it when the guy does all the work. Liz says I don’t know who you’ve been camping with .. I know how to pitch a tent! James says you have to make sure the tent is nice and tight, you don’t want a loose tent.

Craziest place you went camping:

  • Austin in the mountains outside a hotel by a waterfall
  • James charlotte russe dressing room – the music was pumping, I was bored.
  • Vanessa says that Ferris wheel. It was a long one like 15 minutes. James I would only need 2 minutes
  • Meg says in the steps down into an apartment building at 4am
  • Liz says in a DJ booth. Vanessa asks at night with the DJ going? Liz says yes.
  • Johnny says in a car in the woods.

The conversation turns to the show to catch a predator. James says any ways back to camping. Julia says I had a bad experience camping where it rained in the tent. I woke up all wet and crying. James says WHOA!! That’s my kind of camping. Sounds like a good camping partner! Julia says I’m talking about real camping!! James asks Steve if he would like to go camping. Steve says I’ve never done it but I’d like to. Meg says this is so stupid. James says Meg would like to take you camping. Steve says that James is jealous of other peoples hot dogs. James says no, I’m not. I’m happy with my camping gear. If you want to compare camping gear we can right now. Steve says James says its not nice to talk about someone elses camping gear when you don’t know the size of it. Steve says I know .. because of statistics and probability. That mine is better than yours. James says that’s not true. Steve says I’m done and leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-22 12-48-26-072

2pm – 2:10pm Kitchen – Austin, Steve, Liz and Julia are eating and chatting. They’re all waiting for the picking of the veto players to happen / veto comp.

2:24pm Liz and Austin in bed chatting. Liz telling him about how shy she was when she was young. Adds that Julia much more shy than even her.
3:13pm POV Players getting picked.. Finally..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 15-34-01-026_jpg
Veto Players
Austin Picked Vanessa
Steve Picked Julia
Jmac Picked Meg’s

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 15-57-23-616_jpg

3:41pm Steve and Jmac
John – I do trust them
Steve – Who
Jmac – Austin I guess
Steve says he thinks the 6 person alliance is solid there’s 4 (twins, Austin and Vanessa) and The Goblins (Meg and James)

Steve – something is up that we don’t know about.. we win and pray to god vanessa goes up or James and we make it through this week
Jmac – ya
Steve – I would be lying if I said I didn’t throw my fair share of HOH’s but that phase is over for me.
Jmac – Ya man
Steve- I didn’t think I would go up this week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 16-02-30-808_jpg

4:01pm Vanessa teaching JUJU how to arm wrestle
“It’s a contest who can crack the wrist first”

5:27pm Still waiting for POV…

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 17-59-04-586_jpg
5:58pm Austin and Liz
Austin says by the question he’s getting in the Diary room someone in the house is lying to them.
Feeds cut….
When we come back Austin is talking about not knowing what to do come Monday. Does he put up Vanessa or james.
Austin – do you even want to be in a final 5 with Steve and Vanessa, we’ll lose
Austin – what if Steve is the loyal one
Austin – I hope Meg is playing hard.
Austin is pissed that nobody has come up to the HOH and talked to him after the players were picked, ‘Don’t they know I can backdoor any of them”
Austin says if they don’t make the right decision this week next week one of them are going home.

Austin says they need to find out from both groups meg/james, Jmac/Steve who they want out this week. if everyone says Vanessa they protect vanessa and take out of of those four.

Liz says Steve and James are closer than they think, “They’re always playing chess together”
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-22 18-10-01-921_jpg
Julia joins them. Austin tells her to win the Veto at all costs. Austin says if Vanessa is truly alone they need her in the game.
Liz – I hate to put you under pressure but it’s all you
Liz tells Julia if she’s not winning HOH she’s not going to win the game.
Austin – You’re the secret weapons because when you win one nobody will expect it and it’ll save us
Julia – I’m going to win one
Austin says the only way he can get James out without blood on his hands is if Vanessa wins the veto takes down Jmac. He’s forced to put James up he can’t put up the twins.

6:31pm Feeds cut for zingbot (POV)

7:19pm No feeds for you

8:03pm NO

9:10pm Feeds NO

10:10 NO

11:06pm No never feeds

  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Mina Harker

While watching BBAD last night, all I could think of was, after 63 days in the house, why does Meg’s hair look like it was just cut? Never a hair out of place – I pondered that for a second, then rolled over and went to sleep.

Evil twins

I was wondering the same thing, about the evil twins though. Who dyed their roots for last Thursday’s live eviction?


I’ve been dying to know this too, and Meg definitely has highlights but somehow her hair hasn’t grown out at all. Where you at roots? Mysteries.


From what was said and watching Becky’s after eviction interview, it seems she colored their hair for them. Nothing like doing them a favor of coloring their hair so they look good on TV and then voting her out.


Strange…I thought it was posted on the live feeds that they asked Becky and she said no, so Vanessa did it.


Could be a wig. Dont know

Unintentionally Confused

Before eviction nights they often mention people cutting each other’s hair. For example, when James cut Steve’s hair before eviction on Thursday. So, maybe Meg has someone cut it?
I also read in one of the transcripts that Julia was dying Liz’s hair this week. I figured she got hair dye because she was HOH? And that made me notice that Liz AND Julia AND Vanessa all had freshly dyed roots.

Pretty sad that the show has become so boring, that I noticed they had colored their roots…. :\


Steves new haircut looks awesome! Way better than before.

Becky Dyed Their Hair & It Gets Worse

It was covered in live feeds & JMAC’s eviction speech confirmed it specifically. Other feed updates told they asked Becky to color their hair while making fun of her Toe Infection & Limp saying she made it up and milking it. No, the DR doctor milked all the puss out of it after tearing her toenail off. Vanessa got snotty and said she better do their hair if she wants to get along when she gets back in the house. Austin carried her up to the HOH Salon and back down again. JMAC couldn’t stand that she’d done so much cooking cleaning baking and hair services then would vote her out.

No one knows why they voted for you either Johnny since you turned around and threw the comp to Austin. Butt cramp my a$$!

The 3 Stooges: James, Meg & Steve

Turning it off is all we have left. It’s painful to watch these tortured pot-ball games and slapstick chasing & screaming episodes. The 3 Stooges just whitewash all the backstabbing and play Austwits stupid games so don’t threaten your a$$ and send you home. Steve is Larry, hugging Vanessa after she plots his eviction and James is Moe dancing another jig with a knife in his back getting back-doored.

JMAC plays Shemp who comes in late after the lead cast has been killed off pretending someone will help him win Veto. What a joke, If I pull Houseguest Choice, he doesn’t know HOH pulls it first every time, he’s been trying to sleep his way out of this waking nightmare. Meg is Curly whose pratfalls don’t make you laugh anymore, because she relies on losing to coast to Finals.

Why do I daydream of Roadrunner pushing a giant boulder off the roof and flattening them all in the pool? Because Beep Beep, That’s All Folks!


They sometimes trim each other’s hair for the live show on Thursday–Meg, in fact, trimmed her hair Thursday


The game has devolved into how they get their hair done…that sums up this week.

Little F*cker Steve

Steve bashing and James planning an orgy. We could talk about how Vanessa is trashing Steve as the next to go, too selfish, lying, not a team player 2-faced litthe F*cker. Or sex stories, James wants to sit in a circle & do each other, then watch Meg do Johnny, James has herpes doing 3 somes & F*cking little girls in dressing rooms at Charlotte Rouse. We could discuss Steve’s d*ck is longer than James, or how much Austin loves the cameras on him all month. Or we could chat about Liz doesn’t want to go home to Mommy’s house, she wants to be Queen of this dump forever. Please sweet baby Jezus, don’t vote any of these losers America’s Favorite!

Steve is just figuring out Austwits and James are working together? JMacs gonna do whatever Austin wants, seriously these blow jobs are sickening. Well goodbye boys! Won’t miss you. Whoever comes out of Jury won’t have a friend or a prayer getting Vanessa out. So it’s gonna be a miserable run up to cutting the Manson Gangs $600k victory check. Deducting Vanessa’s gifts, cars, splits, stakes and herpes meds.

Stroke Me, Stroke Me: The Man-gina Dialogues

Zingbot is a no show…Austink orating to his plebiscite aka village idiots about all the new wrestling contracts that will come his way once they see him on BB, he hasn’t needed to win anything just look good. They will notice his entertainment value. Ugh…Is this guy for real? …Barf in my beer!

He paces the HOH throneroom …Austain starts bagging on Steve for not deferring enough and can’t believe the POV players aren’t up in HOH sucking his camping gear awaiting instructions from the Cult Leader. Don’t they know I can F*cking back-door anyone I want? Urp… Hurl in my Heifeweisen!

Finally paranoia hits Austwits: They’re F*cking me over in the DR! no one’s asked what it feels like to be king of the house! Someone’s been lying to me. I drank Vanessa’s Kool-Aid! I know they’re planning something. If JMAC or Vanessa win VETO they’re going to force me to vote Steve out, then Steve will be mad in Jury. They’re going to come after me next week. Julia…you better win HOH! …That’s what we’re praying for…but until then…Puke in my Pilsner

Min O'Pause

Well done!

Got Depends on my Granny Bloomers

There playing Thursday episode on BBAD. Becky’s so hott, miss her, hopefully she comes back and kicks ass with her busted toe

Save Zingbot

POV is taking forever. My fear: Vanessa has cornered Zingbot in the bathroom demanding to know what her zing meant, who wrote it & what the hidden meaning is


Vanessa will obsess over the zings of all the houseguests. She will look for hidden clues in the zings that she can use as strategy against the other houseguests. She may have a meltdown and cry about the zing that she receives. Austin may get angry about his zing, become enraged, and either beat up zingbot (which will result in Austin getting kicked off the show,) or he may threaten to file a lawsuit against zingbot and the show. The twins may whine and act immature about their zings. The other houseguests will probably handle the zings well.

Vanessa's Dreaming: The Smoke Bomb Squad

Vanessa dreamed they formed a hot blond girls alliance called The Smoke Bomb Squad?? You gotta be sh*tting me! She’s doing Audrey proud, full blown psycho! Now she’s manufacturing dreams. If they’re hot blonds that means SHE can’t be a member!

Let’s see, that makes 100 crazy paranoid pronouncements in 10 minutes from the green beanie bi-polar biotch: Austins HOH basket picture of his gay friend means keep your gay friend Vanessa off the block. Liz’s basket had a seashell with a sticker on it meaning stick with Shelli, but Van said nooo it was a sticker of a clown so it meant she’s clowning you, lying making you look bad. Austin got a clown nose in his basket which is his mom telling him it’s okay to lie to James & Meg and put them up. And JMac isn’t really a dentist, maybe he’s a clown. And Steve is hugging her which is a sign he’s going to back door her….

I can’t…somebody check her meds. If anyone is still listening to her its a sign from God you need a brain transplant. Uh oh, Austin says he drank her Kool-Aid…DR tipped him off, somebody in the house is after him. Are you nuts? EVERYONE in and out of the house is after you. And not for a wrestling contract or your Twitslut Liz. Say goodbye meat shield Austin, your days are numbered, time for a pig roast! Vanessa’s NEW alliance The Smoke Bomb Squad is coming for you.


How about when she was really pissed off at Steve and trashing him left and right and then suddenly she’s trying to get him to console her b/c she feels fat

talk about needing meds


When I hear them say not this week. My response would be, ok, but if Vanessa is sitting next to you in final 2, she will automatically get my vote to win, after I remind you that you wanted to wait a week. Also add an I told you so in there.

Just maybe that would help them figure out they are playing her game.

Wowie Mandel

I’m with you on Vanessa but I would like to know why Austin and the twins are not high on everyones target list? More so than Vanessa. If one of them wins HOH, all 3 are safe. If one wins veto, they will automatically save their own . wowie, one of the stupidest plays was agreeing to let them in the game .

Dumb and dumbest

They seriously think they are running the house?!? Holy crap! They are the dumbest and beyond delusional to think that everyone sees them as running the house! Everyone knows that Vanessa is the one running everything! I hope they get voted out soon!


A house full of Helen’s. No ones looking long term. It’s going to get harder to evict Nessa as the HG numbers dwindle. The same holds true for Austwins. James and Meg are 2 of the pure idiots to ever play the game.
It’s as if Van doesn’t see Austwins and James/Meg how dangerous that is. Steve is a BB idiot and Johnnie does not understand the BB middle game. There is no fun watching paint dry. Get rid of Johnnie and bring back Jackie, maybe the house turns on Austwins.


Hopefully path is Zingbot veto comp will be made for JMac so we can finally see Vanessa leave.


I can’t wait to see Zingbot Zing Charles Manson & his disciples

Like...I'm Jackie

So lying and backstabbing jmac is how a real man plays this game…eh Austin? You can’t make a bold move, because your twitty twins say no. What a waste! You should have let James win you pussy!


Lying and backstabbing…wait a minute, that sounds like a game called big brother.

Who Does Austin Think He Is? Scarface

What an egotistical ass. Furious DR didn’t ask him what it feels like to be king! Raging nobody has visited HOH to ask him how to throw POV! Crowing he’s gonna get so many offers to wrestle after this he looks so good! So asking me to change my batteries Production F*ck you do you know who I am. We’ve run this house for a month.

The kicker, begging James to help him keep guys off Liz at the Finale party, they’ll be all over her. Yeah cuz your THOT acts a slut. But seriously, he’s gonna give James orders to hold his d*ck outside the house??

OMG he’s getting paranoid now, they’re out to get him, he’s the next target. I keep daydreaming Austins upstairs in HOH like in the final scene of Scarface, getting shot to smithereens by his crew storming up the stairs throwing grenades and The Smoke Bomb Squad leading the way spraying bullets. And he goes down in flames, King of Douches, now thats some entertainment value for you.

Chill this Town

I don’t care who you root for, but IMO this game can only stay(?) interesting if MAC and Steve last the week. and Becky returns. I have zero faith in the goblins, I have much more faith in steve and MAC who have actually played a quiet sleeper game but UNDERSTAND the game. both are super fans. if those 3 can team up, with the Goblin entity removed from the house(they are a problem, they will simply ride the twins and get discarded, James can’t win back to back).

we need a MAC veto win. beyond anything else. I really believe Steve will make it work and not get voted out. MAC should throw his “choice” to Julia. even if it makes it obvious they are working together…GOOD!!!! it forces Austin’s hand. and Julia will be in love with JMAC for picking her to play. its actually a really smart move. if you put meg in, and she wins, there is no way she will use it. how does MAC buy that she would use it? I don’t get him sometimes

he just wants to trust people and a group so darn bad. and needs to learn to stick with steve….

Furless Bat

Jmac is not a superfan. He was recruited, and watched six seasons of televised shows.


That would explain a lot. I think he called himself a superfan in interviews though…he definitely plays like someone who has never watched live feeds.

Chill this Town

is this confirmed? I swear it was not only in an interview, but people like Big Jeff have run with it in interviews, even asking former HG’s about MAC and Audrey said something about how she didn’t know he was a super fan(in a Jeff interview for CBS)….

just saying, there is a lot of confusion out there in regards to this and its not just on a message board—


I believe you are mistaken about Johnny being recruited. When people are recruited it’s usually someone who is OUT THERE, trying to be an actress, model or someone who knows someone who was on the show or has something to do with the show. Johnny is a dentist, when they interviewed the practice that he works for (he does not have his own practice). they mentioned that when he started working there this was his dream. Scranton, PA isn’t a hot bed of Hollywood types, it’s not clubbing central. He’s not an actor wannabe, he’s not an aspiring model (twins), he’s just a small town dentist who doesn’t currently make a lot of money.


As per his best friend who runs his twitter and also what he’s sad in interviews, he watched all the seasons when they aired (except season 1). His strategy was to play dumb because super fans annoy him and always get kicked out quickly. He’s been telling the others that he only saw 12 or 13-16.


God, i’m tired of waiting until Thursday for a new power shift. Is it possible that instead of the HOH power lasting a whole week, can it only last for like 3 days so the 1st day we have Nominations, 2nd day we have the POV competition and ceremony, and the 3rd day is right to the eviction and then we have another HOH so the game can speed up and the backstabbing, drama, and power shifts will happen more frequently, one can dream right?

B-bad owl

They are looking forward to an outside view of themselves??? Lololol. Oh Meg, you disillusioned twit.


Please JMac win the veto!!

Ariana Grande licks donut and hates Americans

Jmac is going to throw the veto competition because this is not the week to get Vanessa backdoored. It’ll have to be Steve evicted this week, and Jmac will have to cross his fingers and hope that he is not the one evicted.


Zingbot veto is typically a puzzle which should be good for Jmac since dentist have great spatial recognition.


Vanessa said she’s good at puzzles.


Hopefully Zingbot gives them a hint how we the viewers feel about them. Unfortunately with this group it will probably go right over their heads. {This group is totally clueless where BB is concerned.}
My wish….. Zingbot tells them the new twist is…….. you are all going home, and we are bringing in 9 alternates to finish the game.



Meg Giggles While Rome Burns

Why was Meg so wiling to play this season’s running joke instead of playing the game. She does use her physical limitations as a reason she can’t win comps, maybe not as much as Vanessa uses being a lesbian, but she could play alot smarter, keeping her alliance together, supporting Becky, Jackie, heck even Shelli. She spent more time crying over Jason than ever plotting strategy to stay. She also plays middle school strategy as if spreading catty rumors even about her own teammates is sufficient gameplay. It only pisses people off and makes you a target to girls like Liz Julia Vanessa.

Does she think being James doormat will win her sympathy votes in the end? Like Liz, does she sell her dignity to James cheaply for protection? She giggles, talks non-stop about drinking, and appears to be weak, back stabbing others to stay off the block. Her laugh makes her look harmless and gives her enemies the feeling she agrees with them. Her ridiculous childish games supercedes plotting with JMAC & Steve? She literally sits there and lets James make all her deals? Did she watched too much 1950’s TV? I get it-her hair glasses red lipstick are mid-century retro grandma but does her gameplay have to be so archaic? Meg complains James is an ass hole but, she gives him the mic playing his straightman-she’s the cavewoman to his caveman routine.

Watch her sit back once more when someone comes back from Jury. Playing it safe and gigging while her team is picked off one-by-one. Liz says once they evict James she’ll start talking. Meg’s just dreaming of hanging with Jason & Frankie, getting drunk getting another waitress job, like all the other bottle girls in the game, Jackie, Liz, Julia, Rachel etc. How much you want to bet she calls Clay? She sure didn’t take a page out of Nicole’s book, like she should have for America’s Favorite money. zzzzzzzzzz

Big sexy 40

Sitting back with a cold one trying to find some redeeming qualities among the HG. After Meg, James, J Mac, and I guess Steve ( a lil) .. The buck stops there. Regardless of who you root for or game play the rest suck at life. I try and try to say Austin is ok and the twits are young, but nope . I can’t lie to myself . So will one of the the other side please say this is enough, grow a set of balls, and take a friggen shot at the other side of the house! It’s just the American way! Jus keep throwing punches and stay in the fight! Yea buddy ~


Guys do you remember when in BB15 at this same point in time we all thought Amanda Zuckerman was in a lock to win this whole game and nobody would be able to stop her? But then The Exterminators formed when there were 7 people left and took her out. I hope that happens with Austin and Liz at some point in the near future especially if it’s in the hands of Vanessa in which they didn’t take the opportunity to backdoor her, that would fucking delicious to watch.


It will happen. Becky told Julie if she got back in the house, she’s going after Liz. She’ll fill Shelli and Jackie on it and I’m sure whoever comes back will gun for Austwins.


Am I missing something? It sounds to me like JMac is going to throw this veto. If he doesn’t win it I will watch the Wed and Thurs episodes but I won’t be checking back in to the spoiler blogs. Sorry Simon and Dawg but I’m just not interested in anything these other HG’s have to say. And depending on who comes back from jury I may just give up on this season since we all know who will be sitting in final 2, won’t be wasting my time reading or watching any more.


I like JMac, but if he throws it,he deserves to be voted out. This is an individual game at at this point in the game, you have to save yourself. If you’re on the block next to your alliance, game on. Time to save yourself for another week. Stop worrying about the other person or believing the HOH.


Yeah, okay Akasnana lol…cya


One things for sure…if it’s an endurance comp to get back in from jury, it’s gonna be crazy. The strongest players this season are in jury. Going to be quite the fight with those girls 🙂


I thought when they bring someone back from jury its usually a contest they can do quickly. More of a chance game. I think the hoh will be endurance.


Zingbot: Austin every knows wrestling is fake…… but not fake as liz feelings for you.




That was good. Now watch big brother writers steal it. Lol


It does sound like Johnny Mac is going to throw the Veto competition. If he does this, and stays on the block this late in the game, I have not pity for him when he gets voted out. I am so sick of these idiots throwing comps, have they ever watched Big Brother ?

Liz and Austin saying they are running the house is a damn joke, I hope when Zingbot is there, they get Zinged big time, and they see how they are being portrayed, and what America really feels about this Cast.

I just hope Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa are Zinged straight up, I hope it is brutal, I hope Zingbot says something about Vanessa’s (Word), or integrity is such a joke. I just hope the Austwins & Vanessa get zinged really bad, I am so sick of seeing Vanessa making that stupid pose for Austin’s Angels.

Thursday cannot come fast enough, and I hope the shift in power is someone that will go after Austwins, Vanessa can go out later as everyone in the Austwin’s group keeps saying. I just want the twins and Austin targeted more than Vanessa, I think once that happens, Vanessa’s time will come very soon to be evicted.


Judas, my ass. At least Judas had the decency to off himself after his betrayal. Oh, and one more thing: that stupid top hat is too small for you. You look like Dr Jekyl from a cheesy 60s horror film.


Something has to give. I’d even take Vanessa switching gears and moving to work with Jmac. Tell him he’s the target, tell him all the shit she and everyone else has been saying about him and then the two of them can work to split up the Twins and their handler. Something.

Everyone in there is so worried about Vanessa having information on all of them that they say would poison the other side. Well, of course, everyone has done something, it’s how the game is played. Stop letting that rule the nomination choices, someone has to grow a set and make choices that aren’t ruled by fear of something they did weeks ago that they didn’t want people to know about.

And Austin, please stop talking. Nobody believes you’re going to make any tough choices other than what shirt not to wear around the house while you suck on Liz’s face like a goddamn Dementor.


Vanessa and twins have a secret alliance and will backdoor Austin in a heartbeat, to become the final 3


Goodness Gracious Steve didn’t want to go on the block!!!! Crybaby Vanessa and the Nitwit Twins didn’t want to go on the block, but Steve is the bad guy, These 3 are the biggest hypocrites!! I can’t stomach them!! Please Zingbot “Take them Away”!!


I’d like a return of some type of who wants it more challenge for HoH and veto. With the current types of comps you can tell which HG’s are not going to win in the first round. Then an alliance forms with HG’s that are good at the physical comps and some who can handle the mental comps. They then don’t need to engage the rest of the house. It was glaringly obvious last season and similar this season although more HG’s had a decent shot at the comps.

I’d really like to figure out who’s not playing because they just can’t win (Meg) or because they think it’s a good idea (John). Could you imagine this year’s group with the torture cage from season 6? There’s no luck involved, no skill needed, just how much do you want the victory and it’s still not an easy challenge. I think doing one or two of those type comps in a season could add some spice.


Please get rid of Vanessa, Liz and Austin in that order or any order. I don’t think Julia would be as bad by herself. I’m so sick of hearing Austin praise himself and his little puppet. At least James, Meg & JMAC are entertaining as far as that goes. Steve is sneaky and frankly getting sick of him acting like he’s 5 years old especially that way he talks. Can’t wait till this week ends. So sick of looking at Austin & Liz. They are disgusting.


This is becoming somewhat similar to BB16 now. Becky’s failed attempts to get Vanessa out paralleled Nicole’s failed attempts to get Frankie out. This is followed by her closest ally leaving in the double eviction (Hayden/Jackie). After the double eviction, she sits on the block against AFP, winner of multiple vetos, and other closest ally (Donny/John), and gets evicted. If this continues to parallel BB16, then that might mean it’s not the week for John to go yet. What do you think?


Of course Austin went camping in the mountains, outside a hotel, by a waterfall. I’m sure that’s the image on the cover of a terrible romance novel somewhere.



Min O'Pause

PEE on a stick

Min O'Pause

How’s this for drama: have Liz lee on a stick and have a big ass plus sign appear?

Min O'Pause

OKAAAAY…….how’s about Asstin peeing on a stick and getting a big ass plus sign?

Misty Beethoven

Omg, I’d fall on the floor laughing! (I know I shouldn’t laugh, but it’d be the cherry on top of this stupid showmance)

Valentina Corleone

I sincerely hope with every fiber of my being that these idiots log on after the season is over and see how much we disliked them. I want these dweebs to read each and every word before they go back to their regular lives, so they can wonder when out in public what people think of them, just like Christine did last year. Some (Jackie, Meg, Jmac) won’t have much to worry about, but the others? There’s no reality show, no E! Job, no acting jobs…nothing. So read ’em and weep, kids. You did this to yourselves.

Yo Yo Yo

What ever happened to Christine and her husband…still together? Did she marry Cody (ha ha)?

BB's NEW prize

Which HG is the MOST annoying? Prize: viewers pay $1 each- just to get you out of the F ing house. Nominations: Steve, Van, Austwits

Yo Yo Yo

The more I hear Austin speak, the more I dislike him. I can’t wait to hear what Zingbot says about him.

Little Sister

I just cannot watch After Dark anymore listening to those whinny twin voices and the smacky facetime of Liz and Austin. I am done.

Rational Mind

I know what you mean about the twins voices. I have been trying to figure out who they remind me of. Think I have it. There used to be this cartoon character called Snagglepuss. He would draw out the last word in a sentence in the exact same way they do.

Like...I'm Jackie

I stopped watching weeks ago! The twins whinny gravely voices drive me crazy! Vanessa’s fast talking gibberish game talk 24-7 got old quick! Austin thinking he’s gods gift to everything and being shirtless all the time! OMG! All I can picture is his long frizzy hair being everywhere!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans


1. Vanessa says she’s good at puzzles, but looking at her face, I’d say she’s better at connecting the dots!

2. James, maybe you should go back to being a prison guard, it’s the only place that you’ll get a piece of a$$ w/o paying for it. And I heard that the prisoners squirt.
3. Steve, when you get out of the BB house, you can go back to living in your mother’s basement, you can talk to the four walls they don’t talk back.
4. Meg, I once knew an old hound dog that slept as much as you. You’d look almost as good as him if you didn’t wear a boatload of red lipstick.
5. Jmac, CBS production had a Ming vase in the BB house but they had to remove it…they were afraid that you’d throw it.
6. Liz, when you’re in the jury house next week, your nightmares will keep you awake: “Now’s not the time to get rid of Vanessa, Now’s not the time to get rid of Vanessa, Now’s not the time to get rid of Vanessa, Now’s not the time to get rid of Vanessa”

7. Austin, they say that a sucker is born every minute, but looking at you, I’d never imagined they were so ugly, PUT A SHIRT ON BOY!

8. Julia, you look and sound just like your twin sister…..(that was the punchline!)



Steve has camping gear?

Come on, Steve you nitwit idiot- not only have you never created a fire or been camping, you don’t even know how to get out of your own backyard. Statistically those that resort to bragging about their extensive camping gear usually have very limited gear.


Want Vanessa picked so John would actually try.

Americas most hated houseguest

I cannot WAIT for Liz and Austin to get out of the house and they see how America reviles them. Also how Liz was talking about playing Austin half the game and how Liz is coming off as a huge w**r*.


“Jmac Picked Meg’s Chip”
I’m sorry, it IS funny!


When did Johnny Mac say he was going to throw it? That would be a bad move!!


Johnny Mac you remind me of a muppet, the way you laugh, the way you talk and the way you don’t come to life until someone is controlling your strings. Zing!

oh my

I can’t believe jmac is that gullible. First he thinks they are going to let him win the hoh and now he thinks someone would use the veto to save him. Was he born yesterday? Maybe his friend steve will give him a heads up.

Steve has camping gear?

SteeeeveaAGH! Pleeeasssse, what do you take us for? Not only have you never been camping- no one CARES about your camping gear. Actually, it’s sickening to even read about any kind of tent you may or may not have. You WIN – most delusional HG today! ZING


Could JMAC be the most naive person to ever play?
Can’t wait till Van takes Austin out! So he could go down as the dumbest.


looks like all the physical comp beasts were chosen for veto.
maybe they should play the Benny Hill music as Vanessa Meg and Julia compete in the power of veto.


Would love it if Zingbot did not show up this week, but instead there is Pandora’s Box. Austin can’t resist and opens the door “Congratulations LOSER you have been selected to HOST the “Luxury Competition” that all other HG will compete in. OH, and BTW one of the prizes is THE DIAMOND POWER OF VETO.”

Livefeeds boring like fark



So Vanessa puts it out to Austin that she is cool with being a pawn, but this week is the wrong week to do that. She’ll do it if he thinks it’s best, but she thinks it’s better to use that option in a week or two.
He doesn’t realize the set up that has occurred. If she gets power again, she can say now it’s the time to use one of us as a pawn to get rid of a big threat. and Austin will have no choice but to agree.
Hate her all you want. If her intent was to make herself look like a team player, and to force the same out of her ally in coming weeks to get rid of him… she’s succeeded.
If Vanessa avoids renom this week, she’s set a situation where she can get rid of Austin with the blood going on the twins’ hands more than hers.


Just my opinion….was very frustrated when Vanesssa and her clan ran the house, but now I am hoping she wins next HOH and puts up Austin and Liz. Those two make me sick with their sex in HOH bed, and thinking they are so loved by fans. I worry about after the show when Austin starts to act so domineering with her. Don’t they realize there are cameras watching everything they do in bed, not to mention, her parents. This is not summer camp and they have ruined the show for me with all there games on After Dark. Just read all blogs now.
Why can’t production get real fans to play, instead of recruiting these people who think they are at camp. Sorry for the long post, but I have watched since beginning and this year spoiled the show for me.


Van is not going after the Austwins so forget that idea. She is not as strategic just she is playing with BB idiots. Jackie back she goes after Goblins(no brainer). Shelli back goes goblins. Becky goes Becky and gobs. Based on J Mac evicted and not back. Van playing F4 with Austwins shows rookie BB strategy/skills but that’s her game. They’ll get her after a Van HOH with Gobs they’ll have numbers.


At this point, I cannot root for James or Meg. They are not underdogs anymore, they aligned themselves with Austin/twins. Rooting for James/Meg looks like rooting for Austin/Twins/Vanessa to win this game. What did James/Meg do for the last three weeks? I can only root for the two underdogs left in this game John and Steve. I hope the big alliance “Brass Tacks” will not get to the end. If John or Steve gets evicted this week, then no point for me to watch this season anymore.

Chill this Town

this comment is one that may not be well received now, but it will be the common thought going through everyone’s mind in about a week

some can’t see it yet, but if Steve or MAC go this week, the game is a wrap for AusTwins and Vanessa to F4. a WRAP. and what scares me is the one person who will see this….is Vanessa…


I bounce between OBB and Jokers. Julia just gave a shoutout to her future husband, Anderson Cooper HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! God, she’s just as stupid as her sister.

Big sexy 40

Grabbin some quick afta dark before I head out for the night . I get it man, each of the HG have some annoying points, as well as sure I’ ll give it em their good kids~ but chriiiiiiiist friggen Julia ! This chick eats like a savage – looks like a lizard – if you key on her she is the most ADD freak I have ever seen . Haha .. It’s so redick that it’s actually funny . Jaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmes. I’m legit watching a giant lizard that eats and talks non stop ! I’ve noticed it before, but it’s gotten serious now . I think I may like it, it’s so bad. The girl is completely bannanas . Season is in such a rut I have to entertain myself somehow. I’m sure the astute bb nation already knows she’s crazy … Jus sayin . Iyiyiy the girl is redonky kong ! Have a good night kids .. Big sexy Luvs ya ~


Why is it taking SO LONG to get this POV competition underway. I really wanted Vanessa out this week but these idiots will not make a bold move. They don’t realize that if they got Vanessa out NOW she may be so frazzled and shocked that she will mess up the competition to get back in the house. If Austin did this, he would gain everyone’s support and vote to win at the end for getting out the Big Fish Vanessa. Don’t these players realize this?? Gosh…. they want to have someone else gain that respect and go after her..Well, then just give that person the check for making a bold move you idiots! Unbelievable. It must be fixed because I cannot believe all these SUPERFANS are acting this stupid!