“If I did it (came back) I would just terrorize everybody. I would come in completely different”

1:38pm Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
(yes they slept most of the day for this bunch that’s a good thing )

Groundhog day throws the Almond milk for some reason.. I guess she needed to inspire someone to succed.

Groundhog day made a giant spill.. of Almond milk


2:07pm Groundhog day does her makeup

2:37pm talking about how weird Kevin’s Speech was last night.

Paul – plugging yourself to be America’s favorite GUMPY pluging Tim MCGraw Gumpy
Groundhog day – competition tomorrow
Josh – yeah.. they’re building something out there..
Groundhog day – why do I feel like everyone was working with cody except us..
Groundhog day – Raven wasn’t

Production – House Guests there’s champagne in the storage room
Everyone excited.

2:39pm Orange juice and champagne

Production – you are welcome
Paul – thanks
Groundhog – thanks
Josh – thanks

Groundhog – Cheers I love you guys..

Groundhog – I can’t believe we rode a unicorn last night.. and it pooped on our heads
Josh says he got gassed during the competition
JOsh – I locked up in the beginning
Josh – I have a feeling you’re getting called back.. would you do it

Groundhog day – Yeah.. if I did it I would just terrorize everybody. I would come in completely different
Groundhog day – chaos christmas all day long.. (wow a real change from your game this year)
Paul – do it
Groundhog day – and just drive people crazy because they hate me.. and just talk sh1t when I win comps (so you’re going to be yourself)
They laugh..
Groundhog day – like c**t sh1tmas all the wall (too big for my britches )
Groundhog day – would be fun..

Josh – I wouldn’t come back without you to..
Groundhog day – first couple days be quiet than poking little holes in people’s souls (such a inspiration)
They laugh
Josh – cheers to that..
Josh – I won’t do it again.. unless I walk in with one of you again

Josh says it’s sad to see people when they go in that “zone” and they hide away in the have not room.

4:10pm everyone back to sleep

Kinda wish someone would pop this thing

I’m cool with this guy though..

4:36pm Up to the minute updates here at OBB πŸ˜‰

I’m doing the Killshow tonight at 6 if you have any questions.. .

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Orwell for AFP

Not An Xmas Tree

Xmas is a “plant” from Production to help Paul get farther in the game/ win. No way would anyone be F3 and talk about how she is fine losing to Paul in F2 since Production told her she can come back and play again next Summer! MONTHS and MONTHS in the BB House and less than a week away from winning $500K if she takes Josh to F2 and she is taking Paul and ok with losing since she gets to spend MONTHS and MONTHS next year in the BB House to try to get to F2 again? No way Jose! If she is on the show next Summer it means Production rigged this year for Paul to win and will do everything they can to make Xmas win next year!

Allison Grodner

If I let anyone c*m on my back, it’d be a terrorist.

That’s right, I’m back. Sorry for such a shitty season. In my defense, only 6ish seasons were good anyways.


Christmas and Paul deserve each other.


There’s been a huge increase in “snuggling” in bed and back massages and head massages between these Paul and Christmas. Have they been seen doing anything on camera or are they super good at hiding it until the camera is off of them?!? Christmas is so in love with Paul…


Paul and Xmas have been cuddling in bed for at least 3 weeks now. Paul is going to be in for a big surprise when they leave the house and Xmas stalks him. Now I wish I could watch that!!!!


they are both scumbags if they bring hoho Christmas next year i will skip that season


Why no love for Trejo?


because this is Simon’s OBB Hater’s Club


If a membership to the Simon’s OBB Hater’s Club includes one passionate kiss from Simon, I’m running for President!

Actually, that’s a great idea for a Big Brother season. A house full of women with Simon and Dawg as the sole male house guests. Oh yeah! I would actually get the live feeds to see that season.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of thumbs down from the men, but you ladies know exactly what I’m talking about, eh?


I still can’t stop thinking about the Raven puppet master.

Maybe Jason hadn’t communicated that Paul was orchestrating the plan to get Maven out during his hoh?

But then Jason was the one who called them out as being brutal in the jury house thinking they are puppet masters – he has probably told her 10x and she refuses to believe it and the rest of the jury is beyond annoyed.

There is no reason to lie now Raven…

I am truly dumbfounded.

I agree with some people that Paul has Cody Alex Kevin Xmas Raven and Matt vs Josh in F2. Here is the interesting part. If it gets out that Josh voted for Raven to stay not Paul – I could see Ravens alternative universe shattered with Matt and Raven swing to Josh.

Or jury asks Paul in one of their questions if he thinks Raven was the puppet master. It’s a lose lose and would spice things up – especially is Paul laughs and crushes her while making his pitch of absolute dominance. If he tries to help her abit for votes the rest of the jury could turn on him.

The puppet master thing is a big deal and could swing the entire season.

Cody Is A Robot

Raven is just that stupid. She actually believed it.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

A shoe could beat you. ???

Nacho Mama

“I could beat you with a shoe?”

Jessica's Birth Control

Paul and xmas F2
Paul wins
xmas returns BB20- A payback for taking Paul instead of Josh
Josh AFP plus a bonus for not back dooring paul

Production finished burying Kevin in the 1st few minutes. The voting is rigged anyway, so Grodner could pick the name of the winner out of a hat and nobody would f@cking know..


I stopped watching about 10 minutes in. Why don’t they show Raven’s head going up and down under the sheets on Matt’s pelvis?. Then show Matt wiping his stomach with the kitchen towel to remove his seed, putting it back on the counter.


Must have missed this!!! Any clips Simon?


I don’t think anyone wants to see that again!!!

Jessica's Birth Control

Did they show Matt popping his viagra? Raven wiping her filthy mouth? The used condoms those two pigs left under the bed? True love is magical!!!

Min O'Pause

Perhaps Matt is going for a career as a Tide detergent spokesperson.

BB Fan

I’ve watched BB since the first season. Have not liked some seasons and thought I wouldn’t watch anymore but get sucked in every summer. But I can seriously state if Paul Xmas Raven Alex are ever in another season I will finally pull the plug on this shit show,


add Josh to that list and I agree!!!

Mad Bum 49

Let’s be real about this — even though Paul is a total dickhead, these other two are nothing more than Paul’s stinky pus. (I regret that for a few moments I was starting to think that maybe Josh was OK.) It’s totally sad that we are stuck with The Three Turds,

Judgmental Judy

Ground Hog Day saw her shadow. How many more days of her cold heart?

Captain Crunch

I don’t really count Paul’s comp wins as achievements and he shouldn’t take pride in them either since the majority of the comps were thrown by these dumb-ass house guests who came to play Paul’s game instead of their own.


True. Does anyone know how many he actually won that he did not have thrown to him?


As a woman I am 100% ok with a man hitting a woman back in self-defense. Raven smacks Matt around like it’s nothing. Bunch of overgrown children.

Fat bald backstabbing lying ******************

Why are some of the comment names highlighted in blue? And why do so many ads pop up all the time out of nowhere?


Isn’t the name of their post enough to delete it?


The post name at the top of this chain, “FAT BALD BACKSTABBING LYING CHEATING JEW.”


I’ve been told Canadians are a pretty anti-Semitic bunch. Unfortunately, Simon is probably no exception.


Who you calling you people? πŸ˜‰


was probably you that did it!!! if you dont appreciate this site then get the hell out
not cool ragging on the guys that do this site..of course you wont give ur name either Anonymous!


Probably not.


Leave the ads the way they are. It’s fine. No need to do anything different to the site. Love it as is!

Hal 9000

The ads are fine. But when they takeover the whole page. They aren’t.


Honestly – for better or worse, I’ve never once paid attn to the ads!!! Lol. I have no clue what they are!

Min O'Pause

So you smoke, drink, swear, read porn and you voted for The Donald. But what are your bad qualities??


Simon, I’m so glad that a Canadian voted for me. I just hope you didn’t vote in a Blue state, that vote wouldn’t have counted since Crooked Hillary won those states. You and Dawg are doing a great job with OBB. Keep up the good work. Don’t forget to vote for me in 2020.


hehe, I never noticed that. Interesting.


i use a samsung tablet…never had a popup ad at all!
except when hit by mistake on the touchscreen maybe?
i just added my hometown news website…i wanna see my name in blue lol
(thanks i wondered myself)


Funny thing about folks here with regards to Paul: 40% give him WAY too much credit as a player and 50% take this WAY too seriously and don’t give him enough credit…while 10% realize his game was only good because nobody else was really playing or if they were it was just nothing but overconfidence, but since the rest of the cast was clownshoes, he’s absolutely the only deserving winner.

That being said, as an entertainment fan who doesn’t “root” for anybody, my last 2 hopes are 1) Paul wins HOH just so we see Xmas’ Paul-obsessed face when he picks Josh and 2) the dumb-dumb jury is so mad they were played so easily that they give it to Josh, just so we see Paul’s face.


So production had to say your welcome before these sleezebags said thank you? What a crowd.


That’s what I was thinking! lol


I miss the jury footage. These three left are all Aholes.

Cody for AFP.

Raven's pussyjuice on Matt's beard

Christmas should change her name to Christman. Because she looks like a man. A dirty, ugly, beat up looking man.

Eat my @$$hole

I’d hate to see your wife.


Have you SEEN Simon and Dawg? Both are hotties, so I’m sure they’re doing okay.

Raven's yeast infection

I’m sure they are too. It’s a joke. Don’t be an oversensitive douchebag.


Totally uncalled for comment. You sound like some of the haters in the BB house.. SAD!

Dixie Rekt

When was the last time you got your eyes checked?


Ugh Simon. I will admit she is half way attractive if she doesn’t gob on the make up and doesn’t open her mouth. I swear her and Raven went to the Tammy Faye Baker school of make up.


is xmas transgender ?


On one today aren’t ya Simon
Keep it going
I’ve found out so much about you today we might be related
“I can only hope” shouldn’t be read with coffee in your mouth

desirae's Mom

BBAD sucked !!!! So Simon, I start my day here with a cup of coffee and a joint !!!! And the only thing worth watching is the jury house LOL I have watched maybe 50 times. Thanks for all you guys do.

Longtime listener first time caller

Exceot for the gummy smile. And her head shake in diary turbs my stomach every time.


Gummy smile to describe Xmas? That’s hilarious! It also looks like she’s missing a tooth up top.

BB Cat Lady

Simon! This update is great! I absolutely love your comments — the pictures of the blow up whatever it is paul wears (it would be so fantastic if a member of production snuck in and popped it for ya!) and the owl — priceless! LOL’d a ton! So much better than pictures of great “Vile Three”!
Thank you Simon and Dawg for the updates–the only thing that got me thru last month of this hijacked summer show that I look forward to every year….


When I got my Siberian Forest Cat (I re homed him from his original family, did not purchase him!) he was my 3rd cat! I guess I am official too?

BTW…please leave Orwell out of the mess, he is my last favorite houseguest now that classy Kevin is gone! BooHoo……

BB Cat Lady

I’m so sorry … I didn’t even realize that was Orwell! Kevin sure is classy I agree!
Simon and Buddhist Girl — welcome to the club! Also Siberian Forest Cats are SO gorgeous…. so glad you could re-home πŸ™‚


NO. Do not bring Xmas back unless she has two broken legs and even then make sure she is the first evictee and doesn’t go to jury and we never have to see her again.

Don't forget

Her jaw would have to be wired shut too.


Father christmas


I only watched the first 3 or 4 episodes this year. So disappointing. (i occasionally read online big brother for whats going on) This whole thing seems so rigged for Paul to win. I really didn’t like Paul last season and even less now. When they didn’t get rid of Josh, that was it for me. I have just finished re watching all of the previous seasons and have to say this one is reaaly the worst in my opinion.

Really hope this isn’t what this awesome show is going to be going forward.


Perhaps you guys covered this a few posts and many comments ago, but I gotta ask: don’t you love how production has assembled the goodbye speeches for the last evictees? I know I do! Paul comes up on screen trying to guarantee his jury votes and in a minute it’s Josh’s turn to spill the beans and reveal the whole truth. LOVE IT! It was effective with Jason, with Kevin, well… not so much. It’s just a matter of having a very sour jury now… I’d love to see Paul’s face if Julie announced he placed second! LOL! That’s what he deserves. The devil is in the details and he should’ve thought a bit harder on how to guarantee jury votes without trying to rewrite history in his speeches. Event though Xmas winning is not exciting, I’d rather have her or Josh as winners than Paul. Although Alex deserves to see Paul win her and Jason’s money.


Wait – Whaaaat??? Your rather see Christmas win rather than Paul or Josh??? I won’t even let my mind go there and can’t wait to see her 3rd place facial expression.
She’s getting close to being as delusional as Raven with all of her “I will murder families” and “pierce souls” comments.
Buh-Bye peg leg and please CBS, for the love of all that’s good in the world, don’t bring Christmas back….ever!


Can we just see the jury house? I’d rather watch them than these three!


My guess based on a couple things they showed is Mark and Elena are still going strong with Cody saying “Can you guys please stop!”

Min O'Pause

I just may have to sink to a new low and root for Josh. Never thought I would say that.


lol sorry for yelling…but its true!
Just want Paul, Josh, Xmas, Raven, Matt and Alex to be blown away by Cody winning
AFP!!! they deserve to know what we think also!!!


This season is done with Kevin’s exit…i will watch the finale in hopes of some great beat down speeches from a bitter jury. I guess CerealKiller and ClownFace are convinced Paul evicted them for the good of their game, but I really hope Mark,Elena,Cody,AssfaceAlex, and, Cowboyfoulmouth,can figure out a way to out the screws to CharlieManson that night….somebody please enlighten Kevin about Manson!


I cannot believe that CBS aired this show tonight…………………….!!!!!

Still trying to whitewash the horrible 3, ………………………yuck.
The 3 DR I liked
Cody……………………”can’t believe BB 19 has the weakest guys ever”!! Jessica…………….”I hate Paul”……….”I hate Paul” …………………………..LOL Kevin……………….”I hate Matt”… LOL
I hated the program…………I kept watching, hoping it would get better…………..LOL it didn’t!!


Groundhog day – and just drive people crazy because they hate me.. and just talk sh1t when I win comps (so you’re going to be yourself)

Simon your comments are just too funny! They couldn’t be more truthful.

In the meantime xmas truly is a legend in her own mind. How else would you explain the narrow minded view she has of her play this season. Delusional at it’s finest.


The CBS edit on this show disgusts me!
Side note… If I were the sound guy in the DR I would have committed suicide after the first 3 sessions with Josh.
Can you imagine the sound level in his house! Good golly miss molly! My dogs and cats would never come out from under the bed (if they all fit under the bed)!


Who the hell is Nick?


hey Simon, i realized there’s no poll to see who people want for America’s favorite player, will there be one up soon?


Vote Dawg!!!


cool will do
are you gonna do cbb on that channel at all?


great thats what i wanna know..how these people react to how much alot hated by fans…cant wait!!!


Copy of an actual message I sent to a friend of mine after episode two:
” great. they brought back paul that dick i hated last year. no wonder you can’t make it past auditions, you haven’t been on before. eyeroll. i know u liked him but…
so far i don’t like any of them. weightlifter chick and bigmouthcrybaby guy are going to piss me off. hope they all evicted soon. even with good edit i could hate them. probably be final three. my luck?” cb: “LOLZ- sounds about right- these people suck already.”

BB Fan

Just wondering was anyone on this season a person who actually went to an event to apply or were they all recruited?


Groundhog….TOO funny! Goggle Groundhog Mouth and the first photo that comes up is definitely Miss Groundhog.


Wow! Well I guess after tonight’s edit, we know who is winning AFP! They made Kevin look like an ass, only showed negative views of him, not one positive thing! But they only showed the positive sides of Cody. Just for that edit, I’m going to take the time to vote for Kevin…….not that it makes any difference.


I agree. Apparently production has decided that Kevin is getting too many votes and decided to step in and make him look bad. Another sketchy edit for sure. And just when I almost forgot about nasty Jessica, they show her and her mouth sores being her usual disgusting person. I still think Jess is the second most disgusting person ever to be on Big Brother. She’s lucky she was evicted so early. I can’t imagine if she’d stayed in longer.

Roll Tide

I think they will probably will bring back Cody next year and Christmas.


Josh is too much of a pussy to not take Paul over Xmas. He probably even will throw the 2nd comp to her. Dumb ass doesn’t even see the fact Xmas doesn’t give a crap about him and will do anything to be F2 with her love Gnome boy.

Josh our only hope for Paul not to win and this fool will never take his pink panties off and try and win the fkn game.


Who would have xmas as a motivational speaker, the North Korean Army. She is an absolutely despicable human being. I hope all the HG got all of their shots before going into the house as I have never seen more disgusting habits. Matt using a dish towel to wipe jizz from his stomach, Paul always double dipping his chips, everyone drinking from containers and have never seen anyone washing their hands. I would hate to be on the cleaning crew when they go into that house when it’s over.

Liz Warren ( Pocahontas)

Did Matt actually do that ? wipe his venom with a towel and then put it back in circulation? Did did he and the dying girl actually leave used condoms around where they could be found ? ..
Say it isn’t so …Please


Love the screen name.


Xmas popping zits on Paul’s back and then sticking her hand in a bag of chips without washing. And they know they are on camera. This is who they are!

BB19 Nope! Its BB PAUL!!!

Paul has had this game locked up as soon as he opened the door n was given safety for four weeks right out the gate, 1st week bs friendship bracelet safety n then 3 week temptation safety… Followed by this Paul mist that every1 wanted to be buddys with him n everytime sum1 said is name to even try to get rid of him prouduction mysteriously stepped n and they changed face next day n were team paul… Paul has the 5 votes if not more in the bag….

1.) Raven- votes Paul [his #1 fan n so called puppet master sidekick…
2. Matt- votes Paul [Raven’s sidekick n only cares abt cereal…
3. Alex- votes Paul [She’s all abt game play n wins n think Christmas n Josh didnt do crap, which she’s pretty much right…
4.) Kevin- votes Paul [He doesnt like Josh’s game play at all n finds him to immature to reward him that kind of money, n Christmas hasnt done nothing in his mind….
5.) Christmas- votes Paul all day since she has huge crush on Paul n cant see outside Paul’s mist… Thats 5 for the win but I have a feeling Cody will vote Paul based on he thinks Josh n Christmas are useless n has said if they let paul get to end he deserves it… so vote count will prob be 6-3 but cld be higher cuz elena dsnt like Josh either…


At least Survivor starts in a couple weeks … unless CBS cancels it and puts their new reality show on
… Spahn Ranch


No reaso to watch Survivor since we know CBS doesn’t have reality game shows now. I have no interest in their prime time scripted soap operas anymore. So much for summer tv. Now fall tvs going to take a hit as well.


D@mn it Simon! Just when hurt starts to go away you bring up the dang fries, again!


Cody saying his smart beautiful little girl is not a booger eater..lol…unlike raven was too funny

Jessica's Birth Control

If paul does not have the 5 votes, Allison Grodner will simply pay the HGs more $ to vote for paul . If someone stuck a check for $25,ooo under their noses do you think anyone of these slugs would turn it down? How about if she gave josh or xmas a guaranteed $200,000 to take paul. Do you think they would turn it down? You all are underestimating the amount of bullsh@t going on in this show….


So if Josh does take Christmas over Paul, will that be enough for jury to say he made the biggest move and have him win or out of spite will Christmas win? Barf.

Native Texan

Kevin for AFP!!!


Simon. Just a question since ads were brought up. One pops up at the bottom of the screen. I drag it down but then when I scroll up or down it comes back up and I have to constantly drag it down. but I’m not so sure it’s one of your ads because it is something I have googled and checked into. It’s a tech school ad. Would be strange if it’s one of your ads since it’s something local to me. But it only pops up when I come to your site. Any suggestions ?? Is it even one of your ads ?

Whistling sissy

Had high hopes of josh beating Paul in the final, but this recrap brought me back to my senses. Totally forgot what a monster josh was. Josh’s best hope is to win hoh and clip him. Won’t happen though. I’m sure production is having Paul write the part 3 questions as I speak.


Simon/Dawg- THUMBS UP to you on how you handle the trolls as well as the rude comments and criticism of you and the site. Your humour is refreshing and always appreciated. If only we could vote for OBB for AFP =-)
Here’s hoping you cover BBCAN.

BB 19

Hummmm so he’s still laying and cuddling up with shitmass. Well he can use the excuse that is for game purposes or trying to console her now. Very suspect just makes you wonder. Smh


Oh ok. It’s annoying because when I scroll to read it pops back up and I have to drag back down but it’s ok. You guys work hard to keep this site going and it’s the only one I go to. And you guys don’t require payment from us to come here for our BB fix. So it’s ok. I just didn’t know really how they worked and since it was a site I had gone to I wasn’t sure if it was on your end or something I could get rid of some other way. Love your site and all the hours you guys put in for all of us. No worries.


Jury House feeds would be great right now!!!