Jon tells Neda your hair looks sh*tty! I made your outfit, the least you can do is do your hair!

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 10-45-13-795

1:50pm – 2:15pm Neda says that she’s going to try and make an outfit or a dress out of a garbage bag and other items around the house for tomorrow nights show. Neda says they said I could use household items! Jon grabs a garbage bag and puts it on Neda. Jon says she actually looks good! Secret is I’m the fashion stylist! Jon tells Neda your hair looks shitty like that, don’t wear it like that. Neda says I’m not finished yet. Jon says I made your outfit .. the least you can do is do your hair! Neda says all you did was cut a hole in a garbage bag! Adel says now you can sell garbage bags on your website too. Adel says he wants to wear a garbage bag too. Neda says no only I want to. Adel says he will wear his WALLAH BRO shirt. Adel says maybe Big Brother Canada will buy it off me. Jon tells Adel he is such a Weenus! 1 hundo you are being a Weenus! Sabrina says hire me MAXIM! I will lose weight for you!!! Adel says he’s got his eviction speech all planned out. Sabrina says if you do something to embarrass me on the live show I will f**King put my heel in your eye ball!! Adel says its not all about you Sabrina!

SABRINA tells her club story – He was so HOT I HAD TO CHANGE MY UNDERWEAR! ..And not bcuz I pee’d! Neda’s reaction to Sabrina’s story:

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 11-28-26-850

2:40pm Jon then tells his story about when he was 17 and how he slept with a girl that had a boyfriend. Jon comments on how she is now blocked on his facebook because of Janelle. Jon says that she checks in every once in a while. He says now that girl is dating a guy that looks just like me.

They head inside. Jon brushes Neda’s teeth.
BBCAN2-2014-04-30 11-43-15-774

3pm – 3:30pm Neda and Heather head to the bedroom. Jon grabs Sabrina and they head to the bedroom to follow them. They break up their conversation. Neda and Heather get up to leave. Jon says he’s going to follow them where ever they go. Neda and Heather leave and go to the bathroom. Jon tells Sabrina that maybe they’re thinking of keeping Adel. Sabrina starts getting worried and Jon says he just wonders. Sabrina tells Jon that she can’t trust Heather. Jon says me neither. In the bathroom – Neda says the main thing that scares me is what was said that if we keep Sabrina and she skates through to the final 2. BUT this way its better for us to get through next week. Heather says you and me don’t have a choice any more ..if we want to go to the final 2 we have to win. Sabrina break up the conversation and asks if they have reached a decision? Heather says we’re talking. Sabrina asks if they will tell her their decision after. Heather says yes. Sabrina says okay I want to talk to you (Neda) after is that okay? Sabrina tells Heather don’t worry its not about you. When Sabrina leaves Heather pretends to shoot herself. Neda and Heather continue talking..

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 12-15-45-965

3:45pm – Heather and Neda finish their conversation and go with Sabrina to the bedroom. IN the bedroom – Heather tells Sabrina that we have decided to keep you. Sabrina jumps up and says thank you thank you! She hugs them both. Neda and Heather tell Sabrina that she has to pretend that she thinks she’s going and is shocked when she stays. We’re not telling Adel. Sabrina says oh goodie you’re blind-siding him! Sabrina says Adel isn’t going to leave badly. Heather says he is going to leave awfully. Sabrina then talks to Neda alone. Neda says by doing this that is one vote I am losing for sure. Sabrina says when it comes to me I know Adel will never vote for me. Sabrina says if I get the choice .. I am bringing you. Neda asks why? Sabrina says there are so many reasons why I want you to win the money. Sabrina tells Neda are going to win! Neda says I don’t think so but okay.

BBCAN2-2014-04-30 12-38-17-070

4pm – 4:10pm IN the bathroom – Heather tells Jon that they told Sabrina that she is staying. Heather says I do not want Sabrina to make it to the final 3. I want it to be me, you and Neda. Jon tells Heather that if you take Neda she will win. Jon says when it comes to this game Neda is a genius. She knows every single thing about this game. Heather says and she has never had to go on the block. Jon says it would be extremely stupid of me to take anyone else other than you to the final 2. Jon tells Heather that I swear to you on my grandparents that if you are on the block and I win the veto you are the one I am saving. EVEN if its against NEDA. Heather says thank you! They hug. Jon says I swear to tyou

BBCAN2- 2014-04-30 12-59-12-429

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The garbage bag looks stupid.


Looks like Adel is 100% gone tomorrow…


Neda’s outfit looks like a glamoured Trash Bag? Looks like it suits her quite well if you know what I mean!!!


Neda looks like a major dork, all she needs now are braces to complete the look.

Jon's ye@ster

so…Neda literally has it “in the bag” now

*scratches balls

Jon's ye@ster

…and Sabrina might want to consider wearing the trash bag and do some laps in the backyard or in the pool…you know…so she can assure that MAXIM offer

*scratches balls


Save Adel!!!


Well looks like Adel is leaving tomorrow. They want to blindside him which is stupid because he is going to jury and the least they could do is tell him and soften the blow. These people have horrible jury management.


Neda is not stupid and either is Jon (well, sometimes)…..they will tell him so and say they tried so hard to save him but just couldn’t. They won’t do it now because they don’t want him to be able to talk to others and find out the truth. They will tell him right as they are walking to the green couch to do the eviction.

another name

jon and neda cannot say we tried to save you and couldn’t. because adel would say split the vote, then jon can save me.
they can’t float the sorry we couldn’t save you line.
they could float the “man, we’re sorry, but we’re sending you home. we feel bad, but we don’t know if we can beat you in jury. Sabrina’s won nothing so can’t win jury, she won’t win any comps, so we will win for sure if you are gone” line. somewhat true, somewhat lie, but better than saying we couldn’t save you when they obviously could.


Heather’s next move is clear. She needs to make a vote deal. What I am finding strange about this season is that when people have power there isn’t a lot of deal making being made. e.g. ‘if you do this for me I will do this for you’. Maybe there is no trust? It follows, since Jon has transferred some power to Heather and Neda it is up to Heather and or Neda to use it wisely. Heather needs to approach Jon and Adel and say “If I vote to keep Adel, and I end up going F2 and if either of you two are on Jury you have to give me your votes. If Heather is in F2 she will not get Rachelle’s nor Arlie’s vote and she needs a counterbalance to that. She also needs to lie to Neda and tell her she is voting to evict Adel. Once she votes to evict Sabrina, the vote will be tied, Jon breaks the tie and Adel stays. Heather does not care if Neda is pissed because her best F2 is with Neda and she will not need her vote. My favourite player from BBCAN1 said ‘If you think about something long enough you will eventually figure it out” – Emmett Blois. Heather needs to think this through!


No one from this season compares to anyone from BBC1. First season was gold. This season sucks.


Let’s not be too hasty…


She doesn’t need to do that ,if she go to F2 with Neda ,Heather will win
Even she goes F2 with Jon she will win
I think the only way she can’t win is if she goes F2 with Sabrina she has at least 3 votes


Are you nuts?? Heather would never win against Jon or Neda!!! She has not played 1/10th the game that they have and all she has is a sad story. She would only win against Adel, that’s it. That girl has done nothing but be sweet and squeak a lot. She doesn’t know the meaning of the word GAME or how to play it. Jon and Neda win against her and Adel. Sabrina is a toss up because some of the jury, who pretend they are superfans, will vote with emotion. When a true SuperFan would only vote by game. And after they give Sabrina the vote, they go home and watch the show and regret what they’ve done because they will then also hate her. They have no idea the lengths Sabrina went to to make friends and deceive them. Narcissist all the way!!


Heather”s survived the block 3 times; never as a pawn, and took herself down with POV.. She’s the 2nd best at competitions by a long shot. She was the first one with the balls to go after the 1st 5 alliance and severely weakened them.

For her it all comes down to how she closes out the game. These are the championship rounds, as they say in boxing, where everything counts for more. Another big competition win, while making a strong move, and she makes a very strong case for herself to get the $100K.


Also Heather threw competitions more than any of us knew. If she competed at 100% from the start she probably wouldn’t be here. She started really trying at the perfect time.


I agree! Heather needs to split the vote and make Jon have the final say/get blood on his hands. I don’t understand why Neda and Heather are voting together because all it does it make the evictee hate them and Jon gets off scot free. Sorry Deli, they lied to me!

Force his hand. Make him tell Adel to his face he’s evicted. Which he probably won’t do. In turn Neda will look like the betrayer and Jon will lose Sabrina’s vote.

And if Jon sides with Neda and evicts Adel, Sabrina will be pissed Heather voted against her but in the end Heather will never have Sab’s vote so it it doesn’t really matter.


Exactly! Heather had SO MUCH POWER IN THIS VOTE! Sabrina hates her so it doesn’t matter if she pisses her off! She doesn’t even have to tell anyone what she is going to do! Furthermore, she secures 2 much needed jury votes! And if Neda is on jury she would respect the game move.


i had high hopes for Neda until this thing about voting out Adel. Very short sighted on her part. Well, maybe not, because now she looks like an idiot, to me, and is probably a good one to take to F2 because it wasn’t a good game move for her to only think about her beating Sabs, when she should be thinking about how many people could beat Heather. Sabs aint one of those people.


Neda is an idiot for voting out someone who will vote her out next week. Seriously? I understand the Neda hate for being “manipulative and a liar” but this is what the game of big brother is.


who are these Adel fans?



Adel knows his limits – playing as far as he can. Hard nosed, obnoxious, but effective to move votes in the jury house?

Sabrina is good at manipulation but needs to be in F2 to maybe win. Can she win any comps?

Neda rides Jon’s coattails and now ready to throw him aboard along with Adel. If she does not win HOH or POV, she is good as toast.

Heather survived some tough moments and pulled through.
She may be the most deserving of the group.
If she strikes a deal with Adel, as opposed to Sabrina and forces Jon to save Adel, she will have gained a few good votes and it will be her, Adel against Neda for HOH. Great odds to get to F3 and even to F2.

Jon can only win either if Adel survives or he wins POV. Don’t count the big baby out yet.

Still lots of stuff could happen. Agree that the HGs are not the best bunch


Exactly! I am dying to see Heather’s DRs to find out what she is really thinking.

I honestly think Heather would be 100% up for siding with Adel and force the tie breaker vote but I believe it’s ADEL’s shortsightedness and lack of strategic thinking that has stopped him from approaching Heather.

Like, honestly all he does is ask Jon if he’s safe. Jon isn’t even voting if the girls vote together. Adel needs to wake up and talk to Heather!

If he leaves tomorrow it’s completely and totally his fault and lack of foresight.


I’m a adel fan I like him because he’s dorky and funny and he’s genuine . My second favorite is Sabrina she’s grown on me , minus that disgusting club story she just told which made me barf in my mouth… Yucky !! so if adel goes this week I’ll be rooting for Sabrina!!if she makes it another week to final3 that would be amazing!!


Huge Sabrina fan! This girl does not get enough credit for getting this far. Not only is she pretty hilarious with her antics but she made Season 2 fun to watch IMO. She may not be as good in competitions but she has the best social game in this house and that is the hardest game to play. Go Sabs! Good luck girl!


I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to Sabrina talk any more. Heather and Neda tell me everything she says. She might as well already be off the show because when she appears I stop the video.


lol @ Jon making Neda cry after calling her out


To all sabrina , adels fans!! You guys are messed up


That’s pretty ironic coming from a Neda fan!


At this point i can not decide who to root for
but secretly Jon/Neda fan 😉

little mouse

jon could have won this if he had replaced heather with neda on the block…Can’t fix Stupid


Well it took a bit of confinement for him to see he was playing someone else’s game. If he can pull through F3 (only through veto) it will be interesting to see his decision. Neda/Jon F2 is not good for his game.

another name

for some reason, I’m still not banking on Sabrina staying 100%. as much as i think it would be better television to have Sabrina in the house than adel in the final four as far as the good vs. evil angle the sideshow has been pushing for four weeks in their spoiler-esque way. i know that peter and gary predicted Sabrina staying and adel leaving in their predictions, which have weekly shown the direction production is pushing things… i haven’t seen enough of a flip flop to make the Thursday episode lead up to vote dramatic.
so I’m thinking Sabrina vs adel is 60/40 still.
but then, what do i know… even the most die hard fans were saying adel would leave against arlie until the machinations of production reared their heads.
okay, maybe that wasn’t fair…. but in any universe where the deciding group votes to keep an opposing alliance together with greater numbers than themselves, and any universe where Sabrina votes to keep adel over anybody…. i have got to wonder what the dr sessions were like. the arguments and deals to keep adel weren’t so persuasive to 180 the game.


garbage bag outfits have been done before internationally on BB. #overit


I would have made a much nicer dress , she literally stuck her head and hand threw it, that’s it , for a fashion stylist neda lacks any creativity,

another name

yeah… I guess the cat is out of the bad. a stylist doesn’t actually make anything. they shop and pick off racks the things other people make.
any stylists out there, not intending to insult… but you don’t design or make the clothes you choose the clothes. that’s the difference between stylist and designer.

another name

cat out of bag not cat out of bad. sorry.


its it going to be jon and heather f2? im liking this duo …..


i agree adel will be more pissed at neda and jon than he will be at heather…… advantage heather if adel goes to jury……….


Heather is usually to busy being pissed at people insulting her intelligence.


Comment was a reply to Dave 290’s suggestion that Heather negotiate jury votes.


Sabrina For The Win she put up with alot of abuse & made it through so much on the block 6-7 times, her gift of the gab her non threatening position her jolly spirit, the gremlins show…trust me she has her own unique game that got her to final 4…she’s not the weakest link by farrr