HOH Part 2 Results! “We won! Its done! It doesn’t matter who wins the final comp”

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HOH winner Part 1: Paul

HOH Part 2 Winner: Josh

HOH Part 3: Paul Vs Josh (Finale night Wednesday, Sept 20th)

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9:46pm The live feeds return after being blocked since 3:35pm

Christmas – I hit Raven 5 f**king times and that b***H would not f**king go down. Josh – F**king Jillian wouldn’t go down. Christmas – I hit Jillian every single time. Paul – right now you guys sound like maniacs to me because I don’t even know. Christmas – there were three weapons that you had to use and three parts out there. You had to knock people down but leave the people that were applicable to the answer standing up. Paul – what if you accidently hit one? Christmas – that’s okay you could pull it back up. But if you pull one up that you had to knock down .. I did that with Elena and I was like what the f**k am I doing. I have to knock this b***h back down. There was a sling shot. Josh – a bow and arrow. Josh talks about how he lost it on Jillian because she wouldn’t go down. Paul asks what question 3 was? Christmas – how many house guests were on the block on eviction night three times or more times. Josh – Big Brother ruined me on that comp. Christmas – I would have beat you if I didn’t have to go get another round of ammo.

Kitchen – Paul to Josh – you motherf**ker! You almost gave me a heart attack. Good Job!

10pm Josh – Big Brother, I need a bottle of wine! I’m mind f**ked! I’ll never be the same after that comp. My life is ruined from hitting card boards.

10:05pm Bedroom. Paul asks Christmas if she is okay? Christmas – yeah. Paul hugs her and says you’ve only got one eye and one leg. Christmas laughs.

10:10pm Paul heads back to the kitchen. Josh – is she okay? Paul – yeah, she’s just in her bag. Paul – we won! Its done! It doesn’t matter what happens. It doesn’t matter who wins the final comp now.

10:20pm – 10:30pm Christmas showers and gets dressed while Josh and Paul cook food.

11pm The final 3 sit down to eat. Christmas says grace. Josh – do you know what is cool about this.. we all come out winning. I don’t see anyone other than one of us winning AF (America’s favorite). And we all take way our friendship and you guys are stuck with me for life. Christmas – so what are we winning? Josh – all of this for the rest of your life.

Josh to Paul – Can I say I won (part 2)? Paul – yes. For the next few days I get to j@ckoff and do nothing.

11:35pm – 12am Josh and Paul.
Paul – right now one of us is at least 50K richer. Dude we should just ball out for like a day. Josh – when we get paid.. when do we get paid? Is it instant? Go to the club and make it rain. Paul – its like 5 days. You have money in your account though to have fun right? Josh – yeah. Paul
Josh – I think she is going to get America. Josh – I didn’t think I was ever going to make it this far.

Midnight Paul and Josh
Chit chat..
Paul – I never wear hats
JOsh loves hats goes on about all his dad hats.

Josh – you know when I realized there was a lot of f*er liars in this house? when we were playing mobsters
Paul – dom thought she was good at figure out other people once I dropped mobsters I knew how everybody f*ing lied or didn’t lie
Paul – becuase I knew what they were
JOsh – I was like… what the f*
Paul – they all played themselves, fell into my trap
Paul – well I was like I know how you lie and you lie and you lie .. y’all gassed yourself

Paul – if I wasn’t around all you mother f*ers would have been bored as sh1t
Now JOsh is claiming that Paul would have been “bored as sh1t” if he wasn’t around
Paul says Jason “that fool” dropped some “major bombs this season”
Paul – I wa slike holy sh1t you’re f*ing up big time
JOsh – I tried to help him
Paul – that fool would say stuff that I was like
Paul – Cody would say shit too

JOsh says Cody was talking about killing people like it was normal like what are you having for dinner.
Josh – dude are you f*ing crazy

Josh – there was moment when if I didn’t have you guys I was going to lose it
Paul – yeah
Josh – I felt so attacked like I felt that I was like I never dealt with that ever (So josh is saying he felt attacked.. Hmmm)

Paul – now you have that experience
JOsh – when people address me like that I was … so you wanna fight
Josh brings up how Matt did sh1t
Paul says he doesn’t argue in his real life.
Josh says “mother f*ers” in the real world know not to f* with him
Josh – in school people knew not to f* with me

1:00am Paul and Josh
Paul says he doesn’t know what his mom and dad do when he’s not home.
Paul – like my sisters gumpy she doesn’t..
Josh – Don’t say that

Paul says one time his sister thought she was big and bad and she yelled at his mom so he made his sister cry.
Paul says he likes relationships he doesn’t like being single “it’s boring”
Josh – you haven’t been single for awhile huh
Paul – no, this is the longest I’ve been single for a long a$$ time..
Paul – i’ve been single now.. I mean I’ve dated a few girls in the meantime… but no commitment ..
Paul – f* fool… I broke up with my ex when I was 22, 6 months before the Big Brother house.. let me count it.. yeah 6 months.. then I turned 23 that year.. year and a half
Josh – you f*ing look like Jesus from here (you all treated him like jesus all season)
Paul – as of December it’ll be two years
Paul – 6 of those months i was in the BIg Brother house
Paul – during those 6 months what the f* would I do.. I’m sure as f* not getting into a showmance
Paul – f* that.. never in my life
Paul – so let’s say a year pretty much of my livable life I’ve been single and I hate it.. I love it and I hate it.. I feel lonely
Paul says the way he feels about “that girls” is the same he felt for his ex 5 years ago
JOSh – it’ll be fine bud she’ll be waiting
Paul says his girl is really classy she isn’t a “Insta hoe”

JOsh – the only people that sucked was Cody .. like sucks.. like bye
Josh says Cody should just book his flight and leave “don’t even come to the wrap”
Paul – I wonder if that Hommie’s still there
Josh – I think so. Do you think Matt and Jason got into it?
PAul – no
Paul says this year everyone in the house was a sissy “they didn’t do sh1t”
Paul – they wanted to act hard
Josh – god I wish people would have stepped up it would have been more fun
Paul – like who MArk? that fool… I’ve never seen a dude that siez
Josh – that f*ing goofy..
Paul – that wimpy
JOsh – yup… like real f*ing wimpy … like just own up to one thing you say dude please give me that at least
Paul – that fool stole a pillow from me when I was a have not and I was attached to groundhog day and we had to share a f*ing bed.. that fool had the audacity to steal a pillow. (what a jerk stole a pillow from jesus Paul)
Paul – I walked in and I immediately called it out it was the pillow on top and it was from groundhog days own bed
Josh goes on about how self centered people are in the house

1:46am Groundhog days finally out of the jury she comments on how tiny her butt is as she walks by a mirror

1:49am Groundhog day crawls into bed with Paul..
Paul – keep your icicles to yourself… you’re so cold
Groundhog day cackles as she tickles him with her ice hands
Paul – getaway

Paul – why were you in there for 4 hours
Groundhog day – because they wanted to ask me everything
Paul – f* off..
Groundhog day – you’re so warm
Paul – you’re a corpse
Groundhog day – I don’t know why my feet are always cold.. at least I have socks on this time

4:10am they’re all sleeping

11:10am The final 3 are still sleeping..
12:10pm Josh is up and moving about the house..

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Paul vs Josh? So everything going as planned so far, Paul beats Josh, takes Josh to F2 & Paul wins. No way Josh gets the votes.

Franks Fumes

AFP ? They know nobody likes them still delusional……..oh by the way Shitmas even if Kev doesn’t win AFP he’ll still come out with 25 grand more than you. And if he does get it he gets the same as runner up. Shitmas and Josh will hate a Kev win……that’s the main reason I hope he gets AFP!

The Voice of Reason

Actually, he’d get more than the runner-up because the first and second place winners have to forfeit their stipend but Kevin still gets his.

Wake all the way up Josh

Paul tell Josh it doesn’t matter who wins the final comp. Okay if it doesn’t matter then sit back Paul and let Josh win the final comp. Next way don’t you Paul tell Christmas you are not taken her to F2. What Paul is going to do is win Part 3 as planned and Paul will put Josh up to doing his final dirty work by telling Christmas he is not taken her to the F2. Josh only hope for a vote will gone. Josh is doing all of Paul dirty work so Paul can take Josh to the F2. Paul set this all up to make sure the jury would be bitter against Josh. Paul plan from the beginning. Paul new Josh was a hot head and Paul jumped on it. Now the jury is bitter.

Double D

If Josh evicts Paul, he’ll win.


I hope Josh has the meatBALLS to evict pee-wee Paul.


I hope Josh has the meatBALLS to evict pee-wee Paul!


I hope Josh has the meatBALLS to evict pee-wee Paul!

Infected nose ring hole

Paul doesn’t like getting blood on his hands , he probably will let Josh win and let him pick . From a long time ago, the winner, was just a matter of formality . I Haven’t watched since mark went out . Thanks for all this Simon and Dawg .


“Paul tell Josh it doesn’t matter who wins the final comp. Okay if it doesn’t matter then sit back Paul and let Josh win the final comp.”

Houseguests say things just to make people happy. We’re watching Big Brother.

Franks Fumes

Even better….


Vote for Kevin as AFP — Indeed, voting for Kevin as AFP, and, Kevin winning AFP seems to be the best way to convey: BB19 F3 Big Brother Fans heard and watched you. Watching BB19 became a tedious obligation mostly due to the F3 actions/behaviors. Big Brother Fans believe that it is essential that the Game of Big Brother is played, not taken hostage by a Tyrant and Minions. BB19 Tyrant is not enjoyable and is far from the Big Brother Game.

BB19 F3 hear Big Brother fans on finale night when Kevin is announced as AFP.

Hear the message: Big Brother Fans want to see Kevin as AFP. BB19 F3 did not play the Game of Big Brother and prevented the game to played. Hear the collective statement from Big Fans that fans object, and, are expressing disapproval to BB19F3.

The highlight of a season of Big Brother should not be waiting to see the expression of the F3 when AFP is announced. However, this season Kevin winning AFP will be the highlight.

Kevin winning AFP is something that Paul does not want to happen – AFP is not in Paul’s control or his minions. This time Paul and Minions will not get what they want through abusive cruel tactics.

Paul the Punk

Cody for AFHG all the way! All Kevin did was kiss Paul’s ass all summer.


Cody for AFP. He’s the only one who stood up to Paul. However, I do want Kevin to be a finalist for it. I think Julie announces the top three vote getters before she announces the winner.


False. Dominique stood up to Paul as well.

There were 2 who Knew

Thank You, she had him figured out too and her and Cody both played a shitting game. If they would’ve hung low they both would’ve gotten further in the game so she has to get the recognition she deserves but if Cody gets it I’ll live.


Dominique did not stand up to Paul until AFTER she was on the block and knew she was probably going home. Paul attacked her in a most cruel way and she held her own, but it was too late. Had she shown that courage prior to her week of eviction instead of drinking Paul’s Kool-Aid, I might be able to give her more credit.


It got him as far as the rest, so who cares.. all he did was have sex the other 98% of the time.. kevin was playing a good social game, he definitely deserves it over Cody!


All Kevin did was tounge Paul’s butt. I like Kevin but he was just Paul’s puppet all season. Cody is going to win.

Mike mike

What did Cody do? Besides be dick he acted as if big brother had no social part of the game at all. He told his girl to leave her noms the same and got Ramses out lol. Big brother is more than bieng athletic but he could be in that house for 2 years and never figure that out..kevin afp


sucking paul’s dick is not a social game. kevin was useless and a hanger on hoping paul would drag him to the end.

cody at least tried to get out the biggest threat. being a wise military man he assessed who the biggest threat was and went after him early on. he didn’t have a social game because the entire house minus jessica (and she was iffy af at times) jumped on paul’s nuts and literally harassed him hoping (ask Jason) he would have PTSD and get kicked off for fighting because we all know the stereotype that combat vets are all INSANE and VIOLENT (pots and pans banging).


All this Cody love is insane lol he is one of the worst BB players, he has zero personality.. how is he a fave? Please. Give me a break.


Completely agree. I’m flabbergasted.


At least he was there all summer!

Cody's handler

cody wasn’t around to even get some frustrated old spinster to vote for him. He did nothing and deserves nothing. Too bad he made jury he doesn’t deserve the extra money (ongoing stipend)


Get ready to cry on finale night.

Moon Doggie

I wish they would let Raven know that she came in last.


25K for Cody is a lock.


Kevin winning will convey nothing. He was one of the minions. The only person who will convey anything is the only person who stood up to them. Cody for AFP


He was NOT the only one who stood up to him. Dominique did as well. Mark did too.


Alex said she will s$it on the stage. So yes, it will convey something.


What everyone keeps forgetting is that production rigged all of America’s votes this season. What makes you all think AFP won’t be rigged as well? If Paul is saying one of them is going to win AFP, that might have been decided before the season started, just as the final 2 was decided. I hold out no hope that BB19 has any integrity left after this pathetic season to actually give AFP to the person we vote for. But just in case…I think voting for Cody is the only way to wake these fools up to that reality that the viewers hate them. They are in the final 3 but still talk crap about Cody EVERY day. And for that reason ONLY Cody gets my vote. Karma is a bitch!!!


Do you think every year of AFP was rigged or do you ONLY think AFP this year is going to be rigged?

If it’s the latter, why do you think this season they are going to rig AFP?


Do you think that any of them, especially Paul, will give a shit? This group of houseguests has already proven to be one of the dumbest in BB history, so I doubt that any of them would be self-aware enough to connect Cody as AFP to our disdain for the rest of them. I think that Cody is a piece of shit but he smells like roses in comparison to most of the other nimrods who were in the house, so whatever. If he wins, I’m not going to care all that much about it.

Like Paul or hate him, it stuns me that he was not nominated once. You would have to be an absolute moron to allow a runner-up from the previous season to run the house and that’s exactly what they did.(And, let’s face it, I may not be a fan of Paul’s but I think that Nicole played a far inferior game last year and should not have won.) What a pathetic season. I feel dirty for having watched as much of it as I did.


Love Kevin but could never vote him for AFP he was too far up Pauls butt entire time, he is very likable though and will do just fine. Voting for Kevin to win is exactly that these three morons plus the trailer trash could would expect. What they would never expect is Cody is winning….that is the biggest smack in their face and for that Cody gets my 20 daily. He didnt play great but he certainly tried and could see these people for what they were in the beginning. It is hard to play a game when every person in the house was up Pauls ass and wouldnt go against him, but at least he tried and his expressions in the jury house are similar to mine with regard to this whole season.


I was disappointed with Kevin. I thought with him being a father of 5 girls he would not speak or act the way he did. He fell for Paul’s lies just like the rest of Paul’s groupies. How someone his age couldn’t see the writing on the wall is beyond me. Cody and Jessica weren’t perfect but at least they were playing their own game. I really appreciated the way Cody walked away from Matthew when they were in the jury house, instead of getting in an argument with him. I liked Mark a little at the end when he stood up to Josh. I’m hoping people see Paul for the person he is- a person that is all for himself. When he (Paul) egged Josh and some of the other players to verbally attack Cody and Jessica production should have stepped in and put a halt to their abuse. Production evidently didn’t say or do anything until they thought it was fixing to be physical.


I think he stuck around with Paul because Paul was really the only one who made an effort to hang out with him other than Jason. What was he supposed to do? Hang out with Josh, Raven, or Matt who he could barely tolerate? If the other houseguests were smart they would have used Kevin, but instead, they decided to be total douc$es to him. Kevin knew that Paul was a ringleader. He said so many times.

Short Term Memory

Dominique had Paul figured out as well. Cody and Dominique both had a shitty game but she should get as much recognition as Cody.


Nope, no Kevin, but Cody. That sends the strongest message to all involved.


Oh your whine has the distinct smell of butthurt! If you think the AFP is the highlight you need your Doctor to adjust your meds. Obviously your fave didn’t win and neither will mine but I can see a perfectly played game when I see on! Never on the block dumbass!

Hear this: BB fans really see the AFP as a “Oh yeah, there’s that” occurance!
Now back into your trailer you shiner!

Tiny dick jew

I’m voting Cameron for AFP. He never got a fair shot.


Pathetic post

Bend Over Boys

Twenty more Cody votes in the bank. I love how Paul and Josh say Cody shouldn’t even show up to the final. Boy are they going to be surprised when he wins AF.


No surprise if Cody wins they expect it.


You have not been paying attention. They all think people hate Cody and that Christmas will win AF.
They will all crap themselves when Cody wins and they see that Kevin and Jason were in the mix.


Production really messed up this year. The only parts of this season that make for compelling tv viewing were INSIDE THE JURY HOUSE when these dummies started to wake up a little bit. That was hilarious. Seeing these puppets adjust to the reality of the real world would also be entertaining. Raven communicating with the real world or with her many “fans” online would be far more entertaining than this season of big brother.


Has anyone else noticed that you can hear production talking in the background on the last few BBAD? ( not the DR calls) its like conversation in the background.


Screw you…2 things HAVE to happen for my entertainment:

1) Paul has to win HOH and pick Josh, just so we can see Groundhog Day’s Stockholm Syndrome face
2) The jury has to live up to their IQ and give it to Josh, just so we can see Paul’s face

Go home Paul

Any chance at all for lil’ gnome getting 3rd? Please? Not happy with baby huey and sh1tman, but somewhat better than “dick”tator.


Ask Steve…


Paul has played an amazing game. He juggled four pairs plus Kevin throughout the game. They all thought he was their 3rd wheel. They had no idea until they hit jury. Now they are mad that he cut them before they cut him. He’s accomplished quite a lot in playing BB over the last 2 seasons with only a 6 month break. People need to stop hating and give him the credit due him. He is one of the best players of this game.


paul got the advantage of friendship bracelets, 3 weeks safety and out of game friends with fake raven. so no hes not amazing, he was given so much advantages and seems like rigged for him to control the game. He is a sore loser who holds grudges with anyone who tries to take him out.

Horrible season

I do agree that it was hard to watch.
But they ALWAYS give vets safety.
Dan is considered one of the best big brother players ever, especially after his performance in season 14, but everyone forgets he got three weeks of safety to start the game (in the form of the “coaches twist”) the safety thing is a part of the game, and has been for vets for a while. Not gonna blame Paul for that.
Another twist completely saved Dan in season 14…that double veto without (and his funeral) that he was done

Franks Fumes

All the winners get “Help” from Production.


Jesse never had safety in BB11, and it was a production twist that evicted him (the coup d’etat).

As for the double veto to save Dan — it didn’t help. The original vero winner (Jenn) took him off the block. The second vero winner (Ian) had no intention of using it.


4 weeks, the coaches had 4 weeks. They were 100% always coming into the game but no one cares they were safe 4 weeks.


I love logical people. ??

Everyone seems to forget that they voted Paul to have those weeks of safety, and had Paul still been liked to this day, no one would be complaining about those 3 weeks of safety. Now Paul isn’t liked so all of a sudden he was “handed the game” and it was “rigged for him”.

Okay folks…


Nope. The Same people saying it’s rigged now were saying it then. It has nothing to do with Paul being liked or noT. You are just repeating the same thing over and over hoping someone will believe you.


But there was 4 vets not just one, and they all had a team, so the whole house wasn’t star struck for just one person. It’s Not the same.

The Voice of Reason

Friendship bracelets mean nothing in a game where you are supposed to be out for just yourself. If someone gives me a week of safety I don’t feel like I owe them anything in return because I’m only looking out for my own best interests. If they felt differently about the bracelets then that’s on them. Three weeks of safety would be a pretty cool advantage to someone that needed it…Paul did not. His social game was already on point and no one was going to vote him out if he landed on the block. Raven has met Paul before…that does not make them friends. If he is truly friends with Raven outside of the house then he deserves 500k just for that because tolerating Raven long term would be way harder than Big Brother.


I do not understand this concept of getting blood on your hands for nominating someone. It always takes a majority vote to evict, and rarely does the head of household even cast a vote. HOH must nominate, houseguests must evict.
Cody from the instant he saw Paul he claimed an immediate dislike. He also took an immediate like to Alex. Luckily she saw through it. Wonder how Jessica will take his reaction to meeting Alex when she watched the first few broadcasts.
Production does not need to help houseguests to guide the show. Putting 16 strangers together will always generate conflict all on its own.

Wonder how it would be if they reversed the mix for a season. Currently they always have at least one game, often two. Why not reverse the numbers? 14 gay guests, 2 straight guests. Wonder how that would make out.


I do not understand this concept of getting blood on your hands for nominating someone. It always takes a majority vote to evict, and rarely does the head of household even cast a vote. HOH must nominate, houseguests must evict.
Cody from the instant he saw Paul he claimed an immediate dislike. He also took an immediate like to Alex. Luckily she saw through it. Wonder how Jessica will take his reaction to meeting Alex when she watched the first few broadcasts.
Production does not need to help houseguests to guide the show. Putting 16 strangers together will always generate conflict all on its own.

Wonder how it would be if they reversed the mix for a season. Currently they always have at least one gay, often two. Why not reverse the numbers? 14 gay guests, 2 straight guests. Wonder how that would make out.


How was the temptation being unfair advantage? You do realize it was 1 vet against 15 people right? But that’s not how he gained control of the house his manipulation, quick thinking did, he was always steps ahead of everyone… Give the man his props, he played the hand he was delt & dominated that house. There wasn’t nobody this season that could outsmart him, that’s Paul’s ultimate gameplay this season. I don’t like the way he played, but in that house as long as it’s legal Anything Goes. $500,000 is on the line.

I think Cody should’ve worked with Paul the 1st week while secretly plotting to take Paul out WITH his alliance, but since Cody had to put up 4 people in the spur-of-the-moment he thought he could do it, but then again remember even if there was no protection temptation, the majority of the house was still stargazed by playing with a vet that they would’ve ran back to Paul, so he wasn’t going anywhere week 1.


WHY? Because Production GAVE Him 3 weeks of safety by knowing Americas votes would go to the ONLY known player the first week. Millions watched last year and knew Paul so they voted for the ONLY one They knew. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? THEY SURE DID!!!


So what. All vets receive some form of safety at the beginning of the game. Cody being such a screw up with his first hoh is what kept Paul in the game more than anything.

Everyone was so focused on getting Cody out, it made it much easier for Paul to keep skating by. Plus the fact that he then got back into the house, target is now back on Cody. Then also got the advantage of Jessica’s hex, still yet another week of their focus on Cody. Cody actually helped Paul more than production by being a much bigger target and getting multiple chances to stay in the game. Too bad Cody was so bad at big brother. All those chances he had thrown away to lay in bed with Jessica.


I see what you’re saying about the votes going that way! However, I disagree that production GAVE him safety. The people(his fans) gave him safety. No one else to blame.


Exactly. The people using the temptation excuse when Cody got two chances at the game PLUS benefited from Jessica’s temptation.

If Cody was sitting in F3 they would say what a great player he is ignoring all the help he got. They also forget all vets receive some sort of extended safety because they are the most obvious target. There are advantages and disadvantages to being a vet.

Ted Marie

The ONLY true vet that was in that house was Cody. Semper Fi!!


TED MARIE: Best bb19 statement of the summer.


Cody was more wimper fi .


they Paul a house full of paul FANS… Period!


Don’t forget Christmas worked for Paul’s Mom!


3 weeks is nothing. Neda got safety until Jury and then the second her safety was up she got nominated and voted out. The houseguests were fully capable of voting him out months ago when his safety was up. He played the game so well that that didn’t happen.

Raven and him were not friends outside of this game. She went to one of his shows. She is a fan of his, not a friend of his.


Not what I read. Do your research.


Exactly right!

DJ Trump

Don’t forget 4 weeks of safety.


Wrong. Not 4 weeks. Bracelets given on the very first night, with the very first eviction. Then he won the hex, which was 3 weeks.


he got another week from Mark with the save a friend card he gave Paul.

Yo momma anonymous

Actually he was given protection the first week plus those he gave bracelets to as friendship. So yeah he got the first 4 weeks of protection.


No the bracelets were for the first eviction, which was the very same night.




They will never give him credit because it’s Paul, but they will hand AFP to the person that not only made the 1st bad move of the season, but also never even tried to play the game.

So predictable

Kevin had a wonderful social game 😉

That and teaming up with Paul was his strategy and it almost worked.

Although winning a comp may have helped him get a bit further but he did play whether you liked it or not 🙂

Kevin for AFP … classy fella all the way!

Bend Over Boys

Do you think Kevin’s wife believes his actions with Christmas were classy? I’m not tounging Pauls butt all season is classy either.

Cody's sour grapes

I hope Kevin wins America’s favorite player, Old school all the way!!!!

Bend Over Boys

Bitter much?

Not Cool

Paul did nothing special at all this season. I know you want Paul to be on the list of best players of this game. Never going to happen. Paul day was over last year. Backseat bully is not enough to be put on the best player list. I will not get behind a person that think it is okay to bully someone…this is not cool.


Cody, Jessica,Paul,Mark, Xmas, Josh,Raven,Matt,Alex are bullies… Regardless of who bullied more, they ALL did some despicable things this season.


Cat People don’t forget Cody & Jessica bullied Josh after the vote week 1, he walked in there to explain that there was no hard feeling, he had to vote with the house & they attacked him. This is where the Josh vs Jody war started.


They didn’t bullly Josh. He came in after he voted completely opposite of the way he kept telling them that he was voting, and they were still mad. They didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. They didn’t follow him around and stay in his face and insult him. They just told him to shut up and leave. Josh is stupid for trying to do damage control when someone isn’t wanting to hear it at the time. Josh was always the instigator. He always kept poking and got way less back than what he deserved every time.

Must be a Josh Relative.

@ Supermeill

That is some revisionist history. Josh started that fight. Go bang some pans. Josh, Paul, Alex and X-mas are four of the biggest scum bags to ever play the game.


If you removed Mark from your list I would agree. I don’t remember seeing him participate in any of the degenerate shenanigans?

Franks Fumes

Paul is probably gonna be considered one of the best by the massses…..If Derrick was considered a great player why shouldn’t Paul they both got incredibly stupid houseguest to play against. I never thought Derrick was great either…..how hard is it to manipulate Victoria and Cody ect. (LOL) Until they start casting non morons this is what we’re gonna get.


But Paul won 10 competitions. If he hadn’t toward the end, I think Josh might have taken a shot. He was also, nowhere near as boring, and he had at least 2 people against him. Derrick was in a big alliance with half the house, and they knew it. Paul was in an alliance with several pairs, and they didn’t know it.


Exactly. Derrick hid behind a large alliance. Paul put himself out their. It is amazing that all these pairs had no idea that Paul was a 3rd wheel for each of them. He has played a brilliant game.

Just Saying

How many of those comps were handed to him? I genuinely curious. And what made this season so effing boring is there was never a challenge or a flip. On Thursday Paul said what was going to happen over the next week and that is exactly what happened. Pretty much made all Sunday and Wednesday shows pointless.


Which is why – in hindside – it was really, REALLY so bad that Cody, Jessica, and Dominique were evicted so early on, and Kevin and Jason didn’t have any enough outsiders to flip. I really wanted what looked like Kevin’s early plan to happen: Kev, Cody, Jessica and Jason to team up. As I recall Alex was the major stumbling block to this happening, which is the main reason I started to dislike her game intensely. I could have cheerfully strangled her at that point.


Based on the convo with the F3 recently, Xmas and Josh DID know Paul was playing the other two duos. Maybe not at first, but I think they have known for at least 3-4 weeks. Remember how many of us were wondering “How do they not all see what Paul’s doing?” I think it was only Maven and Jason/Alex kept in absolute dark the whole time and Xmas and Josh have been helping that narrative, knowing they were Paul’s real F3.

Franks Fumes

You’re right Derricks season was like watching paint dry….


Paul is the only desvering winner for this season however he is not one of the best players ever-not even close. You’re only as good as your competetion and well..his competition consisted of a bunch of easily manipulated, instagram whores and idiots who just wanted a free vacation in jury.


FACTS tho all 15 of em.


And Derrick and Dan’s competition didn’t??


A huge part of the game is to secure jury votes. Paul failed last season and thinks that ‘not having blood on his hands’ this season secured the votes. His good bye messages where he pretends to be shocked and horrified hardly secures the votes. A ‘bitter” jury is just a poorly managed jury. If you didn’t earn respect for your gameplay by pretending it wasn’t your gameplay then perhaps you failed.


True, but Josh not gonna get the majority of the votes, nobody likes Baby Huey. Alex,Raven, & Cereal Dude, gonna convince Jason, Mark or Elena to vote for Paul, & we know Xmas is gonna vote for Paul(she likes him), & Kevin. So there’s Laser Focus aka Cody, Mark or Elena that’s a potential 6 to 2 Paul wins…


Everyone including you aren’t even addressing the possibility the Huey will take Shitmas F2. I actually think Paul has a tough choice. Like BB14 where I still believe Dan threw part 3 to wee Ian. Paul could throw part 3 to Josh so he does not have to vote out his Shitmance. If you does win part 3 there is a little drama potentially. I still put my money on Paul part 3 to control the end game.
The only way Paul loses 500K is to have Baby Huey evict him F3.

Red (in a Blue state :()

While Paul had great game play, it is the way he did it that may hurt him in jury. You have to treat the people you are plotting against to feel that they are smart and it was just their turn. Paul has made everyone feel used and just generally shitty. Good game play is one aspect of BB but the social aspect is equally important imo. Paul excelled at one and failed (again) at the other.


I think your post sums up how a lot of us feel about this season. We don’t want to see Paul rewarded for his actions.

Red in a Blue State 2

Totally agreed!


So you think Dan treated Danielle fairly????


Dan didn’t unnecessarily torture Danielle. He duped her hard, but it was not constant torture, and it was not rallying the whole house to ostracize her.

Franks Fumes

Dans torture was having to interact with him……the charisma of mayonnaise.


Yep and now he is turning AWAY from s-mas in bed instead of letting her glom on knowing that Josh won the 2nd comp he dorsnt have to be nice to her. He didnt say a word to her during dinner.


I noticed that as well. Not only did Paul not speak to Christmas, he barely looked at her. Maybe he didn’t want to unwrap the package she had under her tree.


Anon, I could not have said it better myself. Paul’s game started to fall apart when Josh told Jason in his goodbye message that “Paul had an elaborate plan to get him out” and it was downhill from there.
The cat was out of the bag and everyone realized just how dangerous Paul can be. His social game was on point, he was never on the block, he won HOH’s and vetos, and he managed being the 3rd part of multiple groups.
That being said, he also managed to piss off all but 1 of his alliance groups and the jurors are going to be too hurt by Paul to vote for him to win. I highly doubt they can put aside their hurt feelings but only 1 person can win the $500k and in BB you need to think about your alliance and in the end you need to do what is best for your game. Either way when the game comes to its conclusion 15 people/9 jurors will be disappointed that they lost but in this season especially, I believe the jury will vote based on emotion and not gameplay.
Not saying Paul is a BB God or the best player in BB history, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Had he worked on securing jury votes, he may have stood a better chance of winning the $500k instead of $50k (again).


I can’t say if Paul had played a great game because of the house guest this year. If he had been in the house with passed house guest they would have never followed him. These guys didn’t come to play big brother but to become famous! Their a bunch of idiots! Never seen so many idiots just there to hang out or get to jury! Throwing so many things! I know it’s not his fault their idiots but he can’t be compare to other winners that played against some tough & smart people

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I always give credit where credit is due but Paul did not play an ámazing game.’ Back stabbing and blindsides is part of the game not preying on the naïve and impressionable to spread pure hate and bullying.

Infected nose ring hole

This is tv show meant to make money. No viewers = no money. Even a hateful viewer is better than nothing . No show would leave it’s destiny in someone else’s hands, therefore this is and always will be a scripted show. Paul was supposed to get to the end from the beggining .Shitmas and raven were plants to help him get there . I believe this because there is no way in hell you can put that many stupid people that really don’t wanna win money and have no brains of their own in one room .. Lmfao. Stopped watching weeks ago . Ridiculous and blatant .. thanks to obb for its great coverage and entertainment .


DO NOT WORRY, whoever BB has come in to “talk” to the jury about the season will SAY ALL THE RIGHT THINGS about Paul to insure he wins. They are all so weak brained it should not take much to pull it off. Thinking no one, NO ONE, will convince Cody to vote other than how he wants to. AND no, BB is not going to let Cody win AF. It would cost them Way TO MUCH money for all the counseling the cast would need for need few years.

Tracy Flint is a moron

You are a delusional moron Tracy Flint!!


agree. he’s not the kind of person i would associate with but I will give him credit. he has played those people like nothing you’ve ever seen.


Please Josh win the final Comp and vote Paul out. If you take Paul out you will win the 500k
I bet the Jury would look at it as a you GO Meatball moment and laugh because Paul worked hard for nothing.


Sarcasm is too strong with you… In order to take Paul out Josh must play his own game, neither him nor Xmas done that all season. Josh takes Paul or Paul takes Josh, same outcome, Paul wins.. Nobody hates Paul that much to vote for Josh, put your thinking cap on.. Baby Huey taking Xmas would be an easier win for him.


I meant for Josh to win final HOH and VOTE paul out and take christmas to the end.
If Josh took Paul out I think that is what will give him the 500k. not to mention the jury seem pretty disgusted that Christmas had hohs handed to her.


If Josh had a fully functioning rationality, Paul saying to Josh directly: “I played them all…they all fell into my trap” would be the tip-off to take Xmas to F2 if he gets the chance. Paul is saying to Josh’s face that he fully expects to win. Unfortunately, Josh doesn’t get it.


We still have the problem of Josh being ” sought out ” by 17 ( he said it straight out on the blue room)
..he didnt apply they came looking for him to be on the show which usually indicates more then a daily per diem as pay…which also usually means as productions toy to move around in the game ( and boy did they ) he isnt truly eligible to win. He can be in final two but cannot win grand prize. Which means unless he takes s-mas to final two Paul wins. Course paul has had so much help from production maybe neither truly qualify which means they would force josh to take s-mas to final. Paul sure is having a good ole time talkin about how he is gonna spend the money with Josh though.


Nothing more exciting can happen. See you all wed
Thanks guys for updating

Judgmental Judy

If Josh could win that comp against Paul, and have the smarts or the guts to send him to Jury, he would deserve the money! Most everyone (especially the Paul lovers in Jury) hav laid down their game and wrapped it with a pretty bow on top for Paul. Otherwise, yes. Satan has definitely played the best game.


, if Paul won, would that be enough for S19 to replace S16 as being the worst season yet?


Alia. In my opinion even if Paul loses 19 it beats 16 for the worst., I think Simon wouldn’t agree though.,

Can't Wait

Give Paul credit for what…oh yeah a backseat bully. I don’t think so. Paul did play the game a very dirty game. The game Paul played at time was a personal attack on other house guess and that is far from being amazing. Most of the comps were given to him and he had a lot of help from CBS (production). I have no problem giving Paul his credit due…but I can’t think of anything to give Paul credit for. Oh…I know now Paul was the ring leader for bully’s. Credit Given! no other credit due. Paul played a foul game and I hope he lose.

Ball sweat is better than Cody

can someone please explain to me why Cody is getting all the votes?
he was a 2 time loser with a bad attitude. He didn’t even have the courtesy to be nice or just not say anything. his constant dirty disapproval made him just as much of a bully as anyone else.
Jessica is young and thinks that she can control that hot head she has another thing coming. She is too good for him. If she had just let him go instead of using her power to save him I think she would still be in it.
Someone explain to me what Cody did that was so great?

The Voice of Reason

Well you see, here in America, all you have to do is sign up to be in the military and then you get to be an ass for the rest of your life and no one will call you out on it. Some people will say that it’s because he stood up to Paul but so did Dominique and no one is throwing around her name around for AFP. Maybe because she wasn’t on a power trip week one, maybe because she wasn’t having sex on tv, or maybe because she was able to explain herself in ways that didn’t sound like a caveman grunting. I got nothing against the military, I served for 8 years, but I don’t think you get to behave anyway you like just because you fought for our country. It sends a really bad message if that’s the way it works.


Voice of reason. I am horrified by your comment about our veterans. I doubt you know how much combat veterans pay a price in society being prejudiced against for jobs and are forced to pretend they never served just to fit into a society where 99% never serve and have very little understanding. I know we are a nation who says we support our veterans but we don’t. Very few of our veterans behave badly and nobody allows them to act like asses for the rest of their lives.

Correction Anon

Voice if reason is a vet! If you read the comment you would see that, Voice of reason, served for 8 yrs in the military as stated in their comment. That makes Voice of Reason a vet too. So i think Voice can make that comment over any one of us. Pretty sure they know how much combat a vet sees. I get what you are saying Anon but you cant say that to a vet of all people. They already know. I respect all vets but i agree that it doesnt give you a pass to act like an a**hole who disrespects the entire game. P.S. thank you voice of reason for serving 8 yrs for our country. We can never thank you enough.

Totally Fooled

Gosh I wonder who really posted this?

I don't mind Cody

I’m not voting for Cody because he was a vet. I’m voting for Cody because he as my favorite person in the house. From the time he sat on that couch next to Pau (when he was giving out those bullshit bracelets) and couldn’t even muster up enough phony for Paul to give him one i knew I was going to root for him. Even though I came to realize this probably wasn’t the game for him the game to me it went steadily downhill without him in it . Most people who don’t like Cody cite his personality as a reason not to like him but that is the main reason I do like him. Telling someone you don’t like them or telling somebody to leave you alone is not bullying . I don’t care if him and Jessica screwed from one end of that house to the next both were consenting single adults. The fact that he stayed real and wasnt on here for social media and to kiss Paul ass is enough reason for me to vote for him.

Bolt Uprite.

Voice of Reason SAID he is a vet, yet we know Cody actually is. VOR was correct in one respect though, he gets to be an ass for the rest of his life.


People not liking Cody has nothing to do with him being a veteran! He’s just SN ASS! So please everyone, STOP trying to make this about him being a veteran! God, some times I think you guys should be in the house with the rest of those idiots!


I’ve been quiet all season because of the nastiness here, but as a vet, this is really upsetting me.
Two points –

1.) There were other vets this season. Where is your support for them? If you are choosing to overlook the actions of one person because they were a vet – then do it for ALL the vets.

2.) You do know that some of these “you have to support a vet” posts are Jessica, right? She’s been all over social media trying to get a win for Cody, and she and her friends are posting in places like this anonymously. Please take that into consideration.

To the other vet that posted above and got slammed for their opinion – thank you for your service.

Voice of No Reason

People support Cody because he was the only one who tried to get rid of Paul this season. Get over it.


I didn’t mean to open up a can of worms but I was horrified and angry and still am that someone chose to slam veterans. Cody was an ass, no doubt. I have been a member of the DAVA for 30 years supporting disabled vets. I volunteer at all the Stand Downs helping vets get what they need. Both my husband and I come from a long line of combat veterans and he is a disabled combat vet. My son is a combat veteran and my grandson is serving now and hopefully he will never see combat. It was a rude and insensitive remark.

Ted Marie

Amen Anon! Couldn’t agree with you more. To you and all your family— a heartfelt-Thank You!!


I haven’t heard anyone say they are voting for Cody just because he is a veteran. You are ridiculous.


I’m voting for Cody just because the vile beings left in the house hate him so much. It has nothing to do with Cody whatsoever! It’s sending a message. If I would vote for who I want….it would be Mark.


You haven’t been reading the comments, then.


I agree that being a military vet is not a valid excuse for acting like a bungerhead but being a bb vet is a more ridiculous one. Unfortunately Cody’s early crapshow of an hoh set the tone for him early on but then most of the others spent the rest of the season claiming to be innocent angels while doing Paul’s bidding and acting hateful and throwing comps right and left. Ultimately I don’t think BB is Cody’s game really (I would love to see him on TAR). I don’t always vote AFH based just on game play though. Cody is a straightforward dude who is terrible at being phony, and being good at bb requires a certain level of phoniness. At least Cody tried to take out his biggest competition, even tho it wasn’t done in the best way and it was too soon. Also he warned the others what would happen with Paul and he was right. Cody winning AF would be some consolation to cap off a rotten season but honestly I won’t be upset if Kevin, Elena, Mark, Ramses or Jason win it either.

WTF. Dude, go stand on the front line in combat, do your duty to the best of your ability, leave your family for 6 months to a year at a time every other year, get by with low pay, bad work environment, unappreciated by those citizens whom you’re serving. Still provide a good life, loving father figure for your family. Survive combat only to die an early death from toxins you inhaled in the field. Then just then, you might realize what an AS* you are. You don’t know jack.. Like or dislike Cody, but don’t talk crap about veterans. You are just stupid nasty, nasty stupid. Just shut the F*** up


Paul hated Cody so mostly I’ve seen people make the case for Cody for AFP just to piss Paul off. ?? I don’t know. That was never a convincing argument to me. Now IF (unrealistic if) Paul comes in 3rd and is no where in the top 3 for AFP, then I guess he would be pissed. I didn’t ever have a favorite so just voted for the least objectionable to me. I couldn’t make a good argument for voting for anybody this year either. 😉

Franks Fumes

A lot of people think Paul would be upset by Cody winning….I don’t think he cares he’s getting half a million…..but Josh and Shitmas would be much more upset if Kev won. That would bother them much more………they expect Cody to get it.


Just wondering…Paul just commented on BBAD that Marks cut out had a really smirky expression and that would have driven him nuts.

He wasnt part of the 2nd comp nor is he alowed to watch so how did he know Marks cut out had a smitk? He had to wait up in HOH room.


Maybe they were all out there in the beginning to read the rules, then they separated them before playing.


Josh just said Cody shouldn’t even show uo on finale night so no way is he expecting Cody to win America’s Favorite. That is enough for me to throw my votes to Cody.


It’s been explained on here many times, but I’ll tell you again why I like him. He played a great social game and led an alliance of over half the house.He was the only houseguest who tried to make a move. He Was screwed over by a secret twist, had to nominate a record number of people. He tried to recover but was smart enough to realize these dumb houseguests weren’t there to compete, so he did what any rational person would do and avoided them as much as possible.. exactly what I hope that I would do. Knowing when to fold and not waste your breath is huge to me. Like in jury house: Any of these other idiots would have stayed in the room and wasted their breath defending themselves to Matt, Cody was responsible enough and secure enough to not care about what anyone thought and just walk away.

Ball sweat is better than Cody

smart enough to realize these dumb houseguests weren’t there to compete,
avoided them as much as possible
Cody was responsible enough and secure enough to not care about what anyone thought and just walk away

that is a great social game? God how much worse would he have been if he didn’t try to have a social game?
Maybe your idea of what a social game is, is different than mine.
To me a great social game would be, be nice, participate, communicate and blow smoke up their asses as long as you get further in the ‘game’.
If that is the way he wants to behave outside the house, great, he can be a no nonsense @sshole.
But that doesn’t work in big brother.

Franks Fumes

I’m sorry I must have missed the part where Cody played a “great social game”.


It’s the fumes. Take a bath.

Franks Fumes

But the Fumes come out the Frankole……

Cody for AFP

He actually did…corralling over half the house into an alliance. It wasn’t till people started being misted by Paul that you saw Cody separate and hole up with Jess.


hahah he controlled nothing.. everyone just ran to the power, he was the first HOH


Did you actually just say Cody played a good social game????? lol I’m dead


I’m definitely not voting Cody. He was terrible at the game and not fun to watch in the slightest. Watching paint dry is equivalent to watching Cody.


Why are we still talking about Cody and Jessica? Cody blew his game right out the gate forming an alliance then backstabbing all of them to make a dumb move. Jessica had the bed and veto but instead of backdoor Paul or Alex she gets out Ramses! Two losers who think they are better than everyone else. They deserve to be forgotten. bell Kevin took more risk by running his mouth. Kevin AFP

I don't mind Cody

How do you figure he back stabbed his alliance his alliance turned their backs on him. As I have said many times Cody never considered Paul and Xmas apart of his alliance


I’m really hoping Josh wins so he can blindside Paul to smithereens…Paul doesn’t know that Josh is taking Christmas, and that is so beautiful to me.

Paul the Punk

I would love to see this but the odds of josh winning a comp with questions seems a little slim.


eh, part 3 is basically a crap shoot most seasons, this season should be especially considering this season’s houseguests penchant for ignoring whatever other houseguests said to them.


Agree. I just hope if Josh wins the third comp that Paul didn’t brainwash and manipulate Josh to take him for the final 2. Also, I hope Josh has the GUTS to blindside Paul because Josh has talked to the “cameras” about blindsiding Paul, but I don’t know if Josh has the balls (meatballs) to take Paul out of the game. Josh talks about eliminating Paul, but I hope he doesn’t chicken out and fall thru of his plan. My hope is for Paul to come in third place – now that would be a BEAUTIFUL thing and the BEST outcome!


What a waste of a summer filler ….I think I can honestly say most of us did fast forward through each episode and many of us will need our own hair weaves come Wednesday… once again my only hope for any payback is Josh winning the final challenge and evicting Paul, very unlikely to happen, but it would almost save this season for me.


You three turds. Do you know what your prize shud be? Production: turn off the cameras, lock all the doors and leave. Don’t let these turds back into main stream society so we can forget all about them

Paul the Punk

This is a great idea but they need to send Alex into the house before they seal it.

fire the casting directors

the big brother casting directors need to get fired. they continue to cast a bunch of clueless boring idiots year after year. there rate at casting flops is simply pathetic. how hard is it to find 16 intelligent motivated people who understand the game. the sheer stupidity displayed this season has been too much to put up with. the big brother game format has the potential to be a fantastic show year in and year out but it can only be as good as the players allow it to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE THE FUCKING CASTING DIRECTORS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree. Casting is a complete joke. The first show , where they are introducing the houseguests, every year looks more and more like a parody of a reality show. I keep watching out of hope that it will get better, but it just keeps getting worse.


I say this every year…


I’m surprised Christmas didn’t burst into flames while saying grace.

Min O'Pause

Yeah, how come the biggest assholes on here are the ones who are always praying and crossing themselves? Hipocrites!



Gnome Speak

I so sick of the “gnome vocabulary “. Homie!
and on and on…..


Paul and Josh are so sure Christmas will get America’s Favorite, LMAO. They are all in for a rude awakening.

Anti Divider

No they don’t believe that at all. They’re just saying that to the other as a way to make the other not take Shitmas to final 2. It’s hilarious watching them play the same mind games on each other. lmao Never have I ever hated a Final 3 as much as these. Drink! :p

Food for Thought

Kevin right now is the #3 spot in take home money with the $25K from the beginning and his stipend….IF Kevin is voted America’s Favorite Player he will make take home more $ then the second place person…just a thought…..


I honestly believe that Josh might have a chance to beat Paul. Especially when it comes to some of these jury members. A lot of these cast members are delusional people who don’t truly understand the game. I’m not a fan of either person but Paul did one thing that might upset the jury. He didn’t own his game even after they left the house. Josh blew his game up in the goodbye messages and even though Paul was behind practically every move he didn’t own it so that opened the door for Josh to take credit for what Paul did. Also the jury might respect Josh’s game because he was upfront and they knew what to expect from him. They also might think that Paul hid behind Josh the whole game, and made Josh do what Paul was too afraid to do. It also doesn’t help that Paul lied to his allies. A lot of people didn’t win the game people jury members valued loyalty over game play. I don’t like Paul but he played the better game. It wasn’t a game that I can truly respect but it might get him to the end. I’m not going to lie if Josh does beat Paul at the end I’m going to have a closeup on Paul’s face.


Please stop with the “Paul’s advantage” for the reason for his play strategy. The other players no doubt wouldn’t have the brains to capitalize during or after the 3 eviction safety. An analogy: the child of a famous celebrity would have the advantage of “getting in the door”. But unless they deliver the goods and have talent they’d get nowhere. The advantage Paul got was short lived, he still had to survive by outlasting 12 houseguests. I will agree he may have made it look easy because of the boneheads under the Big Brother roof this season. Paul worked it 24/7 while the rest of them (for the most part) were on vay cay.
p.s. is there anything more outrageous than Raven thinking she was the Puppet Master ?? Which only goes to prove she’s truly mentally off her rocker…she’s a freekin’ mental case who did zero, absolutely zero (laying in bed, talking, sleeping, applying clown make-up, sunbathing and eating doesn’t constitute being a puppet master, wake the fu*k up Raven).


He didn’t make it look easy because of the boneheads, it WAS easy because of the boneheads, and because of the safety, and bracelets, and his experience.


For the love of God, Josh…please, please, please, PULEEZE if you win the Final HOH, evict Paul’s ass!! The Jury will appreciate that you pulled the biggest blindside this season (even stoic Cory would love it) and hopefully you’ll win 5 to 4, 6 to 3, or even 7 to 2 over Christmas because she floated!!


I can see Chilltown in DR now…
Did you hear that Josh thinks Christmas will win America’s Favorite Player?

Seriously though? I cannot wait to see those moron’s reaction when it’s CODY that wins and JESSICA was a close second. Would love to be a fly on the wall in each room of the sheep when they are looking at the internet after all of this and see how much the MAJORITY of viewers LOVE Cody & Jessica and despise them…esp Paul & Raven. Raven’s in for the biggest shock bc hg’s had her convinced her gofundme acct would be over the amt she asked for…LOL!!! Priceless.

I'm crashing Paul's lame Halloween Party

I think Paul may throw the final comp which is the scale. Throw it to Josh because Paul doesn’t want to be the one to send Xmas out. He wants to sit back and let Josh get the blame and secure the final jury vote. He then makes clean sweep for the win.

Question is..is he really that dumb to risk not being the one to decide who is F2? Josh can not beat Paul on the scale unless Paul throws it. It would be wonderful if he does and Josh takes Xmas. But I don’t think the “Blob” has the gonads to do that. We know Josh would beat Xmas easy in jury votes. Kevin would be Xmas’s only vote and he not even a lock for her.

Please let Josh win the season. And Cody win AFP. This the only acceptable outcome for us BB lifers. I can see us now a year from now saying “19 sucked but at least Paul or Xmas didn’t win it”

On another note. Xmas thinks she will get a call back from CBS for next summer. There is no way.

Did anyone else notice Xmas saying to Josh “I will kill families if I get screwed over”? She said it with Paul standing right there and I think she really was saying it to Paul. Good luck Gnome boy you got ya self a new shiney stalker with your 500 grand.

Paul the Punk

I hate to say it but no way is Paul going to leave his final fate in someone elses hands. He will not throw the final comp. I sure would love to see him lose it though because both Paul and Christmas are sure Josh would take them to the final. One of them would cry. How sweet would that be?


Christmas will get whatever she wants from CBS. They’ll do anything to prevent a lawsuit.


I don’t think she’d have any grounds for a lawsuit, would she? Are you talking about her foot? She jumped on Jason’s back…rules are “no horseplay”. It looks like she’s received excellent health care. I don’t see her winning a dime if she sues.


Christmas is cutthroat and any lawyer she hires would probably be so as well.
1) If the rules are no horseplay, and she and Jason did this day after day, she could argue that production should have stopped them after the first time they did this. By not doing so, she could argue that production is to be blamed for the fall.
2) The artificial turf on which Jason fell caused the fall.
3) Had they offered her an automatic spot on the next Big Brother to which she would be eligible to play, she would not have continued in BB19. Since they did not, she was forced to stay in the game if she wanted the Big Brother experience.
4) Even though it appears as if she has received excellent health care, let one little thing in her foot go wrong, and she will blame it on the doctors for allowing her to continue.

A really good lawyer could argue any of the above and more. Even if she signed papers to stay on the show regardless of her injury, a lawyer could argue that production should have never allowed her that opportunity.


Xmas would have more votes than just Kevin…no way Cody would vote for Josh..Mark Matt and Raven would prob vote for her too


No way will Paul relinquish his control for final two. It’s all been about his getting to final two. He’d be insane to leave that to Josh of all ppl who would prob take Christmas over Paul – and Paul knows this.

This is so wrong

Cody for AFP. Without the 3 week hand out Cody would have changed the game.

Elena gave every guy but Matt head in the jury house

500 grand I always have thought is kind of a cheap prize for a game that lasts 3 months. I mean after taxes you are taking home roughly 310 grand. To me a million is a number that would make the game more exciting and make houseguests care more than just trying to get to jury. Too many play the game not even caring if they win.


Love your name XD

Bounce Paul

Every guy? Does that include Raven?

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

It’s too funny that these three disgusting pieces of &hit think one of them will win AFP. LOL I can’t wait to see their faces when none of them do.
I’m voting Cody because he was the ONLY one who didn’t bow to Paul and even though the entire house was bulling him, he didn’t go cry in a corner and battled to get back in and try again.
Obviously Cody or Kevin will win it. Julie always names the top three. Who do you all think will be the third? Justin or Paul? (Eye roll with Paul but he still has a bit of a fan base although I think it took a serious dive.)

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Josh has already stated he is taking Paul as he believes he could beat him. There still is time for Christmas to change his mind as Josh is very naïve. Imagine Paul blindsided at the last minute. That would be so funny. Although Josh doesn’t deserve to win, he did do all Paul’s dirty work. …….
OMG that would be an epic moment to watch. lol


The casting directors think we watch Big Brother for superficial reasons…. Like We cut on big brother to see young attractive men and women with nice bodies hangout all summer to get more Instagram followers and D list fame… Ummmm NO NO NO…. This is not the bachelor, Or some other dating show…. We don’t want showmances and clueless air heads on a suppose to be competitive and strategic show…. THESE FOLKS ARE NOT EVEN COMPETITIVE LET ALONE SMART!!!!


You’re right, this is definitely not the bachelor. The worst bachelor season is way more competitive than this season of big brother. And the bachelor is horrible at fake teases before commercials, the actual show content is way less scripted and manipulated.


If Production manipulated the game, what’s to keep them from manipulating AFP?

The Foosa

Gawd, I can’t even muster the strength to read the comments anymore….I’m out, the white flag has popped up.

Ready For It To Be Over

Ok I will probably get a lot of hate for this…but, The first person that gets HOH is also the first hated HOH. You just met these people. Who do you put on the block? Like Cody, I would have put up Paul. He had his chance. But CBS and most of the star-eyed HG wanted to give him a second chance or third (3 weeks safety ? Really ?) This was planned. Who the hell wouldnt take a 25k temptation? CBS already had the minion bracelets ready. Except for the first 4 evictions I’ve never seen a bunch of dummies that was excited to rather get jury pay than the big payday!

Ditto to that

Why Paul ? Why didnt they invite back Victor or James or anyone else?


James, no thank you, but Victor coming back would have been MUCH better than Paul.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I agree with Victor, loved him. However James was a boring creep that spent the entire season begging viewers to vote him AFP. He doesn’t have a fan base anymore, we won’t see him on reality TV again…..THANK GOD!


I just want Wednesday to be here already so I can look forward to (possibly) a better season next year and start watching Survivor again. I’ve been splitting my AFP votes but not once has any gone to the 3 stooges. Everyone saying Paul played an awesome game and will go up with the likes of Dan, Derrick, Dr Will and Evil Dick are just plain wrong. Not once did Paul “own” his game, while they all did in their seasons. Paul literally hid behind a gimp and a cry baby. Also his “game” was about bullying and breaking down people personally, none of the others did that, if they had something to say to a certain person they said it themselves, they didnt send Huey in with pots and pans etc. Anyway I wont have to watch that fugly a** Paul anymore, that will be great!


There’s no doubt that most of the comments singing the praise and love of Cody are from Jessica & her pals. Hey girls, it’s obvious. Cody has boredom, indifference & smoldering rage written all over his face. You can tell he wished he never got involved in BB altogether. He took the place of thousands of others who would have wanted to be on BB.

Cody gets my vote

I think I would have “smouldering rage” written on my face if I had to endure the hours long barrage of hate and yelling from the gang of houseguests too. Who wouldn’t? They couldn’t get away. They were followed everywhere and yelled at incessantly. I give him credit for sticking it out and not kissing up to those morons.


Really, really, really bad show this year.

Stopped watched edited tv show after Kevin left. Will definitely not be watching on Wed. Will check here to see who won AFP.

I believe the only way CBS will get the message (that this was a huge disaster) is if their ratings drop on the final show. And the only way for that to happen is to NOT watch the finale.

Backseat Driver

I agree with you!! I wasn’t going to watch final show because I cannot watch another minute of these people…..the 3 of them have become creepier as the days pass!

Mad Bum 49

Let’s get down to brass tacks:
a. Paul gave us a 5-star class on how charming sociopaths can create killer cults of weak-minded followers (reference Jonestown).
b. if Paul can convince these now mostly-woke (except for idiotic Maven) jurors to still give him the $500K, then he deserves it.
c. however, it would truly be wonderful if Paul lost (preferably to Bean-head).
d. It would be even more wonderful if there were some way (such as donating the money to hurricane relief) for none of these turds to win.
e. Voting Cody for AF as a f**k-you to these lowlife scum is a good plan, but we should support those who instead are voting for Kevin, Josh or Mark.
f. We never again want to see or hear anything about Shitmas, Alex and Raven. (Do not being Shitmas back to BB!!!)

Jessica's Birth Control

Cody does not deserve AFP. He traded BJs for a chance to win 500k. Cody Mark Matt Jess Elena and Raven all traded BJs, handjobs, and 60 seconds of stained sheets for a chance to win 500k. none of them deserve Anything. They all deserve our disappoval and scorn, F— all of them!

Jessica's Birth Control

Production working overtime pulling people into the DR for hours!!! HMMMMM. Perhaps some people are a bit pissed off? Is Grodner pulling a double cross on someone? Did they rig the comp? Are they doing a late season edit given the poor response some HGs are getting in the media? Is someone not following the script? Is something going down with xmas? Are they now pulling 2nd place from Xmas?


For what it is worth, people thinking Cody and Jessica isolated themselves could be wrong. On Twitter, Jessica said they didn’t isolate themselves. She says Paul told the other HGs that if they interacted with Jody, they would be targeted next.


Why do I keep reading that Kevin played a great game move by hooking up with Paul, and his social game? More like Paul used him throughout the game to do his bidding, fom hinke votes to using him as a backdoor pawn. Paul controlled him, what to do, were to do it, and who to speak to.
I agree he dressed great, but he took abuse and never questioned why, nor once came out and spoke were it came from. Paul always told him to ignore it, yet Paul was the instigator to all verbal abuse and manipulation.
I don’t see were or how Kevin fits into AFP, rather he was a pawn of Paul and when Paul no longer needed someone that would kneel to his wishes, because he ha used Kevin as far as he needed him, he discarded him, yet Kevin, fully knowing how ruthless Paul was to him and other houseguests, never spoke up, nor complained, yet clings to closeness and worship of Paul even beyond his eviction is beyond belief.
I feel sorry for the abuse put to Kevin, but he accepted it and did nothing to warrant AFP beyond being a nice guy and his worship of Paul and the abuse he accepted.


Glad you could recognize the abuse heaped on Kevin.

It’s called America’s FAVORITE Player. Does not need to have anything to do with game play. Althoiugh, “under the radar” got him to final four. Whether you agree with it or not….that’s an accomplishment that Cody et.al. didn’t achieve.

My vote goes for the only guy who was thrown into a pit full of vipers and survived intact. He was a class act going in & a class act when he left.

Kevin for AFP!


Because of KEVIN we got Paul. Automatically doesn’t deserve AFP for that very reason IMO.


If it wasn’t kevin it would be someone else. Lots of people pressed their button. Including Cody.

Mike mike

Josh would win if he took Paul out but don’t give him credit because if we know anything about this season it’s that Josh will throw the final comp just as the final 5 comps were pretty much thrown! So again nosb throws final comp (like the spineless idiot he is) (played himself,lol) and Paul wins 500,000 they minus we’ll let Paul do the jury interview get together so he can rub it in their dumb faces one last time…kevin afp would be great to see him get more than the second place

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

As much as I dislike the three remaining houseguests -that dislike is deep too – I thank God Raven isn’t in on that mix. I dislike her more than any other houseguest ever to appear on BB.
I thought a houseguest couldn’t possibly rank lower in life than the likes of Frankie, Paulie, Maggie and Devon…..and I know there’s many more…….but for me it did.


No!!!! Paul is trying to brainwash Josh to throw the final comp! Please Josh, DON’T LISTEN TO PAUL!
Josh…you have to win the final comp so you can take Christmas to Final 2.
You got this, my Meatball?

Bolt Uprite.

It sounds to me that Josh is kind of afraid to see Cody after wrap. I wonder why? He says everybody out in the real world knows not to mess with him. I have a sneaking suspicion that is about to change in a big way.


I can’t stand these people!!!!!! I haven’t watched the show or read updates in 3 weeks. I am soo disappointed in what this “social experiment” has turned into. It has showed the world that you can lie, bully, cheat (Productions help), taunt others and be down right evil, to get to the end.

The parents of these people should be ashamed of themselves. They created monsters.

Jessica's Birth Control

I would like to see cody bitch slap josh in the parking lot after the game. Josh is a pussy. He prolly would try to sue. FU fatboy!

BB Juicy Blast

Please let Josh win part 3. And then he can decide if he’s going to be Cody or Steve. Cody stayed loyal to Derrick (like a fool) and Steve wisely clipped Vanessa.

Please BB gods let Paul be a Vanessa.

Fruit Loop Dingus

All I’m hearing is how bad this season is and I’ve stopped watching this horrible season… blah, blah, blah.
Quit your bitching, turn off the boob tube and move on. Why give CBS the ratings if you hate it that much??
Ok, rant over.

Mike mike

Paul will convince Josh to throw the final comp. I said this before but Paul ruined the season think about it if he wasn’t in that house it would of been the showmance alliance against everyone else and would of been interesting to see how that played out I guess we will never know.. Kevin was a class act (horrible player) but good person. Afhg all the way!!

Jess is only reason I'm watching finale

Somebody said CBS thinks we watch for superficial reasons like looking at attractive women like Jessica while watching the game.

While I agree there should be more 30 and 40 somethings rather than the majority being 20 somethings. But for my money I don’t want to see a house full of Kevin’s with wrinkled saggy skin laying out in the backyard all summer.

Let’s face it a few Jessica types in the house doesn’t hurt.


If there is any karma in this universe………

Paul will come in 2nd again………& I hope it’s 2nd to Xmas.

Can’t stand her but it would be great if he lost again to a woman who accomplished nothing!


Josh is busy providing Paul his “analysis” of various evicted HGs. Paul is doing what he did in the very beginning of the season: mirroring.
In case you have forgotten, Paul’s initial play was to be whatever each HG needed him to be. If you felt helpless, Paul felt helpless; if you felt victimized, so did Paul (this was one of his favorites); if you missed your family, Paul missed his family; if you had a bad feeling about ______________(fill in the blank), so did Paul; and on and on…
He became EVERTHING to “almost” everyone. This was how they became his Minions/Cult members/Monkeys/ Kool-Aid loving followers and how Paul assembled all of the parts and created his MACHINE. The MACHINE selected targets, based upon Paul’s input, created an atmosphere of dread and fear amongst the natives, and convinced them that the only way to be and feel “safe” was to eliminate the “perceived” threat. Despite all of the advantages Paul was given , especially in the beginning, he became their #1 “victim” and someone to be “protected” at all costs. And perhaps even more incredibly, they eventually reached a point wherein each of them became fearful of even playing Big Brother without Paul. Evicting Paul was UNTHINKABLE. Thus, he was never even CONSIDERED; not even as a pawn. Paul once made a fake offer to Josh to go up as a pawn, and Josh replied with words to effect of, “No, I don’t want to risk it; we have to keep you protected.” On a couple of other occasions, Paul pretended to be willing to go up as a pawn, but stopped short of actually volunteering. On one of those occasions, when it looked like an HOH might actually accept his offer, Paul had to back-track and with great subtlety, cause “the group” to re-think the idea.
Bottom Line: Paul doesn’t care what Josh has to say, or what Christmas has to say, or what anyone will have to say once this season is over. He is already perfecting his speech to the jury and Josh’s “observations” and commentary are little more than background noise to him. He’s just mirroring…

Jessica's Birth Control

It had more to do with Allison Grodner bribing or threatening HGs. And much less to do with paul. Paul was merely the beneficairy of a rigged season. If he were that much of a puppet master he would be running Apple Co. and not living in his moms basement.


Where did you learn mirroring at a Anthony Robbins seminar? It’s also called aping. LOL


Nope, I never went to one of those events. Moot point. My parents didn’t either, but they taught me a lot. They wanted me to recognize when people were sincere and when they might just be telling me what I want to hear. Mirroring is also something people use to bond with one another. It didn’t originate with Tony Robbins and is not uncommon lingo. Sorry if you’re bothered… ; -)


Not bothered at all. That’s were I learn it and was trying to bond.

Jessica's Birth Control

Its been mentioned here a few times, but is paul really a gay porn star? I know porn star Jenna Jameson was on Celebrity BB, but i was unaware that paul was also a gay porn star. Or is that what my kids call an internet meme?
I thought he was an unemployed tailor/personal trainor.