“Think about all the scenarios it’s coming down to the money.. We Can’t win Against the girls”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None


10:19pm Heather and Sabrina Bedroom

Chatting about meeting their families (They each got 2 minutes with a Family or friend. they were separated by glass in the Diary room. Neda saw her sister, Heather saw William, Jon saw his dad and Adel saw his friend, Sabrina saw her sister)

They each had to give something up to see their loved ones. Heather losses the HOH room if she wins HOH, Neda lost her clothes has to wear the onesie, Jon goes in solitary confinement for 24 hours. Adel has to stay up for 36 hours .

Heather didn’t know if it was going to be cheesy she wanted to kiss William through the glass.

Sabrina says she lived in Mexico for 3 years and didn’t miss her family the same amount as she has in the Big Brother Canada House.

Neda and Jon join them.

Random chit chat about seeing their family.

Jon talking about seeing his dad. Says his dad never mentioned anything about drinking or swearing just said that he’ll have no idea how popular he is. Jon doesn’t think they show much of the drinking and wearing on the TV show.
Sabrina says the live feeders and the after dark watchers are the ones that get to see the cool side of you.

Adel joins them tells them all help out make dinner and do the dishes.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-27 20-17-21-132

11:18pm Kitchen.. Chit chatting about seeing their family and the potential they will have a new twist.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-27 20-29-00-619

11:27pm Bedroom Jon and Neda

Jon – “wheres your head up”
Neda says she needs time to think
JOn – If you loss to Heather and Sabs in the competition one of us is going home (Next HOH)

Neda – “I have to think about it”

Jon – “I would feel better competing in a veto against Heather and Sabrina

Neda says she will think about it tonight and they will talk after he’s out of solitary.

Neda says her sister warned her to not get too cocky, Nead doesn’t think she has been because she’s not that type of person. neda thinks her sister was meaning Adel.

Neda tells Jon he will be Canada favorite. She mentions looking at the fans faces when they are talking and she can tell.

Jon asks her how are they going to get rid of Adel.. Neda – “We’ll need to get Heather on board”

Jon – “If he finds out he’ll start talking sh1t up”

Neda tells him that Heather will not take Jon to the end
Neda adds that her sister told her to not get too comfortable and ”keep playing the game”. Jon says that is the same thing his dad said.

Neda – “Do you think it was some sort of hint don’t get too comfortable with the 4”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-27 20-31-09-302

11:30pm Hammock Adel alone
Adel – “F***** how did I lose that last f*** veto.. I didn’t even go for no f** money.. how did I lose that last veto it didn’t make no sense.. she must have gone for no money and spelt it right”

Adel says it took him 10 minutes and took Heather 8.

Adel – “How did I not win that veto now I have to count on the biggest miracle or a rabbit coming out of my a$$.. this is crazy this is near impossible for me to win this now. ”
Adel – “If I make it to the end I’ll have the votes.. now i’m against the worst player on the block why would they keep me”
Adel – “If Heather wins she is going to put up Sabrina and Jon”
Adel – “I gotta get bye this week.. Heather will put up Neda and Jon maybe.. ”
Adel – “I gotta hope and pray that these guys keep me”

11:35pm Hot Tub Room Sabrina and Heather

Sabrina says she has something to tell Heather it’s nothing crazy but important. Heather says she’s never going to say the things Sabrina tells her.
Sabrina says if Heather says anything she’s dead and Heather’s dead.
Sabrina – “I don’t want to tell you until I leave because I think it’s important for you to know in case you make it to final 3”
Sabrina I will tell you but I am scared you’ll tell NEda
Heather says she won’t
Sabrina says she’s heard Heather listening in on Jon and Neda’s conversation twice, “I know you know” (Know about hearing through the doors)

11:45pm Jon and Adel
Jon says solitary confinement is going to suck.
Adel – “How I’m looking bro”
Jon – “Good”
Jon says Neda keeps telling him it would make no sense for them to not get rid of Sabrina.
Jon – “I still haven’t decided I might put Neds up i’m not sure”
Adel – “think about all the scenarios because it’s coming down to the money you gotta think.
Adel says Neda will understand in a month.
Jon says Heather is going to take Sabrian to the final 2.
Adel says HEather wants Sabrian and Neda, “theres girls thing brewing”
Adel – “When you are in their 24 hours really think about every scenario man”

Adel again tells him to think about it when he’s in confinement “I know I won’t win against the girls”
Jon – “Same.. it’s a game.. just a game”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-27 21-15-24-434

12:15AM Neda and Sabrina

Neda says it’s pretty equal right now Sabrina or Adel staying. Neda adds that Jon is going to wait to talk to her when he comes out of solitary confinement. they still have plenty of time until the eviction. Sabrina wants to know as much before as possible so she can be prepared.

12:24AM Bedroom Adel and Jon

Adel – The key to this game is numbers.. Bro i’m taking you to final 2.
Adel – “Neda has three final 2’s for sure”
Adel explains that Jon cannot win the HOH next week but Adel and Neda can. Adel pushes Jon to put up Neda and explain to her that he’s only putting her up to make sure Adel stays.
Jon – “If you go up Neda will not send you home 100%.. Hundo.. I know that for a fact.. strictly game I’m talking.. ”

Adel -“If I’m going up i’m going home..” Adel adds that Neda has all the jury votes she will win this game.

Adel says Heather and Sabrina are going to take Neda, “Neda has it in the bank if I go up on the block”

Adel says Neda never went for the Veto she went for the money , “That is confidence.. right now they are laughing all the way to the bank”

Adel brings up the final 3 he has with Neda and Heather.

12:43AM HOH Neda and Jon
Jon says Adel is bringing up how Adel is trying to get Neda up.
Neda – “Is this a f**g joke.. just for that I want him gone”
Jon – “It’ makes no sense to send him home”
Neda – “He’s shady”

Heather joins them, Jon asks her how many final 3’s does she have. Heather swears on her mothers life she only has a final 3 with Neda and Jon. Jon says Adel is gong around saying that Neda and Hheather have a final 3 with him.

JOn asks her what they should do this week, “You and Neda are the votes”
Heather says she would rather see Sabrina go home. Jon asks who she would rather compete against Sabrina or Adel.

Heather – “You think Adel should go home.. Adel will be a bitter a$$ jury member if he goes home before Sabrina”
Jon says the jury has to vote for someone.

Heather says she would rather Adel over Neda but wants Sabrian over Adel. Points out that Once Adel goes on the block he’s going to blow sh1t out.

Heather- “Adel doesn’t even talk game with me”

Jon says he’s putting Adel up and wants to still be in the loop about what is going on.

1:27AM Neda, Heather and Sabrina Talking about the season. They all agree the house is much better to be in once Kenny and Sarah left.
Heather is in a very good mood. Neda asks her what is she on.
Heather “I’m on giggling girlyness for having my boyfriend in the same house as me”

1:30Am Heather and Neda backyard

Talking about the vote this week. Heather isn’t keen on getting Adel out but she’s also worried about Sabrina getting far in the game. Neda pushes Sabrina to stay.
Heather tells Neda Adel leaving before Sabrina hurts their game.
Neda claims to be 50/50 on who to send home this week.

2:00AM Sabrina campaigns to Heather and Neda

2:15AM they are sleeping

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Sabrina didnt see someone??


Do you know what Sabrina gave up?


Has anyone let you know yet? I’ve watched the videos and can’t find it. I really want to know what slobrina gave up.


Sabs gave up food so she’s now on slop.

pretty trickster

Simon, what do you think of how the game is panning out. Anyone youd like to see win?


Adel shut up! Watching the live feeds and he is just going on and on. He’s driving me nuts!

Please put him up Jon and send his ass packing!


Interesting that Jon didn’t see Janelle. He’s the only one that saw a parent instead.

Neda’s sister was subtly warning her that she’s not being well received, and the message went right over her head.


Well, her popularity, according to all the polls I have seen, has not waned very much, so I doubt that was the message. Going against Heather was not a good move popularity-wise, but it was a good game move, so I don’t see how people can fault her for that. Her cold disposition may be unpopular at summer camp and sleepovers, but this is a mad scramble for a 100 grand, and she’s a gamer.
I think Neda is the one best suited to decode her own sister’s message, and she didn’t interpret it that way.


heather lie your ass off to jon….. win next hoh and put him on the block…..


1) Adel is an asshole
2) Neda deserves to win
3) Heather is annoying (#thumbsdown?)

Thanks 🙂


Jon is so putting up Adel- when he tells someone “it’s just a game,” you know you’re in trouble and he he wants you to go home.


Hope hope hope Heather wins!


1)Adel …… sure shows some scarily bad moments! (Marsha Moose, and he thought he’d lost….WHEW! Bad temper)
2)Neda….. is so full of herself it’s amazing she’s skinny.
3)Heather is a total mixed message. (Squeaky voice, that sometimes isn’t/boo boo behavior/killer physical competitor/dumb blond act/killer puzzle solver.
4)Sabrina….. just a mess
5)Jon….. comes off as being dumb as a bag of rocks.

So who?????????


Heather for sure! She’s an Amazon warrior!

The way they ended the show with her saying she’s gonna win POV, then HOH and take herself to F3 was one of the strongest statements all season. Especially considering she’s already done the first part of it.

Thumbs up for #TeamHeather!!!


Only negative judgement for everyone… It’s clear what kind of person you are without even having to say it.

Anyways, I’m rooting for Heather and Nedds for final two. The votes on here say otherwise, but I know a lot of people really don’t like Neda and think she’s a bitch, I really think her coldness is purely strategic and is a good one at that. I think she is actually the best strategist in Big Brother Canada so far. She always has her mind on the game and doesn’t let her emotions get in the way.


YUP. People tend to mistake bitchiness for strategy in a game that’s meant to be played strategically. Team Neda. Don’t vote for who’s nice people, vote for who played the best game!


Neda and Jon are getting on my nerves why are they trying so hard to keep Sabrina, She’s been able to talk herself out of being evicted so many times, they think she won’t have a case to make to the Jury if she gets to F2 but she definitely will. I hope Heather wins the HOH this week and puts up Neda and Jon.


Nominations don’t matter this week.


Sabrina hasn’t really talked herself out of being voted out. First she was viewed as less of a comp threat than others and not she has potentialvalue for Joneda in F3 and F2(Neda).


This guy Jon really makes me smile lol first baby diaper outfit and now solitary confinement 🙂


2 convos in 1. 12:43 Jon tells Neds about Adel wanting Neda up instead of him. Heather rolls in before Neda really gets going. 🙁 🙁 Then the 3 discuss Sabby versus Adel and who to evict. Jon being in solitary will suck on game talk. Neda and Heather won’t have a lot of time in the morning before the Veto ceremony. Heather wants to keep Adel over Sabs as I predicted for now. Neda can likely turn her around though Joneda don’t need her to evict Adel. I’m still thinking Sabby 2-0 unfortunately. Adel could still stick his foot in it between renom and eviction mind you.


hello sabrina youre being stupid……. why would you tell heather and neda that adel wont have the votes in jury? that statement alone would make heather and neda want to keeep adel….. if youre trying to stay you are doing a terrible job at it………… stop campaining for adel to stay……

team adel

Lol adel bro shut up, ur talking way to much. And Jon man open ur eyes neda don’t want u in final 2


Whoever wins HOH next week guarantees a spot at f3, their nominations won’t matter as the veto winner will decide everything. The only way a HOH can control the nominations is when they win the veto as well. I don’t think many people actually understand this logic, do they?


i think sabrina had to give up her make-up & spray tans & stuff…Heather creeped up on the hole game saving her best for last, its like she played dumb to catch the wise…..Arlie eat ur heart Out!! Heather jon sabrina final 3!!


I like Adel, but I’m kinda over him. He survived very long in these game despite his position in the beginning. Adel is intuitive sometimes, and other times he is really off in this game. Also I really don’t know if Adel would take Jon to the end given the choice. Would Adel be loyal and choose Jon, or would he choose Neda, who he has a better chance against? Hmmm I don’t know. But given Adel track record with loyalty Jon would be stupid to evict Adel over Sabrina. Sabrina has told on she vote for Jon no matter, why not have her in Jury. Eliminating Adel only benefits Neda, and Jon is too blind to see that!

Also I kinda think Adel and Sabrina have a thing for each other, like a “playground crush”. You don’t fight with someone that much unless they mean something to you. Just sayin


sabrina proly had to give up her make-up & spray tan


Turns out Heather is a warrior godess & she’s Got some serious Game…She played dumb to catch the wise & it worked (Arlie eat ur heart out) She stayed under the raidar & looks like her stealth will lead to wealth!!


Despite what the comments here make you think, Adel’s speech to Jon was actually really good, and had it been with anyone with half a brain, Jon would have taken the hint and kept the information to himself, at least until the morning.


Adel’s plea was almost perfect, but the final 3 lie screwed him over. It wasn’t even necessary, and practically forced Jon to question Neda and Heather. Absent that lie, Jon, most likely, would have kept that conversation secret.


Earlier in the game Adel did believe he had a F3 with Neda and Heather. They affirmed it with him several times but once he left the room would say not. So…he is not lying and his time frame to Jon is correct. Then again, the girls are half lying but not fully.


That’s ridiculous, there was never a final 3 among Heather, Neda, and Adel, and I doubt you can even come up with any credible evidence of it. There was a final 4 and a final 2 with Jon and Adel. That was it.


DAMN. I wanted that conversation between Sabrina and Heather to happen. Frickin Jon!


I’m guessing that despite all the talk, Jon & Neda plan on taking each other to the Final 2. The others have other plans for Jon and/or Neda, but as for Jon & Neda….. Jon thinks he can beat Neda, and Neda thinks she can beat Jon. So they have no reason to try and get each other out. And neither wants to go before a hostile jury competing against someone who can get the jury’s emotional vote. Neda will win though for reasons someone on this blog already made clear – this jury cares about strategy not about competition wins.


I think I know why I can’t stand Joneda right now. They just don’t like the fact that their competitors are also trying to win for themselves. They think all competitors should do exactly what Joneda wants. They are controlling the game but get annoyed when it doesn’t go there way.

I understand that targeting Heather was a game move and that lying is a part of the game. However, what’s the point in making fun of the noises someone makes when they are just waking up?

Jon and Neda clearly don’t care about anyone else in the game except for each other. Adel is delusional for thinking Jon would ever pick him for final 2 instead of Neda. As for Neda, I don’t even think she would go to final 2 with Heather. She would choose Jon and talk about how she was loyal to him throughout the entire game and she’ll be the one taking credit for bringing him all the way.


Jon would probably be the first to tell anyone that he believes he wouldn’t be there if not for Neda. Neda’s advice, neda’s vote, neda’s alliance, neda’s ideas. if they are F2 my guess is his speech will be a campaign for jury to vote for Neda.

People keep thinking, Adel included, that Jon knows what BB is all about and a normal BB player. imo, he isn’t, he’s a team player and Neda is on his team, and his coach. Once you see him that way, then you start to be able to predict what he really will do or not. And at F3 if Neda is there, and Jon is the one choosing, there is no way he won’t choose Neda. I want JoNeda to F3 winning just to see that happen.


Adel is so impressed with his master plan to chew out all the remaining houseguests, making him the obvious choice to take to f2, that he is now trying to force it to happen! He thinks its SO darn clever that he wants SO bad- practically begging- for jon to “give him the go” to start this charade; and now it has given him tunnel vision. He actually believes that he will bamboozle his final competitor with his big reveal of simply apologizing to the jury and confess it was only strategy; in turn garnering ooh’s and ah’s and ultimately the respect of executing such clever psychological plan, that he then would get the votes. its like he made a pros and cons list and just stopped at the pros cuz he was so smitten with himself. Its as if he’s not even considering that not only will there be the eye rolls and head shaking at the primitive thought process of this plan, but that these said jury member who have since been stewing in their ire, will be insulted that he had maligned them on national tv, making them a fool for buying it, or a fool if he meant it! or just vote against him because it was such a stupid plan; and that he’s actually in f2, which is even more insulting because they understanding that he is there for MANY other reasons other than his insults in the final days.


Who cares is Heather wins HOH let’s see her win another veto :3