Josh “I think I have a better chance against Paul in the final 2”

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6pm Lounge. Josh talking to the live feeders.
Josh – I wouldn’t want to see anyone else win other than me, Paul or Christmas. We dealt with the most diversity, personal and business. The past 3 weeks have been hell for all of us. We were so stuck in this phase that we couldn’t shake off. And yesterday that all lifted. We get everyone out that we wanted to, in the order we wanted. We all did our parts. If we each didn’t help and protect each other we wouldn’t have made it here. I am just so thankful for my families support. I’ve seen a lot of people change because they wanted to win. The selfishness and greed, they changed who they were, they lied to people. My parents raised me with good morals and good principles to just be truthful. Just be honest, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Don’t be scare when you see something wrong, say it. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and hold your ground. That’s honestly what got me this far in this game. Just being exactly who I am. Not changing for anybody. So many times I could have said alright I’m going to turn on Paul when the whole house was against him. So many times I could have turned on Christmas when everybody was annoyed with her and everybody wanted her out. I didn’t turn on her. I didn’t turn against Alex and Jason until I had to play against Alex and Jason. I stayed true to who I was and no matter what I can walk out knowing that I didn’t let 500K or 50K change anything. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.

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Josh – I think I have a better chance against Paul in the final 2 because they’ve been pissed off at the both of us. Whereas Christmas and Elena left on good terms. Mark, Kevin and Alex and her were good. Jason is going to feel guilty. Matt is going to vote for her. Raven is going to vote for her. Me taking out Paul would be that game changing move the would bring my game full circle. But I don’t know what I’m thinking. I am gunning for this next HOH. I think it is best to sit next to Paul in the final 2. This is the last one and I’m going to go ham. We’re going to be in here for 92 days.

6pm – 6:50pm Bedroom – Paul and Christmas are sleeping. Josh comes in with a hand mixer. He uses it on Paul trying to wake them up.

7:25pmK 9:40pm Kitchen – Paul and Christmas eating. After Paul horses around with Josh and they head back to bed.

10pm – 11:40pm More angles of the final 3 sleeping…

11:40pm – 12am Christmas running her hands through Paul’s hair as he talks about his car. Josh goes to shower. Paul comments on how they (Josh & Christmas) compete individually tomorrow. Christmas – that’ll be better. Paul asks why she thinks it will be better. Christmas – so that we don’t get distracted with each other. It will be better for Josh. I’m good with chaos or quiet.

12:08am Groundhog and Josh

Josh is b1tching about Kevin
Josh – he’s not a fan for me that’s for sure… I really don’t give a f*
Josh – he’s just bitter
Groundhog – He had a pay day.. What did he have to complain about
Josh – he won America’s famous

12:26am Final 3
Josh says Cody is a d bag
Xmas says she knows a few guys that are worse than Cody.

8:09am .. they’ve been sleeping since about 1am.

9:23am Sh1tmas heading to the shitter

11:05am what to call this?

poopmance (ok now I’m being 8 year old)

11:38am houseguests are up.. they are talking about what to eat for breakfast.

Paul mentions that Christmas and JOsh get to compete today in part 2 of the final HOH. He jokes that we’ll sit back “with his finger in his @$$”

12pm Kitchen. Paul, Christmas and Josh.
They’re talking about past events of the season. Paul comments on how this season they had some bada$$ b***hes. And then for guys we have f**King Matt and Mark?!

1:25pm Bathroom. Christmas gets something in her eye. She tries to get it out but can’t. Paul tries to help but can’t see anything. He tells her to go to the diary room.

1:30pm Paul and Josh play chess. Paul tells Josh – if she is going to have an eye patch on the finale, I am going to be so sad. Josh – I just want to win this competition (HOH part 2) so that I can sleep like a baby tonight. Paul – dude if you win this, I get to check out. You get to check out. We’re in final 2. Both of us win something. Josh starts studying days / events / other facts about the season.

2pm – 2:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Paul and Josh are in their beds.
3:05pm – 3:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

3:35pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the animal shelter cam. Pual comes out of the diary room and says house guests its time for part 2 of the .. Ahhh.. I f**ked that up. When he starts again.. big brother switches the feeds to the shelter cam again.

Part 2 of the 3 part HOH competition is happening right now..

5:50pm Still nothing..

6:45pm No feeds for you

7:30pm Not yet.

8:45pm They’re still not back yet… we’ll update you when they do finally come back..

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Allison Grodner

Next season has a better chance at not sucking even if there are only 2 HGs.

That’s right. I’m back.


The fact that one of these idiots is going to win stinks. For me the season will be remembered by Paul orchestrating the marching pots and pans attack by josh with the support of Christmas, Alex and Raven laughing their asses off. Karma will be coming when they leave the house and see what America really thinks of these people.


I don’t think Paul cares much about how he’s seen on the outside…

I don’t know why anyone would? He doesn’t know you guys. You’re just random people. If he does get upset, at least he’ll have his money to wipe his tears with?


Paul cares, it’s the whole reason he’s on the show. Everything is about him making money being Paul and getting the most money with the least amount of effort.


I think he will also care because he wants people to buy his clothing line. As well as come out to see him. Not sure if he gets paid for meet and greets but wouldn’t surprise me if he now tried to get paid for it. I just hope this is the last we have to see of him. I really don’t want BB to feel bad and bring back Christmas next season. Also feel the same way about Josh/Cody/Alex/Jason/Jess, Hell, just don’t bring any of them back. lol Can you tell I hate when they throw in vet(s) with newbies. Either have all vets or all newbies.


Paul 100% cares. Has anyone noticed ever since the potty comic he’s been crying and acting like he cares. I think he realizes she’s viewed as an asshole and is trying to save face. Also I have to laugh when Paul told Josh not to joke about him and Christmas being in a showmance because he has a girl at home waiting for him. He said it’s not like that at all and that he’s just comforting her haha. If my man was “comforting” another woman like the way Paul is Christmas he wouldn’t be my man for long. Again he’s just trying to save face.


ever heard of instgram? lots of randoms praying for likes for their shitty food pics



Team Ahole

I’m betting everyone is going to be surprised by how bitter the jury is going to be. Besides Raven amd Matt there may not be many Paul votes. This season may not be a total loss if we get to see Paul meltdown on finale night.

Paul the Punk

^ Nostradamus


As more and more people catch on to “reality” tv being scripted or at least overly manipulated, more and more people will stop watching. This season made it obvious that production directs, controls and manipulates things.
Awarding Paul three weeks of safety right off the bat and letting him give out friendship bracelets (you were in danger if you did not get one) was just too much cheating by production. The funny thing is Paul was up against people so insanely stupid, he may have been able to talk himself out of being evicted when Cody nominated him at the beginning of the season. The first image in my head after seeing Paul show up was along the lines of a fox entering the hen house. There’s nothing fair here…but production will go ahead and make it way less fair for all the other house guests. I have no ill will towards Paul. I hope this flamboyant clothing designer finally gets out of the closet, finds a man with a bushy mustache and lives happily ever after. All the cheating done on his behalf actually masks how good a player Paul really is. We just wanted to see a fair contest and production just went out of their way to rig it.


It’s funny… Paul was voted for to have those 3 weeks of safety, I think everyone forgets that. At one point most fans were sooooo happy he got 3 weeks of safety. Now everyone just calls it rigging.

If someone you like is doing good, it’s not rigged. If someone you don’t like has done well, it’s rigged.


The majority of viewers did not vote for Paul to have 3 weeks of secret safety. Just his fan base from last season. Production knew that Paul would win that before they put it in play. Just like they knew over half of the cast would hit the light that let him in. Paul had a fan base from last season, everyone else was new and hadn’t developed a fan base yet. I didn’t vote for Paul, but I didn’t vote for anyone else either because I hadn’t figured out who I liked yet. Of course Paul is going to win a vote that early in the season.


Yeh your basically right. The 3 week safety vote was for Paul BB18 not BB19. It was the season of friendship and secret agent. Loved secret agent. A guy who finished second to do nothing Ratcole thanks to a bitter jury. He got 3 weeks for last years play ONLY.


You start your comment by saying the majority of viewers didn’t vote for Paul, then go on to explain all the reasons why the majority of viewers voted for Paul.


Nope. Try reading it again and actually comprehending what I wrote. If there would have been an “anyone but Paul” option, Paul would have been slayed.


That’s comical if you believe that.

Paul had SOOO many fans going into this season, all of the other people didn’t have any fans, but somehow you believe that if there as an “anyone but Paul” option, that would have won.

Yeah, okay.


You try to put words in my mouth that I didn’t say. Paul had fans. As I stated in my first post: nowhere near a majority of VIEWERS (not voters) but Enough to beat the split votes that everyone else received. The logic is not that difficult, but you can’t seem to let logic derail your lame point.
I didn’t just now decide it was rigged. I thought it was rigged from the start, and even if I liked Paul I would have said it was rigged. Your assumption seems to be that the same people saying something is rigged are the same ones cheering when it’s rigged for their favorite. I think one person said they wanted a comp rigged for Kevin and you have turned that one person into everyone. Most everyone here wants production to stop meddling favorite or not.


I hated Paul last season and I feel it was rigged that he was “chosen” by America!!


I hated Paul last season too, but even if he had a small fan base, they are going to vote for him, and everyone who hated him, is going to split their votes among everyone else, or not vote at all. It was rigged by having A vet as a choice.


But then why did everyone vote for him then? Why didn’t they think it was rigged then and not stand for it?

Ohhhhhh yeah, that’s right, fans only think it’s rigged when the person they don’t like is doing well. It wasn’t rigged then because they actually liked Paul at the time of the vote, and the vote helped him get further in the game.

It’s a joke.

Look, I’m not arguing that the show doesn’t have a shitton of production influence. I’m arguing that the only time you see “ITS RIGGED” in these comment sections is when someone that fans don’t like is doing well. When a fan favourite is doing amazing in the house the comment sections are always just “yeeeeesssssss he/she is sooo awesome!”


last season? I always hate paul. it doesn’t matter what season he’s an incorrigible fartknocker.


i didn’t like Paul at all last season either, I’m not sure what that proves?

Bottom line is everyone voted for him to have those 3 weeks of safety, and now the same people that voted for him and saying it was rigged. It’s silly.

Any ounce of logic would state that he was chosen by America to win that vote. The guy had a shitton of fans, no one else did.


Production can say anyone won the vote. Just like they can make up any “time” to complete the comic challenge.


It is rigged when you put one vet in that did not win his season and cbs wanted him to. Let’s say Paul was in their later and the temptation was offered. Do you think America would offer that to him with his behavior the way it was. That is why they offered it now. We did not know anything about the others. Only the interviews. Paul was well known. That is what production counted on. Friendship bracelets were a way to get Paul on the inside with the HG’s. this season just literally was boring. I felt cheated with so many comps thrown. One did not even take place. A waste of time. I look at this blog to get info. I quite watching the show. Hopefully celebrities big brother is so much better other wise I am done wasting time. I am voting for Cody for AFP. He is the only one that did not suck up to Paul. I liked Kevin and Jason but again they did as they were told. I will not watch the finale. I will see what this blog says who won. Thank you for the information season. Helped me from watching it.


Exactly! The jury may be bitter, but they need to worry about us bitter viewers. Reevaluating my loyalty to this show.

There is No Santa Claus

Really my favorite television show has turned into a soap opera with Allison pulling all the strings. It has really ruined the show for me. Wouldn’t the viewers who do not get any feed information or visit the Big Brother websites be shocked by what a different game is really played. I also think they would be floored who these people really are and how their “character” is presented to the television audience. I wonder what CBS would be facing if America was shown the true character of Paul, Alex, Josh, Raven and Christmas.


I don’t agree. Neda had the same immunity in bbcan 5 and the minute that immunity ended the Hgs showed the door. To quote Demetris “she didn’t last half an hour”.


Bit did they stack the house with people that were her fans? Because that is what they did this year.


Yes, they did.

Crazy Stuff

I will be glad when this rollercoaster ride is over. Josh was going to pick Christmas for F2. Now Josh wants to pick Paul for F2. It is a good chance Josh might lose if he take Christmas or Paul to F2 the jury is very bitter with Josh. Josh maded too enemies in the house. Paul won the last HOH and then the VETO then the VETO again.. Wow . Now Paul have won Part 1 of the final and I bet Paul will win Part 3 of the final with all of CBS help. CBS is helping Paul it started with the friendship bralects then 3 weeks safety. CBS set this up for Paul to win. That’s It That All.


Josh won Part 2 of the HOH comp.

Josh is an idiot

I bet production told him to take Paul if he wins final HOH…

Josh's Prometheus head takes Paul

Of course it’s in the script meatball….


I know that’s pissing me off. I really wanted josh to win 3rd comp and take Xmas. Bye Paul!


Haven’t seen the show lately, in FL with no power thanks to the hurricane. Nice to note that in a world of uncertainty that this scripted drama – ahem – reality competition had played out exactly as predetermined. Would hate to have missed something!


If being without power is your only problem consider yourself fortunate. I missed out I’m 2 weeks evictions due to bleeding football then rushed to hospital last week so I miss more evictions. Give a thought to those in Caribbean who lost everything and do not have the resources or infrastructure that the United States has.


Josh the only reason you are still here is that you were easily controlled by Paulhole to do his dirty work. It is a shame that any of these three are going to win.


When Josh wanted to go after Paul, no one said “it’s in the script.”

Now he wants to take Paul and everyone says “it’s in the script”.

See my point?


You are wrong. Most everyone thought Josh talking to the camera about taking Paul out was scripted by his DR sessions to add some drama where there was none.


You are wrong. I was the only one on those comment sections saying it was apart of the script, and I couldn’t understand why no one else thought that.

Everyone else was just all “YEAH GO JOSH! My feelings about him have changed!”

Josh is Paul's Tool

Never believed for a second Josh was going after Paul. You could see that was just BS. I don’t know if it was scripted but you could tell he never had any intent of going after Paul. He and Christmas even let him split votes so he could look good to the other HGs as they went to jury. Don’t know what feeds you been watching but it has been clear for weeks this was going to be the final three.


Thanks CBS for showing us tonight that none of these people deserve any money.


They did show all the people who buzzed in for the 25k that Kevin won..I think that is why Alex hated Kevin so much because she wanted the money…and now she’s begging for AFP …


I thought I saw all red lights except for Kevin. Who else buzzed in for the money?


A ton of people went for it.


It looked like just Kevin to me.


Errr, you’re watching the wrong episode, lol. Go back and watch again. Tons of people went for it.


there were 7 total that hit it including Kevin Ramses whistlenut raven cody Alex and Mark. I think Christmas may have hit it also but the picture I have whistlenuts foot is blocking her light.


Thanks CBS for giving us HOURS of the HG sleeping on BBAD !!!

Does anyone else think Paul and S-mas sleep together like they have been doin it a long long time? Bizarre. He was running and hiding from her in the HOH bathroom when she would come up calling her crazy not long ago. What changed?


Baby Huey will not win against Gnome King, but Josh will win against Xmas. Josh won’t win part 3 anyways, so he won’t have the choice. Do ya job like a good doggie Josh play Paul’s game, why switch up now?

I saw in tonight’s load of episodic BS that Xmas is crushing on the Gnome King?

5 bad relationships Jody, Marlena, Maven, Paulmas, & Josh’nPots.. Hope neither reproduce.


Haha, josh and pots hahaha. That’s so funny. Made me laugh haha


Josh you will not win against Paul come on!! Is he serious? He has a better chance against Christmas for sure but Paul made him into the bad guy so much I think Christmas maybe could also beat him! But hey at least if he took out Paul he would have that working for him! And please tell me WTF Christmas has done other than have people take her to the end!


Simon’s hate club is accepting applications..


Does anyone else think Xmas is getting great edits on the live shows?….


My assumption is CBS will edit the show the exact opposite of what is really happening. So yes they probably are giving sh1tmas a Great edit.


That’s quite a statement from you, Simon. Everyone should thank you for it.

Jessica's Birth Control

Yep. She will starring in the lead role next year.

Paul the Punk

That not all she is getting, Checkout the HOH room.


Paul probably had that in his deal with Grodner.


Who is Simon’s hate club hating?


BB19 and himself


Who we hating on today Simon? Can I do pots and pans? Da.dat.dada.da…



Franks Fumes

Shhhhh…….First rule Don’t mention Hate Club.

Team Ahole

Most seasons you have one or two people who cross the line but this season who is the most hated?



You forgot
G – all the above


I don’t not like Cameron. He never annoyed me.

Butters Mom

His lisp annoys me. I think we got lucky when he left early.


Thx for the laugh!! Enjoyed it!!


He annoyed me because he was obviously cast to play the role of Ian. He didn’t even seem like a real person

Butters Mom

Production… you forgot production!

Team Ahole

Good Point. I should of listed Production and All of the Above.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Without question – RAVEN!!!!!!


Whoever asked who is the most hated : PAUL PAUL PAUL!!!

Oh Come On

How can I hate any of those people? I don’t even know them except for how they behaved inside of the Big Brother house and that is such a tiny part or their lives as a whole. You’d have to be a pretty close minded individual to hate someone just because of something you’ve seen on TV. The most I could do is point out a couple of people I wouldn’t want to be my room mates.


Grodner is 1st!


My app is in the mail!
I wanted to thank Simon and Dawg again for providing this safe haven to read, as well as spew, the hate. I haven’t been able to watch the last few episodes in their entirety due to not being able to stomach these 3. It feels as if I’m watching a satire of the Walking Dead.
Thank you guys!


Well I guess Josh’s parents must be proud that he stayed true to his upbringing and displayed who he really is, not changed by greed or the game. HUH. I guess he was getting to close and was told take Paul so they can bring back the inspirational miss xmas to motivate next years cast. After all she is strong, entitled woman, just ask her. Wait until Josh gets out and finds his bed probably washed down the street.

Tally Gal

I live in Florida and I don’t think that last remark was at all funny.


TALLY GAL. My apologies, poor taste. They have drug me down to their level. Hope all is well for you in Florida.


No one drug you to any level. What you said came from within yourself. You apologized but blamed someone else for ‘causing’ you to say what you did.

You said it, own it.


Agree! If Josh does make it to F2, I do hope his family can be there to see him. I hope his family is safe as well as all the others who were impacted by Irma.


Wow, this comment highlights the hypocrisy of a lot of BB fans. You’re just as bad as the houseguest you love to hate.

Fed up with Production

I think I’m gonna barf – these 3 are all disgusting. Can’t decide who I dislike the most. If any of these 3 (or Raven) come back for another season, I promise I will not watch. They are not entertaining at all.

Min O'Pause

Kinda,reminds me of the Jun vs. Alison finale. Didn’t give a shit then, don’t give a shit now.


Funny, that’s what this whole last stretch of the game this season reminded me of too. A bunch of people who barely talk, don’t like eachother, but don’t trust one another enough to let the others out of their sight. Only Jun and Alison were much classier and kinder people than the final three this time.


Oh Josh. What miniscule respect I had for you is gone. No hope. Mirror mirror on the wall. Whose the biggest fool of all? JOSH.


I have finally figured this whole season of BB out. Production went to the local mental hospital and said give me 12 or so of your patients that don’t live in reality for a social experiment. Don’t worry, they are locked up, have no contact to the outside world, we don’t keep any sharp knives in the house so they can’t hurt anybody. We will tell them we have a surprise guest who will first offer them friendship and if they listen very carefully and do everything he says he will get you out of there.

That's bull shit!

OMG! That’s the best I’ve heard all season. Thanks for the good laugh :). But gosh it sounds like it could be true with these stupid ass players.

No Psychic This Season

Seems like Josh has got Ravens Syndrome.


The Maven segment tonight was BRUTAL. It was hard to watch…her acting like a childish witch and him calling her a clown. As painful as it was though I was glad CBS lit them up


I think last night’s segment was designed to get Kevin AFP votes–talking about his 7 kids, losing his house, his father going to prison, etc.

Botox Pelosi

i was thinking the same thing until they showed Matt throwing him under the bus about winning the 25K.

I was pretty shocked that I could think any lower of Matt but way to stick to between us on what Kevin told him. Matt and Raven deserve each other.

Franks Fumes

The most manipulated season ever by BB. CBS is not even making an attempt to make us believe otherwise….how powerful Paul’s connections to production are (via his Mother) is mind boggling……Shitmas is there just to cover Paul’s ass when he needs it …… not to play…..also has a business relationship with Paul’s Mother. Production took the gloves off this season and went to work for Paul.


That’s why this is the last season for me. Production playing Life with real people. It was a boring game. Nothing to think “oh yeah BB is on tonight.” Cast was horrid. Editing more horrid. Production’s purpose pointless. BB has officially jumped the shark.


Emma. I’ve said that the last 3 years and when it comes on I tune in and my husband gives me the good grief look and I tell him maybe this year will be better. I’ll tune in next year too but if a vet returns I’m out of there.


I think Paul should have taken Kevin to the end. ok so paul was the puppet master, but could he carry a floater that never won anything all of the way to the end? (that would have been cool) after all it was Keven taking the 25k that brought paul back into the house. Paul should have shown his gratitude by taking the old man with him.

But I still say with it being the three that it is, I hope Josh wins final HOH and votes out Paul. Just to show that over inflated ego that the duper can be duped.


I think Paul did want to take Kevin to the F2 but when he realized Kevin was telling others (Matt and supposedly Josh) about winning 25k, he couldn’t trust him anymore. I wonder if he and Kevin will still buy a restaurant together?

I also think Paul must have promised to help Alex launch her “clothing” (i.e., tacky bikini tops) line once they’re out. Otherwise, I don’t see any explanation for a girl who wears a “petty” hat proudly to be so loyal to a backstabber. She told Paul she would still vote for him and sway the jury right after he told her he wasn’t using veto on her. What the….? Wouldn’t you tell him the exact opposite so he would save you??


Alex has mean girl issues. Watching her go was one of the few highlights of the season.


Paul was telling others about Kevin getting the 25K, so was Josh. Snake is as snake does.


True. Wasn’t that after Kevin dared to talk to Cody about an alliance? That’s actually when Paul realized he couldn’t trust the Kevfather. I forgot about that. Been a looonngg season, ya’ll. I’ll remember it as the twisted season of bullying meatballs, gumpy grossmances and Potty Mouth.


I see Josh is having his “Delusional Hour”, ……………………..maybe he will take Paul, and Xmas back with him, to his parallel universe. Oh, I forgot, pleeeeeeeease take AG with you !!

Franks Fumes

Clearly CBS and Allison Grodner want a Cody AFP after the positive edit he got in the rehearsed Jury segments…..if CBS and Grodner want Cody as AFP I am definitely voting for Kev…..F them!


Vote Dawg he’s the ultimate protest vote.


What a perfect end to such a perfect season.


To quote a certain very funny person….Grossmance!

Botox Pelosi

If it is a boy they will name him Damien Thorn.

Resist the Twist

Shitmas and her nose-ringed Gnome

I’ve graduated from the Krakken to tequila shots this season 🙂


Christmas Abbott is always rubbing, cuddling, stroking, caressing, and fondling Paul but Paul never returns any of the affection. It is very rare that he instigates touching – his primary way to show Christmas affection is allowing her to sleep next to him. Even the dumbest person would pick up on signals that he is not into you. But, she knows at least while in the BB house, she can continue uninterrupted even if he doesn’t show any affection to her. The problem is the fall! When the show is over, and Paul gives her a couple of “quickies” to relieve himself, it will be over and she will be dstraught. At that point, she will either give him the evil Christmas thrashing of his life or she will go deeper into depression and hate men even more. There are signs though that Paul is allowing her more and more freedom to “explore” his body but I think because of his immature psychopathy he simply enjoying a few strokes at her demise


Does anyone remember Glenn Close from Fatal Atrraction…That could be Xmas after the show.


To relive himself……he should relive himself on her.

This is bullshit!

I don’t know about everyone else but watching Xmas put her hands all over Paul makes me want to puke!! I don’t know which one I dislike more. So obvious that they have a relationship outside the house. No way would he let her lay all over him and touch him if he had a girlfriend outside the house that he’s going to see in. couple of days. bullshit for the other house guests and viewers.

Franks Fumes

They certainly “deserve” each other.

So predictable

Paul is just as guilty if not worse than Xmas because he has a gf outside the house.

This goes to show how Paul will go to extreme measures to win this game. Does he not realize that by stringing these ppl along and then cutting the rope will only piss them off and will cause him to lose jury votes?

He thinks these HG are are smart enough to make an objective decisions at the end of this.

Well the jokes on you Gnome boy. Friendship and deception do not mesh well together.

Let’s just hope he gets clipped 3rd. No jury house. No extra money except everyone having the last laugh!

Won’t hold my breath as AG and the rest of production has made it clear who they want in final two and have already paid off the jury members a nice chunk of change to let their piece of $hit prize winning well grumed vile stump win the game of Big @sswipe! 😉

Fa la la lunatic

Xmas is falling in love with Paul lol. Her little speech to the cameras cracked me up. She said she would either have her heart broken or it would be healed when they get out. I heard Paul telling Josh not to say anything about them cuddling or having a showmance in DR cuz he likes a girl on the outside and not trying to mess it up. Well if there really is a girl on the outside, she’s probably not gonna want him now. IF she even exists. He also said that Xmas is 11 years older than him and he’s merely trying to console her by sleeping/cuddling with her. Whatever the case may be, I can see a possible Fatal Attraction scenario when this shitshow is done. I’m in my mid 30’s and don’t find Paul attractive in ANY way. If you’re gonna be a cougar do it right and get a real hottie. Think her heart will be broken cuz he doesn’t seem to want anything but a cuddle. Her ego will be totally deflated when the 5’2″ gnome turns her down. She’s a fool!! And if they bring her back next season I’m out.


Josh has a much better chance to win against Christmas. Half the jury would love to see him get nothing at all and the other half would vote for him to win.

They would respect Josh beating Paul at his own game.
Christmas rolled around on a scooter, instigated the most ridiculous fights ( Kevin – why do you ask if i was swimming! Such meanness)and couldn’t play half the time.
Josh needs to take


But what’s really happening during all this “”napping and sleeping” . I think Christmas is have some fun


OMG! Josh is absolutely void of any self-awareness, as are Paul & Xmas. Josh & the other 2 bullied houseguests & acted like total children. For Josh to claim he has morals proves he is totally unaware of what a morally bankrupt dreg he is & it’s mind-boggling. They’re all a bunch of freaking bullies who don’t deserve any reward. .Josh, you freak, you bullied people because Paul told you to. Pathetic!

Franks Fumes

So bored with feeds I watched you tube segments on Frank bashing Dans gameplay in season 18 and his hilarious fight with Willie in season 14…..Willie says “I don’t give a f#ck Frank I’m gonna eat my froot loops up in this mother f#cker if I want to” lol.


I’m a grown ass man so I’m gonna go up and eat my fruit loops and salmon! Good times.


To my surprise, BBAD was on (it’s on the Slice between 2am and 5am here in Canada). But all we got was watching them sleep ! Josh in his own bed and Xmas, of course, in bed with Paul. First, she’s next to him, then gets closer to him and finally, has her hand on his shoulder ! Why is she even sleeping in the same bed as him? She knows he has a girlfriend, right? I know he’s mentioned it. I don’t get it. Whatever, I’m over this season, the 3 Morons are going to be bored to death for the next 5 days because they have no one left to bully !!! Simon and Dawg, once again, great job ! I feel for the 2 of you having had to endure this season. Will you be covering BBCAN? Because I’m done with BBUS.


I don’t even know if BBAD is still supposed to be on but if it is, i find it awful that all they are showing is them sleeping ! Then again maybe we’re better off not having to listen to any more of their bullshit!
And btw, Xmas’ ex looks so much like Paul!
I realize now how small and short Paul really is. Small hands, small feet, etc. Does anybody know how tall, I mean short he is?

Backseat Driver

He looks about 5’5″


I heard them talking about it on the feeds he’s 5’2″,he mentioned he was sick when he was little and stopped growing.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

If he is 5’5″ then he is standing on a box.


Dislike him for what he has done, not his physical appearance.


Paulmas…. so Paul did you really have a gf on the outside or was it just a ploy to stay out of a showmance.. the very thing you fought against.

If Paul did have a gf… he definitely does not have one on the outside now.


I think he has a boyfriend.


In an article dated June 29, 2017 it states that Paul is single! I’m confused!
Xmas is playing with Paul’s hair again ! Is she that desperate!

Butters Mom

She probably just has blue balls.


She has blue walls


Paul asked her to play with his hair on one of the feeds. So whatever is going on I hope someone has the good sense to protect the bunny.


How delusional are these final 3. Talking about how good they are and how they got to the end? Reading Josh’s comments makes me wonder if they are trying to convince themselves, or the viewers they were good throughout the season and the other HGs were the evil ones banging pots/pans, calling out names and intimidating them, rather than them.
Is there is anyone that still believes this is a non scripted show? Paul even said he was recruited for BB19. I’m sure he set the rules if he came back and the writers of the show promised no interference from them this season. So they allowed Paul to run the show. kept Xmas after she should have been medically removed. Josh’s bullying was allowed to be continued including all the personal attacks. After going to DR, Paul convinced BB to allow Xmas to play in a physical game, because everyone would drop out and she would not have to move a limb and get hurt. Paul got 3 weeks of immunity. Xmas was allowed to play her temptation award and take Cody off the veto competition, even after she was told she could not compete in a physical comp. Paul’s “Friendship Bracelets”, making him to be a God those that got one, would worship and follow his wishes and commands.
There was no game play this season, just throwing comps. Those that had game, were ganged up, shunned by Paul’s minions, bullied, and voted out. But the minions that were voted out, had nothing but praise and adoration still for the little gnome. Who would have believed?
How low can a great concept go? I guess if Josh and or Xmas come back, we’ll know.


It seems like can tried to give Kevin a bad edit because they don’t want him to win afp. It’s like they don’t want him to get more than second place. What u think Simon? Also Josh is now being brainwashed by Paul to take him to the end if it comes to that even though if he took out Paul the jury would we that as huge and he would win. Terrible season!! They all wanted to lose to Paul never seen anything like it.

Mike mike

After watching the clip show last night it made me realize this really could of been a good season.. If Paul never came back than think about how different it would of been? Cody would of been a huge threat and they would of targeted him (unlike how they left Paul alone) people would of thought for themselves too! It also didn’t help things when during the first comp Julie was telling them the person that took the temptation had to throw the comp. After that was said I think it influenced the group into thinking that was somehow normal. I bet they never bring back just 1 vet again either. Kevin for afp!!!


I’m telling you, the entire Josh against Paul thing was a production induced plant to add hope to the hopeless viewers. A couple of weeks agoHe comes out of d/r and tells Christmas d/r has him doubting Paul. He gets increased d/r coverage to completly beleaguer the point over and over again, with production hoping he will be viewed as some pitiable underdog to increase a bit of popularity. it’s crap.
He talks about targeting Paul, and his popularity (such as it is) rises. nothing happens. He talks about turning on Paul with Alex. nothing happens. He talks about winning final hoh and cutting Paul. Now he doesn’t want to.
Here is the logic he is missing: anyone bitter or annoyed by Paul will give a stronger jury vote probability to the puppet that cuts his strings and evicts Paul.
But that’s too logical. Why not instead just pay lip service to the plans as production wanted, and do nothing about it as production wants. Gee. why doesn’t he cover his face as is he’s crying again, then look up without a tear in his eyes and accidentally smile when he notices the cameras are indeed looking at him, then fake cry some more. Because that bad acting hasn’t gotten old. No. not at all.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I wish we could be there when each of these houseguests find out how much America hates then – especially Raven. That would be a show I’d PAY to watch!
Has anyone read anything about Matt’s family’s feelings about Raven? Although he’s sure no prize I’m picturing his relatives in the audience at the finale with signs saying , “RUN!!!” LOL

Gnome Shoes

We make Gnome King tall for the show….5’3 with shoes 4’10 without…… no really, my best guess is that he’s 5’4 or 5’5…? He probably had neck strain looking up at Whistle & Kevin…. his beard looks taller than him. He’s a super freak….. super freak

Paul the gay porn star

Gnome shoes……don’t forget that the gnome is also an accomplished mma fighter and gay porn star

Botox Pelosi

I’m hoping that after part two of the final HOH Paul fights with Josh and Christmas. These two fights should count making Paul eligible for the MMA. His first fight should be against Conor McGregor. His ashes could be spread over the Big Brother house.

His Ashes



I still stand behind my feelings that Paul is holding over CBS the way they manipulated last year’s show, giving the win to Nichole. I think he threatened to “tell the world.” So they agreed to bring him back this season with all the help they could give to give him the win. We all know that production calls the plays but the casual viewer who only watched the broadcasts on CBS doesn’t have a clue. I’m sure that they would not be happy if they realized how taken in they were.
Most “reality” shows are scripted. I read just this week that America’s Got Talent is fixed. Many of the stories are embellished to make certain contestants more appealing.

Franks Fumes

They all sign a iron clad contract giving away all their rights to speak about the inner workings of the game. Paul couldn’t speak out no contestant ever has they’ll be sued…..

Butters Mom

I dont think they have any hold over the contestants after the show is over…. they have already paid them… the only thing they could do is not invite them to come back or to be on another show. Some of the past contestants must not care about that because they have talked about their experience on the show. BB is not literally Big Brother in the way that they follow past contestants around and track their conversations and keep up with what they are doing. You give these stupid producers too much credit in thinking they have that much control. Its a stupid tv show… these are nit wit has been 15 minutes of fame over …every day people walking around continuing on with life after the show is over and they dont give a rats ass what they signed in a contract previously… they probably never read the contract to begin with.


they sign contracts giving cbs control over future media appearances for a limited time (i think this came out regarding frankie attempting to do something with his sister and being barred from appearing in it), and they can’t discuss certain “trade secrets.” but there are standards and practices in place that prevent reality competition shows from being completely rigged, though networks do have some latitude in terms of pushing results towards desired outcomes including misleading edits.

Butters Mom

The contract can probably discourage them from doing media appearances where they give away secrets but, I guarantee you they have and will continue to talk about their experience in the house and tell anything they want to anyone they want in a social, or private setting. Someone posted the disclaimer on here that says it is scripted and not a game show. So they can completely rig it for who they want. This season, more than in previous seasons these house guests have even talked about being told what to say, and what to do and if they dont they will be gone… production has been more careful in past seasons of blocking those types of comments but this year, they’ve let it slide big time. Even diary room footage has made it out to the public where they are making them redo what they want them to say… Paul knowing two people who were cast this season, his mom having something to do with producers, the obvious throwing of competitions and everyone laying their games down for Paul… the slips that were allowed to be seen on live feeds, it almost feels like Paul or Pauls mom has some sort of legal issue with the network and are forcing them to award him a win and the network wanted the audience to know it was rigged to humiliate him for forcing their hand. Its really bizaar how this season has played out and it has not gone over well for the audience which in turn has caused a lot of Paul hate from the live feed viewers. Why would production work so hard to let Paul win and then make it obvious to the viewers that it was a set up for him to win…. conspiracy theory here but… maybe because Paul threatened them with a lawsuit over last season and a repeat season with a guaranteed win was his request to settle out of court. I just dont understand this season … it really is different than the past.


the contract can easily be found online and it refers to the show as a competition which has certain legal requirements that prohibit the kind of rigging many people are suggesting (though it’s certainly easy to influence via casting or audience votes that are likely to guarantee particular participants 3 weeks of safety). it also specifies a five million dollar fine for disclosing many specifics about the show for a period of three years, though there’s some question of the legality of such a clause.


Maybe somebody has already stated this, but the only reason Josh has stuck with Xmas throughout is because for several weeks, she was only one willing to talk to him – the rest thought he was an idiot (at best). And the only reason Xmas talked with him is because she saw someone she could entirely control. Maybe Xmas and Paul picked Josh early on as their stooge and Paul tasked Xmas with his wrangling. This speech of Josh’s is him practicing his jury speech and unfortunately, it’s not going to wash. I wish it would as I would nothing better than for Paul to not win.

Paul the gay porn star

shitmas and paul sitting in a tree…kiss…ing…1st comes love…. then comes marriage… then comes one f’en UGLY baby in a baby carriage!!!!

Paul you suck
shitmas you are a bully

Nice job allison. Give Paul 3 weeks of safety…. have him know both the pupet master..hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahhahahahahahhahahahahahha and shitmas and bring an absolutely useless cast other than Cody and Jessica.

hmmmm…. anyone want to bet that Frankie and shitmas will be in celebrity big brother. Can you imagine that????

On Wisconsin! Let's Go Red!

Paul claims he is 5’9 but we all know that’s a lie. Matt was also shorter than you think. He looked taller becuz Paul is so short. Matt is 5’7 and Paul is 5’4.

Paul does NOT have a gf on the outside. He claims he is with a “famous” woman. Lie. Just like the thousand other lies about his “amazing” life.

I hope the jury stays bitter for once and gives Josh the 500 grand. And Cody the 25 g’s. Big final slap in the face to the troll crew: Paul, Matt, Alex, Stalkermas, Raven.

Sir Loin of Beef

“Paul claims he is 5’9 but we all know that’s a lie.”

Paul forgot to say, “in heels!”

Min O'Pause

Bet he is with Mama June. Or Pumpkin.


We were going to have Paul this season no matter what. IF no one had taken the 25k he would have been the curse for the first temptation that was taken. There is no way they would contract him and not have him be on the show.

Jessica's Birth Control

LOL! Allison Grodner finally gave up on the fake storyline that josh will be turning on paul. That horse was beaten to death. Now she is preparing the audience for the inevitable- both xmas and josh have been paid and comepensated to take paul to final2

xmas- will return next year
josh- AFP

Both received a bonus for playing ball and following the script. Next up Grodner will poll the Jury House and hand out bonuses so paul gets the 5 votes. Welcome to reality TV folks!


are you serious?????

Jessica's Birth Control

I dont believe I have been wrong yet. Watch the finale and then you will know.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Xmas will never be back. She’s too hated by America and was a boring player.


I will know for a fact that this show was scripted from beginning to end if one of these 3 win or are in top 3 for AFP because NOBODY in any forum talked about voting Paul, Xmas or Josh as AFP. NOBODY.


I really enjoyed this season. No one had a clue that the 3 were working together. Paul did a good job (outwit, outplayed, outlasted). He did amazing, only Josh and Xmas knew he was creating a final 3 with Alex, Jason, Raven, and Matt. Kevin still thinks he and Paul had a final 2. Alex said it best “It’s the game”. How many jurors will make their vote game or personal? They need to keep it all about the game. Everyone in jury has said and done mean things (some behind closed doors). Paul deserves the win this year over everyone who played this summer.


I agree with you RW66 Paul did play the best. I really don’t believe production has interfered to the degree everyone is speculating. It has happened several times in the past that returning vets get a few weeks of safety. From there it was a lot of work convincing the others he was in their corners. So many on here would probably not last a day in that house, you have to be “on” 24/7…takes stamina man! Not to mention most on here judging their actions and condemning them, then in the next breath say something equally as nasty as they are condemning the houseguests for. Double standard much? It is a game people! And like survivor you need to outwit, outplay outlast. Tensions can get high and you can’t say you have never said something you regret when heated. Bottom line if you hate the season so much there is a simple solution, don’t watch! Then you won’t have to come on here and spew your hatred.


I think it’s funny that you say don’t come on here & spew your hate! Do you read Simon’s post. He hates this season. He thinks the game rigid. This is his place so maybe you should get the hell off here. We can share our thoughts. YOU just can’t stand for people to have a different view. Hmmmm…. you must be Paul!


Paul doesn’t deserve to win as CBS gave him 3 weeks of protection to ensure his game. He had 21 days to brainwash the others.

Sick and tired

You are right Paul doesn’t deserve to win. If by some chance the few people not controlled by production actually got Paul on the block there would be a coup de ta or another temptation brought into play to save him. I find it funny the year of temptation only had 3 temptation weeks, because Paul and shitmas won the first 2. If they wanted to have any legitimacy they would give the viewers a schedule for the year, comps etc that way they can’t tailor the comps for who they like. Paul was going to be in the final 3 regardless of people playing or being sheep so anyone that says he is a great player get your head out of your ass

Just sayin...

It only takes 21 days to break a habit.

BB 19 Made Season 16 seem decent now.

Josh and Paul are obviously going to be the final 2 so:

Paul votes:



Mark- The dude gave Paul his Save a Friend late in the season. Come on. All he has really cared about all season is the first boobs in his face in his life.

Elena- She only cares about getting “jobs” outside the house. She delusionally thinks Paul is famous and can help her with her “career”

Cody-He thinks Paul is a little btch boy but he thinks Josh is a bigger one.

Xmas- She said she is in love with Paul. Stalker? Yes. Josh vote? No.

Josh possible votes:

Jason- He most likely will vote for Paul but still a 10% chance he goes Josh.

Alex- She is a bitter butthurt enough little witch who if Jason goes that way will vote Josh. But this witch still doesn’t really realize Paul played her all summer. She believed him once again when he told her he can’t beat her in F2 so she had to go. She still thinks she was so good at the game is why she is in jury. Smh. 95% chance she votes Paul.

Paul wins. Confetti falls. We all turn on off T.V. and say to ourselves. “I need to make some changes in my life”

I know who wins

I’m from the future, everything happened exactly how you commented.
This season is scripted.


Friendly reminder for everyone to vote for their favorite Houseguest.

go to


Vote for Cody, of course

Cody's girl

I tried but it wouldn’t work. Are Canadians not able to vote?


Try again. It should work for everyone.

Funkmaster 2417

You know he’s not into you when you’re in bed and he’s talking about his car.

Backseat Driver



Cody did crack me up last night when he said, “These are the weakest dudes” when they were showing all the DR clips of the other guys crying… Josh is the worst though. He attacks people, and when they respond, he goes to another part of the house and weeps. Mark is also pretty bad.


What game was Josh playing? He said the whole house was out to get Paul. When? Josh is delusional. No one in the house ever mentioned that Paul was never put up, to be a pawn or anything. This season sucked.


Josh also said the house was after him every week. I don’t remember that. He has thought that from day 1 lol


the 500k prize should go to the hurricane victims, not to any of these pathetic 3 clowns that remain, if cbs is gunna give one of these monsters 500k , it should have to give red cross $100 million , to make up for this farce


This has been a terrible season for MANY reasons, too many to list. I’ve been watching BB for years, but I despised Paul last year and even more this time. These idiots had ZERO knowledge of the game and it made it almost unbearable to watch. They need to find some superfans so that this crap doesn’t happen again next year. They were all mesmerized by Paul cuz he’s a ‘celebrity’ and were more interested in getting on his good side for personal gain. Umm..not everyone watches BB. Paul isn’t even a D list celeb so idk what they think he’s gonna be able to do to further their careers. I’d say a lot of their careers are ruined after this, so they can thank Paul for all the great advice. Geez

Butters Mom

This is season 19… has Big Brother ever boosted anyones career to go on and do other things? I dont mean amazing race… because thats just another reality show… I dont mean hosting big brother… bc… thats just more of the same… I dont mean a background part on a soap opera once….. I mean… has anyone gone on to be an actor or actress from being on the Big Brother show? I cant think of anyone. I know of someone who went on to host a show that was on survivor…a couple of people in fact. I cant think of anyone from Big Brother getting their big break from the show.

Jordan Fan

Doesn’t Jeff Schroeder have a new television show?

Super fan all 19 seasons

Josh says he stayed true to himself and how his parents raised him? He should be ashamed of how he treated people. I would never hire him for a job or want him in any part of my life. He is ridiculous and immature and does whatever the most powerful person says to get ahead. Never made a game move on his own.
Christmas is not worth discussing. She really didn’t do anything Paul controlled this whole game. He wasn’t mean to anyone. And anyone who thinks he got an advantage for the three weeks of safety? It was only three weeks. Sure it helped him but he played this game flawlessly the whole summer. Paul deserves the win.
I would give AFP to Kevin. He didn’t do much comp wise but he found a way to stay under the radar and never attacked anyone. He was a decent guy. One of the few decent people in the whole game.


Puppet master. I hope he loses. Liar liar, dude . Got to go.. Christmas, win it,,,

Grodner Hearts Paul

I haven’t watched in weeks other than a few YouTubes of the exit interviews and jury house, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything. Everything has gone exactly as most of us predicted since Cody’s eviction. Paul the king and no one opposing him.

This is one of the two most boring seasons, the other being BB16. For the same reasons, no house swings and a predictable eviction order. No drama about who was going to win.

Either AG created this season and all its twists just to make last year’s vote up to Paul and she is very happy he’s getting his easy win or she is disappointed the season has been so boring and wishes she hadn’t given him so many advantages. Who knows which?

I get the feeling a returning vet next year would have a pretty difficult time, since everyone in BB nation, even the Paul fans, think his minions are fools not to have voted him out. The next cast wouldn’t want to be thought of like that so I think the vet would be constantly targeted.

My bet is there won’t be a returning player next year or anyone with several weeks of safety. They’ve heard too much shit about that. I hope there won’t be a player AG feels just has to win. This season has felt fake compared to all others I’ve watched.

Jessica's Birth Control

There is a positive when Allison Grodner declares paul the winner of BB19. Enough people will at least see how manipulated the other buffoons on this show were played. Perhaps future participants will be less willing to throw away $500,000 and be more clever. Bottom line is that you have to be able to “play’ Allison Grodner and production. They are an opponent too, and you have to keep your cards to yourself. When you make a move, do it on a live show when Allison can strong arm the other players and edit the show. Lie to Allison and production in the DR. dont let them know your strategy. Play them like you play the HGs. I cant stomach a scumbag like josh or xmas cashing a check.